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Monday, January 31, 2005
This morning the ice was a little messy. I had to be at church this morning by 8:30 for worship team practice too. Since the ice was really bad Allie wasn't too sure she wanted to drive herself to church this morning so She ended up waking up early and coming along with me. I had to scrape all the ice off of my car this morning too. It wasn't all that easy either, as I scraped it pretty much exploded in small chunks and would fly all over the place. It looked like it was snowing again. It probably took me a good 10-15 minutes to get it completly cleaned off. We ended up getting to church a little late, but people hadn't really started yet so it worked out well. Once practice was over I then had to swing by and pick up Britt and Jugee because they weren't able to drive in the ice either. Unfortunatly today the crowd was very small. It was not a good day to have a small crowd either because the message was a very good one today. The pastor talked about Abortion and the Christian response. I really enjoyed hearing it, and learned a lot too. After church was over I ended up going over to the Donnebergs for the afternoon. Chuck and Jo are still gone on thier trip, so it was just Juggee, Britt, Allie and I. But we still had a good time. We watched two episodes of American Idol (Leroy Wells is dah bomb - he can dig it!) and then we also watched the Incredibles. The Incredibles was an awsome movie. They did a very good job on it and if you haven't seen it.. GO SEE IT!!! lol. But then after that I ended up falling asleep and taking a nap for awhile. Naps are good good things.. yep yep. Not sure how much it ended up helping though because I still dozed off during evening campus church. Allie and I ended up coming back to campus around 6:00, just in time for dinner before we went to church. The worship tonight was amazing at campus church, and the message was pretty good too. I kind of dozed off here and there through it though, but not because it was boring.. just because I would randomly fall asleep. I didn't even realize I was alseep most times until Allie smacked me to bring me back to reality. Anyway, I turned in for the night after that. I came back to my dorm and worked on a little bit of bible study, then also typed up the rest of my excerpts from the lastest book I finished reading. I also got a call from Jonathan tonight who had just got back today from his Aquire the Fire trip. I was able to catch up with him for awhile and that was pretty cool. But anyway.. I think I will get to bed now. Before 1:00am even.. (I guess before 12:30 even.) So aren't you proud of me.. ok night!
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Sunday, January 30, 2005
Today was a pretty nice relaxing day... I basicly had all my homework done yesterday night so today I kind of had a play day. I first woke up and went to breakfast with Allie before I headed to work. Once I got to work it was a pretty standard day there. It kind of started snowing aroudn mid afternoon though so buisness kind of slowed down a little bit when that happend. By the time we had to close up the streets were still fairly clear. After work I had to go by the chruch and make sure everything was setup there for church tomorrow morning. That only ended up taking about a half hour today though, so it wasn't too bad. I then came back to campus and picked up Han and Allie and we had to swing by the Sears Optic Center so Allie could get her new glasses (which look very nice by the way) and then Han needed to do a followup for his prescription. That ended up being a fairly quick errand however and we were back on campus before the snow got any worse. AFter dropping off Han at the dorm Allie and I decided to go find somewhere to setup the laptop and we could both play some Nintendo games on it. Today we played Looney Toons. It was actaully a really fun game after we figured out how we coudl save it so we didn't ahve to start over every time we died. We ended up getting to the third level I think. Oh we also watched an episode of America Idol tonight too. That was pretty entertianing as always. Is amazing how many people think they can sing when they are just sooo horrible. I don't understand that. Anyway.. we ended up playing that game until around 9:00 or so and then we decided to go back to the dorms. Allie had a fairly big load of HW to do and I had a few other things to take care of tonight as well. (not homework though). Anyway.. I got most of the stuff done I wanted to do tonight and I should probably get to bed. I'm just talking to my mom and Katie right now about plans for the summer.. So who knows how long that will take. There is also a party going on in my room right now. We have 9 guys in here at the moment. Its kind of crazy. But anyway. I'm going to sign off for now. Night!
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Friday, January 28, 2005
Ok... today was a good day.. I'm finally kicked into my routine and ready to roll. This is the day I normally had the Management class so I was able to have a short break between classes and have my devotions and get some homework done. After classes today I also had the time to actually eat in the Marriot. I ended up sitting with Allie and some of the people from both of our dorms. (We kind of have a brother/sister dorm table). Then on the way to work I also needed to stop by the post office and ship off two packages (I sold some stuff on ebay $100 bucks worth). Then I got to work only to realize we were kind of in a desprate situation today. The main server over at New Covenant Schools had gone down today and when I got to work they already had it disassabled on the bench. So I had to help and get to work immediataly so we could get them back up and running. Thier computers over at the school were pretty much useless until we could get that repaired. We did end up getting it pulled off in time for andy to take it back out and set it up again for Friday morning. So we did have a little excitment at work today so that was nice to keep things interesting. After work I just came back to campus and grabbed some take out and went back to my room to do some homework for the better half of the evening. I also needed to gather some notes together and study them for a lesson I would be doing in prayer groups tonight. So anyway, Hall meeting went well and so did prayer groups. I even managed to get pretty much all of my homework done tonight, so that was pretty nice. There was a little bit of drama going on in my hall tonight though. Some people not getting along too well and having to find room placements for people who had to be separated and stuff. I came really close to getting a new roomate tonight. But everything worked out so it didn't have to come to that. Ok.. well anyway, I'm off to bed now. I be outa here!
