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Thursday, February 21, 2008
Last weekend was a really fun time. After Allie called me from her safe trip back home I headed to bed in my nice hotel room all to myself. I had to wake up and be ready for the conference to start the next morning at 8:00 though. I was pretty tired all weekend though. But Friday morning came and I got down to the Continental breakfast at around 7:00. They had a nice spread of stuff too and I ate quite a bit. They had all you could eat bacon and sausage as well as a bunch of kinds of cereal and a waffle maker and fruit. Plus even more stuff I won't list because it will take another paragraph. Anyway I ate my fill for sure. But then I found out that the conference didn't actually start until around 9:00 so I had an extra hour to just relax for awhile and talk to the other people from my church that showed up that morning, there were 7 of us from our church total.

Once the conference started we got on a role and went through the whole day getting quite a bit of stuff done. We took a break for lunch which was catered to us for free and then went through until around 5:00. We had accomplished a lot and we had discovered a few good ideas for ways to effectivley grow our church more. After the meeting for the day was done we all decided to head out to dinner as a group. We ended up going to T-Bone Jacks for dinner and I had steak and Ribs for my meal. It was really good too. Earlier that afternoon we had found out that another family from our church was staying at that same hotel because the husband had a convention that evening nearby. So after dinner all of us went together and surprised him there at the convention. He had a stand setup displaying some of his Taxidermy work. It was like a major Redneck convention though and there were hunters there displaying thier deer heads and stuff there was also a place you could buy guns and things. Pretty much anything redneck was there on display. There was a little girl there my pastor saw she was about 5 years old and had on a camo skirt and blouse and her dad was telling people around him the story of how she had killed her first deer this year. That kind of stuff was going on all around. What made the place really cool to me though was there was one stand where someone had wild birds of pray (live ones) on display. He had a couple different types of Owl, Hawks, and Falcons. I was there when he was feeding one of the Falcons. He gave him three Mice. He held the mouse in his and and the falcon would just bend down and eat it right out of it. It as really kind of cool.

Probably the best part about that whole show was another area where a Guy had brought in a live 1300lb Grizzly bear. He had put his head in his mouth and had him stand up on his hind legs. He also got on top of him and rode him around like a horse. It was really pretty cool. At the end of the show he put him in a small little enclosure on the back a trailer. He had tied a chain around his neck and led him in the box and he crawled inside the box with him for a moment while he got him settled in there ready for the night. Then he came out and closed him in. I thought that was all really cool. We had stayed at the convention place until right when they were closing things up. I wouldn't say I would normally like all that kind of stuff, but this was actually a fun place to go and I sure enjoyed it. After leaving we headed back to the Hotel and I pretty much went right to bed.

Saturday morning we had the last segment of our Conference and finished up our workbook of stuff to do and came up with more ideas and details on helping our church become more effective in our community. Over all I would say the conference was really good and productive. There were times and areas we probalby could have skipped over and made it not last quite as long, but over all I can't complain. After the conference was over I ended up hitching a ride back with the Rossi Family. Since Allie left Thursday night I was stuck without a car. But that was really the first chance I had to really sit and have a conversation with them. I really liked our car trip back together. I got to know them pretty well. After getting back to Lynchburg I had to go home and take a nap for awhile because I was so tired. Sitting in a conference for two days really takes it out of you I guess. But then I woke up again later that evening to go to our Saturday evening church ministry.

Sunday morning I woke up and went to church as usual then spent the afternoon over at the Donneberg's house for lunch and time to just hang out with them. It has actually been awhile since we've spent a whole afternoon over there I think. It was pretty fun. Then that evening we went to a different church service that I'll tell you about more below.

This week so far has been a really great week. It is missions emphasis week around Liberty and Steve Saint along with a bunch of other missionaries came into town for that. Allie and I on Sunday evening went to the Thomas Road Service and heard Steve Saint speak and tell some of his story. He also brought with him the indian that had killed his Dad, but has since come to Christ and he told his story some also. It was really cool to be able to see and hear them in person. Monday night we went to another meeting that was a lot smaller setting aimed for missions oriented students. We went to a classroom and he spoke with us in a class type setting about the way missions should be done. Allie and I had more of a chance to talk with him there. It was really cool.

Tuesday was a really busy day for me at work and I barely had a chance to relax all day but I got through it ok. That Evening Allie and I met for dinner with a Representative from Wycliff that we both have been in contact with regarding joining that organizaion in the future. We had just talked on the phone a lot but this was our first chance to meet him in person. We ended up going to Olive Garden and we both enjoyed ourselfs and our chance to meet with him.

Wednesday ended up being a pretty typical day though. I woke up early and had coffee with my pastor and we had a great time talking as always. The day at work was pretty typical too and there wasn't too much there that happend worth reporting. After work I went home for awhile until Campus church that evening. Becca, Allie and I all went to the service they have over at Liberty Wednesday nights. They are doing a series now on Christian Relationships and Dating and things. It has been pretty good so far. We have gone the past few weeks also. Anway after that service was over they were doing a thing called Taste of the Nations where they have stands setup with a different group of students from different countries all prepared a special dish that reflects thier part of the world. So We went there and went around trying foods from a bunch of different places. I would say there were probably about 25-30 different nationalities represented there. It was really cool. Afterwards I ended up just going back home and doing a few things before bed. But I think that pretty much gets be all caught up. There was a lot that happend since my last post but I think I got it. Glad you made it through it all. Until next time!
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Thursday, February 14, 2008
Happy Valentines Day everyone!

