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Sunday, November 30, 2003
This morning Will and I woke up around 11:30 and started to get ready to head out. We ate breakfast with His mother and Mary and then cleaned up our messes around the house. We were packed and on our way out around 1:30. His mom followed us to the gas staition right near thier house and she paid to fill my tank so we could start our trip out with a full tank. Then we said our good-byes and we were on our way. It was just Will and I on the trip back we didn't have Rachel join us this time. It made the trip a little less entertaining without her there but we still had fun (as much as you can on a 7 hour trip). We got even better gas milage this time then we did on the way there. I was able to get 340 miles and the gas tank only showed as being 1/4 tank. But we were near an interchange before we got on our last long strech of highway for our last segment of the trip so we decided we might as well fill up there. It turns out I only needed 13 gallons of gas. We were getting 26MPG on that trip Thats amazing because I normally only get 20. I'm wondering if the repairs that the guys did on my van before the trip helped improve the gas mileage any. But anyway I was glad to see that. We made good time too we left at 1:30 and got to lychburg at 8:30. We made excellent time. We even stopped probably a total of 45 minutes worth through the trip too for potty breaks and streches ect. So instead of the estimated 7:45 that mapquest said it woudl take it only took us about 6 1/2 hours. I was glad to get back here. I missed this place =) I did have fun on the trip though, but still glad to get back. I am already unpacked and I took care of a couple christmas presents, I wrapped them and such. I might try to ship them out monday or tuesday. But anyway everything went pretty well today and I'm ready for sleep now. I'm going to try and make it to church tomorrow. So I'm off to bed! Night.
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Saturday, November 29, 2003
Today was basicly the last day of my vacation here in Atlanta. We started off with waking up at 7:00 to make a quick run to Wal-mart before everybody else got there for a special sale on a DVD player... we were wrong though, by the time we got there the item we wanted was already sold out. So it turned out to be a fruitless trip. It sure is crazy the day after thanksgiving though, I'll tell you what. Anyway after we went out into the madness we ended up turning around and coming back empty handed. But we ended up going back to sleep until around 11:00 after that. Once I woke up again I decided to head over to my granparents again for the rest of the day. While I was there we pretty much just talked and spent time with each other. We didn't do anything specific while I was there. But it was still good to spend time with them. My cousins Jacob and Olivia stopped by for a bit as well and I was able to pick on them for awhile until thier family went out to see a movie. My other cousin Daniel also came by for dinner with the grandparents and he and I hung out until I had to leave. Over all I would say I had a fun time with the family during the time while I was there. I'm glad I had the opportunity to do that. I headed back to Will's house for the rest of the night around 8:00. Once I got back we all watched a movie together that we had rented the night before (hollywood homicide) and then once that was over I gave the dog a walk and called my parents. But since then I've just been checking my e-mail and getting ready to head to bed. My sister sent me a huge e-mail with big attachements and it clogged up my hotmail account. I had to get that cleaned out before I could recieve anymore e-mails. It was really slow doing that too since the internet connection here is horrific. But I was able to finally manage to get that problem settled and now I think I'll head off to bed to get my good nights sleep before my 8 hour trip in the morning. Pray that goes well! Bye for now.
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Friday, November 28, 2003
Today was just a relaxing day, I didn't really do anything too exciting, but thats what your supposed to do on holidays anyway. I woke up around 11:30 and we kind of cleaned up the house a little. Then the BJ's came over and we all cooked the thanksgiving meal. We had it all except for the deviled eggs. It was delicious! After the meal they all watched Finding Nemo. It would have been my 13th time seeing it, but I was pretty tired after eating all the turkey so I got comfortable ready to watch it but then I konked out and I didn't wake up until after the movie was over and the BJ's were on thier way out. But the nap was great and I felt better after it. The rest of the evening we just kind of sat around and visited and watched movies and things, and thats what we've been doing ever since. I took a break to check my e-mail and work on the computer for a bit though. But like I said I mostly just relaxed all day. We'll probalby watch one more movie then head off to bed now. I hope that tomorrow we don't get too busy and I get a chance to go back over to my grandma's house. But until then I'm going to say good night!
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Thursday, November 27, 2003
Today was another good day spent with my long lost relatives. =). I woke up to Jacob knocking on Grandma and Grandpa's door. He wanted to play his "tall cousin" at basketball. He learned today that being tall doesn't make you automatically good at basketball though. I was lucky that he wasn't the greatest at it yet either so he didn't completely wipe me out. I did have longer arms though so he couldn't really get too many shots off. Then there was me who could shoot almost anytime I wanted to but wouldn't make it anyway. There was one point during the came that lasted probalby a good 10 minutes where both of us were going back and forth and niether of us scored. That was good time. That game kind of faded and we ended up just messin around after that. We lowered the hoop to 8 foot and got out the trampoline and did some dunks. After that we stopped to get some drinks then just chatted and played with his dog (a 3 year old beagle that reminded me of Happy). Then he and grandma and Grandpa and I headed over to the Golden Corral for our thanksgiving meal. We met up with my Uncle Dan and his children. Uncle Steve wasn't able to make it to the lunch though he had to work today. But anyway we had fun at the restaruant. I got to talk to Daniel about his college and he asked about mine. Then after we finished eating Jacob, Bekah and I got into an all out spit wad fight. It turned pretty crazy with spit wads sticking to all kinds of foreheads in the end. Bekah can sure make a juicy wad thats all I have to say. Once we left we took some pictures and headed back to Grandpa & Grandma's. I hope to be back there friday and spend some more time with Daniel and Bekah. But once we returned to the house Jacob and Oliva showed me aroudn thier nieghborhood at the creek, at thier tree house. Jacob even wanted me to try and skateboard.. that didn't work out too well but I didn't break anything so in my eyes that was good enough. Then we washed all the cars in the driveway. Mine was probably the dirtiest though. Jacob ended up Soaking Olivia though. I don't know if it was done on purpose or not but Oliva was a good sport about it.. she just changed her clothes and came right back out for some more. But my car and Grandpa's car sure looked nice once we were done with them. Once Steve got back from work he invited me over for dinner with his family since he wasn't able to make it to the lunch this afternoon. We just ordered a pizza but it was still pretty fun. I also used that opportunity to work on his computers too. I fixed them really good. I had to leave around 8:00ish though to head back to Will's house so once we finished up with dinner I started packing up and said my goodbyes to everyone. The trip back was pretty straight forward I ended up getting back right around 9:00. It only took about 30 minutes to get from there to here. Its amazing how quick it was without any traffic. After getting back here I just caught up with Will and his family on how my trip was and asked what they had been up to. Then we watched a movie until around midnight and then I called back home to my parents to fill them in on the visit and take care of some buisness too. We talked until around 12:45. I was also able to talk to my sister too since she was there. But anyway that was my eventful day today. I hope I'm able to get back one more time on friday before Will and I head back to the mothership in lynchburg (Liberty). So anyway its getting rather late now I think I'm going to hit the hay for the night now. Tomorrow I'll help cook thanksgiving dinner with Will's family. Have a wonderful night and a great thanksgiving!
