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Friday, December 30, 2005
hey, I've really been bad at this blog thing lately. Looks like I missed another day. Last night was really rough for me though. I wouldn't have been able to concentrate on blogging anyway. I ended up working a pretty full day yesterday. (From 8am to 6:30) Then after work I headed over to the church and had a really good conversation with my pastor about some stuff. We ended up talking until around 8:30. Then after leaving the church I ended up going bowling with Jonathan and his family. Thats when things started getting rough. It was a special bowling night and it was only 99cents per game that night. So it brought out a lot of people. Well along with those people came clouds and clouds of smoke. It was really bad. We were there for three hours playing three games and all the smoke ended up making me physically sick. I ended up throwing up a little bit in the bathroom and then about 40 minutes after that I felt it coming again. I didn't even get to the bathroom that time and I ran outside. The second time was really bad it basicly emptied my stomach of anything, and got to the point where I was just gagging dry heaves. It was really nasty and I hate that feeling. Everybody was just finishing up bowling at that time anyway and I had told jonathan to just bowl for my turn if I wasn't there so he knew what was going on. I didn't end up playing anymore after that nasty pukage. We left shortly afterwards anyway. But it was still really bad for me. I hung with me all night and even through work today my stomach has been nausiated and feeling really upset. I downed like half a bottle of peptobismal with no success. Allie and Jo stopped by work and gave me some gingerale though. I think that may have helped some. Its starting to subside now though. I still don't feel completely normal, but I am quite a bit better. Anyway so today was quite a challenge for me at work and I almost ended up leaving early. But by the time I had a chance to leave, I was felling a little better. Tonight and Last night I've been staying to Jonathan's house. Its actually been pretty fun. His internet is not working right now at his house though, so We stopped by somewhere we could have some wireless net acess for a bit. But now we are going to head back and go get some sleep. Night!
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Thursday, December 29, 2005
Hey everybody, I made it back to lynchburg tonight. I was in NC all day today still and I left tonight around 8:40 to come back so I'll be here for work in the morning. Today was another slow day again, but at least it was still relaxing. I played with Dan for a bit, then hung with allie and the family here and there. Allie made cookies and I kept her company in the kitchen while she did that. Oh, Allie, Sam and I also went to the mall again today. Allie had a gift certificate she wanted to go cash in on. While we were there we found some photo booth things. I've wanted to do one of those for so long and we finally had our chance. They have not worked well for us lately. One we tried awhile ago was out of paper, another one was out of ink and the print out was not even all there. Another we both got in and were about to put money in, then found out it wasn't turned on. They just would never work for us. Finally though, we had our chance today. The pictures turned out really nice too. It was a lot of fun. I'll get those on my website next time I upload stuff too. Tonight I also had the opportunity to meed Allie's cousin Erich. She has talked about it quite a bit and i finally got to meet him. It was cool. We had a pretty good seafood meal tonight with salmon and shrip too. It was really good. After dinner Allie and her cousin and the boys played a little bit of Dance Dance Revolution on the playstation. I'm so bad at the game it won't work when I try.. it just explodes on me. I try to stay away because of the potental damages I could cause. Possibly death from insane laughter from the onlookers too. Not worth the trouble. Its sure is fun to watch Allie do it though, she is pretty good at it. Anyway after all that I hit the road to get back here tonight. I got back around 10:30 or so. I made pretty good time. Anyway I just wanted to catch up with you all, but I better get to bed, I have to be at work by 8am tomorrow. Night!
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Tuesday, December 27, 2005
Man, these last few days have been filled with so much cool stuff. I wish I had time to go over all of it. Christmas day was a lot of fun, I missed my family back home, but my family here took care of me really well. I love them all so much. I got a lot of new clothes. I really did need them though. Its not like I would ever go shopping for myself unless Allie came with me or something. They got me some good stuff. My sister even sent me some really cool clothing items as well, including a nice winter coat. It should all be fun. Allie also really liked her new laptop she was basicly speechless as she saw it, it was great! I ended up getting her a new bible for christmas as well and she was glad to have it. She was extremly happy to see all her fun stuff. I enjoyed watching her in her excitment. She is so astonishingly cute! I have quite a few more pictures I can add and show you all possibly in the next few days.