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Thursday, January 27, 2005
Hey all, Even though I went to sleep super late last night I still managed to get up on time and make it to class. That accounting class is just going to be pretty rough. I don't think he ever lays up on the homework. Its good that I don't have that class on Friday though. I forgot it was only a M W thing, so I can get my other work done first before I start in on the homework for it again. Anyway other then that the rest of my day went pretty good. I had to leave work in the middle again for like an hour to go to my Brazil Missions trip meeting. Today I filled out the information to get my Visa. Pray that we won't have any trouble getting those taken care of. After work I headed over to church. Since I wasn't able to get back to campus before church, Allie ended up bringing me some dinner. It was really nice of her and I was glad for it. Tonight in church I think they talked about John Chapter 4. Unfortunatly I can't really say for sure because I was soo tired I kept falling asleep. Allie tried to keep me awake but it was pretty much hopeless for her.. I just didn't respond. After church was over though I then had another meeting I needed to go to back on campus. That ended up lasting until a little after 10:00. I finally made it back to my room around 10:20 tonight so I could start on my homework assingment. I had to write a paper for my class tomorrow morning at 8am. It ended up taking me until around 12:45 to get it completely finished. I would have liked to start on some of my accounting hw tonight too but I think I'm just going to hold off on that. I need to try and catch up on some sleep. So with that... Good night!
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Wednesday, January 26, 2005
Thanks for doing that Allie.. now I get to just go straight to bed. Good Job by the way.
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Unfortunately for all of you avid Jeremy-fans, he is unavailable right now for commentary. So, you are stuck with me, Allie, his lowly friend, for the night, (whom I might add so graciously offered to write his blog for him since he is planning on being up until 3 doing homework.) So, here ya go:

Woke up, was really tired, did all my classes.
At some point during the morning I returned the books for the class that I cleped out of. I got a full refund so that rocks.
For lunch today I met with Jonathan since we missed it last time. That was great, I really enjoy talking to him.
I went to work. Woop dee doo.
I then came back and got take-out and went to my room to start on homework at about 7:15ish. I am still working on homework and will be for probably another two hours because I am insane. Yea!
Actually, I also worked on some computer stuff tonight for other people, as well as taking a break to go to Wal-mart with Allie and her roommate Sui. We got back later than I had planned however.
Allie came to my window to get comics my mom sent me that I still hadn't read so she could wrap a present with them.
I am now going to continue working on homework until my eyeballs fall out of their sockets, and my brain melts all over the place, and my fingers become permanently stuck in the shape of holding a pencil so that from now on I will only be able to eat with chopsticks. Then I will still pull myself together and start over tomorrow because I am and always will be the ever-working, ever-serving, never (or ever, take your pick)-sleeping, Jeremy.
P.S. Today, Jake broke the sink.
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Tuesday, January 25, 2005
Hey today was a really good day! I passed my CLEP exam. I didn't really even study all that much for it so it was defenatly a God thing. He stuck by my all the way. I was so happy to pass it, now I can drop one of my classes and still get credit for it. The rest of the day was pretty good too. Things at work seemed to move a little faster today so it was closing time before I knew it. I then had to go to drama practice right after work and we did training and practice there. Once I finished up at church I went over to the Donnebergs house so I could get some of thier computer issues solved. I ended up being there until about 10:50 or so. I ended up missing the time for latenight. I was hoping to make that because I didn't eat breakfast (don't normally anyway)... had to skip lunch to take my CLEP test.. then had to skip dinner for drama practice. So late night would have been my only meal. I ended up just making myself some PB&J at the donnebergs for my only meal of the day before I left thier house. After I got back to campus I ended up having to park in the pit but some really cool guys stopped and gave me a ride from the pit to my dorm. That was really good because I would have been carrying a bunch of stuff the whole way and plus it was really cold outside. I think that was another God thing too. God stuck by me extra close today I guess. After getting back to my dorm I had to just work on a bunch of homework. I couldn't really get into it that far tonight though. My roomates were all watching a movie and I didn't want to, so I need to just go to bed and work on the HW later or something. Good night.
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Monday, January 24, 2005
Today was a fairly good day for me. I woke up earlier then normal so I could go eat breakfast with Allie before we went to church this morning. But when we got there they were still closed even at 8:15. I don't know if it was due to snow or what. But anyway.. we just had to forget about it and head to church. By the time I got about 3/4 of the way to church I realize I was supposed to pick up Tori still, but I had forgot since we were supposed to get her after breakfast and we never ate. So I had to turn around and head back to campus again to swing by and get her. Once we got to church I needed to work on the powerpoint all over again because the pastor decided to change around all the songs and even the sermon because he wanted to do the sermon he was planning on doing today for a crowd when more would show up. But anyway.. even with the snow and Ice thier was a very good turn out. I was kind of surprised. The sermon today was pretty good. He talked about how we can deal with those in authority above us when they are hard to live with, such as your boss, ect. He basicly brought it down to how we can't always affect how they treat us.. but we can affect how we act/react to those situations. We just need to do the best we possibly can and then we need to work on the "and them some" priciple where you give more then what is required. If you don't go to sleep tired every night then that means you didn't do enough service that day.