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Wednesday, November 26, 2003
I didn't get a chance to blog last night so I'll see if I can remember everything that happend and do that tonight. I woke up a little earlier then I did the night before. I woke up at 11:00, Mary had called and nobody else woke up to answer it so I decided I would answer it. She was just wondering if Vannessa made it home ok from the Hospital. She had and was just sleeping in her room, so I brought her the phone and then since I was awake already I just went ahead and stayed awake and watched some televison for awhile until Will woke up. That didn't take long though because the dog was barking and he was getting ready to wake up anyway. So I took the dog for a walk while Will got ready for the day. After that Will and I ran a couple errands for his mom since she couldn't drive or anything since she just got back from the hospital. After we finished doing that I decided I would go ahead and head over to my grandparents. Will wanted to stay though and spend time with his mom so I made the trip over by myself.. which I was ok with. I would be able to spend some one on one time with them. I left around 4:30 though with was a mistake. That was the start of Atlanta rush hour traffic. It was only supposed to be a 30 minute drive, however it ended up taking about an hour and 45 minutes. I made it to thier street without getting lost though. However I did have to call them once I got to thier street because I couldn't figure out which house was thiers. But after a quick call all was well and I was at my grandparents! That evening they made me dinner and we just sat around and chatted. Them my uncle steve came over and I was able to talk with him and his children (my cousins) Jacob, and Olivia. I had never met olivia before because last time I was here she wasn't even born yet. She is five years old now, she is sooo cute too! She does cheerleading, karate, basketball, ballet. She is just the all around do everything kind of girl. Jacob is a great guy too. We hung out quite a bit and wrestled with each other and so forth. But anyway they ended up leaving around 10:00. After they left Grandpa and I worked on the computer for awhile. His needed a tune up and it worked quite slowly. So I worked on that until midnight. Then after that we headed off to bed. I would say it turned out well for the drive and the visit that day.. but for now I'll stop with this blog and post it, so I can write the one for today.
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Tuesday, November 25, 2003
So, this is what it feels like to NOT be tired! I went to sleep last night right around midnight and I didn't wake up today until 1:30. It was great I needed a day to be able to do that. Anyway, once I was finally awake I watched some Star Trek on TV. I haven't been able to watch that for awhile. Its nice to have cable here. Around 3:30 Will and I then headed over to BJ's house (one of the lady's from the church) and she cooked us dinner tonight. It wasn't anything elaborate.. we just had hamburgers and salad. But it was sure delcious still. We had fun and she is a great lady. Then on the way back to Will's house we stopped by the hospital to visit Will's Mother who had a surgery today. It went just as planned and the doctor said she should be able to come back home tomorow as planned. After stopping at the hospital we just came right back to the house and chilled out here the rest of the night. I worked on the computer and watched some televison most of the evening. But so far I've just mostly relaxed today and I think I'll head off to bed soon. Also on a second note, my grandpa wasn't able to come home yet today. Pray they let him go tomorrow because I plan to head over there tomorrow evening and stay until wednesday evening. OK well... I'm off to bed. Night!
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Monday, November 24, 2003
Today after getting to sleep around 3:30ish last night I was at least able to sleep in until 10:00. Will's Church doesn't start until 11:00. I really enjoyed his church and pastor. I wouldn't choose it over my church back in lynchburg, but it was still good. The pastor was Chip Ingram - he's written a couple of books and things so you may have heard of him. But anyway once church was over we went out to lunch with some of thier friends and then the ladies came back to Will's house for a time of prayer. So we let the ladies do that and Will and I went out and gave my car a wash then we went to the Mall and just hung out there while they were at his house. I decided I might as well get some christmas shopping done while I was there. I did find a couple good things. I decided they probably wouldn't be good to put in my bags for when I fly home for christmas though so I might ship them when I get back to school. So anyway after that we came back to his house and just relaxed the rest of the night. I did some laundry (I brought it along) and I also worked on the computer for awhile. They have digital cable and I decided to watch some TV for awhile since I haven't for so long. Smallville even came on and I had to watch that of course =). My grandma called me tonight as well and I was able to talk with her about plans for the week. We're just going to wait and see how things are with Grandpa in the hospital tomorrow before we finalize anything though. Pray he is able to return home. Well that was pretty much my sunday today, it was rather relaxing and it was nice. I think I'm going to go ahead and turn in early tonight too. (just after midnight) So good night!
