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Friday, December 31, 2004
Hey today was my first day back since my trip. I had to get up and go to work right away. I crawled out of bed right around 8:15 this morning and get myself ready to face the day. Jake was laying across my legs though so I had to wiggle my way free. Jugee was awake this morning at that time too so we ate a small breakfast and then I had to head off to work. It was good to be back at work today. They really needed me back so I came back just in time.. the work load was starting to pile up and also today all the weird people came out and just decided to pop into computer exchange. We had so many stange customer situations today.. I don't have time to get into it. But amongst dealing with weirdos all day we managed to get a big load of the work done as well. So today was a pretty productive day. After I got off work I came back to the house and BJ made us some dinner. We ate while watching the movie Bethoven that was on televison tonight. I then had to go out back and fill up the pond a little bit with some water so the water would be high enough to get into the pump. It seemed to go rather slow though.. but finally It got to where I thought it would be alright. After finishing all that up I then went downstairs and started working on transferring data from all the DOnneberg's Floppy disks to thier new Jump drive they have.. that turned out to be an all night project. I kept running into damaged disks so I had to repair them before I could get the data off and such... but I finally accomplished the feat and I condensed 50 floppies onto one small thumb sized storage device. Gotta love technology huh? Well anyway now that I've finished for the night... I'm going to head off to bed. Tah Tah For Now!
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Thursday, December 30, 2004
Dude.. I've been slacking pretty good lately. I missed like two whole days of blogging. I guess I've just been having too much fun visiting with my friends and family. Of Course monday wasn't really all that much fun. I ended up having to go to the dentist. It was defentatly time for me to go though. It has been a really long time since I went last. Turns out I had one small cavitiy - he recommended I have that filled then because If I waited a "really long time" again like I seem to do, it would end up being a really bad problem. So I had to get poked with a needle and then drilled into for a bit. Thats what I call a good time... =) Anyway once he had that all taken care of he then just went through and did the general cleaning and also I found out I will end up needing to have my wisdom teeth pulled sometime very soon. Thats not going to be too fun.
Ok well once I came out of my appointment we went out and did a few errands and stuff. I had to go take care of a problem that my parents were having with thier internet service. We had to drive like 25 minutes to get to the right place so we could replace a component that went bad. But in the end it all worked out so They were happy. Later monday evening we all went over and visited with my pastor some more. We went to his house and ended up watching "Princess Diaries 2" I really wanted to see that movie so that was good I had the chance. While I was there I also did some more setup work on his new computer. So it was just a nice evening of relaxing over there.
Then come tuesday it turned out that both of my parents had to go back to work so I spend the better part of the morning home by myself. I had a lot of reading I wanted to get done though so that gave me a good chance to make a good dent in it. Around 1:00 my grandma showed up and we went out for some good Quizno's sandwitches. After lunch I decided it would be fun to go surpise my mom at work. She has been wanting me to go and see it but monday she got off early so that didn't work out. Then today I normally wouldnt have because I didn't have a car there anymore (both my parents took them to work). But since my grandma had a new set of wheels she was sportin around it worked out for us to go check out her work. I was glad I made it out there though. She works at a daycare and it was fun to see all the kids and play with them for a little bit. After we got done there we just came back to the house and stayed there for awhile until my Dad got home. While we were waiting for my dad though Allie had got online for a bit and I was able to talk to her for awhile. I was glad though too because I missed them over in Virgina. She was busy getting packed up and ready for thier trip to Florida though so we didn't get to talk too much. Shortly after she left though my dad came home and he started cooking dinner. during that time the house started to come alive. All my friends knew it was my last day there so they started showing up one after another. First it was Dave, then Danny.. eventually Becca and Katie showed up again. Later both my Aunt and Uncle came back to the house to see me once more too. Then Melissa was able to get herself to the house as well. We had a big ol get together for the last time Tuesday night. It was great and I do miss being able to do that more often. Eventually the night drew to a close and people had to start leaving again. I said my final good-byes (at least till next time) and off they went. Becca and Katie stuck around to stay the night though. I then had the task of packing all my bags back up and organizing my room. I ended up getting to bed shortly after 12:00 last night.
Now comes my trip home.. I had to wake up at 5:30 this morning in order to be ready to head to my flight that departed at 8:30. Its good I started early though because I really needed every minute. At first we hit some traffic on the way into the airport. That was bad because my dad had to head straight to work after dropping me off. By the time we got to the terminal he was running realy late so I just had to say a really quick goodbye to him and hug him in the car (which was actually rather difficult) then I had to just snag my bags and head inside while he drove off to work (I hope he made it on time) Becca and Katie had come along too but in a different car. They ended up just parking in the short term parking and walking with me inside while I got my bags checked and everything. I ended up getting into the wrong line twice.. (yeah I know I'm good huh). Well first I went to the US Airways terminal because that was the service I used flying out of Roanoke to Seattle so I figured it would be the same both directions.. nope I was wrong. After I got point to the right Service I then ended up in the First class only line, which would have been ok if I was first class!!! But no... not this time.. I had to wait in the 10 minute long coach line. Finally We just decided to do the electronic check-in which had a slightly shorter line. I wasn't able to ask if they needed me to step back and take a later flight though because of that. Oh well at least I was finally checked in and ready for the next phase.. Security.. yeah you know how this goes. I had to say good bye to becca and katie at this point though because they couldn't go further unless they had a ticket. So We parted there and I waited in the line for a really really long time. I think that process ended up taking right around an hour to get through the line. I didn't get stopped or anything.. but there was just so many people. Finaly once I was in I had to shuttle over to the other side of the Port to get to my gate. By the time I made it there it was five minutes until boarding time. I had made it just in time. This first fligh was just under 5 hours long. It was good though, they had a breakfast service on that flight. I also asked the flight attendant to have her route all the telecommunication though to the chanell on the arm rest again.. so I was able to listen to the radio comms again. It was a lot more interesting this time though because we hit a lot of turbulence through the flight so they had to keep changing course and alitude and stuff. The ride was rather bumpy still. I managed to finish reading one book I had started a long time ago "Making Small Groups Work" and then I also started and finished another book I brought along called "Epic" I was glad to get those done.. I've been trying to have those read since the begining of the semester. By the time I finished the second book it was only 30 minutes left of the flight.. so I just sat and tried to consentrate on something completely different then the fact that I had to go pee really bad. I had to go since halfway through the flight but I was on a window seat and there were three others I would have had to make get up in order for me to get out and go.. I decided to just hold it.. I survived though and finally made it to the Men rooms as soon as I left the terminal. This time I had landed in DC so I had to find my way around all over again. I ended up having to ride a bus (provided by United Air) in order to get to the other gate where my next fight was. That was kind of weird.. I was surpised they didn't have subway or some kind of walkway for that. This last flight was on one of those small express planes so I had to walk out on tarmac to get to it. This flight was only a 45 minute flight though so that was pretty much up an down. I barely had a chance to finish a chapter in one of the other books I had brought along. Once I landed I then gathered up my bags and went to find Jonathan. We must have missed each other somewhere in the mix though because he ended up behind me and we waited for like 10 minutes for each other when we finally realized what had happend. It was a good thing we finally found each other though or that could have gotten kind of messy. (I'm glad Jonathan is getting a cell phone in a few weeks). Jonathan and I had a great talk about all kind of different stuff on the drive back and it was nice to catch up with him again. I ended up getting back in to Lynchburg around 7:45 tonight and I realized my church was still in session. Jon had to get back to his house though so he didn't want to come join me at church.. but I just dropped him off at his house.. (Thanked him for his services.. lol) and then headed back to my church before I even went home. It was good to say hi to all the people there again. It seemed like I was gone for longer then a week. I didn't stay too long after like I normally do though because I needed to unpack and I was anxious to see Jugee back at the house (She didn't go to church for some reason). So I got back home and settled myself in at my other home away from home. Well sorry about the long entry this time.. I guess thats what happends when you have to catch up on three full days worth of stuff. Anyway I'm back in VA once again.. and I'm ready to get back to work bright and early tomorrow morning. Good night Ya'll!!!
