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Wednesday, December 31, 2003
First things first.... Look at the comments from yesterday. Becca, that is one sorry excuse for a comment - But I'll take it =). lol. Ok now that that is out of the way, off to what really "doesn't" matter. Right now its snowing outside at about an inch per hour. They predict we will get roughly 5 inches by nights end. Happy was really excited to see it and she Frolicked in the snow all around the yard. Anyway, I ended up sleeping in until around 12:30 this morning. I woke up to the lovely sound of an AOL instant message. Both of my parents had to work today so I was just here with Jason and his mom the whole day. I can proudly say I did nothing most of the day. (Trust me that is an accomplishment in and of itself - rarely does that happen). Around 3:00 though I had to prepare the turkey we were having for dinner and get that warmed up in the oven so it would be ready when my parents got home. Then I also finished watching the last of the Smallville episodes I brought with me. I wish I would have brought another DVD with me. Now I have to wait until I get back to VA to see the rest. Once I finished watching those, Jason brought his Hard drive in and we continued on our quest to recovery. We worked on that right up until dinner. Then we worked on it some more after dinner. (turkey was great by the way). It is acting really weird and we can get a little bit off here and there and then it stops working for about an hour, so we have to keep waiting and trying agian. Todd, Louis and Mike ended up stopping by tonight too, so I visited with them for about an hour or so before they headed back out. Then we also watche Freaky Friday tonight. (haven't gotten to Seabiscut yet). I had seen it already but my parents hadn't. They really liked it. After the movie we continued on jason's Harddrive. We are slow moving.. but at least getting somewhere. Right now we put the Hard Drive in the Freezer and we'll probalby leave it there overnight and give it another go tomorrow. So anyway just another day for me lounging around the house. If it snows a lot tonight, we probalby won't be doing much tomorrow. I wouldn't be able to play in the snow since most of my friends are at TLC (a youth conference). So anyway, I'm off to bed. I'm Jeremy Dillinger Signing off....
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Tuesday, December 30, 2003
Well, today I got to sleep in rather late. It was really enjoyable too... I finally had to wake up by order of my bladder, I hate it when that happends. It was probably good that I woke up anyway. Allie IMed me and said she was bored out of her mind. I tried to ease her boredom by talking to her for awhile before my parents wanted to take me shopping. I don't see how talking to me can be all that exciting though.. so I don't know how much I helped =). But anyway, once my parents were ready to hit the road off to the shopping centers we went. I ended up getting two dress shirts, new shoes, an electric razor, and even a bow tie (which looks good with one of the dress shirts we bought). I'll probably wear that when I get back to lynchburg for church on sunday. But anyway, we were out for quite awhile getting those items. Then I also bought a car today too. Its a white mini van (which I've nicknamed "moby dick"). Really though, I just bought it from my dad for like a dollar so that way it is offically my car now. When I bought it in the first place I was only 17 so I wasn't allowed to own a car, so instead it was put under my dad's name even though I was the one paying for it. But now I can say it is "my" car. (I did anyway but still..) We also stopped by the video store and picked up some rentals. We got SeaBiscut, I'm looking forward to seeing that since I've heard good things about it. We'll probalby end up watching them tomorrow night or something. After getting back home we ate dinner and then just kind of lounged around the house for awhile. I chatted online to a couple friends too. Tori, Kat, and Katie. But that just about covers my evening. After my parents had gone to bed I tried to help jason recover some information off of one of his harddrives that has gone bad. So far we haven't had any luck, but I have a couple more options to try in the morning. It got late and we stopped for the night. Well thats it for now... Now its your turn if you are reading this Leave a comment.. comments are your friends, not food. haha j/k. Anyway.. DO IT!!!
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Man.. nobody ever writes comments anymore, whats up with that?
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Monday, December 29, 2003
I didn't get a chance to write a blog last night, my sister had Katie stay the night last night and we had already packed up all the computers in the livingroom, so I would have had to come into thier room to write it where the other two computers are. But I decided I would just combine both of them tonight so as not to intrude on them. So anyway.. I'll start off with Saturday morning. I can't quite remember that far back so I'll have to pause and think about it.... Ah yes, its all coming back to me now. Well I woke up in the morning to the smell of Bacon and Scrambled eggs. Dad made his Dillinger Family style breakfast. It sure was delicious. Then after that My sister asked me about upgrading her computer. So we went over a couple specks together, and then we were about to go out to the store and pick up the parts - But just as we were leaving Jason and his mother asked if we wanted to go out to lunch with them. It was a little close to breakfast, but we decided we would go anyway. They took us to a restaraunt in downtown Seattle. Jason said it was the closest to an authentic Chinese restaraunt they've found. It was kind of different in the way we are served. Rather then them giving a menu, the people come out periodically with different dishes. Then they show you what is on a little plate and you can either accept it or deny it. Jason's mom knew what was pretty good so she did most of the accepting. We tried about 7 different dishes. I really liked all of the ones she chose. I wish I could describe them but I didn't know most of the ingredients. All I know is they were good. After we finished up with lunch Jason and his mom were going to go off and go shopping. So our family decided to stop by the store to pick up the things we needed for my sisters computer since it was pretty much on the way. We ended up getting her a 2.2Ghz Intel Processor & Main board upgrade for roughly $250. That was a pretty good deal we thought. Then after returning home I worked on that for her through most of the rest of the afternoon. By the evening I had her computer completely finished with everything installed that she needed installed. By that time My dad had gone out and rented some movies (the Hulk, and The league of Extraordinary Gentlement). So we watched those, I also talked to Allie during that time since I had some computers setup in the living room, I was able to do both. Danny and Andy ended up coming over also, so we all lounged in the living room and relaxed while watching movies. Thats pretty much all we did the rest of the evening. It was pretty nice though. Katie ended up coming over to stay the night as well (which I've already mentioned) so most of the gang was over again yesterday evening. The guys headed out around 11:00 while the girls stayed back and we sat and talked for a short while until it was time to get to sleep for church Today... Speaking of that - I'll insert a Line break here and continue on about today.

