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Monday, November 26, 2007
This Thanksgiving was pretty nice. I ate a lot and slept a lot - What more could you ask for =). It has been awhile since my last update though so I have a lot of stuff to catch up on. My Flight last saturday with my instructor went really well. He was impressed on how well I did for not having flown for 5 weeks. That was pretty cool. On Monday Allie's Brother Sam came up from North Carolina and he hung out with us for a few days until Thanksgiving. He stayed at my house at night and Allie had a bunch of things she did with him during the day. On Tuesday I took him and Allie flying. We flew over Downtown Lynchburg for some sight seeing and then flew over to Smith Mountain Lake I think he really enjoyed doing that. I had to work during the day while he was here though other then when we went flying so I didn't do all the other fun stuff Allie and Him did. But after we went flying on Tuesday we drove down to Roanoke and spent the evening down there and had dinner, then went to see a movie It was pretty cool but we didn't end up getting back until pretty late. Wednesday I worked all day and then went over to Allie's House and she made Sam, Becca and I Dinner then we watched a movie. It was a nice relaxing night. Thursday morning The three of us got in the car and drove down to Allie's Dad's house for Thanksgiving. Her Dad had a hernia surgery on Monday so he was still in bed for most of that day. He was having a little bit difficult of a recovery. The rest of us did the Thanksgiving Meal cooking though. I ended up making the Mashed Potatoes. Her Dad was able to come down and join us for the meal but his appetite wasn't really there so he didn't eat much. We all felt pretty bad for him. Keep in in prayer if you think about it. I haven't heard how he is doing as of right now though. Anyway we all had a pretty relaxing time there that day. On Friday Allie wanted to go shopping for some crazy reason so Sam and I ended up going with her. It was kind of upsetting though because we weren't very productive at all. We barely bought anything and they didn't have specific things Allie wanted. So we probably walked the equivalent of about 10 miles in swarms of people for not much to show for. I think we all had some fun though. Saturday morning Allie and I headed back to Lynchburg. Allie had a lot of homework to do and wanted to get back so she could hopefully get done what she needed to by the time classes started again Today. Before going straight home though we stopped to have an oil change done on her car and get her tires rotated, that didn't take too long though so that was nice. The rest of the day I just relaxed and caught up on some e-mails and stuff. Sunday was a pretty typical day, I went to church and then to lunch over at the Donnebergs. Allie didn't stay long over there though because she wanted to get back to her house to do some more homework, I stayed for a little while after she left but then joined her back at her house for awhile after that. Allie was doing really well though and was able to get one of her research papers done. She really felt relieved after that was done. Becca didn't get back until about 7:00 or so last night, she was out meeting with someone but after she got home her and I watched some more Lois and Clark episodes. We are really close now to finishing season 3. I ended up staying there last night until about 11:30 but we had fun. So I think that just about covers my Thanksgiving - sure show a lot to be thankful for with all I was able to accomplish during that time. It was pretty nice.
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Friday, November 16, 2007
Once again I managed to let quite a bit of time pass since my last blog post. I guess just having a pretty typical week doesn't leave too much to report about though. Almost everyday this week after work I have gone to the house and hung out with Becca. Allie joins us here and there too after get gets out of class or in between homework assignments. I know Allie is ready for her break from school. They have pushed her for all kinds of stuff the last few weeks. Anyway Becca and I have gone through and watched episodes of an old show we both loved back in the 1990's. Its called Lois and Clark. I remember we always used to come home from church sundays as a family and watch them. It was good old times. Now we have them on DVDs so we can watch all the episodes back to back. We have gotten through season one already and just about finished with the second season already. It sure brings back a lot of memories. I ended up leaving a little earlier then normal this evening though because I am going flying tomorrow and wanted to make sure I was prepared for that and got enough sleep tonight. So I probalby better head off to bed and do that. I'll try to write again sooner then a few weeks this time. We'll see, bye for now!
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Friday, November 09, 2007
Another week has gone by. Last weekend was pretty fun spending the time with Allie's family in North Carolina. On Saturday I went out with the guys to a Duke Football game. It was pretty fun. While we were doing that Allie and Maureen ended up doing some girl stuff, and some wedding stuff too I think. After getting back into town I ended up just going home, Allie had a lot of homework she needed to do and nobody else was at the house besides her so I ended up just being at home taking few of some things around here.
Monday Night Allie and I had another pre-marriage counseling session with Rick, those have been pretty good and we are both enjoying those. After that we ended up going out to eat at Red Lobster. It was a pretty nice day.
Tuesday I went over to the house after work and hung out with Becca there to watch House on tv later that night. It ended up being a pretty fun evening.
Wednesday the three of us went to church on campus in the evening.
Thursday During the day I had to take my van to a muffler shop to have them fix the tail pipe on my van because it had come loose and was kind of dangling really low. They had suggested I replace the muffler itself as well because it was getting old and probalby wouldn't pass inspection by the time it came around. I decided to have them do that also. After work I was back at the house again for the evening and Becca and I watched some Episodes of Lois and Clark while we waited for the new episode of CSI to come on. That ended up being pretty fun too. Allie had to do quite a bit of homework so she was upstairs doing that until CSI came on then she came down to watch it with us. We had a pretty good time I think. I was really tired for some reason though so after it was over I went right home and right to bed.
Today I woke up pretty rested though so that was nice. Don't really have much to say about today except that at work a bunch of us went out for a team lunch at a chinese food place. That was pretty cool. I'm at home by myself tonight though I have a few things at the house I've neglected this week that needed to be taken care of. I also have some paperwork stuff I need to work on for our next pre-marrital counseling session. I'll try to work on some of that tonight also. Anyway, thats it for now. I'll write more later!
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Friday, November 02, 2007
It has been quite awhile since my last update. Can't say that there is too much to report on though. I've spent a lot of time over at the house with Allie and Becca hanging out after work, that has been pretty fun. I had a few household projects I needed to work on there too. I had to patch a hole in the drywall we made while installing the bathroom fan a couple weeks ago. I just finished the final touches on that on thursday. Now you can't really even tell there was a hole there before. I also installed a light above the kitchen sink. The girls seem to like that. This week at work was pretty rough for me too. We had a big project due this week to install dual monitors for 48 people but the parts didn't get in until late Wednesday. So I had to work my butt off Thursday and Today to get that accomplished, but I managed to get it all finished.

This weekend Allie and I are going to be with her Dad in North Carolina. We decided to come this weekend kind of last minute. She decided on Wednesday that it would work best for her so that is where I am now actually. We will be here until Sunday afternoon or so. Anyway thats it for now I think. I'm going to head on to bed. Night!
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