Anyway after church I ended up going to the D-bergs house and hung out there for the afternoon and till early evening. We had a pretty good lunch, then Allie and I played some Nintendo for awhile. (kirbys dream course) It was actually quite fun and humorus too. I had a great time doing that. Once we finally finshed with that we went out and rented "The Village" and picked up some stuff to make cookies and cinnimon rolls for tonight. We just chowed down on the goods and watched the movie. I fell asleep though so I didn't really even get to see that much of the movie. I had seen it already though and it is very good. While I was there I also helped Chuck work on a few things computer related. Allie and I headed back to campus around 9:30ish. I had to park in the pit tonight though because all the normal places were taken, so it was just a long walk back in the 14 degree weather. Anyway.. we made it back alright. I need to get to bed now though and shutup because I have a CLEP test to take tomorrow and I want to be somewhat rested up for that. So I am going to bed. Night!
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Sunday, January 23, 2005
The last few days have actually been pretty eventful. Friday I figured out what the last of my classes were. One of my classes was a Biology Lab that lasts two hours.. but all we really did was I had to go to class to sign my name to verify I was there. Then he let us go. That was really nice because I was able to use that extra time to check out some stuff taking a CLEP test. I decided I was going to attempt to take one this coming monday for my marketing class. If i pass it I can then drop that class and ease off my schedule a little bit. That would be cool if I could. So keep me in your prayers for that. After classes I went to work as ususual and once we closed I headed back to campus. I ended up meeting up with Jonathan later that evening and we had a time of just talking up at the Lahay student center. I hadn't been there before so it was cool to go check that out. He needed to go meet someone shortly after that though so we only hung out for a little over an hour. Once he left Allie and I ended up walking around campus just seeing what kind of new stuff they had. I hadn't even gone through the new tunnel yet since it has been built so we went through that and walked on East campus to see some of the stuff they had over there. After that we decided we were going to watch a movie on my laptop somewhere around campus. We went from room to room trying to find somewhere but everythign was really really crowded. So we just went and sat in the Vines center and just watched a movie there. After that we just headed back to the dorms for the night. I still had some homework I needed to do so I went and got that all taken care of.

Then this morning I had to wake up and go to work. Turns out I was able to leave two hours early today though. The ice and snow started really coming down outside so he told me if I wanted to leave so I could get back home safely I could. Unfortuantly after I left it stopped snowing and stuff so the roads never really even got that bad. I could have stayed at work and still gotten home again alright.. but since I didn't know that at the time, I just had a whole extra two hours to hang out today. After getting back to campus Han needed a ride to the Mall so he could get a new prescription for his glasses. Britt was going to take him to do it, but she is a fairly new driver still and since I was able to... I decided it would be better if I just drove him. So Allie, Britt, and Han and I all went to the mall to get that taken care of. We then stopped for lunch after that and met up with Steve there. It was nice to just sit and relax for awhile eating lunch. I started falling asleep though so I needed to finally just get up and go somewhere. We wandered the mall for a little while and then left for Home. I had to drop off Han at the dorm and Allie had to get something from her dorm.. but then we all (minus Han) went back to the Donnebergs house to get some homework done and have some dinner. I also needed to run by the church to make sure the powerpoint was setup. While I was there I was stopped by pastor John and we talked about some things for awhile too. Anyway once we finished all our homework at the Donnebergs Britt, Allie and I returned to campus and we played some Capture the Flag in the snow with the brother/sister dorm. It was pretty fun, but it could have been much better if things were organized a little better. We were outside for probably three hours playing games and figuring stuff out. But the games kind of died out and people dispursed about 40 minutes before curfew. It was all pretty fun though. Anyway.. I need to wake up early tomorrow for church so i'm going to get to bed. Good night!
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Saturday, January 22, 2005
Falling asleep sitting here, decided to just go to bed. Fill you in tomorrow. Night!
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Friday, January 21, 2005
I had my other set of new classes today. I have two buisness classes today and then an aviation class. I think I"m going to attempt to CLEP the buisness marketing class though. It seems like really easy concepts but the class itself just has tons of busy work. It would be great if I could pass that CLEP so I can free up my schedule a little bit. I'll keep you up to date on how that will work out. I ended up getting out of my Aviation class early today so Allie and I were able to grab some take out for lunch and then we sat in the Vines Center and watched the Presidential Inaguaration. I think that was the most of the Inaguaration I had ever seen Live befre. I would sometimes catch bits and peices they showed on the News everyonce in awhile. It was cool to see it Live for once. After lunch we both needed to head to work. So we packed up our things and make the walk to the pit where both of our cars were parked. I only worked again today until around 4:30. I needed to come back to campus again to go to another class. It is a class that goes from 4:30 until 5:30. Its a really inconveinet time. But that class only lasts for 4 sessions. I already have 2 out of the way and I think I can get out of going to the rest of them. So today might have been the last 4:30 class I was required to go to. I was actually glad that I was off late though because I thought we had a meeting I needed to be at by 6:15. (turns out it was really 7:15). But anyway right after my class was out Allie and I went and had some dinner in the Marriot with a bunch of other people from my dorm and her's. That was kind of fun. After we realized the meeting wasn't for another hour though we had some time to mingle and hang out for awhile. When we did get to the meeting I was really tired. I kind of dozed in and out for like the first 20-30 minutes or so. Eventually I woke up and was able to pay attention better. The speaker was really good and I enjoyed what he talked about. This meeting was for all the prayer leaders/SLD's/Ra's and it even include all those who had plans on being one in the future. So the subject was on Mentoring. After the meeting was over I just walked Allie back to her dorm, then I went and did my homework for the night back in my dorm. I already had a computer that needed some fixing from someone so while I did homework I took care of that as well. Shortly after getting started on those projects it was time for Hall Meeting. The meeting went a little longer then normal since they had to cover some new stuff for the new semester. But after that I was then able to meet up with my prayer group. It turns out we only have 4 new guys on our hall this semester but I ended up getting two of them in my group. That was actually really cool so we had fun in group getting to know each other better and then we spent some time in prayer. That pretty much covers all of it today though. I've just been bogged down with stuff to do tonight. I've reached a good stopping point now though. So I am going to head to bed. Talk to you all later!
