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Saturday, July 31, 2004
Well, I chose to start out my morning very early today. I crawled out of bed at around 7:30 and prepared for the day. I had some extra time in devotions this morning and I ate a good breakfast. I then had to get some things ready to go so I could take them with me when I left for work. I wasn't going to be coming back to my house until after getting back from Danville tonight so I had to get it all done this morning. I then had to run a few errands before going to work like getting gas and stopping by the bank and things like that. I did manage to get it all done and be at work 10 minute early. I got there and opened up early since I was there. Before we even "offically" opened this morning I had to help two customers. The work day went pretty decent today and I managed to stay pretty busy. To make the day at work even 100% better Allie and Julie ended up stopping by the shop to check out the scrappbooking stuff. (I know they came to just see me though) lol. But it was great having them stop by. I wish they would do that more often. *hint, hint* I ended up getting off work today around 5:20 because I had to head over and pick up Allie and Bj and get them down to Danville by 7:00 tonight so we could drop Allie off with her Dad. (Dude, that was one long sentence)... Anyway on the drive down Allie and I listend to a CD I made for her. It ended up being about an hour long CD so it basicly lasted the whole trip. But she said she really like all the songs I picked. I was glad about that. Anyway, after making the switcharoo with her Dad, BJ and I went down to a bakery they have in Danville and she picked up some Blueberry Muffins that she really likes. Then We made the long journey back to lynchburg. I was getting kind of drowsy on the drive back though so she had to figure out ways to keep me awake. (which resorted to slapping me a couple times.. but hey it worked). After returning back to Lynchburg we stopped by and picked up some wendys for dinner and brought it back to the house. We ended up watching some Televsion and had dinner together downstairs relaxing. I decided I would head back home shortly after 10:00 though. I wanted to get some reading done tonight. I did manage to get some reading done, and then Allie signed online. I ended up putting the book down and talking to her for like two hours tonight. Once she headed off to bed I finished up the chapter I was reading and took care of a few other things I needed to do before bed tonight. But now I think I got it all taken care of. I can finally head to bed. I am pretty tired.... So with that, I'm Outa Here
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Friday, July 30, 2004
This morning when I woke up, after doing my normal routine I had to take about 10 minutes and get some things worked out for my church's website and e-mail addresses. The stuff I needed to do could only be done over the phone so I had to call them up and make changes that way. Other then that it was a normal day at work. I did actually eat a pretty decent sized lunch today. We ordered a Large Pizza for lunch and I ended up eating half of it. It was pretty good. After work I had to stop by the church and get a few things setup there. Then I made a quick trip to the Grocery store to pick up a few items. I then dropped off the good at home and then went over to the Donneberg's. After getting there I just sat around and talked for a bit. They ended up needing a few things from the grocery store tonight too. So I made another quick trip back up to Kroger again. It was alright though. I remembered somethign else I needed to get from the store for myself anyway so I was able to get those also. The rest of the time at the Donnebergs we basicly just hung out on the couch and read some books. I ended up heading back here shortly after 10 tonight. Once I got back here I just worked on a project for the rest of the night. It went a little later then I planned though to get it finished. But I did get it done so I'm happy about that. Anyway.. now that it is about two in the morning I need to get to bed. I have to wake up around like 7:00ish tomorrow. Bye for now!
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Thursday, July 29, 2004
Well, this morning started off kind of "Amazing" I had to do a service call for a place called "The Amazement Square". It is right in the middle of Downtown lynchurg. I actually had been there before with Allie and Brittany and all the Hartman kids. It actually a pretty cool place to go with kids. They can learn a lot and have fun while doing it. But anyway.. I wasn't there to play today. I was there to work on the computers for them. After analyizing the situation down there they had decided that rather then fix the broken systems, they would just go ahead and upgrade the equipment while they were at it. So I ended up just writing up a huge system quote for them after returning to the shop. I will probalby find out more about that a little later. But it would probably be a pretty fun thing to go and setup a whole new system for them over there at the Amazment Square. Anyway, the rest of the day was really rather typical however work wise. We are getting to be a little slow once again so I had to "find" things to do. Once it was time to close though I rushed on over to the church for the wednesday night events there tonight. I got there a little early and Han was just getting there just as I was. I kind of hung out in the office a little bit before we started talking to Betty and the Pastor. Allie was there early also so I chatted with her some as well. Rather then having a typical wednesday night service tonight, the Pastor talked about his Vision for our church. He setup a system that we can follow for the next 100 days and see how things work out. It was very informative and I think its all pretty doable. Once we finished our 100 days talk I had to stick around and re-wire the church network some more. I also had to try and get some work done on the website. I managed to get it all done just in time when Han finished up with the Worship team practice. So I packed up and Han and I headed home. I wish I've had more time lately to do some reading and things but so far this week I haven't gotten home much earlier then 10:00. Tonight I didn't get back until around 11. I still managed to read like 50 pages but I'm right at that "too tired to go on" point now. So I will just have to continue tomorrow. I hope I have more time tomorrow to read. Anyway.. I'm off to bed. Night!
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Wednesday, July 28, 2004
Today was a pretty typical day, nothing much new happend for me. I did have to do a service call today for work and it turns out the person lived in a huge house.. it was very cool. But anyway.. we stayed after work for awhile tonight to catch up on some things and play a few games. I ended up staying there until 9:00 tonight. Then after returning home I was able to completely finish reading that book of mine. I also was able to go back through and re-read all the stuff I highlighted and type it out into a document. Now I can move on and read the next book I have. Anyway.. thats it for me tonight. Like I said... nothing much exciting today =). Anyway Bye for now!
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Tuesday, July 27, 2004
Today Andy was back at work again. So we got back on our regular routine at work and caught up a little bit having the extra help. Other then that it was a pretty normal day on the Job. After work I ended up going to church to take care of a few things that needed to be done in the technical area. It turns out I was there until around 9:00 tonight. I did manage to get everything done I needed to though. Unfortuantly because I was there for so long I didn't get to finish the book I am reading. After leaving the church I returned home and settled in to try and finish reading "I Gave Dating a Chance" But it just got too late on me and I had to quit. I only managed to read 80 pages tonight. I am only about 25 pages from finishing now though. On the last few pages I did read tonight I kept dozing off on though. That was the sign to quit and go to bed. It has been a good book so far though. I keep reading things out of it that seem to just pop off the page. The same thing happend from the other book I was reading too. But anyway, I need to go to bed. I"m done for the night.
