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Sunday, December 29, 2002
I'm glad I didn't stay at danny's last night after all. Because I was able to sleep in until 12:00 today. It was great. I'm glad my parents didn't wake me up like they normaly do. Once I woke up I just tried to fix one of the computer here that weren't working right. Then katie and Becca were over and we went out shopping for awhile then came back and watched a movie. Over all it was a pretty relaxing day. Tonight I started packing for my trip that I'm going on tomorrow. It is a youth group retreat I will be gone until Wednesday, this will probalby be my last blog until then because I won't have access to a computer during that time. After I finished packing I decided to call Kat so I could hear her voice one more time before I left because I won't be able to talk to her for like 5 days. That is going to be tough. Well I think I am all ready to leave tomorrow. See you all in 5 days. Bye for now!
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Saturday, December 28, 2002
I went to work today for a good six hours. It is pretty cool that I can just start where I left off at that job. They left me on the pay roll and everything. I was there re-designing the database and everything. It was pretty fun. After work I came home and my power was out at my house. I decided to call danny to see if he wanted to come up and play some monopoly while the power was out. He decided he would. Then a bunch of other people decided they wanted to join in our game so there were about 7 people in my room at together playing monopoly today. That was a lot of fun. The power ended up coming back on before we even started playing though. But we finished anyway. I lost miserably. After that I came down to dannys (I'm still here) and we watched a movie down here. It was that new crocidile hunter movie. It was sort of funny. Now I"m trying to decided If I want to stay the night or what. He just found out he has to wake up at 7:30 tomorrow morning. So I might just go back home and stay there tonight. Yeah I think I'll just go up there. OK well bye for now. I'm on the way back to my house.
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Friday, December 27, 2002
I was able to sleep in until 12:00 today it was great. All my freinds woke up before I did though then they decided they all wanted to jump on me and lay there until I got up.. I held out for about 5 minutes with five guys on top of me.. but then I had to pee so I couldn't take it anymore and had to give in or everybody would have gotten wet. I think they appreciated that. Anyway after I finally got up they all went down to danny's house and I had to go to my dad's work for awhile to fix a problem with comptuers they were having over there. After that my dad and mom both got off work early today and took me down to the mall to go shopping. They wanted to get me some new clothes. I was able to get a nice sweater and some pants. After that I went and hung out at danny's for awhile. They played video games the entire time so I just watched and made food and snacked on some stuff. It was still fun though. After that I came up here and did some studying for work and then I talked to Kat online for awhile. I had a great time chatting with her (as normal) =o) So anyway now I'm just chillin here about to go to sleep. So I think I'll just Post this and go. Peace out yo!
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Well I forgot to put a blog down yesterday but thats because I had five guys stay the night. We were up until 2:00 watching movies. We were going to watch another one too but when we put the DVD in it wasn't the right movie. It was some sort of Jamacian black and white documentary or something. It was really weird. So we just decided to go to bed after that. But during the day before they all showed up my dad and I went to go see the new star trek movie. Its not the greatest but I still liked it. Its one of those you can probalby wait till it comes on video to see it. Then my Grandma also came over that day. But other then that I kind of just sat around and hung out with the freinds. So anyway that covers yesterday since I forgot to write a blog. I guess I'll post this and write todays now =).
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Wednesday, December 25, 2002
Merry Christmas everyone!!! This morning I did some last minute shopping with my dad. We had to get a digital camera for my sister that she was wanting and he wanted me there to pick out a good one. Then we also had to find something for my uncle. It was pretty easy we didn't hit a lot of traffic or have trouble finding things so it went well. After that we went to my grandma's house to celebrate christmas. Our family does the presents and things on Christmas eve and the stockings on christmas day. So we had fun opening presents over there today. I got to meet my cousins wife for the first time today too. I had only seen pictures before. She seems like she will make a good addition to the family. This year for presents I got a dart board, a white turtle neck shirt, a towel, a cool picture that I can hang on my wall, and a CD cleaner. Then my grandma also gave me some money. I also had to try to fix my grandma's computer while I was there. I think I got it to work better now. It didn't have the problem while I was there anymore. Not sure if it will come back in the future though. While I was there I talked to some liberty freinds online too. I had a webcam going pointed at my family so they could all see them. If you haven't seen my temporary seattle cam yet. I have that up on my webcam page while I am here. Well anyway I think thats all for now. I should head to bed. I hope I can actually sleep in tomorrow too. We will see.