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Monday, December 27, 2004
Today was a lot of fun! I was able to go back to my old church again. It was great to be able to see my pastor and all of those other people I grew up with down there. It was just like old times. I sat in on my Dad's sunday school class this morning then we had a row of college students once again in the front for the main service. My parents also did special music this morning so it was nice to be able to hear them do that again. The message this morning was on "Worry" and how we need to just cast all our cares upon Him. It was nice to hear my old pastor speak again. I did still miss being at my church in Lynchburg though. I hope they were able to get the Audio/Visual stuff figured out over there today without me. Anyway after church was over I had the pleasure of surprising my pastor with a brand new computer I had brought him from my work in VA. He had no Idea so they were really excited. I ended up going home for a bit to eat some lunch then I went over to his house and helped him get it all setup and running. I also had to teach him a few things about how to use it. I hope I was able to teach him something useful. I'll let him use it for a day or so probalby and then try and get back there once more before I leave back to Lynchburg to answer all of his other questions. After doing that at his place I ended up meeting up with a group of friends again and going out to dinner. That was probalby the last big event I'll be able to do with most of them before I leave Wednesday. Most of them will all have to startup there busy schedules again come monday. We ended up going to a restaraunt called "Meal Makers" I had never been there before so I figured we might as well give it a try. In my opinion it was a little too expensive for what you actually get. But it was still nice to just have a fun thing to do with friends for the last time. I think we ended up staying there for just about two hours. After finishing up I just said my good bye's to everyone and headed home for the night. Becca and Katie were going to come back for a little bit too but they needed to just pack up thier stuff and head back to Bellingham tonight. But Danny ended up showing up at my house as well... so did Andy and Sean a little later. So we just chilled here for a little bit again until it got late and they started to mingle out the door. Now I'm here at home again by myself and I think I'm going to start to get ready for bed. I just realized I didn't get a chance to have my devotions today because of everything that was going on. So I'll try and get that done before bed, if I can pull it off without falling asleep. So with that I'm outie! Night!
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Sunday, December 26, 2004
Well guys.. I've failed you all. I wasn't able to post for the last two nights. Two nights ago I ended up laying on my bed while all my friends were in my room hanging out and the next thing I know I am waking up at 4:30 in the morning for a bathroom call when I realized I fell asleep fully clothed and everybody had left and my mom just threw a blanket over me. So I guess I didn't get a chance to blog before I went to bed that night. But anyway that day I mostly just spent time with my mom and my Grandma. My grandma ended up coming into town and she took us out to lunch then we all went shopping after that. Then after we got back home Danny, Katie, and Becca came over and we all had some dinner together. We hung out again for a bit and went to go get some more slurpee's (Which I stained my shirt with).. but by about 10:30 I layed down on my bed and that was the last thing I remembered.

Then last night I ended up staying at my Grandma's house and it just didn't work out for me to Blog while I was there so I had to skip it. But I'll go ahead and fill you in with my Christmas Eve since I know you're all dying to listen to the details. It started out with me sleeping in until around 10:00. That was a good feeling to be able to do that. So I then just got ready for my day and then Katie came over for a little while. We were all packing up some stuff to head to my Grandma's house for the next few days. Once we got everythign all ready Katie headed home and We hit the road to Tacoma "To Gramma's house we go" Our family usually just opens our presents on Christmas Eve and then just do Stocking on christmas morn.. so this year wasn't any different. After we arrived at Grandma's My Aunt and Uncle the showed up shortly after. We had a good time of talking and family fellowship then we chowed down some Christmas dinner. Once everything settled down we had a time of reading the Christmas story then dove in on Gift opening. This year I got a lot of clothes but I guess thats was good because I was running short on some winter paraphanelia. I did get a new study bible though so that was kind of nice. Its a little bigger then I had hoped but I can make it work. It was just a lot of fun being able to see other people open thier gifts and stuff. But anyway it was a good time just being with the family last night. My Aunt and Uncle ended up leaving awhile after all the gifts ran out, but my family stayed the night at gramma's. My sister and I slept out in the living room and I ended up falling asleep out there again while everyone was running around doing their thing. I was the last one to wake up again Christmas morning, and they were all waiting for me, so we could all open our stockings together. I got a lot of good nicknacks to fill up my Dorm room again this year and then I got some candy too. People went a little easier on the candy for me this year though. I'm kind of glad about that though because I think I still have some candy left in my dorm from last christmas. After stockings we just waited around until lunch time. My dad and I studied for a bit, then I caught up with some friends back in VA through the internet. Eventually it was finally time to eat and we chowed down on the good turkey grub my grandma had cooked up for us. Shortly after we ate though we needed to get ready to leave. Becca and I were supposed to stop in at a Christmas party back at home later. So we had to pack things up and head back to Seattle a little after 4:00. We packed the car really really full but we ended up getting everything. On the way back home we stopped by and checked out a new building my dad might be working in from now on. But then we came straight home after that. Once we got back Katie met up with us and we headed over to the Christmas Party. this was just a big open house type thing that some good friends of ours were putting on. They have a really nice house right along the beach (only about 10 minutes from our house). So we stopped in and visited with lots and lots of my old friends who were all there tonight. Then of course there was lots off random food I got full on through the evening. I had a great time seeing all of my old friends once agian while I was there. Becca and Katie and I decided to leave and return back home around 10:00 though so we could get everything ready from being gone most of the day then head to bed. I have to be at church in the morning and I am tired again! So I'm going to just start to crawl into my bed and I'll probably fall asleep before I even turn over. So anyway. Good night!

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Thursday, December 23, 2004
Today I was able to sleep in for a bit. (It felt like I slept in till 12 but it was really only until 9:00 because of the time change). Anyway, both of my parents ended up having the day off today so I was able to hang out with them for awhile this morning. My dad and I ended up going out and getting my drivers licesne renewed today, just so we could get that out of the way. It was actually not very busy today and It only took us roughly 25 minutes for the whole process. After getting that accomplished we did a little bit of shopping around town and then returned to the house. Danny ended up coming of shortly after that and I had some good time just chillin with him this afternoon. We killed a lot of time by watching videos on www.stupidvideos.com. My dad came in and joined us for part of it too. A little bit later I had three of my good friends over for dinner tonight. Andy, Danny and Adam were here and we had a good time just eating and hanging out together. About an hour after we finished eating 3 more of my friends ended up coming over and we had everybody piled in my room on my bed talking about memories and all those stupid things we did way back when. It was kind of funny thinking about some of that stuff. They all ended up hanging out until around 11:00. We finished off the night by going up to 7-11 and all getting some slurpees. (That was one of those pass times we would do in the days we all lived here in Burien). Anyway I had a great time today just spending it with my parents in the first part of the day and then closing off the night with a hoard of my friends and being stupid together. It was great. Anyway, i'm pretty tired now. I think I'm going to head off to bed. Night!