Well, this morning was just like good ol times. My family woke up and headed off to church. It was great going back to my home church and seeing all the old familiar faces. I was a little disappointed that nothing had changed though. There weren't any new faces either. The church has however invested in a projector and now the service is run off of powerpoint. That was a much needed improvement and that was exciting to see. But other then that it was just as nothing had changed. All the good friends of mine that were in the youth group those past years all came this morning to church as well and we filled up the first two rows just as if we had never left. Normally there are only 3 youth at the church since I and all my friends had left. But this morning we were back up to the "Old 14" My pastor was excited to see everyone. The service went pretty well too. Then after the service we decided to go to Denny's as a Youth group activity. So we all headed over and had a hearty lunch at the good ol Denny's. Then after that most of us split company and headed our own separate ways. Danny and I came back home and I chilled at his house for a couple hours after that. Then we came up here and watched an episode of Smallville until it was time to go to evening church. Church this evening was more on a relaxed note. We got out the Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drum set and we had a nice contemporary evening worship service tonight. Then before leaving tonight I had to say goodbye to some of the people that I wouldn't be able to see again before I left to go back to "home" (Lynchburg). It was kind of a sad thought.. but danny was there to keep me sane =). Anyway, after I got home Jason's mom had cooked us dinner and had it ready to go when we walked in the door. (Maybe we should keep her around more often) lol. It was another Chiniese dish and she did a great job on it.. it was delicous. Tori called me shortly after that and I talked to her on the phone for about 20 minutes or so. After that I decided I would read some of my saved up sunday comics that I had. I read 3 weeks worth and then I started Chatting online with some people. Some girl that I never met before started writing me. She is from VA and wanted to ask me some questions about Liberty. Like I said I had never met her, and she didn't know anybody that knew me either.. she just found me as some guy on the internet that goes to liberty, and wanted to Chat. Well.. ok that is fine with me =). It turns out she lives about an hour from lynchburg and was thinking about going there and just wanted to get some input... well I'm glad to help! I also talked to Allie for awhile tonight too. She had to get going though because her brother wanted to get to sleep. But it was good timing though because right around that time Danny came up and we hung out the rest of the night. He just left right before i started writing this. So that now brings me back to this point.. I'm all caught up again. That means I get to head off to bed. Happy is looking at me funny anyway.. I think she is thinking.. "come with me teddy.. I'm ready to sleep and need a pillow" of course I'll never know, but thats what I'm going to say she is thinking. Anyway.. Goodnight!
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Saturday, December 27, 2003
Today I was able to sleep in until around 12:00. I had to change my clothes this time though. Yesterday I was in my PJ's the entire day. But anyway I had to get dressed because right after waking up, my mom and sister took me shopping. We had to go get a part for Becca's computer and they wanted to show me a new store we have here called "Fry's Electionics" It is a pretty cool store.. its as big as a Cosco or Sams Club.. except it is all electronics stuff. Of course you know that makes it a really really good store. So anyway we ended up finding that Fan for becca's computer and then we stopped by Mcdonalds on the way home for lunch. Then upon returning here I fixed becca's computer and got that all up and running for her. Danny came over too and we all decided to have a bunch of people over and play some Network games. Half-Life and Counter Strike. So I got all the networking equipment ready and setup 7 computers. Then 11 people ended up coming over and we all kind of rotated around the computers so everybody could get a chance to play. I hadn't played Half-Life for so long it was a lot of fun for a change. Then my mom made everybody Spagetti for dinner. She had to make a lot to feed everybody.. but it sure tasted good. And Allie.. I think there is just something about "Mom's" Spagetti that makes it great. I would have to say it is better then your mom's. Her's is still really good though. But anyway.. we ended up playing network games for about 8-9 hours or so.. everybody finally decided they were going to start heading out around 11:00. The last person left around 11:45. Now Its down to just me again tonight.. everybody else is here asleep. So maybe I should get there too.. yeah I think I'll do that. Good night!
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Friday, December 26, 2003
Well Hey! I'm back home now in seattle. It is home but it kind of feels like home away from home a little too. Lynchburg has kind of stuck on me I think. But anyway I owe many thanks to the Donneburg Family. They offered to wake up at 3:00 in the morning and drive me to Roanoke so I could catch my plane Tuesday morning. I love that family! I stayed with them for the last couple days and then after they dropped me off at the airport I was then on my own. Even though the airports are at High Security, I was able to get through without any trouble. I even had to wait for the plane for about 30 minutes before they even started to load up. The first plane was just one of those small propeller planes. We had to walk out on the tarmac and then climb steps to get onboard. The first flight was pretty short, only an hour and a half. We did get hit up with quite a bit of turbulence though. But I thought it was actually kind of fun. Then once I got to Detroit (my layover) I had to basicly walk all the way to the other side of the airport to get to the other gate. It was like a mile or so to get there. Half of the trip was under a tunnel with a moving floor. You could just stand there and it would take you forward at about 10mph. I decided it would be fun to run on it.. It felt like I was going about 25mph since it was already moving forward That was kind of a fun experience. Anyway I found the gate I needed to be at pretty easily and then I just sat and read some comics while I waited to board. I was near the back of the plane so I was able to be one of the firsts to board. That trip was rather long about 6 hours i think they said. But I kind of slept a little during the flight so that was good. Upon arriving in Seattle my mom, 2 sisters, and my best friend danny were there to greet me. That was exciting. Then we arrived at home and I saw my dad, then after giving him a big hug, I sat down and pet my dog Happy for at least a good 15 minutes. It was great. Then a couple hours after getting there my family all packed up gifts and everything and headed over to my grandma's house for a family party. We had prime rib (I don't think there was any Mad Cows in though) That was a fun christmas party and it was great to see all my family again. I got two christmas presents then (a shirt and some money). The fun part was when my grandma opened the presents I got her. She loved the glass mailbox and her mahogony picture album box. We were over there until around midnight or so. That would be three o'clock my time still by then I had been up 24 hours and I was pretty tired. I slept pretty good on the drive back home (40 minute ride). I finally got to bed around 1:00 or 4:00 my time. But happy and I were out like lights in no time.

