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Sunday, July 31, 2005
Andy never came into work today so it was just Jason and I all day. It was kind of cool. I had the oportunity to talk to jason about some good stuff and possibly help him out in a few areas. The day was kind of slow too so that was kind of nice too. After work I stopped by the church to get powerpoint setup for sunday. While I was there Allie came by to clean the church so I was able to help her out with that too. After getting the place ready for sunday we both just headed back to her house for the evening. I ended up falling asleep at first while she made a few phone calls, but later on we had cookies and just did some fun stuff on the computer. Jugee was busy with a puzzle she started yesterday, she thinks it will take her a year to finish. I think she was having fun though. Personaly I am not a fan of puzzles its takes me a few hours just to find a single piece in the right spot. So its not worth it to me. She was moving along pretty well with it though. After leaving the house I did a little bit of shopping for my (hopefully) last time before school starts. I needed a few grocerys to last me the next few weeks. Once I got home again I ended up getting a call from my mom and was able to talk to her for awhile. It got kinda late though so I had to go so I could wake up early for church tomorrow. But miss you mom and dad. Hope you have a great time at church. Night
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Saturday, July 30, 2005
I tried to open up this website to get a blog started.. I opened it up about 15 minutes ago I think. Somewhere between clicking on the website, and it finally loading I ended up falling asleep. School hasn't even started yet and I've been extremely tired. I don't think I'll ever make it.

Ok so anyway, today at work things started out pretty slow. I ended up doing some organizing and cleaning up of the shop today. Things got slightly buisier as the day went on, but since I had already started my project I just went ahead and finished it. We actually have a lot more room to move around now. (It probalby won't stay that way too long though). After getting off work I headed directly over to the Donnebergs house for dinner. Jugee had invited me over and made me some supper. She is so great. She wrote me the sweetest letter tonight too. She reminds me of my grandma sometimes and I love my gramma! (Miss you gramma!) After dinner I just hung out for a little while and Allie and I looked at fun things on the internet. We also changed the song on her website as well. Once I left her house I came straight home and fell asleep at my desk. So yeah, I was awaken by a phone call but now that I've blogged I think I should get to sleep. I promised Jugee I wouldn't be up too long!
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Friday, July 29, 2005
Today was a great day! I had the opportunity to go on a date with an amazing person, my beautiful girlfriend. We had a great time! After work I stopped by and picked her up and we headed over for dinner at a place call Brick Oven Pizza. It was her first time there and she really really liked the pizza. Our next stop was to find a place quiet and comfortable so we could go over the book we have been reading together. I decided to go to a little garden with a fountain over at Liberty. Over the summer it is extemely quiet there (exculding the church bells that were beautiful). But we sat and talked for a good while. On the way out we ended up seeing Han really quick so we went over to say hi. He was leaving too though so we talked at most for like two minutes. But Allie and I then went to spend an hour or so browsing stores at Candlers Station while we waited for the movie we were going to see to start. Allie found a really cute skirt, and I like it a lot. I didn't really find anything that interesting though. The movie we ended up seeing was called "The Perfect Man" It was pretty cute. It was about a single mom trying to find a guy for herself, and her daughters always just got drug along with it. So in the end the girls tried to help, and it didn't work out too well at first. But in the end, of course, she finally found "the perfect man". So it was kinda cute and we both liked it. So anyway once the movie was over it was pretty late. so I just took my "perfect girl" back home, and I returned to my house.
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Thursday, July 28, 2005
I went to the chiropractor today again. I think it may have helped a good amount today. She said a lot of the tissues will just need time to heal though. I still have some neck pain, but my range of movement has improved. Her methods seem a little bit weird, but if they work.. then great! Work today seemed a little bit slow again today, but the actual sales did pretty good today. So its kind of weird how that worked out. But its always nice to have high sales either way. After work I headed over to church and we had a little bible study on effective communication. I thought it was actually pretty good tonight. I learned a few little things that are kind of cool. After church I went with Allie to the grocery store so she could get a few things for her lunches this week, and also get some stuff to make cookies with. We then headed to her house and we made a batch of cookies after scrounging around trying to find all the ingredients for cookies. All we really picked up from teh store was chocolate chips.. turns out we didn't have eggs, brown sugar, flour, or baking soda. I guess you can't really do cookies too well without those. Thank goodness for Jugee who has her own stockpile of random things we needed. We managed to get them together finally and make a quick batch. They turned out really good though so it was worth it all. After leaving her house though I came back home and did some reading and some computer work. But my time has come for sleep to overwhelm me. So I must succom to my calling. Night!
