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Sunday, April 22, 2007
I hope my parents are having a good time in Hawaii. They have been down there since Wednesday. Not sure if they have even had a chance to read this but "HI" if you are. I was able to get my van fixed without too much of a problem. The main thing that was a cause of it in the first place was a seal that just got old and broke. That was only $90 to fix it and get the thing up and running again. But while they were in there they recommended me getting my radiator fixed. That thing has had problems ever since I bought it. They found me a fairly cheap one for only $180 so I decided it was time to go ahead and get that done. And after doing that the heat also started working in the Van. It was an added bonus. Just in time for summer =). Anyway so my trusty ol van is back in buisness again. Friday night I went over for dinner to the Donnebergs house and we had some homemade pizza. That stuff is always good. After pizza the four of us went to go see a play at Liberty. Then after the play Allie and I went to the airport for a party type thing the Aviation Team was putting on as a fund raiser. They had Top Gun playing on some screens in the Hanger at the airport. It was sort of fun.. but I was tired and couldn't really hear the movie very well and it wasn't all that comfortable. But it was nice to at least show up and see all that was going on. We ended up leaving that pretty early and headed home.

Saturday was a day I could just sit around and do absolutely nothing for most of it. I slept in until 12:00.. woke up to eat breakfast then watched a movie. Then took another nap until Allie came over and woke me up. We were going to go out and have a picnic that day. We gathered together some sandwich stuff and a few other snacks and headed to a nearby park. It was a lot of fun. I liked doing that. After our picnic we headed over to the CANVAS building for a gathering before all the College people would show up. Turns out not really any college people showed up. I didn't really expect any to though - we still haven't made any flyers or other type of advertising yet. I hope they get on that soon. I only stayed until around 11:30 or so and then headed home.

Today has been an interesting day. Went to church this morning as usual and Allie sat with me up in the crowsnest area to help me with the Powerpoint stuff. She did good for the few things she did. It was fun to have her up there also. After chruch I came over to the Donnebergs for Lunch and I had some left over pizza from Friday night. It was still good stuff. Then a little later we drove around for awhile to look at a few houses that we found in the paper that were in my price range. They also had a few they wanted to look at while we were out. After returning back to the house though turns out Allie was just going to sit and do homework all afternoon so I decided to call my instructor to setup an appointment to go flying. He ended up being able to do that so I headed over to the airport around 5:30. The flight lesson ended up being really good too and my instructor said he really like my landing today. You could barely feel the wheels touch. Thats always a good feeling. Anyway I'm back at the Donnebergs now with nothing much to do besides write this blog. Allie has been doing homework for like 6 hours straight and she doesn't want to watch a movie or anything. So it has been an unusual sunday. Anyway, thats it for now.
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