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Monday, September 17, 2007
Last week at work has been really busy. They did end up finding a guy to come in and back fill my old position I have been in charge of training him though so he has followed me around everywhere I go for the past week. It seems to be going really well though and he is catching on quite nicely. He might be able to do the job on his own for the most part by the middle of the week. After work all last week I even stayed pretty busy doing fun stuff. It has been nice, even though Allie has all her homework we've still been able to spend some good time together. Thursday night Allie, Erin, Sam, and I all went out to eat at a Peruvian Restaraunt. That was a fun little double date. I think it was Tuesday that I had a chance to go have lunch with Allie during a break in my day. Saturday we were able to spend some nice time together too. She did have to work this weekend though for the 2pm to 10pm shift so we only had the mornings to do stuff. She had to work that time on Sunday also so we didn't get our regular sunday afternoon hang out time. I did end up taking her dinner Sunday night though while she was at work. Over all things are still going well.

All this week my sister will be making the drive across the nation from Seattle to Lynchburg. She should arrive in the L-burg sometime on Sunday. It normally wouldn't take quite that long to get here but she is going with Katie and they are going to do some sight seeing on the way over. I'm excited for her to get here. We should have some fun. Tonight Pete and Julie are going to be coming over to the house and Allie and I are going to make them dinner and we'll all hang out for a while. That should be fun too. Keep Allie in your prayers though this week as she still tries to keep up with all her homeworking stuff she needs to get done. She has a Spanish Presentation due on Wednesay also and hopes she has a chance to practice it a couple times before she has to do it. Time is short for her. But I know she can do it! Anyway I should probably get going, need to head on to work. Bye for now!
posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 7:32 AM 

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