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Saturday, February 24, 2007
I just got back from a flying lesson today. It went really well. I think I'm starting to understand all this tuff. I just have to work on the number crunching better. It takes me a long time to add or subtract certain headings I need to fly corrected for wind after calculating based on time and degrees. I have to do that working on all the other stuff I need to do to fly the plane. If I do it enough I think it will finally click. Anyway, this evening Allie and I were invited to Sam's house for dinner tonight. Sam and Erin just got engaged so we are going to help them celebrate. Its all kinda fun!

Before I head over there I thought I would write a quick excerpt for the events of yesterday too. I successully made it through the first week of this project they have me doing at work. I used up all the computers available to me though so by the end of the week I did as much as I could. But come monday morning I think we'll have a bunch more computer and it can start all over again. We have a pretty big chunk done with the project as a whole though so it may be almost done. After work I went out to dinner with Allie and Jo and Steph at La Caretta. It was really busy there though last night. We had to wait for awhile, but the food was good. After dinner Allie ended up coming over and we watched some episodes of American Idol. We were pretty behind and weren't even caught up to this week. But now we are and we might watch this week's episodes tonight with Sam and Erin. We have a lot of time too because we have to find stuff to do until 11:30 because thats when we head over to the coffee house tonight. Brittany is going to be singing tonight. That should be pretty fun. I hope a bunch of people come. That will be cool. Anyway. thats it for now.
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Wednesday, February 21, 2007
I'm going to write another quick update to catch up for the last few days. Monday was fairly normal. I have a huge project at work they put me in charge of for this week and next. I am in charge of getting 87 PC's setup for users that want to work from home. It is a fairly large task. I guess thats saying something that they put me in charge of it all though. I hope I am able to do my part. -- After work I had my class as usual and it ended up going pretty late. I still needed to stop by the church that night though to pickup the pastors laptop because it quit on him that day. He ended up still being at the church when I got there so we talked for about 45 minutes or so, it was pretty cool.

On Tuesday I was back at it again at work. I was able to get 11 PC's done on Tuesday. That was a lot of work but put a nice dent in the over all project. For dinner that night Allie treated me to a meal at the Liberty Dinning hall I love that place! They still have good food. I enjoyed it. Allie had class afterwards though and it was pretty sad because an aviation missionary was going to be speaking that night for a chapel server. So she went to class and I headed to that chapel service. It was a great message done in story form. He told us about how he was captured and had to trust God every step of the way. He managed to take off and Land in pitch blackness guided only by God's Hand. It was an amazing story. After the service I ended up running into Tom Turley. He was the missionary that I stayed with when I went to Brazil two years ago. We had a good conversation catching up with each other, and even talked about a possible scholarship for my friend Felipe that lives down in Brazil That would be awsome it would work out for him to come here. After leaving campus I headed home and tried to get to sleep a little early because I was going to meet Joe and My pastor for coffee this morning at 6:30am.

This morning I woke up at 5:30 so I could get ready in time for coffee with the guys. We had some good conversations this morning too. I always enjoy that time we have. I had to leave a little early though so I could get to work on time this morning to continue with this big project. Things went kind of slow with that today though. There were a lot of other things I needed to get done as well. I just have to take things one step at a time with it. -- This evening I had class again. We are goign through the chapters on Trauma too so he showed a bunch of cool pictures of all kinds of problems we might face and what steps to take to stabalize the patient for transport to the hospital. Some of that stuff looked pretty painful.. some of that stuff I know was. It was all good to learn about though. You never know when I might have to deal with it. After class tonight I then swung by Libety and stopped in at Allie's dorm. It was nice to say hi to her and she also had a few things she wanted me to taste that she picked up after church this evening. They did a thing called "taste of the nations" where a bunch of the international students make one of thier dishes from thier home. It was pretty good stuff too. But I couldn't stay too long because it got really windy this evening and I was really cold out there for some reason. It was only down to 45 degrees at the time too, but I guess the wind just got to me. Anyway, thats about it. I should head to bed so I have energy to work on this major project at work tomorrow too. Night!
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Monday, February 19, 2007
Its been awhile since my last update. I thought I would write a quick note.

Friday was a fairly normal day. That evening though Allie and I helped out with a play that a friend of the Donneberg's was in charge of. Our job was to take tickets for people coming in. We were then able to stay and watch the play afterwards. After the play we went out for dinner at a mexican place. I wasn't all that hungry, but what I did eat was pretty good. We kind of had to rush out afterwards though because we needed to meet Sam and Erin at the Liberty Coffee House they were doing that evening. We had a pretty good time there. They improved the show somewhat compared to last years, so that was good. That ended up going until just before 2am. I had to then hurry home afterwards because I had a flying lesson the following morning. It was set a little later though so I was able to sleep in some.

