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Monday, October 19, 2009
I thought I would post again since it has been a really long time since our last one.

A couple things have happend around here since our last post.
One big one is our kitchen hardwood floors started to pop up due to water damage (from a sink pipe breaking). So we have to compleatley replace our kitchen floors. I had some freinds from church come help me prep the kitchen for the guy to come in and install the new floors. We found out that the subfloor was starting to rot from the damage as well so we had to rip up three layers of floor to get to the main support joists and then re-lay 2 layers of plywood down to get it back up to the level of the rest of the floors. We finally got all the subfloor done but our house has been a huge mess because of it. Almost everythign that was in the kitchen had to be moved to the living room and then there has been dust everywhere from pulling up wood and replacing the floor. The guy comes in on Wednesday or Thursday to put the final hardwood down. Then we'll have our house back again. It has sure been a big ordeal though. Luckily the insurance helped pay for most of it.

We also went camping this past weekend with Scott and Angela. They are a couple our age from church. We really enjoy hanging out with them. The weather held out ok for us for the weekend as far as the rain is concerned, but it was really really cold. We had to layer up and stay by the fire a lot. We had a good time though. They also came with us to the Apple festival on Sunday with Allie's parents. It was over all a pretty fun weekend.

I'm sure a ton of other stuff has happend since our last post but those are the two big things that have taken up our energy the past few weeks. I'll be ready to have our house back again once our floors are fully finished. Allie has been enjoying her new Job and I still enjoy mine. Both of our cars are in working order. And we have good friends to hang out with. Even though it has been a busy and rough couple of weeks. We still have a lot to thank God for. All is well at the Dillinger house!
posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 7:48 AM 

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