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Monday, July 26, 2004
Today I woke up around 6:00. I had to get ready to be at church by 8. But I also had two other guys that needed to get ready to head out and come with me too. So I had to get ready first and then run down and wake them up so they could start thier "grooming" process. We all managed to get out of the house around 7:40. That worked well because I needed to stop by my apartment really quick on the way to church this morning. I had a few things that I needed to take back home from staying at Andy's the whole week. I also needed to pick up my Tithe that I had left there. It was a quick stop and I still made it to church right on time. Practice was a little scratchy today but they sure do thier best to work on it during that time. Normally I have to follow them along with Power Point while they are doing practice but today the Pastor needed me to setup his sermon Powerpoint during practice. I had to throw that together very quickly so I could also check the slides with the songs as well. It ended up working out great and God made the time so I was able get it all done. The service itself was fabulous. The worship went soooo much better then it did in practice. I really enjoyed the Sermon as well. Aftwards I ended up hanging out for awhile and playing with the Kids and stuff. I ended up staying there until just before 4:00 today. The Pastor and his family ended up having me over for lunch today. While I was over there visiting with them I also worked on thier computer. It turns out they had 38 viruses on thier computer and it really really needed some "TLC" put into it. It ran great after getting it all cleaned up. I ended up having to run home for a short bit after leaving thier house. Then I stopped by the Donneberg's and gave Jugee a Birthday card. Then I just hung out there for awhile and had some Icecream and played some games. Shortly after that Allie and I headed back to the church. The original plan was to go as a group with the pastor to see a Hillcats Baseball game. But then it started to rain and so we all just went to the main sancuary and setup some tables and just made it kind of a fellowship night. We had some pizza and ordered and we played some games. The first game I played with the children was Clue. I ended up winning with (Ms White, in the Ball Room, with the Crooked baseball bat looking thing also known as lead pipe). After that most of us setup and played a game called "the battle of the sexes" Its where the guys are supposed to answer questions that usally all the women would know and the women answer a bunch of questions that usually all the men would know. I thought it turned out to be a pretty good game. We never had a chance to finish it though because it got pretty late. We called it quits shortly after 9:30. So I helped get things cleaned up and then I took Allie back home. I went in and hung out there for awhile tonight. Allie and I had a pretty long talk about some stuff tonight. It kind of got us thinking about a few things. But anyway, its pretty complicated other then that so I"m just going to leave it at that. Night.
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Sunday, July 25, 2004
Well, today I had to run things at the shop all by myself. Derek had his wife in down for the weekend and he wanted to show her around all the sights of the city. So I told him he could just take the day and do that and I would just run the place for today. Since I was the only one I didn't get a chance to get anything to eat for lunch since I couldn't leave. But it turns out Chuck came by and brought me some lunch. It was sure nice of him to do that. I was greatful for that. Over all things went pretty smoothly today while I was there. After work I ended up going over to the Donneberg's house to hang out for a little while. Jo and Allie and I went by the city pound to look at some of the dogs and cats they had there. It was sooo cool I had never been to a pound before. I loved it! Its hard to leave that place empty handed. (If only I had a house). But anyway.. that was great. We ended up going back to thier place after that and I hung out there for a bit. Richard ended up meeting me there too. He was actually going to be out of town until around 6:00 but something happend and He was able to get back here by 5:00ish. So Allie and Richard and I ended up going out to dinner at La Carretta. They have some great mexican food. Allie and I shared a enchilada dish. After that we ended up going to see a movie at the Dollar theater. We tried to invite Han to come along but he is a stupid party pooper and wanted to just sit and be bored at his house instead. So The three of us just ended up going. Allie's brother RJ was in town tonight though so we ended up meeting him at the theater and we all just watched the movie together. After the movie we went back and dropped off Allie at her house and we ended up hanging out there for a little longer and having some Ice Cream. Once 10:30 rolled around I decided we better leave and go pick up Han and head to My place for the night. Since I didn't sit through practice this Wednesday and I went to the Carnaval instead I wasn't able to get the Power Point Done for church tomorrow. So I realized I still had to do that tonight. So after getting back here with Richard and Han I got started working on those. They are all in the other room just watching a movie while I did that. But anyway.. Andy gets back tomorrow night too so I want to have his house nice and clean for him. So I'm going to go tidy up some stuff tonight the best I can. So I'm outa here for now! Night!
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Saturday, July 24, 2004
Well today was a good day. Work was busy but went well and we mangaged to get everything done we needed to today. Also to make the day even better Allie and Jo stopped by my work today to say Hi and check out the scrap booking stuff in the back. They also brought be something to drink while they were at it. It was cool to have them stop by. Richard ended up meeting up with me again right as I was getting ready to close up shop. He was going to plan on taking Han and I out to dinner tonight. So we were going to go by Liberty to pick up Han around 7:00. So while we waited for the time to pick him up, Richard and I went by the Donneberg's house and hung out there for a bit to just talk and stuff. We were only there for about 40 minutes or so though because we needed to head out and get Han. We all ended up going out to eat at IHOP once we got him. I ordered a humongous omlette thingy. It was sooo good. But we ended having to wait like 45 minutes before they brought it out to us. They were having some problems in the kitchen tonight. It was cool though because we ended up getting a 20% discount off of everything. Can't beat that huh! Once we finished up with dinner we headed on over to the movie theater. I really wanted to watch the Garfeild movie. I have heard it wasn't that good from a few people, but I love Garfeild so I just had to see it anyway. After some coaxing I finally got my way. In my opinion it wasn't so bad. It was worth the $1.50 at least I think. It was funny too! Anyway once the movie was over Richard and I just came back here to Andy's place and we are just going to chill out tonight for a bit. I'm going to go read some while Richard watches TV or something.. So anyway, Adios!
