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Wednesday, April 30, 2003
Well, today was the day! I now am the proud owner of my very own apartment. I ended up leaving right after my humanities class and left to go and sign the lease. Everything was taken care of and I paid the rent by 12:00. I decided I was going to just skip lunch that day. So I went and tried out my key and looked around at my new place for awhile. I couldn't stay long though because I had to be at work. I was a little axious for work to get over though and when it finally was I hurried back and ate a quick dinner, then I went to the mall to look around at things I could get for my apartment while I waited my turn for a haircut. There are so many cool things I wish I could have gotten but I couldn't because I need to save money and second also because I wouldn't be able to keep it once the summer was over. I didn't end up buying anything from the mall. Once my haircut was over I headed over to WalMart though. That is where I dished out the doe. I needed a shower curtain and toilet paper, paper towels, light bulbs, a welcome mat, cleaning supplies ect.. Pretty much just the "needs" I did get a floor lamp though because there is one corner of the living room that has bad lighting. That sure helped quite a bit. After I got all my things from walmart I went back to campus to do a couple things.. I also picked up Kat and Laurie. They came and helped me organize and clean up a little. I had to change the light bulbs in the kitchen overhead light too because they were burnt out. But a bulb had broken off and the metal base of the bulb was stuck in the socket. I was too tall to stand on the counter and get it out without bending in an akward postion. So Kat ended up doing that. She was just the right height for it. But it was harder then she thought and it ended up taking about 20 minutes to finally get it out. While she was doing that Laurie and I were cleaning up the rest of the house and then I accidentally turn on the light that she was working on and *ZAP*. No permanant damage though, but still I was very very sorry. Also the kitchen faucet decided to have a spasim of some sort after turning on the water it just shot out extra fast and I got sprayed pretty good. We tried to reproduce the problem though but we couldn't. I hope that doesn't happen very often. After all that, we did a little more clean up and then had to head back so we could be here in time for curfew. It was all pretty fun, I still have a lot to do though. I won't buy anything else though until I get some things in the mail from my mom and some things from Kat's mom. After I go through all that then I'll decide what else I'll need. Well I should really get to bed now. It was an exciting day, I hope tomorrow will be the same. Good night
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Tuesday, April 29, 2003
Today I had my one class, English. Nothing much new and exciting from that class today. After that I came back to my room and tried to figure out some options for renters insurance, I had to take a break in the middle and then go to convocation, then I came back and continued that quest. I found out I'll probably go with State Farm Insurance. I'm going into an office wednesday to get that worked out. Then after work today I did some laundry and then just chilled in my room for most of the night. I also was interviewed for prayer leader for next year. They decided I'm on the team. So next year I am now offically a prayer leader. There is a girl in my English class that was having problems with her laptop. So she brought that to me tonight and I was able to get that all working. Right now I think I'm going to head to bed though. I have a big day tomorrow. Signing the lease and getting the key to my very own first apartment. Its Great! Well night.
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Monday, April 28, 2003
Well, today I had to take a girl named lydia to church today. Everyone else went early to practice for their performance they did today in church. Lydia didn't want to wake up early and go to sunday school though. So I just ate breakfast this morning and then we went to church for the main service around 10:20. The girls did a really good job in the performance. They said the practice right before it was horrible though. But God had his hand on them for the real thing and it was great. After church I came back and had lunch then I just did homework for awhile. I kind of had an unexpected nap though. I fell asleep reading for about an hour. But I guess I needed it. I had a meeting I had to be at, at 5:00 tonight. It was a meeting of everyone at my church invovled in the worship service. I would be the head Techie. But it was potluck style thing at the Worship leaders house. We all did a personality test to see how we could relate to each other. Then we talked about some idea and just talked about stuff we could/should do. It got over around 8:00. After that I came back to my room for awhile then I just went to late night. I ended up meeting Kat and Becky and Micah there and we just hung out and played cards until curfew. Now I am here and just about to head to bed. So yeah.... I'm done.
