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Tuesday, March 06, 2007
This weekend was pretty fun. Allie and I left Friday afternoon to go to North Carolina. I got off work a little early too so we could get there in time for Allie's brother Sam's Basketball tournament game. It was fun to watch him play. He lost the game that night though, but he ended up winning the game on Saturday morning. The one Saturday was pretty intense too they were sooo close to each other and they fought back and forth the whole time. It was pretty cool. Saturday was just a nice relaxing day. I played with her brother Dan outside on the big trampoline and then Allie and I watched some episodes of American Idol. Over all we just sat around and had fun. Allie did have a little bit of homework she needed to do though. There was one thing kind big she was going to have to do, but ended up not being able to because her professor didn't put it on line. Anyway, it was a nice weekend. Sunday morning Allie and I went to a church called Summit Church. They had Clayton King as a special speaker there that morning too. It was really cool because We've heard him speak at some events at Liberty. He was talking about the story of Joseph. After church we returned to her house and had some lunch. We then left around 1:00 to come back to lynchburg. Once we got to Lynchburg we did some shopping. One of our stops was Wal-Mart and I decided it would be fun to make dinner at my house that evening. So we went and picked up all the fixings for a steak dinner. We had mushrooms brocolli and green pepper too. Then we had some scalloped potatoes as well. It turned out really good I think. I sure enjoyed it. After dinner Allie had a little more homework to do so I cleaned up everything while she did that. She ended up doing homework until she had to leave. I know I had a pretty good time spending my weekend with her though. It was great.

Yesterday I had to go back to work though. I felt like I got a lot accomplished though. That was a pretty nice feeling. After work I met up with Allie again and we went out to Dinner at Cracker Barrel. I had fun doing that. We didn't do too much after dinner though because she needed to go back to do more homework. But it was cool to see her again. We were actually able to because CVCC is on spring break this week so I don't have Class Monday or Wednesay of this week. Its actually kind of nice. Anyway. I guess that pretty much brings me up to speed. I'll be writing more later.
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