Then this morning I woke up to some russling in the kitchen around 9:00. My mom was up starting to make coffee and getting stocking ready and things. Then we all dove into the stockings and pulled everything out. I ended up getting a USB Jump drive for the computer. I really needed one of those for school projects and things. I also got "A walk to Remember" on DVD. I really love that movie and I was excited to get that. My sister got it for me. Then after we all finished up with our stockings my mom made some Eggnog French toast. If you've never had it before you just subsitute Eggnog for the milk in the egg batter. They were really good. After breakfast I worked on my Parent's comptuer for awhile. It needed quite a bit of work. I also setup two other comptuer for while i'm here. It just didn't feel right with only one up and running. So I got 3 now working with the internet so my sister and I don't have to fight over who gets the computer and when. Plus some of my old friends are probalby going to want to play some LAN games so now it it all setup and ready to go. After I finished up with that My grandma came over here to visit and for dinner. We then all had another Christmas Dinner. This time it was BBQ Salmon and Teryakii chicken. Kind of something you don't normally think of together. But I thought it was delicious. After dinner Lots of my friends stopped by. Tyler and Seth stopped in for aobut an hour and talked. Then Katie and Danny Came by. After they were here for a good couple hours, Louis and Andy then stopped by and we all hung out in my room until around 11:00. It was fun to get together with old friends. I had a pretty good christmas. It sure was tiring though. I've been ready for bed the last 4 hours. =). So now is my chance. I think that is what I'll go and do now!! I hope your christmas was as fun as mine was! Just remember what we are really celebrating. The Love of Jesus! -- Night everyone.
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Monday, December 22, 2003
Well.. I haven't had a chance to make a blog entry for quite some time now Sorry about that.. I've let down my adoring fans =( lol j/k. But anyway I'll try and sum up my weekend best I can remember. Saturday after work I went over to Pete and Julie's house and dropped off my stuff. Then we drove over to Appomattux to Pete's mother's house for a family party. It was great! We played a bunch of party games and things like that. Then we also did Dirty santa. I brought a stuffed Winnie the Pooh. Then in the end I ended up winning a Forman Grill cooker. I think I'm allowed to use those in my dorm room. So I can now make grilled cheese with out using a iron. haha. Then there was all all the food I could ever want (the meatballs were the best I had like 50). I really enjoyed his family - they are a little on the strange side but who's family isn't I guess =). Anyway I had a great time with his family. We ended up leaving thier house around midnight, and we didn't get back to lynchburg until around 1:00. Then once we got back I went with Pete to the Spirlings house because they are watching there dog for the week and he had to pick him up and bring him over to his place for the night. Then once I was finally back at thier house and crawling in bed (or shoudl I say couch) It was right around 2:30. But it was fun. Then I had to wake up sunday and be at church at 8:00 for worship team practice. I made it on time and I surprisingly wasn't even that tired. The main worship leader was gone though so we had a substitute. (Joe Crooke). But I think everything still went well considering. Then after the service I went out to lunch with Brittany and Allie at an itailian restaraunt. Then the rest of the afternoon I helped Betty work on the website for our church (www.tlcinfo.com) it still has a lot of work but we at least have a layout now. Then that evening we had the TLCinema and as a church we all watched The Santa Clause II for just a fun event. I love that movie. But anyway after it was over I was invited over to the Donneburgs to hang out for the rest of the evening. We ended up watching Miricle on 34th Street. It had been so long since I saw that movie it was great. Then after that we watched "The little princess" another great movie. By this time they had already asked me if I wanted to stay the night there so we made up the hidea bed and I got to sleep roughly around 1:00. Then I ended up waking up naturally in the morning right around the time they were supposed to come down and wake me up. So when they did I was like Good morning all ready up and stuff. Then they made me cinnimon rolls for breakfast and then I was off to work. SOrry for all the rambling.. its tough to blog three days in one. So anyway back to the rambling. Work was just the usual today no extra special things happend or anything. Scott did buy me lunch though so that was really nice of him. I had to go and pick it up though, but thats ok because I had to stop by Kroger and pick up some flowers for the Donnenburg family. I wanted to show them how much I appreciate them. So I picke up some nice ones and then I picked up lunch and headed back. Then after work I came to the Donnenburgs for dinner since they invited me back again. Then I gave them the flowers and we all had dinner together. I also worked on thier computers for them and got them all networked for them. And now that brings me up to this point. I am now sharring this internet connection with Allie at the same time. I'm IMing her across the room now. So anyway that my update... I think I should get back to the family who so graciously is hosting me. Bye for now.. I hope I get another chance to blog before I leave.. but if not... I'll be writing from Seattle!