Everythign with my flight Saturday morning went really well. I think I got a lot out of that lesson too so I was happy about that. Later that evening Allie and I had plans for a date. We never did get to do a valentines date because we both had so much going on. But we finally did Saturday evening. After flying though I still had about 4 hours before I met up with her so I was able do get a few things taken care of that I needed to and get a small nap in also. It was pretty good too because I was going to be up pretty late saturday night as well. Well at around 5:30 I picked up allie. She had her hair all curled and everything and it was really pretty. I then took her out to Red Lobster for dinner and afterwards we went and sat in a little book store and talked. It was a great time. We stayed there until the book store closed and then headed over to Allie's parents house until we needed to get over to the new CANVAS ministry that we are helping with. I was able to help that evening get the coffee house building setup with wireless internet. That will be a big draw I think for some of the college student we hope to reach. We only stayed open for part of the night saturday though. We were only open until 2:00am instead of 4. But I think I liked that a little better anyway. Overall it looks like everything is coming to gether pretty well with that. We should be ready to start advertizing it mainstream pretty soon. Anyway, I was able to get back home and pickup a few hours sleep before church in the morning.

Sunday turned out to be a really relaxing day. I had a good time. Church went really well and afterwards I head over to the Donnebergs for lunch and to just hang out for the day. Jo made Turkey and Mashed Potatoes for lunch and it was really good. She wasn't feeling all that well herself though sunday so that was pretty sad. She seemed a little better by the end of the day though. Allie had a lot of homework she had to do through the day but she managed to stay downstairs and watch a movie while she studied some. I was able to just sleep some here and there through the day. It was nice. I enjoyed myself. Anyway, Thats it for now. I'll write more later.
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Thursday, February 15, 2007
I'm still fairly tired from the long day yesterday. But I have enough energy to write about it now at least. Tuesday night I spent most of the evening setting up all the stuff for Allie in the morning. I had to cut out a bunch of little hearts with "I love you because" statements and that isn't all that easy to do. But I think the thing that took the most work tuesday night and the main reason I was up so late was Blowing up balloons and putting Chocoate inside of them. That is not an easy task. I wasn't able to do as many as I really wanted to but it still worked out pretty well. I put all those balloons in her car along with some ribbon and things. In the morning at 4:00 so I could shower and prepare for the day. I at about 4:30AM I headed over to Liberty and taped all the little hearts to Allie's window along with some chocolate and things I then posted some signs and banners along the sidewalk outside her dorm so she would see them on her way to class. I got everything pretty much done by 6:00. It normally wouldn't have taken quite so long but it had just iced over night and everything was icy and it was also 15degree's outside. That made things a little difficult. I wasn't able to do one of the things I planned on doing because of all the ice too. I'll just have to save it for another time. I then ended up meeting with Joe for coffee that morning at 6:30. Normally our pastor joins us there too but he didn't make it. But Joe and I sure had some fun just talking about a bunch of stuff. After we finished up talking I called up Allie and asked her if she wanted some Starbuck's coffee for delievery this morning. Of course she said yes. So I headed back up to the dorms and brought her some coffee along with a three foot Eeyore 6 heart balloons and a boquet of roses and of course a lot of chocolate. It is always fun to do that. I then had to head to work. It ended up being a fairly busy day at work too so I stayed busy. I still managed to get off about an hour early though so I could do the next phase of my plan. I was going to deliever more balloons and flowers to Allie at her work. But first I had to go home and pick up everything. When I got home Allie had gotten to it first. She had come over and decorated the whole house with heart shaped sticky notes and she had a little banner over my door as well. It was really cool looking. She also had a few gifts for me that she had wrapped on my bed. I wasn't sure If I was to open them without her though so I gathered those up along with the balloons and flowers and headed over to her work. Once I got there I asked her Boss what she was up to and she said she would call Allie and tell her that she needed to see her for a second. As soon as Allie got there Her boss left and I came out behind the wall with the flowers and balloons. That was pretty fun. I kinda had a feeling Allie know something was up though. It was cool though. After that we walked out to my car and I opened my presents she had left for me at home. Turns out they were just small little fun gifts I could have opened without her, but I was glad I brought them along regardless. I didn't stay too long though as I didn't want to take her away from the work she had to do. I then left and headed to Allie's parents house because I had some flowers and a balloon for her mom. By the time I got there they had already left for thier valentines evening out. But I just left them in the kitchen for her to find when she returned for the night. After that I head to head to class. I wasn't sure how much energy I still had left to sit through a three and a half hour long class. But I survived it for the most part. I had trouble staying awake but I fought it pretty good. I was glad once it was over though. We did get out about a half hour early. After class I then went to pickup Allie and we goign to try and spend at least some quality time together on Valentines. We both were running pretty hard all day with stuff. By 10:00PM we finally had a chance to relax and enjoy each other for a little bit. We were going to get coffee but every place that was still open by then was packed with people. Allie made a suggestion to Go to IHOP for coffee and a little to eat. So thats what we did. We ended up both having a full meal though. I didn't eat breakfast and had a very small lunch. Then skipped over dinner for my class. I figured I better try to eat something. Allie didn't eat much for dinner herself either though so she was a little hungry too. The food ended up being really good but our waitress barely paid attention to us. I ran out of water before she brought the food to us and she never even came to fill it up again until after I was done eating. That was pretty annoying. I felt bad for Allie though because I was so tired I wasn't a very good date. I think we still enjoyed ourselfs though. After Eating I then took Allie back home and I took myself home to sleep after that. I had a lot to do that night too, but just couldn't do it so I just piled it on my desk and left it for later. I was sleeping shortly afterward.
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Wednesday, February 14, 2007
Today was a great Valentines Day. I've been up since 4AM doing stuff though and I didn't get to sleep last night until a little after 1AM so I'm sleepy. I'll fill you all in with details later. For now.. I need to sleep. Night!
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Sunday, February 11, 2007
Lots of crazy stuff has been going on the past few day. It has been a lot of fun and good times though. I was able to sleep in until around 10:00 on saturday and that was really nice, expecially since we had such a long day planned that day. Allie and I were going to be goign to a conference called "Love 4 Life" It was about relationships and how to relate to the opposite sex and communicate and let the Holy spirt guide us. It was just a lot of good stuff. That went from 12:00 to 6:00. After that was over I went out to dinner with Allie, Brittany, Erin, and Sam to a restarunt called Ruby Tuesdays. The thing I ordered was pretty good. It was just a nice fun time to hang out with them. After dinner we all went over to Brittany's house and watched the two latest American Idol Episodes. It was nice to chill and do that. By that time Allie and I had to head over to the Plaza and help with setup for the new College Age ministry we are a part of. I was recruted to help with technical setup and Allie was in charge of photgraphy. Over all I think this will work out well. We didn't have too many people there though, but it was kind of a trial run I think anyway and they didn't do much advertising for it. I think that they will do more of that for next week. Anyway, we were until until just before 4am that night/morning so We didn't get much sleep at all.

