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Monday, June 28, 2004
I didn't have to stay in the tent tonight. Chuck told me that he would do it tonight and they made me come home. So.. I'm home tonight. I guess it will be nice to be able to sleep in some tomorrow morning. I was on the phone last night until just after 2am with a phone call that lasted about three hours. I ended up not going to sleep until around 3am because I had so much on my mind after that. Then I had to wake up by 6:30am to prepare the tent and trade shifts with Chuck as he got there at 7:00 so I could shower ang get ready for worship team practice. I was pretty tired this morning. We had a prospective Pastor speak this morning for the service and I thought he was a wonderful speaker. He has a great family and I enjoyed the fellowship with him that we had after the service in good ol' church potluck style. That afternoon I had to be in charge of the tent while Chuck and Jo were out to lunch. We weren't that busy during the time though. Once they got back I just hung around. I eventually fell asleep sitting in a chair while I was there though.. Jo just told me to take a break and go home. While I was at home though I couldn't fall asleep I just had too much on my mind and I did some reading and prayer. Before I knew it 3 1/2 hours had gone by. I decided I better head back to the tent to help close off the day. We were a little buiser this evening when I got there again. Our sales weren't quite what we had hoped for today though. Anyway.. after helping them close down, since Chuck took over for me tonight, I was able to return back home. I still have lots of things on my mind though, and I'm too tired to say much else. I'm going to have to go to just go to sleep now.
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Saturday, June 26, 2004
Hey people! I can't say much.. I just stopped in at home for a quick moment to grab a few things. But the last few nights I've been staying in the tent all by myself being security guard. I've only been home maybe 45 minutes total in the last few days. I always just shower in the morning over at the church office and then head to work.. then back to the tent again after that. So far it hasn't been to bad though. Its been fun just hanging with Chuck and Jo and other people that stop by to say hi. I'm anxious for Allie to get back so she can hang out in the tent with us too. But anyway.. thats it for me.. I might be able to get a chance to write more later. Pray for safety as I hold up the fort in the tent along side of one of the buisiest roads in Lynchburg every night. Ok bye for now!
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Thursday, June 24, 2004
Not much exciting happend today.. I slept in for awhile and then headed to work until 6. After work I went to church, I got there early and Angela and Han and Shannon were there.. so we all just hopped in Angela's car and drove around for awhile until it got closer to the time when the service started. The service tonight was mostly just a bible study of the book of Ephesians. We covered the first chapter tonight. I can't say I got much out of it tonight though. Anyway, after church I ended up sticking around until around 10:20 for worship team practice. After that I ended up being the last one to leave so I had to lock up and then give Han a ride back to his place. After getting back home I decided to E-mail Allie. It has been almost a week now since I"ve talked to her. She will be out of town on vacation with her Dad until Monday or so... I'm starting to miss her. But anyway, after reading and responding to a few other e-mails I had to do a little bit of cleaning and work on some stuff. This will most likely be my last night here for a few days as I'll be staying at the Fireworks tent for the next couple weeks. I don't even know if I"ll have a chance to blog much.. if you don't hear from me.. that is why though. Anyway... I need to get to bed.. I have to wake up at about 6:30 tomorrow for some fireworks prep and then to be at work by 9:30. So anyway.. G'nite!
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Wednesday, June 23, 2004
Today I was able to start out fairly slow... I was able to sleep in until around 9:00ish after getting up and showering, I was just sitting eating breakfast and Jo called. They were planning on going to the fireworks tent this morning to setup some things over there, and she was wondering if I could meet them around noon. At the time I hadn't been called by work or anything to come in early so I said I could. Then about 15 minutes after she called, my work called and said they needed me to come in as soon as I could because I needed to go to a buisness and setup a printer. I just told them I had another thing I was doing but I would try and get there around 12:30. So I met Chuck and Jo at the tent around noon and helped them open everything up. After that I headed to work to get the printer equipment and was off to the service call. I ended up being there from about 1:00 to 4:00. It turns out they had other things they needed looked at besides the printer. So today I was really only at the shop about an hour and a half. After work I stopped by the tent again and I helped do some more stuff there. Then Chuck and I went shopping to try and get some wood pallets to put boxes on in the tent. We also picked up a few groceries while we were out. Afterwards I went over to thier place and did some laundry, and we had some dinner, and just kind of hung out for awhile. I ended up coming back home around 11:00 or so. But now.. it has been a fairly long day and I"m getting pretty sleepy. So I'm off to bed!
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Tuesday, June 22, 2004
oh man, another long day today. I had to be at a buisness for work this morning at 9am. The goal for today was to get a proprietary peice of software running on the new server. I ended up being there for seven hours today getting multiple things working. There were other problems invovled as well with printing and filesharing and Domain issues. I finally got them up and running how they wanted to be and could head back to the shop just after 4:00. I was working full bore the entire time I was there... I never even had a chance to stop for lunch, I never had a chance to eat breakfast either. I was pretty hungry afterwards. When I got to work, the only snack I really had there were some sunflower seeds, so I munched on some of those until it was time to close. On the way home I saw Chuck and Jo working on the fireworks tent so I decided I would post pone dinner a little longer and help them out. We had some signs to hang up and some other tent keeping things that needed to be done. That ended up taking just under two hours or so. After getting back home I was just about to get inside when one of the neighbors of mine (the kind that likes to talk but is usally about nothing) heard me going up the stairs or something and popped his head out then started talking about some things.. then he wanted to ask me some questions about his computer and he just wouldn't quit.. I ended up standing there about 20 minutes talking to him. Normally I wouldn't mind but I was seriously hungry.. I hadn't really eaten anything since lunch on sunday I was ready for some food. Once I was finally able to get home I cooked myself a 4 egg omlete with lots of bacon and cheese and some onion too. It was really good expecially since I was so hungry. So that was a good appetizer and after that I ate an entire 12oz can of fruit and then a bowl of cereal and then I had a couple cookies. That seemed to do ok.. I think I was satisfied after that. I ended up reading e-mail for awhile after that and then started reading a book called FUEL. I kind of started to doze off here and there in between doing both so I think I am just going to stop where I am and head to bed.
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Monday, June 21, 2004
I woke up really tired this morning. Even after being awake and showering I was still really tired, but It didn't matter... I had to get Han up and we had to head to church for worship team practice. On the way to church this morning I stopped by the Donneberg's house really quick and taped a Fathers Day Card to thier door for Chuck then continued on to church. The practice seemed to actually go fairly well today. In the middle of practice though I had somebody take over for me temporarily and I left to call my Dad this morning before they went to church. I was able to catch them in time luckly and It was nice to be able to talk to him for awhile. Today was our first sunday without a pastor and this week one of the ladies actually did the speaking for the service. She did pretty good too. Today after the service, Pete and Julie invited Han and I over to thier parents house for lunch today. They were having a nice family get together over their for fathers day. Lunch was really good today! They even had a swimming pool in thier back yard so Han and I went swimming for a bit after lunch. After being there for a while Han and I decided we better head out. So I dropped him off at his place and I came back here. I took a short nap after getting back. It was nice to actually be able to sleep in the middle of the day.. that is pretty rare with me (at least doing it on purpose). Anyway after my nap I just read some books for the rest of the night. I read for about 4 hours or so tonight and finished one book and started another. I think I probalby got through roughly 200 pages or so. I figure I should just go ahead and start heading to bed now though. Tomorrow morning I have to be at work early once again.. at least its not too early.. its only like 9:00 this time. But anyway.. After being used to not going in until 1:00 thats pretty early. So, yeah.. I'm going to head to bed. Good night!
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Sunday, June 20, 2004
Today was a pretty crazy day. I had to wake up at 6:00 this morning so I could get to work at a buisness I was working at by 7:30 this morning. I had to be there earlier then I thought because I needed to anylize the current configuration of the network and systems before we setup all the new stuff. Andy met me there at around 8:00 and brought along all the equipment. It ended up being a pretty big job today. We had a few glitches that we tried to work out and then some other stuff that just worked like a charm. Andy and I ended up being there the entire day though. Poor Scott back at the shop had to take on the swarming customer barrage that we have been having lately the entire day. Andy and I did get quite a bit accomplished though. We will need to make one more trip out there on Monday though I think, and that should finish the job I hope. We ended up being there until around 4:30 or so. Right after leaving for the day I headed back home to drop some stuff off while I was waiting until I could leave to go to the Eastlacks. During the half hour or so while I waited I went to my neighbors house because they were having a slight computer problem.. I figured I would try and do the best I could in a half hour. I was actually able to get it all fixed and working in about 15 minutes or so. After fixing that I decided to just go ahead and head to the Eastlacks house. They were also having some trouble with thier computer lately and they asked me if I wanted to come over for dinner and a computer fix session. It was nice to hang out at thier house this evening for awhile. I got thier computer running great too! Dinner was delicious tonight as well and we had some icecream sundays afterwards. It was all good stuff over there. They have a cool Jack Russel Terrier named Max and I had a fun time playing with him during my time there this evening as well. I ended up leaving thier house a little after 9:00 or so. On the way back home tonight I had to pick up Han from the Movie Theater because he was going to be staying at my house tonight anyway. After meeting up with him we went and visited a friend who was working over at the Sunday Grill for about a half hour or so. She was one of the girls who was in Dorm 28-1 (our sister dorm) last year at Liberty. It was nice to see her again. Anyway after getting back home tonight I needed to setup all the multimedia stuff for the Worship Service tomorrow morning. Han told me what we were doing and I got it all setup and sent to the computer at church in about an hour or so. Afterwards we attempted to watch the second movie that was made about the Left Behind Series. I say attempted because Han fell asleep after only about a half hour or so. I managed to stay up and watch the whole thing though. I was working on writing a card during it anyway. But now its rather on the late side of the night Or should I say early side of the morning... anyway.. I'm starting to get tired now so I should get to sleep. Han and I need to wake up super early again tomorrow for practice at church by 8:00. So with that said.. I'm off to beddy bye.
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Saturday, June 19, 2004
I was able to sleep in somewhat this morning... I didn't have to be at work until 1:00 again today. But just like yesterday, as soon as I got there it was work non stop until closing.. it was another one of those days where I was standing up the entire time I was there. It felt good to just sit down afterwards. After getting back home I worked on fixing someones computer for awhile and made myself some dinner. Then I read a book for pretty much the rest of the evening.. kind of a straight forward day today.. tomorrow I need to be at work by 8:00 though so that means I will need to wake up at like 6:30. I'm going to head to bed a little early tonight to make up for it hopefully. Good night!
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Friday, June 18, 2004
I wasn't able to write an entry last night. The website was down when I got home. Its probalby a good thing though. I was really tired last night and it was probably better that I went right to bed rather then write my blog. But anyway.. I'll just give a quick rundown of all that transpired yesterday. I had to wake up at about 7:30 yesterday because I had to head off to a buisness and be there around 9:00 for a work service call. I ended up being there until just after 12 that morning. After I finished up there I headed back to the shop for the rest of the day. It's starting to look like the slow season is over with. We had a huge barrage of customers coming in and out dropping off computer left and right. We went from having only like two computers to repair to having around 15 or so. I barely had a chance to sit down once I had returned to the shop. We were all glad when it was closing time so we could hurry and lock the door before anybody else came in. It felt so good to just go and sit in my car afterwards after standing all day. Kat was in town yesterday too so as soon as I got off work I gave her a call to see where she was at. At the time she was still slightly out of town visiting another friend of hers on her way to lynchburg. I had a meeting I needed to go to with the Donnebergs at around 7:00 in regards to the fireworks stand I'll be helping to run this coming week. So I just told Kat she could meet me there whenever she was done visiting her friend. The meeting was actually kind of slow and boring but it had to be done. Kat ended up showing up at thier house in the middle of the meeting. After the meeting was finally over Allie, and Kat and I decided we were going to go see a movie at the dollar theater. I decided I wanted to go see "Jersey Girl" It looked like a cool movie from seeing the previews for it and reading a summary for it. But actually it turns out it was one of the worst movies I have ever seen. The whole movie basicly revolved around sex wether it was indirectly or not. The story line as a whole might have been a decent movie if they would have taken everythign else out. But concequently it got to the point where we just got up and left the theater. So yeah.. with that said.. I would strongly urge you not to go see that movie. So anyway since the night was still young after leaving the movie early we all just headed back to the Donneberg's house. Kat said she wanted to see the Oaklahoma missions trip video so I was planning on just watching that once we got back. Kat decided she was just really tired though so we ended up not watching that and she just headed to bed (she was staying the night at thier house). So, Jo and Allie and I ended up staying up in the kitchen just chatting for awhile until a little after midnight when I headed home. After getting back, tiredness really hit me for some reason so I didn't stay up too much. I pretty much got to bed sometime around 1:00 after doing a few things. Since I couldn't blog, that enabled me to head to bed a little early too. Ok so anyway, thats it for my day yesterday.. I'll, be writting another one for today in just a couple hours. Tchau para agora
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Thursday, June 17, 2004
Its a good thing I ended up taking a shower last night.. sure enough when I woke up this morning all the water was turned off. I did have three Jugs of water set aside just incase so I was at least able to wash my face and things. Before going to work today I went over to Liberty campus and hung out with Han for a bit where he is working at the media studio. He showed me around and I got to see all the cool technological stuff. Anyway, after being there for awhile it was time to head to work so I shot over there. It was kind of a slow day again unfortunatly. It seemed like we had more people come in to shop in the scrapbook section then for computer related stuff. Oh well.. I hope it is just the time of year. After work I headed over to church. Julie was the only one there by the time I got there and we were both there for at least 20 minutes before anybody else showed up. Seemed like most everybody was slightly late tonight.. others more then slightly. Oh well we managed to get everything talked about that was on the Agenda I think. We even had a few songs in the middle. After the service I stuck around as usual until everybody left. I was one of the last ones out of the place. After leaving the building though Betty and Jo were both outside sitting in Betty's car talking. I walked by because Betty needed to talk to me and she rolled down her window so I just joined them there and we talked for another 10-15 minutes or so outside. After Betty left I ended up following Jo back to thier house and I hung out over at thier house until right before midnight. I had a pretty good conversation with Chuck while I was there talking about some issues and we also talked about some plans for running a fireworks stand the next coming week. It was nice to be able to chat with him for an hour or so about stuff. After we finished the conversation I ended up going to sit in the kitchen with Allie and we had a pretty intense conversation about some other issues. We ended up talking for about two hours or so. If it wasn't so late I probalby would have stayed longer and talked some more. But Allie needed to wake up at 6:30 for a job she is doing tomorrow and I need to wake up by 7:30 so I can take care of something in the morning at around 9:30 or so for work. So I left thier house just before midnight and came back home. I would have been in bed probably along time ago but I ended up starting to write something and it took me just a little over an hour to finish it. I was chatting with my sister and my mom in between a little bit though. But anyway.. it is now very late and I am going to be really tired tomorrow probably. So.. enough out of me I'm going to try and get to sleep. My mind is racing like crazy though so I hope I can fall right to sleep after laying down. I generally don't have a problem with that so I should be good.. so anyway! Night!