Today I slept in until around 9:40 or so and that was nice to be able to do again. I ended up getting called by my work this morning too just as they opened up shop with questions about the server. The rest of the morning was pretty slow but good. Britt ended up going with me to get a hair cut around noon. It was fun to have some time with her to hang. She is pretty fun! After getting back from my hair cut, Allie and I left shortly after that to North Carolina to her dad's house. We had to take two cars this time though and that was really annoying. I wasn't able to stay the whole time since I still had to work and stuff so I'll have to leave wednesday sometime. It was a three hour drive to her dads today and I think I was on the phone with my work about 1 1/2 to 2 hours of the trip. It worked out nice though so I could have something to do during the drive. I think they are on track with the server setup now though and I hope it goes pretty smoothly for them the next few days. I am expecting a few more phone calls though. I hope I am able to stay here the whole time though. If I am able to stay until wednesday I would be able to meet one of Allie's cousins that I have wanted to meet for a really long time. I'm looking forward to that. After arriving here today earlier this evening Allie opened up the rest of her christmas gifts from her dad and she ended up getting a printer and some more accessories for her laptop. She was thrilled about the printer though as she has sooo needed one lately. We ended up playing with her new toys most of the eveing. We did some fun digital camera pictures and then tried to print them all out It was cool. Anyway it ended up getting pretty late on us though and we needed to head to bed. So I am going to have to go do that now. I don't have any specfic time I need to wake up though that is always nice. Night Everyone!
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Saturday, December 24, 2005
Merry Christmas Eve everyone! I fell asleep last night on the couch before I had a chance to blog at all. I ended up waking up at 5:30am and realizing what happend... so I just scrounged up a blanket and a pillow then fell asleep again. I had to run the shop yesterday all by myself and it was pretty rough. I was glad to be done when I was done. It has sure been nice to relax today though. I used the extra time to add pictures to my photo album website. You can look at the new ones at Photo Album. I have pictures on there with me and my beenie that people have wanted to see. They are under the christmas section. (I still have more pictures to add there). Anyway, take a look and have fun with that. I am going to go hang with my VA family. Hope all of you Seattle family have a great christmas. I will miss you!!!
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Friday, December 23, 2005
Well, it looks like I forgot to blog last night.. my bad.. The only thing you really missed hearing about though was that we played dirty santa game at church and I came out with a chocolate bar and some weird ornament of some sort. I got a stuffed animal too but I gave that to Allie. Anyway, it was fun.

Today I had to work all day again and we were very busy today. I was glad to be done by the time it got to be 6:00. After getting back home I munched on some leftovers around the house and did my devotions since I ran out of time this morning. I then went and helped britt figure out her new digial camera. I ended up taking a picture of myself so you all can see me with my beard and beanie. I'll try and get that on my site eventually. This evening I hung out with Chuck as we went and did some computer stuff over at a friend of his' house. It was pretty nice to chill with him for an evening. That pretty much covers it though so I should head to bed.
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Wednesday, December 21, 2005
Man it got so late. Its already 2:30 on me. I was gone most of the day though, I went to work at 10 then directly after work I picked up Allie and we went to Allie's Christmas party with her work. It was a rather interesting party. The food was great but the "entertainment" not so great. It was nice to be with my baby tonight though. She looks so extremely cute tonight too. Anyway after the party Allie and I went and talked for awhile somewhere around town and then returned home at about 11:00. I actually had a bunch of things I still needed to get done this evening too and i've been working on it until just now. I better get to bed being that I have to get up around 7:30 tomorrow. Night!
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Tuesday, December 20, 2005
Had to go to work for the full day today, we were extremely busy too. We were going to try and clean some stuff up today, but that didn't work out. We just stayed afloat with the regular work we had today. After getting off I came back home and ate a quick dinner (it was really good though) and then we rushed to the mall so the girls could go shoppping before it closed tonight. I don't even know if they all found what they needed. But anyway we got back home again around 10:30 and then started a movie "Its a wonderful life" at about 11:30. It sure got late though and now its almost 2:00 by the time we all get to bed. I have to wake up early still and get to work. I better go to bed. Night!