I still had to wake up at 7:30 so I could get to church for practice this morning for worship team. I thought church today went really well and the message was good too. After chruch I went over to the Donnebergs because they had a Birthday dinner and things planned for me today. It was really fun. I really enjoyed the day today. Jo had made Tacos for us as my meal request and those were very good. We then had Raselberry pie for Dessert. They ended up having a DVD theme gift experience for me. I got a whole lot of DVDs from them. It was fun. We ended up watching two of the movies tonight. We watched Open Season which I had seen before but wanted to see again because it was a great movie. I ended up falling asleep during that one about part way through though. I decided I would try not to lay down for the second movie or it would probalby happen again since I barely had any sleep last night. I did get a decent nap while Dinner was cooking so that was cool. But I am still pretty tired. The second movie we watched was called Chain Reaction. That was one I had never seen before but really enjoyed it. I was able to stay awake through that. Over all I just had a good time relaxing and spending time with the Family, and Allie most of all. I Love her lots she is great. She is one amazing person. Allie had a lot of Homework to do today though too and she did really wall at it with everything else going on. I'm real proud of her. Anyway, I really should get to bed. I need to try to catch up on a little sleep. Night!
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Saturday, February 10, 2007
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Thursday, February 08, 2007
Today was kind of a busy day for me. There was a lot of thing going on at work that I need to get done. I also took my lunch break today to go get a VA drivers licence and my Car moved over to VA also. It ended up taking a little longer then my hour lunch.. but they were ok with that. I ended up getting there and found out I needed proof of VA residency like a Utility Bill or something like that. So I had to drive all the way back home to track one of those down. Other then that the process went pretty smoothly. Just took a lot of time. I'm glad it is over with now though. I even got specialized plate for my Van. It will say PILOT4 on the plates. That should be cool. After work and having all that stuff going on thoughout the day I came home and then just sat there and had nothing to do. That was pretty unusual. My Roomate and his Girlfriend were here though and they were making Spagetti for Dinner. They offered me some as well so I enjoyed some of Amber's good cooking. Since I had absolutly nothing to do the rest of the night I actually sat and watched TV this evening. Can't remember the last time I did that. It felt pretty weird. Pete ended up stopping by also tonight to bring me a new Coffee maker. Apparently he heard from some birdies that I broke mine. He has like three in his attic he said and needed to get rid of one. I was happy to take it off his hands. So, I ended up finding enough stuff to entertain me until 10:00 tonight. That worked out pretty well. I'm going to just go to bed though now. No point in staying up. Night!