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Sunday, April 27, 2003
Today was pretty interesting. It started out as a normal day, I wake up and head to work. On the walk to my car I see a guy from my church in the hallway. So I stopped and talk to him for awhile. Then I get to work. about 30 minutes after I get there the power goes out. It turns out the power is out for about 3 hours or so. During that time we just listened to some music off of a laptop and some on my handheld computer we also just chilled on the couch and read some magazines. We also tried to daisy chain all our battery backup things into one big line and hook our server up to it because we didn't want it to go down. We've had it running for about 120 days now. But we had to blow the streak and finally power it down, we couldn't keep it up for longer then an hour. Finally when the power came back up we found out it was because a squirel had hit a tranformer. The repair guy found a chared stiff squirl about 20 feet from the pole. And yes.. it was pretty fresh, so because of the stupid squirel our server had to go down. But we also got a 3 hour break too. Anyway, that was cool. Well after work I took Kat and her Mom out to dinner. We went to the Sunday Grill, I also had a really good dessert. It was peanutbutter chocolate Icecream, with m&m's and recess pieces.. and also it had whipped cream and marshmellow cream. It was crazy, and very rich. But Kat and I shared it and were able to finish it. Then after Dinner we headed to a play put on by the Liberty Kings Players. Becky and Micah were in it. It was about the tribulation and a group of christians trying to survive after choosing not to take the mark of the antichrist. This is a story where faith can be fatal. It was a great play and everyone did a wonderful job. After the play Kat's mom headed back to her hotel while Kat and I went to a concert. It is the 10th anniversery of the christian radio station that Liberty has out now called "The Light" It was actually kind of interesting at first, but then they had this crazy dude up to sing and you couldn't understand a thing he ever said/sang.. He also tried to Rap.. if you can call it that. After that guy Kat and Becky and I decided we would leave. We were going to go to Davids Place and hang out but after we had gotten there they were closed. So that didn't work out after all. So we just ended up coming back to our dorms. Ok thats a tad of a lenghty Blog tonight, but I hope you enjoyed it. That pretty much covers it, I gotta get to bed for church tomorrow. Night!
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Saturday, April 26, 2003
You ever have one of those days where you just need a hug? Yeah, today was one of those and nobody was around to give me one. There was a slight situation in my engish class today. I went and talked to the teacher about it but I don't know what will come of it. Thats all I can really say though. But its kind of made me day a little on the down side. After work I was going to hang out with Kat and Joe and Deborahs kids, but that didn't end up working out, so I just had to spend my time here by myself. I would have really rather done something tonight to take my mind off things. But anyway I was just stuck here. I tried to take a nap but I couldn't sleep. So I just counted up all my reciepts I had saved from all year. I know I'm missing quite a few.. but here is the results I came up with:

Total of all the recepts I have kept this year: $1,393.75
To break it down some here is some more categories:
Money spent for Kat (dates, gifts ect.): $533.09
Money spent on other people (pay for meals, gifts, ect): $157.16
Money spent on my car (gas, repairs, ect): $399.21
Money spent for myself (Scientific calculator, computer chair, Desk, toileties, ect.): $304.29
That is just what I have recepts for. I also gave tithes and I'm sure I missed a couple recepts. So in the end I think I would estimate about $2000 total spent from me this year on things. Thats not including Liberty stuff though like classes and books. But anyway I'm going to compare that to how much I end up spending over the summer. That will be interesting.
After I got those recepts taken care of, some boys from my church came over and hung out in my dorm for awhile while thier parents were out doing some stuff. They had fun and they couldn't wait to come to college they said. I guess I entertained them well. They played some computer games and some nintendo for awhile. They ended up leaving around 11:00. Well thats all for tonight. I'm going to head to bed I think. Have a good night!