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Friday, July 23, 2004
OK, well today I woke up and was still not feeling 100%. But I wasn't so bad I couldn't go to work. So I still woke up and prepared for the day. On my way to work I stopped by the bank to make some deposits for work. But Suntrust bank had all thier computers down at the time. So the lady had to do everything by hand and she even needed to write out the recepts. It ended up taking alittle longer then I expected and I just barely made it to the shop to open in time. Darek was waiting outside for me when I got there. Also today I had some friends come visit me at work. I always love it when freinds come see me at work. Kat came by around mid day to say hi as she was just getting into to town. Then just before closing, Richard came by and hung out for about 15 minutes or so until it was time to close up shop. After we closed Kat met both Richard and I there and from there we all went over to my place for dinner. I made them all pancakes and we just kind of hung out there for a bit. Once we finished eating we migrated over to hang out at Andy's place for another hour or so. After that Kat headed out and stayed elsewhere for the night and then Richard decided to watch a movie. While he watched his movie I caught up on some blogs and did some reading. But anyway.. it was a nice evening to just see some friends I don't get to see too often through the summer. Anyway.. Richard will be here for the rest of the weekend though so we'll be chillin through the next couple days. Anyway.. He went to bed about an hour ago and now I think its my turn to head that direction as well. I'm sleepy once again. So anyway.. I'm outa here!
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Thursday, July 22, 2004
Well, I'm feeling a little better this evening. I'm going to go ahead and fill you in on whats happend the past couple days. Since I forgot to make an entry tuesday night I'll go ahead and start there. I had a service call I needed to do at a buisness on tuesday. I was kind of in a predicament though. Since Derek at work is so new I couldn't leave him at the shop by himself during the day while I went and took care of the problem at the buisness. And I couldn't send him to go do the service call either. So instead I decided I was going to go to the buisness at 8:00 that morning and take care of it before we opened up shop. I wanted to make sure I gave myself enough time to get it all done before we opened so I wouldn't be stuck at the buisness by the time opening time came around. It worked out well though. I ended up getting the problems solved and I even made it back to the shop about 30 minutes before we offically opened. I decided since I was there early I would just go ahead and open up the doors and stuff though. We ended up having three customers come through before we even "really" opened. It was cool though. We had been kind of slow lately so the extra buisness was nice. It turned out the rest of the day was almost as busy though. We had phones and cutomers almost consistently. Derek really was a big help that day for sure. Finally the day ended though and we held up pretty good. I ended up just going home after work and having a quick dinner. After dinner I wanted to go hang out with the family so I gave Allie a call and asked what they were all up to. Turns out they were just going to chill at home so I went out and rented a movie and we just watched that at their place. I ended up renting "It could happen to you" It was a pretty cool movie. I wish it would happen to me =). Anyway.. after that I just went back to Andy's place and slept there for the night.

Ok So Wednesday was a pretty good day. Things at work were pretty hectic again but we both survived. After work I headed right over to church. I had to talk with the pastor about some of the techical stuff at church and how things should be done and what could be done.. stuff like that. Then rather then having a service we instead had an ice cream social There was lots and lots of that good ol' ice cream stuff. I ended up having like four bowls of it. Then afterwards I ran around the church taking care of little things that needed to be done... one of which was going over to the pastors house and setting up his personal computer to work on the network. I also had to do some things for the worship team practice and I also helped clean up a little from the ice cream mess. Then a little later Allie and Julie asked me if I wanted to go to the Firemans Fair that was going on here in lynchburg this week. So I ended up tagging along with them last night. It is a cool little mini fair with rides and games and food.. and all that other good stuff that is at a fair. It kind of turned out to be a bad night for me though. We ended up going on one of those slides you go down on a potato sack... well On that ride I ended up bending my thumb nail back really bad to the point where it started to bleed. So that started off the night pretty good. (I really did have fun though.. even though it sounds bad). But anyway.. after that we played the bumpercars which was pretty cool. The next ride we chose to go on was the Twister.. I should have known better then going on this ride. Spinny things and Jeremy don't go very well together. If I was going to do it I should have at least saved it for last. But anyway.. the girls wanted to go on it.. and I wanted to apease them. So I got in line. Well.. after the ride was only a 1/4 of the way through I felt the ice cream coming back up. I tried my best to focus on a stationary object (Julie in this case) but sooner or later it was over for me.. and I was puking over the edge. In a sense I could say that looking at julie made me puke. =) Well, after that point I was pretty nausiated the rest of the night. Allie said I looked really pale too. I wasn't going to give up yet though.. I was really feeling out of it but I didn't want to ruin it for the girls so I continued on some more. The next ride I did ok on though. We did the ride where you go up really high and then you fall straight down. Since it only really lasts for a couple seconds I didn't have time go get sick on that one. After that we decided to try the ferris wheel. For that I was thinking.. ok I can do the ferris wheel. I mean nobody has ever thrown up on the ferris wheel before. Anyway the three of us go ahead and sit in one of the sections. As we get in the operator says that I should sit in the middle because the Guy always sits in the middle. But I told him.. just incase I puked I should stay on the edge. His words after that was "nobody ever has puked on the ferris wheel before" Boy did I show him. After it was about half way over it came all up again. This time it was really bad. I think I emptied my stomach on this one. I felt so bad because Allie and Julie had to sit with me for the rest of the ride. Not only that, it smelled pretty bad too =(. That is like the worst feeling in the world. But I think it was all worth it in the end.. as our section stopped and it was our turn to get out the operator who said nobody has ever puked before saw the rather large puddle under my feet. Man.. if only I had a camera that face he made was priceless, as I said "I'm very sorry but I think your going to have to clean this one up" I had quite a few stains on my pants after that though so we had to make the walk over to the food area so I could get something to drink to wash out that nasty taste and a few napkins to clean myself up. By this time I was feeling a little better. But I was still pretty nauseous. I decided I had to be done for the night with the rides. I just couldn't push myself to try again. I felt bad because the girls wanted to ride some more. They didn't end up going on anymore though. We ended up just leaving and going back to the church after that. I do want to make a quick comment though. Even though it sounded like a bad time for me. I really did have fun. I would probably do it again if I had the chance. The only thing I would do different is avoid any horizontal spining rides, or at least do them last. But Allie if you are reading this.. don't feel bad. I thought it was a great idea and I'm glad you invited me to come along. Anyway once we got back to the church we kind of hung out for a bit while I waited for Han to finish up with the worship team practice (they ended up going till around 10:30). Once they were all done and I helped close up, I took Allie and Han home. I felt really bad driving back home though. I was still dizy and queezy for the drive back. It was almost like driving made me car sick. I just felt bad the entire night. Once I get sick it just doesn't go away. It's almost like it affects my entire body and it actually becomes sick for real. But anyway.. because of that I just had to go pretty much right to bed I just couldn't stay up longer. (I really went to sleep at about 11:15 I just set the blog to post at 12:00 so it would count for the next day). So anyway.. that basicly catches myself back up on this. Now I can go ahead and start my next one soon. But for now.. I'm going to do a little reading first. Bye for now.