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Saturday, December 20, 2003
I didn't get a chance to come back to work and blog last night. So I'll have to blog for last night right now. Yesterday I woke up at around 9:00 and finallized everything in my dorm room. I packed up my computers and the last of my things and put it all in my car. Then I just waited around and chilled with some of the guys that were left on the hall until Victoria was ready to go catch her plane (11:20). So once she called I went and picked her up and then dropped her off at the airport, then I headed right over to work. It was kind of busy and we didn't have time to just sit around yesterday. Thats always good though. Then after work I went over to Scott's house for dinner. We had stuffed shells. I don't think I've ever had those before but they were very good. Then we played some Nintendo Game Cube until around 8:30. After that Andy was having a birthday party at the bowling alley at 9:00 so we headed over to the alley and met up with the rest of the gang. My first game was 54, then I got a 76, then my last game I tied for first place with 122. The first two games I was kind of just messing around though. But anyway I was out bowling until 11:30. Once I got done there I headed over to the apartment and grabbed my To-go clothes bag and my backpack. I was going to go stay over at the Millers that night. I think I'll just use aarons apartment as a backup plan. There isn't anything there, its just a empty place since they just got it last week. So as long as people from church tell me to come stay with them I think I"ll take them up on it. They fight over me anyway =). haha. So anyway I got to the millers around midnight and got all settled in there. Thier dog Bucky was very happy to see me. But anyway, thats why I didn't have time to come back to work and blog.. because I didn't want to get to their place too late. But I pretty much crashed right away once I got my bed ready. So anyway that was it for Friday - I might get a chance to blog tonight, but if not I'll do it tomorrow sometime. I'm going to stay with Pete and Julie tonight, I'm going with them to a family party. Well thats it for now!
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Friday, December 19, 2003
Well I was able to sleep in till 10:30 today it felt really good. After waking up I got my room ready for checkout which I had at 11:20 today. The RA said I was good to go and just said to make sure I had everything unplugged before I left. After the check out with him I stopped by the dining hall on my way to work for my last meal there before the break. Then went right over to work. Work today was kind of busy.. there was always something to do today. I actually kind of like it better like that though. But after work was over I went directly back to campus and started packing up some more stuff. In the middle of it though I had to stop and take Will over to a store to get some empty boxes so he could pack up his room. But once I finished with that I came back to my room and went right back at it. I made one trip over to the apartment tonight and dropped off a car load of stuff. I made a check over while I was there to see if I would need anything else. It turns out I only really needed a microwave and I would be all set. So after unloading everything there I headed back to campus. I made a pit stop at Walmart though to pick up a couple necessities. But now I"m back here and I have everything else that needs to go tomorrow next to the door except this computer I'm working on. I'm going to take 3 of my computers with me to work tomorrow and just have them there just incase I need to use any of them for some reason. They could use some servicing too so I'll do that while they're there. But anyway.. I think I"m all ready to head out tomorrow. So I"m going to head to bed and get a good nights rest. I have to take Victoria to the airport tomorrow morning before work too so I hope I get up in time for that. =) Anyway Night for now!
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Thursday, December 18, 2003
I finished off the last of my exams today. This morning at 8:00 I had my speech class final. After that I decided to return back to my dorm and take a nap until lunch. I felt much better after I did that. Work today was pretty normal. It was Andy's Birthday today though. We didn't really do anything extra special but we wished him a happy birthday. So I'll do it publicly here on the blog too! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDY!!! Ok so anyway. After work I headed over to church. Tonight we didn't do a service like normal. Instead we had lots of refreshments and we just chatted and we played "Dirty Santa" If you don't know what that is thats when everybody brings a small gift and they are all put in the middle. Then we go around the circle and you choose to grab a gift from the middle (you don't know what that is because it is wrapped) or you can steal one that somebody else has already unwrapped because you know what that one is. I started out getting a glass bowl, then somebody stole that from me so I got to choose another one out of the middle or take one from somebody else. I took one from the middle. This time it was a really cool candle holder.. (only problem is we can't have candles in the dorms). So that ended up being stolen from me again and my next thing I got was a MIB2 DVD. That would have been somethign I actually could have used, however that was stolen once again. So my last and final gift that I actually was able to keep and didn't get stolen was the Book "Soul Harvest" on audio tapes. That would be ok to have as well. Another guy won a Deoderant stick and he didn't want it so he gave it to me. Its the gel stuff that I don't really like, but I'm not going to put it to waste I'll probably still use it. But anyway it was a lot of fun and everybody enjoyed themselfs. I ended up staying after until around 9:00 playing with some of the kids who wanted to tackle me all night long. Fortunatley their parents had to leave so I was able to get away =) lol. Then I gave Allie and Brit a ride home after that and I pulled up in thier driveway but we just sat there for like 45 minutes and talked about all kinds of stuff. Thier mom ended up calling and seeing where we were. I was like "oh we're right outside" :-D But anyway. I got back to the dorm around 10:00 and since then I've been getting things ready so I can leave tomorrow night out of the dorm. Now I think I will head off to bed now. I don't have to wake up tomorrow until 11:00. That is such a good feeling. So anyway.. I'm outie for now!
