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Monday, February 28, 2005
This morning I ended up getting to chuch early for worship team practice. Upon arrival I found out that the Pastor has changed the entired message and I needed to re-make the entire powerpoint set and setup a movie. I am glad we have a pastor that follows the spirits leading, I kind of just wish i would have known about it before I stayed up an extra hour last night getting the powerpoint ready with the old schedule. Anyway, despite the little bit of extra work it was all worth it and the service turned out to be very good! I had a few technical difficulties with the video clip but it was remedied and the show went on. After church I went over to the Donnebergs for a little while and had some lunch, then after that Britt, Allie and I headed out to run a few errands. Once we finished up with that the three of us headed over to the Carson's house and Dorothy was going to do all of our hair. She did an amazing job on our cuts/styles. Britt and Allie look so Georgious, and I am pretty fond of what she did with mine as well. Dorothy gave me blonde highlights and then she cut it to have a nice look to it. I'll see about getting a picture online sometime soon of it. After we got done with that at her house I decided I wanted to take the girls out for dinner. (I just wanted to be seen in public with two beautiful girls). We ended up going to Applebees and it turns out Allie's roomate worked there and she was able to serve us tonight. It was really cool. Then after dinner we just headed back home and we watched a few episodes of American Idol on my laptop. Over all it was a great day and I enjoyed myself. However it kind of wore me out too and I need to get to sleep. So I better get to that. As long as we don't have closed school tomorrow (It is snowing outside right now) I will need to wake up early. Ok good night!
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Sunday, February 27, 2005
Today I went to work from 10-3. Then I went to the Donnebergs for the rest of the night to hang out. I helped Allie with her History Project while I was there, then we watched "Freaky Friday". But mostly I just relaxed. But now its late and I need to go to bed. Night
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Saturday, February 26, 2005
OK.. today was a really great day! I wasn't too tired or anything and a lot of stuff happend. Chapel today was awsome and all my classes went pretty well. Today at work Andy wasn't there and I thought it would be super hectic without him there, but it turns out things went pretty smoothly and the day seemed to go by quicker. Thats always nice. Anyway, after work I ended up going over to the Dobyns house for dinner and to do a little computer fix it stuff. I ended up getting them all fixed up and they gave me a pretty decent amout of cash to compensate. That was really nice. After leaving their house I just came back to campus and went to my dorm to do homework the rest of the night. I had been working on my accounting for a really long time and I got done about an hour and a half ago finally. But I was in the mood to finish another project I had been working on so I figured I better get it done while I had the chance. Anyway, I am finished for the night now and I really should get to bed. Its a good thing I don't have to wake up till 9:00 tomorrow. Ok good night!
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Friday, February 25, 2005
It snowed today, my first class was cancelled because of it. Then my other class was really short. I think I was only in class for a total of about 30 minutes today. That was kind of nice. I had to get a bunch of stuff done today, so that was a good opportunity to do it. Other then that the day was pretty normal. I spent all evening tonight just working on homework in my room and doing other things I needed to do. I also tried to sit and learn portuguese for a few hours too. The CD set I have seems to be doing pretty good. But anyway.. yeah guess what? I'm going to go to bed now. =)
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Thursday, February 24, 2005
Today was another great day. First of all I woke up and went to my Accounting class only to find out the first part of it was cancelled for the day so I didn't have to go back until 9:00. That was a nice surprise. Then in convo today I had to go down on the stage and stand in front with a bunch of people going on missions trip this Spring break (I would say about 60 of us or so). Anyway we all went down in front and they had a dedication prayer for us during Convo, that was kind of cool. The speaker was really good today too. He reminded us all about the things about God that sometimes we take for granted. I thought it was a good way to go about it and I really enjoyed it. Then after convo I went back to the Missions hall and talked to the Aviation Missions Guy some more. He ended up telling me I could join him for dinner tonight and we could talk better. He told me that they usually take a break and go to a classroom in the Science Hall for dinner and they order Pizza and stuff. So I told him I would be there and went about the rest of my day. At Work lately we've been pretty swamped and we always have the benches full of computers to fix. It will be nice when things finally let up a bit. I ended up having a service call to do directly after classes before I went to the shop today. That was a very quick visit and I only had to be there for about 15 minutes before I got the problem fixed. Its always nice when they go as planned. Also I had to leave work in the middle of the day to come back to campus for another missions trip meeting. Today was pretty good one, I got my flight itinerary for our departure and arrival times and we also went over our packing list and things of that nature. We only have a few more weeks before we leave! Its pretty exhilarating... I hope I can learn enough portuguese by then. After the meeting was over I headed back to work for the remainder of the day. As it drew closer to 6:00 I was getting a little anxious though because I wanted to get back to campus for dinner with the Missionary. Finally it hit 6:00 and I was out the door. I got back to campus and hurried to the room in the Science hall. It turns out three of the other piolots were there eating pizza as well tonight, so