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Hey guys.. I forgot to blog last night.. and tonight I'm feeling really bad. I'm quezy and stuff so I don't think I'm up for staying up to catch up. I'll try and find time tomorrow to do that. I hope I feel better tomorrow. Anyway.. I'll fill you in later. Have a good night.
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Tuesday, July 20, 2004
Today was a pretty decent day at work. I'm starting to get the hang of "managing" at the shop. Today was cool though, Derek and I ended up getting in a conversation about the book of james. We were talking about how its cool because it is right up in your face and blunt. I was even able to answer a few questions for him about it. Unforutantly its been awhile since I've read the book of James so I wasn't fully ready for it. Tonight I read most of it, but I think I'll just read the rest of it tomorrow during my morning devotions. Anyway, after work I headed home for a short time to get some Dinner. I was planning on going over to the Donneberg's house for awhile tonight to watch a movie so I didn't go to Andy's I just went to my apartment and ate. Then around 7:00 I went over to "my house" and Allie and BJ and I watched a movie called the Rundown. I don't think either of them liked it all that much. It was based in Brazil though so Allie liked it because of that. I however didn't think it was horrible or anything. It's not like a gotta see movie or anything though. Allie was a little sick today and she still was a little on the down side when I was over there tonight. So if you all think about it, help me pray she'll get better and be able to go to work tomorrow. I hate to see people sick. I did get to let her lay there and watch a movie while I made her a bowl of soup though. Its cool being able to pamper someone. Both BJ and Allie ended up going to sleep around 10 tonight so I just came back here after that and wrote an e-mail and did a little bit of reading. The cats here are in a cuddly mood right now it seems. They keep rubbing up against me and sitting in my lap.. and then walking on the keyboard (thats a little annoying) but They are cool. I like them so far. So anyway.. I'm going to head to bed now I'm sleepy
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Monday, July 19, 2004
Today was the first day our new pastor was here. He sure did a nice job for his first sermon. I think he will make a great pastor for our church. I arrived just as normal early with Han for practice. I think I only got about 5 hours of sleep last night. Anyway, the service went very well today. After church was over I ended up hanging around talking with people and taking care of a few things. I ended up hanging out thier until around 1:30 today. One of the things I needed to do was get the pastor's family all setup at thier house with the internet and such. After leaving church I went back to Andy's house and ate lunch and just hung out there until it was time for me to leave and go meet up with BJ and Jo so we could all go pickup Allie in Danville. It was a nice ride down and it was great to see Allie again once we met up with her. She got an all new outfit this week and she was wearing when we got there. She looked so cute! After getting back to Lynchburg I helped unload the car and then decided to head back home (to andy's). I wanted to let them have some family time tonight. I wish I could have just hung out some more.. but I just felt like I needed to do that. So I just came back here and chilled for the rest of the night. I tried to get some reading done too, but I didn't do as much as I wanted. I ended up just having Han come over and we watched a movie since he just lives a couple blocks down the road from here. I was only able to read about 40 pages tonight. Oh well, I'll have the rest of the week to do more. So anyway.. that just about covers it for today. I'm really tired so I'm going to bed now.
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Sunday, July 18, 2004
This morning I had to wake up early once again and head off to work to open up the shop. Today was kind of nice though. It was fairly slow. Derek and I were able to watch a movie while we worked today. Once 3:00 rolled around Scott met up with me as I closed up the shop. I was going to go with him and hang out with him and a bunch of his friends from his church. We went over to thier house and just hung out and played some games and had pizza and stuff like that. There were 8 of us there after everyone arrived. I ended up needing to leave around 7:00 though because I had some things I needed to do tonight. I also needed to swing by and pick up Han because he was going to be staying with me again tonight so I could take him to church in the morning. So anyway.. Han and I just kind of chilled and work on our own things tonight. We were going to watch a movie but that didn't end up happening. He took a really long nap today though he told me so he isn't tired right now. So he actually just went in the other room and started to watch the movie. I'm not really tired right now yet, but I'm not going to be stupid and stay up to watch a movie either. So I'll just let him be and I'm going to head to bed. By the way I told Allie I was going to try and get to bed before 1:00 tonight. I think I may have just pulled it off. Anyway.. Night!
