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Saturday, November 01, 2008
Hey Everyone - since my last post Allie and I ended up finding a Dog. Allie was looking at some of the animal shelters online and she found one she liked in Roanoke. So we ended up driving down there a couple weekends ago and met her. We both really liked her so we brought her home with us. They say she is part Collie and part boxer. I have pictures up on my website now at www.jerdill.com/photos. She is sitting here next to me right now as I type this post. Her name is Maggie, that was the name she came with from the shelter but it was one of the names we really liked anyway while we were decided on a name for the dog that just ran away. So that worked out really nicely. Anyway Maggie wore herself out today. We brought her to a nearby park and let her off the leash to run around and play. She is really good at coming when we call her so she was able to run and play all over the place. She drank like her whole bowl of water after she was done though. She had a good time though. She has been really good so far. We had a few issues with her chewing stuff though. We decided we probably shouldn't leave her unattended in the house for too long. So we got her a little crate that she can stay in if we leave her in the house. The dog run I have setup for her outside works really well for her too. I think she likes us back too. It is fun having a dog around the house.

Anyway last night for halloween Allie and I stayed at home to pass out candy for kids that might come around and trick-or-treak. We bought a whole bunch of candy. Turns out we only had 6 kids show up. But they came in packs of three so only counted as two knocks on the door. It was a little disappointing. It was a pretty relaxing evening though so that was nice.

Well theres not really too much else going on around her recently so I guess I'll be done for now. But I hope you enjoy looking at the pictures of Maggie!
posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 9:30 PM 

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