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Wednesday, December 22, 2004
Hey everybody! I'm home now, it feels pretty good in a way. I came into my room though and it felt a lot smaller then I remember. But the desk is still here and so is a lot of my stuff. Ok well, anyway let me start from the begining. I had to leave the house around 8:00 and head over to Ronoake to catch my 10:00 flight. Jo was great and offered to be my taxi driver to the Airport. It was a pretty nice ride and we had some good conversation on the way there. We actually got there about 45 minutes before the plane would take off so I thought we had to hurry. However during check-in the lady asked me if I would be willing to take a later flight in return for a free ticket anywhere in the US. Turns out the flight was only two hours later so I thought that would be great. Then both my parents would be able to come get me from the airport after all, because they would both be off work by then. So she changed up my papers and got my new tickets already. Come to find out later, the longer of the two flights she gave me Firstclass on. That was really neat which I will get to later. So now that I had an extra two hours on my hands Jo decided to wait around and keep me company for another hour or so. That was really nice. But once she left I decided to just get through security and wait at my gate until take-off. While I was waiting I just did some reading and spent a little extra time in devotions. Then I kind of just wandered around the airport for a bit. Eventually Allie actually called me from work and so I was able to spend some time and talk to her. I talked to her until it started to look like they were boarding the plane. Actually though they didn't board the plane until 20 minutes later. The flight was actually delayed about 15 minutes because of heavy traffic patterns over in Chicago. So I could have talked to Allie a little longer, she was at work though eating lunch so I guess it was good to let her get back to doing that. Anyway, finally they actually boarded the plane and we were able to have wheels up only about 25 minutes late. This plane had three little babies in it though. There were sounds of crying almost through the entire flight. Good thing it was only an hour and a half long =). When we were starting to come in to chicago we still had to circle for a few minutes while we waited for our turn to land. It was kind of fun though, We were flying over Lake Michigan and then coast of Illinois repeatedly. There were little boats in the water though and lots of stuff going on, on shore. Since were were low enough waiting for our turn to land I could see everything. That was kind of fun. Anyway once we landed I had to pretty much go from one side of the airport all the way to the other in order to get to my gate. But while I was there I took a little stroll outside just so see what Chicago was like. It was really really windy. But it was kind of cool. I stopped in a few shops while I was there too. Anyway I ended up getting to my gate pretty close to boarding time it was pretty cool. I only had to wait like 2 minutes. Also because I was first class on this flight I was able to board first. I had a nice chair.. it was almost like a recliner, I also had all the foot room a guy could want. Another thing that was really cool sitting up there was the guy next to me was a Pilot and he asked the stewardess to route all the cockpit radio communications through to channel 9 on the in cabin sound system. (Thats what you plug into to watch the flight movie, or listen to music they put on there). So since I over heard that conversation I was able to plug in and listen to the communication that went on from airport to pilot. I learned a lot by just listening that was really cool. Once we got to cruising altitue (aparently from the communiction we were at 23000 feet and 300 knots) They started playing the in flight movie. This time it was "A Sharks Tale" I had just seen it like two days before but it was still very funny. Worth watching twice in a row even. So I had a good time watching the movie, but then it gets even better. I got free food, and lots of it. I ended up ordering a good sized deli sub sandwich and it had vegetables and chips that came with it. I also had all you could drink Orange Juice and Coffee. All of this was served on fine glass dishes and I had real silverware and I even had some mini salt and pepper shakers that came with it. Talk about Firstclass.. they aint kiddin. =). Once I had finished my meal and an hour or so had passed she came by with dessert. It was a good almost 5inch diamater chocolate chip cookie and I had a big glass of milk to go along with it. Needless to say that flight seemed rather short and we were flying over seattle in no time. I then switched back over to Channel 9 to hear the radio communication and I was able to hear the traffic patterns of the seattle airport and the confirmation to land and where to taxi and everything. It doesn't get much better then that! After arriving I then called my parents to have them come pick me up as I headed down to the Baggage claim area to get my giant suitcase.. and even bigger box. I managed to find my mom down there and she helped me carry my bags (and box) down to the loading area where we met my dad waiting in the car. Then I was home about 10 minutes later. It was nice to be back and I just unloaded a few things from my bags and then I sat and had some dinner with my parents. We then just kind of lounged around and talked and caught up on a few things. I then decided to go ahead and fix thier computer last night too because it was really bad and almost to the point of barely useable. I managed to get it all fixed up in under an hour. By that time it was roughtly 1:30 my time. (Only 10:30 thier time though). But I was really tired from the long day for me. I didn't think I could stay up much longer. I had to just get ready for bed. I didn't even have the energy to blog or nothin. My parents were pretty tired too though so it was good timing for them to get to sleep as well. So I snuggled up in my old bed and off to sleep I went. So yep, that was my trip! I'll write more later.
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Tuesday, December 21, 2004
Today was my last day here before I fly home tomorrow for Christmas. I'll be there for 8 days. I had to work today just like normal but now that its getting closer I'm pretty excited to see my parents. I just talked to my mom tonight and I was able to say "see you tomorrow" thats always nice to be able to say. Anyway, I'm all packed up and ready to head out @ 10:00 tomorrow. This is all I'm going to write tonight. I'm gonna get to bed early so I can be ready to sleep some more on the plane. =). Anyway! Good night!
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Monday, December 20, 2004
Today was a pretty good day at church. I didn't actually get to hear the sermon today though because I ended up running the nursery this morning. I had one child to take care of and that was all, but we still had fun in there. I also wore my new shirt that Brittany gave me for christmas to church... I actually got quite a few compliments from it. I like it a lot too! Anyway after church was over I went with a big group of people out to eat at a mexican restaraunt. I wasn't actually that hungry at the time though so Allie and I just shared a Fajita dish. It was really good! Directly after eating we had to run by Liberty and pickup Han because he was waiting for us to come pick him up from work. After retreving the Milasian, we then had to take all his stuff to the apartment he will be staying at for the whole break. Han took awhile do to whatever he was doing there though so Allie and I just had to wait around for him while he was taking forever. Finally he was ready to go though so we headed over to hang out at the Donnebergs for a bit. I didn't end up staying there very long though because we all decided to go see a 3:15 showing of "Sharks Tale" That was a very funny movie. I would recommend going to see it if you get a chance. I thouroghly enjoyed it. After leaving the movie theater it was almost time to head back to church for our christmas dinner we were having there tonight. But before we went there we had to stop at the store to pick up some gifts for Han and the girls because they didn't get anything for it (There was going to be a "Dirty Santa" game afterwards). After they found thier prized gift items we drove to the church while they all wrapped them up in the car on the trip over. I also ended up caling Jonathan to see if he would be able to make it tonight. At first he didn't think he would be able to, but it turned out he was able to make it after all. I was really glad he could make it because it would be the last chance I had to see him before my trip back home to seattle (I leave Tue). Anyway, we all had a great time of fellowship and eating and just being crazy. We did some songs and then we had some people to Kereoke also. The Kereoke turned out better then I thought it would. That was kind of fun. Then of course we had lots of eating of good good food. I had two pretty good sized plates of stuff. Eventually the time for Dirty santa came around and we had people steaing gifts all over the place. There was a little but of hostility going on - it was funny to see people playfully get mad over having their gift stolen. I enjoyed myself tonight.. I thought everything went very well. Afterwards we just went and dropped off Han at his apartment, then I came back here and packed all my suitcases to get things ready for my departure on Tuesday. I think I'm pretty much ready to head out now. I just need to take my suitcases to work tomorrow and see if I can figure out how to get a computer into one of them. So anyway.. that pretty much covers my day in a broad overview. Beleive it or not, I even left a few things out.. But Its late and I need to get to bed. So thats all your gonna get tonight. Except I want to say that it is 17 degrees outside and snowing.. which is kind of cool.. but I'm also not too keen on the snow & cold Idea right now. Anyway.. gotta go!