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Wednesday, December 17, 2003
I think my theology exam was a success this morning. I felt pretty good about it. Then my marketing exam was even better. She brought in all our previous exams that we took through the semester and she said for our final we can choose whatever exam we wanted to re-take and that would be our final. So that was pretty good by me. I also sold back all my books today. I was able to get $180 back for them all. Its not absolutely great but it was decent. Then lunch today was really good. They had a Christmas Buffet. They actually used real food this time I think =) it was really good. But anyhoo, after that I was off to work as usual. The guys wanted me to stay after tonight and do some gaming with them.. but I couldn't because I already made plans to meet up with Aaron and check out his new apartment. He gave me a key and I can stay there some over the break if I need to. That was really a blessing so now I at least don't have to worry about sleeping in my van. (I don't think I would have actually had to do that but you know..). I got done checking it all out and things around 7:00 and the guys wanted me to go back to work and do games then.. but I just wasn't really up to it. I thought it was just a little on the late side and I was already close to home. So I just headed back. In a way I"m glad I did though, a bunch of friends wanted to hang out one last time before the break at Davids Place so we all went there and watched Armageddon until around 11:00ish. After everyone headed out from there I came back to my room and decided I better take down all my christmas decorations and get ready to start packing for when they kick us all out. So thats what I did the rest of the evening. But now.. I should get to bed.. I have an exam tomorrow mornign at 8:00 for speech class. Well Adios!
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Tuesday, December 16, 2003
I took my exams today at 11:00. I think they went rather well. They were the ones for Government class. After that, just went to work and came back and studied for my Theology Test & watched two episodes of Smallville. That covers my evening. Now I'm going to get to sleep and hope I wake up in time for the Theo test tomorrow at 8:00. That will probably be my toughest test I think. Well anyway.. for now I'm off to bed. Night!
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Monday, December 15, 2003
Well I woke up at 7:30 this morning and got all ready to go to church. But when I went outside the snow and ice was really bad. I ended up calling Luis to see if there was church this morning. Good thing I did because they had decided to cancel it. So I was able to go back to sleep. But before I did that I watched the news coverage a little bit about Sadam's Capture. Thats good that that is over now. But anyway - after that I slept until around 12:00 and then I went to lunch. Then came back and studied for my exams for awhile. But around 2:30 Tori and I went to go see a movie at the dollar theater. We decided to see Spy Kids 3D. The 3D was really cool. But the story line was pretty bad. If you get a chance to see it on the big screen I would say go for it - but if not.. it won't be worth renting I would say. But anyway.. after the movie I dropped off Tori and then Studied again for about an hour or so. Then by that time It was dinner so I went and ate dinner. The choices were slim today because of the snow, none of the "real" cooks actually came in. So all they had were things that the student workers could put together. So I ended up making my own thing. I toasted some bread and went around and grabbed all kinds of meat. Salami, Turkey, Ham. And then I went aroudn and got all kinds of Cheese - Swiss, American, Cheddar, Parmesian. Then I doubled deckered it and microwaved it for a good minute. It came out with all the cheese melted. It was great. It was like five pounds too. But anyway after that Allie called me and asked if I wanted to come over to thier house and see a movie tonight. So I went and dug out my car from the snow and ice (by this time the roads were plowed) and then headed over there. we watched a movie called "Dave" its about a presedent look alike. It was really good. I enjoyed it. So anyway... I was over there until right around 11:00. After that I just came straight back to my room and studied again for awhile and now I think I'll head off to bed. I have my first final tomorrow at 11:00. Pray for me! =). Night.
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Sunday, December 14, 2003
Today was pretty good. Started off going to work as a normal day.. then we stayed for about an hour after we closed today and played a couple games. Then I went over to Scott's house for awhile and did Laundry there. After that I hurried back to campus so I could fold my laundry and then head to a Brother/Sister Dorm party that we were having off campus at a friends house. I would say about 30 people ended up showing up. It was a lot of fun. We played some games and just chatted and things. It was great. We all ended up leaving a little early though around 10:00 because it had been snowing for about an hour and we decided we better get back to campus before it ices over. So we all just left and everybody did get back safely. I just checked my e-mail after that and then did a little bit of web surfing and then I've now come to this point where I blog. Yep now I"m typing this exact word you are seeing. Pretty cool huh? Now I will go to bed. I hope I can make it to church tomorrow with the snow.. maybe they will have everything plowed. Well Night for now!
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Saturday, December 13, 2003
I made it to my class this morning earlier then normal so I could have some time to look over my notes and things for the final exam. I don't know what my grade will turn out to be on that. But I'm pretty sure I at least passed it. =) Then after that class I went to speech. I mangaged to stay awake the entire time in that class today too It was amazing. Then right after that class we had probalby the best convocation of the year. It was entirely student led as the "Christmas Convocation" They had all look alike people dress up as the worship leader and Jerry Fallwell and The Presedent and one of the well known faculty Danny Lovett. Then it was all just a fun have a good time convo today. It was great. Each person that was supposed to be thier look alike played thier role in the service. THey all did a great job. I don't think anybody had trouble staying awake in that one. Then after that was my last Offical class of the semester. It seemed to go by pretty fast, and that was it. Semester basicly over. It felt pretty good. After that I then just headed off to work as usual for the rest of the day. I ended up having to make a delivery. I was dropping off a computer for a customer and then setting it all up for them. It turned out though that he was about an hour and a half drive away. I couldn't belevie it so I ended up being gone out of the office pretty much the entire day. I didn't even get back into town tonight until around 6:45 tonight. That was sooo annoying. But anyway, I had missed dinner and everything so I had to go get take out tonight. Then the rest of the evening I studied for my Theology Test and watched a couple episodes of Smallville that I brought from work. It was a pretty relaxing night over all I guess. And the last day of the semester turned out ok I guess.. besides that stupid delievery at work. But anyway, I think I'm going to head off to bed now! Night!