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Thursday, January 20, 2005
Hey.. just started classes today. I would have loved to be able to tell you about them.. but I ended up having homework already. It took me a lot longer then I expected it to take and I really need to get to bed now instead. Perhaps I can tell you all about that tomorrow. Anyway.. I gotta go to bed. Night!

PS. It snowed for a little bit today. probalby got like 1/16th of an inch or so.. not much at all.
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Wednesday, January 19, 2005
This morning I was planning on waking up early and meeting Allie for breakfast at 7:15.. then all of a sudden I wake up at 7:20 realizing I had over slept. After a quick phone call I realized I was pretty lucky because Allie managed to sleep through her alarm clock as well. We just ended up meeting and going to lunch 20 minutes later. I had the privledge of meeting Allie's roomate today as well. Her name is Sui and she is an international student. She ended up coming to breakfast with us this morning. After breakfast Allie and I stopped in at the book store to wait for Jonathan to show up and also see if her other books had arrived yet (which they hadn't). After we found Jonathan we walked around campus and I showed them how to get to all of thier classes with the exception of thier classroom over on North campus. I had plans of all just hopping in Jonathans car and taking a ride down there.. but that didn't work out as I had planned. Jonathan's car only has two seats in it. Too bad for me... so I just went back to my dorm and hung out there until lunch while Allie and Jonathan went on thier own adventure and found that classroom by themselfs. I actually forgot to ask them how that went, but I'm sure they found it just fine. Shortly after that we all went to lunch together. I had to kind of hurry and eat though because I had a few errands I needed to run today. I needed to stop in at the book store and buy a bible cover/carrier for the new bible I got for christmas. I ended up finding a pretty good black one for it. Its nothing all that special but it does the job nicely. Then I had to run by the post office before work and mail something out. After I finished getting that taken care of I then had to go do a service call at an Accounting office before I went into work. The service call ended up taking about two hours to get done. They had a lot more problems then we had thought. I had to practically reconfigure thier entire network to get them secured and locked down. I finally pulled it off though and made it back to the shop around 3:30. The rest of the work day went pretty good, but I ended up having to stay after work and we worked late tonight. I was planning on meeting with Jonathan tonight for a little while but since I had to work that didn't work out. We just had to post pone that meeting until Thursday or something. I ended up just going straight back to campus and getting to my room where I needed to start working on some final projects before classes started up. I also noticed that the people came in and repaired thier repairs on the window they screwed up fixing... well they did do what I told them to do and now the window opens.. and also the glass is sealed all the way around, however they put in some kind of plexi glass stuff and now I can't look out my window unless I open it because it isn't see through. I tell ya.. these people just get get things done right. I guess I'll just deal with this its better then it was before. Ok so anyway.. while I was working on my other projects Allie and I had a good conversation tonight on the book of Ezekial. That is a really good book and I've been reading it lately for my devotions. If you aren't doing anykind of scripture reading on a daily basis right now I would just recommend you read through Ezekail a chapter a day or something. That would maybe help get you started some. Ok well, I just now finished up all my stuff for the nightso I can get to bed now. I have to wake up early for my 8:00 class tomorrow.. (The fun begins!!) Night!
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Monday, January 17, 2005
Today was so nice. I was able to just sit and relax for most of the day. I went to church as usual this morning and helped run the Audio/Visual stuff. The service this morning was really good. I got a lot out of it and I hope a lot of other people did to. His main point was on the "inauguration speech" of Jesus when he was here on earth. The main application though talked about how we need to have a passion for living with God's blessing and spiritual leadership. As Christians we need to have a spiritual discipline that will continue to open our eyes and our hearts to a deeper understanding of God and his work in our lives.

After the service was over Allie, Tori, Britt, and I went to Starbucks and had some beverages. I ended up getting some apple cider though instead of coffee. But I thought it was really good. After that we just went home for the rest of the night and relaxed watching movies. Jonathan ended up coming over for part of the time too. It was good to see him. Unfortuantly he ended up coming in the middle of a movie and he wasn't even able to stay through the whole thing. So I wasn't able to talk to him all that much. It was still good to have him around though. Anyway.. I had a great time just chillin tonight. I ended up falling asleep for awhile tonight too but it was good. I have been tired all day. We finished off the night by making some brownies and chowing on some good ol chocolate. But Tori, Allie, and I headed back to campus around 11:00 and we turned in for the night. I don't really have anything pressing I need to do in the morning so I will get to sleep in for awhile tomorrow, but I should wake up somewhat early still to get a few things accomplished before I need to go to work. So I'm going to just head to bed now and take advantage of my last sleep in day. Night!
