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Thursday, March 15, 2007
Its been another few days since my last update. Figured I should try to write another one. Monday was a pretty normal day to start off the week. Things at work for me were fairly slow, but I helped out some of the other guys on my team that had to deal with cases where the Daylight Savings Time change affected a lot of the operations of computer interaction between systems. So we did have to run around a lot that day and take care of those. Some of those problems went on into Tuesday. After work Monday though I went on to my EMT class and we just about finished up with all the book work stuff then we took our last regular test before the Final. I think I did fairly well on that.

Tuesday things at work moved along kind of slow too but I found enough stuff to do to keep me busy. After work I drove around town to look at some houses Chuck helped me find in the paper on sunday. I was kind of thinking about getting a house so I don't have to keep paying rent. Right now though I wouldn't be able to get anything over $50K because I want to get my student loan paid off first and still have to pay for flight lessons. But there were 6 of them below $50K that were worth looking at. The biggest problem I ran into with any of these was lack of parking. I don't really want a house where you have to park on the side of the street. All of the ones I looked at will need a good amout of work to make it look nicer. I didn't go inside any of them so I can't say for sure, but I think they were all in a livable condition at least. I don't know if any of them needed work on the roof or plumming or heating or anything like that though. But any way it was at least a start. We'll see what happens as I keep my eye out. After doing that I went over to the church and spent some time with my pastor that evening. We didn't talk too long that night though but it was still pretty good. After leaving the church I ended up going over to the Donnebergs because they were having some of thier old friends from Texas over for dinner. They are in town all this week. I've heard Allie talk about them here and there so it was nice to be able to finally meet them. They seemed like a great and fun family.

On Wednesday I woke up at 5:30am so I could meet with my pastor and Joe at Starbucks that morning. Then after that I headed to work again. By now things at work as far as my regular duties had really slowed down. One project I had to do though was clean up our general office area because a big VIP guy in charge of all the IT employee's was going to be visiting Today. They wanted to leave a good impression for him as he had never been to this location before. So I had to move about 50 huge 17 & 19" monitors to a storage room in the basement to get them out of sight. They were all either broken or waiting to be given away to a charity of some sort. That got to be pretty tough. I got a really fun break in the middle of the day though. Allie suggested that we go out to lunch here in downtown Lynchburg yesterday. So after she got off work at 12:30 she headed over this way and picked me up from work. We ended up going to the Community Market and having lunch at a Philipino restaraunt. It was really good too. It was sure fun having Allie come eat lunch with me. After that though she dropped me back off at my work building and I had to go back and move more monitors and clean some more stuff up. But it did help the day seem to go by faster. After work I had to meet my EMT class over at Lynchburg General Hospital so we could have a TB test done on us. It is one of the requirements for doing the Ride Along in the Ambulance. We actually got done with that by 6:30 and then he said we were just free to go after that. That was nice too because that enabled Allie and I to go see a 7:30 movie. But first I stopped by to pick her up and we had some left over chili for dinner. Then we went to go see the movie Happy Feet. After the movie we sat in the car and talked for a long time then dropped her off back home. I finally got home around 11:20 and by that time I was pretty tired. I went right to bed.

Today things are still kind of slow at work but I've found a few things here and there so far. I had enough time to write this post so that was kind of nice. After work today I don't have any plans yet. There are a few things I need to do at home though that have just sat there the last few nights since I've been getting home so late. Maybe I'll be able to do some of that. Anyway thats it for now. Night!
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