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Sunday, November 23, 2003
I am in Atlanta now at will's house. It was quite a trip. I woke up normal time on saturday and went to work. Then I left as soon as possible once we closed so I could get back and pack up and head out. I was able to borrow a laptop from work too, that is what I'm using right now to type this entry. So anyway I got back to my room and got everything ready and I headed out of my dorm at around 4:00. Then I went around to pick up Rachel and all her things from her dorm (we were giving her a ride to atlanta too). Then once she was all packed up I swung by and picked up Will. Then we hit the road right around 4:30. The Trip went surpisingly well up to Atlanta. We only got turned around once when we got to Danville. But we figured it out almost right away and we stopped and asked for directions and we were back on the right track in less then 15 minutes. We stopped for dinner around 7:00 at Subway and then we also stopped around 12:30 for a late night treat at Dairy Queen. Rachel was really nice and she bought me dinner and a tank of Gas. I was getting 24MPG on my Van too and that was really cool. I only had to fill up once on the trip down. Also at one point during the trip a cop pulled me over. He said I was supposedly going 76 in a 65. I know I wasn't going that fast (unless my speedomoter is messed up) but I was also keeping up in traffic, and I was even getting passed at some points. But he ended up letting me off with a warning. He saw that my licence plate was Washington and so was my drivers license and he just reminded me that on that strech of the highway it was 65 and not 70. (We just got through a 70MPH section) So I'm thankful to God that is all that happend. Will had a SOBE in his hand at the time and he thought it might have been alcohol so he had to examine it closer. But realized it was just a herbal drink and gave it back. After that it was just a straight long shot to Atlanta. We listend to all kinds of music and chatted and just had a good time. once it got past 11:00 we were in that really tired but really goofy mood so that made things pretty interesting. During a couple points of the drive I halucinated and saw people crossing the street when there really wasn't and things like that. It was crazy. Once we got to Atlanta that is when the trip kind of got off track. We were trying to find Stone Mountain so we could drop off rachel but we never saw the exit and we missed it completely.. we went almost 75 miles in the wrong direction before we decided to turn around and go the other way. We ended up calling Rachel's Uncle 5 times before we finally found where we needed to go. By the time we got to her house it was 2:30am and we had gone 150 miles out of the way. But it was still fun, we get to know each other really well when we're in a goofy mood at 2:00 in the morning. But once we dropped her off it was a straight shot right to Will's house we were here at about 3:00am. We just grabbed what we needed to sleep out of the van and came right in and after just saying Hi to his mom and getting settled a bit we went right to sleep. Will says I slept like a Rock and I snored really loud. I don't know if I believe him but anyway... =). Alright well that pretty much covers our trip. I think I'm going to quit here and finish my post for today before I head to sleep tonght. So blog at ya later!
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Saturday, November 22, 2003
Today the attendace was really down in all my classes. It appears that everyone went home yesterday or something. Even convocation only had about 800 people in comparison to the usual 6200. Having the smaller class size for the day made things a little more interesting though. But anyway, once classes got over I had to go to a meeting with my advisor so I could sign up for classes for next symester. It took kind of long though, and I still had to go to the registars office to get some of my classes too. So I ended up skipping lunch today. I was even 30 minutes late to work too because of it. (I had called Scott and okayed it with him though). So anyway after I finally got to work I was really hungry so I just ate some peanut butter by the spoonfuls. It seemed to fill me up sufficiently. Andy also got back in town today and he stopped by the shop for about an hour to say hi and chat about his trip for awhile. He was still technically on vaction though so we didn't make him stay. After work I headed back to campus and grabbed take out for dinner since the dinning hall served the last meal today at lunch (which I missed). Then I just brought it back to my room and ate there. The rest of the evening I just packed and took care of some things I needed to do before I left for my week trip tomorrow. But now I think I'm ready to head to bed. I need to get some good sleep so I don't get drowzy for my 8 hour trip tomorrow. I would have been able to be asleep already but I was just about to post my blog and then it all went away and it was nowhere to be found. I couldn't even tell you what happend to it. So instead I gave up and just decided to type it all over again. Hense you now are reading this. So anyway... I'm off to bed. Night!