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Monday, December 19, 2005
Today I ended up sleeping through my alarm. Jo woke me up just in time though and I had to rush to get ready this morning to make it to church in time for worship team practice. I made it only a few minutes late too. Its a good thing too because there was a lot of things I needed to get setup for this mornings service audio/visual wise. The service ended up going very well this morning though. After church I went with allie, britt, han and mike for a walmart trip then we dropped mike off at the airport for his flight home. We then came back to the D-bergs and had the privledge of spending the afternoon with steph and scott. They all exchanged christmas presents and such too. They had got me a gift as well and I really like it. It is an air powered prop plane. I haven't flown it yet to see how it works though. The Donnebergs ended up getting them a new BBQer that was really cool. Oh also I got a gift today in the mail too. Its really weird that they delivered it on sunday, I didn't expect that but it was cool. I even had a few gifts I could open right away. Thanks Gramma! After the two left Allie and I went out and rented a couple movies and returned home for the night. We watched a movie called "Amistad". I have talked about it before and that it was really cool, so if you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend it. After the movie was over we all just hung out and talked for awhile. It was pretty fun. But now I should head to bed. So Night to all!!
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Sunday, December 18, 2005
Today started out pretty routine. I had to wake up early and get on over to work for the day. Things were pretty slow there today too, we just did a bunch of cleaning and organizing. After work I then went over to see an awards ceremondy for Jonathan. It was really cool to see him get his award. It seemed like a pretty big deal. The refreshment setup afterwards was really awsome too. It was nice to be able to sit and hang with Jonathan for awhile. After the ceremony I called my parents and talk to them for a good while and just as I finished up with them, I had a call from Han and I went to go help him move off campus. It actually went pretty quickly and we were done by 7ish, just in time to meet up with Britt, Allie, and Mike to go to dinner. We decided to go to the Texas Inn for Dinner. It is apparently a famous lynchburg diner. I don't know why it was, I thought it was kinda stupid and the food wasn't even that great. I probalby won't ever go back. After that we instead just went to a place called Paneria (not sure on that spelling) but anyway, they specialize in bread stuff and bakery type things. It was a nice place. I really liked it there. After that we ended up going to see "The Legend of Zoro" It was a really good movie and I liked it a lot. We didn't get back to the house tonight until about 12:15 though. So it got pretty late on us. I need to wake up early for church tomorrow too so I should get to bed. Night!
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Saturday, December 17, 2005
Today I slept in, it was so nice. Then I had a slow morning getting ready for work. I didn't have to be at work till 1:00 still today so I took advantage of it. Work went well today though, didn't really have anything too exciting go on though. After work today was when the fun started though. We had a dessert theater at my church, and it was really funny. I did one of the dramas tonight too and everybody said I did really good. So I guess it did. I was glad too. Over all the show was great though and It was very entertaining. After the show I setup for powerpoint for sunday and came back to the Donnebergs for the evening. We just sat around and talked about duct tape most of the evening. Hows that for good conversation? =). Anyway, I gotta head off to bed now though. I still have to work in the morning. NIght!
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Friday, December 16, 2005
Hey Today was my last day of exams, but because of the ice storm it ended up getting cancelled. That was really good too because it was for my english class and I was not looking forward to that exam at all. I'm not sure exactly what he is going to do with the points for that exam we didn't do though. I would probably get a B out of that class if he just keeps the current score. Anyway I was able to use that extra time by going to the book store on campus and getting the list of books I need for next semester. I'll probably try to get those ordered in the next few days. I also met up with Jonathan for a little bit, and we talked for a while. That was cool cause I haven't seen him in awhile. I then cleaned and packed up my room so I could leave campus today. I managed to get it all done on time and head to work. Once I got to work though, they ended up telling me they didn't really need me because they hadn't had any customers all morning because of the storm, and also the internet was down too and they couldn't really do much anyway. So I ended up getting the day off of work to. That was nice. It made it possible for me to go spend some time with my pastor this afternoon. I ended up getting to the church at about 1:00 and we talked and hung out until around 5:00. It was really good! After leaving church I came on over to the Donnebergs house and "moved in" It will sure be nice to just hang out here for awhile. I had a pretty good relaxing evening. Jo made a great dinner tonight too. The girls went out shopping tonight too, so while they were gone I did some gift wrapping. I got basicly all of it done, that was nice. Anyway so I just relaxed after doing that and kinda fell asleep while we all waited for brittany to get here. She finally pulled in at around 1am. It was a great thing to see her. She was so excited to be here again. It should be fun to have her around again. Everyone else went to bed now though and I really need to as well. I am so tired tonight for some reason. Good night!!
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Wednesday, December 14, 2005
Today I had another final. I already got the score back on that and it was a 78. I figured it was pretty decent. I should be getting either a B or an A in that class.. It going to be one of those borderline ones. Anyway, I aren't going to write too much again tonight because I want to get to bed now. I hate this being sick thing, its not working out too well for me. I am going to attempt to go flying tomorrow morning at 8am. If I wake up and feel ok I'll give it a try. Other then that I don't have anything tomorrow besides work. Thursdays my big exam though. I've been trying to memorize stuff for that class for the past two weeks. Its pretty rough. Anyway.. going to bed now. Night!
