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Saturday, August 25, 2007
This morning I had another flying lesson at the airport. It was actually a stage check this time though so I had to have one of the lead instructors take me up and assess my progress. Turns out I didn't do to well compared to where I'm supposed to be at. He still let me pass the stage check but with kind of an equivelent of a D grade for it. He left a lot of notes for my instructor to go over with me next time I fly. I actually learned a lot today from it though. It was good in that respect. Anyway after that I ran home for some quick lunch and then ended up taking a nap. Allie made me dinner tonight over at her house too. That was really good she did a good job at it. So I was at her house for dinner and then we both went to our Saturday Night ministry we've been working with. I would write a little more but its getting kind of late now. I need to get up early tomorrow for worship team practice. Good night everyone!

PS. Happy Birthday Becca!!!
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Thursday, August 23, 2007
I bet everyone is wondering where I have been lately. Don't worry I'm still here been staying pretty busy at work lately and doing a bunch of little things. Allie started School this week too so all the hustle and bustle from that is going around too. Lynchburg just got a whole lot busier. I moved up a position at work this week because another guy had left the company so I am kind of doing his job now and my old job at the same time waiting for another guy to come in and back fill that. I've been really busy at work lately because of that. My roomate got back into town now too now that Liberty started so I'm not alone and all by myself at home anymore. Its nice to have someone here other then just me.

Oh also wanted to let you all know that pictures of the trip to Seattle are posted online now. You can see them at www.jerdill.com/photos/liberty/life/spr07/seattle.html Hope you all enjoy those!

Ok I know it was short tonight but I'm getting kind of tired now. I probably should head on to bed. I've been up kind of late re-setting up some of the computer stuff on my desk here at home and it took longer then I thought it would. Plus I didn't really even start on it until 10:45 or so. Anyway.. good night!
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Tuesday, August 14, 2007
Sorry I haven't blogged in awhile. Just wanted to write a quick update to let you all know I was still alive :) - Anyway don't have too much to write about but early this morning around 3am Allie, Jo and I woke up and went to a dark part of town to watch the meteor shower that was going on. That was pretty cool. I'm pretty tired now though because of it so thats why I'm making this kind of short. Also Allie moved into the house today as well School starts for her next week. This past week has been pretty rough at work, one of the guys broke his leg so I've been filling in for him and trying to do my own job too. Got pretty hectic at times, but doing pretty good there still. Anyway - I'm going to head to bed. Pretty tired by now. Night!
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Tuesday, August 07, 2007
Well since my last blog not too much has happend. Allie spent an evening last week and finished decorating everything at the house. It really looks like a home now and it makes the place pretty comfy. On Saturday the cable guy came out and setup cable at the house too so that is finished finally. It was a big hastle to get that up though as there were no cable outlets in the house anywhere. So they had to do everything from scratch including bringing an airial wire over from the pole. It took like 5 hours to get everything done. But its over and there is now internet at the house. Sunday Allie and I hung one more peice of decor at the house. It was a large tapestry that we hung in the stairwell. But it took like 2 hours to get done because the ladder we used was too tall to get to lean in the stairway so I had to climb up a completely vertical ladder with Allie standing behind to make sure I didn't fall backwards. Then I had to do everything with one hand while up there so it just made everything pretty difficult. But we finally got it done and it looks pretty nice. Anyway thats it for now, I'm going to have to head to work.
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Saturday, August 04, 2007
Haven't really updated my blog too much recently because not much too exciting has happened since we've got back from Seattle. I've just been trying to play catchup at work for a little bit and thats pretty much back to normal now. Haven't really done any work on the house much since we returned other then hang the celing fan in the bedroom. That seems to be working pretty well now too. I didn't go flying today because I'm pretty short on $$ this month after the spree over the past few months and having to pay full rent on my apartment and the mortgage on the house until people move into them. The girls will move in this month though so that will help and my roomate gets back sometime this month too. That should ease things up a little bit. Anyway, thats about all I have to say for now. Talk more later!
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