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Wednesday, July 27, 2005
Had work.. then hung out with Jonathan for the evening. Yep I think that pretty much covers it. Oh by the way.. it was 102 degrees here today. Been that way for the last couple days. Its great!

Yesterday I flew after work. But since it was so hot we didn't stay up too long. We still managed to get a lot of things covered though. So I still had fun. After that I went to the D-bergs and celebrated Jugee's birthday. Allie and I had fun throwing the "party" for her. We just had ice cream and watched a movie.

Ok.. tired.. gotta sleep now.
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Sunday, July 24, 2005
Yea! Allie got back in town tonight! We spent some time together after she got back so that was great! We ended up exploring the globe from the comfort of the couch. It was all pretty cool, from Seattle, to Baghdad, to Nepal, to Sao Paulo and to Greece. Satellite and internet technology put the world at your fingertips. http://earth.google.com You should check it out. Then after getting home I had a great converstaion with Jonathan on the phone. He is a great guy and I'm proud to call him one of my best friends!

Ok thats all I wanted to blog on tonight.. was two really great people. I think they deserved the spotlight for my post.
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Man.. long day for me. I just got home! I left for work at 9:30 and finally get back at about 1:00. I had work, then went and did some stuff at church, then went to visit Jugee for awhile since she was home by herself and didn't have any company. Then I went back to the church again for an icecream social thingamawhooie. I ended up being there until about 10:30. I then ran back by to see Jugee again before she went to bed and gave Jake a walk for her so she wouldn't have to do that. Afterwards I came back to the church because I had to work on the powerpoint which I effectivly put off until the last minute.. I then hung around to do some stuff I needed to get done on high speed internet. I also tried to work out a time I could go fly today, but it didn't end up working out. My instructor was just not up for it after already having two other students right before me and flying in the plane in 87 degree weather without aircondition. I understood his delema. So yeah, I just have to do that on monday. Ok anyway.. I'm gonna have to call this day quits. I be tired and need to wake up early tomorrow. Catch ya later dawgs!
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Saturday, July 23, 2005
sorry.. I don't have anything new to report on today. All I did was go to work.. then come straight home afterwards for the evening. I did try to organize the seattle pictures somewhat though. I might be able to get those online shortly. We'll see what happends the next few days with that. Night!
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Friday, July 22, 2005
Today after work was fun, I had the privledge of taking Allie out to dinner, and then spending some quality time with her. I had to take her home around 8:30 though because she had quite a few things to do. It worked out nice though because after I took her home I then went by the church and had some good time with Pastor John. We had some fun tonight. We ended up being there until around 10:30. Then on the way home I stopped at a good lookout area and watched the awsome thunderstorms all around me. I love it when they are like that. Anyway, I wish I could go into more details but I am extremely tired tonight for some reason... I think I must turn myself off now.
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Wednesday, July 20, 2005
Hey, so I went to the chiropractor today. Turns out I was pretty screwed up. I haven't done anything out of the ordinary lately that I can think of that would have messed up my back, but its been over a month since I last went and I think my bed may cause some problems. So anyway he fixed me up real good and I now have fuller range of movement. Its amazing how much better is it. My muscles are still pretty tight though. I think I need a good masassage next. Anyway later on after work I ended up spending a little bit of time helping my pastor's parents move into thier new apartment. I was able to get a good amount moved before I had to leave again. I was only able to help for like an hour though because Pete and Julie ended up inviting Allie and I over for dinner tonight. But by the time I had to leave we were pretty close to being done anyway, so they didn't miss my help too much. So I swung by and picked up my beautiful girlfriend and we headed over to thier house. They ended up making whats called a "Chicken Log" It was delicious. I really love that thing!! Its not even that difficult to make either. Pete and I ended up watching a movie and some TV after eating, while the girls went and did thier own thing doing scrapbook stuff. It was a pretty fun night though. we ended up staying there until around 11:30. Pete and Julie are great people. Its great to have them around. Ok anyway, after dropping Allie back off at her house I now have returned to seek sleep on my possibly back ruining bed. We'll see what happends over the next few weeks again. Night!