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Friday, April 25, 2003
I woke up for class on time this morning. I went to bible and Humanities then came back to my room for a bit. I went to lunch early today though because I had to ship my laptop. I was able to get it all shipped out.. I'll never get to see it again now *sniff*. =( . Oh well it was useless to me as it was anyway.. the money is better. Then after work today I rushed back to eat a quick dinner because there was a small college group thing I went to tongith at 7:00. That was kind of fun, there were only 5 of us there tonight though. Maybe next week there will be more. Also tonight we had our last hall meeting for the year it was pretty much like any other hall meeting though, we didn't really do anything specific for it. But anyway, school is sure coming to a close quick. Well I should get to bed.. I don't want to miss class tomorrow. I need to go so I can find out about my research paper we have to do. Night!
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Thursday, April 24, 2003
I slept through my only class today for the first time this symester. I set my alarm last night but I didn't get it pushed back all the way to buzz and it was just set on radio. Then this morning when it went off, the station was off the air. So I didn't even budge at all. I woke up from the slight quiet static around 8:23. I was already late for class so I didn't even bother to get up.. I just stayed asleep until 10:00 for convocation. I also got my payment today for my laptop, so I'll ship that out tomorrow. After lunch I headed over to work and we got those computers all built pretty quick and then we got slow again for part of the day, but over all it wasn't too bad I guess. I went strait to church after work and I ended up staying there until around 10:30 because I had some computers to fix and also I stayed for the practice for the sign language skit the girls will perform on sunday. I think they have it down quite well now. Then after church I came back to my room and Kat brought me peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich because I hadn't eaten since lunch. She always makes good ones with just the right ratio of PB&J. Then after that she went back to her dorm and we had a long chat about some important things I needed to tell her and also some things I wanted to know from her. It went well and was a good talk. I'm glad I was able to do it. Well I should get to bed now though. I'll be sure to set my alarm on buzz this time =) haha. Night!
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Wednesday, April 23, 2003
Well, today I had two classes so I was able to stay busy for another hour haha. But anyway once I was done with that during the time before I have to go to work, I went with Kat to Wal-Mart so she could pick up a couple things and she just wanted some company, and I was happy to provide it. Then after that I went to work. We got a big shipment in today of computer parts, so tomorrow we will have to build 10 machines. That should keep us pretty busy. My sun burn was pretty bad today, it was kind of hard to unpack all the stuff and stand up most of the time at work today with it. The worst is just behind my knees where my pants rub when I walk. The rest isn't too bad, it looks worse then it really is. Then after work I went to dinner then chilled in my room for awhile until Kat got out of class. We went to go see Dare Devil at the theater tonight. Laurie came along too and brought a friend. I thought it was a great movie! Once that was over I came to my room for about 30minutes but then I had to go help someone in the computer lab really quick. So I ran over there, I ended up only being there for 15 minutes and now I'm back.. I think I will just head to bed now though. Have a good night everyone!
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Tuesday, April 22, 2003
I only had one class today, and it was an 8:00. SO that kind of stinks because I have to wake up at 8:00 then I have nothing to do the rest of the day. Also today in Convo was probalby the most boring one we've ever had. There was this crazy dude that talked about nothing for about an hour. Anyway after lunch I headed to work, we didn't do much exciting stuff there today, it was just another regular day. Then after work I went to dinner with Becky and Kat and then we went and picked up Laure and went Tanning again. I took them tonight. It worked on me this time.. I'm a little pink all over. I wonder if I'll be feeling it in the morning. Anyway after that I came back to my room for awhile until late night. Then Laurie and I went to late night together and met up with Phil and we chilled down there until they closed, then we went and sat in the court yard for awhile. I just got back here again around 11:50 or so. I think that will be all for today though, I have to wake up early again for an 8:00 class. SO I'll say bye for now.