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Friday, November 21, 2003
I think my exam went well today. I didn't get many of the bonus questions though, but I think I did good on the standard questions so hopefully I won't need the bonus questions. The teacher wasn't actually there to administer the test though, his son came instead because the teacher was at a required conference. So anyway after the exam the rest of my classes were the usual. I was actually able to stay awake in my government class today though which is quite an acomplishment. After classes I ate a quick lunch then headed over to work. Work was anything but normal today. Once I got to work, Scott had to head out to a service call. So I was left running the store for about an hour or so while he did that. Jen was there though (Andy's Wife) She does the accounting and is unable to help customers on the phone or walk ins so I still pretty much have to run everything. But anyway shortly after Scott left I decided to go out and check the mail. On the way out I was talking to Jen and I wasn't looking and I run full force into the metal door. (the corner of it) It makes a huge Gung! Sound. At first I'm just like ouch... but I keep walking and still go out to check the mail. Then when I get back I sort through the mail and try to hand some to Jen. And Jen realizes I have blood streaming out of the gash that is now in my head. (only about 30 seconds had passed since I hit the door). By now I realize it too because the pain dulled enough to feel it dripping down my head. Then while my head is streaming blood the phone rings. So Jen runs to the back to grab some paper towels and the first aid kit. While she does that I answer the phone. I try to get through the call as fast as possible but in the middle of the call another call comes in so I have to put that one on hold and answer the other one. So I'm tossing between both calls meanwhile I'm starting to get dizzy and my head is really hurting. I finally get through both calls and run back to the bathroom so I could see how bad it was, but half way there two customers come in the door so I just grab the paper towels from Jen and just hold those to my head while I help the customers. I had explained what happend so they understood and quickly asked thier questions and left. Now finally nobody was on the phone and no customers to help so I was able to get back to the bathroom and see the damages. At first glance it looked huge. I thought I was going to need stiches or something.. but it turns out it was just blood drying all over on my head. I just went through a couple of paper towels and it started to slow down the bleeding. After all was said and done, it turns out it was all cause by a cut only about an inch long. But anyway after that was settled and Jen tried to clean me up a little bit I was still going to have to be there running the store for another 30 minutes before Scott would come back. I managed ok but my head was throbbing and I felt a little woozy. After Scott returned he found me some Advil and I took those and they seemed to help quite a bit. Once I felt better I ended up just cleaning out our storage room for the better part of the rest of the day. Its amazing how much room we had wasted with unorganized stacking. It looked so much better once I finished with that. Once work was over, since I had the vacum out and was still sort of in a cleaning mood I decided to stay after and vacum out my van and organize everything in there. I ended up being at work until around 7:30 doing that. I was able to get back in time still to get take out though so I wouldn't have to miss dinner. After getting back to here I just started getting some buisness taken care of before my trip to Georgia on Saturday. I had e-mails to go through and just some general things to do computer wise before then. So I've been working on that all of this evening. Tomorrow I will do my packing and things. Well anyway, I think that Advil that I took at work is starting to wear off so I'm going to get to bed while I still can. I hope you all have a wonderful night!
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Thursday, November 20, 2003
Today was a standard day of classes, nothing new or exciting happend. I did skip lunch today to go talk to my advisor. He wasn't there at the time though but his seceratary said he would be back shortly.. I waited and waited and he never showed, So I skipped lunch for no good reason. Thats ok though, I guess that happends he is a busy guy. I had to reschedule for friday. I can't sign up for classes until I talk to him, so I hope it works out friday. Anyway after classes I headed over to work then directly to church (so I skipped dinner too). Church was ok tonight too (at least for the parts I stayed awake in). After church I had to go and help Pete get a computer working, I stayed and helped him until around 10:15. We couldn't fix it though, the Motherboard was shot. So anyway once I left there I came back to campus and went to latenight. I could finally eat I was sooo hungry. I scarffed it all down though because I had to hurry back so I could study for the theology test tomorrow. I think I'm good and crammed for that now and pray that I do well if you read this tonight =). Thanks. But I think I'm going to hit the sack a little earlier then normal tonight so I will be as rested up as possible for the exam. Night!
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Wednesday, November 19, 2003
Today I kept falling asleep in Theology class again. This time Kat was holding my head up - she said the teacher looked over and laughed at me. As for the rest of my classes they were pretty standard. I also got that package that my parents send me with my tabs in it for my car. They also sent me quite a few sunday comics.. I might bring those along with me during thanksgiving and read them then. Well anyway after classes I headed off to work. I had to go over to the school again today to do some more setup work but it was pretty quick this time and I was in and out in about an hour and a half. I stayed after a little late though because some customers came in like 10 minutes after closing. But thats ok because they all bought something. But anyway I ended up being there until 6:50 tonight. Then after that Scott wanted me to stop by his place and see his new fish that he got. Its very pretty, its almost a glow in the dark yellow. While I was there he ended up feeding me dinner too (Sweet and Sour Chicken) so that was nice of him, since I stayed too late at work and missed dinner here at school. I couldn't stay too long though because I had a study appointment with Kat tonight for my Theology Class which we have an exam in on thursday. I have a feeling this test is going to be a rough one. Anyway so we studied in the comptuer lab for awhile. After that I had to hurry back so I could go to my Prayer Leader Meeting (RHLM). That lasted until around 11:15. It was kind of annoying though because they just kind of sat there and chatted for a really long time when I had things I needed to do. But oh well thats how it goes I guess. I was stuck staying up this late though because of it I had to do reading for two of my classes tomorrow and also study for a quiz. Tomorrow will probably be another long hard day of class because of that. But anyway. I think thats it for now.. I'm off to bed. Night!
