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Thursday, July 12, 2007
I no longer have a girlfriend anymore... I have a Fiancé =) It is great!!

Over the past few days I've been trying to prepare for this. I ended up putting letters down in a big field and spelled out "Allie will you marry me" with them. Each letter was 15 feet tall and I made them out of butcher paper and held them down with bricks. The idea was that I was going to fly her over the field and she would see it from the window. We tried to go up on Wednesday but the weather turned on us and it started to rain so I had to postpone until Today. But since it had rained I had to go back up to the field and patch up some of the letters that the rain had messed up. But today ended up being a perfect day weather wise. The sky was amazingly blue and only had little white puffy clouds here and there. We started off the flight by going by Smith Mountain Lake and we flew over that for some sight seeing. Allie's Mom Jo had come too and it was her first time up with me so we spent some time flying around the lake for a bit. As I flew north from the Lake we ended up coming across the farm. At that time Allie was in the middle of telling me a story and I had to point out the window and say Hey look there is something written in that field what does it say? So she turned and look and a about a second later her jaw drops and it stayed dropped for like then next five minutes. During that time I had reached into my pocket and pulled out the ring and there was some surprised and excited screams going on. We ended up circling the field quite a few times to get some good pictures of it. It was really fun. As we left the area her mom speaks up and asks.. so did you ever answer the question!? I was pretty sure she did but just incase she said yes for sure then. It all just turned out really great.

After landing back at the airport there were two news reporters there. One for the lynchburg newspaper and one for the bedford newspaper (the field was in bedford). So after getting out of the plane they went through a short interview process. And we answered a bunch of questions. So we will probalby end up in the Lynchburg newspaper tomorrow morning. That should be a fun story to read about. After we left the airport I then drove Allie down to the field itself so she could see the letters laid out on the field and see how big they really were. While we were there we ended up touring the farm there a little and saw some of thier pet cows (yeah, pets) and they had a barn there that had five owls living there. Allie said she loved the owls. The owner of the field also was out there while we were circling and he video taped the plane circling. He ended up giving me the tape of it too. It all should be some great footage. I'll try to put together a nice webpage of it all. After leaving the farm we headed back to the burg and went out for a later dinner at Olive Garden to finish the night. Both of us were pretty tired afterwards. Allie has to wake up at 5am tomororw too so we didn't want to stay out too long. But it ended up being a great night and all the plans worked out so well. I'll let you know how the newspaper article turns out. Thats it for me now though.. I should get on to bed. Night!
posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 10:18 PM 

       Read my archived posts! Click Here