it was a nice little meeting with them. A few other students had showed up as well, but I had a great opportunity to sit and talk with the main guy from MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship). Basicly I just told him of what I would like to do and some of the concerns I had about it. He ended up telling me a story of how he got into it and he thinks I could attempt to do kind of the same thing. He is going to end up bringing his daughter to LU for college for a weeked in April and he told me if I would like to meet up with him again sometime that weekend we could sit down and draw up some kind of plan to get started. That sure sounded like a great Idea to, so we will end up contacting each other later down the road. It was exciting to meet all of the piolots tonight there. We ended up having Little Cesars Pizza. Its been awhile since I've had that and I forgot how good "real" pizza is compared to the dinning hall stuff. Anyway, I ended up leaving shortly after 7:00 and headed over to church. I was actually pretty late showing up but it was well worth it. Church was alright for the little bit I was there too. They were doing some kind of personality test thing tonight (which I didn't really understand all that much since I was late) but it was still cool. Then we broke up into smaller groups and had a little dissussion and prayer. Once church was over I stayed and chatted for a little while but I wanted to get back to campus for "Taste of the Nations" They were having a little thing in Demoss tonight where you could go around and taste different dishes from around the world. So Allie and I ended up going to that together and we tried as much stuff as we could. I thought it was a lot of fun and the different foods were really good. There were a few I wouldn't choose to eat regularly, but there was nothing I didn't like. It was pretty cool to do that. Anyway after Allie and I had tried everything I walked her back to her dorm and then I returned here to work on some stuff in my room. I actually didn't have too much homework tonight, but I had quite a few other misc. stuff I needed to do. I also talked to my mom for a bit tonight as well. But I really should start getting to bed now. I have a meeting at 7:00am tomorrow so that Means I'll have to wake up at 6:00. Ahh that stinks. Ok.. Good night!
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Wednesday, February 23, 2005
Today was good. I had a really good time in my devotions today and my mind opened up even further to full time missions work today. There was a big emphasis in all my classes today for Aviation Missions. It seemed like everywhere I went I was confronted by thoughts of a full time ministry related to Aviation and/or Computer IT. It was actually very awesome how God works though. While I was hearing all these things about missions it wasn't just information. The things I heard actually made me excited and I couldn't wait to go! It was just a sobering thought realizing the many many people out in the world who need Christ! Then even better still, seeing a little insight into how I could be a part of the Great Harvest through multiple avenues I currently have skills in. I was a little discouraged at one point though because of the many skills I would still need to have before I could fully engage in some areas of Service I would enjoy. But then I read Mark 9:23 during devos this morning and all the doubts and obstacles I saw before just faded away, and I am set to just press on towards the goal. Aviation Missions is not just some career you go into, but it is a fully entrenching lifestyle. I would have the opportunities to live among some amazing people as well as have a tremendous opportunity to serve God and others. I don’t know how I never saw it before but I can’t think of any other lifestyle that would match my personality any better. I would be able to relate to people which I absolutely love, as well as work in service which I also enjoy extensively. Not only that, just the thought of knowing I would wake up everyday and everything I do would be for an eternal cause. How’s that for a retirement plan! So anyway, I’m excited to say that instead of having an “If I go” mindset I’ve crossed over to now having a “When can I go!” mindset. My mind is racing with thoughts, and plans and ideas… but very little doubt, thanks to the faith I have in Christ because of his promises to us.

Mark 9:23 - And Jesus said to him, “If You can? All things are possible to him who believes."

Hebrews 11:1 - Now faith is being sure of what we hope for, being convinced of what we do not see.

Hebrews 11:9a - By faith he lived as a foreigner in the promised land...
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Tuesday, February 22, 2005
Today we started Missions Emphasis week at Liberty. It was pretty exciting today with all that was going on. Convo was pretty cool too because of it. Tomorrow I have a seminar I'll be going to relating to Mission Aviation. I'm looking forward to that. Ok well anyway today I was kind of busy with everything. Full day of class, then I had a full day at work, followed by drama practice (that wasn't really that exciting tonight because we only had 5 people). After returning to campus I ended up walking back with Allie and we stopped in at Late night since neither of us had eaten dinner. After we ate and I got back to my dorm I had to take care of a bunch of e-mails and then once I finished those I was going to start on my homework, but before I coudl get into that I found out I had to go to a prayer leader meeting. So I ended up having to put off my homework for even longer. But after it was finally over I was able to get a good amount of it finished tonight. I should be able to be caught up with it all by tomorrow night. But anyway, I started to fall asleep while working on some so I am just going to give up for now. Good night!
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Monday, February 21, 2005
Today was a really good day. I enjoyed it immensely. I just had a day today to hang out and relax for the most part after church was out. I just had a great time chilling. Would go into more detail but I am trying to get to bed ASAP cause I am still pretty tired even though I relaxed most of the day (waking up at 7:00 doesn't usually help much either). Ok anyway.. thats it for me tonight.