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Tuesday, December 24, 2002
I decided to go visit my old work today. I picked a good day to go because they had their christmas party today. They always have good food. It was a fun time. Then they also had some work for me to do as well. So I'm going to go work again on friday. I am still on the pay roll there because they expected me to come back everyonce and awhile and work for them. So I guess I now have a job while I"m here over christmas break. I love that job though so I'm happy to have it. I was able to talk to Dorothy today at work too. She is like my second Mom. It was good to hear her voice again. I hadn't talked to her in a long time. After work I just had some freinds hang out at my house and we talked and we also tried to fix a comptuer that Katie had given me. We finally got it working by the time they had to leave. So right now I'm up to 6 computer here at home. So all together I have nine at the dorm and six here. Its great. =) So many toys so little time.. haha. Well thats about all I did for today since I was at work most of the time I didn't do much else. I had a fun day though. I think I am going to head to bed now though. its only 11:30 too. Man my sleep schedule is almost normal.. Thats not good haha. Well night!
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Monday, December 23, 2002
I was able to go to my own church today. It was just like as I left it. Its a good church. I'm glad I could see everybody again. We had our christmas program today too. My parents sang a couple songs. The service was pretty good today. Then this afternoon a bunch of freinds and I went to our youth leaders house to watch a movie and eat spaghetti. It was some really good speghetti too. The movie we all picked out was rat race. Its kind of a funny movie. A watch once kind of movie if you know what I mean. Anyway after that I just came back home and chilled here for awhile. I took that time to call Kat. I was glad I was able to get a hold of her today. We talked for about 30 minutes or so I think. After that I went to our night service at church. We watched a movie about the real christmas story and sang christmas songs and had communion. It a pretty good time. After coming home I went down to Danny's house with Katie and we watched a movie. We didn't finish it all the way though because it was too long. But anyway I'm pretty tired so I'm going to head off to bed now I think. bye for now..
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Sunday, December 22, 2002
Today I only slept in until 9:00 exept that was really good because of the time change that was like I slept in until 12:00. Today we went to my sisters house for the day. I haven't seen her house yet. It is pretty nice. My dad also made me an omlett for breakfast. I hadn't had one of those since I left before college. It was great. (He always adds extra cheese). Danny came along with us to visit. I took a nap while we were there but then then wanted to go to the mall so they had to drag me along. It was a pretty good mall though I was just too lazy to walk. Danny and I had fun though. We found ways to entertain ourselfs while we shopped. Most of the time Danny and I would just stare at the wall then crack up laughing for no good reason. I don't know why. Its great to be back though. After staying in Becca's town for awhile we headed back. I setup my parents with a new computer and a new TV. They needed both desparatly. I setup a small home network too so now that Danny is here staying the night he will have a computer to use while I'm using this one. Louis is also here too. We're having a party. I'll tell you though there is nothing like sharing a 56K modem 3 ways. Our connection isn't really 56K though it only connected at 24K so we each had 8K to work with. It was good fun. I'll tell ya. I always downloaded stuff though and hogged all the bandwidth. They got mad at me for it =) hehe. Well I should head to bed. I have church tomorrow. Bye for now. PS.. Danny wanted me to mention that he almost broke a "Low hanging" light at Becca's house with Katies head. Not sure why. But there you go Danny I said it!
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=) Hey Everybody!! =)
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Saturday, December 21, 2002
Hey Everybody! I made it alive! The plane right was pretty much uneventful. I slept and read most of the trip. On the connecting flight there was this girl that sat in front of me and she was really ticklish. The girl next to her kept tickling her and she would scream at random points through out the flight. She reminded me of Kat a little for some reason. She had blonde hair but her face looked somewhat like Kat. Also they were generous with the beverage on the plane. I drank about 3 cans of orange juice and about 2 cans of apple. It was good stuff. I really had to Pee by the time the trip was over though. I was able to make it through with out having to use the bathrooms on the plane. On the way in I was able to see my neighborhood from the plane. It was pretty dark so I didn't get to see my house for sure but I did see the store that was just down the street from it. That was pretty cool. Then we flew over the space needle and it looked pretty cool seeing Seattle in the dark from the sky. There is a christmas tree on the top of the needle right now. When I arrived I went strait down to the baggage claim, I was going to pick up my bags and then call my parents to pick me up. But right before I got there I met my mom. She didn't see me so I just ran into her and gave her a hug. She was like "dude who's this guy" then she saw my face. She was happy to see me. My best friend danny was there to meet me too. So while we waited for my luggage to pop out we rode the glass elevator about 20 times. Everybody was looking at us because they saw us ride it up and down so much. They all thought we were crazy. Once my ugly olive green obese-half lock popping-gheto luggage finally came up we tried to avoid it for awhile so nobody would see us walk out with them.. we could only hold off for so long until we finally had to give in and walk out with them. For some reason Danny wouldn't carry both of them... what a loser best freind =). Once I finally got home my dog went crazy. She missed me so much. She almost ran into the wall TWICE! It was funny seeing her do laps around the house. I had to play with her for awhile so I gave her some magazines and newspaper and we shredded them together and got it all over everywhere. She loves doing that. Danny just sat there and watched the whole time. He was probalby thinking I better not help or he'll make me clean it up. He was right I problaby would have. After that I talked to Kat online for awhile. She had to go to bed though because now she is three hours ahead of me and she had to wake up to go to her Dad's house the morning. So after she left I decided to go to bed too. I was finally able to sleep with my dog. I have a smaller bed though because my parents got rid of my queen sized bed. So I had to share with her on a twin sized bed. I was hanging off most of the night because happy likes to lay right in the middle and not share. So I was a little uncomfortable, but I was still comfortable knowing my little doggy was right there next to me. I felt so secure because I knew if a robber were to come and take stuff my fat little dog would lick him to death. Yeah I felt secure... thats it. I will try to get back on schedule with these blogs soon. I will write what I did today tonight sometime. But for now I'll going to quit. I'm at my sisters house at the moment so I am going to go visit for awhile. Bye everyone!
