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Tuesday, July 08, 2008
Well, yesterday marked Allie and my one month anniversary. So far so good with the marriage thing. I'm really enjoying it, both of us are having a great time. We are both working full time now and have established a pretty good routine. It took us awhile at first to get that working. After getting back from our Honeymoon it seems like everybody has a computer problem recently. I've been working on people's computers a lot since I got back. So that has taken up a lot of time and stuff. But Allie and I are still able to hang out in the evenings and just relax a lot also. But it has been great so far. The Month has flown right by.

Over the Independence Day Allie had to work in the morning and I went over to the church for awhile that day to help work on a project they were doing there. After Allie got off work we went shopping for a BBQ Grill. We ended up finding one at Home Depot that was a good price and seems like it will fit our needs pretty well. That evening Becca came over and we watched a movie and then set off a few fireworks that I had bought. We didn't really do anything big on the 4th itself because we planned on going to the Lake for the Independence Day celebration that was on Saturday.

So Saturday morning Allie and I slept in for awhile and just had a leisurely morning. I used some of that time to put together the BBQ Grill. I didn't get it quite finished though by the time we had to leave for the lake. But the day at the lake was pretty fun. We got there around 6:00 that evening and met up with Becca and her friend there. There was a band that was there playing music (that was pretty bad) and a car show and stuff. Mostly we just sat around and watched people until the fireworks show started at 9:30. There were some guys out on one boat that were flirting with some girls on the shore and eventually they swam to shore to talk them into coming over to the boat with them. After some back and forthing stuff they finally agreed to go over to a dock where they could get on the boat without having to get wet. That was a rather entertaining thing to watch. Anyway the fireworks were very good and we had a great spot to sit to watch them. We had a good time. We didn't get back home until pretty late that evening though and I still had to get up early for church that morning.

Sunday was Jo's Birthday and after church we went over to Thier house for awhile and celebrated that. We then went to Lunch at Ledo's Pizza and returned to thier house for dessert. We just played some games and things though the day and just spent some time together. I think Jo had a great time doing that. I had to leave around 9:00 that evening though to meet someone so I could do some work with thier computer. After he left Allie and I pretty much went to bed right away.

Monday was a pretty typical day for us. Both of us had to work and then we just came home that evening and worked on a few things around the house and watched some stuff on my laptop. We were going to try to make dinner on the new Grill but it was raining pretty bad so we didn't end up doing that. If it stays nice outside tonight though we may actually be able to cook on it. We'll see what happens.

Ok well thats all I'm going to write for now. I know it has been awhile since I updated so I just wanted to write a quick one. Knowing how its been going recenly it will probably be another couple weeks before I write another one. But you never know.. I might remember sooner this time. I guess we'll see. Anyway, Bye for now!
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