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Monday, April 21, 2003
Today I had to round up the gang and bring them all to chuch, Lauire ended up coming to church with us today too. She really enjoyed it and said she wants to come back. So that was good. The speaker today at chruch was really good too. It was our pastors brother who came down for easter. He was funny and brought everything home about easter in an interesting way. It was great. After the service I took everyone back and then stopped in for lunch at the Rot. They had roast beef and ham for the easter lunch.. and it actually tasted like what it was.. That was unusual =). Then I came back to my room and talked to Laurie outside my window for awhile. Then after she left, a guy on my dorm needed help fixing his computer, so I did that for awhile. Then I attempted to take a nap for awhile but I didn't get much of one. Because at 5:30 I ended up going to a picnic some friends were holding on the grass behind one of the dorms. We had BBQ chicken and corn on the cob. Then we played some UNO. After that I came back to my room again and chilled here for awhile until Late night. I ended up meeting Kat and Becky and Micah there so I stayed there for about an hour or so. Kat's rear view mirror in her car fell off and so after late night I went and helped her fix that. And so we were doing that and talking about some things until around 11:30. Then I just came back to my room again and so I am here! I think I am going to go to bed now though, I only have one class tomorrow but it is an 8:00.. That really stinks huh? Anyway.. I should get going so I can wake up for it. NIght!
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Saturday, April 19, 2003
Today I woke up as usual and went to work. We stayed pretty busy today but we still had some time to play a couple games too. After I got off work I took Laurie to the tanning salon. I decided I would try it too! It was actually kind of a fun experience. I think I"m going to try it again in the future. I didn't really color too much yet, but she said it usually takes at least two times before you notice it. After we went tanning I went to dinner at the Rot, then Laurie wanted to show me some pictures she had so we went and chilled in the Lahay lounge for awhile and then watched some TV.. some other people in there were watching Home Improvement, the Touched by an Angel.. So we decided to stay for that. Then at around 8:30 we headed back to our dorms. I've just been working on some things on my computer, and I'm pretty much done with what I can do for today. So I'm going to head to bed now I think. I have to round up the gang again for church tomorrow, so I'll be waking up early to call them all. I hope you have a great Easter! The Lord Has RISEN!
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I think I did good on that test this morning. It was the last day of that class too so that is always nice. Now, the only class I'll have on MWF is English class in the morning. I'm already running out of things to do now that I don't have math.. What in the world will I do now? Work was a little busier then it has been lately, that was good though because I was tired of the slowness. Laurie came and visited me at work today. She wanted to see if I could go to dinner with her and her family who came down for Easter. I ended up getting off work at 5:30 and we went to the Golden Corral. It is a buffet style restaraunt.. It was really good stuff. Then after that, we went to Go see Rebel Cry again. Still a little long, but it was fun to see it again. Her family wanted to see it because her roomate Hannah was in it. That got over around 10:40 then I just headed back to my room and I've been here ever since. Both of my roomates are gone so I was just chillin and working on my computer. That pretty much covers it all for the day. I think I'm going to head to bed now. Good night everyone!
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Friday, April 18, 2003
Pretty normal day today.. just got back from the computer lab studying for my GNED test tomorrow. Its late I need to get to bed so I can do good on it. Don't have much else to report anyway, Night!
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Thursday, April 17, 2003
Today was a regular class day for me. I had a test in my english class, and I think I did well on that. Then it was my 2nd to last day of GNED too. Friday is the last class for that one. In Convocation today we had a special speaker. It was the special assistant to George W. Bush. That was kind of fun to have him speak to us. Work was just regular work today nothing exciting there. After work Becky, Anthony and Kat and I went to go see a movie at the dollar theater. We saw Kangaroo Jack, it was pretty funny. Its one of those movies I could take or leave though. I would have been ok if I had never seen it... but since I did thats ok too, it wasn't a waste of time or anything. Then after the movie I had to fix Katies Computer. Her network card quit working so I made a trip to wall mart and picked one of those up, I also picked up some peanut butter, bread, and koolaid mix. I got her comptuer working great. Then after I was about to hook my other one back up I realized it was really dusty. I tried to turn it back on, but the fan in the power supply just quit working. So I'm going to take it tomorrow and get the fan fixed. So during that time, my webcam will be down.. Don't miss it too much. Well Its late and I need to get to bed. So good night!