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Thursday, December 19, 2002
Today I was in a big rush all over the place. I had a math test at 11:00 today so I woke up at 9:00 and studied over it for awhile. Then the test took almost the entire allotted time. I don't know how I did, but I wasn't comfortable with a lot of my answers. It was a very long test though too. After that I went to the book store because I wanted to sell back my books to get money for next years book. I had to do it this week if I wanted to get the greatest refund value. I sold all except one of my books because I will be using it for a class I will take next year. But anyway I was able to get 100 bucks back and I spent about 250. But that is also minus one book so it wasn't too bad. After that it was really late and I wouldn't have time for lunch before work, so I just grabbed a snack and hurried to work. I had to hurry because we had today and tomorrow to finish up a huge project for a school. So at work today we built 20 computers and installed all the neccessary software. I worked until 9:00 tonight. We got a whole lot done though so it is good. We just wanted to make sure everything was done before I had to leave tomorrow because if something happends with the setup. I will probabably be the only one that knows how to fix it. Tomorrow will be the real test when we put them all in the final place. Lets hope it goes well so I can leave on time. But I think building 20 computers from ground up in one day is some kind of record. I left work today actually physically tired. That doesn't happen to often. Then when I got back I had to spend the rest of the night getting our dorm ready for leaving over break. They still have room checks and things while we are gone. Except they check a whole lot more stuff. Then I also had to pack as well. So it has been a very hectic day because it is almost 3 o'clock am and I have to wake up at 7 because I have an exam tomorrow at 8. We just now got done doing what we needed to though. So I can finally head to bed. I will probalby be really tired tomorrow, and thats not good because I will have to drive to richmond tomorrow night. Anyway pray I have a safe trip. I'm not sure If i"ll be able to blog tomorrow night, so my next one will be from Seattle probabably. Bye!
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Wednesday, December 18, 2002
Today was a busy day for me. I had two exams I had to do. I had an exam at 8:00 (english) I was able to finish it in six minutes though. So that was an easy exam. Then I also had one at 11:00(health) but I was able to get that one done in about 15 minutes. I'm glad I was able to do the easy ones first. Tomorrow I have my math exam, I just finished studying for that one. I think this one will be the hardest. I also finished that survey finally tonight, I sent it to a bunch of people. If you didn't get it and you want it let me know. You dont' have to fill it out and return it, but you can just read it and learn more about me if you want. After work today I went shopping for awhile trying to find something, I wasn't able to find it though. So I had to settle for something else. I will get what I wanted maybe when I get back from break and give it to him. But for now I just have something small for him. I wrapped those presents tonight and I also did some studying. I think I am going to go to bed though because I want to be able to be awake for my exam tomorrow. Good night!
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Tuesday, December 17, 2002
Today I was able to sleep in until around 10:00. It was some much needed rest. After that I just woke up and studied for awhile then went to lunch and then work. At work we got a whole bunch of abnormal phone calls from some strange cutomers or some with weird questions. Other then the phone customers, the rest of work was pretty normal. After work I came back and studied in my room for awhile. I also added some more pictures to my photo album page. Those ones of Hannah's present are up too if you want to take a look. www.jerdill.com/photos/liberty Then at around 8:30 Kat's Dad came to pick her up so I went over and helped her pack the car and send her on her way. She is gone now, I miss her already. I will get to see her again in three days though, but then after that it is a whole month, I'm not sure how I'll be able to make it =(. I think I will be able to stay busy over break though. I have a bunch of things I'll need to do. Anyway after she left, I went bowling with Becky and Anthony. I did better this time. I got a high score of 51 where as last time I only got a 28. We had a great time too. I guess I needed the break from studying, my mind was getting a little fried. I'm also working on that survey some more today too. I got to question 225 today. Well good night everyone.
