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Sunday, May 06, 2007
This weekend was a lot of fun. On friday Allie and I went out for dinner to a hamburger place called five guys burgers and fries. It was really good and a lot of fun too! After that we went shopping for a shirt for me to wear to the banquet that was on Saturday. We found a black shirt with vertical stripes and then a solid white tie. It looked pretty good! After that Allie had to go back home to get a little bit of homework done before the big weekend though.

On Saturday I was able to sleep in until 12:00. I was thinking about going flying but the weather was pretty bad that day so it didn't work out. It was sure nice to sleep in late though. After waking up I just got ready for the day and read for awhile and waited until it was time to go pickup Allie for the banquet. Sam and I met the girls in front of their dorms at 5:00 so we could get to Roanoke by 6:00. Both of them were really pretty (I think Allie looked better though) She had her hair all curled and she had a long red dress on. It was great! We ended up hitting the road a little later then 5:00 but it wasn't too bad because the thing wasn't supposed to start until 7:00 anyway. We arrived at the Hotel Roanoke at 6:30 where Liberty had rented out one of thier large conference rooms. They had it all setup nicely. The theme was masquarade so they had little masks for everyone if we wanted them. Allie and Erin were both starving when we got there so we didn't wait for the thing to offically start. we went again and ate our salad right away. The rest of the meal was brought to us a little later. I wasn't really even that fond of the meal. It was really small and didn't seem all that special to me, it did the job though. A little after we finished eating they brought out an illusionist and he did some magic trick things for us all. He was pretty good and it was fun. It all seemed pretty short though. We were pretty much out of there by 9:00. Afterwards we ended up going to get some coffee at a little coffee shop they have in downtown Roanoke. Allie and I like that place, we've been there a few times. After hanging out at the coffee shop for awhile we ended up going over to the Roanoke Theater and watching Spider Man 3. We watched the really late showing of it so there wasn't very many people there. The movie was really good though. I liked it a lot. It didn't get out until a little after 2:00 though because it didn't start until 11:45, So that put us back in Lynchburg around 3:30. It ended up being a really late night but I know I had a lot of fun. I had to get to bed soon after getting home though because I needed to be at church at 8:30 that morning for worship team practice.

Sunday morning was a really good service. The pastor's dad actually spoke this sunday to give our pastor a break. His family has had a really rough past couple weeks and he just needed a break. He was still at church and still lead worship, he just didn't have to preach. Keep him and his family in your prayer if you think about it. After church I went over to the Donneberg's for lunch and then took a really long nap afterwards. Around 6:00 I went to a dance recital with Chuck and Jo (Allie had to stay and continue homework stuff). A friend of ours daughter was in the recital so we went to support her. She was really good and the whole show was just fun. I enjoyed it. After that I just spent the rest of the night back at the Donnebergs again until around 11:00 or so. It ended up being a really fun weekend though and I'm glad I was able to spend so much time with Allie - I've missed her lately. Anyway thats it for me. Night!
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