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Due to circumstanses.. I didn't write a blog last night to tell you what happend during the day. There were a few nice things that happend I thought I would share with you. Besides the fact that I once again had to run the shop at work on my own with help here and there from the new guy. I also had Chuck and Jo stop by my work today. They were wondering if we could switch out vehicles and make a trade for the day. They needed to go pick up some big plants from Roanoke (I think) and they wouldn't fit in thier car. But they would fit in my van quite nicely. So We made a quick swap and I finished off working the rest of the day. After work I was going to head over to the Donneberg's house and make the trade back again since they were supposed to be home by then. It turns out I was pulling in at exactly the right time and they had just got the van unloaded. So as I pulled in they pulled out of the driveway. (I thought they were just going to move to the spot I normally park so I could park thier car in the right spot). It turns out they didn't stop. I turned around and they were driving all the way down the street. I figured they were just messing with me and would be back soon. So while I waited for it to be over I just went inside and hung out with Jugee for awhile. But after 30 minutes passed, I decided I probably better call them and see what was going on. I had plans to pickup Han at 7:00 because we were going to go out to dinner together. By this time it was 6:55 and there was no word. They had no Idea I had to be somewhere by then so when I called them they were just like.. hey we're over at the cheveron station. So since I would be running late. I went ahead and called up Han. He ended up getting a ride from a friend at his work to the restarunt we were going to eat at. Meanwhile I drive on over and meet Chuck and Jo there to exchange cars. It turns out they were going to surprise me (and they did). They had completly washed my car inside and out! It looked so good. I was like hey thanks! But then Chuck said.. "I didn't do it for you.. I did it for Allie because you'll problby be picking her up on sunday" But I've been around him long enough to know.. that when translated to english that means. "Yep, I love you man". So anyway after we had finally made the swap and we said our goodbye's I was on my way to meet Han at the Super China Buffet. It wasn't so bad, by the time I got there he was only waiting about 5-10 minutes. That place has some good stuff for what it costs. I really like it. We ended up being there until about 8:30 stuffing our faces. After dinner I decided to just head back home for the night. But on my way home I stopped by the Pastors house to make sure everythign was going alright and make sure he got his laptop hooked up to the network and things work working well for him. He said all was good so I wasn't there too long. Anyway after that visit, I went and headed to Andy's place for the night. The cats were a little rambunxioius (spelling?) but they just needed some love I guess. After I got settled in I sat down and started working on my Tribute to Happy. I ended up talking to my Mom and Allie for part of the evening as well. I didn't get to bed till just after 2:00. Ok so anyway.. thats the fill in from yesterday!
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Saturday, July 17, 2004
I'm not going to blog as normal tonight. I'm going to have a night of silence for my dog Happy. You can view the Tribute to Happy by Clicking Here Have a good night!

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Friday, July 16, 2004
Well today was the day. I'm now in charge over at the shop for a little over  a week now. I have to take care of everything now that Andy is gone. I have to do all the bank deposits.. take care of billing and now even have to train the new guy by myself. Today was a long day to say the least. Scott did stop by the shop today to just say hi and pick up a couple things of his that he left there. I do miss having him around lately. Things did go pretty smoothly today though despite all my new duties. We'll see how long I can hold out I guess. After work I stopped by the church and I helped our new pastor move into his new temorary house (until they find a permant place)  For the first couple hours it was just me and about 3 other guys... but a little later up to about 13 people showed up. Once we had a huge amount of people I decided I was going to head out. My foot (that I think I may have broke) was really hurting from standing up most of the day. I also had a lot of things I needed to do tonight. Before going back to my place I stopped by the D-bergs to get something.. while I was there I helped them setup some things on there porch. After returning home I packed up some clothes and things and then Headed to Andy's house for the night. While he is gone on vacation, not only am I in charge of watching the shop for him I also have to watch his house and animals. So I'll be staying here most likely for the next week or so. Anyway I've been working on a project tonight. I couldnt quite finish it though, I had to put it on hold. I might be able to get it done tomorrow, I guess we'll see. I also was able to talk to Allie and My mom tonight too.. It was good to be able to do that. Anyway... I'm dozing off over here so I need to get to sleep... I have to wake up by like 7 tomorrow. So anyway.. Adios
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Thursday, July 15, 2004
I've kind of missed my chances to blog for the past couple of days. I've been busy helping out the Donnebergs and staying at thier house while they were gone to animal sit. But anyway.. I'll just fill you in on a couple things that happend in the past few days to try and catch up. We got a new guy working over at the shop now. His name is Derek. He actually just got saved three weeks ago so he is a brand new christain. Its kind of cool having him around so I can talk to him and teach him stuff about computers and about Christ. He just moved here from North Carolina. He is doing pretty good at adapting himself to the shop. He doesn't fill the hole that Scott left or anything.. but he might do an ok job of at least covering it. As I said earlier I have been staying at the D-bergs house to watch thier dog Jake. While I was there on Monday night I got a call from my Dad and Mom. They had to make the tough phone call and tell me my favorite Dog in the Whole Wide World my pet Happy had died that day. I was so sad. I know she was just a dog but it still felt as if my best friend had died. I tried to do ok but once I layed down to go to sleep Jake jumped up on me and tried to cuddle with me in bed just like Happy used to do. It was really hard that night not to think about. On the rare times I go home she was one of the main things I wanted to see. I don't know what I'll do now when I go home again. Anyway.. I have to change the subject now. I'm not sure what to change it to though.. other then those two things nothing much new has happend. I've just watched jake and have gone to work (full time now). Tonight at church I had to crawl around in the roof and re-wire all the computer network cables since we've moved the office. Dennis helped me too so it made it a little easier. During the service tonight I had to watch the kids and stuff though so I can't say what they talked about because I don't know. Oh also BJ is back in town now so I was able to stop by the Donneberg's house this afternoon around 2:00 and see her while I was out running service calls. I missed her a lot.. glad she is back now. I also was finally able to come home tonight and take care of a lot of things I haven't doen for like 4 days because I've been elsewhere.. its good to be back home to at least sleep here for another night.. Tomorrow night once again I'll be out at Andy's place to watch his animals. But anyway During the past few days I haven't been able to talk to Allie since she has been gone.. I was able to talk to her some tonight though so that was nice. Wish I could say more right now.. but its been a long day.. (I went to sleep at 2:30 last night and had to wake up at 8). So I'm tired.. I'll write more later.. night for now.