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Sunday, February 20, 2005
Whoo.. tired today. Had to be at work this morning at 7:30 for a service call over in Bedford. Then I still worked the rest of the day. So work was a pretty long day today. Then after work I ended up going to US Cell and changing my phone back to my old one.. I just couldn't really take the new one. My old one works so much better for the school/class setting. Then after getting that taken care of I went and took care of getting airplane tickets to go home for the summer. Things aren't completely finalized just yet because I need to mail in my free ticket voucher to the headquarters for processing. But everythign should be done by Friday I hope. Its exciting! Anyway after I took care of that stuff I went over to the Donnebergs for the rest of the night to get some laundry done. While I was there I just did some homework and attempted to learn some portugese. Anyway that was a good relaxing evening. Britt, Allie, and I finished off the night before we left by watching an episode of American Idol. Then I returned to my room where I realized the many things I still had left to do. I had a computer I started working on last night that I never quite finished so I needed to do that tonight. Then I realized I had forgotten to run by the church and setup the powerpoint for tomorrow so I ended up having to do that over the internet from my dorm. I also had to re-make my bed and fold all my clothes from doing laundry and stuff. But now I think I can finally get to sleep. Good night!
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Saturday, February 19, 2005
Today LU was invaded by 1700 College for Weekenders. Things can get pretty crazy around here when that many extra people show up at once. I survived my classes though and tried to hurry and get to work, but since there are so many weekenders coming in the traffic just to leave campus was horrible. It took about 10 minutes to just get out of the place. Work today was pretty normal, we did have quite a few people today that caused a few problems though. We get spurts like that sometimes where they call come at once... today was that day. Didn't let it bother me though and just did what I needed to do. After work I came back to campus for some dinner where I met up with Allie. Tonight we were going to go to a play in the Fine Arts Theater with about 26 other people that I knew. We had a big group going because one of the guys on our hall was going to play a part in it and we wanted to cheer him on. I had a good time and the play went pretty well. I don't think its one of those things I would want to go see twice though. Anyway.. after that was over I came back to my room and worked on fixing some people's comptuers and then I also started a project I'll probably be working on for the next few weeks. But I'm going to have to call it quits for the night. I have to be at work tomorrow by 7:30.. that means I have to wake up at like 6:30 tomorrow. So much for sleeping this weekend. Night!
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Friday, February 18, 2005
Today I had to do a speech in my buisness class. Apparently it was good from what other people tell me. The rest of the day was pretty normal. I got out of my last class pretty early though so I basicly had an hour lunch today (probalby longer) that was kind of nice. Anyway after school and work I ended up just coming back to campus and worked on stuff in my dorm until hall meeting. Tonights hall meeting wasn't really a normal one. They had us do a bunch of different kind of games and stuff so it would be somewhat entertating for the College for a weekenders tonight. My prayer groups tonight was actually pretty goood. We all just opened up to each other and shared things on our minds and worked through them together. It was a good time. Anyway. I think I'm going to quit on my homework now and go to sleep. So good night!
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Thursday, February 17, 2005
Today was another not so easy day for me. I had to wake up and get to class despite the very little sleep I got last night. I then had to sit through that dredded Accounting class for two hours. Afterwards I headed to convo and I was ready to listen so I could try and see if God felt like talking to me yet. Turns out the message was pretty good, but it was on "Service with a Smile" I hate to say that I knew everything he talked about.. but I feel like I do serve God with a smile and I do whatever I can to serve God wherever I can. It just felt like he was kind of preaching to the choir to me and I didn't really get anythign from it. Once convo was over I went back to my room and tried to have some quiet time with God again.. to me it felt more like quiet time with myself and God somewhere off in the distance though. I pretty much just gave up after doing my regular bible reading and tried to just do somethign else that would feel more productive. Then shortly after that it was time to head back to class again. Once school was over for me and I headed over to work I found out I had some service calls I had to take care of today. I was hardly actually at the shop today.. I was more out and about then I was inside. Amongst the service calls I also had to head back to liberty for a little bit and go to the meeting for my missions trip. We mostly just worked on our drama for today, and then I was back out on another service call for work. After work was done I just went over to the church and sat there until people started to show up. I did like the bible study for tonight but I can't really say I came away from it with anything to hold on to. We had a small group time after the service though and that was a little more productive for me personally. But I still enjoyed church tonight and was glad I went. After the service I had to come back to campus for a prayer leader meetting that lasted for about an hour tonight. We just went over personality types tonight and learned how to deal with the different personality traits of people. It was fairly good adivce, but I had done these things before. I ended up going to late night after it was over to get some food in me. I didn't get a chance to eat dinner or anything before it. Allie, Han, and Britt, ended up coming by and we all had some food together and talked. It was fun to do that. I came back to my dorm afterwards and had to get all my homework done I couldn't do last night. I think I got it all done though. I really need to get to bed now though.. I've had some of the worst days these past few days and I become more tired day after day. I don't know when I"ll finally get to recoupe but I'll do what I can tonight.