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Sunday, January 16, 2005
I'm back at Liberty tonight. Been working on getting my room all organized. I think its sufficent for now. After work today I also helped Allie move some stuff into her room. She has a pretty nice setup in her room now. Anyway today we just ran a few errands and did some shopping. I"m not going into much detail tonight though because I"m about to head to bed. I have to be at church early tomorrow for worship team practice. So.. yeah.. GOod night!
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Saturday, January 15, 2005
Hey people! Tonight is my last night staying her at the Donneberg's (at least for Christmas break) I will move back into school completely tomorrow night and stay there from now on. Today as a great day, it was just a lot of fun. This morning I went back to my dorm and brought a few more things back to my room. I also helped Allie bring a few of her things to campus as well. After I got done with that I just headed back home and hung out there until work. Allie and Jo stayed back on campus and organized her room or something. While I was back home though I had to fix a problem here with thier phone system. There was a pretty big storm last night and the basement was all flooded.. a few things got messed up because of it. I just kind of had to jurry rig something together for now.. I couldn't quite track down the actual problem. But at least they are up and running until someone can come out to take a look at it. After that I headed off to work for the remainder of the day. Things were a little slow today, but we were able to catch up some with the extra time, so that was pretty nice. After work I hurried back home to see Allie's freind Jamie who was in town for the night. Allie, Jamie and I then went to go find Han (More difficult then you would think) and we headed out to eat for dinner. We tried Olive Garden first but since we were running late from our Han Hunt that ended up not working out like we would have liked... the wait was a little too long. So instead we went out to eat at Vinnys tonight. We ended up ordering this very large pizza which we didn't even really eat half of. But it was very good... maybe a little too much crust though. Anyway once we finished up at Vinnys We all went back home and played a game called Trivia for Dummies. That was actually a fairly fun game. It ended up going kind of fast though. Shortly after we finished the game though Jamie had to leave to go back home. So we said our good-byes and she was off. After her departure the rest of us (britt, allie, jo, han and I) sat around and talked.. we talked for a really long time actualy. Almost 3 hours worth probably. We ended up staying up until around 1:30 just chatting. It was a pretty good time. But time did kind of get away from us and I need to get to bed. I didn't really get to play with my camera much today though. But I can at least let you look at details if you want though. Here is the link you can click on to read about it. Click Here to see it But ok... you look at that and I"m goign to sleep. Night!
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Friday, January 14, 2005
I started part time today at work. So I woke up early still though and helped Allie gather her things and get herself moved into liberty. We tried to get some more of her books (which were sold out) and then we decided to just go get her dorm key and move in some of her stuff. I was able to help her move in a lot of stuff and setup her computer and things. That was pretty cool that I got to see her room. Once we had everything brought to her room that we had planned on bringing, we decided to run by my room real quick and grab a few cables that Allie needed for her computer. Once we got there I had to dig through my stuff until I found one. Then just as we were leaving my window ends up falling out of the windowsill and topples over.. I was across the room at the time so I couldn't stop it.. and bang! It shattered all over the floor. That kind of caused a few problems. I ended up having to wait around until we could get that all taken care of. While I was doing that Jo and Allie went back to Allie's Dorm and got a few more things setup there. I ended up being allowed to leave after I talked to the RD and explained the situation. So we ended up just going back home after all that and ate a quick lunch then I had to head off to work. The work day seems so short when you only work part time.. its strange how that works out. Anyway once I left work I then went directly over to the Willamsons house for dinner tonight. They made me some very delicious lasagna for supper. Its always good eating over at thier house I had a great time. After dinner pastor and I then came back to the church and we both worked on the website until we finally finished it. You can check it out at www.tlcinfo.com. I still have a few other final touches to take care of down the road, but all the content is at least there. After we finished up at church I headed back home for the night. I was pulled in to take care of a few more computer chores tonight, which I got done fairly quickly. After that Allie decided she was going to go back to campus tonight and attend her hall meeting with her dorm. (it was just the new freshmen). So I went with her to campus and dropped her off at the School. Then while she was in having her meeting I ran by wal-mart and did a little shopping. I wanted to get Allie some new wiper blades for her car and then I also picked up some video tapes for my new video camera I just got today.. (I'll probably talk about that more tomorrow) I also had a few other items to take care of while I was there. I ended up getting done really early though so I had to wait for Allie for a long time. I ended up just sitting the parking lot for a long time with the music cranked up jammin. It was cool doing that in a completely desserted parking lot. (most of the students are still gone on the break so there were no other cars). After Allie came out we came back home and I played with my camera for awhile. I couldn't really mess with it all that much though.. I needed to wait for the battery to charge. We'll see how cool it is tomorrow after it is empowered by a full charge. Anyway.. I am just going to go to sleep now.. I'll talk to you all later.