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Monday, July 12, 2004
Today I was really tired again when I woke up. I couldn't let that stop me though I had to get ready for church and then wake up Han so he could do his thing before we headed off to church for practice. I ended up being decently alert once we got to church and started practicing though. (the drive to church before that was a little "fun" though). The service was pretty good today. Chuck ended up doing the speaking. It was good. I don't get to hear him very often.. I think I've only heard him actually preach like 4-5 times (not including all those times at home or just talking to him one on one, or if he is in the congregation speaking out to answer a question). So yeah... that went pretty good. After church was over Han and I were going to go hang out for a bit. We ended up hanging out over at the Hartmans for awhile to just talk and stuff. I ended up falling asleep for like an hour in the middle of thier conversations. I woke up around like 4:00. I felt bad first of all because I fell asleep and didn't get to talk much to them. But second of all.. because I was hoping to leave around 3:30ish so I could stop by the Donneberg's and say good bye to Allie before she left for a week. Han told me he needed to leave by then anyway to get some stuff taken care of at home (I'm not sure why he didn't wake me up). But anyway.. after I woke up we kind of hurried out after that. I still had fun at thier house though during the time I was awake.. Its fun playing with the kids. So anyway after leaving I went ahead and dropped Han off at home and then called the D-bergs to see if I had gotten lucky and they were still home. I guess luck wasn't on my side though.. I think I missed them by about 20 minutes or so. *sniff* So instead I just went back home and packed some clothes stuffs because I was still going to be staying at the D-bergs for the next couple days to take care of Jake while they were out of town until Wednesdays. (man.. hows that for runon sentence). Before going to their place though I stopped by the church and I had to re-wire the network over there because they moved all the computer to the main building. I was able to get about half of it done but I wasn't able to do the rest without some help from somebody. So I packed up and went to hang out with Jake for the night. Since I had all the stuff to make networking wires I decided I would make one for the office downstairs at the Donneberg's house because they have a desk on the other side of the room that didn't have network support. So I got that all setup for them tonight. Other then that I just relaxed... but now it is time for me to hit the couch. I have to be at work by 10 tomorrow morning. TTYL.
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Sunday, July 11, 2004
Today was a crazy long day... but it turned out to be a great day. I started out the morning with my alarm going off at 5:30am. I didn't end up crawling out of bed until a little after 6:00 though. I wanted to be at the church by 7:00 this morning so I could work with the computers and stuff, but since I got up a little late I didn't make it until around 7:20. That was no big deal though, I still managed to get most of the computer equipment moved over to the new office. Other people started showing up around 8:00 to help move all the other furnisher. It worked out perfectly because by the time I had to go to work some more people came to take my place. I didn't feel so bad having to go because of that. Today things at work were pretty nice. It was Scott's last day on the job. We were kind of slow today too so we just kind of messed around today and played some games. I decided to buy some pizza for everyone for lunch today as a going away kind of thing for Scott. It turned out to be a pretty good day at the shop. Then after work the day got even better. Scott and Abbey had asked me if I wanted to go with them to see spiderman 2 with them this weekend. I had told Allie I was going to go see it with her so I asked if she could come along too. They were happy to have her as well. So it kind of turned out as a double date kind of thing. We didn't want to just go to some generic movie theater that was in lynchburg to see it though. Most of the theaters here are pretty stupid (comfort, video, and audio wise). So Scott wanted to go to the Theater in Roanoke. That theater is really nice... you basicly get your own recliner to sit in while you watch the movie. Before going to the movie though we all went out to dinner at a place called "Franks Pizza & Subs" It was a pretty decent place. (Wasn't really better then like going to subway though or anything). Anyway after dinner we then headed over to see spiderman!! In my opinion Spiderman 2 is better then the first one. There was this one part that I laughed at for like 10 minutes. The funny thing is... it wasn't really that funny but I couldn't stop laughing. When Allie asked me what I was laughing at I couldn't tell her without laughing. It was crazy times. (Just don't waddle like a penguine or anything). So anyway.. the movie was great! Being that it was about an hour drive back to lynchburg after seeing the movie we all just kind of talked about other movies and music and comic books on the way back. Then Scott gets into his little rants about things and goes on for a couple minutes about some things. We ended up getting back to Lynchburg about 10:30ish. Over all I had a great time. It was a lot of fun. After dropping Allie off back at home I swung by Han's house to pick him up so he could stay the night at my house tonight. Normally he would still be up right about now... but I think he must have been tired because he went to bed before midnight tonight. Anyway, speaking of "bed" I think I might want to head that direction too. I've been awake since like 5:30ish.... so yeah... I'm gonna do that.
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Saturday, July 10, 2004
Today was a pretty productive day. I was able to sleep in until a little after 9 today. After getting up I prepared for the day. I ended up leaving the house a little after 10:30. I made a stop by the bank to make a deposit and then headed to the Donneberg's house. I had a present to give to Jo for her birthday that was on the 6th. After my quick pit stop there I headed on over to the church to get started on moving the offices out of one building into the main building. It turns out the Chuck was already there moving out his stuff already. So I helped him gather his things. Shortly after that Allie, and Jo, and Step came by to help some too. I was only able to help them for a ittle while though as I had to be at work by 1:00. Luckily we managed to get almost all of it finished by then. After arriving at work Andy and I both needed to go out and setup some networking equipment and computers over at a local buisness here in lynchburg. It ended up taking roughtly 4 hours to do or so. We were out of the shop until around 4:30. (we did stop and pickup bahama snow shack on the way back though.) After getting back things seemed to go pretty fast and I was out of there before I knew it. Han and I were invited over to the Donneberg's house tonight after I got off work so once I got off I swung by Han's place to pick him up and we both headed over to "my house" Almost the whole family was there tonight. Both RJ and Stephanie were there so it made the evening pretty fun with all the people. The only person missing was Brittany =(. Anyway, we just kind of chilled out tonight. Han and RJ did some Guitar music for awhile. Then we all had some dinner and watched "A walk to remember". I ended up heading out a little after 12 tonight. Tomorrow I need to wake up at about 5:30am because I have to be at church early tomorrow to get some more things moved out of the offices before I need to be at work. Then also tomorrow is Scott's last day at the shop so I'm not sure how that will all play out. But we shall see. Anyway.. I need to get to bed so I can rise early tomorrow. Bye for now!