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Friday, December 12, 2003
I actually was able to take a nap today. It was great. I had my first class (Theology) but then my Evangelism class is no more and my Government class was just an optional study session (I knew I would fall asleep in) So I just stayed in my room and sleeped for those 2 1/2 hours. It was pretty nice. I did have to work on a computer for a guy for about 40 minutes though during that time so I didn't actually get to sleep the entire time. But thats ok - After my nap I went and had lunch then headed off to work. Work seemed to go fast today for some reason I don't know why... we didn't have any extra customers or anything or much more work then normal. But that was cool anyway. Then after work I headed back and had dinner. I ended up sitting with a group that was in the middle of a heated debate on Death Penalty and what to do with murderer's that was an interesting time =). Then after dinner I came back to my room and studied Theology for the better part of the night. Then Two girls came by and dropped off thier laptops. They just needed a general tune up done it seems. So I started on one and then in the middle of that I had to stop for Hall meeting and prayergroups. We ended up being done with that around 10:40 and then I worked on the comptuers some more while I still studied. I was able to get them both done tonight though. So I'm sure they will be glad about that. But anyway.. I think I should get off to bed now. Its late once again and I have an exam in my 8:00 tomorrow morning. Bye for now!
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Thursday, December 11, 2003
Today was pretty much just a typical Wednesday - Old Testament, Speech, Convo, Marketing, Then Lunch. Then work was just another regular day as well. Church went well tonight we had our small bible study then one of the decons came up and talked about "busness" our church isn't doing too well finacially and they talked about our needs for next year and how things are going to have to work. So Pray that We get more people to come to the church so that the regular 30-35 families don't have to pay all the bills themselfs. And just pray that God will have his way. Then after church I played with the kids for awhile then I had to hurry back to campus to take an exam at 9:00. I finished up with that around 10:00 (I got a 98) and then went to latenight for a bit. I feel a cold coming on so I drank two glasses of OJ while I was there. After I finished eating I had to go to RHLM for a quick meeting and then I finally got back to my room. Somebody had left their computer here for me to work on. So I decided to put it up right away and get that working so I can get it out of the room. So far its doign pretty well.. I shoudl be able to finish it tonight. But anyway.. I"m getting tired so I"m going to start getting ready for bed now. Bye for now.
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Wednesday, December 10, 2003
Ok today I was still very tired. I fell asleep in my Theology Class. But then after that class I normally have evangelism.. but that class if over now so I had like an hour to just do whatever. I really needed to take a nap so I went back to my room and decided thats what I would do. I took a nap until Government class and then headed off to that class (and finished my nap there). After that I had lunch and the work. Work was kind of an annyance today. I was able to sell two computers.. but one of the guys that I sold it to was there for two hours asking me questions and talking about multiple unrealated things. I felt like we wasted so much time.. At least he ended up buying one though. But anyway right after work I hurried back to my room (Skipped dinner) and I got the roses ready in a box so I could carry them around easily. Then I had to clean up the room some more from my roomates messes. Then I just waited until 9:00 when we could actually go in the dorms. I waited outside our sister dorm first until the doors opened. I gave one flower to every girl on that Hall. Then after I visted 11 other girls dorms and I ended up Passing out 100 roses total all over campus. I was sooo tired. I went right up until the last minute. I didn't even get back to my dorm until 10 minutes after the girls started visiting ours. But once the girls started coming, they all really enjoyed our room with all the decorations and everything. Sarah even stopped by for awhile and got to see my room on the inside instead of the window. Then right near the end Allie and Britt came by (From church) and they were able to come in and see my room too. They got here pretty late though so they were only able to be here about 5 minutes. But we still had fun and I really enjoy open dorms a lot. It was also good incentive to clean and I like my room clean so my roomates actually did it for once (I had to do a lot for them still though). Anyway after it was over I chatted with Britt and Allie for awhile and then I've just been workign on some homework since then and Chatting on IM.. I had like 20 people talking to me tonight so that was pretty crazy. I didn't get to much studying done. But anyway.. I think I really need to go to bed now though. I've been really tired these past couple days.. maybe I can make up some of it now. So yeah.. Night!
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Well, it looks like I have two entry's to do tonight since I couldn't get one done last night. Last night after my all nighter I still didn't get to bed until around 2:00. So I had been up for almost 48 hours by the time I was able to actually get some sleep. I had to wake up at 6:00 so I could go to an exam before classes started at 8:00 since it got cancelled for the snow day on friday and that was the only time I coudl take it. So I decided to not even go to sleep since I had to wake up so early. Instead I prepared for my group project that we had to present that same day. The exam went really well though and so did pretty much the rest of the day besides the fact that I was in a daze the whole day pretty much. After work I then headed to Wal-mart for one last thing to do before open dorms that were tonight (Tuesday). I bought 100 Roses and I de-leaved them all and prepped them up. Then I made little tags for each one saying Merry Christmas from Jeremy Dillinger. Then I set them up in water and took care of cleaning our room. Vacuming and tidying up and things. Then I was finally able to get to bed around 2:30. So Thats it for Monday.. let me tell you about Today!
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Tuesday, December 09, 2003
too tired to blog.. I'll do one tomorrow. Night!