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Tuesday, December 13, 2005
Still Finals, still pushin that final stretch! Night!
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Monday, December 12, 2005
Church today, Potluck christmas lunch after church, to the D-bergs for some chill time for a bit, back to church for about an hour to practice for a skit, back to the D-bergs for the rest of the evening. Still a decent day today.. have to blog quick though since I have a final tomorrow.. Gotta be ready for it! Night!
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Sunday, December 11, 2005
Today was just a plain day, nothing too exciting, but just keepin on. I woke up and went to work like any other typical saturday morning. All things went well at work right up until the last 30 minutes. We ended up finding out we had mixed up computers with one customer and another customer. Since I've been there I don't think that has happend before, but long story short, we ended up formating a computer that wasn't supposed to be formated.. It could have been worse though, but it looks like we were able to recover all the necessary files they needed. Almost had some deep water there for us though. Oh also I was going to fly today, but I ended up cancelling because of my bad head cold and how I've been feeling lately. It was kind of sad too. I am rescheduled for wednesday though so I hope I am up for it by then. Anyway after work since I didn't go flying I ran by the church to setup for sunday, then returned to my dorm and studied the rest of the night. I've been in here ever since. I got quite a bit done though actually. Its been a productive evening. I think I"m going to call it in for the night though. Bye all!
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Saturday, December 10, 2005
Today was a really great day. I dind't have any classes. First of all Liberty was on 2 Hour delay because of the ice storm we had so everybody first thing was convocation this morning. Once I got to convocation I was able to sit anywhere I wanted so that was nice, I was able to go sit next to Allie. It was the big Christmas Convo this time and it was pretty funny. Some of the past years were really a lot better but this was still pretty great. After convo Allie and I grabbed some lunch to go and we went and spent a little time with her parents before we had to head to work. Work was pretty normal except that my voice is going out so that made it a little difficult to talk on the phones but I survived it. After work I returned to my dorm to get some studying done and a little nap. Allie and I were going to be going to a late night coffee house show tonight in the Vines Center and it was going to go pretty late. So I wanted to just come back from it and go right to bed. The Show was really really good too. First of all we were having trouble finding a seat but then a guy in my prayer group, Harry Fike, ended up having seats saved for people and Allie and I were honored to be offered some of them. They were really really good seats too! Thanks Harry! But anyway some of the bands were really good, others not so good. Allie's favorie group was a team of guys that came out and did some really neat dance routine. It was pretty good. Another group came out and did some Trans-Cyberian Orchestra type stuff. I knew three of the guys in that group and they did a really good job. It was so fun. The show ended up going until 2:00am so I didn't get to bed till like 2:15. But it was worth it because we had a blast. Anyway Gotta go now!
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Friday, December 09, 2005
I was feeling a little better today. My head is still clogged though and I don't like that. I was able to make it to all my classes though and I survived work too. This evening we had open dorm night and I was able to go hang out in Allie's dorm for about an hour and she came to hang out in mine for about an hour too. That was pretty fun. I wish they could let that happen a little more often. Anyway after that we had our last hall meeting and prayer groups of the semester and that ended up going pretty well. WE had fun in my group tonight. We also had a good time of prayer as well. One big prayer request for tonight is for my dad though, it sounds like he broke his arm falling off a ladder today at work. He will be needing surgery to fix it up right too. Unfortunatly I don't know too many other details at the time but just think of him and lift him up. My voice is starting to go away now too, I hope it doesn't quit completely after I sleep with it like this. Tomorrow I don't have any classes, so today was offically my last day of regular class. I still have finals next week though, but it should all work out ok. Anyway, I need to get to bed so I can get better I hope. Night!
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Wednesday, December 07, 2005
Well, I ended up taking the day off work today. I came back to my room after having lunch with Allie and I slept/layed down most of the day till like 5:00ish. I hope it helped my a little bit. I am going to need to be at work tomorrow. By the way, I did have a final exam today though in my Creation Studies Class. I'm pretty sure it went ok all I really needed was 20 points and I passed the class. Anyway after I finaly got up again at like 5:00 I went to dinner at an Aviation party type thing on campus. They had pizza and It kinda made me feel weird after eating it. I didn't eat too much of it. I got a certificate showing I did my Solo flight though so that was cool. I then just came back to my room again after that and skipped chuch this evening. I used that time to catch up on some homework and things I needed to do. So that way it would enable me to go to bed earlier. So yeah.. I'm going to head off to bed before midnight tonight!