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Sunday, December 19, 2004
Hey.. what a day today. It was a little long but it was a good day! I had to wake up at about 8:30 and start to get ready for work. As I was getting out of Bed Wagner woke up too and we started talking for a little bit. AFter I got all ready for the day, Allie was out and about too so Wagner and Allie and I just hung around a bit before I needed to go to work. We took a lot of pictures of ourselfs too this morning. I should be able to get those posted sometime after Christmas. But then it became time for me to need to head out and get to work. I had to say my goodbyes to Wagner and get on my way. Things at work actually seemed to go by rather quickly today that was pretty nice. Yesterday was Andy's Birthday so today I bought us all lunch (Tokyos) and we had a nice little "Party" kind of thing for him. Once we closed up for the day I had to get going to get a christmas present all ready. It was a present for the Donnebergs so I wasn't able to go to thier house to set it up and wrap it. I decided I would go to the church and do everything there, I also had a few things I needed to take care of for sunday anyway. I ended up getting a process started and then I had to go help Han for about 4 hours running him all over Lynchburg. First I went to pick him up and we loaded up my van will all his stuff we were going to take to his apartment. Then on our way to his place, we stopped at the Mall. While we were there I went to get my hair cut (Which nobody here really likes) and Han went off and did some shopping. It was really cool though because while I was getting my hair cut I had an opportunity to share Christ somewhat with the stylist. I didn't really bluntly share the gospel or anything. But our conversation focused on God a lot. That was really neat to be able to do. I ended up tipping her pretty good too. After I got done with my hair cut I ended up having to wait for Han to come back for like 20 minutes. (and he was the one worried about being late to work). But that was kind of cool too because while I was waiting I ended up seeing the lady that cut my hair leave and then come back with some Lunch. She saw me sitting there and she told me she was really greatful for me because if I hadn't tipped her she wouldn't have had any money to eat lunch today. That was a neat thing to see too. Anyway, after sitting there for like 20 minutes Han finally came back and we were able to go try and drop off his stuff at the apartment. This part was kind of annoying, Han never called his friend and told him when he would be there to bring his stuff so when we got there.. the door was locked and there was nobody home. We ended up just having to go back to campus and dropping off all his stuff at the radio station where he works. Once he got all set up at work I was free to leave. I still had a lot more work to do back at the church with the Christmas present to the Donnebergs so I hurried back there and finished it up. While I was there Allie ended up calling me to see where I was and when I would be back.. luckly I was almost done by then and only had to wrap the present before I went back home. We ended up exchanging gifts tonight after everybody ate dinner. I figured I better give it to them a few days before I had to leave town so they could use it and I could make sure everything was working right. If you haven't guessed by now, I gave them a Laptop for Christmas. I just made it a whole family gift and I had to refrain these past few weeks from buying things I saw that would be great gifts for some of them. I guess I at least have a few good ideas now for Birthdays and such. But anyway.. they also gave me my gifts tonight. They were all pretty good I though. Britt got me a really good looking shirt that I plan on wearing to church tomorrow. Chuck and Jo got me some stuff to make lots and lots of different kind of paper airplanes. Chuck also got me a little leather holder to put my passport in. At first when I got it I didn't really even know what it was.. but after they explained it to me I thought it was a neat idea. Then Allie got me quite a few things. She ended up getting me some Finding Nemo Playing cards, some finding Nemo Fruit snacks (very good by the way). She also got me as kind of a prank gift but still practical. Two different kinds of Shampoo. (Yes there is a story behind that but you will have to ask me later if you want to hear about it). Then as my last gift she got me a brand new fuzzy blanket. It has a picture of a Dog and Cat on it. That thing is so warm and comfortable.. I like it a lot! After we made a mess of the family room and threw wrapping paper all over everywhere and all the gifts were exchanged I had to demonstrate a few things to them with the laptop. I had it setup for wireless internet so basicly as soon as they pulled it out of the box and turned it on they were up and online. They all thought it was the coolest thing. After that things kind of died down and I headed to the computer room to do my devotions because I didn't get a chance earlier to do it. Other people sort of started to mingle in there too so it took me a little longer to finish them. (I still need to do a little more before bed). But afterward I had a few more gifts to wrap for me to take home with me for my family. I also did a few for a White Elephant game we will do at church tomorrow night. Eventually my mom ended up getting online and I was able to talk to her while I fixed one of the computers down here that has been acting up a lot lately. But now the time has come for me to head to bed. The comptuers fixed and everyone else had gone to bed. I need to wake up tomorrow morning and be at church by 8:30.. I gotta get some Z's. Night!
