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Sunday, May 20, 2007
This weekend has been a pretty slow weekend for me. Allie and her family went out of town Friday morning so I've been solo in Lynchburg for the past few days. Friday I went to work and even stayed after a little bit to get a few other things done. I didn't really have any thing to go home to really so I stayed for another hour or so. I was going to go see Jerry Falwell in the Casket but found out they closed the doors on that at 4:00 so I decided to just go on Sunday. I ended up just going home and making some dinner and then ended up going to sleep around 8:00 or so. I was going to have a flying lesson in the morning so figured I might as well be rested up for it.

Saturday morning before my flight I ran over to the Donnebergs to do some cat/fish/plant sitting and I also took a load of laundry over there to let it go so it would be ready the next time I went by there. My flying lesson went pretty decent but there were still a few things I need to work on. It was still fun though. After flying I went home and slept again for another 4-5 hours or so until I had to wake up to get to a meeting for the workers of CANVAS (the saturday night thing we are trying to start here in lynchburg). That was at 7:00. On the way out the door to that though my parents called because they were having trouble with thier computer. I ended up just calling them back afterwards. So around 9:30 or so I call them and I try to walk them through all kinds of things. I don't know if you have ever tried to walk anybody through unplugging and plugging in hard drive and trying to install windows and drivers over the phone but it's not the easiest thing in the world. It ended up working out for them to just plug in one of the older computer I had there laying around the house and at least got them up and running with that for a temporary solution. Meanwhile someone up there came by to pickup thier original computer and will hopefully be able to get it working again. Anyway - I ended up being on the phone until around 11:30 or so and then pretty much headed right to bed after that so I could wake up in time for church this morning.

Church today was pretty good. The crowd was a little small though. A few families were out doing the summer vacation thing and some others wanted to go to Thomas Road for church this morning for the special things they had going there for Jerry's Death this past week. After church I ended up going to the Williamson's for lunch and I hung out there until around 3:30 or so. After that I went back to the Donnebergs to check the cat and fish and water some more of the plants as well as pick up my laundry. While I was there Allie called and I was able to talk to her for awhile and just catch up. It was good to hear from her. After leaving thier house I swung by Thomas Road for the casket veiwing that was going on there. There was a huge mass of people there at the time I decided to go. I ended up waiting in line for about 50 minutes. They had a huge mass of flowers and things setup for him on the stage there in the sancuary. It was beautifully setup there. It felt a little weird going up there to look at an empty shell but I think it was still good that I stopped by to do that. His body may have died but Jerry is alive and well and his Legacy will surely continue to live on as well. They had ushers there with little couters counting each person that came in. I wonder what those final numbers will be. That final number however still will not come close to the full extent of all those that his life had an effect on.

Anyway that pretty much covers the weekend while my girl has been out. They plan to come back in town late tomorrow. Tomorrow morning I have to be at work at 6:30 to be available for any problems from the work they had crew doing with servers and power systems over the weekend. Not looking forward to that. Thats it for now. Thanks for checking in on me.
posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 7:20 PM 

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