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Tuesday, July 19, 2005
Hey.. I flew again today. Nothing new this time though.. Just regular practice flights and manuvers. All in all it was still good though. Afterwards Jonathan treated me to dinner and then we went and hung out at his house. While there, we just had fun hanging out and talking, but I also worked on his new laptop and got him all setup with that. Its pretty nice. I think it will work great for him. Anyway, that took till midnight so it got petty late. I think I just need to get to bed now. Night
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Monday, July 18, 2005
Today was a great day at church. The pastor did a sermon answering the question "Why is there evil in the world?" I thought it was an excellent message. You can download and listen to the sermon online if you want by going to www.tlcinfo.com After the service I ended up going over to the donnebergs for an excellent lunch. It was really good and I am still slightly full from it. After lunch I ended up laying down to take a "nap" well it basicly ended up turning into an all out sleep. I think I was out for about 5 hours or so. But I sure felt much better after getting that out of the way. After I finally woke up I hung out with Allie and worked on the computer a little bit, we then went and watched Sister Act 2 with Jo downstairs. It had been awhile since I've seen it and it was just as good as ever. Its a classic. Anyway.. even though I got my nap this afternoon I think I'm still going to go to bed fairly early. So yeah.. Night!
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Sunday, July 17, 2005
Today was a really great day! I took work off an hour early today and I went with the Donnebergs down to Greensboro to see a good friend's wedding. This part isn't what was so great but standby and it will come... We took two cars (Allie's and Jo's) and unfortunatly Jo's had some trouble on the way down.. so keep that in your prayers that it will be a quick and cheap fix. But we ended up just getting into one car and going the rest of the way.

So here is the great part. The wedding was wonderful, and the reception was beautiful as well. The food was top quality and there was lots of it as well. But the best part for me was when the song "I'll Be" started playing at the reception, and Allie and I shared in our very first dance. Honestly neither of us really knew what we were doing.. but honestly again.. I didn't really care so much at that point. It was great =) Yep yep.. Happy me. I really do like that girl.. I just can't say it enough. *Great Smiles*
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Thursday, July 14, 2005
Tonight after work I spent part of the evening with Jonathan. It was a good time. We just ended up going to the dollar theater and seeing a movie. He had brought his brother along too so we just had some fun hanging out and watching "The Longest Yard". The movie itself was pretty good and a fun one to watch. There was quite a bit of homosexual references though. I think to a point, it was appropriate because of the "prison scene" type thing and thats what goes on. But then they tried to make it comical and more then they needed. So it shaved a lot of points off my personal rating of the movie. Anyway.. at least it was time with Jonathan and thats always a good thing. Jonathan is awsome! After returning home for the evening I decided to just read for awhile. I managed to get through about 30 pages of a book tonight, so that was pretty good progress. I'm tired now though so I am going to head to bed. Night!
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Sorry I didn't get a blog written up last night... I was spending last evening meditating on God, praying, and reading scripture. It was really awsome!

Tonight I can blog though.. nothing too exciting to write about though. I got back from church tonight around 10:00 from staying after and working on powerpoint stuff. Once I got back home I was kinda hungry because I hadn't eaten in like 10 hours. So I cooked like 8 slices of bacon and munched on that along with a few other snacks. It was too late to actually cook a meal I thought. I read for a little bit after eating but now I think I should get to bed. See ya.
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Tuesday, July 12, 2005
I'm still at work. Its pretty late too. I am here trying to get a computer working that someone paid to have done in 24 hours. I think I've pretty much completed what I need to do tonight though finally. I haven't been here all night though. After work I went and spent some time with Allie.. then Jonthan came and chatted here at work with me while I did some things I needed to. I wasn't working the whole time though since he was here hanging out. It was a pretty good day though over all, just kinda long. When I was with Allie she got out her box of things I have given her in the past and I looked through them all again. That was pretty cool. I had forgotten a lot of them. Anyway.. its pretty late. I think I need to head back home and get to bed. Adios!