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Yesterday was a really really great day. It was Allie and my 8th month anniversary from when we started dating. We've held out strong together and with God's grace on our relationship and it has been so completely awsome. It started out being a fairly typical day, but then after work I picked allie up to give her a ride to dinner. I drove right past the campus dinning hall though and she was like, "where are we going" and I was like.. "we're going to dinner" it was cool cause she got a big grin and said, "Oh we are going out tonight!" LOL. SO I took her to applebees for dinner and the meal was pretty good. Unforunatly I was feeling kind of sick last night and I didn't really have that big of an appetite. The food was good though. Oh by the way one of the dishes ended up taking like half an hour to get brought out to us so they gave it to us for free. It was great.. I ended up just giving what I would have paid for the dish as a tip instead. I hope that blesses our waitress in some way. After dinner we just had a random and spontaineous desision to go see a movie afterwards. Turns out the next showing for the movie we wanted to see was an hour away though, so we went out and did some shopping for christmas instead. I also bought a beanie.. I bet you all have never seen me in one of those before. Allie said I look good in it though, so I'm now wearing a beanie for when it is cold outside. There was one hat I tried on and Allie just cracked up when she saw it, needless to say I didn't end up getting that one though. But she sure is cute when she is laughing at me.. I should make that happen more often. Oh wait... it already does =) j/k. She is so great! We ended up pushing shopping to the limit though and we had to rush back to the theater to get there on time. We did make it though and we watched "Flight Plan" it was kind of a suspense movie but it was good/weird. We did enjoy it and it might be worth watching once. If you don't know, its about a woman that loses her child on an airplane and the movie is about the hunt for her child, but there are all kinds of twists and new plot additions thrown in throughout. Anyway after the movie we parked my car and walked across campus in the "bitter" cold. I wore my beanie too! Anyway I was feeling really out of it last night from this sickness so I decided to blow off my studies and my blog too, and just go to bed fairly quickly after we got back. Today it hit me pretty hard though and I am debating going to work or not. We'll see how I feel by that time. Anyway I had a quick minute to write this because my class got out kind of early. But I should get to convo now. TTFN.
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Tuesday, December 06, 2005
I just happend to come across a post I wrote in October of 2002 Click to Read Oct. 11th, 2002 I think it was the comments that were the funniest. How come Danny never writes anymore. I hope he hasn't gone completely insane!
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Today started out with snow coming down outside. It really did look pretty, but I don't really like having to walk around campus in it or drive to and from work in it. Its not really fun unless I can play in. Anyway my first class today was accounting and we are just reviewing for our final next week. After that I had convo and on the way there Allie popped up behind me and grabbed me cause I guess she got out of class a little early. It was a nice surprise to see her when I didn't expect that. I still had to head to my dorm first to swap books before it started though so we didn't get to talk long. Convo today was really good though and I enjoyed it so that was a nice. After convo I had one more class for the day and then was able to go each lunch with Allie before work. Work was nice today, we got quite a bit accomplished since we didn't have too many customers because of the snow.. we still were really really busy though catching up from a crazy weekend. After work I made it back to campus and picked up my lovely girl of mine at her dorm then we went to dinner. We then had our prayer leader final exam after dinner. I think we did pretty well on it. Allie said she got it all.. I think I may have missed one sentence of a verse though. Anyway after that meeting Allie and I went and talked about a book we are reading then we had a challenging talk over some stuff. WE then had to both get some homework done. I was able to finish a paper I needed done, she still had some math to take care of though but we ended up coming back to the dorms by then anyway. I really should start to get to bed now though. I guess I still have to do that sometimes. Night!

PS. I ended up getting a perfect score on that accounting project I had due last week. It was great to find that out!!!
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Monday, December 05, 2005
Hi everybody, this is Allie. I am blogging for Jeremy because he is super tired and needs to go to bed. He got to the church at 7:30 this morning to do the power point because he didn't have another chance to do it. Church was pretty good and then he came to my house for the rest of the day like always. Smitty came over too and we had really good chili. He did just a little bit of work and then some of my parent's friends came over. . . . . for a really long time. They had two cute little kids that he played with for the whole time (like four hours) and that was pretty fun, but unfortunately neither of us got much homework done. It was fun, but it was a pretty long interruption. Other than that, nothing too exciting happened that I can recall. Tomorrow we are supposed to get 6-10 inches of snow and it's going to be really cold!

