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Monday, May 28, 2007
This weekend was a pretty nice weekend even with Allie being out of town. She left Saturday morning and I made it through three days without her and stayed busy the whole time too! Saturday there was a wedding at my church so I ended up going to that. After that, I went over to someones house to work on a few computer issues. By the time I was all finished up with those things it was already almost 6:30. It worked out well though, it gave me enough time to run home to grab something to eat really quick then head over to the CANVAS ministry we are doing Saturday Nights. That ended up only going until around 10:00 and then I left when Chuck and Jo did. We stopped for some Icecream at Dairy Queen and ended up running into one of Chuck's old English Professors. Turns out I also knew them because I used to rent a place from them. It was kind of cool how that all connected. Anyway it was fun to sit and chat with them for a bit about stuff. I ended up heading back home around 11:00 or so.

Sunday at church things went well. It was a nice service and there was a decent amount of people there also. That afternoon I ended up going over to the Donnebergs and hung out with them for the evening. I had some computer work to do over there this time. Allie had some issues with her comptuer and then I tried to setup one of Chuck's to work for the Powerpoint setup for our Saturday night CANVAS ministry. That ended up taking longer then I expected but I finally got it. After that just watched a movie until it got late and I had to leave. But it was a pretty nice day.

Today I spent some money for my new house to be in two days. First thing I had to do today was meet my realtor over at the house and do the final walk through. Check on all the stuff to make sure its all been taken care of. There were just a few things I noted that the owner said he would take care of tomorrow. But all in all everything looks ready to go. The owner actually gave me a set of keys for the place today too and said I could feel free to come and go over the next few days before closing if I want. I ended up taking a key over to the Donnebergs so they could take a look on the inside if they wanted. They hadn't had a chance to look inside other then the very first time I took them for thier opinion. So I hung for a little bit there but not too long as I wanted to run a few other errands. I ended up goign to Lowes first to make a copy of the key but ended up being there for almost three hours. I wanted to look at sheds and ended up finding a really good deal on one there because they are having thier memorial day sale. Chuck and Jo and BJ ended up coming over there to look at it and give opinons on it. And then Chuck picked up a few things of his own while there. They gave thumbs up on the shed so I ended up getting that ordered. They are going to deliver it on Friday. I also looked at a few other things I'll be getting down the road a few weeks from now but none were on sale today or anything so I will just wait for those. We all ended up stopping by my house together after that so I could be with them when they saw it. They are all excited about it all. They ended up heading back home and I was about to head to a cookout that some friends from church put on but on the Way there I stopped at another furnature store that was having another Sale for Memorial Day. They had a great Wardrobe there that I thought would work great for Allie in the new house so I ended up picking one of those up. It was like 60% off or something like that. I think she'll like it. After that, headed over to the Hartmans for the cookout they were going to have there. I ended up staying there most of the rest of the evening. It was good food and nice to visit with a few freinds. They had invited a few other families from our church as well so there was a nice crowd of us. Anyway it was cool. Allie also came back in town this evening so she is back. I wasn't able to see her though. I was still at the Hartmans when she got back. I should be able to get together with her tomorrow evening though. Ok anyway that pretty much covers the weekend. I'm going to head on to bed. Night everyone!
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