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Sunday, July 10, 2005
Today church went pretty good. It was great to be back at my own church this sunday. A lot of people had missed me. The message was great today as well so that was cool. Later in the afternoon I went up with the youth group to a lake in North Carolina to swim and do intertubing behind a boat and stuff. I was hopeing to do Jetski/waverunning stuff too but the sea-doo wasn't quite ready to go out today. So that was pretty sad. It was a pretty long drive too and since that wasn't ready it sorta made the drive not worth it. I ended up going in a different car with Allie because we were going to leave later that evening. While the rest of the youth were planning on staying until tuesday. It would have been worth the trip to stay a couple days.. but since we were only there for about 4 hours or so, it just felt bad going all that way and not being able to stay.. or ride the wave runner. If I had realized how long of a trip it really was.. I probalby would have just not gone. Oh well.. at least I was with Allie. That made it alright with me. =) (Thanks for sticking with me on that Allie). Anyway we didn't get back to the L-berg tongiht until around 10:00. By now I'm getting pretty tired though, I think I'm going to head to bed. Night!
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Saturday, July 09, 2005
I still haven't had much of a chance to catch up on my sleep yet since I got back from seattle. I'm going to try and turn in a little early tonight. Today I had to go to work as usual on a saturday but I was glad I only had to stay till 3:00. Afterwards I went over to Allie's house and showed her mom all the pictures and video of our trip. She seemed to enjoy them, and loved to see what all we did. There were so many duplicates though in some ways it was a little boring though. Soon I will filter through them all and make a collection of only the best ones. Then I'll put them on my website. Anyway after getting through most of the pictures we took a break and had some dinner. Jo make a great pork dish and it filled out tummies quite well. Afterwards we finished the rest of the pictures then headed to the Hospital to visit a freind from our church. She is struggling with cancer. So if you all think about it pray for her. I know she and her family would appreciate it. We all parted company after the visit though and I came back home to get a few things done before going to sleep early. Which I am hopefully about to go do now! Night!
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You know whats sad... getting back home from a good vacation and having to jump back into the same ol routine. Yep.. no good thats what that is. Oh well.. here we go some more =). Night everyone!
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Thursday, July 07, 2005
Well, I'm back in lynchburg now again. It a way I have mixed emotions about coming back. It is good to be back though. The flight back was pretty uneventful and we didn't have any problems with the flights or layovers or anything. We ended up getting a great view of Mt Rainer on the way out of Seattle from the plane. It was very pretty. Allie managed to get a few pictures. After getting back in town we did a small birthday thing for Jo when we got back since her birthday was on the 6th and we missed it. That was pretty cool and she liked her presents. But I had to get back home to unpack and organize everything in my house and get ready for work tomorrow morning, so I didn't really stay too long. Right now I'm pretty tired though because our plane left today at 6am and we had to be at the airport by 4:30am. So its been a long day. So I'm going to turn in early tonight!
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Tuesday ended up being a pretty great day. Allie and I had the opportunity to spend the time with my grandma. Both of my parents had to work that day so we ended up just going with my dad to work in the morning (at 6:30) and he dropped us off at my grandmas before he went to work. It was a lot of fun to spend time with my grandma, she wanted to take us all over Tacoma and show us the sights around her house. First we ended up going to the Tacoma waterfont and we watched a large pirate ship type boat leave the harbor and head out to the ocean. It was a great sight to see. Then we ended up going to "Point Defiance" national park. There was a rose garden and a beach and a bunch of cool stuff that was there. We also went on a 5 mile drive around the park and saw the forest and trees and nature all around it. It was beautiful. She then took us out to do a little bit of tacoma shopping and then ended up just going back to her house. My mom, dad, and aunt and uncle ended up coming over shortly after that and we had a great evening just spending time with my family. My grandma cooked the best steaks I have had in a really long time and we chowed down on those. We then sat around for the evening just talking with each other. It got late pretty quick thought and we didn't end up getting back to my place that night until a little after 11:00. Normally that wouldn't be so bad but we had to wake up at 4:00am this morning.