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Wednesday, June 16, 2004
Today was a pretty routine day. Got up and got ready for the day and did a couple things around the house.. then headed to work. Nothing new at work happend today so it was mostly just a stand around and find stuff to do day again. Then after work I went over to the Crookes house and setup thier computer, and I also had dinner over there. She made some great food tonight. I managed to get a massive stain on my pants from it though. I ended up hanging out over there until around 10:00 or so. Then on the drive back I called Tori and talked to her on the phone.. I actually talked to her the entire trip back. It was good to catch up with her a little. Once I got back home I read my book and worked on Allie's computer a little bit tonight. I actually am almost done with it. Anyway.. speaking of Allie, today is the first day in almost two months that I haven't talked to her. Usually every day we at least get a chance to say hi or talk on IM or call on the phone.. today it just didn't happen. I guess we broke the steak. Oh well. Anyway.. with that, I'm off to get ready for bed. I need to shower tonight because they had a notice up that they will have the water turned off tomorrow during regular buisness hours.. I'm not sure when the buisness hours will start so I didn't want to risk waking up too late. I'll just take care of that tonight and fill a couple bowls up with water just incase. Alright... night!
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Tuesday, June 15, 2004
Well, I'm pretty tired. I will just have to give a quick rundown of the day. My AC is fixed now finally though.. so that is great. I can breath in my house now. The Maitence guys came in this morning before I left for work. Things at work today were slow.. I did have to go out to a older women's house today and get a computer setup for her. Other then that, nothing new there. After work I was planning on going over to the Crookes house to drop off the computer for them. But that didn't end up working out, I'll just do that tomorrow or something. Instead I just went to spend the evening with my family and we watched Ms Congeniallity (I think I spelled it wrong). While I was there I did some work on the computer as well. After leaving thier house I returned home and worked on the computers some more even. But now I"m really tired.. so I'm off to bed. Night!
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Monday, June 14, 2004
This morning I had to wake up at 7:00 and get ready for church. Han and I both were scrambling around to get out of here in time. We made it to the church right at 8:00 this morning and started practice. The worship team was rather small today because of people out of town. It was actually kind of depressing to see so few in the congregation at well. But today was it.. it was Pastor Larry's last day at TLC for us. He gave his farwell speech to us all. Han did a great job of closing the service afterwards as well. He sang "Thank you for Giving to the Lord" It was a great song choice. Then we closed out the service with a time of people praying for Larry and his family as they go off to where God leads them. It was a sad day today. Normally right before Pastor dismisses us he says "Make it a great week" well.. this time right before dismissing us he said "Make it a great life" There was somethign about that that really hit me and made me sad. It was sort of a quiet fellowship time afterwards this morning. This afternoon I ended up going over to the Crooke's house for lunch. They needed some work done on thier computer. I was able to get a lot of it done there, but in the end I didn't have the tool I needed so I had to end up bring the whole computer back to town with me. After leaving thier house I came right back to the Donneberg's to hang out the rest of the evening. We played a game of Phase 10 and then one other card game I can't remember what its called. Then we all piled in the car and drove to a small lake here in lynchburg and fed some Ducks some bread. There were also Geese there and also a white swan as well. The Swan was huge in comparison to the rest of the birds. He was actually a little scary up close you don't want him to grab your fingers or anything. That was a lot of fun doing that. After we ran out of bread we just drove around town for a little bit finding nice little places to look at. Then upon returning back to thier house we had some dinner and then we watched "Lady and the Tramp". While the movie was playing I had Will's comptuer setup in the other room doing all kinds of things on its own so I wouldn't have to do them tonight before bed once I got back. It made it nice to save time so I could hang out with the family as well as get that accomplished at the same time. I ended up staying there until around 11:00 tonight. After getting back here I finished the work on Will's computer and now I'm really tired. It has been a long day. Han and I got to sleep pretty late last night so we only got about 5 maybe 6 hours of sleep last night. I'm pooped.. so off to bed I go!
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Sunday, June 13, 2004
Well today I woke up to a semi cool house. It was nice. Instead of like 90 degrees like it has been the last couple days it was only like 75. It was nice. Anyway, I had to be at work by 10 this morning so I couldn't lounge around too much this morning. I basicly got up and got ready and headed out. It was another fairly slow day today again but we managed to find things to do. After closing today, Scott gave Andy his 30 days notice though. She is going to try and finish graduating college and he and his wife talked it over and felt he should just do school full time. He thinks they can live for awhile off of his wife's income while he is in school. In a way I'm happy for him so he can finally get his degree. But I'm also sad to see him go. He made the workplace fun a lot of the time. Not only that, but Scott did a lot of things around the shop that I will probalby have to take over soon. He was a manager there so that most likely means I may have to step up and take the position. I will have to deal with the "problem customers" and answer all the hard questions. Plus I may have to work with the books and inventory now. I'm not sure what all will take place next month. Whatever happends though I know God has a plan for it. After work Scott did come by my place for a bit to get somethign and then we kind of talked about the situation for about half an hour or so. Anyway... after he left I got a call from Will who needed more help with his computer. I'm starting to think he shouldn't even have a computer of his own. He keeps breaking it. He called me 14 times today... One of which was at 4:10am and he woke me up to ask a question that could have waited until later that morning. I didn't talk to him all 14 times he called though.. I just choose not to answer some of them. I think I left eight of them just ring and I didn't pick up. But anyway.. I think he just needs to leave his computer alone for awhile. So anyway.. in between sparatic phone calls through the evening I was able to take care of a couple e-mails that I needed to respond to. Allie also got online for a short time and I talked to her for about 15 minutes or so. Then I decided I was going to cook myself a decent dinner tonight. I made myself a tuna/noodle dish. It was actually pretty good. I even had some leftovers for another night. After dinner I decided to sit and read the book "Jungle Pilot" (a story of Nate Saint). I've been trying to read it for awhile now but I can rarely get more then 4 or 5 pages read by the time something else comes up. Tonight was pretty good though. I got at least 40-50 pages read. At around 9:30 I decided I better head to church to get some things setup for tomorrow. Come to find out though that Luis (the old worship leader) came by the church this week and got all his personal equipment he had let the church borrow for sound and lighting and visual stuff. So I had to get together with Pete and Han and we had to reconfigure a lot of stuff to make things workable for tomorrow. We ended up being there until 12:30 tonght. We had to splice together some jurry rigged cables for a temporary solution to setup some extra aux monitors. Luis only left us with two and we used to have 5 on stage. We had some really old speakers sitting around that we had to improvise and use for the extra monitors. We were able to get 4 monitors setup tonight. The 5th isn't too important and we might be able to get by without it. We also had to re-wire the television screens so the Powerpoint will show correctly though them. It was quite a bit of work. I'm glad we found it all out tonight. Because it took us about 3 hours to get it all figured out. We never would have been able to do that tomorrow morning before church. Anyway.. Han and I got back to my place around 12:45 and we are going to be getting ready for bed shortly. I'm only a little bit tired though, But I'm sure after laying in bed for like 2 minutes I'll be out cold.. I never have trouble sleeping. So anyways.. I'm done for the night! Pray all goes well for us tomorrow with the jurry rigged equipment at church. Night!
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Saturday, June 12, 2004
Hello my fellow sapians. Today was a rather typical day.. but there were a few things worth highlighting. Right after waking up I found out that my neck was really botthering me again. I thought it was starting to get better but today it was to the point where I could barely turn my head. So I made plans to stop my the chiropractor before going to work today. I left a little early just incase it would take awhile. The chiropractor did a little better job this time it seemed.. he seemed to crack like 4 millions bones or somethign like that. It still didn't quite fix the problem though. But anyway he was done pretty quickly and there was not waiting line so I still had about 30 minutes before I actually had to go to work. SO I just pulled into the parking lot at work and sat in the car and read a book while I waited. Then once it got time for me to go I set the book down and got out of the car after locking the door. Then I realized I never took the keys out of the ignition. So I had just locked my keys in my car. It was annoying.. I had never done that before. So I ended up finding a coat hanger and breaking into my own car. Its kind of scary to know how easy it is to break into my van. Oh well.. I'm not going to worry about that though. Anyway after recovering my keys, I just chilled at work doing the pretty standard things. Once 6:00 rolled aroudn I headed out over to the Donneberg's again for the evening. We were planning on all going to a baseball game but it was raining pretty bad just before I got there so they kind of made the concensus that we were just gong to do something else. So we all just had dinner as a family and then we went to barnes and nobel for the evening. While were were there I read a book about astronomy and then once I was done with that book I shared a book with Allie and we both read the comic book of "zits". There were a couple good ones in there. We barely even got through a 1/4 of it by the time we had to head out though. B&N closes at 10:00. After leaving the store there we swung by the baseball game were were planning on going to and sitting outside of the staidium for awhile. After the game they showed a huge barage of fireworks. Since it was an open air stadium we were able to see them all from outside across the street. They were really good tonight the grand fanalie was really cool. Anyway those fireworks lasted roughtly 20 minutes or so. After the display we headed back home. It was only like 10:40 by the time we got back so I just hung out for a little while longer since they didn't kick me out. Allie and I went through one of her photo albums of her brazil trip we talked about it some. They also had some Jello made so we snacked on that. They made it with carbonated water and it was actaully a really weird texture because of it.. but it was kind of cool. Anyway once we finished our jello and the photo album we went downstairs and watched an episode of CSI with Jo. I never really watched them before but tonights was a pretty good episode. Once it was over I needed to leave though. I have to be at work tomorrow at 10 as opposed to the 1:00 time it has been lately. So I'll have to wake up a little earlier. Allie also had somethign to do in the morning and she had to wake up fairly early too, so I needed to leave so we could both get some sleep. Speaking of sleep.. thats exactly what I'm going to do now. night!