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Ok people.. I just seem to be missing out on blogs a lot lately. Normally I would sacrifice a little bit of sleep and still try and blog something even when its late.. but I think I have to draw the line at 3:00am. I wasn't going to even attempt to write a blog last night with it being that late. Quite a bit of stuff happend yesterday though that I think I still need to go over for you guys. Ok well first things first. I found out I got a 78 on my Accounting test and an 86 on my statisics test. So for all those that were praying for me, thanks a bunch. I wish I could have at least pulled a B for accounting but considering the difficulty of the class I am content with that score. Ok so anyway I had my first class yesterday and it got out a little bit early. It was a good thing because I had to rush over to the doctors office right after that class. I needed to get an Aviation Physical to make sure I was fit to fly and be a pilot in command and such for whenever I'm ready to do that. I ended up being there for almost two hours.. I was hoping it wouldn't take longer then an hour or so.. I only had an hour and a half block before my next class. I ended up having to skip my next class in order to get everythign done over at the doctors. But it turns out I was in good health and they gave me a "No limitations permit". The test was kind of interesting though, I've never had a physcial before. Turns out I have 20/20 vision so thats a good thing. My blood pressure was lower then normal though but still no problem there. I did find out however that I am color blind. People seem to have told me that before, but now its written in my records. I apparently have trouble seeing some shades of reds and greens. Here is a link to a website showing examples of these tests Color Tests. What is really weird though is that these tests shown on this website I can see just fine. I wonder if my eyes are trained to work well on the computer screen but not in real pictures or something.. these are only six of the tests I took though.. at the doctors they had about 15 of these pictures I had to go through. So anyway.. the whole process for the physical took about 30 minutes.. but I was there for like an hour waiting for my turn and then for the paper work processing. But I did get out of there about 20 minutes after my class had already started. Instead I just skipped that class and headed right to the airport to get some flying in before I had to go to work. Flying yesterday was kind of fun.. I did some touch and go's (land and then take off a bunch of times) but we also did some steep turns and turning stalls and stuff like that. Eventually I ended up throwing up. It was not a good thing at all... the instuctor didn't really mind though, he told me that he used to do that while he was training and he even threw up once while he was instructing a student one time. So apparently its a fairly normal thing. In normal flight I wouldn't be doing spinning stalls and landing and taking off a bunch of times in a few minutes. On the bright side though... after I threw up and emptied out my system (good thing I didn't eat lunch before going) I felt much better and was able to get myself back without a problem. I even was able to find the airport this time rather then him just telling me where to go and only seeing it right before we landed. I feel like I am learning things much better now but that throwing up kind of ruined my day a little bit. I always feel really bad and tired and sick for the remainder of the time after I get sick like that. I had to go straight to work after leaving the airport though. Work was pretty difficult yesterday with how I felt... but I pulled through and made it. I ended up staying after work for another hour and a half or so to work on some stuff. After leavign work I ended up going right over to the Donnebergs house and I hung out there for almost the rest of the night. I needed to take care of a few things with their computers and I also wanted to spend a little time with them before they left on a short trip. I ended up talking to Jo until around 11:30 or so last night and then I had to hurry back to campus to make it before curfew. But I had a good time talking to her and it was nice to think through some stuff with her help. Anyway after getting back to campus I took care of a few dormkeeping items and then I wanted to have my devotions before I started doing any homework. But I ended up not getting any homework done at all. For the past few weeks whenver I do my devotions it all seems to be very surfacy and the only things I've ever been getting from it was whatever words were on the page and recently thats been nothing significant. I've been truly seeking him and desiring a word from God lately and I have got nothing so far. So finally last night I told God I was just going to read and listen and pray and I wasn't going to give up until he gave me something, an answer, some insight, some direction. I was willing to take anything.. but I seriously read for almost three hours, (mixed prayer, silence, reading) and I got absolutly nothing from him. Finally I just couldn't take it anymore and I just got agitated and upset. I knew I had homework to still do but it was too late for that and I coudn't stay awake any longer.. I just had to give up and I ended up just going to bed angry and even crying some. That was pretty bad and I just didn't understand it. I had a rough day/week as it was and that just kind of pushed things over the top. I hated that soo much.
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Tuesday, February 15, 2005
I hate mondays.. That pretty much covers it for today. I get to go fly again tomorrow and I have a Doctors Appointment too. Night.