We were able to go on the hike at Mt Rainier this morning. My dad wanted us to go pretty early though so we would have a chance to see some animals and we decided to leave the house at 5am. It was a two hour drive there and we got to the mountain around 7:00. The clouds were out this morning though so it made it hard to fully see the sights. Plus since it was so early it was cold and windy so it was hard to enjoy being outside at first. While we waited for the clouds to clear up and the weather to heat up a little we drove around a little bit more and discovered an old gold mine that we went down into and looked around at for awhile. Once we got back to the hiking trail though it was a little warmer and we ended up walking the 3 mile hike around one of the lower mountains of Mt Rainer. It was very pretty and we took quite a few pictures. After getting around the mountain was went to a place called "Sunrise" and it was a lodge right on Mt Rainier. It was really sad that it was so cloudy today because we weren't able to see the peak of the mountain even while standing on the mountain. It was cool to actually walk around on Mt Rainier though. I think God decided to open up the clouds for a little while though and Allie was able to get a small glimse of the mountain. It was nice. The rest of the day was kind of relaxing though. Allie and I walked around the mall for awhile here back in town and she got a new cute little skirt. I really like it. After getting back from the mall my parents took us out to a restarunat called the Mongolian Grill. We picked out all the ingredients we wanted to put in a stir fry type dish and piled it all into a big bowl. We then gave it all to the person and they fried it right in front of us. It was a pretty cool little place to eat. Now we are just back at home and I had a lot of little things I needed to get ready for my parents on the computer before I leave tomorrow. Now I really need to get some stuff packed up and be ready to head to the airport tomorrow morning at 4:30am. So I'll go for now and I plan on being back in L-berg by tomorrow night!
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Tuesday, July 05, 2005
Well, the past two days have been just as fun packed as the few before them. We've been keeping busy here and cramming in the activities. Sunday morning started out fairly normal for us here. We went to Sunday school and then attended the main church service. The pastor did a patriotic service and it was alright.. but I wasn't too thrilled by it at all. I wish in a way the service would have been different to show Allie how my church really is. Oh well. There were also quite a few people on vacation so a lot of people were missing. It was kind of sad. My Grandma ended up coming though so that was really cool.. as did all my old friends. We filled up a row with the Youth once again. After church we went out to my favorite restaruant Azteca. My grama told us "She had money" and wanted to treat us. So that was really nice. I miss that place and it was just as good as I remember.. the menu and prices have changed quite a bit though. But then the real fun happend after going out for lunch. We all then went to Lake Washington and met up with a friend. He let us all take turns on the Wave Runner and drive it around the lake. That was a lot of fun. We all had a blast with that. The best part was the sky was clear too so the mountain was out that day and we could get a clear veiw of it from the middle of the lake. It was Awesome!! After getting back that night, Allie and I went to a beach close by my house called Seahurst Park. It was a place I went to a lot when I was younger and I have a lot of memories from there. We just sat there and watched the sunset while we talked about some stuff and went over a book we are reading together. After that we came back to the house and had a quick bite to eat, but it was almost time to sleep by then so we just turned in for the night.

Today was not as eventful as the last few days.. but we still had a great time. I was able to sleep in until about 10:00 today and that was really nice. The morning kind of started out slow but I helped my mom with computer stuff and getting her pictures all figured out. I also went with my sisters to get some computer accessories they wanted and help them choose the right things. But after awhile Allie and I left following the girls in a different car to go up to Bellingham for the holiday to see fireworks. We ended up getting there around 4:00ish and went to see a few of the sights of Bellingham. We went to go see Watcom Falls which was pretty cool. (I hadn't even been there before). Its too bad Allie or I didn't bring our passports with us here because we were only 25minutes from the canadian border and we could have gone there just so say we went there. But that didn't work out unfortunatly. So after getting done at the falls we stopped back at the girls house to have some dinner before going out to the Bay to find a place to watch the fireworks. We ended up having to wait around for about 4 hours or so before the fireworks actually started though. But they had a live band and tons of other people were around too. So there were definatly things we could do while we waited. The fireworks were great and very very close too. So we heard the boom not even a second after seeing the light. The boom would even make your chest vibrate so that was just a good place to be. After it all was over though we had to fight the traffic to get out of the place. I ended up going to sleep while my sister drove because I still had to drive back two hours back home after dropping Becca and Katie back off at thier house. Apparently it took us 30 minutes to make a 5 minute drive. But we finally made it. Allie and I then had to make the trip back to Seattle and it was already really late by the time we left. I made the drive successfully though and managed to stay awake without much trouble. Now its about 2:30am here though and I really should get to bed. I have to wake up at 6:00am tomorrow to go with my dad in the morning. So I am going to say goodnight!

PS. Jonathan I hope I can find a time to call you tomorrow evening sometime. Miss you... and wondering how you are doing.
