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Thursday, September 27, 2007
Sorry I haven't had an upadate recently.. it has been really crazy around here. Becca arrived here on Sunday around 3:30 and it was great to see her and katie. We spent most of the day setting up her things like her desk and entertainment center, and getting her room all organized. It is nice to have her around. Sunday evening the four of us all ended up going out to Litos Pizza for dinner. Katie or Becca hadn't had it before and they really liked it. After eating That evening we all just went back to the house and hung out there for awhile.

I ended up taking Monday off of work also so we could get a few more things done that we needed. One thing we did was return her rental van to the airport. We thought we would just return the van and then get a different cheaper car instead. Turns out they didn't have any other vehicles available at the time though so we were stuck there Until Allie got off work to pick us up. I didn't think to follow behind them in my car. We only had to wait for about 30 minutes though so it wasn't too bad. So we ended up dropping Allie off at school and taking her car to another car rental place that had a vehicle available. We had called in ahead of time to rent the cheapest car they had but when we got there they didn't have those either but they gave us an upgrade car for the same price. It was a 2008 Chevy Malibu. It was pretty nice. After picking up the rental the next thing to do was drive around and try to find Becca a Mattress for her bed. That is actually easier said then done. Those things are pretty expensive too. We ultimately ended up going to one store and ended finding out that one of my Friends works there. He told us what he had and we considered it but still did some more comparison shopping.. In the end we went back to his store though and Bought the cheapest he had available. It wasn't going to be in stock though for like a week and a half. So we then stopped by Target to pick up an Air Matress that Becca could use in the mean time. We also stopped by Kroger and got a few food things Becca could have until she could go and make a real grocery shopping trip. That evening after Allie got out of class she came over to the house. I ended up leaving around 6:00 though to take my van over to My pastors house. Turns out it is still acting up and he said he would be happy to look at it. We were able to look at some stuff but it ended up getting too dark to work on it anymore so we decided to continue Tuesday night.

Tuesday was kind of an interesting day for me at Work. Early that morning Becca and Katie left with thier rental car up to Washington DC to spend the day then drop katie off at the airport the next morning. All that day at work I was running around trying to fix some major problems with the network here. It involved the printers and we had to visit every network printer to change settings on it. That was a whole day event and we didn't get to have a break for lunch until around like 3:00 when things started to settle down a bit. It was pretty crazy. After work I headed back over to my Pastors House and we started as early as possible so we could have the daylight on our side. He has all kinds of cool diagnostic tools and we ended up checking the vacuum system on the car and we checked compression on the cylinders. It was a lot harder then normal though because the engine is so compressed in the hood because it is a minivan. We had to work around in the cramped space. Every test we ran came back as working ok though. So we still weren't able to narrow it down. There are some other things we can still try but he suggested I get some Fuel Injection Cleaner and try that first. We'll see what else we can try next week sometime.

Wednesday things at work were back to normal for the most part. They wanted me to come in a half hour early though just incase there were any residule issues. But it ended up being a pretty uneventful morning. Around 11:30 or so I took my lunch break and met up with Becca. She had just got back from DC from Dropping Katie off and I was going to follow her to the car rental place to return her car and drive her back to the house. So Becca is now car-less and stranded at the house until Allie or I take her places. Keep in prayer that a decent car would come around for her sometime. The rest of the day she just stayed at the house and pretty much finished up organizing everything in her room. After I got off work I went back to the house and Becca and I made some dinner. It was just about ready by the time Allie got back home from class too so the three of us ate together. Wednesday night at my church we had a night of prayer. It is the first one we have had in quite awhile. Allie helped to organize it. So the three of us headed over to the church for that. On the way to the church Becca and I stopped at Big Lots to buy her a comptuer chair first because it was kind of on the way. We got to the church about 10 minutes before it started though. It went from about 7:00 to around 8:30 or so. It was pretty good. Allie ended up taking Becca home after it was over though and I just went straight home after that. I was really tired though so I pretty much went right to bed. .. I think that pretty much makes the blog current. I should get on over to work now though. Bye for now.
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Saturday, September 22, 2007
Well My sister is well on here way here now. Last night they were in Iowa for the night. Seems like they are pretty well on schedule for a sunday arrival. This week things at work got a little bit busy. The guy I have been traing has been able to go off on his own and do things without me now so I was free to do my other job. It was good timing too because the latter end of this week got to be really busy. I had to setup a classroom with 15 computers and swap out like 9 people's desktops with laptops. It is actually kind of nice to stay busy though the day goes by a lot faster. We actually had two team lunches this week too. We went out as a group to Shakers on Wednesday (paid for by work) and then again on Friday (paid for by work) It was pretty nice. I can't complain about free food =). Also this week my car has been acting up. It has had a really hard time accellerating and it would shutter really bad sometimes at higher speeds. Well I just got back from the shop this morning and they were able to get it fixed. Turns out that it was something fairly simple. The fuel filter needed to be changed. Apparently it was the same filter that was installed when the car was manufactured. So it was about an 18year old filter. I'm surprised it has been able to do the job for so long. It sure helped the performace of my van though after changing that out. It runs really well now and accelerates quite nicely. Well, I have a few comptuers I need to work on today so I'm going to start on those now. I'll be writing more once my sister arrives probably. Talk to you all then.
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Monday, September 17, 2007
Last week at work has been really busy. They did end up finding a guy to come in and back fill my old position I have been in charge of training him though so he has followed me around everywhere I go for the past week. It seems to be going really well though and he is catching on quite nicely. He might be able to do the job on his own for the most part by the middle of the week. After work all last week I even stayed pretty busy doing fun stuff. It has been nice, even though Allie has all her homework we've still been able to spend some good time together. Thursday night Allie, Erin, Sam, and I all went out to eat at a Peruvian Restaraunt. That was a fun little double date. I think it was Tuesday that I had a chance to go have lunch with Allie during a break in my day. Saturday we were able to spend some nice time together too. She did have to work this weekend though for the 2pm to 10pm shift so we only had the mornings to do stuff. She had to work that time on Sunday also so we didn't get our regular sunday afternoon hang out time. I did end up taking her dinner Sunday night though while she was at work. Over all things are still going well.