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Monday, February 14, 2005
Ok, well this morning I had to wake up and get to church ealier then normal. Because I had such a rough day yesterday I completely forgot to stop by the church and get the powerpoint and everythign ready for church today. So I instead had to wake up and get to church a half hour before everyone else so I could make sure to get that done. It all turned out though and I managed to get it setup in time for practice. Pastor John's Dad came into church today and he spoke instead of John. It was a nice change of pace I guess, but I'm really glad he is not our permanant pastor. It was a little bit old style preaching for me. Worship and everything went pretty good though. Once the service was over I usually hang around and talk to some people and stuff, but today I decided not to do that. I left pretty much right away and went back to campus. I think it was the first time I had eaten in the Marriot on a suday afternoon for like a year though. Usually I am always at someone's house for that. So that was kind of strange but I managed to get in and out of there before the crowds started to hit and I was back in my dorm room with about 4 hours to spare before I had to leave for dinner over at Scott's house. That gave me a good amount of time to get quite a few things done that I needed to. Then at Scott's house tonight we ended up having stuffed Shells and Garlic bread for dinner with Cheese cake for dessert. That was pretty good and I enjoyed hanging out with them again. I didn't really stay all that long though because I needed to get back to campus and study some more for my test tomorrow. Then around 8:00 I took a break and hung out with a friend of mine I haven't really spent much time with in a while. That was really nice and I'm glad I had the opportunity to hang out with her. She needed to be back to her room by 9:30 though for a meeting so I walked her to her dorm and then came back to my room and stayed here the rest of the night. I got a call from my mom and we had a nice little talk on the phone tonight. I also managed to get a little more studying done tonight. My test is at 12:20 tomorrow so if you think about it pray for me then. I still don't feel like I've studied enough. But I have to get to bed now because my weekend has completely drained me. I hope I can recoupe somewhat throughout the week. Good night!
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Ok, I think I have a few days I need to catch up on here now don't I? Well I guess I'll start from the friday. Friday was a pretty good day We actually had a birthday party for me after school & Work. I ended up getting the packages from my sisters just in time for it too. Right after work we gathered at Vinnys for some italian food for dinner, then we went back to the D-bergs house for dessert and we just hung out and talked for awhile while we waited for Brittany to get off work to join us. I just had a good time haning out there. It was a little hard because I was pretty tired though so I wasn't really that active or anything. Once Britt got off work I was able to open all my presents. I got some pretty good stuff too. I got a new Scrabble Game, A really cool looking shirt, tons of socks (from my sisters), a "Teach yourself Portuguess CD", Allie also got me a really nice winter coat. I really liked it too, unfortunatly it was a little small. She was kind of upset about that =(. Chuck gave me a coupon that reflects free bonding time with him... (thats not really what it was, but it will hold that purpose), I got a model airplane I can build (if I find the time) and plus a bunch of other little goodies of which there are too many to mention. So thankyou everybody for all you got for me. I felt really loved on my Birthday and that was the best part. =) I did get most of the party on video too, so I was able to put my camera to use. When I get a chance I'll upload the clips online for you all to see. I ended up just staying there at the house until close to curfew and then we came back to campus. We kind of cut it close but we made it.

Then on Saturday I just had a rough day as you saw from my last post. I had to be at work by 8:00 and I had to work through to 3:00. I didn't get to eat breakfast because I had to be there so early, and then I also didn't want to eat lunch because I was going to fly a few hours later and I didn't want to see my lunch twice. I think the combo of lack of sleep and no food along with other thoughts racing through my head that day I was just totally drained by days end. I did have energy when I got to the airport and my flight turned out to be really good. My takeoff and taxi was much better today and the nausia wasn't even quite as bad (still there though). While we were up flying around my instructor wanted to see how I handled plane stalls so he had me stall the airplane and recover from it a few times... that was a pretty fun experience. So the flight did take quite a bit out of me saturday though so once we were on the ground and started talking about the stuff, I could feel the mental & physical weiriness kicking in. After I left the airport I tried to hurry back to campus so I could get some dinner since I hadn't eaten all day, but I just missed it by 7 minutes and they wouldn't let me back in. That was bad because I needed to eat really bad. Luckily Allie called me up and asked me if I wanted to come over for dinner at her house. I accepted the offer and went to her house instead. When I got there I felt like I was practically going to passout or something and I just had to lay on the couch and relax for awhile until dinner was ready. After I did get some food into me I did start to feel a little better but not completely. After Britt got off work though Allie and I went and met her at the movie theater because we wanted to go see Ladder 49. By the time we got there the only open seats (of three or more) was in the very very front. It was pretty uncomfortable sitting up there and it kind of hurts your neck to do that. But we made it through and I still enjoyed myself. In a way I might have rather just stayed at the house and watched a movie relaxed on the couch though. After the movie was over Allie and I just went back to campus and returned to our dorms. Once I got back all the stresses on my body started to kick in and I wasn't feeling well and My brain hurt almost. Then while working on other stuff before bed, things just got worse and eventually I just couldn't take it anymore. I needed to sleep and get the day over with. So yeah.. that brings us into the next post above...
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Sunday, February 13, 2005
I had a really rough day today mentally, physically and emotionally. I really don't have any kind of energy to share any of it now though. I hope I will be able to fill you in on the past two tays maybe tomorrow afternoon. Sorry.. but I just need to go to sleep and get this day over with I think. (Don't worry my flight today did go well, but I'll tell about that tomorrow). Night!
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Saturday, February 12, 2005
Hey, I had an awsome day today... unfortunatly I cannot tell about it tonight. Its 2:00am and I will need to wake up by 7:00 tomorrow. I also have to fly tomorrow after work so I want to be awake enough for that. I'll fill you all in tomorrow probalby. Night!