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Monday, December 16, 2002
Today I woke up at 8:30 and went to church on my own. Everybody else was either there already or wanted to drive themselfs. Kat, Becky, Bekah, and Nikki had to be there early to practice for a performance they did in church today. They were doing sign language to a song while acting it out as well. They did a great job. So I was at church until around 12:00 today then we headed to the Marriot for lunch. After lunch Kat and I went to go sit at the Lahay Lounge and we studied there for about an hour and a half. But Kat was really tired, so she decided to go back to her dorm and take a nap for an hour then finish up studying after that. I just came back to my dorm and finished up studying for my exam on tuesday. Math is the only final I really have left to study for. I have that test on Wednesday so I have some time left. Later I went to dinner with Kat around 6:30 and then I came back and I worked on filling out that survey I made. I've gotten to question 130 thats a little over 1/3 of the way done. I've been working on that for about 5 hours today. I also took a break in the middle though because my mom called so I talked to her for awhile about plans for when I go home. So I'm going to stop on the survey for tonght and finish that up later. I'm just about to go to bed. I get to sleep in some tomorrwo though because I have no classes or finals! I love it =) Ok well night everyone.
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Sunday, December 15, 2002
This morning I woke up at 8:00 because I had to take Kat to a doctors appointment at 9:00. I was thinking we could get it done early before I needed to be at work. It ended up going longer, so I called work and let him know I would be about 30 minutes late. Andy didn't mind. Her appointment went well though and she was able to get some medication that she needed. After that I took her back to school. I headed to work and she headed back to bed. Things at work were busy off and on today but near the end of the day things slowed down so we played a couple games. Until closing. After returning to campus I chilled in my dorm for awhile. Then around 5:30 Kat and I went to dinner, we met Becky there as well. After dinner Kat and I went to Davids place to play a couple games until our movie at 7:25. We played two games of Sorry (I won both!) then headed out to see the Tuxedo. It was a pretty funny movie and I enjoyed it. I would recomend renting it when it comes out on video if you haven't seen it already. After the move we went back to Davids place and played Connect Four, Jenga, Life, and Chinese Checkers. We decided to head back around 11:00 because she had to do some studying. But I had a lot of fun tonight. I've been working on that survey through out the day and a little last night. I've gotten up to question 50 I should be done sometime soon. I've gotten one back from Katie and Melissa so far. Good work guys!! =) Well I"m of to bed.
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Saturday, December 14, 2002
Today was the last day of official classes for me. Only finals are left. I didn't have my first period class today because it got cancelled. Then in the rest of my classes all we did was review and I got out early in both of them. I skipped lunch today to go talk to Kat for awhile because I never got to talk to her after last night. But I didn't get to talk to her very long because I had to go to work and she had to go to class. So I had to be in the pre-occupied state while I was at work. I ended up going on a service call to Office Max today though, so that got my mind of things for awhile. Its amazing who they make manager at a computer store though. I mean these people are clueless. That was ok though, I knew what to do. So anyway I was out there for a little over 2 hours. Then I drove back to work and then it was time to leave so I came right back again. (The office max is like 3 minutes from Liberty). Upon arriving back at campus I just went to dinner and then came back to my room. I was planning on taking Kat to the coffee house tonight so I was just waiting in my room for her phone call. She was out with a friend babysitting (longer then she planned) During that time I compiled a list of questions. I'm making one of those internet survey things. I was able to finish it up tonight with 375 questions. If you want a copy just let me know and I can e-mail it to you. So anyway I was just sitting here getting anxious because I had no clue when Kat was going to get back. I tried calling her but her battery died on her phone so that was hopeless. I just had to sit and wait. She finally called about 5 minutes after it had started already so we still went but we were just a little late for the show. It was lots of fun though. I was finally able to talk to her about things that I had to wait for since yesterday. I feel much better now. This has been a tough week for me ever since sunday night. I think I can finally relax and focus a lot better now. I'm pretty tired too so I'm going to go strait to bed. I need to wake up around 8:00 tomorrow to take Kat to the Doctors before work, she needs to pick up some medication. So I'm just going to head strait to bed. Good night everyone!
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Friday, December 13, 2002
Today was pretty good. I got lots of sleep too. I didn't wake up until 10:00. It was great. My one class that I had today was the last day so I just have a final for it left to do and I'm done. Kat and I had lunch together today too I had fun as always eating with her. Then at work I finished up mostly with the server that I'm setting up for the school. I'll just have a couple more last minute configurations to take care of and it will be all set. Then after work I just sat around my dorm and did some homework and things. I also found out that Kat was at the hospital. I had no idea about why either, and nobody else knew anything so I was pretty worried about it. But I was finally able to get ahold of Becky and she let me know that she was alright and was on her way back to campus at the moment. Becky didn't want to tell me why she was there though, but I think I have a good idea about it. She said Kat will tell me later. I was glad she was alright, but I'm still a little worried about her. Pray for her expecially, but also for me because this is all a little hard on me as well, I'm sure its tough on Becky too. But I just thank God she is ok. Well I think I need to get start getting to bed now. Bye for now.