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Sunday, July 03, 2005
We've been staying really busy here lately. Its been great though. Yesterday in the morning we went back into seattle and spent part of the morning at the Pike Place Market. I took my Allie on a stroll down "Post Alley" and we looked at all the shops and the fun little things they had going on down there. Once it got to be around 11ish we headed to the fairy boats and took a ride across the water to Bremerton. We didn't really do anything over there though we just got back on the boat and headed back to Seattle again once we got to the other side. The boat ride was pretty nice, but it wasn't as nice a day as I would have liked. It made it pretty cold to be outside and enjoy the day. It was still cool though and it was great to see the city from the water. My sister wasn't able to join us on the ferry ride though because she had to go get ready for a wedding. But Katie came along and it was a cool trip. I think Allie really liked it. After getting off the boat back at Seattle we had some lunch at Ivars (seafood) and then headed to the Pike Place Market one more time before leaving. Later that day we ended up going to the wedding that My sister was going to be in as a bridesmaid. I thought it was actually a nice change of pace to go to that and the reception was nice for the time we were there too. It made it possible to see Melissa also as she was going to be out of town all week if I hadn't seen her then. We ended up leaving a little bit early though because we had been out all day. It felt nice to come home and crash after it was over. We kind of ended the night watching a movie called "Loves enduring promise" I barely made it through but I went right to bed after it was over.

Today we all took a trip up to the Pacific Ocean at Ocean Shores. It was a great time. I think the highlight of the day was getting the chance to ride a horse on the beach. Allie said one of her dreams was to ride a horse on the beach. So It was great to be able to have her do that today. It was only my third time I think riding a horse, and the horse they gave me seemed to be pretty tempermental, but it was still a lot of fun I had a blast. I am now a red neck though because I got a pretty good sunburn. It was nice. Nothing will mask my whiteness though. I don't think there is anything I can do about that. We collected a few shells as well and just hung out. That was a great trip! My sister, Allie and I ended up falling asleep on the trip home. Katie took some candid shots of us sleeping, they're pretty funny. After arriving back home from the trip. Danny, Andy, and My aunt and Uncle ended up coming over and we had a large spagetti dinner. It was glad I had a chance to see danny. I was worried that I wouldn't have had a chance while I was here. It was very good to see him. I missed that punk! Just as they all left Seth showed up and I spent a little bit of time with him tonight as well. He is still here but I think I just need to go to bed still. Its been a fairly long day and I'm exahsted. Tomorrow I get to go see everybody from church!! Ok I really need to get to bed now though. Night!
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Friday, July 01, 2005
We got to Seattle yesterday safely. I didn't end up blogging last night though because I was so tired. We didn't end up getting to sleep till about 11:00 time here. That would mean it was about 2:00 how it felt to us. I had woke up 3:30 that day too to get ready for the trip. So anyway.. sleep overcame me. It was a nice trip though and I even had the opportunity to witness to a guy that sat next to me. We didn't really do too much upon our arrival though. We just hung out at my house with my parents for the day to get all settled in. Today is when the fun really started though. We headed to seattle around 11:00 and went up to the top of the space needle. Today was a great day to go up too because they had fire fighter training going on and they had to rescue a guy that was stuck hanging over the edge of the space needle. then they had to put him on a stretcher while they were dangling there.. then bring him back up to safety. It was great to watch. The weather was wonderful too and the view was great. Unfortunatly the clouds were still around a little and made it not possible to see Mt Rainier. It was pretty sad. But over all it was a great trip. We ended up walking around in the seattle center after getting down and sat at the fountain for awhile to watch the kids play in it. It was a lot of fun to watch them and the dogs with the fountain. We ended up coming back home around 3:30 and my mom had to start preparing for dinner. While she did that I took Allie down to the park across from my house and showed her the planes that fly over head and some the the places I used to hang out with friends a lot at. Later today my Grandma ended up coming over and Allie was able to meet her. I hadn't seen her since christmas either so I was excited to see her. It was a lot of fun with her around tonight. We looked at pictures and talked and stuff. After dinner Katie came over and joined the party and we all just sat and talked for quite awhile. Then My sister finally got here (seemed like it took her forever) and I caught up with her for awhile. But once again I'm pretty tired. Its actually only 11:55 right now even though the time stamp says 2:55. But to me it really does feel like 2:55. So I really need to get to bed. Sorry I couldn't go into a lot more detail. I would have liked to. But can't happen tonight. The Z's attacked and i must surrender. Night!
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