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Monday, April 09, 2007
This weekend was a lot of fun! Friday Allie and I went out to a really nice restaruant called Crown Sterling. It is a steak place. We ended up being there for almost two hours. It was a lot of fun! After dinner we ended up watching a few episodes of American Idol because we have gotten pretty far behind on it. We didn't stay out too late though because we both had to wake up early the next morning for our trip to DC.

So, Saturday morning we met up with the rest of the crew at Liberty that were coming up to DC with us. They ended up getting three charter busses and we drove up that way. On the way up we passed through a few towns that had snow still on the ground. It is pretty strange to have snow in April. In DC it might as well snowed though. It was bitter cold. It made the trip not as enjoyable. We met up with Allie's cousin Erich that goes to school near D.C. while we were there and spent the day with him. One of the first things we did was go see the Library of Congress because we never had a chance to see that last time we were in DC. It was huge disappointment though. I was hoping to see walls of books. Guess what, there wasn't a single book insight. The only place I even saw a book there was in the gift shop. It was sad. Remind me next time not to waste my time going there. On the way out from there we stopped in at the big green house. They had a jungle section with jungly plants and a dessert section with cactus and such. They even had one part that was an Orchid garden and they had a room full of them. That was Allie's favorite part I think. They had a bunch of other little rooms too with differnt types of plants. It was kind of cool. After that We ended up taking the subway to Alexandria and having lunch down there. It was a nice little part of town that we were in too. We ended up staying down there until it was almost time to meet at the bus. So by the time we got back to DC we only had about 15 minutes to get back to the meeting point. We did make it on time though and both of us slept most of the way back. We got back to town around 12:00.

Sunday was a really nice easter. The service at church went really well we had a good sized crowd show up as well. It was really nice. That afternoon I spend the time with the Donneberg family and we had easter dinner and there were even a few gift exchanges with candy and things that aren't good for us (like nerf guns). I spend some time with Chuck and we talked about buying a house some. Once it turned evening we went downstairs and watch some Episodes of House MD that I had on my computer. They all seem to like that show. We ended up watching those until it was time for Allie and I to leave. Upon returning home I pretty much went right to bed so I could get on to work this morning and not be tired. It kind of worked =).

Anyway today I helped out some of the other guys that were getting behind on some stuff. This month is going to be one hectic month for them so I will probably chip in and help get things moving through the pipe some. I was able to get a good start on it today I think though. Anyway, I'll be back at it tomorrow so I better get on to bed. Good night!
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       Read my archived posts! Click Here