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Tuesday, April 15, 2003
I woke up twice during the night last night to puke in the bathroom. I haven't puked in a long time.. that was kind of fun. I don't know what was wrong with me. I'm not sick or anything. I felt great. I think I might have just gotten food poisoning or something. I wasn't sure though, so all today I only had cereal for lunch and dinner to go easy on my stomach just in case. I was able to keep it down though so I went to late night and tried some real food. So far so good. I haven't seen it again since I ate it. Thats usually a good sign. I had a test today in Humanities too, I think that went pretty well. Thats pretty much the only other thing that happend today out of my routine. I was able to get my engish paper done that is due on monday. So thats good I have that off my mind. I have another test tomorrow for english class so I think I'm going to head to bed now and get some good sleep for that. Lets hope I'm not awake again all night talking to my little porceline friend across the hall. =) haha.. well anyway, good night everyone!
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Well Today was routine classes and things. After classes were over I went to lunch early because I went to make my depost on my apartment. I was able to do it today so that was good. It ended up being $410. I also posted up posters for a roomate around campus with my name and phone number, so maybe I'll be able to find a roomate soon enough. After that I went to work. Nothing new really at work today, same ol good times fixing broken things. Gotta love that =). We did get a call today though at work and I answered it. Then after talking for awhile she asks if I go to Liberty, and I was like "yeah" and then she asks if I was in English 102 and then after awhile I realized we know each other. She sits next to me in that class. That was pretty cool how that all worked out. I was able to answer her question in the end and it worked out pretty cool. Then after work I went to Dinner and then Kat, Becky and Micah and I went and watched Veggie Tales "Jonah" in the Fine Arts Building on Kat's Laptop. I hadn't seen it yet. I though it was a great Movie. My mom sent it to me in a package today. It was my easter present. They also sent me some of my mail as well along with it and a big bag of Skittles. Well that is the highlights of today. Its getting late and I have a test tomorrow in Humanities so I better get to bed. Good night everyone!
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Well, it looks like I didn't wake up last night to write my blog. Sorry about that. I was sooo tired though. Sunday morning I had to go do extra credit at Thomas Road Church in the bible lab. So I skipped Sunday School at my church and went there. Katie and Heather came along too. After that was over I rushed the girls back to campus, and then I headed over to my church for the regular service. I got there pretty late though.. They were done about 15 minutes after I got there. But after the service was over the college group was going to go on a hiking trip at "Peaks of Otter" it is a small mountain range near the Otter river. It normally takes people and hour to climb it. But I decided to run it and I made it up in about 25minutes or so. I was up there for 40 minutes before the first person from my group showed up at the top. I was pretty tired though. I pushed myself maybe a little too much though. I was light headed and dizzy by the time I got to the top. But it sure was a nice view up there. We all stayed up there for about 30mins or so after the last person got there and then headed back to the bottom. I ran once again and made it down in 10 minutes. I was so tired after that though. Thats why I went to sleep so early. But anyway, that was pretty much what I did on sunday. It was pretty fun. Oh while I was at the top of the mountain I took out my hand held comptuer.. I had 2% gain on my wireless internet.. I couldn't do anything with such a weak signal but still that was pretty cool to even see I could get something. Ok well that pretty much covers it. I'll post this then write the one for today.
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Sunday, April 13, 2003
Sorry I forgot to write a blog for yesterday. I got tired and just went to sleep. I woke up and went to work as usual until around 3:00, then I came back and did some reading and homework for awhlie. Then at night I went to see "Rebel Cry" It is a play put on by Liberty University. It was about the cival war. It was really good in my opinion but the seats were very uncomfortable. It was hard to sit in those fold up metal chairs and watch a performace for three hours. But the actors did a great job! Hannah was a part of that too. She didn't have a leading role or anything but still.. very nice work of her. Once that was over I just came back and did a little more homework until I decided to go to bed. That pretty much covers Saturday... I'll probably write one for tonight later. I'm going to take a nap right now though, so lets hope I wake up so I can do that. =)
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Saturday, April 12, 2003
Well, today I tried to make the deposit on my apartment. But they were close for lunch when I got there and then I had to go to work. So that didn't work out very well. Now I will know when to go for Monday. My classes went pretty smooth today, nothing out of the ordinary happend too much. We were able to stay busy today at work too, so that was nice. I only had to sit and stare at the wall a little bit today. Then after work, we threw a surprise party for Becky at church. She had a lot of fun it seemed like. We played this mystery murder game (I was the pro basketball player that always gets the girls). It was kind of interesting but still pretty fun. Then after that we did kereoke. (spelling?) but we didn't have the lyrics or anything.. but there was a computer with internet access, so I rigged up a way to do the lyrics and things. That was fun too. I did a song too. I did "One Week". That was fun, but I couldn't talk quite fast enough in some parts. Anyway after the party I had to do a little homework and things so that is why I'm up so late. But I do have work tomorrow though so I will need to wake up early still. So speaking of that I should probably get to bed. Night everyone!