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Thursday, January 13, 2005
Today was my last full day at work. I'm going to be starting part time tomorrow. I have to help Allie move in some stuff to Liberty tomorrow, and I will move some of my stuff in as well. Today was a fairly typical day. I woke up and had some breakfast with Jo and Allie then after they left I got some things ready for the day and then I was off to work. Nothing much too exciting happend today at work. I did have a quick service call I needed to take care of but over all we just were at the shop fixing computers all day. After work I headed over to church were we had a short little prayer meeting and then we had a bible study on the Gospel of John. I thought things went alright with that. After church I came back to the Donnebergs and took care of my last project I needed to do while I was here. I had to get two televistion cables run to different sides of the house. I got the first one done fairly quickly and I didn't really have any trouble with it. Doing the second one however was kind of a big pain. I ended up getting help from Jo for the first part of it, then Allie helped me too with most of it. We had to get the cable strung through walls and cement blocks then up and around heater vents and all kinds of stuff.. but finally we finished! That was pretty much all I did tonight night.. oh I also took one of those personality test things tonight. It was kind of fun and pretty accurate too. If you want to check it out go here: http://similarminds.com/big30.html Anyway have fun with that. I'm going to head off to bed for probably another long day tomorrow. Bye for now!
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Wednesday, January 12, 2005
Well, everybody. Its been awhile since I've had a chance to write a decent blog. I've been busy with lots of things I've been working on the last few days. Yesterday I woke up early and went to LU campus yesterday with Allie before work. We went around and got her signed up with her new Student ID and checked out the book store and cost of books and stuff. We then stopped by the Post office to get her a PO box for the school. (We couldn't do that yet though). Anyway then I had a full day of work afterwards, and in a way, I'm glad I'm not full time all the time. My legs get really tired from standing all day at work and the day seems to just drag on. I've been anxious to leave and just sit down most nights. Anyway, yesterday night after work Allie and I went out to eat at Tokyos then we had a two hour meeting for Drama Practice. I was really tired last night so I didn't really get that much out of the meeting. I was kind of out of it. Allie and I left pretty much right after it was over. After getting back home, Jo sent us out to grab some needed items from the store. So we ended up going by Wal-mart and taking care of that. Once we got back I then sat down with Chuck and helped walk him through getting setup for E-bay. We are planning on looking for some good deals on a Flat Panel monitor for them. I also looked into prices for buying my books online. I wouldn't have really saved that much money by going that route this semester, so I decided I would just get them from the book store at LU. I ended up going to sleep last night before Chuck and Jo even turned in for the night. That was very unusual.

Then this morning I had to wake up early all over again. This time though it was because I had a service call I needed to go and take care of at 8:30 this morning. We were supposed to go and setup a server for the people and make everything in the office for them work on the internet. Well.. things didn't go exactly as planned. Problem #1: They didn't have an internet provider setup for the building (that is needed for us to set them up on the internet of course). Problem #2: None of the computers they had there had network cards in them. (that is also required for us to connect them together to share the internet). Problem #3: The place they had for us to setup the server had no place to plug anything in and it was full of paper and boxes. (we managed to fix this but with much hassle). So anyway Andy and I did all we could do this morning. Get the server plugged in and up and running. We will have to go back again once they get the other issues worked out. After we left there I asked if I could run by Liberty real quick and get my books for this semester. It was supposed to work out nicely so I would end up meeting Allie, Britt, and Han there and we could all get books together. Turns out the three of them were running late and I couldn't stay any longer so I just had to get my books and head to work. I did find all my book today but unfortunatly the total I had to spend on them was about $380 if I remeber right. That was with all used books too.. I'm glad I got there early before the Used books were gone or I would have ended up spending over $400 for them all. While I was waiting for those people mentioned above that never showed up!! I ran into Dane Emerik and had a good talk with him for about 15 minutes. He asked me if I wanted to come over for dinner at his house sometime this week or next. Of course I wasn't going to turn that down. We were going to work on the details for that a little later after I check out my schedule and stuff. Anyway after getting all my books purchased, I returned to work and slaved away there for another full day. I had a few things to do today sitting down though so that made it nicer... but I did have trouble with drowzyness doing that however. Anyway the day went fairly smooth and once we closed I headed back to the Donnebergs for the evening. Chuck and I then ran out to drop off some stuff over at the Millers house and returned just in time for some good home cooking. Jo made some very good pork chops for supper tonight. When I ate I realized that was the only thing I had eaten since 8:00 that morning. I was pretty hungry. After supper I went out and picked up Jonathan and we decided to go to the park with Jake and walk around and have our talk doing that tonight. It was kind of fun, but at one point Jake saw a cat and got pretty riled up. We had to get going shortly after that. It was very nice hanging out and talking about guy stuff with him. We decided after that to just come back to the Donnebergs and visit for awhile. Once we got here I ended up falling asleep on the floor. I woke up and found out Jonathan had already left. I was sad I didn't get to say good bye to him, but Allie told me that Jonathan said to just let me sleep. So.. per his request I did.. lol. Brittany ended up just giving him a ride home. After waking up I just took care of a few e-mails and stuff I needed to do on the computer tonight, then I also did a little bit of laundry and fixed a fan on Jo's computer. But that pretty much covers my night. I'm getting pretty sleepy now (glad I had a nap though). ANyway I should get to bed. Good night!