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Friday, June 11, 2004
So far my AC is still broken, the room temp is approaching 90degrees again. I crawled out of bed today and was kind of light headed and dizy from sleeping in covers in a 90 degree house. I took a cold shower this morning and then made myself a little breakfast.. but I didn't want to stay in the house too long this morning because I wasn't feeling too good from the heat. It was weird.. normally I'm not affected by heat. I think it was just mostly caused by sleeping in the heat. Anyway.. I just left for work a little early today and decided I was going to stop by the Donneberg's and drop off the heating pad they let me borrow for my neck since it was bothering me. Once I got there Jo and Chuck were up on the roof doing some cleaning up there. Blowing leaves off and washing the sky lights ect. Once they finished up we just kind of sat up on the roof for awhile and enjoyed the view and the nice day. The time drew near quickly for when I had to go to work though. I had to hurry off to work shortly after getting all comfy on the roof. Things at work today were really really slow. I ended up having to stand around most of the time. The only source of entertainment was that there was a lightning storm outside. Then once the rain kicked in we had to grab some things that were outside and carry them in. But when we were outside doing that a lightning bolt came down and struck the road about 100 feet in front of us. The thunder was exactly at the same moment too. It wasn't just a boom either.. it was also a crack sound. It was actually kind of amazing. There was a little girl in the store at the time of the strike too and she started crying and saying she was scared and everything. IT was actually kind of scary as well. But I'll tell you one thing.. it sure makes you feel the power of God. Other then that the day at work was very uneventful. After work I ran home for a bit to do a couple things and then I was invited over to the Donneberg's for dinner. They wanted me to come over somewhere between 6:45 and 7:00.. so I showed up at 6:45 of course =). Once I got there they ended up still being gone. They were still at the grocery store. They said they were still about a half hour before they could get back... so I just sat in the drivway and read a book I brought along until they got back. AFter they arrived I helped them unload some grocerys and then I went and talked/watched tv with chuck downstairs while dinner was being prepared. Dinner was great (as usual) then afterwards I kind of re-wired the sound system of thier tv so it would be surround sound. After I accomplished that we ended up watching "Patch Adams" for the rest of the night. Jo hadn't seen it yet and I've only seen it once. So it was nice to watch it again. I really like that movie it is kind of sad in places though. It ended up going until shortly after 12:00. After returning back home Andy from work IMed me and he needed some help with some work. So I took about 15 minutes or so to help him out. Then had a few e-mails to read and other miscelanious things to take care of. But now I need to get to bed I think.. I hope I don't get all dizy tomorrow from heat though.. Its just as hot tonight as last night again. Anyway.. thats it for me.. I'm outie!
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Thursday, June 10, 2004
Today was nice.. I was able to sleep in for a decent amount of time this morning. I ended up crawling out of bed around 9:30ish or so. I then had my morning devotions and worked on some stuff for church. Then I wrote Brittany a letter and made her a copy of the TLC missions trip video on DVD. I left a little early to work today so I could get that sent out. Things at work today were fairly routine. I did spend a couple hours trying to figure out how to do something for a job we need to do on Saturday. I think I may have figured out what I need to do but I have a little more research to do. After work I headed over to church. We were normally going to have small groups tonight but if we would have split up it would have been really really small groups. So we just combined the groups tonight and had one medium group. We just had a lets talk about the church situation night tonight. I'm not sure how God will work through all this.. but I know he has his plan and I have a feeling that whatever it is.. its going to be good! Anyway after the service I went and played with the kids for a bit and then Will, Allie and I cleaned up some trash that was dumped along the front of the church property along the street. Then after everybody left I headed over to the Donneberg's house for the evening and hung out there. We looked at the new Pictures I put online. Then Allie and I watched a WWII movie called (actually I forget what it's called..) Allie you should put a comment in and say what it is called for me. But anyway.. it was a sad movie but semi-realistic as to how the WWII things took place. I ended up being there until shortly after midnight. I just came right back here pretty much and did something for Brian from the Oakridge camp that he needed me to do for him. After that I read a few e-mails and now.. I think I'm off to bed. I'm a little on the tired side. Night!
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Wednesday, June 09, 2004
Today was a little different.. it wasn't so routine. While I was taking a shower this morning the water shut off on me. Luckily I was almost finished when it happend and I was able to just wipe off the rest of the soap with a towel. But that was still an interesting experience. The water is back up and running now but The whole time before I went to work it was off. Anyway.. Allie got online for a short while before I had to go to work so I chatted with her for a bit and then I was off to work shortly after that. I was only at work for about an hour total today. I was there for about a half hour and they gave me two service calls I had to go do. So I grabed the tool box and headed out. One of the service calls was at Aqua Pro's Pool and spas.. All I really had to do there was setup a network printer. Just as I was finishing up there Andy called and told me that while I was out he had another service call for me to do as well. So now I had a total of three I needed to do. The next one was over at the Alzheimers Assosiation and they were just having problems with thier network. I also found viruses on thier computer but was unable to completely clean it without the right tools. That building was in downtown lynchurg and I was driving around trying to find it for awhile. I found out how truly crazy the lynchburg streets are.. The person had to be drunk when they designed them. Anyway.. after I finished up there I headed over to the American Red Cross where they needed help with thier internet connection because it had gone down. They had a wierd kind of router I had never used before so I had to kind of teach myself how to use it.. and I was able to get it working. By the time I actually got back to the shop it was 5:30 so I only had to be there another half hour before leaving. While I was out working at all these buisnesses. Han had called me and told me that he and a friend were going to go see Hildago tonight at the Dollar Theater and he asked if Allie and I wanted to go. So I called Allie to find out. After a few planning phone calls between Han and Allie and I we had it all setup. So I ran home and grabbed a quick bite to eat and read a few e-mails and then I headed to the movie theater where I was going to meet Han and his friend and Allie. Allie was there first so I was waiting there with her and Jo while we waited for Han. He was pretty late though so we didn't get into the movie until it was just starting.. We dind't miss anything though so that was good. I thought the movie was excellent. I would recommend seeing that one if you haven't yet. Anyway after the movie Han and his friend had to leave almost right away so I just waited with Allie until her mom came by to pick her up. They ended up going to the drowsy poet I think after that and I just headed back home. Once I got back I wanted to try the water to see if it had gotten fixed through the day. It turns out that it was but when I turned on the water it was all brown and cloudy.. it was really nasty. After running the water for about a minute or so though it cleared up. I had to do that on all the sinks because all of them had the brown build up. I think its all good now though. I'm going to be a little hesetant to drink from the faucet for awhile though I think. After checking the water I ended up working on the pictures some more and I was able to get them up online tonight.. you can see them all at www.jerdill.com. I have pictures of Oaklahoma and the camping trip up now.. I also added a few extra pictures to the friends section. I hope you enjoy them! Anyway.. its kind of late so I think I'm going to head to bed. Night!
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Tuesday, June 08, 2004
This morning I woke up a little after 8:00. I had to be awake between 8 and 12 because sometime during then the cable guy was going to come out and check the connections. I could have slept in other wise.. it kind of stunk.. he came at around 11. Oh well.. I hope that this time he was able to fix the problem. It sure was getting annoying with the internet cutting out on me at random intervals. Its been workign all day so far though.. so thats good. After he left I just had some breakfast and then pretty much got ready to go to work. Things at work today were pretty normal again. Nothing exciting to report on there. We are moving things around to make room for Jens scapbooking store but other then that.. its just the same routine. After work today I was going to go to my pastors house and work on his computer and hang out for a bit tonight. He ended up calling me around 2:00 and telling me it wasn't going to work out to do it today and he would have to let me know another day that would be good. I was looking forward to that too because I had no other plans for tonight.. but almost 30 minutes after he had called Allie ended up calling and suggesting that we go see a movie tonight or something with Han. So I did some calling around before I finally was able to get ahold of him. But I found out that he worked until 9:00 tonight. That was a little disappointing too because I wanted to go see that movie tonight. I was thinking that Allie and I could just go rent a movie or something and watch it at her house.. but then she remembered that her parents have a church board meeting tonight and they were going to be gone until around 9:00 too. So that pretty much condemned me to a night all by myself. It wasn't too bad though. I managed to stay busy all night. I cooked myself dinner and worked on some reading. I even finished writing the last blog from the Oaklahoma trip so you can read that if you haven't yet. Then I just now finished working on pictures for my website. I haven't put them up yet because I wasn't quite done.. I still need to make captions for them all. But I'm done for the night. So anyway.. thats it for today.. G'night!
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Monday, June 07, 2004
Oaklahoma Trip Blog Continued
Days 7,8 & 9 From the Oaklahoma trip - I've finally finished the video for the oaklahoma trip so now I have lots more time around the house. I was able to finally finish the last couple days of the oaklahmoa trip for you. Plus I had to make an amendment to one of the days from my last post.. I forgot some information. Anyway the last thing I have left to do is post my pictures on the website from the trip. That will come very soon. But anyway as I said the video is now done so if you would like a copy you can e-mail me and I might be able to send you one. If you have high speed internet you could even download it in mpeg format if you would like. Just e-mail me and I'll give you the address to download from. Anyway.. enjoy the last couple days of the trip