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Saturday, December 18, 2004
This morning was really nice. I was able to sleep in for awhile. I managed to sleep well past 8:00 until I was awaken by the weight of a big black dog named Jake. That was alright though, because my alarm would have gone off 10 minutes later anyway. So after waking up I prepared myself for the day and then through the tireless efforts of Jo was able to eat breakfast before I had to leave for the day. I needed to be at work by 1:00 today, but I also needed to stop by Liberty and the bank before I went there. I ended up leaving the Donneberg's around 12:00 to give myself enough time to do everything I needed to. I was expecting a package to come in today at Liberty but when I got there and checked it still hadn't come. That was kind of upsetting because the whole reason I wanted it was so I could have it by this weekend. Now its not going to work as I had planned. Oh well.. I just then stopped by and tried to talk to one of my teachers, but he was out at the time. So basicly my whole reason for goign back to campus today was in vien because neither thing worked out. I just decided to leave and get some lunch and then head to the bank then work. At least things at the bank went smoothly and I even managed to eat lunch and stay stain free. So that worked out pretty good. Things at work were fairly routine as well. Andy ended up having to leave a half hour early tonight though, so I ended up having to close up the shop. I needed to stay after anyway today to take care of a few other things I had to do. I didn't really even get out of there until about 7:00. But I was able to leave and go home to the D-bergs after that. Dinner was running a little late tonight though, so in order to kill some time Allie, Wagner, and I went and popped in to see Brittany at work tonight. We just ordered some coffee though and that was it because dinner was still cooking back at home. We were only there for about a half hour before we headed back to eat some Chicken and Mashed taters for supper. It was pretty good at dinner because I was talking to Allie and Wagner and I learned quite a few words in Portugeus. That was cool.. I have a feeling I'll forget them all by tomorrow though. Anyway once we finished eating we all went and made the rounds and picked up Jonathan and Han then came back and just had some good hang out time here at the Donneberg's. I also spent some time and helped Jonathan and Allie get thier classes all signed up for. I bet they were glad to get that out of the way. Jonathan needed to leave around 11:00 though so all of us (minus Britt) hopped in my van and took him and Han home. After we dropped off Jonathan though we didn't go straight to drop off Han. He instead wanted us to go with him to see the apartment he will be staying in over the break. THe only problem was he didn't know how to get there. We ended up in the complete wrong apartment complex and it took us like 25 minutes to finally find it. Once we finally did though we got to see that it was a pretty nice place. By this time it was getting really late though so we kind of had to hurry it up and get Han back to the dorm for his last night there. After we finally got him delivered there Allie and Wagner and I headed up to the bald spot on Liberty Mountain to see the night view of Lynchburg again. Since Wagner is from Brazil he hasn't had a good look at the northern sky. He thought it was cool because the stars are all completely different. We just sat up there and listend to some music for about 15 minutes just seeing the lights all around us. We didn't really even get back home until almost 12:45. I had a good time tonight though just chillin with the friends. Anyway.. I still had to get the powerpoint done for church on sunday so I had to stay up and get that taken care of. I also needed to call the internet provider for the church and get a few of thier problems worked out over the phone. I'm glad they have 24/7 service on that. Its kind of cool that there is no waiting line at 1:30 in the morning. It rings once and boom.. you get to talk to somebody. Thats good service =). Anyway.. I should probably get to bed now. Everyone is asleep now except for Brittany who is talking on the phone.. I still need to change the laundry out too. Ok.. that's it.. I need to go. Night!
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Friday, December 17, 2004
I finished my semester today! I'm so happy to finally have a break. I went to my Economics class for my 8:00am exam. I actually did alright on that test. I ended up pulling a B out of that class as far as I know. I also took all my books with me to that class so I could go to the book store and sell them all back right after it. The line at that time was going outside the building... It probalby would have been about a 2 1/2 hour wait if I would have stayed. I wasn't able to do that though because I had an 11:00 exam. So I just used that extra time to study further on my test. Then my last test of the semester came around. It was for Philosophy. I don't know what my grade ended up on it because he hasn't posted them online just yet.. but the questions were a lot easier then the kind of stuff he had on the last four. Most of the questions this time only had options A and B. That made the chances a lot higher for me to get a good grade. After I finished the exam I had to hurry and get in line at the Book store. It was my last chance to sell all my books back. The line this time was a little smaller. I only ended up having to wait for an hour and a half this time. It did still end up making me a little late to work, but only by 15 minutes so I think it worked out alright. I ended up getting about $70 back from my books this semester. I should be able to sell a few more of them on Half.com or something. But when you consider what happend. Getting like $46 an hour doesn't sound half bad. After I got all my books sold back I had to rush back to my room to drop off my left over books and then head to work. Work went pretty good today, but it seemed to take a long time. I think it was just because I was anxious to get back to the dorm and pack up all my stuff and come over to the Donnebergs for the night. I decided I would try and rush and get here as soon as I could because Wagner was only going to be here with them until Saturday. I wanted to be able to spend as much time as I could with him.. and possibly learn a good amount of Portugues. So work finally got out and I was able to get everything packed up in only a few hours. I had my room check by my RA and then I was out of there a little before 8:00. That worked out pretty good I think. There are still a few more things I'll need to do on campus tomorrow morning though so I will still have to go back once more. Anyway I've had a great time here at the Donnebergs tonight. Its been fun getting to know Wagner and just hanging out and stuff. Jonathan also called tonight so we passed the phone around to everyone and we talked to him for awhile too. I kind of did laundry here and there tonight too. Speaking of that its probalby time to switch loads again... anyway I'll take care of that before I go to bed. For now I am going to go and clean up a few things before we go to sleep. Everybody else is still down here with me awake, so I'm not sure if they plan to sleep anytime soon. But now that I've blogged I'll be good and ready for it whenever they get there. So I'll say goodnight now =).
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Thursday, December 16, 2004
I had two more exams today. I think I did well on both. I'm still guessing on my Theology test though I haven't gotten a grade back for it.. but on my Computer class one I know I got a good grade. I got 110 out of 100. Also I was voted for best project too. That meant I got 20 points extra credit on that project I was working on so hard last week. So I guess it was all worth it. I know for sure my grade in that class was an A. I still have two more exams left though. I think I've done pretty good so far though. I just have to make it through those two and I'll be done! Ok.. so anyway after I finished my two exams today I headed to work like any other day. Nothing too exciting happend there. After work though I went over to the church. I got there a little early so I just sat there by myself for about 20 minutes and ate some dinner that I had brought. Eventually Allie got there and she had brought her friend with her from Brazil. His name is Wagner (Pronounced "Vagner") so it was great to finally meet him. Rather then have our typical church activity tonight though we decided we were going to go out and go Caroling to some of the surrounding neighborhoods. It was kind of cold tonight though so Brittany, Allie, and Jo decided they weren't going to come along with us. It probably would have been hard for Wagner to hobble along with us while we walked around neighborhoods anyway. I wonder if he would even know any of our american christmas songs. So anyway.. since they decided not to come along tonight I wasn't able to talk to Wagner too much tonight. I wish I could have more though, but I will have the rest of the week to do that. I'm looking forward to that! Maybe I'll even be able to learn some portugese from him. So.. moving on. Our time of Caroling was actually pretty fun. We started off going to the houses at Windherst and then we went around the Saunder's neighborhood. We even stopped at the Saunders house but they didn't even come out to hear us sing.. apparently they were eating dinner and that was more important =). Oh well, it was a lot of fun to do that tonight and I think we blessed a quite a few houses by doing that. It was a little cold, but there was zero wind and the night was clear so it worked out to be a great night for it. After the crew decided to go back to the church I had to get back to my room so I could study for my last two tests. I also had to help my roomate get the dorm in order because he will be checking out tomorrow and they do a "white glove" check on us. So I cleaned up most of my stuff and got a few things ready to load in my car tomorrow. I'm going to have to call it quits for now though.. I gotta get rested up for a long day tomorrow (my last day). Night!