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Tuesday, January 11, 2005
this is jeremy. i blogged.
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Monday, January 10, 2005
No time again tonight, sorry - I'll just do a quick rundown: I went to Church, then came back to the house and started a project for the Donnebergs downstairs. Took a break in the middle and went out to lunch with Brittany then to find her classes at CVCC to make sure she knew where they were. Then we came back to the house and I worked on the project a little more. Took another break and we went down to pickup Allie from Danville. She actually drove on the way back and she did very well. I was able to fall asleep even for the last half of the trip. Then upon returning to the house for the last time tonight, I working on the project some more until I finished it finally about 2 minutes ago. Now I just have one more different project to do for them tomorrow night probably and they will be all set for awhile I hope. Anyway.. gotta go.. need to wake up at 6:50 tomorrow. Night!
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Sunday, January 09, 2005
I think I stayed up too late tonight. Looks like time just got away from me. I was working on fixing a computer and talking to Allie, then I also looked into some stuff on E-bay. But it did get late quick. I ended up seeing a movie with Britt tonight but it went until about 11:30. Maybe it would have been better if I just stayed and worked on all this other stuff I needed to do. I did really like the movie though. It was called "Flight of the Phoenix" I would recommend seeing it if you have the chance. I also went out shopping tonight with Chuck and Jo. It was nice time of just hanging out with them. I was helping them get some stuff for computers and they also took care of a few other errands while we were out. But anyway.. it was a good day today but I'm ready to head to bed. Sorry did't write all that much. Night!
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Friday, January 07, 2005
Hey everyone.. its probably going to be another quick short Blog tonight. Its kind of late and I should get to bed. I didn't really have anything special happend during the work day today. Things have kind of slowed down lately so its been good as far as thats concerned. After work Brittany and I went out to go see a movie and we picked up Tori while we were there too. We ended up watching a movie called Forgotten. It was a little weird but I thought it was alright to see once. After the movie Britt, Tori and I just came back to the house and we watched some CSI and just sat and talked for a bit. Allie came with me after that and we took Tori home around 11:00 or so. Anyway... yeah, that pretty much covers my day. I'm going to head to bed now. Night!
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Thursday, January 06, 2005
Katie says go to sleep it's late!! I think I will. But first wanted to say the Donneberg family is back now.. I'm so happy now! Its great to have them around again.
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Wednesday, January 05, 2005
Today turned out to be another busy day for me. I had to wake up a little early and go to the mechanic and drop off my van so they could change my oil and get everything checked out with that. Then Andy came and picked me up from there and we stopped and picked up some coffee then headed to work. This morning was Crazzzy at work. We had so many people that came in with problems that of course they needed done today. That always makes things kind of hectic and difficult. For the most part we were able to get them all helped though. I also had to go and do a service call down at the Aqua Pro's Shop and take care of some computer issues over there. Then once I was about to leave I realized my van was down at the mechanic. So Andy had to take me back down to them so I could pick up my car and go to the service call. Once I got there I found out that there was nothing really wrong with my car at all so that was a relief. He did say I had a small leak in the neck of the gas tank though (thats where the pipe goes down to the tank from where you pump the gas) but it was very minimal and it it may or may not have been caused from hitting the tool box yesterday. He said I probably don't even need to worry about it. So after I took care of all that good stuff at the mechanic I headed out to take care of some computer issues. It was actually a fairly easy fix, but it was time consuming. I just had to wait for the comptuer to process a lot of stuff. That service call ended up taking me about two hours to do. Once I got done there and headed back to the shop, things had slowed down there a little bit. We were able to finish off the a little easier then it had started. Once work was done I still wasn't done with work. I had to run by the church and get everything cleaned up there for church tomorrow night. I figured it wouldn't take me too much longer then an hour so I just told BJ I would be back around 7:30. I ended up being pretty off though. I had to just stop where I was at with cleaning and run home to eat dinner with BJ. It was a really nice dinner she had made though. It was good to just sit and chat with her and take a little bit of a break. Once we finished up with dinner I had to run back to the church and finish everything up. While I was there, Jonathan ended up showing up there as well. He helped me clean a few things up and it was nice to have some company doing all the cleaning. After I finished everything on the list we were then able to go back home and sit and chill and talk for awhile. We ended up going down and sitting with BJ for awhile and we got talking about Jake and the wierd problems he's been having lately. I hope he is doing ok. Jonathan didn't end up staying too long tonight though because he had to be at work tomorrow morning at 7:00. So after he had left BJ and I just relaxed and ate seme pudding while we watched "Who's line is it anyway" I then wanted to get a few things typed up on the computer, so I came back here and did all that. But I finally finished with all my duties for today and I'm really ready to go to sleep. My legs are starting to hurt. So Adios!