Wednesday May 12th (Amended from last entry)

One thing I forgot to mention about wednesday from my last entry was that during the day we all took a break and went go-carting. The camp has 5 different carts available to the campers. While the army group and us were there Brian took out two of them and we got a chance to drive them. It was a lot of fun. At first I shared a cart (these were seat carts) with Tori. She drove the first two laps. I think my "eyes flashed before my life" multiple times while she was going around that track. I'd hate to be next to her on the highway in a car... that girl is crazy!! I ended up driving the next two laps after that. They were a lot of fun. I would say they go about 20-25mph or so. I think they could have stood a little more power though.. a person has to floor it most of the time around the track. After we went Brittany and Allie ended up going. Brittany just drove the whole time though. Allie didn't want to drive (I think she was scared.. but don't tell her I said that). After waiting for awhile we got to go again. This time I paired up with Allie and Brittany Paired up with Tori. Brittany pointed out that this was the first time I got to drive in a "car"-t alone with Allie. That was cool. She didn't want to drive again though so I took her around four laps. So anyway, I just wanted to make sure I put that in my blog I can't beleve I forgot about it.

Friday May 14th

Friday was going to be our "play" day. We were planning on going out to the lake that day to hang out. Unfortunatly it was a little cold and rainy on Friday so that didn't end up working out. I'm not sure if it would have worked out anyway considering how busy Brian was that morning. Mike had decided he was going to be staying all summer there at the camp so He and Brian had to drive out to the big city and get Mike a Train ticket. They ended up being gone for about two to two and a half hours. During that time there was still a lot of work to be done around the camp. So we all continued working through our play day. I didn't really mind though. I think it was better to get work done then just play anyway. Allie and Brittany worked on washing windows in the gift shop and doing a little more organizing there, while Tori and I went and tried to clean out the chapel. The chapel was a covered roof but open air facility so there was all kinds of dust and leaves and stuff like that all over the place. It ended up being a pretty big job. We were only able to finish the seating area. We never even got around to the stage by the time we had to finish for the day. After Brian got back he wanted us all to be the guinea pigs for the confidence course that they have there at the camp. Before going there though he ended up blind folding all of us and we had to interlock hands and he led us as a group completely blind to the course. That was kind of interesting. Once we got there, there were obstacles such as getting your whole team over a 2x4 nailed between two trees about 8 feet up without touching the 2x4 or the trees around it. Then to make it more difficult he gave a couple of us handicaps. Brittany was a mute and unable to talk. Then one of the other boys there at the camp was lame and couldn't use his legs... then of all people he choose me and I was to be blind and they blind folded me for the course. Some of the other obstacles we had to do was get at least 6 people to successfully make it across this obsticle course thing that was all balence beam kind of stuff. Then we had to do one where there was two cables coming out in a V from one tree and going to two trees. Then two people had to stand on them and balence on each other as they walked further away from each other while following thier rope. It was pretty difficult. Of course doing it blind folded is a lot more difficult. There was also a huge rope swing thing that we all had to swing across and then my favorite obsticle was a giant 14 foot wall we all had to find a way up. We tried sending Allie up first but that ended up not working and unfortunatly we left here there too long trying to get her over that she ended up hurting her arms and stomach from hanging too long =(. She did a good job of sucking it up though and continuing. They ended up sending me up first and I was able to pull myself up and onto the ledge once I grabbed a hold of the top. Once I was up they then sent Allie up and I was able to pull her up the rest of the way from the top. Next was Brittany and we didn't have too much trouble getting her up either. After her we tried and tried to get mike up.. he was the only one we weren't able to make over the wall. Unfortunatly I think it was just because he had been digging and working all week using his arms and he had hardly any upper body strenghth left to help himself over the wall. I think if it would have been any other time we could have had him. We managed to get everybody else over though. At the end since we couldn't get mike over we thought he would at least be able to help the last person over. But once we got to the last person Brian informed us that Mike wasn't allowed to help. He wanted to see how the wall would work with the Last person.. Because normally there would end up being a last person. Unfortunatly our last person was one of the shorter boys and there was no way we could get him up by just reaching our arms over. The final solution was to have somebody dangle over the wall by thier legs and have him just and grab the person's arms. We tried to have Allie do it first, she was really reluctant to try it because it was a scary thing to do. She had to have complete faith in the people holding on to her legs to let them dangle her over the edge. She finally built up the courage to let us do it. I was proud of her. Unfortunatly she was a little too short and all the boy could reach was her fingertips. Then she didn't have enough strenght to pull him up with her fingers. We had to pull Allie back up after a few attempts because her legs were starting to hurt from the weight on them. So our next attempt was to have everybody hold on to my legs and dangle me over and he would jump and grab on to my arms and then I would pull him up from there. It ended up working like a charm. It was a little rough on my legs but we succeded. I was a little longer and he was able to grab up farther on my arms.. plus I had the strenght to pull him up from there. It was fun how it all worked out. That night we all started to get things cleaned up and last minute things done around the camp because we were going to be heading out the next morning. I think we ended up staying up until around 1:00 again that night though down in the office just hanging out. It was a pretty productive "fun day" though and we ended up still getting quite a bit done. It was pretty cool. I was really tired by the time we all went to sleep.