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Monday, December 08, 2003
I defenatly did not get a weekend this weekend. Today I had to be at church at 7:00 so I had to wake up around 6:00. We had that huge Kids presentaiton today with all kinds of skits and songs and powerpoint slides and DVD's and VHS's and everything so we had to go an hour early today to make sure we had time to get everything done. The glory be given to God that when it came time for the actual service it all went very well. It was surprising too because everything was put together yesterday and it all turned out very well with very little practice time. But anyway right after the service I was invited over to the Donenburg's house for lunch. And we ate chilli and then played Guestures. Then when 3:00 rolled around we all hopped in cars and we decided to go to North Carolina for our evening Service tonight. Our pastor at TLC is directing a "Living Christmas Tree" program at a church there in North Point North Carolina (His old church). I would say he did a pretty good job at it too. I enjoyed the program very much. Then on the 2 1/2 hour drive back home Brittany and Allie and I got in one of those late night goofy moods. It was a fun ride back. But then once we got about 45 minutes away from lynchburg I started to get really tired. I got that weird feeling where the cars in front of me were pulsating and growing and shrinking.. its really weird to explain. But Brit & Allie kept me awake pretty well and we listened to some loud music for a bit so I was able to get them back home safe and sound. I we didn't even get back into lynchburg until around 11:45 though and I still had to drop the girls off at home. So I ended up being about 10 minutes late for curfew... I don't know if I was caught though but I guess we shall find out. Once I got back though I had to prepare for a presentation in my marketing class tomorrow. The rest of my group had a meeting while I was in North Carolina so I wasn't able to get the complete run through. But they had e-mailed me the powerpoint at least so I have to run though that and figure out what I'm goign to say and everything. Also I have an exam for Marking class tomorrow as well except we are going to take the test at 7:00 tomorrow (since Friday class was cancelled) and then do the presenation at 11:20. So I'll have to meet with that class twice tomorrow. So speaking of which.. since I'll have to get up at 6:00 for that exam I need to get going and do my presentation and study some so I can maybe try and get some sleep tonight.. I might have to make it an all nighter though. Depends on how it goes I guess. Night! Pray for me!
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Sunday, December 07, 2003
Today was another long day. I was able to sleep in slightly though. I woke up at 8:30 and got ready to go to work. We had sort of a long slow day at work though it seemed.. but we get out at 3:00 on saturdays so it wasn't like it lasted forever. But right after work I had to head directly over to church for practice for our children's production at church tomorrow. There is going to be tons of things for me to do tomorrow. They have 168 slides, 12 songs, all on different CD's and a VHS video as well as clips from different sections on 2 DVD's. I'll have to control all of them too - pray that it all goes very smoothly. I ended up being at church for 3 1/2 hours though getting everything all strightend out. But I was able to make it out of there by 6:30. Then I had a group project meeting at 7:00 for my buisness class. So I went back to campus and just went right to our meeting point. I was a little early but not too much. We ended up being there until a little past 8:00 and then I came back to my room and took care of some things that needed to be done, since I hadn't been back to my room the entire day. Then I decided I needed a break so I called up a couple girls and we went to go see "Freaky Friday" at the dollar theater. I really enjoyed that movie I would really recommend seeing it if you can. Very entertaining! But anyway after that movie I went and dropped off the girls then came back to my room and decorated some more. I think I'm done with the decorating now though everything looks really good. So anyway, that pretty much covers it for today. I'm Outie!
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Saturday, December 06, 2003
man man.. look at the time. I really need to get to bed, I think I'll go ahead and explain what I did today though. First off school was cancelled on a count of snow so I was able to sleep in until 10:00 today and that sure was nice. After waking up I decided to do some reading that would be due on monday then I did some school related work on the computer. Then once 11:00 came around I dropped off Jill and Mindy's computers that I had worked on last night. I ended up having to work on mindy's a little more at her room though because there was a problem with the way her cable is hooked up at her room. Once I finished up with them I decided I would go to lunch, then right after lunch I headed off to work. WE were a little on the slow side today, but not too bad. We didn't really have much to do though because we were all caught up. So instead we played some games and watched an episode of Smallville. Then we had a snowball fight for awhile outside (while we still watched for customers and phones ringing). Once 6:00 rolled around I headed back to campus and ate dinner at the Marriot. Then right afterwards I had to make another Wal-mart run. I needed some ribbon for decorating my door - but while I was there they had 450 Christmas lights for six dollars so I couldn't pass up that offer, I picked those up as well as ornaments for our tree as well. Then I came back and dropped the good off at my dorm and then Headed out to John's house for awhile because he needed me to fix some of his computers. So I was over there until about 11:00 trying to do that. I was able to get one fixed.. another he needs a part and another we needed a CD. But we shoudl be able to get those working once he gets those. Anyway after I left his house I came back to my room and put up those decorations I bought at wal-mart. I still have 150 lights left and I need to find a place for those.. not sure what I'll do yet. But anyway decorating sure took a long time but now I think I"m off to bed. I still have work tomorrow. I hope I'm not tired, it sure is late (4:00am). Ok well anyway! night....
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Friday, December 05, 2003
Fell asleep in my first class again today, but then we had our final exam in my evangelism class right after that, which I think I did pretty good on. I got done really early I had had like an hour and a half before I had my next class, so I made a quick Wal-Mart run. I got some more decorations for our room and some wrapping paper and stuff. I got this really cool fiber optic christmas tree. you can probably see it on the webcam. But anyway after that it was about time for me to go to my next class so I came back and dropped everythign off at my dorm and headed off to class. After class I hurried over to the take out line and grabbed lunch to go today because I had some more things I had to do before work. I had to ship a package back home and then go talk to somebody at my bank and get some fees removed that shouldn't have been there. That all worked out well and they took them off for me. By this time it was starting to snow pretty good here in lynchburg. But I was close to work and I ended up just going right there. By the time 6:00 came around there was about 1 1/2 inches on the ground. It wasn't just snow though it was ice all along the roads too. On the drive home (which took 30 minutes) I saw 4 cars off in the ditch and they couldn't get out as well as 2 accidents. It was pretty crazy. I made it back without any problems though. After getting back I grabbed dinner from take out again so I could get ready to go fix a computer in one of the girls dorms. That went pretty well and I was able to get it working great for her. She was on the 6th floor of Dorm 33 - they have a great view from there. But anyway once I finished up with her comptuer I stopped by our sister dorm and picked up two of the girls laptops from there and brought them back to my room to get them all working well for them. I was able to do that fairly quickly and I do have them done now. I'll see if I can return them tomorrow. But anyway that was the majority of the interesting parts of my day... but for now I'm off to bed (its 3:30am now) But thats also ok because there isn't any school tomorrow Yea!! Ok Night!