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Tuesday, January 04, 2005
This morning I had to get up a little earlier to take care of a few errands on my way to work. I needed to first stop by the post office to mail a package to Mike back at the camp in Oklahoma I worked at this summer. Then I needed to stop by the UPS store and mail a package for Allie that will hopefully get her camera fixed. On the way to do that though I ended up running over a Tool box of some sort. It was in the middle of the road but I didn't see it until it was to late. It made a really loud crunch noise when I hit it and then when I looked out my rear view mirror the box had exploded almost and tools were all over the street and the box was pretty mangled. The worst part though was that I didn't even run over it with my tires.. it went right down the middle of my car. I was hoping I didn't break anything underneath it. I was watchful of my oil and my gas to make sure there weren't any leaks of any kind. Then once I stopped and parked I examined underneath the best I could. I didn't really see any thing amiss but I'm no Mechanic. My van did run alright the rest of the day though. Despite that I'm going to take it in for an oil change tomorrow and while its there I will have them check out the rest of it. I hope nothing bad happend with it. Anyway, I got to bed a little earlier then usual last night.. but I was still pretty tired today. I don't know why, But I was able to fight the drowsyness all day though work. I think that was probably because we were completely swamped today. Its probably a good thing we ended up working saturday because if we hadn't we would have been covered in piles of comptuers to work on probably. I don't think we even had 15 minutes of peace today. There was always someone on the phone or a customer here to see us. Thats a good thing though... but I was just ready to come home. Finally the day was over and I was able to come back home and relax for awhile. Jugee made us dinner and we watched a few episodes of CSI. I also did a couple loads of laundry while we did that. After that I decided to come back here and do some reading and also type up a few excerpts from the books I have finished so far. I managed to get one done, and I have a little less then a 1/3 left to do on another one. But for now.. I'm going to get to bed. I'll try to turn in a little earlier tonight since I've been so tired today. Good night everyone!
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Monday, January 03, 2005
Today was my day back at church. It was actually a very nice service today. I was able to see everybody again and also had some fun with the kids. The attendance was pretty good today too. That always seems to make the service better, just having more faces around. After church today I ended up going over to the Hartman's house for lunch. I had a good time with the kids there.. then I also had to do a little bit of fix it repair work to thier computer setup at the house. It was a lot of fun and I'm glad I went.. but I didn't end up getting a nap like I was hoping for today. I ended up coming back home around 6:00. After I returned home I decided I better do a few chores around this place. Tomorrow morning is trash day so I went to every room and emptied those and got the garbage ready for the truck pickup. I realized it was a good thing too because the garbage bin was so full I couldn't even close the lid. After I took care of that and cleaned up a little I then decided to see if Jonathan wanted to come over and watch a movie. He thought that was a good plan so we just went and rented a movie and made some popcorn and relaxed downstairs with BJ while we watched this movie. I really don't even remember what this movie was called. But whatever it was, I thought it was a little boring. It was highly confusing too. Then to top all that off, I thought the ending was terrible. It was just nice to sit and spend some time with Jonathan though.. so it wasn't like a waste of time or anything. I still had fun doing that. I did kind of doze for a few minutes here and there though. Anyway... once the movie was over Jonathan had to head out pretty much right after it. I had a little bit of time to talk with him before he had to leave.. but we'll still have to talk some more either tomorrow or Tuesday. Anyway.. thats all that transpired today. Its now time for me to head to bed. Night!
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Sunday, January 02, 2005
Today was a nice relaxing day... I still had to go to work, but it wasn't for a full day, and we weren't actually open though. Since I was gone for all last week I just went in today and we caught up on some extra stuff. I decided to show up around 11 and then I ended up leaving a little after 3:00. While I was there the Donneberg's called me and I had the chance to talk to all of them on the phone as they passed it around. I was a little discouraged that they called while I was at work though.. it would have been really nice to be able to talk to each of them a little more. Since we were kind of in the middle of a few things I didn't want to talk too long. I think I was only able to chat for about 10-15 minutes =(. I will just have to wait until they get back to talk more I guess. Anyway after getting things finished up at work I then had to stop by the church and clean up the place and then also work on the sound/lighting/powerpoint stuff for a little bit. Since Jo is gone on vaction I took over her job of cleaning the church while she is away. Todays clean was actually rather easy. There were a lot of things that were already clean enough to just leave alone. I did end up being there until around 5:30 though getting all those things done I needed to do. After I finished up at church I then came back home and spent the evening with Juggee tonight. We ended up going out to dinner and then we came back home and spent the evening watching a movie (Dances with Wolves). I kind of watched the movie and read at the same time though.. there were parts of the movie that were slow and also they had such long commercials.. I was actually able to get 4 chapters read tonight while I was watching it. The movie was kind of long though.. It ended up going until really late. I was actualy planning on going to be a lot earlier tonight since I have to wake up early for church... but yeah... that didn't happen. It was nice just sitting and relaxing with Jugee tonight though. Anyway, I do need to get to bed now though. I will probalby be really tired in the morning. I might be able to take a nap in the afternoon though. Anyway. Good night!
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Saturday, January 01, 2005
Happy New Year Everybody!! I don't plan on writing much tonight because its really late and I'm really tired. I ended up spending all night getting new pictures up on my photo album page. I didn't even do anything for new years.. I never even turned on the Television to watch the count down. I was just too busy working on other stuff. I did end up going out and wishing Jugee a happy new year once I realized it though. She was just out reading a book and didn't even know it either. I also as able to talk to Allie on the phone tonight and I wished the rest of the family a happy new year by leaving messages on thier cell phones. Oh I also ended up getting part of the day off of work because we closed early.. so that was nice. Anyway.. thats all I can really write now... I be tired!! Night
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