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Tuesday, November 18, 2003
I did my marketing Speech today. I think it went ok, I wasn't the best speaker but I was thourogh so I think I at least got all the information I needed to. Other then that the rest of my classes were pretty normal. Then at work today it was just Scott and I. It was a pretty slow day today so we weren't too stressed out or anything which was nice. Then right after work I went and picked up my car from the shop. It turns out the total damages were just over $600. And that is after he was able to cut me some slack and bring the price down about $200. I was very greatful they were able to do that. But now My heat actually works, and at least so far I haven't had that strange pinging noise when I accelerate. And this may have actually fixed the leak as well. I hope thats all that needs to be done for quite some time now on my car though.. I've spent $1200 on it in this past month and I need some time to recoupe my savings. So anyway after work I pretty much just worked on homework the rest of the night. I probalby could have gotten most of it done earlier but I kept falling asleep while reading and things so It took me the entire night. But anyway, now I'm going to go to bed finally. So I'll write more later! Night
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Monday, November 17, 2003
Well today I woke up early again and headed off to church for worship team practice. I ended up bringing Tori and Will along with me when I left. They had a lot going on today during the service so I had to do a bunch of things to get setup for this morning. But I was finally able to complete it just in time. Everything went really smoothly this morning too. Once the service got over I just went ahead and came back to campus and had lunch at the Rot.. I intermingled again today and I at lunch at multiple tables. I was in the mood for peanut butter today though.. so instead of getting real food I just ate a bowl of peanut butter for lunch today. Then during the afternoon I decided I wanted to hang out with Jessica. I haven't had good quality time with her in awhile so we decided to go see a movie "Good Boy" at the dollar theater. I really enjoyed that movie. Its a lot like Homeward Bound in the style of movie but its only with Dogs. It made me miss my dog (Happy). But anyway once that was over we just kind of drove around for awhile and then I came back to campus and worked on homework for a while until about 5:00 - My church was having a showing of Finding Nemo as a evening activity tonight at 5:30. So I went and picked up mindy who wanted to come along and we went there together. It was still good even after being my 9th time seeing it. Once it was over though instead of just hanging around and chatting like I normally do, Mindy and I left right away so we could make it to a 7:00 church service at Beulah Baptist. We made it just as they were finishing up the singing. I enjoyed the service tonight and afterwards they just hung out and had refreshments and I played Air Hockey with Bekah and then watched Mindy play a couple songs on the piano. But after that I had to get going so I could return the Mustang tonight. So I brought Mindy back to campus and then headed back to Scott's House. I ended up calling the guys that are fixing my car and told them that I would need something to get to work in tomorrow. So after dropping off Scott's car he drove me over to the car shop and they gave me a loaner for tomorrow until they can get it fixed. Its defantly a downgrade from mustang though.. this is more like a slab of metal with wheels.. but it will get me to work tomorrow and thats all that matters. I'm greatful for the way God has worked everything out.. I did ask the guy what he thinks it may end up costing me for all the work they've been doing.. and he estimated 6-700 dollars. Sure it getting pretty pricey this Van of mind.. it was about 300 for the tires.. 300 for the back window... and now about 6-700 for the engine work.. but anyway I guess thats how it works out.. its kind of annoying when it all happends in a month though. Anyway after I picked up the new loaner I came back to campus and stopped at Late Night for awhile since I missed Dinner, then I just came back to my dorm and worked on some homework some more. Bekah came by my window and we chatted for a bit but after that I decided to just start getting ready for bed. I kind of was falling asleep through the movies today so I need some sleep. Because tomorrow I have another speech. So good night for now!
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Sunday, November 16, 2003
This morning I woke up an hour earlier then normal so I could head over to Scott's house before work and feed his cat and his fish. He has a Lion fish which is a pretty cool fish.. you have to feed it shrimp. And you have to put it on like a clear stick and make it look like it's moving... I did that today and instead of him coming over to eat it like normal it tries to sting it.. I don't know what his problem was, But anyway I finshied up there and headed to work to run the shop on my own today. It went surpisingly well. It was hectic and I had customers and phone calls all over the place but I didn't have any problems anywhere so it was good. My mom called me while I was at work and talked to me for a bit.. she got lucky and caught me at a 10 minute gap where there wasn't any customers.. My sister tried to call and didn't quite have as good as luck. She called twice and I called her back once.. all three times we got interupted because a customer came in or I had a phone call to answer.. so we had to keep hanging up and trying again later. But anyway it was still good to hear both of thier voices. Also today one of my professors came into work and I was able to work on his comptuer today... it was my old testament teacher. Then also the senior pastor of Beulah Baptist church came in and I was working on his computer too. That is the chruch I was thinking about going to in the evenings (Since TLC doesn't have evening service). So I was able to meet him before I even went which was cool. After work I came back to my dorm for a couple minutes and the I called up Laurie.. It is her birthday tomorrow so I thought I would spend part of the day with her today. We went for a drive around town in the mustang for a bit and then we just came back and had dinner at the marriot. I ended up taking her back to her dorm around 7:30 because I really needed to finish my Marketing project (Which I did finally!!!). So once 10:00 rolled around my Weekender wanted me to go with him to a Laser Tag/Roller Skate thing that was tonight. So I gave him and a friend a ride there. I decided I would rollerskate for awhile while they played Arcade Games and did the Laser Tag. It turns out Bekah (Gruber) and Bekah (Norton) were there so I was able to talk to some friends while the boys had thier fun. We headed out around 12:00 back to campus and got here with 15 minutes to spare before curfew. Since then I've been reading e-mail and finding more homework I need to do and things. But I think I'm done for now... Well that was my day (As if you cared =).. I'm off to bed now! Night!
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Saturday, November 15, 2003
Man I am way too tired to be writing this entry.. I'll just make it a quick one, I took my CFAWer (will) to my classes today then after that I left him with some friends and they entertained him the rest of the day. Work was just Andy and I today since Scott was gone so it was a little more hectic then normal. (note from Cody: Hi). Anyway after that I worked on my speech for marketing class the rest of the night.. yes I was inside the entire night.. what a way to spend a friday huh? Ok well I think I'm off to bed. TTYL!
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Friday, November 14, 2003
Today was another day of sleeping in classes as normal. It was my teachers Anniversary in my Church Ministries class though, so his wife came in and saranaded him with a song... but he was ready for it because he had flowers all ready for her.. so it was kind of a crazy time in that class today. But the rest of my classes had nothing new. I found out I got an 85 on my government test, so thats not too bad. I had no idea what to guess score wise when I turned it in. Today at work was pretty routine too, just fixed computer all day. After work though I gave Scott a ride home and he showed me how to feed his fish while he was gone this weekend. So I got stuck with watching his house. Thats alright though I don't mind at all. My car has been acting funny lately too, so after work I dropped it off at the mechanic so they can look at it all day tomorrow and Saturday if they have to. And since Scott is gone for the weekend he let me borrow his Mustang for the weekend while my car is in the shop. Its fun to drive that car... not to mention that it has heat which is a great thing. Anyway once returning back to my room for the night, I found out I had a college for a weekender.... and it was none other then a Highschooler from my church. (Will Crooke) So I am going to be entertaining him this weekend. I'll have to wake him up bright and early tomorrow so he can come along to classes with me. I've also been working on my projects for classes. I have 3 speeches to do in a span of 4 days.. so I've been working on those and doing power point and everything. I have to do my speech on Evolution/Creation tomorrow. So you can pray for that if you would like. But for now.. I'm off to bed. Night!