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Wednesday, December 15, 2004
Today I actually felt rested and NOT tired for once. I didn't have any exams today so I was able to sleep in. It was so great. I think I got right around 10-11 hours of sleep last night. I ended up finally crawling out of bed around 10:20 this morning. I was able to take some extra time in devotions this morning and then still have some time to get some studying done. Tomorrow I have two exams. (Theology and Computer) I also had to work on something for Oakridge Camp. (Thats where I went this summer for a mission trip in Oklahoma) I still have to figure out how to mail it down there. I might go figure that out tomorrow. Anyway after getting all that done It was time for me to head on over to work. Things at work were pretty normal today.. nothing much worth report on there. We were going to end up staying after tonight again, but Andy had something come up so we didn't do that afterall. I was glad though because then I was able to just go over to Jonathan's house right after work and hang out with him for the evening. I had dinner at his house and then we went and hung out at the Drowsy Poet for a little over an hour. While we were there Allie and Jo stopped in to say hi. Turns out they were shopping at a store nearby and they saw my van. So they figured I was at the coffee shop and came in to find us. They had some things to do though so they didn't end up staying. But Jonathan and I had a good time just hanging out and talking tonight. After leaving there I went back to his house and stayed there for another hour or so. We ended up having to move a Fridge from his basement to outside along the road for trash pickup tomorrow. So I guess its good I was there to help. Its hard to move those by yourself. =o) Anyway I ended up heading back to campus around 9:30. I still had a lot more studying to do. I've pretty much covered all the subjects I need to except for Philosophy. Thats the only one I have left to read through. That is my last exam though so I still have a little time left. I got part of it done tonight but even though I've slept like 10 hours last night.. I started to doze off while reading it. I think I'm just going to turn in for the night and finish it up tomorrow I hope. Ok so I'm off to bed. Night!
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Tuesday, December 14, 2004
One test down.. four more to go. I ended up taking my Biology exam this morning at 8am. It was probalby the hardest one he's given so far. I think I probalby got right around a C on that one. He did say something about how he curves everybodys grade at the end of the semester so I'm not sure how that class will turn out. I know I at least will have a C or better in that one though. It would be nice to get a B out of that class. Anyway, that was all I needed to do today class wise was take that exam. It only took me about 30 minutes so I was able to go eat breakfast this morning too. After that I went back to my room at decided to take a nap. I haven't been able to take a nap for a long time. It was really nice. I ended up sleeping from like 9 to 12. I felt rested for once the rest of the day. It actually seemed to make the day at work go much smoother. I had to go do a service call to the Drowsy Poet today so that was kind of fun. I saw quite a few people I knew while I was there working on the computers. Anyway after work I just came back to my room and studied the rest of the night. I did take some time to help Allie with her check-in for Liberty for next semester but that only was about half an hour or so. But then I went back to my studies. Since I had my nap today I had a much clearer mind and I was able to concentrate so much better. I managed to study four chapters out of one book and one out of another all without dozing off. Thats gotta be some kind of first for me this semester. So I was glad to get those two subjects out of the way tonight. I will still have to look over my study guides for them the night before the exam though. But I feel like I accomplished something tonight. I'm going to head off to bed now though. I will get to sleep in tomorrow though I don't have any exams tomorrow. But I'm going to bed anyway because I don't think my mind can take anymore studying. Good night!
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Sunday, December 12, 2004
This morning I had to wake up an hour earlier then normal because they were going to need me at church for a bit before I went to work. It turns out though that they called me and canceled. They weren't going to be able to do it after all. So I ended up just working on some stuff until I had to go to work. Today things at work were pretty good. Jason was gone today though so it was just Andy and I the whole time. We managed to get a lot of stuff done though. That was good. After I got done at work I decided to just go to the church and study. Back at campus all day there was supposed to be around 12,000 people coming in and out of liberty because of two football games and 3 basketball games they were hosting there. The traffic was going to be so bad there all day. Someone said it took like 30 minutes to get on or off campus during the day. I just stayed away the entire day. I ended up just staying at church from around 3:30 until about 8:30. I had a lot of homework I needed to work on. I also got the powerpoint things ready for church on sunday while I was there. Jonathan ended up calling me though and asking if I wanted to go to his house and watch a movie with his family. I decided I had studied enough for the moment and went over to his house. We ended up watching "The day after tomorrow". I then headed back to campus around 10:30 or so. The roads into campus were free once again by that time and the parking was ample. That was good because I still had some more studying to do. After I got to my room I first had to get out my sewing kit and sew a button back on my pants because it came off today. I succeded in doing that so then I opened up my books once again and studied for the rest of the night. I have my biology test on monday and I think I"m just about ready for it. I think I only have one more chapter left to read. Anyway.. I need to head to bed now. I have to wake up early for practice in the morning. Good night.
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Saturday, December 11, 2004
Well, its a little late but now I am awake and should be able to tell you about all that I did yesterday. Well first of all, yesterday was the last day of offical classes for the semester. I was pretty happy about that. All I need to do now is study for my finals that I have next week. All of my classes were pretty normal which was a little weird considering it was the last day for all of them.. but they just taught a normal class. Our convocation was very cool though. They call it the Christmas Convo. Its like one of those liberty traditions every friday before the fall finals. Rather then have the real people like Jerry Falwell and the campus pastors and stuff come up and talk to us. They have imitators come out and do it. They dress up like them best they can, and they even have all the same quirks the real people do. They were pretty good. They even had some people come out dressed up like the LUPD (liberty police) and do some fun things like arrest random people in the audience. And they chased a guy on a bike and gave him parking tickets. By the end of the service he had about 100 yellow tickets taped to him. Then they just had a bunch of fun christmas songs and Charles Billingley came out in an elf suit and danced around. We even had a clay akain imposter come out. Thats just some of the stuff that happend.. but I barely even covered half of the stuff they did. It was just a lot of fun. After classes were over I headed to work and did the normal work routine there. We were actually kind of slow yesterday though, so we had to scrounge up stuff to do. Anyway once it was over things started to get really interesting. I headed to the church and help setup the place for our Dessert theater we were having that night. We setup some tables and I had to do some setup with the audio visual stuff. But soon people started pouring in. We had a really good turn out last night there. Some of my friends Jessica, Danielle, Brooke, Missy, & Jonathan showed up so that was good to see them. Allie's Dad and Step mom had even come up from North Carolina with her brothers to see the perfomace as well. John and Charlie came too and they both brought some friends. If I had to guess I would say about 100 people were there. So anyway, everybody hoarded the dessert tables and filled up thier plates. Once the lines died down and people began to sit down the show began. We started out with a Politically correct christmas poem, and then we had a story of an old lady without her family at christmas, After that we had two funny christmas songs but we had changed the lyrics to be comical. One of those songs was the 12 days of christmas sung by the children of our church. That was pretty cute to see. Our next few acts were improv acts. We had to pull a scene out of a hat and act it out while we had to abide by a few "rules" to make it funny. If you've ever seen "Who's Line is it Anyway" thats basicly what we were doing. That kind of stuff isn't easy but I think we all did quite well. Oh and I have one thing to say to Brittany if your reading this. "I Want some More!" =) .. And to Dennis... "I don't like miscletoe!" Sorry.. had to be there. After the improv we then did our readers theater skit. That is the one I've been practicing and working on for the past month or so. It was a story about Mary and Joseph and the christmas story. Allie and I played Mary and Joseph, while Brittany, Dennis, Dorothy, and Jody played other parts here and there through the different skits. I messed up like twice during them but I think everybody else did a great job. I guess my screw ups weren't too bad though. I told a few people and they had no idea what I was talking about. But that was really good and I had a great time last night just having some fun with Drama. After it was over I hung out at church for awhile and ate about 10 pounds of micselaneous desserts then played with the kids until most people had left. Afterwards I went over the Donneberg's for the rest of the evening. Allie's Dad and Step Mom was over there just visiting when I got there, so I got to spend a bit of time with them and got to know her brothers some. That was pretty cool. Once they left I just stayed for awhile and hung out there. Chuck hasn't been feeling to well lately though so the girls and I went out to get him some medicine and a get well present. After that I just stayed and talked for a bit, but I ended up falling asleep on the floor with Jake (who left me while I was sleeping..) After I had a pillow thrown at me I woke up and decided to just go back to campus and sleep, I was out cold a few seconds after laying down. Anyway.. thats that! I'll write more tonight.