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Friday, February 11, 2005
Hey guys. I had a pretty good birthday today. Things were a little exciting around here today. I woke up as normal and headed to class. I had a test for that class (Buisness Comms) but it was actually fairly easy so I was done in about 30 minutes or less. So I just went back to my room and studied and had my devotions and stuff. I also don't have my 9:25 class so I had a good almost three hours today that I didn't have to do anything for. It was pretty nice. I managed to get a lot done homework wise and other items I needed to take care of as well. Once time came around for me to head to my second class for the day I was most done with everything I needed to do. My second class (aviation) starts at 10:50 and so once we got there and started to have class the power ended up going out campus wide at around 11:10 today. That made things interesting for class because the room we are in for aviation is window free so when the power went out.. we're talking pitch black. A few of us took out our cell phones and kind of lit up the room for a bit. But after 10 minutes of waiting and still not getting any lights, the teacher just let us leave early. So today it turns out I only had about an hour worth of cumulative class time. That was a good birthday huh? Anyway since classes were all cancelled I had some extra time to spare for the day. Allie ended up calling me up and she wanted so see if we could go out and do something just for fun since it is my b-day. The dinning hall was closed because of the power outage too, so we ended up just going to get some taco bell for lunch and then we drove downtown and just sat in the car and ate next to the river. We kind of just talked, and we ended up engaging in a pretty important conversation while we were there. By the time we had to leave I think we managed to cover all that we had needed to for the time being. The drive back to campus to get Allie's car was a little quieter though. But after getting back to campus I dropped her off and we headed our different directions to work for the day. Rather then going straight to the shop today though, I had to go directly to a service call. I ended up being at that place until around 3:30 before I could finally head back to the shop. It went pretty smoothly though & I was able to get everything fixed they needed me to. Once I got back to the shop I ended up finding out the power had gone out a few times on the guys there because someone next door was working with the electricity. The electrical problems there ended up causing other computer problems for us as far as a few things being dammaged in the surges. It was kind of dissapointing because Andy was a little uptight today because of the problems. I don't blame him though, but still when that happends I feel like I need to be extra good and not screw anything up at all. I mangaged to do ok today without messing anything up. After work I ended up having to close up. While I was closing up I ended up getting two phone calls from people wishing me a happy b-day. One was from Jessica and another from my sister. It was great that they called because it was nice to talk to them - but it kind of slowed down my closeup process at the shop. I didn't end up getting out of there until around 6:30. Not that big of a deal though.. it was good to talk for a bit with them. After finally leaving work I headed right over to the Donnebergs house for the evening. They had just got a new computer, so I was going over there to get them all setup with it. It ended up looking like a pretty good computer and I think they will really enjoy it. I had a small problem with setup and stuff with it, but I eventually got it resoved and they are now up and running with it. I had finished pretty much just in time for Allie and I to leave and make it back to campus for our 10:00 curfew tonight. But since the power had gone out I decided to call and make sure we were still doing hall meeting with the power out and stuff. It turns out they had cancelled the meeting for tonight and moved our curfew back to 12:00. That was really exciting because I didn't want to leave.. I wanted to hang out for awhile longer over at thier house. Allie and I ended up watching a few episodes of American Idol on my laptop since we had that extra "relax" time. It was great. Britt ended up coming home from work shortly after 10:00 so she joined us watching it as well. Once the shows were over we decided to head back though. I still had stats homework to do and Britt & Allie had some other project they needed to come back and work on. So we all headed back to campus in our separate vechicles and that was cool because Allie and I were able to park in the pit while we could then hop in Britt's car and she drove us back up near our dorms. That was pretty cool so we didn't have to walk all that way. Anyway, I finally managed to get my homework done after getting here and having to turn all my computers back on and setup all my clocks again and stuff. But now I think I need to go to bed. I'm pretty sleepy. So good night!
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Thursday, February 10, 2005
Ok, sorry I wasn't able to write a blog last night. I needed a little while longer to study for my Accounting test and I couldn't do that and still blog, so I just didn't blog... I'm sure you understand. Anyway I hope that extra bit of studying paid off. I am not really sure how well I did on the exam though still. I think I at least passed it, but other then that I can't say much else. I'll let you know when I know. Today turned out to be an alright day despite that crazy test. We had a special convo today in honor of Jessie Strong who was a student here at Liberty but he had died for our country early last week while in Iraq. It was a pretty good service. Things at work were pretty normal today though. I can't really say anything out of the ordinary happend there. I did have to leave in the middle of the day though to attend a meeting for my missions trip. We worked on a drama I'll be a part of for the trip, and I also learned a little bit of portuguees. It was a pretty good meeting, but it ended up going longer then expected so I had to rush back to work very quickly. After work I went over to church and helped setup a bit, then ate some dinner I had brought along. Eventually people started to mosey in and so we started the service about 15 minutes late. The lesson tonight was really good too. I think I'm going to look forward to this series/format he had started to do. After church Allie followed me back to campus and we ended up going to the Lahay center and we sat down and looked at the portuguees I had "supposedly" learned in my meeting today. She did a pretty good job helping me out with that tonight. It ended up taking like two 1/2 hours though. We decided to just stop once it hit 10:45 and go back to our dorms and get some homework done. I ended up having a meeting tonight at about 12:30 though so I had to stop everything and go do that. It turned out to be an ok meeting though. I wasn't able to get to bed early like I planned though. OK well.. anyway. Have a good night! Thats it for me!