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Thursday, December 12, 2002
Today was great! Lots of fun stuff happend tonight. The begining part of the day was just regular routine however. Except Kat joined me for lunch, usually I don't eat lunch with her on Monday, Wednesday, Fridays. But she surprised me and showed up, I was happy about that. I also got out of work an hour early today because I had to prepare some things for tonight. First off we were getting a big group together for dinner at O'Charlies. We all had a secret santa thing we had to do, so I had to wrap my present before we all left. Then I also had to go to wal-mart where I bought 40 roses. Then I brought all the roses back to my room and made a bunch of little personalized cards on the comptuer and printed them off and tied them to each individual rose with some ribbon. The card said. "Merry Christmas Dorm 3 - From: Jeremy Dillinger - Dorm 5 Room 115" Then after the dinner I was going to give one to each room in my sister Dorm (Dorm 3). Anyway I'll explain that more later. At Dinner it was a little crazy because another group ended up coming and they wanted to try and join us but there wasn't enough room at our tables so they tried to get something all worked out. It turns out they were able to get them about 10 feet away at another table, so that worked out ok. It was better that way anyway because we all had a secret santa partner and they would have been left out when we exchanged gifts. I got Nicole as my person to buy a gift for. I ended up getting her some lotion and things like that in a little basket, then I also got her some skittles and lip gloss. She seemed to like it. Laurie ended up having me as her person to buy a gift for. She made me a really cool card that was all personalized. She probably worked on it for quite awhile. Then she put 15 dollars in it. I thought it was a great present, some of the stuff she put in the card was pretty funny too. I think the best gift over all was what Laurie also got for Hannah. It was just a gag gift type thing but she got a thong for her. It is something Hannah would never wear so thats why it was so funny, and she opened it at the dinner table and everybody watched. She was so embarassed. It was lots of fun. I got a picture of her inital impression of it I'll be putting on my website soon. So after dinner we all headed back to our dorms because tonight Liberty opens up the dorms. That means that for 45 minutes the guys can go into the girls dorm then after that the girls get to go in the guys for 45 after that. So I went around passing out flowers to all the girls in my sister dorm. It was pretty cool. Then Kat was walking around behind me like "Thats my boyfriend" It was great =) I also went to some of my good friends in other dorms and brought them a rose too. Like Jessica and Becky. They were on opposite sides of the campus though so I had to hurry back and forth between them. I was able to get them all handed out though. After our turn was up I hung out in my dorm with Kat. Lots of the girls wanted to come and be in the webcam so I had an open webcam time. They liked that. Laurie and Hannah and Heather came down to be a part of it too. I got a couple pictures of all this going on too so I will put that on the site along with the one of Hannah in the near future. Anyway the night was a lot of fun. I am pretty tired now though. So I am going to do my weights and head to bed. Good night everyone!!
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Wednesday, December 11, 2002
I didn't have a class until 11:00 today but I woke up early anyway because I was planning on walking Kat to her 9:25 class. But it turns out that she had gone to breakfast. So I decided to go down and meet her there this morning. After she left, Laurie showed up and she kept me company the rest of the time I was at breakfast. I was dozing off a little in my one and only class today too. I was able to fight it off for most of it though. After that class I went to breakfast with Hannah and Kat. Chris and Zack showed up too so we had fun just talking and playing with our food and such. I was also going to mail out some letters today but that didn't get done after all. It should get taken care of by tomorrow though. The time at work today was pretty routine, we're still getting used to our new layout after taking out the wall though. But it seems to be working well. Tonight I went and did a little bit of shopping too, I still have a little bit more to do but I'm getting there. =). Then I finished out the night doing dormwork. Gotta love that stuff. Well thats all for now. Night everyone!
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Tuesday, December 10, 2002
I had a test today in my math class. I'm not sure how I did. There were two problems I know for sure that I got wrong, other then that I'm not sure. I'll just have to wait and find out. The rest of the day was pretty normal. Our Renovating at work is going good too. Its starting to look nice. Then tonight I did some laundry and while I was doing that I worked on some things in the lounge. Then after that I just came back and talked to my mom online for awhile and chatted with a couple people. Pretty routine day I would say. Well thats all for tonight. I'm going to go to bed. I wish I could tell you more about what I did sunday too but I don't feel like it. I guess I did a little more then nothing. But oh well. Night
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Sunday, December 08, 2002
I got nothing....