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Thursday, November 13, 2003
I appears as if I forgot to write an entry for last night... oh well you guys didn't miss much. I just went to class all day then I was at work until 9:30, then I had prayerleader meetings then I just did homework the rest of the night... so yeah there you are. Thats my catch up for yesterday =)

As for today, it was a little bit more event filled, but not by much. I had a quiz today in Old Testament, I feel like I did pretty good on that one. Then after that class I had speech class.. (I actually stayed awake in it today). Convocation was really good today. They had another ex-muslum speaker talk to us today. They are always really fun to listen to. Then after that I had an Exam in my marketing class. It seemed a lot tougher then normal for some reason. I can't really even speculate on how I did there. But once I got finished with that I ate a quick lunch then shot over to work. It was pretty much just a typical work day today there, not much to report on with that. After work I went directly to church, church was really good tonight, they spoke on how to deal with failure. I'm not failing in anything right now if thats what your wondering though... I just enjoyed the way it was presented. There were quite a few new people there tonight too it seemed. I met a couple of them. Also they had carmel apples tonight for refreshment... that was a great idea and I really enjoyed them. So anyway once I returned back to campus from church I continued working on my speech and then I started two other projects for my other classes. My homework load never ends!!! Oh well... I think I'm going to call it quits for the night. Bye for now!! =)
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Tuesday, November 11, 2003
Today was just another typical monday morning old testament - Speech - then marketing. Nothing extra to report from classes today. Lunch was kind of fun today though. On friday Mindy was eating spagetti for lunch and she made a huge mess all over everything so I told her she needed a bib and a placemat next time she eats.. so I ended up getting her a bib over the weekend. (no placemat though). But anyway as soon as she came back from getting her food and sat down and snuck up behind her and put it on her really quick. At first she was like what is this!! and then she realized it. She laughed and thought it was pretty funny. (so did everyone else around her). But anyway, after that I headed over to work it was a pretty busy day today, Andy was gone again though so it might just have seemed like it since it was just Scott and I. But still I probalby only sat down for like an hour at most today at work. My heel is kind of sore, not sure if it was because of that or something else though. Once work was over I went to dinner and then went right back to my room to work on my speech some more. I think I may have actually finished it for the most part, I just have some fine tuning left to do and I need to work on some visuals. Then at 10:30 I went and made rounds at the sister dorm, I handed out candy tonight to everyone. In order for them to get a piece though they had to tell me what thier favorite kind was. I wrote it all down and made a list mapping each person to thier favorite kind of candy. I finished up just about 10 minutes before curfew. After returning to the dorm I had to work on a couple of the guy's comptuers here on the hall. One I had to post pone until tomorrow. I think I'm going to get to bed now though. Tomorrow is going to be another full day. So good night!
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Monday, November 10, 2003
This morning was pretty interesting.. I had that feeling like I'm still sleeping, but I was walking around. Oh wait... I probably was. Yeah I was pretty tired, after going to sleep at 3:30 then waking up at 5:00 to say adios to Mike before he left. I barely got back to sleep again by the time I had to wake up and get to church. It was a pretty rough morning. But I held on and I made it through the service without any problems. After the service I ended up going over to Allie and Britany's house for lunch. They had turkey and gravy and mashed potatoes and stuffing. It was so good I had like 3 helpings.. then for dessert they had chocolate cheese cake. I had never had that before but it sure is good. I ended up staying there until around 7:30 just hanging out. We played a couple card games then we went for a walk around the neighborhood. We brought the dog (Jake) along with us I ended up letting him run to the end of the street and I was holding the leash so he drug me along with him. My shoe came off though about half way there and I ended up running with him the rest of the way without a shoe. I think I stepped on a rock though because part of my foot feels a little bruised right now. But anyway we ended up cutting the walk a little short because it was 34 degrees outside with slight wind as well. Upon returning to the house I played with the dog for awhile. I ended up falling asleep on him. Both me and the dog were out cold for about 2 1/2 hours. I ended up waking up only because Jake did and he moved and my head hit the floor. I really needed the nap though and It felt really good. I was glad I was able to relax over at thier house because If I would have been here for the afternoon I probably would have just sat and did homework all afternoon and not taken a nap. I'm glad I can have a place to lounge for a sunday afternoon. I didn't leave thier house until roughly 7:30. After I woke up from my nap we just watched some movies that were on Cable. "Meet Joe Black" was one that we had watched. It was rather interesting and kind of strange.. but enjoyable. I was thinking about going to a church that a friend of mine invited me to this evening but since I didn't leave until around 7:30 (the church starts at 7) I think I'll just wait and try it out next week or something. But anyway since I didn't go to church tonight I just came back here and worked on my speech. I think I"m actually making some progress on it now. But I'm still pretty tired even with my nap today so I'm going to stop where I'm at and hit the sack for the night. Bye for now.