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Tuesday, February 08, 2005
Hey! My plane flight today went really well. I left directly from my Accounting class and ran to my car so I could get to the airport by 10:00. After I arrived we gathered together the equipment and papers we would need for the flight and I started the pre-flight checks. Once we were ready to get going I started to taxi towards the runway. Now it was hard to get used to the taxing, at first I was swaying back and forth going in little S shapes up and down the taxiway. But after I started to get used to it, it wasn't so bad. As we accelerated for take off I was going left to right again for awhile trying to go as straight as possible, but not quite succeding... as we approached take off speeds I pulled back and off we went. Once we were airborne it became easier to straighten up because I could use the Yolk rather then the rudder to stear. The flight was right about an hour long and while we were up I learned some turns and a few other maneuvers. I think the thing I'm going to need to practice the most is my radio communication. I have to memorize all the termanology and stuff. I think the part that was the worst today though was the fact that I became pretty nausious while I was up there. Since I am still learning the feel of things I need to look down at my instruments quite a bit and thats a lot like reading while your in the car. Near the end of the flight it started to get hard to concentrate because I was pretty nausious by then. I did manage to pull off a pretty good landing despite though. So that was pretty exciting. I'm glad I had the instructor in the cab telling me where to go though, because once we were up in the air I kind of lost track of where we were and I wouldn't have been able to find the airport again. SO anyway my first flight experience was very fun and I had a great time. Thats really all I want to say for tonight though. The rest of the day was pretty typical. I need to get to sleep. I've been kind of dragging today and I really should head to bed. So I'll say good night, and Adios!
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Monday, February 07, 2005
Hey sorry I wasn't able to blog very much last night.. I"m sure your all wondering how my flight went yesterday though. Well unfortunatly, I didn't actually get to go up yesterday. I was very disappointed. When I got there I had lots of paperwork and preliminary work/questionaires to fill out. I also had to wait for my instructor to finish up with his other student that was running late before I even got my paper work. So It all ended up taking just a little too long and by the time we were ready it was getting close to sunset. I couldn't learn in the dark, so we just had to move it to a different day. So now I'm excited/nervous all over again because I'm going to go fly tomorrow (Monday) at 10:00am during Convocation. So keep me in your prayers for that. Alright.. well today things were pretty good. We had an amazing service today. I'm sure it had a great impact on everybody that was there. He spoke on Hope and Healing. Right after church I ended up going over to the D-bergs for some lunch then Britt and I got in the car and started to head down to North Carolina today. Allie's Dad had invited us down to his house for the afternoon for a superbowl party and then we were going to bring Allie back. It was pretty fun to finally get to go down and hang out with her family down there for awhile. I had a lot of fun playing with her little brothers. I didn't get to talk to her dad and step mom as much as I would have liked though. But I was really glad we ended up going. We weren't able to actually watch the entire superbowl though because we had to leave the house at 9:00 to make it back to campus by curfew tonight. From what I did see they had some pretty good comercials this year. As far as the game... who was playing again? I think it was like the birds and then I keep thinking Mel Gibson.. but he's not a pro foosball player is he? OH well, whatever doesn't matter. So anyway, Britt ended up driving back tonight. I was kind of tired and it might have been dangerous if I tried to drive... I didn't fall asleep driving there this afternoon though so that was good. =o). I did managed to get a little bit of sleep on the ride back tonight. That was good too because I want to be awake and alert tomorrow for my flight. So, I'm going to go off and catch as many Z's I can tonight.
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Sunday, February 06, 2005
I'm tired from a long day.. I have to just get to bed, I'm really tired. Good night!
