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Wednesday, October 24, 2007
This weekend ended up being a pretty good one. Saturday I met up with the Donneberg Family and Allie and Becca and we all went up to the apple Festivals they have here in VA. The weather was actually pretty nice so it made it a nice trip. It was a little bit windy though but I got used to it for the most part I think. At the first festival we ended up going through the corn maze they had there. It was fun but kind of sad at the same time. The corn was really short and thinning in some areas so you could see over and through the corn to the trail you needed to follow. It took some of the "maze" novelty out of it. We didn't stay too long at the first one before heading on to the next festival up the road another 15 minutes or so. At that festival they had a live band and a hay ride. We ate some lunch there first and then went on the hay ride to the pumpkin patch they have at the other end. I wandered around and found the biggest pumpkin I could find and then the smallest pumpkin I could and then all the sizes in between for a little pumpkin family type thing. that was kind of cool. I ended up getting little briars stuck all over my pants and shoes though so I spent the hay ride back to the main part of the festival picking them all off. I didn't even get them all off by the time we got there so that was something I had to work on the rest of the day. After returning to Lynchburg from the day I just headed over to the Canvas thing we do saturday nights and then ended up being there the rest of the evening.

Sunday was a pretty nice day too. I went to church in the morning and ended up training a new girl how to run the powerpoint system and things. Some of the guys at the church also planned a Softball game for that afternoon so I ended up being asked to play also. For lunch I ended up going over to the Donnebergs house again. It has been quite a few weeks since I had been able to spend any time with them so it was nice to be able to do that. I would have liked to just hang out the rest of the afternoon but I had that softball game to go to. I ended up being glad that I went though because I had a lot of fun there. I hadn't played baseball (or even held a bat) since I came to Virgina so it was cool to have that chance again. It took me a couple swings of the bat to get the feel of it again but I ended up doing really well. Every time I got up to bat I made it on base to eventually score so that was pretty cool. One of the times though I had to really fight to get to second base and kind of slid in and I think I twisted/sprained by ankle doing that. I couldn't tell at first because I didn't notice too much pain but later that evenign it was really really starting hurt. After the game I headed back to the Donnebergs for the rest of the evening. It was really nice to be able to hang out there again. I really missed doing that. It was cool to have Becca there too to just hang out with us. Anyway, I went home a little early though because I needed to get my shoe off and ice my foot some it was pretty bad by the end of the day.

Monday morning my foot was doing a good amount better and I was able to do my job as I needed to. I did still walk with a limp though, I have been limping even up to today. I think by the end of the week it should be pretty much better though. Monday was just a pretty typical day nothing too much exciting there.

Tuesday after work Dennis came over and helped me install a bathroom vent fan. It ended up going fairly smoothly and we were able to get it finished that night. I still have some touch up work to do as I find time though. Like patch some of the drywall we had to cut out to make it all work. But the girls tell me it does the job nicely to vent the steam from showers and stuff. So I'm glad to have the project done.

Tonight Allie made me Spaghettii for dinner She had the sauce all ready this afternoon, I ended up getting to the house before she did though so I was able to get the noodles cooked and have the sauce all warmed up. It was all ready by the time she got in. We then left for a bit to read through our book together and have some time to ourselfs for a bit before we met up with Becca again to go to church tonight. The service was pretty decent One thing that was a little weird though was the speaker ended up doing an illustration. He had a Police Officer come in and Taser him to demonstrate a point we was trying to make. It got everybody kind of riled up in the place. I thought it was a little weird. Anyway, thats about it. I should head on to bed. Its starting to get late. Night!
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Friday, October 19, 2007
Its time for another blog update. It will probably be a short one though because not too much has happened since my last update. Its mostly been work and sleep and eat then do it over again. One night this week I was going to have someone come over to install a bathroom fan at the house because it doesn't have any vents currently. That didn't end up working out that night though so instead I stayed and watched a movie with Becca at the house. That was pretty fun though. Today I took Allie out to Lunch but the rest of this evening she was going to spend with her Family. It has been awhile since she has had a family night with her parents so I'm glad they were able to do it, It was supposed to be a suprise for her mom actually so I hope she didn't find out early. Anyway that is really all I have to write about for now. Tomorrow we are going to the Apple festival, I think there are actually two different ones we are going to try to see so that should be fun. Will probalby have stuff to write about that next time. Anyway, thats it for now.
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Thursday, October 11, 2007
It has been a few days since my last post so I thought I would write a quick update. Yesterday Becca ended up buying herself a car. We had looked at it on Tuesday and she decided to go with it so we went back Wednesday to make the transaction. She had a tough choice between to vehicles. One was a truck Ford F150 and the other was a small car Mazda Protege. She ended up going with the car in the end though. Turns out to be a pretty good choice though. She took it in for inspection today and everything checked out well on it. I also had my car worked on today. It has still been running pretty rough for awhile now. Turns out the two of the sparkplugs were cracked and not generating enought of a spark all the time or something. It is weird that that was the case though because I just had a tune up done on it about a year ago or so. Anyway the drive home was pretty good and didn't have it sputter on me at all. The rest of the week has been kinda straight forward. Just work as normal for the most part. Nothing too special to report on there.

Oh I should mention that Allie found a place for us to have our wedding. It looks pretty promising, so if all works out the place is now settled. Anyway thats it for me tonight. I'm going to head to bed. Night!
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Friday, October 05, 2007
This last week has been pretty good. Becca has been getting all settled here in Lynchburg and seems to be doing pretty well at her new Job. I've been pretty busy this week at my work too. I had to setup about 30 computers or so here at work for new hires that they are going to be training. Its been pretty rough keeping up with all that. But its friday and I'm ready for a weekend. I should be able to get everything finished up today anyway. On Wednesday this week Allie and I went on a date to Roanoke. We ate at a Brazilian Restaraunt and then went up to the Roanoke star to look at the city from the top of the mountain. It ended up being a pretty nice night and we had a lot of fun. Tonight Allie, Becca and I are all going up to Richmond. Allie has a conference up there that she needs to be at for a class of hers, So while she is in the conferencce Becca and I plan to drive around and try to find a car for her. There are a lot more for sale up there at a cheaper price then here in Lynchburg for some reason. We did go by to look at one last night here around Lynchburg but it ended up being in rougher shape then the person let on. So we had to pass on that one. Anyway, keep in prayer that we find a good one for her. Ok well I need to get on over to work, Im running a little later. Bye for now.
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