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Thursday, December 04, 2003
Today was another night even rougher then yesterday I think. The day started out with a quiz in my first class then a long lecture in my speech class that I kept dozing in and out of. After that we had Convo with was pretty straight forward not much to report on there. But after that I rushed over to my marketing class so I could setup and prepare for the speech on my article. I got a 95 on it too so I would say that is pretty good. Then the rest of that class we just reviewed for our exam on Friday. After that class I had to go to a Prayer Leader meeting. I had to skip lunch in order to go to it too.. it even went 15 minutes past 1:00 so I didn't get to work until 1:30 when I'm normally supposed to be thier by 1:00. But they canceled the 9:00 meeting that I normally go to so that meeting was my only other option today. So once that meeting was over I practically ran to my car and headed off to work. Then I was at work right up till church so I went right from work to church. So I had to skip dinner too. My only meal today was at 10:30 at night. But anyway church went well today and it was a fun small group session. After it was over I hung around for awhile and played with the children, Or rather they beat up on me... but anyway once everyone started to straggle out I soon followed and came back to campus and tried to find a parking space. There weren't any on my side of campus tonight thoguh so I had to park all the way in the pit tonight. But the dinning hall was on the way back to my dorm so I stopped and at my only meal of the day. I didn't really have time to eat then either but I knew I probably better so I kind of just scarfed it all. And hurried back to my room because I had huge amounts of homework again tonight. (As you can see I was up till 2:30 working on it. So today was just another routine full bore day in the life of Jeremy. I hope christmas gets here quick! (2 weeks) lol. Anyway.. I'm off to bed. NIght!
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Wednesday, December 03, 2003
Well, I can defenatly tell the break is over.. I'm up late again working on projects. I'll have to make my blog quick tonight. Class today was was pretty normal, so I won't go into that. But today at lunch I sat with Jessica and she gave me a really early christmas present. It was some cologne (smelled pretty good too). She just had a bunch of them and didn't want to keep it in her room for 3 weeks, (I don't blame her) So she let me open it early. But anyway after lunch I went to work, I stayed late tonight until around 9:00 though and then I had to rush back for a group project meeting. The group project meeting went till around 10:15 (at least thats when I left) I had my prayerleader meeting at 9:50 - so I had to ditch out early on them.. I think we were all pretty much settled anyway, they were just going to do some discussion and things. But anyway I walked into my prayer leader meeting a little late, but didn't miss too much. That meeting went until about 11:30. After that I had to rush up to the sister dorm and wish one of the girls a happy birthday. It was a pretty quick thing though, I didn't really stay and chat too long. But she was glad I went and said hey to her at least. After that I had to come back to the room and get some major work done. I have a Quiz tomorrow in my first class, and then I have my presentation in my Marketing class tomorrow on my article. I also have to work on my part for the group project in that class as well. But anyway.. thats a rough description of my day today shoudln't really say much more though, I really need to get to bed now. So I'll just leave it at that!
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Tuesday, December 02, 2003
Well, classes continued today as if we had never taken a break. They all just started where they left off. So nothing really new and exciting in those. Convo was just like usual as well. Work was a little different but that was to be expected since I was gone for a week I would need to catch up on some things. But we were pretty slow today so I was able to get it all taken care of today so tomorrow that will be back to normal too. After work I came back to my room and I got three phone calls for me to go and fix people's computers. I went and took care of one of them tonight in Dorm 21. While I was up there another girl asked me for help with her computer too. So I got both of those fixed pretty quickly. After I finished up there, I stopped by latenight on the way back to my room since it was on the way. I ended up sitting with some friends and I stayed there for about 45 minutes, it was pretty fun. Then the rest of the evening I just worked on my computer and chatted on IM for a bit. I also decorated my window for christmas with lights and stuff. If you watch my webcam you would notice those. But anyway thats about it for the day today.. I think I"m off to the blankets. Night!
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Monday, December 01, 2003
I had to wake up early today... its all begining again. But thats ok, They needed me at church early today expecially. I was the only "Tech" guy there today. Almost 70 percent of our church was gone this week. There was only about 25 people in the service today. They had all the songs on a handout today though so I at least didn't need to run that for powerpoint so I could keep watch over the sound board and the lighting as needed during the songs. They did have a presentation during the offering and during the bible reading. But I had those setup to advance automatically so I just had to hit go and they were off. There wasn't really a sermon today, We had a potluck style brunch and just songs and that bible reading and that was pretty much all. But it was still a great service. I was running around a lot filling in for a lot of the people who weren't there. But anyway, around 11:30 the service ended and I helped clean up some and then just headed back to campus. I finished my homework that I needed to have done for my presentation this week and then did some work on the internet. Then my roomate called me from the airport and asked If I could go pick him up. He was at the Lynchburg Airport so I hopped in my car and did that and was there and back in less then 20 minutes. Once I got back I just talked to my roomate for a bit and then I decided I was going to take a nap. I ended up sleeping for like four hours though. My cousin from atlanta (Jacob) called me and he talked to me for a bit, then once he was done my grandma wanted to talk to me too. So I chatted with them on the phone for a bit while I was still laying down from my nap. I slept a little longer after that but decided to wake up around 8:00. I watched a little Television (my roomate left it on) and just kind of "dinked" around for awhile (I thought I would use "dinked" thats a good word). But now its just passed midnight and I think I'll turn in early tonight. Get one more good nights sleep to hold me over for the next two weeks. So I'll say night for now!
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