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Thursday, August 23, 2007
I bet everyone is wondering where I have been lately. Don't worry I'm still here been staying pretty busy at work lately and doing a bunch of little things. Allie started School this week too so all the hustle and bustle from that is going around too. Lynchburg just got a whole lot busier. I moved up a position at work this week because another guy had left the company so I am kind of doing his job now and my old job at the same time waiting for another guy to come in and back fill that. I've been really busy at work lately because of that. My roomate got back into town now too now that Liberty started so I'm not alone and all by myself at home anymore. Its nice to have someone here other then just me.

Oh also wanted to let you all know that pictures of the trip to Seattle are posted online now. You can see them at www.jerdill.com/photos/liberty/life/spr07/seattle.html Hope you all enjoy those!

Ok I know it was short tonight but I'm getting kind of tired now. I probably should head on to bed. I've been up kind of late re-setting up some of the computer stuff on my desk here at home and it took longer then I thought it would. Plus I didn't really even start on it until 10:45 or so. Anyway.. good night!
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       Read my archived posts! Click Here