Saturday May 15th

Saturday morning the gang had to drive Mike down to the city to catch his train so he could run home for his brothers graduation before catching a train back to the camp the following week. I stayed back though because some of my reletives were planning on stopping by the camp that morning to meet me. They ended up showing up just as the rest of the group was leaving with mike. I had a good time getting to talk to them all. There were three aunts and two of my uncles that came down. We just sat in one of the lounge rooms at the camp and had coffee and we just talked for a little over an hour or so. By the time they left the rest of the group wasn't back yet so I decided to help around the camp some more. I ended up needing to take care of a couple computer problems over at the school house and then one back over at Dale's house. I also had to replace a CD-rom on one of the other computers as well. It was good that I was still there when it went bad. Anyway the rest of the crew came back minus mike and we packed up the van and got ready to head out. We had lunch with the staff one last time and then we headed out. Brittany also stayed behind and so it was really sad to have to leave her. Chuck ended up giving her a little stuffed animal to remember us by. As we left we looped around the camp three times and passing by britt each time. So we kept saying good bye. It was a little funny and I think it was Chucks way of making the departure a way to leave with a smile. I think it did work a little bit. But it was still hard to leave brittany behind knowing she would be there for three months. After getting on the road we headed right to Oaklahoma City. We wanted to stop by the oaklahoma city memorial on our way out of town. It was actually a nice memorial. They had a big reflection pool and two giant marble walls on two sides that displayed the time of bomb one and bomb two during that day. WE also made a stroll through the gift shop and Tori and Allie bought some postcards there. We also went to a spot where a bunch of children had colored tiles in memory of the people that died in the bombing and they had a tile wall that displayed them all. Then also outside of the memorial was a chain link fence where people could attach things in memory of the people as well. There was also right in the middle of the memorial a huge tree that was called the survior tree because it was the only thing around that survived the blast on the property. It was all done very well. Right across the street from the memorial was a church and there in front of the property was a statue of Jesus crying and on it was an inscription that said "And Jesus wept" it was a very well done sculpture. That was pretty much our last extended stop for the trip back home. Chuck ended up driving the whole way back without sleepign that night.. During the drive back we watched a couple movies, but the three of us in the back slept most of the time.

Sunday May 16th

At around 2:00 in the morning on sunday while we were still driving I remember waking up and having a conversation with Allie for awhlie. Then we both fell asleep again for a couple hours before Chuck decided it was time to make a stop for breakfast. I wasn't hungry for some reason though so I just ordered a small biscuts and gravy dish. It was good none the less. After breakfast we were on the road again for the continuation of the trip. We were expected to arrive back in lynchburg around 10:00 that night but because of Chuck and his awsome staying awake while driving ability we ended up arriving in lynchburg around 1:00 sunday afternoon. It was sure good to be back though I helped unload the van and I hung out over at the Donnebergs for awhile on that sunday. I can't really remember much of what I did there so I think I fell asleep. All I remember is it being dark again by the time I went home. It was the first night I stayed in my apartment that night. I wasn't able to go right to sleep though, since I hadn't really moved in yet I had to organize a bunch of things in order to clear out my room so I could actually have a place to sleep. I was able to finally go to sleep around 1:00 that night.

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Monday June 7th, 2004

Well, This morning was an interesting morning with the three of us guys here all waking up and trying to get out the door by 7:40. Othon (Oh-Tone) was a little slow getting things ready this morning though so Han and I had to wait for him for a little while. In the end we were able to get out the door by 7:50, so still good timing. Othon didn't come with us to church this morning for practice though. He said he wanted to go back to his place and get ready and sleep a little more, and he would probalby see us at church around 10:00.. but he ended up not showing up. But anyway practice this morning went pretty good. We had a pretty good amount of singers and band members today. When the actual service started it went just as good as practice, so we didn't really have too many problems. I also showed the first segment of the missions trip video during the service and then afterwards I was able to show the rest of it. Pastor sermon today was pretty good. (Not one of his best though but thats ok) Anyway, it was a little helterskelter in comparison to his notes that he gave me so I had to do a little bit of hopping around with the powerpoint. It went pretty smoothly considering though. Once the service was over I ended up showing the rest of the video like I said earlier. A lot of people were up and walking around and some were leaving and others just talking so there were quite a few people who didn't really even see it. But the few that did said they enjoyed it. After the movie clip I just hung around and talked to a bunch of people. Pastor and His family were planning on going to his son's soccer game this evening and the Donnebergs were also planning on going, They asked if I wanted to go too. So I decided I would if Han wanted to come along as well. It turns out Han is a huge soccer fan and he was excited to come. We weren't planning on leaving until around 3:30 though so we were all going to hang out at the Donneberg's until it was time to leave. Before going there though Han had to go over to the office to take care of some offical buisness with Betty and I also needed to talk to her about getting a key to the church so we went to the Office and spent some time over there for awhlie before we were able to go to the D-berg's. Once arriving there we just had a small lunch and chilled for a bit, then headed out. We met the pastor in Bedford and then we all just got in the church van there and went the rest of the way in the same car. It was more fun going down as a group because it was about an hour and a half drive to where they were playing. Tonight was one of the final championship games so it was a BIG game for Gavin. We got to the town a little earlier then expected though so we used the extra time to drive to Virgina Tech and see thier campus they had there in Blacksburg. It was really big and very nice looking. It was cool to see it. The game started out pretty good Gavin's Team was up two for the first good part of the game. After awhile the Ref's started showing thier Bias and making bad call after bad call. Sooner or later the opposing team was tied with them. Han was all into the game and was yelling and screaming and after awhile he got slightly out of control when the refs gave the other team a point by a bad call. Sometimes those Asian people are crazy. Han is a good example of a crazy Asian. Gavin's team ended up losing in then end by one point that was scored about 45 seconds left in the game. It was sad. It was a really super important game and they lost it. All is not lost yet though, they have one more chance I think they had said. Anyway after the game we all went out to dinner at a little sidewalk cafe place. It was a really cool environment there. The food was a little on the expensive side though but Han, Allie and I all just shared a medium pizza and that was good enough for us.. it was a lot cheaper then all getting something separate too. After our late dinner we headed back home. It was 11:30ish by the time we actually arrived. I think all of us were tired. I tried to fall asleep on the drive back but I just couldn't get there. Han was out cold though and snoring for most of the trip. It was kind of funny. Anyway, I'm finally back home and I think I"m going to head right to sleep. I'm sooo very tired. My neck is still bothering me pretty bad tonight so I'll probalby be using the heating pad that Allie let me borrow and sleep on that. I hope it helps. But anyway.. I'm off to bed. Night!