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We continued renovating at work today. I got there at 9:30 and I helped out until around 4:00 I left before they did though because I had some homework I had to get done. Then after I finished my homework I went and did some Christmas shopping with Kat. We went to Wally World then to the mall. I was able to get almost all of my shopping done for the people here. I will have to shop again when I get to seattle though. I would say what I got people but I better not just incase they read todays blog. After Kat and I finished shopping we went to go see Signs at the Dollar theater. I thought that was a really good movie. Kat only screamed one time during it. She did pretty good =). After that curfew was coming up so we just headed back to our dorms. I downloaded a bunch of christmas music this week so I went through that tonight and got rid of duplicates and songs I didn't like. I was able to get that finished and I will make an MP3 CD for my car tonight before bed. I think I'm going to go do that now. Night everyone!
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Saturday, December 07, 2002
Classes were all regular today. After them I decided I was going to go to drive myself to work though. I was prepared to dig myself out though. So I left about a half hour earlier then I normally do. It turns out I was still an hour late for work though. It took me just over an hour to get my car about 100 feet to pavement. I was parked in the Pit here and they never plow the snow out of that. So I had to dig a trench around my wheels every 3 feet or so. I tore up the snow like nothing else though. You can plainly see the path I took to leave the pit. I was parked pretty much right in the middle of it to so I had to dig quite a bit. During the struggle of getting out I thought something happend to my reverse gear because after awhile it stopped working. I have no idea what happend with it.. but It started working again when I left work tonight. I was really glad about that. Anyway after my hour struggle getting 100ft and exausted from digging I finally made it to work. Then I was at work tonight until around 11:00 after the shop closed we stayed after and demolished a wall. We decided to do some expanding. We were able to get the wall down compleatly and cleaned up tonight. Tomorrow we will work on the finish and the touchups. After that we will need to get the shelfs up and counters and re-organize everything. That will probalby take quite awhile to get done. Anyway I had a really long day. I left for classes at 7:30 this morning and didn't get back till 11:30 tonight. I'm really tired. I had to get some hoemwork done though so I was working on that for awhile. I think I'll stop for now and hit the hay though. I have to go to work again tomorrow morning. I parked somewhere not in the pit tonight too so I wouldn't get stuck again, I hope I don't get ticketed. Its a weekend though so I should be able to park there. Anyway, I'm pretty tired so I'm gonna head strait to bed.. I'm too weak to even lift weights tonight. I got my workout digging though. Night!
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Friday, December 06, 2002
Today since classes were canceled I just went to work the entire time. Andy came and picked me up and I was there from around 9:30 till 6:00. We were able to get lots of work done today at work since we didn't get very many customers in because they didn't want to drive in the 4 inches of snow. But anyway, after work I went to dinner and the came back and I've been working on homework ever since. My roomate Chris finally made it back from his thanksgiving break. He was stuck at his layover airport for 30 hours because of the snow. He was glad to be back. I didn't quite finish all of my homework tonight but I need to get to bed so I will just have to finish it tomorrow. Well thats all for today. Not much to talk about. Bye for now
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Thursday, December 05, 2002
The day started out all normal but things changed after work today. We had classes and convocation as normal. Oh, Speaking of convocation instead of having a speaker we watched an entire episode of "Donahue" Jerry Falwell was a guest on his show so we watched that for chapel today. After Convo I had math and then went to lunch with Laurie and Hannah. It started to get interesting after lunch though because I went to work and then it started snowing. By the time I was ready to leave work there was already an inch of snow on the ground. Instead of driving back to the school like normal I headed strait to Thomas Road Baptist church because they were showing "The Living Christmas Tree" program. So on my way there, a car in front of me spun out and then I had to stop and get out of the way and while doing that I ended up spinning myself. I did a compleate 360 on the highway. It was scarry but in the end I was facing the right direction still and I was even in the same lane. God was really watching over me there. The rest of the drive to the church wasn't so bad. It was just slow. I met Kat and Becky there at the church and I sat with them. I thought the program was great. They all did a fabuluous job. After it was over there was about 4 inches of snow on the ground and I still had to drive back. Kat and Becky ended up hitching a ride with me. They sat in the way back to add more weight on the wheels since it was rear wheel drive. I was still fishtailing and slidding around quite a bit. Not as bad as most of the other cars though. I didn't do any 360's this time around. We just kept a steady pace and tried to keep moving as best as we could. But there was also quite a bit of traffic, but we just kept pressing on. Then there was this big hill that cars kept getting stuck on. So a group of people ended up coming out and helping push cars up the hill. That was the worst part it took about 10 minutes to get up this hill. As you can see we made it back safely though. Once we were back on campus there were a whole bunch of people outside all over the place having snowball fights and what not. It was fun watching all them play in it. I wasn't dressed in clothes to play in though so I didn't join them. But I will probalby get a chance tomorrow sometime. Anyway I think I'm going to head to bed. I'm getting a little tired. I'm not sure yet if I will be going to work or just haning out here tomorrow. Andy said he would come pick me up if I wanted to go. I'll decided in the morning I guess. Well Good night!
