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Sunday, September 02, 2007
This week has been a pretty good week. At work we had a few guys that were out so I was trying to fill in for the jobs that I could. I was running around a lot to get it all done. I made it through the week successful though. On friday my manager did my annual review for me. It was a pretty good review and he gave me a nice raise too. Unfortunatly my manager also got promoted so he won't be my direct manager anymore. Thats kind of sad, I really liked working with him. I'm sure whoever replaces him will be good to work with too though. Anyway, I made it through the week sucessfully. Also Friday during lunch Allie and I met with Rick and we started our first session of Pre-Marital Counseling. That was a pretty good first meeting.

Saturday Allie and I went up near charlottesville in a town called Louisa. At the airport there they had a cool airshow going on. They had some antique airplanes and experimental aircraft also. As part of the show they had a parachute team jump out of a plane directly over head of the airport and land right in front of us. That was a really cool thing to watch. They also had two aerobatic airplane shows It was fun to watch those also. Then they had a special show call the flying Farmer. They played it off as a guy that had never flown before going for a ride with another pilot then all of a sudden the pilot got out of the airplane on the runway for "landing gear problems" but then the old farmer just gave the airplane full power and took off with nobody else in the plane. He flew around all crazy like pretending he didn't know what he was doing. The things he did with the plane were really cool to watch though. But you kind of had to really know how to fly to understand how cool what he did was. I enjoyed watching that. After all the main events went they then had Remote Control airplane show. Little planes to scale controled by remote. It was kind of cute to see it. After the show we ended up driving back over to Charlotesville to have dinner. We were in a little bit of a hurry though so we could get back in time for the Saturday night church service we are trying to start. I was running all the tech stuff that night and needed to get it all setup. But We got there on time and the service went pretty well. Allie wasn't feeling too well saturday evening though so she didn't stay long after.

Today I went to church and now I'm over at the Donnebergs for lunch and to just hang out this afternoon. The women in the house aren't feeling to well today either so we are just going to relax all afternoon. Well that pretty much catches me up I think so I'm going to sign off for now. I'll Write more again soon.
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