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Sunday, November 09, 2003
This morning I woke up and went to work at around 9:00ish. But today andy took the day off so it was just Scott and I running the shop. It went ok though, we were even able to fit in a couple games of "Soldier of Fortune" (I worked Scott today usually he beats me I don't know what happend). Anyway right after work today I kind of rushed back to the dorm so I could fit in a little bit of studying before I met with my prayergroup. It didn't work out quite how I wanted it to though, two of my guys couldn't make it and then 4 of Bekah's bailed on her last minute too. So it ended up just being us four guys with the two girls. We still had a great time though. We went to Wal-Mart and picked up a bunch of goodies for our boxes for Operation Christmas Child then we went and had Ice Cream at Billy Joes while we wrapped the boxes and stuffed them. Over all it went pretty well some of the activities we did were: Cross Dressing, Having Mixed Drinks, Flashing Jerry Falwell, and gambling off our souls.... (Let me explain)..... The cross dressing was pretty fun, the girls got a dress up kit for thier shoe box and as we unpacked it to put it all in the box Han decided to see if it would fit him.. it clearly did not but it looked pretty funny... I took lots of pictures tonight so I will probably be able to get those up on my site very soon. But anyway.. after that we "Mixed our drinks" and tested some of that stuff out... and then when we were throwing away our Garbage Alex tried to make a basket with one of the things.. he was like "If I make this you have to give me your soul" So we all gambled our souls away.. (luckily he didn't make it). So anyway on the way back to campus to drop everyone back off we saw Jerry Falwell in a building with a big window.. So I drove my car right out front of the building then I flashed him with my brights a bunch of times.. The people he was with had some weird looks. But then I then drove out of there again as fast I could =). After dropping off everyone except for Bekah we headed over to Davids place and met up with Bekah's roomates and some of thier friends.. We then ended up watching "Finding Nemo" in one of the classrooms in the Demos Hall. We found couches that were out in the hallway and brought those in and we were able to watch about 30 minutes of the movie or so, then some people came around to lock up all the rooms and they had to kick us out.. They were all confused like "what are you doing here" but we moved out our couches and the TV ect. and setup camp in the hall instead so they could finish locking up all the doors. The movie ended about 20 minutes before cufew so we all just went straight to our dorms after that. I continued to work on my speech a little bit. Mike was just sitting next to me playing video games the whole time. So I casually brought up what I was writing about on Creation and Evolution and through that I was able to talk to him about God a little bit as well.. I never got around to the entire Gospel story but I think I at least got him thinking about it some. I think it turned out pretty well. I didn't really get much of the speech done though still.. I hope can finish it in time. But anyway.. The time has come for me to go to sleep. Mike will be leaving around 5:00 tomorrow morning so I'll be waking up a little early to give him my farewell, then I'll probably sleep for another hour before I have to wake up and get to church early for good ol worship team practice. I hope I don't fall asleep during church while I"m on duty.. It hasn't happend yet, I hope it doesn't. Ok well for now I"m off to bed.. NIght!
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Saturday, November 08, 2003
nothing worth reporting today really.. it was just a standard day. I did get a visitor that is staying in our room for the weekend though. He just got here around 8:00 tonight. He was tired and just went to sleep though because he had a long trip so I dind't get to know him very well. I hope I can get to know him more tomorrow (he is unsaved and I hope to witness some). <--- pray for that! But anyway I'm kind of upset because I worked on my speech for 5 hours tonight and I got abosltuley nowhere on it. I have no idea where to begin. So I'm going to just stop for tonight.
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Friday, November 07, 2003
This morning was a fight to get out of bed. I woke up feeling sick and my stomach was woozy. I dind't know if I was going to throw up or something. But I just pushed myself and got up and walked to class anyway (I walked really slow). I still kind of felt like that through the class but I kind of fell asleep in that class and after waking up again I don't remember feeling woozy anymore. So I'm not sure what it was but I felt better after that class. Then in evangelism he let us go a little early. Which was nice so I could use that time to cram some more for my Government test. I don't know how I did on the government test, I'll just have to wait until the score comes back I guess. But I was done with it in about 30 minutes so I had a little longer lunch then normal which was nice. After lunch I went to work as usual but it was extremely slow today for some reason and we just kind of sat around here and there. We did some more setup work and finalizing things since the move during the slow moments. But anyway once 6:00 rolled around I headed back to campus and ate a quick dinner then just came back here and worked on my speech. I did find quite a bit of needed information, now lets just hope I can get it all organized. Then we had our hall meeting and I let my prayer groups again tonight. I didn't do a lesson tonight though instead we made plans to meet with a prayer group from our sister dorm this saturday and put together some shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child, and then go out for icecream while we get them all packed and wrapped. So we will do that this saturday at 6:00ish. I'll be meeting getting togher with Bekah's group. I'm looking forward to that it should be fun. But anyway once we finished up with our group and closed in prayer I just came back here again and worked on homework some more. Now that time has come for me to go to sleep though, I still have lots of speech to write though but I think I'll just have to leave it for tomorrow. So until then... Adios!
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Thursday, November 06, 2003
For some reason my alarm went off an hour late today. I made sure I had it set right and I did. But I didn't wake up until 8:20 because of that. So I missed my first class today (and a quiz). I was kind of upset about that, I was ready for the quiz too. My speech went ok though. I got a passing grade for it. I still kind of read off my notes too much though so I got docked for that. The rest of the day went pretty well though, I was just really busy. I had classes then right to work after that.. then I headed right to church.. then that went right up until my prayerleader meeting time so I had to go right to that. After that I went to eat at late night for awhile since I didn't get to eat dinner or anything. Then finally after that I was able to come back to my room. It was just getting to be 11:00 by the time I got here. I had to do lots of homework again and study for an exam tomorrow (government class). But now I'm done for the night. I'm going to head to bed since I only got about 2 1/2 hours of sleep last night from working on the speech the whole time. So I'm pretty tired. So good night!