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Wednesday, December 04, 2002
It was great not having an 8:00 class today. I slept in until 9:00. I wasn't as tired all day like normal. The only class I had today was Health then I went to lunch right after that with Kat. Hannah and Laurie showed up a little while after we were there already. They had some good food today. After Lunch I headed off to work. I didn't really work on that many computers today. Instead I made a bunch of phone calls and did a whole bunch of work for returning products for warranty and replacement. It is kind of teadious but I didn't mind. After the shop closed we stayed after and ordered a pizza and played some computer games for awhile. I left around 8:40 there tonight. Then as soon as I got back on campus Kat called me and asked if I wanted to go to a movie with Her and Becky and Anthony. Of course I said yes =). So we ended up going to see Spy Kids 2 at the theater for only 50cents a person. It was funny and an ok movie, but it was also a little corny and the acting was a little bad in some parts. But I still had fun. After that it was almost curfew so I just came back to my room and I've been working on homework and chatting with people since then. I'm just about to go to bed though. Right now it is 18 degrees outside. It is supposed to snow here starting at 9:00 tomorrow. They say it could be somewhere around 3 inches. I hope they are right =). Well I'm going to head to bed now. Night everyone!
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Tuesday, December 03, 2002
Classes began again as usual today. Its as if we never even had a break. I even have homework. They sure dont' waste time here I guess. But anyway regular schedule for me today. Good ol' english class (That teacher.. I'll tell ya) Then Computer Science and Convocation. In Convocation today a guy came and encouraged people to help build a camp in New York over the spring break. I'm not sure If I'll be able to do that but I think it would be a good thing to do. It would be somewhat like a missions trip. I'll have to look into it more as it gets closer. Oh also I was able to stay awake in all of my classes today! I guess the break really helped =). At work today once I got there Andy took the rest of the day off. His parents are still in town and he wanted to spend the rest of the day with them. So Scott and I took over the fort. Don't worry Its still entaced. haha. Also while I was at work I dropped my car off at the auto shop next door to get my drivers side headlight fixed. It was a quick and cheap fix. I'm glad about that. After work I came home and was able to get my website working again. So I updated my blog from the rest of the week. I know you all were wondering how that all went. Well you can read about it below if you want to. Then after that I added some more pictures to my Photo Album. You can check it out at www.jerdill.com/photos/liberty I think I will do a little bit of homework and then head to bed. My 8:00 class is now over on Tuesday Thursdays so I can sleep in a little bit those days now. So tomorrow I will get a little extra sleep. =) alright well that all for today. I know you want to want to read about my trip so go ahead and read that now. Night!
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Monday, December 02, 2002
Hey everybody. My website is finally working once again (as you can see). I stopped doing these after Wednesday because I had no idea how long it would be before my server would finally come back up. Well, now that it is I can start in on where I left off. (I will do the one for today later tonight) Here is what I did during the rest of break in reverse chronological order. You might want to scroll down to November 24th and read upwards. That’s when the vacation really started. All of these will only have one comment box since I added them all in the same day. So you will have to comment for all of them in one window. I know you can do it though. =)

~ Sunday December 01, 2002

Today we went to Becky’s church. I really enjoyed her church. It was a little different from mine, and it would probably take some getting used to, but they sure know how to worship the Lord there. After church we went out to lunch at a pizza place with some of Becky’s friends. They make really good pizza there. Then right after lunch Kat and I started the trip back to school. We got caught in some massive Washington DC traffic. You have no idea how fun that is with a stick shift car… and to top it off no working heat in the car. Anyway we made it half way in about 3 hours. That’s when we stopped back at her Mom’s house to get some of her stuff. Her mom is so cool!! She made us one more home cooked meal before we came back and got stuck with Marriot food for another 3 weeks. Also she got me some clothes and a bag full of snacks. Its like a Christmas Present early. It was great. After we gathered up all her stuff we hurried out the door and we were gone by around 6:30 from her place for the last leg of our trip. There wasn’t much traffic so that was a plus. The driver’s side headlight on my car was out though so I had to drive with my bights on most of the time when there weren’t any other cars on the road. But as you can see, we made it back safe! Yea! Once we got on campus we unloaded all our stuff. There was a whole bunch of stuff. My van was cram packed, I’m telling you that right now. It was cool though. Anyway once I dropped all my stuff off and she got all hers I went to the store. I bought Kat a nice red rose and then I came back and gave it to her and thanked her for letting me spend the week with her and her family. She seemed to enjoy that. After that I was finally able to come back and see my roommate. Then we decorated our window with Christmas lights and I unpacked and got all settled in again after our week off. I didn’t get to bed until around 2:30.