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Sunday, June 06, 2004
Today was a fairly good Saturday. I woke up and headed to work as usual for a saturday morning. Jen and Andy were getting the shop ready for the open house pretty much the whole day so more or less it was just Scott and I running the shop even though he was there. He did help a couple customers though. But anyway the day went by pretty good. I forgot this morning that I was going to have scott pick me up at Aid Tire so I could leave my van there and get an oil change. I ended up taking it over there during our lunch break. Anyway the day went by seeming fast today so that was cool. After we closed I stayed after a bit to help clear out the computer stuff and bring to the front all the Scrap Booking display cases. It turned out to be a nice little store actually. After getting things all setup I went with Scott to Aid Tire to pick up my van and then I headed back home. I worked on a couple things around here and then called Allie to see what she was up to tonight. I ended up heading over to thier house later this evening and hanging out most of the night. They had some company come over for part of the night too so we all just hung out and talked. Allie and I and two of the other kids went downstairs to watch Minority Report during the later half of the night. We never got to finish it though before everybody left. But that was ok because I didn't really want to watch that movie anyway. After the crew left we cleaned up the house some and then Allie and I went downstairs and watched Spider Man. My back has still been hurting and tonight was no exception. But While we were watching Spider Man Allie Gave me an excellent neck/shoulder massage. It helped emmensily. My neck and shoulders still kind of hurt but I would say it is about 50% better now. So THANK YOU ALLIE!! You are the awesomest! I wasn't able to stay and finish the movie though because Han was going to come over tonight and stay the night so he could just come to church with me in the morning. So after leaving Allie's House I went and picked up Han.. I hung out over at thier place for awhile, but then I ended up asking if his roomate wanted to come stay the night too. So all three of us are here at my apartment chilling this evening. Han and I needed to work on the powerpoint and multimedia stuff for the church service tomorrow so we got those all set and ready to go. Then we just kind of chilled for the evenign. But now its pretty late and we need to wake up at 6:30.. so I'm going to turn in for the night! Bye for now
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Saturday, June 05, 2004
Today was kind of nice. I was able to sleep in until around 10:00 this morning. I woke up and woke up Johnathan around then too. We both then got ready for the day. Tori and Sara ended up coming over around 11:00 and I was able to show them the Missions trip video and hang out for awhile. It was nice to have company here. I always love entertaing guests. They were only able to stay for about an hour and a half though because I needed to leave shortly after 12:30 in order to make it to work on time. Things at work today went ok but we were still pretty slow so that kind of makes the day go by slow as well. Jen was getting everything setup for her Scrapbook store grand opening tomorrow though so Andy was helping her in the back room most of the day with that. Once 6:00 rolled around I headed home for dinner and while I was here I did some reading and worked on Wills computer some more. Then at around 8:00 I left because I was just going to go hang out at "home" (Donneberg's) for the evening to watch a movie or read or do whatever. But as I was going down thier street I passed them on thier way out. I'm not sure what they were doing but I just said a quick hi and gave Allie something and then they were off to wherever they were going again. So I just turned around and came back to the apartment for the rest of the night. I pretty much just read my book all evening. I don't really have anything to work on now so its a little lonely here by myself. But I managed to keep busy reading this really cool book that Jo let me borrow called "Jungle Pilot" it is a biography of Nate Saint. So far it has been a really awsome book. Its amazing how much Nate and I have in common. I'm still in the part of the book where he is still in his young 20's. I think I"m going to stop reading for the night though and head to bed. I have to be at work at 10:00 tomorrow. I think I"m going to sleep on the floor tonight though, my back is not getting any better. I'm starting to think its getting worse. The matress I"m using here might be too soft though.. I"m going to just try the floor tonight and see if that does anything. So, anyway that pretty much covers my day today. Kind of just routine Drudgery today. It was one of those days you don't really feel like you accomplished anything.. but it is the little things in life that really honor God. Little things like living each and every day for Him no matter how routine it all seems. Things that no one sees but God sees. I realized that the Kingdom of God is being built and advanced through even the small things such as Quiet Times, acts of love, doing the "routine", etc, its those things that people don't usually notice, but that God notices. So my thought for the day.. "Don¹t waste your life on this earth just living the routine, live every day for the Lord even through the routine" =) G'night.
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Friday, June 04, 2004
Today was another pretty typical day. I woke up to a phone call from my cable company saying that they saw my internet was back up and they wanted to let me know. So I got up really quick and signed on all my computers. Then I went back to sleep again for another hour or so. Then I woke up again to the sound of Allie signing online. Last night we had got cut off in the middle of our conversation so I wanted to get up and tell her what the deal was. After doing that I sat down and had my morning devotoins. They were very good today. It was cool how the Lord worked through them this morning. It gave me goosebumps how everything fit together. Then Allie and I were talking about it and my internet cut off on me again. I tried a couple things to try and fix it but with no luck (because of stupid Adelphia Cable) I decided not to get mad this time.. I just got up and went out side and drove to the mall. Jo told me I needed to get my hair cut again because it was getting rather long so I just went to the MasterCuts place at the mall and got myself a trip. I think she cut the front just a smidge too short but it will be grown out to a good lenght in about a week or two. After getting my hair cut I decided since I was on that side of town I would stop in at Liberty and declare my major as CMIS. There was just a little bit of paper work to do and it was all set. I went in there in tenis shoes and a tee-shirt today though. I don't know if I was supposed to be in dress code or anything though.. I completly forgot and didn't think about it until I got there. But nobody said anything so I guess it was ok. On my way back out Allie called me and she had a question about her computer.. so once I got back outside I called her back and tried to help her. It was a quick question though so we didn't talk too long. After my stop at Liberty I made a trip to Wal-Mart and then headed back to my apartment to drop off my stuff. But once I got there I basically turned back around so I could head to work. On my way to work I stopped by the Donneberg's house to get somethign and say hi. I was there for about 20 minutes or so. Things at work today were slow once again so I kind of had to find things to do. I was ready to go once 6:00 rolled around. After work I came back home and found my internet was still not working.. so I decided to just cook some dinner. I made myself some bacon and scrambled eggs for dinner. After dinner I went and made some copies of the Missions Trip video to VHS. Shortly after that my internet came back up.. so I was excited and I hurried to check my e-mail and do some things like that just it case it went out again quickly.. but so far its been good.. I'ts stayed working all night since around 8:00 or so. For part of the night I worked on Will's computer getting windows 98 installed on it and trying to get it working as best it can for the age of it. I think I"m done working on that for the night though now... I"ll have to finish it later. At around 9:50 Johnathan ended up coming over to stay the night. He was in town visiting Tori so rather then head back tonight he will just leave tomorrow afternoon sometime. Its nice to have company. After getting here we talked for alittle bit but he just went in and working on one of my other computers for most of the night. While he was in doing that I just chatted with Allie for the better part of the night and worked on typing up my blog from the Oklahmoa trip for days 4,5 and 6. (I have that posted below). But it got late pretty quick again and i"m tired.. So I think John and I are going to head to bed for the night. So I'll be back...
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Oklahoma Trip Blog Continued
Days 4,5 & 6 From the Oaklahoma trip - I finally had more time to write some more for the oaklahoma trip. I've been so busy with the video I never had a chance to do it.. but now that the video is done I can work on it! =) Enjoy. I still have more to come.. One more episode

Monday May 10th

As time goes on I'm starting to forget things that happend for each day. I'm just going to try my best. On monday I ended up being the alarm clock for the girls. Since on sunday thier clock alarm didn't work I decided I would go over and wake them up in the morning. We ended up all meeting for breakfast downstairs at around 8:00. Then just before we went off to start the work for the day we met as a group and talked about our devotions that morning and kind of figured out a game plan for the day. I didn't want to be cooped up working on the computers the entire day so in the morning I started out working with the girl scraping and painting the benches up on the hill. It sure was a nice day outside to do that in too. I ended up getting a fairly good tan while I was out there. I wasn't out there the whole time though.. I probably only worked out there maybe 3-4 hours at the most. The rest of the time I was stuck inside fixing the computers in the office. They had one computer that was Running Windows XP and it was soo slow. I don't even know how they got windows XP to successfully install on that thing. I told them that if they wanted it to run well and be relaiable XP would be an unacceptable option for a computer of that age. I suggested downgrading it to windows 98. Brian gave the ok on that so I just had to wait for the user of the computer to give me a list of things to backup before I erased it all and started over. While I waited for that I was back outside painting benches. (We had about 48 or so benches total around camp to do). Once I finally got the list of things I started to work on the computer so more. It was pretty bad it gave me problem after problem. First the CD rom was bad on the comptuer so I had to end up using the CD-rom out of another comptuer temporarily to get windows installed. Then just little issues popped up all over the place. Brian had three other comptuers of the exact same type that were in the same situation as far as being very old but attempting to run windows XP. So once I finally ended up getting that one computer done. It was easier because All I had to do was make a copy of the hard drive from one computer to the others. That worked well because it took me a good 5 hours to get the first one up and running exactly how they wanted it. (mostly due to dialup internet). But once I had that up and running I was able to get each of the others up and running in less then one hour for each one. But still it made one long day of work considering the painting scraping and computer work combined. The staff there at the camp always did a great job of taking care of us though. The food they made was very very good. I don't think I've ever had camp food quite like it. we always took time during the work day to eat a good hearty lunch and then close out the work day with dinner. My computer job was never done when it got dark though, I was down in the office until around midnight on monday finalizing the computer work. I had the network to configure and all kinds of little things like that. I wish I could remember what the rest of the team was doing that evening while I was fixing the computers.. but as you probalby guessed.. I don't remember. I do remember after finishing up with the computer I went and sat in the hallway and read my book for awhile. Allie came out and joined me for a bit but she didn't stay too long. I was reading a really good book called "wild at heart" and I was determined to get it finished by the time the week was over.. so even after allie left and I was the only one out there in the hall I probalby stayed there a good hour or so after that. I didn't get to sleep until right around 1:30 that night. So anyway.. that pretty much covers it..

Tuesday May 11th

Tuesday morning I woke up early again and made sure the girls were awake, then proceded to get ready for the day. That morning we just ate a quick breakfast and pretty much started work right away. A group of soldiers that just returned from Iraq were planning on staying there at the camp for three days. They arrived there at the camp that morning. There were still quite a few benches left to go around and paint so the girls started on that. Mike returned to building his waterslide, and I returned to repairing and setting up computers. Periodically while the computers were doing thier thing I was able to get out and help the girls with some more painting. I made pretty good progress on the computers on Tuesday. I was able to get all the computers in the offices and classrooms done that day. Since all the soldiers were there at the camp they had a big lunch. It was great. Dinner was just as good. I wish I could remember more details of how the day played out.. but I have no idea where those memories went.. I think they blew off into oblivion. I do remember that evening after dinner while I was in the offices continuing the labor on the computers the rest of the group played pool the entire night. Allie and Mike ended up recording an entire game on video. I edited it to play super fast.. its kind of funny to watch. But anyway.. all of us headed to bed shortly after midnight that night.