All this week my sister will be making the drive across the nation from Seattle to Lynchburg. She should arrive in the L-burg sometime on Sunday. It normally wouldn't take quite that long to get here but she is going with Katie and they are going to do some sight seeing on the way over. I'm excited for her to get here. We should have some fun. Tonight Pete and Julie are going to be coming over to the house and Allie and I are going to make them dinner and we'll all hang out for a while. That should be fun too. Keep Allie in your prayers though this week as she still tries to keep up with all her homeworking stuff she needs to get done. She has a Spanish Presentation due on Wednesay also and hopes she has a chance to practice it a couple times before she has to do it. Time is short for her. But I know she can do it! Anyway I should probably get going, need to head on to work. Bye for now!
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Sunday, September 09, 2007
I think it is time for another update. Another week goes by working in my new position at work. Its going pretty smoothly now I think just pretty busy. They are looking for a person to replace my old position and hopefully something will happen with that this week. But in the mean time I've been doing both jobs. The other stuff going on during the week is pretty normal. Allie has stayed really busy at school but she is doing a really good job of still finding time for me so we have had dinner a few times through the week. Yesterday I had a flying lesson and I was able to bring Allie along. We flew to Danville and I did some approaches there. I think Allie got a little nausious on the trip though. We got back just in time for our Saturday night ministry service. I think we all had fun there. I was a little tired though since I just got done flying. But after the service seven of us all went out to Dinner at Macadoos. I ordered myself a big sandwich because I hadn't eat anything all day so I was pretty hungry. But we ended up being there until around 11:00 or so Saturday night, then Allie and I made a quick run to Wal-mart before heading home. Today I woke up and went to church. I went early again today but I didn't have to do power point setup this time as normal because the girl I've been training did everything by herself today. I did have to work on Charlie's Laptop this morning though so I did that during worship team practice. I was done by the time Church started so that worked out well. Right now I'm over at the Donnebergs for lunch and then we might go see a movie later this afternoon We'll see how time goes because Allie still has a lot of homework stuff. Anyway, speaking of lunch. I should get going because its almost time to eat. Write more later!
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Sunday, September 02, 2007
This week has been a pretty good week. At work we had a few guys that were out so I was trying to fill in for the jobs that I could. I was running around a lot to get it all done. I made it through the week successful though. On friday my manager did my annual review for me. It was a pretty good review and he gave me a nice raise too. Unfortunatly my manager also got promoted so he won't be my direct manager anymore. Thats kind of sad, I really liked working with him. I'm sure whoever replaces him will be good to work with too though. Anyway, I made it through the week sucessfully. Also Friday during lunch Allie and I met with Rick and we started our first session of Pre-Marital Counseling. That was a pretty good first meeting.

Saturday Allie and I went up near charlottesville in a town called Louisa. At the airport there they had a cool airshow going on. They had some antique airplanes and experimental aircraft also. As part of the show they had a parachute team jump out of a plane directly over head of the airport and land right in front of us. That was a really cool thing to watch. They also had two aerobatic airplane shows It was fun to watch those also. Then they had a special show call the flying Farmer. They played it off as a guy that had never flown before going for a ride with another pilot then all of a sudden the pilot got out of the airplane on the runway for "landing gear problems" but then the old farmer just gave the airplane full power and took off with nobody else in the plane. He flew around all crazy like pretending he didn't know what he was doing. The things he did with the plane were really cool to watch though. But you kind of had to really know how to fly to understand how cool what he did was. I enjoyed watching that. After all the main events went they then had Remote Control airplane show. Little planes to scale controled by remote. It was kind of cute to see it. After the show we ended up driving back over to Charlotesville to have dinner. We were in a little bit of a hurry though so we could get back in time for the Saturday night church service we are trying to start. I was running all the tech stuff that night and needed to get it all setup. But We got there on time and the service went pretty well. Allie wasn't feeling too well saturday evening though so she didn't stay long after.

Today I went to church and now I'm over at the Donnebergs for lunch and to just hang out this afternoon. The women in the house aren't feeling to well today either so we are just going to relax all afternoon. Well that pretty much catches me up I think so I'm going to sign off for now. I'll Write more again soon.
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