~ Saturday November 30, 2002

When I woke up today Matt was gone. It turns out he had to go to the DMV because he had physically lost his license and he needed to pick up a new one. Later when he got back we found out that he wasn’t able to because he is currently living out of state for college and he would need to get a license in the state of his residence. So he had waited in line for no good reason. But anyway after he got back the four of us went out to breakfast at a pastry type shop called “The French Confection” Then after that Matt had to go and catch the subway because he was heading home that day. So we dropped him off and let him go. This was the time again when Kat and I were going to head down to her mom’s house again so we could be halfway there for when we left on Sunday and I could go to her church and everything. But then Kat decided she wanted to stay another day again. I didn’t really mind. The only problem I had was that I had to share her with Becky. Whenever Becky is around she seems to talk to her more then me most of the time. Its not that I feel left out, I just wish she could talk to me as much as she talks to Becky. Even when we are alone we sit there in silence a lot of the time. Oh well I don’t mind sharing I guess. Well anyway, after Matt left, Kat and Becky and I went to go see The Santa Clause 2. We bought our tickets, but the movie wasn’t going to start for another 30 minutes after that. So, while we waited we went into a craft store that was next door and smelled all the flavors of candle that they had. After about 30 candles a person gets kind of sick though. But anyway once we finished there we headed over to the theater again. It was a really good movie and I recommend watching it when it comes out on Video, or even in the theater if you do that very often. Once the movie was over we headed back to Becky’s place and Kat and I had some leftovers from the thanksgiving dinner. We cleaned out all their leftovers. Kat finished off most of the Stuffing and I finished off most of the Leftover turkey. It was good stuff. During that time we watched some Ice Skating and then Touched by an Angel. Once those were over we put in another movie. But both of us fell asleep again through it. I woke up for the last bit of it though. Then we just headed off to bed after that. We were going to wake up early and go to Becky’s church in the morning then head back home. Well that pretty much concludes what we did on Saturday.

~ Friday November 29, 2002

Today we slept in for a while then we went with Becky because she had to go get a haircut. She put her name down on the wait list then we went for breakfast at Dunkin Doughnuts. Then while Becky was getting her haircut Kat and Matt and I browsed around in Radio Shack for a while (It was next door to the haircut shop). After she finished we went back to her house because Becky had a soccer game to play in. It was something like 28 degrees outside though it was so cold. Kat and I were going to stay and watch the game. But a person could get frostbite just sitting there on the bench so we just went back to her house and talked and did some homework while Becky played her game. We had fun just chilling there in the much much warmer house. (Get it? Chilling – warmer… oh never mind.) After her game Kat and I were going to go back to her mom’s house, but she decided to stay another day. So instead, the four of us went to the Mall and shopped around for a while, we had dinner at Red Robin while we were there too. We were there until around 9:00 when everything started to close. After that we just went back to Becky’s house and watched another movie. I can’t remember what movie it was though. I think its because I fell asleep on Kat’s shoulder and then finally woke up when it was over. Anyway after the movie Matt and I separated to our room downstairs and hit the sack.

~ Thursday November 28, 2002

This morning we woke up around 10:00 and had a quick breakfast. After we ate Kat and her Dad went to go see her grandpa at the hospital. (We stayed at his house but he wasn’t there.) Then her step mom went off to see some of her family. I stayed at the house and cleaned up some and did a little bit of reading while they were all gone. My mom had called Kat while they were out so I wasn’t able to talk to her but I ended up talking to her later. Once they all got back to the house we did some final clean up and packed the cars again. Then we headed off to her cousins house for our Thanksgiving Day meal. There were about 20 people at their house. The food was great too. We had it buffet style, It was fun. Kat accidentally left her camera at her cousin’s house though so she was a little upset about that. At around 7:00 Kat and I left early because we were going to drive up to Maryland to stay with Becky. Everybody said we would get lost. Well we showed them =) we made it there in about 45 minutes without a hitch. It’s all thanks to my little navigator that was in the passenger seat and God of course. Anyway once we got to Becky’s house it was pretty late so we just met her parents and hung out there for a while and watched a movie. I think that’s when we watched “Joe Somebody” that is a great movie. After that we just headed to bed. Becky had a guy friend staying with her over the break too. His name is Matt. I stayed in his room while the girls stayed in Becky’s. I didn’t mind Matt but he has some strange opinions on some things. It was ok though, he was still an acceptable guy to share a room with =). Well that just about covers it for today!

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