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Monday, January 07, 2008
Well, welcome to the new year everybody. This will be the year I get married so I'm pretty excited about this year. Allie and I were going to celebrate the year in by going bowling with her brother RJ but turns out we couldn't do that after all. So instead we went to some of RJ's friends house and we kind of had a little get together there It was fun while we were there but Allie wasn't feeling very well at all so we ended up leaving early and I took her home to just lay on the couch and relax some while we watched the new year celebrations on TV. Turns out we both fell asleep watching it though so we completely missed the NY ball drop and wishing each other a happy new year. It was pretty sad.

On New Years day I ended up going back to the house and working in the yard. I went through and cleaned up the edge of the property on both sides of the house and got rid of all kind of trash that was buried under weeds and trees and brush and roots and all kind of random stuff on both sides. But now it looks pretty good and it expanded the usable property about 4 feet on each side of the house. I actually didn't get both sides finished on New years though I had to finish the job on Saturday because it got dark. The rest of the week was pretty typical. I stayed pretty busy at work and in the evenings I had a few projects I needed to work on back at my apartment. And a few computers to fix from friends of mine. It turned out to be a pretty productive week though in my opinion.

On Saturday while I was working in the yard Allie took the girls out to go dress shopping to pick out thier dress for the wedding I really like what she picked out. It looks pretty cool. Shortly after getting back from that, she headed straight down to NC to visit with her Family down there for her Grandmas birthday. She ended up being gone until Sunday Evening. Sunday I went to church in the morning and then took Becca out to lunch sunday afternoon. I didn't really hang out with her much after that though because I had to do a few things back at my apartment and then be back at my church later that evening for a meeting. My meeting ended up going until around 9:00 though then I had to stop in at Allie's parents house for another thing and didn't really leave there until a little before 10:00. Since it was so late I didn't end up going over to see Allie that night as she was back from her dads by then so that was kind of sad. But I still had to run home and type up some stuff from our meeting we had that night. I didn't really get to bed until after 11 as it was.

This coming week I can't really think of anything special that is going to happen. Saturday I'm going to try and do another flight lesson though. This one will be the long flight I'm kind of anxious to just get it over with. Its going to be a pretty expensive one though since it is so long. I hope everything goes smoothly with it though. Anyway thats it for now. I'll probably write more at the end of the week unless something exciting happens sooner then that. Until then!
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