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Thursday, February 07, 2008
Allie reminded me that it was time to catch up on my blog again - so here it goes! We were able to get the closet finished at the house It looks pretty good and Allie was really excited about it too because she is able to use the entire thing now and has a lot of extra room. On Feb 1st I gave allie a countdown to valentines day calendar where she opens a little door each day and it says something different each day to her. She has been enjoying that. Work for me the past week has been off and on busy. One of those things where it all comes at once and am really busy...then all goes away at once and have to find things to do. Would be nice if it was spead out evenly sometimes. But, such is life. I'm still enjoying my job though and can't really complain.

I'm going to attempt to go flying again this weekend. It has constantly been one thing or another and just haven't been able to pull it off. This weekend finally looks promising though. The only thing I have to look out for is that the winds won't be too high. I really hope it works out this time.

I bought tickets this week to go home on April 3rd. It will be a really short stay but I think it will be good to spend some time with my parents. I'm looking forward to that trip. I still need to get the tickets for Allie and I for our honeymoon. I'm just waiting for the right price to come around though.

My birthday is coming up this sunday too and it sounds like Allie is going to plan something for me. That should be fun. My Grandma sent me a letter in the mail also and it was a really sweet and funny note. I let Allie read it too and she liked it. It is always good to hear from her. Plus she included a nice gift too. =) Thanks Grandma!

Wednesday Allie and I ended up going to dinner with some people that are in Allie's Major. We've gotten together the past two Wednesday to just hang out and stuff. Its nice to be able to come along with her to those. They have been fun.

Last saturday since I didn't end up going flying after all I picked up a couple loads of gravel with Chuck's truck and spread some gravel around on our driveway. I had widened it in one area and it was just dirt so it got kinda muddy when it rained. Plus I patched a few bald areas with some left overs as well. It could probably use one more load of gravel or so but they gravel placed closed before I could get back for the third trip. So I will probably have to just finish it up some other time. At least the main part was taken care of.

For the Superbowl we had a party at our saturday night church building and we watched the game with the projector on the 80" screen. It was pretty fun. Everybody brought all kinds of food too so I got pretty full on stuff. But it was fun!

Ok I guess thats just about everything I can think of for now worth mentioning but I'll try and keep up. Bye for now!
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