Wednesday May 12th

On wednesday it was pretty much the same routine in the morning. I woke up the girls then headed down for quiet time and breakfast. Brian ended up bring back 4 more computers for me to work on today I was able to get all of them finished up fairly quickly though, so that made it nice. Two of them were soooo slow though so I couldn't do much for them, but I did what I could. Throughout the day while the comptuers were doing thier thing I went up and helped the girls rake. Brittany and Tori ended up both having allergies to them though because there was mold build up underneath the leaves. It was pretty bad. So Allie and I had to work on them by ourselfs. I figured out a way to make it a little easier. We had to rake them into piles and put them all into a huge white bag. So I figured out it is really easy if I stood inside of the white bag and threw them all in under my legs. It was kind of funny looking though, but it worked! Then a little later we started the process of mulching (barking) the side of the walkways. I had to keep coming and going though so I could get the computers working right. For the second half of the day after getting the computers working I then had to setup the multimedia equipment and figure out how to use it all. One of my projects was to teach Jamie how to build mulitmedia presenations and I also had to show her how to do the website and tips for using powerpoint... a bunch of stuff like that. So for the last half of the day I got everything setup and ready to go for the next day to start the training bright and early on thursday. Then I also used part of the time to type up my testamony and the way I wanted to say it because after dinner for the church service our group was going to all go up and say a short testamony. I am really bad at public speaking and I feel like I need to have what I'm going to say right in front of me. So I had my entire speech typed out and printed so I could more or less read off of it for the service. I would have liked to be able to do it without reading it but I get so nervous I would have probably just got up there with a blank stare. Either that or screwed it up completely. Its something I defentatly want to work on though. I'm not sure how I can improve but I hope I can. Anyway.. after having everything typed up we had dinner and then the service started shortly after. Brittany and Allie ended up doing the worship for that evening. I ran all the lyrics through the powerpoint too. I was really nervous before I had to go up and do my speech, but I made it through. NOt only was I nervous though.. my wisdom tooth was coming in and it was really bad. I had a massive migrane because of it.. it was so bad it made my whole head hurt and it encompased my neck and shoulders as well, as the night moved on it started to make my arms hurt too. It got so bad to the point where I decided I had to take some medicine for it. I think it did help some though. Anyway after the service I had to work on the computers and things a little more and then a bunch of us just hung out in the office and played a bible trivia game. I fell asleep though, from all my late nights I was pretty tired. We all were down there in the office until around 2:00 that night I think.

Thursday May 13th

Thursday morning after breakfast we had a short worship service where brittany and Allie played a couple songs and Brian had a couple that he did too. It was the last thing the soldiers that were there were going to do before leaving the camp later that afternoon. The service went pretty good though.. It was about a half our or so. On thursday I spent most of the day teaching Jamie how do video editing. There is a lot of stuff involved with doing good video presenations so I first had to show her how to hook everything up and then import video and then work with the programs.. all kinds of stuff. That project took most of the day. I did have some time to get up and do some other things periodically though while she experimented with the software. The next project to work on was to setup and organize the new gift shop. So I was able to head over there and do some organizing and setup to help. There were massive amounts of tee-shirts that needed to be folded and stored. Then there were some that had to be hung up as well. Then there were lots of little toys and things that had to be separated and stuff too. That was a job that took the girls through the entire day and they still weren't finished by the time it was over. Meanwhile Jamie was doing a great job learning the video editing program. I had her take a break in the middle sometime and I showed how how to work with the website some too. We kind of got a mainpage layout done with some content and showed her how to update that. Also the computers that I fixed for the classrooms there at the camp needed to have some programs re-installed since I deleted everythign and started them from scratch to make them run faster. But the person that was doing the installing in the classroom was having some trouble so I had to run over and give her a hand with that. Also another computer over at Grandmas house (Dale) was having some problems connecting to the interenet after I finished up my updates on it. It was a pretty quick fix though. But while I was there I had an encounter with her cat.. It came up and sat on my lap for about 5 minutes and when she left my shirt was covered in cat hair.. I could have almost made another shirt out of it.. it was pretty crazy.. I never could get all of it off while I was there. I had to wait unitl I got back and washed it. But anyway. Thursday was a pretty productive day for us. Unfortunatly Danny (the guys helping mike on the slide) hurt his back pretty bad on wednesday and so he had to take the day off. That meant Mike had to go find another project to work on. He ended up doing some more mulching. He really wanted to get the slide done by friday though. He hoped that they could make up for the lost time by working extra hard the next day. So anyway as it got dark we all mingled inside and hung out Tori and Britt came over to me that night while I was trying to read and decided they wanted to make like a million pony tails in my hair. They ended up using like 100 rubberbands or so to do it. I have a picture of it which I"ll put online once I get some time. The rest of the night we all hung out in the office again and I helped Jamie work with the website some more Allie and Brittany hung out with us for awhile too. I'm not sure exactly where Mike was at the time but I know he wasn't sleeping.. so I don't know what he was up to. Tori turned in early that night though so she wasn't there. We all pretty much hung out just talking and working on the website Jamie and I made pretty good progress on it. We ended up heading out around 1:00 or so.
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Today was kind of nice. I was able to sleep in until around 10:00 this morning. I woke up and woke up Johnathan around then too. We both then got ready for the day. Tori and Sara ended up coming over around 11:00 and I was able to show them the Missions trip video and hang out for awhile. It was nice to have company here. I always love entertaing guests. They were only able to stay for about an hour and a half though because I needed to leave shortly after 12:30 in order to make it to work on time. Things at work today went ok but we were still pretty slow so that kind of makes the day go by slow as well. Jen was getting everything setup for her Scrapbook store grand opening tomorrow though so Andy was helping her in the back room most of the day with that. Once 6:00 rolled around I headed home for dinner and while I was here I did some reading and worked on Wills computer some more. Then at around 8:00 I left because I was just going to go hang out at "home" (Donneberg's) for the evening to watch a movie or read or do whatever. But as I was going down thier street I passed them on thier way out. I'm not sure what they were doing but I just said a quick hi and gave Allie something and then they were off to wherever they were going again. So I just turned around and came back to the apartment for the rest of the night. I pretty much just read my book all evening. I don't really have anything to work on now so its a little lonely here by myself. But I managed to keep busy reading this really cool book that Jo let me borrow called "Jungle Pilot" it is a biography of Nate Saint. So far it has been a really awsome book. Its amazing how much Nate and I have in common. I'm still in the part of the book where he is still in his young 20's. I think I"m going to stop reading for the night though and head to bed. I have to be at work at 10:00 tomorrow. I think I"m going to sleep on the floor tonight though, my back is not getting any better. I'm starting to think its getting worse. The matress I"m using here might be too soft though.. I"m going to just try the floor tonight and see if that does anything. So, anyway that pretty much covers my day today. Kind of just routine Drudgery today. It was one of those days you don't really feel like you accomplished anything.. but it is the little things in life that really honor God. Little things like living each and every day for Him no matter how routine it all seems. Things that no one sees but God sees. I realized that the Kingdom of God is being built and advanced through even the small things such as Quiet Times, acts of love, doing the "routine", etc, its those things that people don't usually notice, but that God notices. So my thought for the day.. "Don¹t waste your life on this earth just living the routine, live every day for the Lord even through the routine" =) G'night.
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Thursday, June 03, 2004
I wasn't able to blog last night because my internet plopped out on me.. its been doing that way too often lately. So anyway.. I can just give you a quick run down of what happend. Before work I went over to the Donneberg's house and did laundry for a couple hours. I also brought the video over to thier house and they were the first people to see it all the way though. They liked it I think. After they watched the video clip Chuck and Allie had to go over to the church to do some work. So Jo and I were left at the house. I just finished up my laundry and then we had lunch. We had a pretty good converstaion during lunch too. I wish my mom and I could just sit and talk like that sometimes. I always took for granted that time. Its just not the same on the phone or on the internet. But anyway after chattin with Jo and having lunch I had to head on to work. It was a pretty average day yesterday though, can't say too much exciting happend there. After work I went to church. At church we just had a cook out and a play day. We ate lots of good food and a bunch of us played Bachi ball and others played volleyball. It was a super nice day too so some people just sat in the sun outside and talked. I had fun. Then after church I had to help Will with his new computer so I did that for a little while and then took Han home. Then the rest of the night I just worked on trying to get the DVD I made from the video to work better. It always wants to cut off the sides of the movie and when text pops up on the screen a letter is usally missing. I wasn't able to figure it out. I don't know what the deal is. Later that night I talked to Allie online for awhile. But then right in the middle of our conversation.. around midnight or so, my internet cuts off on me. That made me Mad.. I only remember being mad two other times in my life.. so thats pretty big stuff. Normally I wouldn't care but this just keep happening and they haven't fixed it yet. Then not to mention it cut off Allie and My conversation in the middle of a sentence practally. I am about to cancel the service and just go dial up or something. It happend again today right in the middle of an important converastion too (which I'll put in tonights blog).. So needless to say its becoming a huge problem. Just thinking about it is starting to make me mad again so I'm going to stop while I"m ahead. I'll write more tonight.
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Wednesday, June 02, 2004
I think my vacation time is done now for quite some time. I had to head back to work this afternoon. But first this morning at around 9:00 the cable guy came by again. My cable internet has been fluctuating in and out and I haven't had it working reliably for awhile now. He came in and did some diagnostics and things like that. He found out that the problem is down at the junction box outside. He will have to have a maitenece guy come out and take a look at it. I'm not sure how long that will take.. but until they can get that fixed my Internet will be funky. After he left I did some devotions and continued to get ready for my day. Then just before noon I headed out to run a couple errands before going to work. I stopped by the Donneberg's for a bit to drop off some stuff and say hi too. Then right before going into work I went in to see the Chiropractor once again. My back had been acting up really bad the past couple days. He didn't really seem to say what the problem was exactly but it does feel a little better now. I still hurt in some areas but I'm not sure if it is a bone thing or a muscle thing. After my visit with the Doc.. I went to work. Today we were fairly busy. I had to do two service calls today at other buisnesses and then we had customers coming and going almost all day. It was nice to not be bored there. They said it was pretty slow all weekend while I was gone. I guess its good so they didn't need me. Anyway, after closing I stayed after and hung out with the guys and did some catch up work and played around for awhile on the computers. I didn't really want to stay tonight so I would be able to get the video worked on more.. but I didn't want to disappoint them all. So I stayed anyway. I ended up having fun though so it wasn't a total bust. But to make up for it I had to stay up until now to get the video finished. I do have the editing part of it completely done now.. I just have to get the DVD segements configured to go on disk. That is going right now on my other computer but it will most likely take all night. So while that does it's thing, I'm going to head to bed. Good night everyone! Oh I forgot to mention I was able to talk to katie on the phone tonight. She was helping me pick songs and the internet went down.. so she called me. It was great to hear her voice again. But we couldn't talk long since I was pretty busy. So yeah.. now I'm really going to bed =).
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Tuesday, June 01, 2004
Friday May 28th