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Saturday, February 05, 2005
Hey! Its the weekend! I don't have to go to school tommorow =) I still have to go to work tomorrow though =(. But at least I get to go fly after work so that will be fun. Anyway today was a rather typical day once again. I ended up going to Ministry Chapel instead of Convo and I was able to sit with Jonathan and Allie today. That was kind of cool. Since it was friday I also had my Biology Lab today. That was a pretty fun class. We did experiments with Cells and Osmosis. After school I ended up going to work. I had to do a service call down at New Covenant Schools today. It was supposed to be a fairly routine & Quick procedure but it ended up lasting two hours. I guess you can never count on computers to do what you predict. The rest of the work day other then that went pretty well though. Right after work I hurried over to the Donnebergs house because I was going to give Allie a ride to Danville tonight so she could meet her dad. Since it was past dark by then she didn't want to go by herself. It was a pretty nice drive though and it was fun too. We ended up getting distracted singing to CD's that we missed our Exit. Then there was like 8 miles where there was no other exits or anything. So we ended up having to just follow the road along until we could finally turn around. We ended up being like 25 minutes late to meet her dad. We felt bad to have kept him there for so long. He didn't seem to upset about it though, I hope it was no big deal. After we traded, I had the good long drive back to Lynchburg by myself. It was kind of cool though because I never really have time where I can't do anything else but sit there. So I used that time to Call up my sister and just talk to her for awhile. I haven't had time to talk to her for quite some time. SO that was really cool. Katie actually answered the phone first so I of course had to talk to her for awhile too. But that was fun to catch up with them and stuff. It was probably good I called them because I might have fallen asleep on the drive back if I didn't. LOL. Anyway, I talked with them for the entire drive back. It sure made the trip seem kind of short, that was good. After I got back I stopped in again at the Donnebergs for an hour or so. Britt and I went out to get some Ice cream goods from the store and we endulged ourselfs with some of that. (I got Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches too). My sister was making cookies and she had really got me in the mood for that. So yeah, anyway that was fun to hang out for a few minutes over there. I'm pretty tired tonight though so I didn't stay long. I needed to get back and work on homework and stuff before bed. So I just came back and did all that stuff I needed to. Now I can sleep!!
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Friday, February 04, 2005
Hey everyone.. it looks like it was another late night for me. I had to get all my Accounting Homework out of the way. Today was a pretty routine day for me though. I had my first class (and fell asleep in it) then I had a break to do my devotions... (managed to finish them but still kind of dozed off here and there during it. After that I had my Aviation class (Which I stayed awake in the entire time today). I also got my new Private Piolot Kit today. It has some pretty fun stuff in it. After I got out of that class it had started snowing pretty good outside. We never had any of it stick or anything but it did come down pretty good still. Anyway after classes I headed to work and did the regular routine there. After work though I decided I wanted to go over to the Donnebergs and spend some time with them. I haven't really seen them since last Friday I think it was. So I wanted to at least stop in and say hi for a bit this evening. I ended up staying until just after 9:00 because I needed to get back for Hall meeting and get ready for Prayer groups tonight. It was nice to hang out over there though. A friend of thiers was over tonight too and I ended up bringing his computer back with me tonight so I could get it all fixed up for him. So after Hall meeting and Prayer groups I worked on Accounting and that computer for the evening. I'm pretty much out of energy now and I really need to get to bed. So Good night!
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Thursday, February 03, 2005
Today was another long busy day for me. I had classes all day then I had to grab takeout for lunch and hurry to work since I was a little behind. Things at work were actually kind of hectic too because we had lots of people coming in and stuff all day. I even had to step out for an hour to go to a meeting for my missions trip. After the day was finally over we were able to have a short breather... I used the short breather to drive to church with. Once I got there I had to get some homework done, so I worked on my statisics HW until more people started coming in. Church was actually really good tonight. The pastor talked about the subject of Fasting and then we also did communion tonight. After church I just went back to campus and started on my homework for a little while. A few hours later I went and met Allie for Late night and we ate with Han tonight too. Another thing that was really great was the fact they had bacon there tonight. It was really good too.. I think I ate about half a pig worth of bacon. It was fun to sit and talk with Han, Heidi, and Allie there for awhile; It was a nice break. But after we finished up there I headed back to my room to finish off the homework I needed to get done tonight. I'll just have to call it quits for now though. I need to catch up on some sleep tonight maybe. My roomate is actually in bed right now. I think thats only the second time he's beat me to bed. It feels weird with him alseep and me awake. Ok yeah.. Night!
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Wednesday, February 02, 2005
Too tired to blog very much tonight.. But I'll just give you a quick run down... I got a new cell phone today (same number though), decided I will try and go on another missions trip over the summer to Brazil so I need to raise more money.. Was out with Jonathan for most of the evening tonight.. then came back to campus and had some cheerios at late night on the way to my dorm.. then I had another meeting at 12:00 tonight.. and now I'm going to bed.
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Tuesday, February 01, 2005
Yeah.. School and work, you know how it goes. I am setup now though to go flying this saturday for the first time w/an instructor. I'm excited about that! =). SO yeah, anyway after my routine day today I ended up going over to Melinda's house from church tonight and we kind of had a college group hang out time. We learned how to cook Chicken Chalupa's and Squash Puppies tonight for the cooking class. It was pretty fun and it was all very delicious too. We ended up having 9 people show up for it. We ended up leaving around 9:00 and headed back to campus. Allie followed me back and we stopped in for some coffee at late night before going back to our dorms. Once I got back I had to go to a prayer leader meeting that lasted for just under an hour. It kind of ate into my homework time tonight though. I managed to get part of it finished though and I even did pretty well on it tonight (Accounting). But now I'm going to go to sleep.. so yeah.. sleep!
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