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Friday, December 10, 2004
You know what.. I'm too tired to write anything right now. We had an awsome night of Drama/acting/improv at church tonight... but I'll tell you about it later. I can't right now because I'll be asleep in two minutes.
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I am finally done with my computer project! Man that was so time consuming.. I presented it today in class and got it over with. I was able to actually feel somewhat relaxed today now that I got that over with. I still have all my other classes to take exams for next week and that will still take up a lot of reading time. But I have a whole 3-7 days to study for them all depending on which day the tests are on. I also was able to go and eat a real lunch in the Dinning hall today. I haven't been inside the dinning hall for I think right around 3 weeks now. It actually felt kind of weird to go in and sit down to eat. Since my Aviation class is done with now I didn't have to go to class during that time so I was able to do all the stuff I needed to during the hour and a half I'm usally in class. Its actually a good thing too though because I woke up at 7:57 this morning and had to hope right out of bed and right to class pretty much. I was able to come back and take a shower after it was over, as well as have my devotions during that nice extra break. I used it to prepare for my presentatin as well that was in my next class. So anyway, I had a kind of hectic morning.. but once the project was over.. it was smooth sailing from then on. I went and ate lunch as I said above and then headed over to work for the remainder of the day. I was kind of lagging at work though from just being tired. But I pulled through and survived it. After work though I hurried back to campus to prepare my room and stuff for Open dorm night tonight. I had bought 87 Roses and added a little personal card on each one with some ribbon. Then when the dorms opened up I scurried around to all the dorms of people I knew and handed out the roses to each of them. I did go to my sister dorm though and gave every person in that dorm a rose. I also had to run over to the new side of campus and see a few people over there as well. It was kind of rough getting to every place.. but I managed to get to every person I wanted to see most. I ended up running out of flowers though. There were still about 8 people it would have been nice to go see but I ran out of time anyway, so even if I would have had the flowers I wouldn't have been able to make it. It was sure a lot of fun visiting everyone though I hope I was able to be a blessing to all those who received a flower. Alas once the time for Guys to visit the girls dorm was over I had to get back to my dorm so I could be there for when all the girls came to visit my room. After I got there I was surprised to see Jo and Allie were there already just chillin in my room waiting for me to get there. It was a good surpise though, too bad that can't happen more often. LOL But anyway It all seemed to go very well tonight. I had a lot of people come visit my room and they all seemed to really like how we had it decorated. I had a big bowl of candy for people to eat as well. It seemed like more of the guys ate that then the girls who were visiting though. But it was still alot of fun. It was nice to just sit and relax in my room with the ladys. I did have to leave for a few minutes to escort Allie and Jo over to one of the other guys dorms who they wanted to see. Thier dorm was actually really crazy with a lot of crazy people there. It was kind of in a state of chaos... but despite that I left them there under the protection of John and Charlie and returned to my room. Eventually they had found thier way back and hung out here again until the RA's had to kick them out. I would say everythign went very well tonight. I had a good time with it. I did have a stocking on my door with a sign saying to donate to my missions trip fund.. but I ended up only getting a can opener and a bag of cottonballs..I'm not quite sure how that is supposed to help me, but thats what I got.. oh well =). Anyway after everybody cleared out we started our Hall meeting shortly after that. It was our last hall meeting of teh semester and because of that the RA's had to go over the procedure for us to go through before leaving for the break and telling us all about the "white glove" checks for our rooms and all of that. Hall meeting ended up taking right around 45 mintues tonight because of that. Afterwards I had Prayergroups as always. Since Hall meeting went so long tonight though I didn't do anythign elaborate tonight. I tried to keep it short and sweet. Turns out one of the guys in my group will be leaving my group next semester because he is becoming a prayerleader himself. So I decided to let him take the requests and lead the prayer tonight as a practice run. It all went pretty good. After we finished up with groups I had to take care of a few things with e-mail and some bankstatement stuff, I also started to get some studying done for my Economics test next week. But now the time as come for me to skidattle off to bed. I have to clean up the rose petals all over it though first. =). Anyway.. this is JD signing out!
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Thursday, December 09, 2004
Today I was really tired when I woke up. I decided I would just skip my Theology class this morning and sleep in for another 40 minutes. I think it was good that I did. He was just going over some more material today that I can just read in the book. I would have fallen asleep in the class anyway. The rest of my classes were pretty normal though. After class I grabbed some take out lunch and headed over to work. Everything was fairly routine there as well. But once I got off at work I headed over to the church. I ended up getting there right at the same time Brittany did. She needed to get there early to practice and get things ready because she was going to lead worship tonight. (Which she did very well on by the way). So I helped her out and got some other stuff setup while we waited for the rest of the church to show up. I think the service went over all very well tonight. It was a short prayer meeting and then a time of communinion. It was good. After the service I had to stick around to help out with sound and doing some recordings tonight for our play on Friday. I was able to get out of there right around 9:00 tonight. On the way back to campus I had to make a quick stop at Wal-mart to pick up some goods for tomorrow's open dorm night. I will tell you what that is and how they liked it tomorrow. But anyway.. I had to get that worked on and setup tonight the best I could. I will actually be doing my presentation for my comptuer program I've been working on tomorrow in class, so I had to get the final touches all done with that some too and make up a quick multiple choice quiz about it. But I think I've accomplished all that I need to for now. I will just head on to bed now. Pray for me around 11:00 when I present my computer program tomorrow. OK good night!
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Wednesday, December 08, 2004
I think I've finally finished my Comptuer project! It was a long and time consuming process, but I think I've done it. Now I have time to do everything else that will still take up my and won't let me have a life =). Its ok though.. the semester is almost over. Anyway... today was another day that didn't have anything super exciting happen, so I don't really have the time or energy to go into very much detail. I will jump ahead to after work though and talk a bit about that. I ended up going over to Jonathan's house for dinner tonight and we had Venison Steaks (good stuff) Afterwards Jonathan and I decided to come and hang out at David's place tonight for awhile. They had some kind of concert thing going on there tonight. People would go up on stage one at a time and they would sing a song... it actually looked like it was a worship class to me though. Its possible this was the final exam or something. But anyway that was cool, we had a good time talking and just hanging out. I ended up taking him back home after that though because I had all this homework I needed to work on tonight. So I dropped him off and got back to my dorm just a few minutes before 9:00 and I've been working on the project ever since. I think I'm done with it now though. I am so tired though from all of it.. I'm going to head to bed. Night!
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Tuesday, December 07, 2004
I have been so busy lately I haven't even had time to blog in detail all that much over the past few days.. Sorry about that. Today will have to be no different unfortunatly. I've been working on a project for my computer class ever since I got back to my room tonight. I got really far on it tonight though.. I'm just about done with it. I'm so glad. The main part of the day was pretty normal today though. I did have drama practice after work though. It was our offical dress rehersal for the Dessert Theater we will be doing on Friday. I think its coming along pretty good. I can't say we are perfect.. but it should be doable. I hope it works out well. Anyway.. I really should start thinking about getting to bed. That project has just consumed most of my time up. But ok.. I gotta get going. have a good night!