Oh yeah.. I wanted to throw in that we found a small plastic bag underneath our sink tonight, it had white powder in it.... We didn't want to sniff it just incase...
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Wednesday, February 07, 2007
Tuesday marked the 22month of Allie and I being together. It was pretty cool. We weren't able to do to much because of our schedule's but I stopped by her room before I went to work to say Hi. Then Allie came over to my house for about an hour before her hall meeting that night. It was nice to at least have some time together. The rest of the day was pretty normal and straight forward just had work and such.

Today I didn't end up meeting with the guys for coffee this morning. Pastor John was sick so it didn't work out I guess. He really sounded pretty bad though so say a quick prayer for him if you think about it. I took my lunch break today at work to go get an oil change for my Van. While I was in there I asked if they could do a VA state inspection for it also. I plan to switch the car over to VA Plates pretty soon. I wanted to make sure all would go ok with the inspection. It passed without problem. The only thing they had to do was change the wiper blades so that wasn't too bad. This evening I had my EMT class and that was pretty good. Nothing super special happend there but it was a decent class. Now that I'm back at home though I thought I would cook some BBQ Chicken. I had some extra chicken and decided to just cook it. I'll probably have it for dinner tomorrow or something. Anyway, thats just about everything. I'll write more later.
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Monday, February 05, 2007
Last couple days have been pretty routine. Sunday I went to church in the morning and that went pretty good. That afternoon though Allie and I were on our own and we didn't really have anywhere to go. We ended up spending our afternoon in the computer lab at school. Allie had a lot of homework to do I had a few things I needed to do also. We didn't watch a minute of superbowl though. A few hours afterwards though they had all the commercials published on adcritic.com so we were able to watch some of the funny ones on there. That was nice. We took a break in the middle of the day to go see a movie though. We watched "The Holiday" It was weird goign to the movie while the superbowl was on because there was only like 10 people in the theater. It was kind of desolate. We had fun though. We then went back to the comptuer lab for the rest of the evening until Allie had to go back for curfew.

Today I went to work. Then to class. Had a test in my class and I don't think I did so well on it. I know I passed, but after looking back through my notes afterwards I'm pretty sure I got quite a few wrong. Oh well its over now. Its really cold in my house right now and I think I just need to go get under my covers before I freeze. So I'm goign to do that. Night!
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Saturday, February 03, 2007
Been a few days since my last update. Thought I would write a quick update. Thursday Allie took me out to dinner again at the Liberty Dinning hall. I always love it when she can take me there. I didn't think it would be quite as often as it has been, but I"m sure not complaining. Thanks Allie!

Friday Was another fairly typical day of work an stuff. But that evening I met up with Allie and we hung out for a little bit and watched American Idol and then went out to dinner with Erin and Sam at a Japanese restaraunt here in town. It's been a lot of fun hanging out with them lately. After that, the four of us came over to my house and we watched another episode of American Idol. It has been a really long time since I've had company over and it was actually a lot of fun. I hope they enjoyed themselfs too.

Today I ended up going flying this morning. The wind got to be really bad up there though and we decided just to come back. It was so much work just to fly the airplane I wasn't able to work on any of the other stuff we had to do. After landing I just came back home and worked on some of my EMT homework while I waited for Allie to call me back. We were going to spend some time together today. She ended up coming over around 1:00 and I made the both of us some french toast for lunch. After lunch we went for a nice drive around town. I was soo sleepy though I was having trouble concentrating on drive. We ended up back at Allie Parent's house safe though and we stayed there for awhile this eveing. We watched a movie with her parents while there and just hung out. It was fun. Now that I'm back home though I should probalby do some more EMT studying and head to bed. I am still very sleepy. TTFN!
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