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Wednesday, November 05, 2003
Whew! I can finally get to sleep now. I really had to get my speech done today and I was gone the entire day and I didn't get a chance to come back to my room until after 11:30. The day was just a regular tuesday as far as classes are concerned. I fell asleep as usual in my Theology class, and then I kind of dozed off and on in my Evangelism class. My Government class today was cancelled so I didn't have to go to that. But I didn't get to use that time to work on homework like I would have liked though. I had to go to lunch during that time because Kat said she really had to talk to me. She just wanted to let me know some things that have been on her mind. I'm glad that she told me though. So anyway I was at lunch for almost an hour today. Then I had to head over to work. Work was unusally slow today for some reason. I felt like I was just standing there a lot of the time. But anyway it finally ended and I came back to campus and ate dinner. Then Kat needed a ride to Wal-mart and I told her I would take her (Becky was using her car). I needed to make a trip there anyway. So While I was there I bought Finding Nemo!! It was on sale for only $14 I couldn't pass that up with it being such a great movie. Then I also needed to get a tooth brush. I've been using the same one for almost 2 years now I think. I probably still wouldn't have thought about getting a new one except that some brisels were coming out now. I figured it was time for a new one. Then on the way to check out there was a really cool Taz Tie that I saw. It was only $8 bucks so I got that as well. By the time we got back to campus it was about 8:20. I had a group meeting I needed to be at at 8:30 so it was good timing. So I parked my car and walked up to the computer lab where I was going to meet everyone. (Buisness Group for marketing class). We talked over what all we needed to do and we were out of there in about an hour. That left me a couple minutes to park my car permantly for the night (had to go to the pit tonight) and then get back to my dorm just in time for my Prayer leader meeting (RHLM). They went really long tonight too which was kind of annoying considering that I had lots of homework to do and I hadn't been back to my room all day. But finally at 11:30 I was able to get here and start on my homework. You all know how much I hate speech class and so I spent about 4 hours getting a speech together for tomorrow. (one minute speak time). I think I finally got it all acomplished though. I hope it goes well. Ok well I'm going to start getting ready for bed now.. and considering that I'm looking at only getting 3-4 hours of sleep tonight I'm going to be really tired tomorrow. But anyway I'm done talking now. Have a great night everyone!
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Tuesday, November 04, 2003
Too tired to write one toinght... I've been working on my homework all night and counsling another student. Kind of strained on my night a little bit. I'll write more later.
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Monday, November 03, 2003
Today went pretty well at church. Some things were unhooked for some reason with the comptuer for powerpoint though today. So I had to hurry and get it all back to normal again before practice. Once that was all taken care of the rest of the service went pretty well. After the service I headed back to school and had lunch at the dinning hall. Since I had a whole afternoon free for once I decided I better go around and fix some people's computers that were in need of my services. So I called them all up and I went to 3 girls dorms to work on computers this afternoon. It took about 2 hours or so. I had to clean off Ad-Ware and Virues on one. Then I had to install a network card in another one and I had to just change a quick setting on another one so she wouldn't get errors. They were all glad I could help them. Once I finished up doing that I went back to my room and attempted to do homework. Except I was really tired though and I was reading and then the next thing I know its two hours later and I"m asleep laying on my book. So needless to say I got pretty much zero homework done this afternoon. After I woke up from my "nap" I just decided to go to dinner. Then right after dinner I had to head over to some people from my church's house and help them with their computer. They just needed some files transferred from one comptuer to another and converted to the right format. That wasn't too hard of a task and I was only there for about an hour and a half. After leaving thier house I headed back to campus and went right to the open mic concert. I didn't think it was that great though. It probably would have been time better spent doing something else. It wasn't horrible though. At least it was free. Anyway once that was over it was almost curfew so I came back to my dorm and did some of that homework that I didn't get to do this afternoon. Then I changed my fishes water and read some e-mail. So that pretty much concludes my day for now. I think I'm going to go get some sleep. Night!
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Sunday, November 02, 2003
Hey! I'm pretty tired so I don't think I'm going to elaborate on today too much. I pretty much just went to work, then went to scott's house and did laundry, then went to somebody else's house that was having a college student get together. That pretty much covers my day. Not much else happend though so I'll just stop there for tonight.
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Saturday, November 01, 2003
Happy Halloween/Reformation day! Yeah I ended up waking up at 5:00 this morning so we could meet at 6:00 this morning for our Isaiah Group project. (an hour earlier then I thought). We were able to get everythign settled though and I think the presentation went very well. I will let you know our grade when I know for sure. After that class though and only getting 3 hours of sleep last night I slept in both of my other classes.. I don't think I could even tell you what we did in either one. Its pretty bad I know. After classes I went to work as usual. We got two new color laser printers today at work. They are awsome printers. I've never seen a color print so nice. If I ever need to print a photo They will turn out just like the real thing almost. If I remember to take pictures.. I haven't been very good at that lately. I'll try and work on that. But anyway right after work I headed back to school for a Halloween party at 7:00. It wasn't that great but it went ok. They had a cool snack table and it was nice to just stand aroudn and chat with the other people that showed up. It went until 10:00 and then right after that A couple of us from 28-1 and 5-1 went to an offcampus persons house and hung out there for awhile. (Jessie, Josh, Cody) from 5 & (Tyler, Erika, Jill and Bekah) from 28. we just kind of hung out and talked and told stories and things. That was more fun then the party. But anyway we were there until about 20 minutes before curfew. Then I drove everybody back and dropped them off and parked my car. After returning to my dorm I chatted online for a bit and then Allie sent me the long 375 question survey that I have on my website filled out with her responses so I read through that completely. I learned a lot about her, it was very interesting. But now I'm really tired and I'm going to turn in earlier then normal tonight and I might be able to catch up on a little sleep. So until tomorrow night! Bye!
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