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Sunday, April 27, 2008
It looks like it has been well over two weeks since my last post of anything. Sorry about that. I guess there has just been too much stuff going on lately. I’m not even sure where to begin with stuff. I can’t really say I even remember much from two weeks ago. I know I did some work in the yard at the house and moved a big mound of dirt and bricks and stuff that was piled up near the front of my house. I had to fix my lawn mower before I could mow my grass for the first time the spring. One of the parts of it had rusted and broke so I had to order a part to get it replaced. But I got that working again and the grass is now cut. I also had a guy come over and cut down a big dead tree out of our back yard. The stump still remains but I’ll get that ground down eventually too. But it really cleared out a nice section of our yard and makes it look a little bigger.

This week Allie and I have been to three picnics. You and tell spring is here. On Wednesday we went out with some of her friends from school for a cookout at the park. Then Friday we went to that same park for another picnic that was with her tutoring group and students. They had a bunch of foreign type foods as well as the regular American hamburgers as well. It was pretty fun. Then today our church had a picnic as well and there was a ton of good food there also. I like picnics they are fun. We had decent weather for all of them too. It has rained a lot around here lately but it always seems to be cleared up when we went outside.

Saturday Allie had another bridal shower, this time with her friends here in Lynchburg. It sounded like she enjoyed herself there and she got some more of the things she had wanted for the house. She was a pretty happy camper.

I hope you like my non-chronological blog format. I’m basically just spewing out thoughts from what happened over the last two weeks as they hit me. I feel like I’m having a bout of A-D-D… hey look something shiny!

Oh, Allie and I also had our engagement pictures take a few weeks ago. We have those now in print and in digital format. I’ll probably be posting those sometime this week if I have a chance to do that. They turned out pretty good. I liked them.

Things at work lately have been pretty steady. I’ve had work fairly constant over the past two weeks. It used to be I would be swamped one day and then the next have only two or three things. Lately though, it has been pretty average every day. I kind of like that for a change.

I’ve been fighting allergies really bad the past few days. Normally I breeze right though spring without a hint of even a runny nose that is allergy related. But something about this year is really bad. My eyes are even being affected and they have been kind of swollen and red and itchy from it also. It’s been kind of frustrating. I hope I can get over it soon.

On Wednesday of this week Allie and I took our lunch break and went to downtown Lynchburg and stopped in to pickup our Marriage License. That was a pretty fun experience. Allie was pretty excited about being able to get that and hold it in her hands. That’s just one step closer to the real thing for us.

It’s been a long time coming, but I also became an official member at my church here in Lynchburg last week. I had filled out the form and read though all the information that we had discussed in the membership class the previous two weeks and felt ready to make the commitment. So my pastor had made a quick mention of that today in church.

I sat here for a few more minutes to think of anything else I may have missed and couldn’t come up with anything else. So I guess I’ll have to end here. Hope you enjoyed it. Until next time!
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