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Monday, June 18, 2007
This weekend ended up being pretty fun. Allie and her mom were out of town at a ladies retreat but Chuck and I were able to hang out on Saturday. I ended up taking him flying. He said it was only his second time in a small plane so that was pretty cool. The weather wasn't the greatest though so we didn't fly anywhere too far away from the airport. But we just did some general sight seeing around Lynchburg. It was pretty fun. We ended up trying to find a few yard sales afterwards but it was a little too late for that by then. We ended up stoping in at Phil and Cindy's house though because we were within a few blocks of there house while yard sale hunting. He had been having some problems with sending e-mail from his house internet connetion so I stopped in to see what I could find out. It wasn't really all that easy though because it worked sometime and not others. I think it ended up being a combonation of things, but I finally got it figured out I think. So far so good at least with it. After spending some time there we ended up going out to lunch/dinner at Country Cooking and we ended up being there for a few hour just talking and stuff. It was nice. By the time we finished there it was almost time to head to our Saturday night Church ministry so we headed off to that. The video speaker was pretty good that night but I didn't end up staying too long after it was over because I had to wake up early for sunday morning worship team practice.

Sunday was another really fun day. It was really Sad that Allie couldn't be around to enjoy it with us. She went down to spend the day with her Dad in NC though so that was a good thing for her to do. We still did miss her up here there. After church I went over to the Donnebergs and we had a lake day planned for Chuck for Fathers day. So shortly after I got there We headed out to Smith Mountain Lake. Brittany, Scott and Steph were there to join us as well. The first thing we did when we got there was eat lunch at one of the lakeside restaraunts. That was really good. After that we grabbed about 6 loaves of bread from the car and went down to feed the carp along the dock. There are masses of them and its fun to watch them all fight over the bread. Some of them even end up out of the water because they are laying on top of all the other fish. When that happens they flap thier tail as much as they can to try to get back in and water sprays everywhere. It is fun to watch. After fish feeding we went to the Arcade for awhile and played some of the games they have there. We ended up being there for awhile though. Chuck was having fun. After Arcade we went for some icecream at an icecream place they have there along the Lake and then walked around to look at the boats for awhile. But by this time Scott and Steph were about to have to leave. They needed to get back home to let their dogs out of the house. So we piled back in the cars and headed back to Lynchburg. After getting back Britt ended up leaving as well so It was just Chuck and Jo and I to hang out the rest of the evening. BJ was around but she was cooped up in her room the whole time pretty much. I went with them to run a few errands and then afterwards we went to the house again to watch a movie. We watched a movie called "The Invaders" I wouldn't recommend watching that. It ended up being a three hour long move and we didn't realize it. After like the first hour we were like "this is kind of stupid but now that we already watched an hour we might as well finish it" then it got to the two hour mark and we were like.. why is this still going.. we checked and found out it was three hours but now that we already invested two hours into it we just had to finish it to see the ending, which wasn't really even all that good. So unless you are really bored sometime time. Don't bother looking into that one. Anyway I didn't end up leaving the house until around midnight. So it was pretty late. I still had to work today too so I was a little tired this morning. Anyway, that pretty much updates everythign though.

This evenign I'm going to meet Allie over at the house and we will try to clear out a spot to setup the storage shed. The sticks and everything in back have been moved to the front of the yard for pickup so we can now level out a spot of land. Might be able to get that setup by the end of the week. We'll see how it goes.
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