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Tuesday, February 24, 2009
Hey look! It finally let me log in so I could write a blog.

So as Jeremy said, two weeks ago we were both really sick with the flu. No stomach issues, just fever, weakness, and horrible cold symptoms. It was miserable both being really sick, because we were pretty much helpless. We lived on crackers and water for three days. Lol. Anyways, we were both still kind of stuffy and had coughs last week but felt better. And this week Jeremy feels fine. But on Saturday night my throat started hurting and Sunday I felt awful. I ended up with a fever again, and I have so much congestion and/or drainage that I am literally having a hard time talking because I can't get sound past the junk in my sinuses. So yeah, real fun. At least the fever is gone now.

Over the weekend we went to a 2-year-old's birthday party. That was a lot of fun and we enjoyed watching all the little kids run around and play in the homemade cardboard fort that Mindy and Thomas (the parents) had made. Saturday we drove down to my dad's because my brother Sam is going to Greece on a Pilgrimage with their church, and they were raising money through a silent auction. We got a few things, but the stuff I wanted the most I didn't end up winning. That was sad. But we still had a lot of fun (until I got sick). Sunday morning we left really early and drove back to VA to make it back in time for church. Jeremy is leading small group this week so we had to be there. After church was a missions lunch, and that was fun but I felt horrible so I was ready to go home and take a nap. So we did. Then we got back up and enjoyed a party for a friend. Then sleep.

Basically we are both working this week and keeping busy with other stuff too. I had a fun date-night with my Poppa last night. We went to dinner and to see the movie "7 Pounds." It was a really good movie, but definitaly not what I was expecting. You have to prepare yourself before you go see it (but do go see it!)

So now you are all up-to-date. Tchau!
posted by Allie Dillinger @ 9:46 AM 

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