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Friday, April 11, 2003
Ok Today I did my regular schedule. We had a quiz in New Testament, then The same ol boring Humanities Class (Which I fell asleep in) Then after that I came back to my room for awhile. I got a call from the owner of the apartment I want, She said my application was accepted. So tomorrow I will be putting in the deposit for it. I'll have to put signs up tomorrow too about needing a roomate. I'm sure there is someone out there that needs a summer house, just like me. Anyway, after Lunch I went to work and we had a pretty standard somewhat slow day today. There was thunder and lightning tonight though. Usually that brings in some buisness because peoples computers get hit by a strike. I'm not saying that a good thing, but maybe we will actually have some business the next couple days because of it. Then after work I came back and did homework for awhile, then Laurie and Heather and Hannah needed me to do something for them, so I was helping them out for about an hour or so. Then for hall meeting tonight we had a brother sister dorm combined meeting. Thats was pretty fun. After the meeting I came back and talked to my Mom for awhile online while I did some more homework. Now I'm just about to head to bed though. But first I have a request from a couple friends (Aaron and Chris) They want me to give my take on the War. So I'll try my best in the following Paragraph.

Ok first of all, Living here at liberty is just like living inside a bubble. I didn't know we had even gone to war until about two days or so after it had already started. We don't have cable TV and the reception is horrible so watching the news is pretty much out of the question most of the time. I'm also not much for reading the news on the internet. If it end up on www.msn.com usually I just look over the title story without even reading it so I don't even find out that way. Every once in awhile during convo they will say something about it though and then we can find out something. I also learned some from the people I work with when we get slow sometimes that subject comes up. Also my mom tells me some things here and there over the internet. So now that you know I don't really know all that much about the war exactly I don't feel right giving my take on it just because I am so out of the loop on this issue. But, I will say that I agree with it. I hear some people say we are just doing it for the oil and it has nothing to do with humanitarian reasons. I disagree with that. I feel that Bush is sincere about helping this Nation, and bringing troops into Bagdad to bring down the government was a much needed action. The most recent information I heard was that we have pretty much won. Iraqies have taken down statues of Sadam and they are cheering for the Americans. I don't know what God has in mind for this now governmentless nation, but they are now free of the chain Sadam had on them. Of course my entire take on the issue could be way off considering everything I hear is through the grapevine. So anyway. Aaron and Chris I hope that was what you were looking for. Leave a comment on your opinions if you would like to.

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Thursday, April 10, 2003
Today I had my routine wednesday, then I headed to Work.. I had to do some data entry today, tedius but at least I stayed busy. Then I went to church right after that. After church I had to do some more work at the office again. Then I was doing that until around 9:30. After that I went to late night for a bit since I didn't get any dinner. Then after I got back to my room Bekah called me because I had to do something for her tonight. So I was helping her out until around 11:30. Then I got back and the internet was down for awhile, so I couldn't really do anything for about 20 minutes. I missed a chance to talk to my mom tonight because of that. Oh well, She will understand. (I got your other message though mom). Ok well thats all for now, I'm off to bed. Night!
