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Monday, May 26, 2008
This week things at work have been pretty crazy. Monday through Wednesday were pretty crazy days. I was rushing around all over the place to get stuff done. By thursday things calmed down a little better though. That was nice too because I was able to get off work a little early that day to head down to North Carolina to watch Allie's Brothers play baseball games. Both of them had games that night. Also during that day Allie and I went to the aviary where our wedding will take place and brought some of the people helping us out with the wedding so they could see what it was like and get an idea of what to do. Anyway, the trip down to NC went pretty smoothly but Allie's wheel alignment got really off about half way down. It was pulling to the right a lot. Her alignment has been off for awhile and she just hasn't had a chance to get it looked into yet. Anyway I was driving the trip down and we made it there safely in time to watch the boy's games. Both of them lost thier games but it was still fun to watch them be able to play. We ended up leaving the ball fields around 9:00 and headed back home. I was going to let Allie drive the way back because I was already pretty sleepy and afraid I would doze off driving. So on home we went. About 15 minutes into driving the car shutters and shakes and makes a really loud noise near the front drivers side. I was just telling Allie about how if the alignment was off that bad it could also be a bent axle or something and we wouldn't want to wait any longer to have it looked into and needed to do that the next day. So when this happend Allie thought her axle had broke or something and kind of froze at the wheel. I had to grab the wheel and kind of direct the car over to the shoulder to get off the road. Turns out that the front driver side wheel had blown out. It wasn't just flat either.. it was shredded. It also took the wheel well plastic off some too and it was all torn up also. I tried to check to see if she had all the stuff required to change her tire but it was 10:00 at night and it was really dark. I wasn't sure where to look either. I tried under the car and in the trunk but couldn't find it. So we actually were just going to call Triple A and have them tow us. But since it was so late at night on a weekend AAA wasn't able to find any drivers that could take us back to Lynchburg. The lady told us she would look around to see if she could find someone outside of the normal network that could take us. Meanwhile we waited for her to call back I decided to make another attempt at looking. After sitting in the dark for awhile my eye may have adjusted a little better and I ended up finding a little string coming from the floor of her car's trunk. So I pulled on it and the floor came up and there was a spare tire under it. I dug around a little more and found a jack and the lug nut wrench also. So Here it was now around 10:30 at night by now and I'm out on the side of the road trying to change a tire in the dark. I also had to try to rip off the torn up wheel well plastic because it was hanging around and would fall on the tire and stuff. I was able to get the top peice off so it wasn't on the tire at least but the edge peices I wasn't able to get off right there in the dark. But anyway, It was a pretty rough chore but we finally got it done and were on our way back. The spare tire was really low on air though so we had to find a gas station with an air pump available at it. It was like 10 minutes of driving before we actually came to one though. It felt like forever though. At the gas station I was able to pull into the lighted area and check otu the wheel well part. Turns out there were two bolts holding the remainder parts on and I didn't have any tools to take it off with. But Turns out there was a couple there getting gas and I asked if he happend to have any plyers I could try to work the bolts off with. He actually had a socket wrench with the right size socket so I was able to get the bots off in just a minute or two with that. It was great to come across those people. They were really nice too. We also pumped up the tire to a good level and headed the rest of the way home. I had to drive somewhere between 45-50ish the whole way back though because it was just a spare tire and we weren't sure if there was a problem with her axle still. By the time we finally got home it was around 2:30 in the morning. I still had to be at work the next day also. So friday was a little bit of a rough day for me. We also had to get Allie's car looked at that day also. She was going to need a new tire for sure but we ended up trying to just replace all four. I called my regular car maintence place to get a quote on everything. Chuck also called around to try and find some used tires we could get her for cheaper. That guy is one good shopper too, I'll tell you what. He was able to find four almost new tires for her at about 1/3 the price of what they would have been new. And then he offered to buy all four tires for her as well! What a great future father in law! It was really great to be able to save some money with that. I was still at work while all that was going on but by the time my lunch break came they were finished with the tires and we still had to take her car to the shop to get the alignment fixed and have them check the axle also. So I left for lunch and met up with Allie at the Car shop so we could drop off her car. We then grabbed some food and I took her home and I went back to work for the rest of the day. It was good that it was a pretty slow day on friday because I was so tired that day. After work I picked up Allie again and we went back to pick up her car again. Turns out the axle was fine but both the front and rear alignment was off. Hopefully her car will be happy now and run great for us for awhile. So anyway the end of the week last week turned out be be pretty crazy for us.

On Saturday Allie and I went to work some more on the house. The chore for me that day was to get the office setup and arranged how I wanted it. That was no easy task though as we had a lot of desk stuff and furnature to get in that room. I was finally able to get it setup how I liked it and start bringing stuff into it. That turned out to be a full day project. On Sunday I went ot chruch in the morning as usual but then we were back at the house again that afternoon to continue the setup of the house. That afternoon we setup a new hutch in the dinning room and brought the peice that it replaced over to my apartment because it was something Becca was going to want to use. That went pretty smoothly for the most part. And opened up the kitchen at the house with some more space so we could finally move around again in there. I also spent part of the day getting the shed all cleaned up as well. I was again over at the house that day until late getting everythign organized best I could.

I am really glad that Today was a holiday for me. We really got a lot of stuff done today at the house. Things are starting to come together now really well. I move almost everything of mine now out of the apartment and was able to get various shelves setup around the house. I setup a shelf for my books in the office and one in the laundry room. I worked on getting everything int he office a place for itself and that is just about done now too. Allie spent her day getting the living room and kitchen cleaned up and in order also. I had also picked up a window fan unit for the office because that room has started to get really hot during the day. I got that installed as well and it seemed to be helping a good bit. I also organized all the bins in the shed and everything is now labeled and stacked by category. By 6:00 or so it was cool enough outside to try to get some outside work done also. I got the lawn mowed and weed whipped some areas around the house. I also trimmed the bushes and some of the brush along the side of our yard. Becca was a huge help today in that area also as she pulled weeds and did some general yard cleanup. She also came behind and cleaned up all the brush I was cutting back. It was really nice to have her around to help today. I was going to try to get my car washed today but that didn't actually happen. Too much other stuff was going on. But man we got sooo much accomplished today. The house is looking like a home again now and there won't be too much more left to do now other then small little things. I might be able to finally get my car washed sometime this week.

Anyway it is really late now and I should really get ready for bed now. It has been a really long day and I'm pretty sore now. I was tired all day Friday at work and I will probalby still be tired at work tomorrow again. I hope things are still a little on the slow side so I can recoupe some. Ok, well thats it for now. Night!
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