To all of you people in Washington and Lynchburg - Jeremy has hardly gotten any comments at all in a long time, and its pretty sad. He blogs faithfully with no reward . . . poor guy. Show the love - leave a comment.

Enough said. Goodnight all.
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Sunday, December 04, 2005
Today a lot of things happend. First I was able to sleep in a little bit this morning since I don't have to be at work till 10:00, so I slept till around 8:30. I so could have slept for a lot longer then that though. Anyway after getting up and preparing for the day I went to work. We are really behind at work now, and so we worked to get all caught up. We did pretty good and may be back to normal by monday. After work today I ended up going flying. It has been awhile sice I did some of the stuff we did today. I had forget how to do some of it. Right now I am at the point where I just practice with my instructor what we will do for my check ride. I have a lot to work on. Oh by the way I also ate lunch today which I usually don't on days where I will fly. I ended up doing ok as far as getting sick while flying today. I did eat a really early lunch though so it may have been out of my system by the time I went flying anyway. So anyway after flying I went back to my room to spend a little bit of time with my Lord in devos and prayer. Then I picked up my doll at her room and we went to dinner. She looked so beautiful tonight, it was great. Dinner was kind of plain and bland though and they didn't really have much selection. It was kind of dissapointing. It at least nutrionafide (new word just made it up) us for the evening though. After dinner we then both went to a play called "Guys and Dolls" It was pretty funny and the story was good too. I had fun. It was nice to go with a beautiful girl by my side. After the play I then dropped her back off for the evening so she could do some homework, I then had to come back to my room too so I could take care of some things I needed to do. I hadn't been back all day so I had a good amount of stuff. But now I'm done with it all and can finally head to bed. I am exhausted again tonight because I flew today. That always make me extremelly tired afterwards. Its kind of sad and I hope I get over that eventually too. But for now, I will give in and go to bed. Night!
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Saturday, December 03, 2005
Today was a nice day.. I didn't have class today so I was able to sleep in. Then I was able to sit with Allie for min chapel and that was cool to sit with her for that. Afterwards we both went to a lesurley lunch where we could chill for like an hour. It was cool. Today at work it was exremly busy.. but the internet went down on us for like two hours so we couldn't do any of it without it. That made it difficult. After work I ended up going to the Donnebergs and I hung out with Chuck all evening. Allie and her mom went off and did other stuff so we did guy things. It was quite fun actually. Once Allie got back though we left back to campus and went to a Campus Christmas party in the student center. It wasn't as fun as we had hoped but I was still glad we went at least. Anyway I have to fly tomorrow so I should get to bed. Night!
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Friday, December 02, 2005
I don't know if you guys remember that huge set of papers I had to write the week before thanksgiving for my english test. Well it was for the test we had that week and each paper was an answer to one of his questions.. they all had to be at least two pages a peice. Anyway I was really worked up over those because I was having a hard time with it... Well turns out that I ended up getting a 96% on that exam. Thats pretty cool isn't It! Glory to God on that one for sure. Today was a pretty smooth running day too so that made things nice. school and work kinda just speed by today for some reason. Then tonight our hall had bro/sis joint hall meeting and we had it in a large classroom over on north campus. It was kinda fun, but weird too.. we did a talent show but nobody really had talent except for one girl who sang a song that was really good. We then did praygroups as well combined, that was different but fun. Anyway, more or less it was still a pretty routine day. I should just head on to bed now. I be tired.
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Thursday, December 01, 2005
Classes this week have been seemingly flying by. Its really good because I had my hard week two weeks ago. I had a fairly big Accounting project I had to do, but that all went together nicely and that was really cool. Then tonight I found out I had a paper due tomorrow for class, but I didn't find out until 12:30 tonight (technically this morning).. so I just finished that up and it only took me an hour. I guess that is really good for me huh? Also Chuck and Jo got back into town yesterday night and I was able to see them tonight at chruch. It was good to have them back again. Also today things at work were a little weird. I was at the shop most of the day by myself. both Jason and Andy were in and out all day doing doing various errands and service calls. I had to take care of everything there and it got pretty busy on me. It kept me alert and made time go a little faster though so that was always nice. Anyway.. I need to wake up in about 4 hours so I should get to bed. Night
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