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Monday, December 06, 2004
Church was good, had a lot to do today though. Britt and I went to pick up Allie from Danville too, so we had to make half of the same drive we made yesterday. I ended up driving down to get her first (we took Allie's new car), then britt drove the whole way back. We did have the intention of letting Allie drive for part of the trip too, but she ended up driving the whole time from her dad's house to the meeting place. She refused to drive anymore the rest of the trip. Normally we would have had drama practice tonight too but it ended up being cancelled so Britt Allie and I just ran our lines on our own after we got back. I did a little bit of homework after we returned too. I also needed to stop by the store and pick up some christmas goods as well as a few other personal items. I had to come back to my room around 8:00 though so I could get some other things done. I still haven't finished the stuff I need to but I'm not getting anywhere with reading stuff anymore..I keep falling asleep. I have to get to bed.
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Sunday, December 05, 2004
I am so very tired right now.. it was a long day for me. I had to leave my room this morning at around 7:30 so I could get to work. It was rough getting up this morning too because I didn't get to sleep till around 3:00 last night. I only got three hours of sleep. That didn't do too well for the long day I had coming. I had to setup a server & network at an architecture buisness. They had 15 clients I needed to configure plus the main server. I ended up being there until around 1:00. After that I went back to the shop for the rest of work day. I left 30 minutes early though because I had to rush over to the church afterwards in order to carpool with people down to North Carolina for a play we were all going to. I ended up going with Brittany and Amber and Laura. I fell asleep through part of the trip though I was just so tired from the day. The play was very very cool. It was also great to just see pastor Larry and the family again. I missed them so much. I would love to go into more details on that but once again it is late and I"m too tired. I really have to get to sleep. I was halucanating for part of the trip back. But it sure was a good day.. just kind of long. So anyway.. Good night!
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Saturday, December 04, 2004
Hey.. I just got back from the Coffee house show tonight. It was pretty fun. Han did a performance as well. It turned out really good. I ended up bringing Brittany with me tonight. We didn't really get that good of seats though so it was hard to see. Well anyway. I have to be at work in the morning at 8:00 so I can't really say anything else. I'll maybe fill you in more tomorrow. I need to get to sleep now though. Good night!
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Friday, December 03, 2004
I had my last day of class for Aviation today... I had the final exam for it too. I think I did pretty good on it though. The rest of the day was pretty normal. School, work, then back to campus. I had my prayer groups tonight too. I didn't really do much of a lesson tonight though. I just didn't have time this week to put something together. We just spent some extra time in prayer. I mostly worked on homework tonight. I had Biology reading to do and a project I need to work on for my computer class. I'm going to be done for the night now though... it got kind of late on me.
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Thursday, December 02, 2004
Today was kind of a long day for me. I just had lots of things I needed to do. I went to my classes as normal and convo as well. But afterwards I needed to go and talk to one of my teachers, and then also go to a prayerleader meeting. The meeting time I had chosen didn't work out for them though so they actually cancelled that time. I wasn't able to make it any other time today so they just had me fill out some of the papers I needed to and also marked me down on the attendance. They said since I at least tried they would let it slide. I was thinking I wasn't going to be able to have time to eat today because of all of that stuff.. but since the meeting didn't work out I had a few minutes I could use to grab some takeout and eat on the run. Things at work were a little different for me too. I didn't really have to work with any of the customers today or even fix thier comptuers. My job today was to lock down our servers (we've had a hacker lately) and then I needed to get another complete server setup for another buisness we will be setting up on Saturday. Those two projects took me most of the day. I did have to go back to campus for about an hour in the middle of the work day though because I had a Missions Trip meeting I had to go to. The meeting today was pretty good actually. We talked about some of the Dramas we will be doing over the trip and we watched a few of them to get a feel for how they are done. Plus the group seems to be growing closer together lately too as a team. Things are coming together very nicely. Anyway once work was over I headed over to the church. Almost everybody was late to church tonight. We normally start at 6:30 but we didn't really start until a little before 7:00. If we would have started at 6:30 tonight there would have only been 4 people including me. By the time we actually started about 15 people or so had shown up. Still not too many but much better then 4 =). We went over Chapter 3 of the Gospel of John tonight. I think the service went pretty good. Once the service was over we hung around for a bit and The Drama team had to work on our skit some more. We never did get through any of the scripts perfectly tonight... but I think its still coming along well. We only have 10 more days left before we perform it though. After Drama was over We headed out. I took Allie by the Grocery store on the way back first. She needed to pick up some paraphernalia. While we were there I decided to pick up some flowers for Jo too. Jo is starting to get pretty sick now. Allie is just now getting over it (we hope) but not before she past it along to her mom. I decided to get her some nice get well flowers. She did really like them too. I stopped by the Donneberg's and hung out there for a little bit tonight, but I couldn't stay long. I had homework and projects I needed to work on tonight.. plus not to mention the fact that people are sick over there and I needed to let them get some rest. After returning to campus I dove in on my computer final project and then studied some for my upcoming tests. I think I've done all I can tonight though.. the time just tick tocked away.. So with that, I"m going to call it a night! See Ya!
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Wednesday, December 01, 2004
I started my classes today again at 8:00 and had to go through my normal routine day. I found out I have a test in my Aviation class on Thrusday. Classes were all pretty good today though, I didn't really have anything special go on there today. However after I got out of classes I went to grab some lunch and then went to my dorm and I realzied I didn't have my cell phone on me anywhere. I knew I had it in class because I remember somebody calling me right in the middle of one today. I was pretty nervous about losing it. I had no idea where it had fallen off. I ended up re-tracing all of my steps and I did actualy find it. It turns out it had fallen off of my belt in the Marriot. I was really really glad it was still there. Then today at work I had two service calls I needed to take care of. One was just down the street and It was pretty easy I managed to get that done in about an hour. The other service call though was on the other side of town, past down town lynchburg. After I did find the place I had to setup a wireless network for them. They told me they had another company come in and try to set it up and they didn't have any luck doing it. They had two guys working on the job and they were trying to fix it for about 7 days he had said. I really have no idea why they were trying to do computer work though. They really had no idea what they were doing. When they left the network was worse off then it had been previously. I had to change all kinds of settings and get them back up and running. They were so happy I could do it. They were pretty mad at the other people that tried to set it up for them though. It took them seven days to do something (and they still didn't) that should have only taken about an hour and a half (at least that all the time it took me). But anyway that was a fun one to work on. I got back to the shop again just a few minutes before closing time. I wasn't really in the shop most of the day because of those.
Right after work I ended up going over to Jonathans house for dinner, and then we just talked and hung out at his house for a few hours. I couldn't stay too long though because I had a project I needed to work on back here and also make sure I get started on studying for my Biology test. It was a pretty good time with him tonight though. On the way back to my dorm from his house, I had to make a quick pit stop at the store to pick up some wrapping paper and a few christmas gift items. But then I returned to my room and started on the project and my reading. I think I am going to go to bed even earlier tonight though. So with that I bid thee goodnight!
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