This weekend was a lot of fun! On Friday afternoon I headed out with Jo and Allie to Cave Mountain Lake where we and 8 other familes from our church were going to camp for the memorial day weekend. It is about an hour drive to get to the camp site from lynchburg. We got a little lost on the way there.. so it took us slightly longer. But we just missed a turn so we found that out and got right back on track. Once we got there we unpacked everything and got the site organized. Susan Hartman had arrived on Wednesday night and went around and setup everybody's tent ahead of time in order to make sure the spot was saved for everybody. This year unfortantly we were kind of spread out. There weren't too many camp sites right near each other. It could have been worse though.. we were still fairly close. Jo, Allie and I were sharing a site with Pete and Julie, but they hadn't arrived yet so Jo and Allie got to pick the side of the tent they wanted first. I was going to be sleeping in my van for the weekend so I just helped the ladies get thier stuff setup, but all I had to do was flip the seat up and my bed was practically made. Once we had our sites ready I mingled from site to site visiting other people. The Hartman's campsite and the Wood's Campsite were the main hangout places for everybody. We barely hung out at our own campsite out site during the day. The Wood's always had a fire going and some kind of food ready and available at all times. Allie, Jo and I played a game of scrabble later that evening. Once it started to get dark we decided to just go back to our site and read in the tent for awhile. We ended up staying up until right before midnight talking and reading. After that I went to my van and fell asleep almost right away.

Saturday May 29th

In the morning I woke up around 7:00 and went to take a shower. The showers are about a 5-10 minute walk away from the campsite so we had to take all our stuff with us and start the hike down. I could have driven there but Pete's car was right behind me and I wasn't able to get out. So Allie and Jo and I just made the walk. The showers were pretty bad. The water wasn't really even hot (It was better then cold though) and the showers didn't even have doors that day (They must have been broken though because they had doors on them later). So anyway.. I showered and then hung around and waited for the Ladies to finish. Once they were ready we made a quick drive into town because Jo and Allie were dying for a cup of Hot Coffee. After the short drive we then went up to the Wood's campsite for breakfast. They had cooked about 5-6 packages of bacon amongst everybody so we had a plethora of bacon to eat. It was delicious.. I love bacon. Then of course there were eggs and pancakes and the works. Through the day I was back and forth between the lake and the campsites. Allie, Jo and I went on some of the trails around the lake to see the views. We also walked around and hung out with the Hartmans for awhile while they fished and tried to catch salamaders. The lake is just a man made lake that was made by building a dam in the river and stopping up the river to make some standing water.. its a fairly small lake though. A person would problaby be able to swim accross it easily. Then at the camping side of the lake they have a fake man made beach where they trucked in some sand and made it be like a sandy beach. It was still cool.. but still.. it had synthetic written all over it. That didn't keep the fun away though. Some of the kids buried Jamie crooke in the sand and we played a bunch of games in the grass field next to the beach. A lot of the people brought thier dogs along and so I played with the dogs for awhile too. It was also a beautiful day so that made things so much more enjoyable. I think I even got sunburned a little bit. Later in the evening we all gathered back up at the Wood's/Hartmans Campsite and made smores and played games. I didn't stay long though because I had to wake up at 6:00am the following morning to make the drive back to lynchubrg so I could run the tech stuff for church (and I had to be there by 8 for practice). So I turned in early that night.

Sunday May 30th

In the morning Allie and Jo and I all headed back, but first we stopped for coffee because Jo and Allie are addicted to it. I then Dropped them off at thier house first so they could shower and stuff before church and then I headed to practice. Sunday was Han's first time as worship leader and things went very well despite that. The band was great and so was the service as a whole. Even though we lost Luis God still knew the need and filled the positions to get the Job done. It was great to see how he works. Pastor did his message with the idea of him leaving next month as the focus. But the sermon wasn't focused on him.. it was focused on him preparing us for what we have coming for the church. It can be broken down into "Don't Fret, Don't Fear, Don't Faint, Don't Forget" It was a great message. I'm sad to have to see him go, but in a way.. I'm also happy to see him be able to be free from all that took place at church, and now moving on to do what is best for his family. After the service a bunch of people were planning on going back up to the campsite for the afternoon to hang out and have some more fun. So We all headed back up again too. Han even came along with us too. Jo and Chuck came up later, so Allie and Han and I just made the trip up on our own. We stopped for lunch at Wendys on the way there. When we first arrived there was hardly anybody there yet so we decided to go down to the lake and walk a couple of the trails. After we got back from our walk more people had arrived, so we all gathered at the Wood's once again and told stories and jokes around the fire. I'm sure Han thought we were all crazy once the night was over =o). Anyway Jo, Allie and I were planning on staying one more night so Chuck ended up taking Han home and we just stayed behind. Pete and Julie decided they weren't going to be staying another night either so they headed out that evening as well. So We stayed up for a little while longer hanging with the other campers, but after awhile we decided to go back and read for awhile. Instead of reading though, we just chilled in the tent and Jo asked Allie and I thought provoking questions about stuff. It was more like a Q&A time. I had a lot of fun doing that.. it was great to hear Allies answers to some of the questions.. and also some of them I had never thought about before, so it was fun to hear my own answers I guess in a way too. We ended up doing that for almost 3 hours that night.. I didn't even leave thier tent until around 1:30ish and didn't even get to sleep until slightly after 2:00 probalby. It was defentatly worth it though. I think that was my favorite part of the trip.

Monday May 31st

We all slept in today though until around 9:30, it was sure nice to be able to do that. After waking up I hit the showers (I was able to drive down this time). Then we had breakfast over at the Carsons Campsite this time. He had bacon and Eggs again this morning... (I could have that everyday though so I didn't care). But unfortuantly my teeth were bothering me because I have a wisdom tooth coming in so I had trouble eating. Thats probably good for Ben's sake though or I would have eaten all his food =) j/k. After breakfast we pretty much had to start to pack up right away though. Just about everybody was planning on leaving just after 12. So we helped the Hartmans get thier site cleaned up a bit then we went down and got ours taken care of and then packed the van. After getting our site cleaned up Allie, Jo and I weren't quite ready to leave yet though so we decided to go back to the lake for a little while and try to catch some Salamaders so we could bring some back home with us to put in the Newt tank. We ended up catching four of them. Jo caught one and Allie was able to get three. She did a good job once she got the hang of it. She ended up accidently stepping in the lake though with her tenis shoes on while trying to catch some. I felt bad for her because she would have to hike back out with a squishyness in her shoe. It was a good thing she had a change of clothes in the Van though. On the way home we made a quick stop at Otter Creek. It was beatiful. Jo said the creek was super high and flooded this year. Allie and I went on a trail around it and in some places the water covered the trail we had to walk on. Anyway after arriving back to lynchburg I helped the Ladies unload all thier stuff from my van and then I headed home. Since getting back I pretty much worked on the video the entire time. I had quite a few phone calls I needed to make though because I had 7 voice messages from being gone all weekend. I had to help Brian from Oaklahoma with a computer problem and then I also had a chance to talk to Brittany tonight. It was sooo happy I was finally able to talk to her. I miss her... I've tried to talk to her like 5 other times since the Oklahoma trip and never was able to get ahold of her. Its about time =). So yeah.. The video is coming along great.. I may be able to have it done tomorrow (knock on wood). But for now.. I"m pretty tired. I'm going to go lay down on my squish and go to sleep. G'night!
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