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Friday, July 09, 2004
This morning was a fairly relaxing morning. I didn't have to be at work until 1:00 again. So I was able to just start out slow this morning and sleep in for a bit. I attempted to have a bowl of cereal for breakfast this morning. It turned out that the Milk had soured on me though. I hadn't been shopping since before working at the fireworks stand so that milk has been sitting in there for just over two weeks now. I had already poured the milk into the cereal by the time I realized it though. I did dump the rest of the milk.. but I decided to try and eat the cereal anyway so I didn't have to waste all the cereal too. It didn't end up being too bad, its not something I would choose to do again. But I'm not dead lol. Today things at work picked up for a little bit. In the middle of the day Allie had wrote me and told me she had called the HA and told them she wouldn't be going this January. It was actually a pretty hard thing for her to do I think. I was thinking about that a lot today after she told me. By the time work was nearing the end of the day we kind of slowed down again and we ended up resorting to standing around a lot. After work was over I decided to make a stop at the Grocery store to replace the milk that had soured. While I was there I had a few other things I needed to get anyway. Once I returned back home I made a quick bite to eat and then sat down to work on writing and e-mail. I started working on it at about 7:30 and I finally finished it up and sent it at about 12:30. It ended up being really long. I sure hope it was encouraging though. Anyway.. thats pretty much all I did today. It got late on me again so I should probalby head to bed. Night!
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Thursday, July 08, 2004
This morning I was able to sleep in until around 9:00 or so. I ended up having to wake up at about 8:00 though to let Jake outside because He needed to use "the bush". I ended up hooking him up out there and I went back to sleep for another hour or so. After getting up for the second time I had to try and find something for Jo and I didn't have any luck.. (she ended up finding it where she was). After that I showered and got ready for the day. Then I ended up scrounging up a bowl of cereal for breakfast and I ate that while I had my devotions. Jo and Allie ended up getting back shortly after I had started those. So I went up to say hi quickly but went back downstairs to finish up after that. I ended up just hanging out with them this morning until I had to be at work by 1:00. Allie had to clean the church this afternoon too so I dropped her off there on my way to work. I had another service call I needed to do today at work so I ended up being out of the shop again for a couple hours working on that. Scott told me I could drive his mustang to it if I wanted to. So of course I said yes and went to the service call in style. Other then that work was mostly on the slow side today. Near closing time things picked up a little bit though so tomorrow we should have more work to do. After work I had to swing by Liberty to pickup Han from work to get him to church tonight. He didn't actually get off until 6:30 though.. so we ended up being about 15 minutes late. Fortunatly on wednesday we don't normally start on time anyway. Tonight the subject was on spiritual gifts so we talked about that. Afterwards I ended up staying around until 9:30 to help out with the worship team practice and then give Han a ride back home. After getting back to my house I ended up reading for awhile. I was able to finish the book I have been reading lately. It was pretty good. I'll probably have Allie read it next, I think she would learn from it too. I also worked on getting some more pictures up on my website tonight. I added a few more pictures from the memorial day camping trip and I put up all the pictures from my time working in the Fireworks Tent. So you should all go check those out www.jerdill.com/photos. Ok well anyway.. I think thats it for me tonight.. I'm going to retire to my squish. Night!
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Wednesday, July 07, 2004
This morning I did have a chance to sleep in a little bit. Andy ended up calling me at about 9:20 though just as I was getting up to ask me if I could come in early to work today to take care of some service calls at a new buisness. I didn't really have much else that I needed to do this morning so I told him I could probably get there around 11:00 or so. The service call was fairly straight forward today and it ended up only taking about 2.5 hours. After that when I returned to the shop things were actually pretty slow again today. It's always nice to work some more to get in some more hours to raise that paycheck a little.. but today I didn't really need to. Once I had that service call done it was mostly stand around at the shop. Oh well can't win em all. Today while I was at work I ended up getting a call from Chuck asking if I could take care of thier Dog Jake while they were out of town today and part of tomorrow. Then about an hour later Allie ended up calling and asking the same thing. I think they really wanted me to do it or something lol. So I ended up saying I would and thats where I'm at now. After work was over I headed home for a little bit to grab some stuff and then came over here. It kind of looked like they had to leave in a hurry this morning, things were a little bit of a mess. So while I was here tonight I decided I would clean up some stuff for them. Jake is getting pretty tired it looks like.. he is dozing at my feet right now. Normally he sleeps with Allie on her bed.. I hope he can be content sleeping on the floor next to the couch with me tonight. But anyway.. I'm actually getting sleepy too.. so its not all Jake. I think I probalby should head to bed. Its just after 2am. So with that.. I'm gonna get some sleep
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Tuesday, July 06, 2004
Today was a very good day.. A lot of stuff happend. I had a lot on my mind this morning too when I woke up. My mind was all over the place so much, I think when I showered in the morning I forgot to wash my hair. I was planning on talking to Chuck this afternoon about some things I've been wanting to talk to him about for a little over a month. I was mostly thinking about that. The day finally came where I would have the opportunity. We ended up meeting for an early lunch at "Country Cooking". I had been awake since 7:00 this morning so I would be ready incase there were some more things to be done with the fireworks equipment before we met. But it turns out they didn't need me in the morning so I just did a lot of reading in the morning and I stopped by the church for a bit too. I ended up stopping by one of the other fireworks stands that some other friends of ours were running and seeing if they needed help packing up stuff. Nobody ended up being there at the time. Brian from Oakloahoa ended up calling me too and I had a chance to help him out this morning. Anyway Chuck and I were finally able to meet at about 11:45. We ended up talking for about an hour and a half or so. I would say it was fairly productive. I got quite a few questions answered. We did have to kind of push it near the end though because we had to be on the other side of Roanoke for a 3:00 appointment in order to return our un-sold fireworks inventory. So after finishing up with lunch we both headed back to pick up Jo and Allie at the House. When we got there we decided to have some fun and walk in the house like we were both drunk. I think the girls just thought we were stupid though.. (oh well, whats new) lol =).. We had to take two vehicles down to Roanoke to drop off all the stuff because one was packed too full to have more then one passenger. Since chuck and I finally had our "talk" I was able to take Allie in my car while Chuck and Jo went in the other vehicle. Allie and I followed them to the drop off location. The whole process to return everything ended up taking about three hours. It was actually kind of annoying because most of that time was just waiting for our turn. Oh well.. we finally have everything done and that can be off our minds. (I still have to put pictures up online from it though.. maybe this week I'll get them done). After finishing up there we had some dinner at Shoneys and then headed back to Lynchburg. Chuck tried to challenge me with the ol' "catch me if you can" ploy... so the race was on. Due to some circumstances that turned out in my favor Allie and I ended up taking the lead and pushing ahead quite a ways. We made it to the church probalby a little over 5 minutes before they got there. Haha... eat my dust (maybe I should say eat my sand.. then it would be "South Beach" friendly). Anyway, after chuck and Jo dropped off the van they all piled in my car and we swung by some other friends house to pick up thier truck. Then we were able to return home. It had been a long day for all of us and we were ready to relax. Jo, Allie, and I decided to watch Pearl Harbor tonight. Jo didn't make it all the way through though... she ended up going to bed before it even got to the middle. Near the end of the movie I was fighting falling asleep. But I made it! I think it had been over three years since I had seen that movie last. Its a great movie. After it was over I headed back home to retire for the night.