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Monday, April 07, 2003
Sad Fact.... After 11 1/2 hours of sleep last night, Jeremy still falls asleep in his english class. Other then that I made it through convo and GNED fine without getting drowsy though. I ate lunch really early today around 11:30 because I had to go turn in an application for an apartment for over the summer. That was pretty painless so I ended up getting to work a little early. Then I decided to stay after work today until around 9:30. I didn't really have anything else to do so I just hung out there. Then I had to come back and get my printer working again.. it was printing weird stripes in places there shouldn't be strips. I got that all taken care of now though, so I"m just going to head to bed now. Night everyone.
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Sunday, April 06, 2003
Well today I went to church, I was pretty tired though because of the time change and all. But I survived without falling asleep. Then after church I went to Lunch but I was only there for about 10 minutes because I got in and then decided I wasn't hungry so I just left. Then I came back and worked on my lesson for Thursday a little more. But then Heather called me and needed me to go fix her computer. So I went and hung out in the Girls Dorm 26 for about an hour and a half today while I fixed it. That was a lot of fun. Hannah and Laurie were there too. Then after I got done there I just went to dinner, now I'm back here and I think I'm just going to go to bed, I don't have any other plans for tonight.
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Hey everybody, sorry I haven't had blogs up the past couple nights. The server has been down and I haven't been able to update it. But it is back now so I'll just sum up what I did Friday and Saturday. On Friday after my normal daily routine I was invited over to dinner at Ron and Betty's house. They were making two pans of lasagna so they told me to bring a couple friends. It took me forever to find people. I don't know why it was so hard but it seemed like a lot of people were doing other stuff or I just couldn't get ahold of them. But finally in the end the people that came were: Ginny, Smitty, Carmen, and Laurie. We had a lot of fun there, we played Taboo afterwards. We ended up heading out around 9:30 though because Laurie had to meet some friends around 9:50 and Carmen had some homework to do. After that I can't remember what I did the rest of the night. But anyway... On Saturday I went to work normal time then after work I had to go over to my church and work there on some things. I ended up staying at church until around 8:30 yesterday night. After I got back I decided I would work on my lesson. I have to teach in my prayer groups this thursday so I am just putting together some notes on some things. I also took some time and did my laundry last night too. Well, that pretty much covers it for the past couple days. I'll write more on today, tonight. Bye for now, hope you all have a great Sunday Afternoon.
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Thursday, April 03, 2003
Well today I had a quiz in my bible class. It was pretty easy though so I think I did pretty well.. The rest of the day was same ol same ol though. After work I put my laptop up on ebay click here if you want to see it. (or bid on it). Then we had our weekly hall meeting and prayer groups. Now that they are over I'm going to head to bed. Nothing else to do. Night!
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Wednesday, April 02, 2003
I actually had some stuff to do today. We didn't have classes today though. It was Liberty assessment day today instead. All the freshmen had to go to the Vines center at 8:00 this morning and take a survey on our opinion of Liberty. They gave us from 8-10. I was done around 8:30 though, so I went to breakfast and I was there until Convocation at 10:00. After that I sat in the courtyard because it was 75 degrees outside, and just read sitting in the sun. After that I headed to lunch. Then I went to work, it was a little slow again so we just played a movie in the background while we worked. That was pretty fun. After work I headed over to church and I was there until around 8:40. Then I had to run over to the store on my way back to campus to buy a new watch. My old one can only be superglued so many times. The part where the strap of the watch connected broke off so getting a new band wouldn't have worked. I've been supergluing it for the past week. I decided I should just dish out the $20 and go for the new one. I found one exactly like my old one, so even I wouldn't know the difference if I didn't know I bought it. Then after the quick stop at the store I went to late night for awhile then came back here and did my regular e-mail check and devotions. I also copied some stuff off my computer to CD. But once again I've run out of things to do again though. Its still an early bed time again before 12:00 once again. Oh well I guess thats nothing to complain about though. Well Good night!
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Tuesday, April 01, 2003
New event of the day.. I had to reinstall windows on the back computer hosting the right webcam. I have that finished and everything works good on it again. Now I found myself out of things to do once again. I'm glad that computer broke I actually had something to do. But it didn't last long.. I'm off to bed at 11:00 tonight. The rest of the day was class, class, work. Well that pretty much covers it for today. Night!
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