This week at work started out pretty hectic on monday. I was running around all over the place getting a bunch of things done. It seems like all the requests for stuff came in all at once. I spent the begining part of the week getting all of that stuff taken care of. Starting today I ended up taking a half day today at work and then tomorrow I have off all day so I wanted to get as much done as possible Monday - Wednesday. I think I got all of the pressing stuff done so the few requests I wasn't able to finish in time didn't matter all that much.

Today I left work around 1:00 or so because I was going to be making a trip up to Waynsboro, VA to attend a conference tomorrow morning and Saturday. It is a conference that a few other people from my church are going to also. Allie wasn't part of it though but She ended up coming with me today so we could spend Valentines Day together some. Our plan was to try to get up there and go see some of the caverns they have up in that area. So I had everything all planned out to do that and then go out for a nice dinner. Well after getting to the caverns area I found out they were closed. I had originally looked at the website and it said they were open seven days a week, but when we got there we saw a sign saying it was only open on weekends. That was really sad, I was pretty excited about going to see those. So we ended up having to come up with a plan B of some kind. So We ended up driving back to my Hotel where I was going to stay and connecting to the internet there to find another attraction of some kind to go do. We ended up going to a glass shop where they have a window where you can watch them blow the glass. But of course by the time we got there they were already done blowing glass for the day. So that didn't work out either. We ended up changning our plan we had for dinner also. There was a nice restaraunt we found close to the glass shop that we both decided looked good so we ended up going there for dinner instead. I was glad we did though because the food ended up being really good and the atmosphere was pretty nice too. That actually worked out pretty well. Both of us had a good time.

After dinner We went back to the hotel for a few minutes so I could get some directions together for Allie to make the drive back to Lynchburg tonight. She has classes in the morning. So I talked her through what she needed to do and sent her on her way. She is driving back right now as I type this. I decided to stay up and wait until she got home. She was going to call me once she arrives. So I am using this time to write a blog of the day. She should be home within the next 15 minutes or so I would think.

Anyway I'm pretty tired now though because I stayed up really late getting stuff ready to decorate the house for Allie last night so she could wake up to a surprise of gifts/chocolate/ballons and stuff in her kitchen. I had gone over to her house last night around 2am and snuck in to decorate stuff and leave a few gifts for her. it was pretty fun, I didn't get very much sleep last night at all though because of it. I really need to try to get some sleep tonght though so I'm refreshed to sit though a conference tomorrow morning. I'm going to start getting ready for bed now. Night!
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Thursday, February 07, 2008
Allie reminded me that it was time to catch up on my blog again - so here it goes! We were able to get the closet finished at the house It looks pretty good and Allie was really excited about it too because she is able to use the entire thing now and has a lot of extra room. On Feb 1st I gave allie a countdown to valentines day calendar where she opens a little door each day and it says something different each day to her. She has been enjoying that. Work for me the past week has been off and on busy. One of those things where it all comes at once and am really busy...then all goes away at once and have to find things to do. Would be nice if it was spead out evenly sometimes. But, such is life. I'm still enjoying my job though and can't really complain.

I'm going to attempt to go flying again this weekend. It has constantly been one thing or another and just haven't been able to pull it off. This weekend finally looks promising though. The only thing I have to look out for is that the winds won't be too high. I really hope it works out this time.

I bought tickets this week to go home on April 3rd. It will be a really short stay but I think it will be good to spend some time with my parents. I'm looking forward to that trip. I still need to get the tickets for Allie and I for our honeymoon. I'm just waiting for the right price to come around though.

My birthday is coming up this sunday too and it sounds like Allie is going to plan something for me. That should be fun. My Grandma sent me a letter in the mail also and it was a really sweet and funny note. I let Allie read it too and she liked it. It is always good to hear from her. Plus she included a nice gift too. =) Thanks Grandma!

Wednesday Allie and I ended up going to dinner with some people that are in Allie's Major. We've gotten together the past two Wednesday to just hang out and stuff. Its nice to be able to come along with her to those. They have been fun.

Last saturday since I didn't end up going flying after all I picked up a couple loads of gravel with Chuck's truck and spread some gravel around on our driveway. I had widened it in one area and it was just dirt so it got kinda muddy when it rained. Plus I patched a few bald areas with some left overs as well. It could probably use one more load of gravel or so but they gravel placed closed before I could get back for the third trip. So I will probably have to just finish it up some other time. At least the main part was taken care of.

For the Superbowl we had a party at our saturday night church building and we watched the game with the projector on the 80" screen. It was pretty fun. Everybody brought all kinds of food too so I got pretty full on stuff. But it was fun!

Ok I guess thats just about everything I can think of for now worth mentioning but I'll try and keep up. Bye for now!
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