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Monday, July 05, 2004
too tired again to blog.. plus I need to get some sleep. I have a possible big day tomorrow. Don't worry though.. things should be settled by mid week then I'll be able to write a real entry for you all. Night!
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Sunday, July 04, 2004
Have a great Independance Day!!!
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Well, tonight I'm not so tired I can't write anything.. I do have to wake up early tomorrow for practice at church though. But I'm going to go ahead and fill you all in on some of the stuff I"ve been up to. Things have been pretty crazy for me lately. Not only physically with the fireworks stand, but also spiritually and emotionally. In one of my blogs to come, I'll probably share with you all, some of the things I've been learning lately through it all. I can't really do that tonight though because I don't quite have the time unfortunatly. I'm just going to have to give you all the watered down factual information about what I've been up to physicaly. I'll start from after my last "real" blog on Sunday night (Monday morning). Monday and Tuesday were actually very simple days to report on. I did sleep in the tent again those nights and I woke up and took a shower over at the church office each morning. I helped open up the fireworks place and hung out for a little while until I had to go to work. Both days work seemed to be pretty slow it kind of made the day seem like forever. Then on Tuesday they wanted me to stay for a little while after work to hang out/work some. I told them I could, but only for a short while because I had duties over at the fireworks stand. Then again each night after work I was helping out until closing time with the D-bergs. On Wednesday before we opened the tent, Jo and I made the hour and a half drive down to Danville to pick up Allie. (She was finally coming back... I was excited). On the way back they stopped for breakfast and then we made it back only about an hour after Chuck opened so it all worked out pretty well. I ended up needing to go to work again around 12:30ish for another slow day at the shop. Then once again I returned back to the tent that evening. That was the last night I ended up staying there though. Thursday was pretty much the same schedule (tent, work, tent). Except Chuck thought I was sick that day and decided to releive me for that night so I could go back and rest up. Every night since, there has been another volunteer to come and help out. During the day though I still work hard laboring selling those fireworks. On Friday when I actually had to go to work, instead of needed to hang out at the shop where it has been slow lately I had a service call over at New Covenant Schools. I ended up doing work over at the school for about 4 hours on Friday.. It sure beats standing around trying to find something to do. After work that day I was really really hungry and very much in the mood for a Subway Sandwich. So before going back to the tent on Friday I called and took orders from the Tent crew on what they wanted from subway for dinner (my treat). So they all got thier stuff and I got mine. I ended up ordering a foot long Sub. I originally asked for the Italian BMT.. but then I told them that whatever meat doesn't normally come with that to just add all the rest of it as well... I also had them put on every single topping they offer as well. When all was said and done my sandwich weighed more then all the other orders put together. But I'll tell you what.. I was so hungry I finished the entire thing. It was soooo good. I had been looking forward to a sandwich like that for like two days. Friday the sales picked up quite nicely at the tent, we made out fairly well that day. That night another Gentlemen decided to stay watch that night. So once again I was able to go home and sleep in my own bed. I was sooo tired though I didn't even have the strength to blog (as you can tell from the post that night).

Now I finally caught up to today... today I had to be at work by 10 because I needed to open up the shop this morning for Andy. So before going to work a little early I stopped by the stand and helped open up the sides of the tent before going off to the shop for the day. Andy had taken the day off today because his brother was in town so Scott and I were the only ones to run things today. Luckly is was another slow day so we didn't really have trouble keeping up. After work today I went back to the tent for the rest of the day. We were fairly swamped today selling fireworks left and right. We almost had a constant stream of customers today. It was really good. The worship team had practice today so I had to go over and help them for a bit today as well. Once practice was over Han came over and joined us to help in the tent. It was fun having him around to make fun of most of the day =).. He even bought some fireworks and we set some off near the street to draw attention to our stand. I don't know if it worked or anything.. but it was still fun. Han and I had to end up leaving tonight early before they closed the tent because we needed to get a friend back home before 11:00. On the way dropping him off I ended up seeing Andy riding a motorcycle with his brother around town. He had pulled up along side me while waiting at a stop light.. it was funny seeing him just pull up really close and look in the window. Anyway.. after dropping off our friend we had to run by Liberty so Han could take care of something really quick at the radio station. Once we finally got back to my apartment for the night I decided to scrounge up something to eat. It turns out that for just over a week now I haven't eaten anything from my house. I didn't even know if anything was still eatable. But it turns out there were only a few peices of bread with mold on them and some of the things in the fridge looked a little funny.. but tasted as they should. So I hope that it all doesn't go to waste too quickly. Anyway.. I need to wake up by 6:30 tomorrow morning in order to get to church for practice. I can't really write much more. So I'm off to bed. But as I said earlier... In an entry to come soon I'll probably be telling you about some of the things I've been learning lately. So anyway.. until then have a great night!
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Friday, July 02, 2004
I wish I could stay up and blog for tonight.. because I still have all that stuff I need to say.. but I am soooooo tired. I can barely concentrate to write this. I'll try again tomorrow. =(
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Thursday, July 01, 2004
I'm back home for a night tonight... I'm not allowed to stay up and blog however. I know I have a lot to talk about though. I guess you will all have to wait until tomorrow night (I think I'll be here then too). G'night
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