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Monday, March 26, 2007
I think this has been the longest time without a blog for awhile. I've just been so tired lately I never get around to it before I have to go to sleep. I'm still really tired tonight but I need to get caught up with this.

On Saturday I did my Ambulence ride along for my EMT class. The idea of the whole thing was pretty fun. But unfortunaly it wasn't as good as I would have liked. I had originally signed up for five hours to hang out with the Ambulence crew. I got to the station at 9am and met with all the people. We all just sat around for almost three hours before anything even happend. We watched the History channel for most of the time and one of the other ladies there was using the time to make a cake and a bunch of cupcakes for her kids birthday. Finally though we had a little bit of noise on the radio for a lady that was two months pregnant with flu-like symptoms. So we dispatched to her house. Upon arrival she was just laying in bed and her 2yr old kid way playing by himself on the floor below her. They ended up just asking her questions about how she feels and stuff. Turns out she just felt weak and a little bit dizzy - they felt her head and she didn't feel like she had a fever of any sort. They did still ask if she wanted to go to the hospital and she did want to. So, we went ahead and transported her. I ended up carrying the 2yr old along and strapping him in the ambulence along side where she was laying in the strecher. She was able to walk herself to the vehicle though and then I sat in back with the other person during the ride. We delivered her to the ER then filled out some paperwork and then headed back to the station for another few hours. By this time my scheduled 5 hours were almost up, but just before was another call for a lady that had flu-like symptoms. It turns out that her husband was already driving her to the hospital but stopped on the way at a fire station because she said she couldn't get any further. So we had arrived and the fire people had already taken her vital signs and everything. All we did was transport her the rest of the way to the hospital. Then fill out more paperwork and go back to the station again. I decided I wanted to stay a little longer though because nothing really all that exciting even happend yet. I ended up staying a total of 8 hours and during that extra few hours nothing else still came up. It was a pretty long and slow day. It was cool because it was just a new thing, but I was hoping to learn a lot more by seeing someone who actually needed real medical work done. It never did happen though. Maybe I'll see something later on when I work in the ER for awhile. After the time at the station I ended up going home to work on some stuff then later that evening we had another CANVAS. This time we opened the doors at 9:00 and we ended up leaving around 12:00 that night. We still didn't really get any new people to show up though. I had a decent time though.
Sunday I had to be at the church at 8:30 so its probalby a good thing we left a little early because I had been pretty tired all day.

Sunday morning I went to setup the songs on power point and things but I actually wasn't going to run it during church. I had story teller duty at kids church that day. It was kind of a rough sunday this time though because the kids were pretty riled up for some reason. Normally its just one or two, but this time it seemed like all of them were for some reason. It made it kind of tough. But I had a pretty good time. That afternoon though was a very strange afternoon for us. It was just out of the typical routine. The Donnebergs wanted to go out to Panera for lunch because Chuck was going to be at a meeting that afternoon and wouldn't be joining us for a home cooked meal. But some people at church were throwing a BBQ for the conregation for anyone that wanted to come. I would rather have a BBQ then go to Panera for lunch so They all went to Panera and I stayed behind to have some good ol' american hotdogs and grilled chicken sandwiches. I ended up meeting them over at Panera after I had my fill of processed meat. It was sure good stuff though. I ended up going back to the Donnebergs house but it ended up just being Jugee and me hanging out most of the afternoon. Allie and Jo went shopping and Chuck was still at his meeting. They all returned at around 4:30 though. It worked out pretty well too because I had scheduled with a realty agent to see inside one of the houses I had been looking at that week. The whole family ended up coming along to look at it with me. Everybody kind of had a few things to say about it. I still kind of like the house but from what they all said it seems like it needs too much work for the price they are selling it at. If the price drops any more I may go back and consider it again. But in the mean time the hunt continues. - Once we got back home we all just kind of relaxed for awhile. I ended up watching a movie with Chuck and Allie had to do a bunch more homework. But Allie sat with Jo while she watched another movie downstairs. Chuck and I had fun watching a guy move though. Shortly after that Allie and I headed home for the night. Turned out to be a different then usual sundy for us though.

Today I just went back to the grind of everything again. Back to work and things have been picking up better. I stayed busy all day. I even had the chance to work on someone's computer today that goes to my church. That was cool. After work I headed to my EMT class and today we didn't have a lecture but we did practical work. Thats what we are going to be doing now for the next few months now. We went through senarios and we had to pretend to treat each other from "symptoms" that was were showing. It was kind of fun. We all need a lot of work to get it all down though. So anyway, that about it for now. Writing this blog took a lot longer then I had anticipated. Looks like I won't be getting to bed all that early after all. Anyway. Night!
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