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Tuesday, August 31, 2004
This is all I wrote
posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 11:25 PM 

~ Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Today was a day that shows I'm back on my schedule once again. I stayed pretty busy. I woke up as normal to prepare for my day then hurried over to Theology class. After that I had Biology followed by Convocation. Once Convo was over I had to use my short time between my next class to hunt down and find somebody and give them a book who I had sold it to. I tracked them down fairly easily and got to my next class before it started. We are short five chairs in the class though so I got there just late enough to not have a seat to sit on. I ended up having to just sit on the counter with the few others. I then rushed over to lunch once that class was over to quickly scarf down some lunch and head to work. I needed to stop by the post office on my way to work today. Then, things at work today were a little busy I ended up staying after work today until 6:45 helping some customers that got there right as we were closing. But since I was there so late.. as soon as they left and I closed up completely I had to rush back to campus so I could make it to dinner in time before they closed at 7:00. After returning to my dorm I had two people call me that needed help with thier computers. I tried to walk both of them through some stuff on the phone.. but it turns out I'm going to have to work on them myself. So I kind of setup appointments for each of them. One I was going to do tonight.. but I had a meeting at 9:00 tonight with the leadership team on the hall so He ended up stopping by once that was over. He ended up hanging out a bit to see if it would be a quick fix but he ended up having to leave it so I could run all the diagnostics that I needed to that would take about an hour. While I waited for that to do it's thing I did some reading. I really need to catch up on my books. I now have a back pile of 9 books I have to read. I think thats just over 1500 pages all together. (estimated by thickness) And thats not even including anything I have to read required by my classes. After reading a little bit tonight, I ended up getting into a conversation with both of my roomates and I didn't really get as far as I wanted to. Tonight I also went and talked to my SLD for about an hour just getting to know him better and talking about some things in our lives. So needless to say I think that book pile will grow before it shrinks. As will the "sleep needed" category. Ok well, for now I need to work on that "sleep needed" category and will have to put the book reading pile on hold. So I will write more tomorrow.

PS. I have a lot on my mind tonight, pray I can get to sleep easily.

posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 1:05 AM 

Monday, August 30, 2004
Today was a pretty event filled sunday as usuall. I ended up having to wake up Han this morning though because he slept through is alarm. He was out pretty cold this morning.. I had to knock on his door for like 10 minutes before he finally woke up and got out of bed. Then when he realized how late it was he had to rush to get ready. We were late picking up Brittany once again. We still made it to church on time though. Today with the worship team there was a major improvement from wednesday nights practice till this mornings.. they were doing quite a bit better. Somethign must have happend for the better. I thought worship went very well this morning. It was Han's last sunday as worship leader today though so that was kind of sad. The message today was on how to have an authentic Christain life. He spoke about how we can be real but still be filled with the Holy Spirit. I thought it was pretty good. After the service Britt and I took a guy name Larry that visted our church today to down town lynchburg to drop him off. He has been a guy that keeps showing up at our church looking for help. So Britt and I decided to take on the trip. By the time we got to the destination the place he was going to stay ended up falling through and he wasn't able to stay there after all. So it was more or less a wasted trip it seemed. We ended up having to take him back to just down the street from the church. I hope it wasn't completely in vein though. I hope he saw God's love in us or something that made him know we were different. I don't really know where he stands right now in the ways of God. But if we were at least an example thats good enough for me.. I hope his heart wasn't blind to all of it. Anyway, we finally got back to Britt's house right around 1:00. We both kind of ate lunch quickly because Britt had to be at work by 2:00 today. I didn't end up staying there for the afternoon like I normally would though. I ended up coming back to campus and attempting to do some homework here. I got a little bit done this afternoon, but after awhile I decided to call up the Hartman's and see what they were up to this evening. They wanted me to come over sometime and help them setup thier new comptuer. So I ended up going to thier house around 4:30. I played with the kids for a bit while I was there, but mostly I worked on thier computer for them transfering data from one to another. I got it all just about finished there tonight. It seemed to go rather smoothly. I still need to go back sometime this week and help him get some of his network wireing organized to new rooms. I hope I can find some time to help them out. They ended up feeding me a great dinner too! I had to head back around 9:30 tonight though because I still had a few things to take care of before class tommorrow. But now it is approaching 1:00 and from only getting about 4 hours of sleep last night I'm a little on the tired side. I managed to get everythign done I had to get done tonight though.. so that was sure a blessing. But anyway.. over and out.
posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 12:56 AM 

Sunday, August 29, 2004
Today I was able to sleep in for a bit. I was able to sleep in past 7:30. It was nice. I had to go to work as normal after that though. But before going to work I dropped off my van at the local mechanic. I needed to get my oil changed and also have them check out a few things. But that left me without a car to get back to the shop.. so Andy came by to pick me up. I was expecting he would have his car or his truck to get me. It turns out he came to get me on his motorcycle. It was the first time I had riden on a motorcycle besides just going around the block. He wanted to go for a little ride first before heading to work so he hopped on the freeway and opened up the throttle. I looked down and saw 135mph and I think we were still accelerating at the time. It was pretty cool. Its a little unnerving not really having much to hold on to going that fast though. But I would really like to learn how to drive one of those sometimes. I don't think I would actually make it a vehicle for myself.. but I would at least like to know how to do it. Once we got to the shop the day progressed as normal. It was fairly slow today too, but it was good because we were backed up from the week somewhat, and Derek was gone today. We ended up getting caught up pretty well. After work Andy took me back again to pick up my car and I headed in to see what the bill was. I had them also check my brakes and my air conditioner while it was in. For them to check the airconditier they had to do a little more work so that brought up the Labor a bit. They ended up finding out that there was more wrong with the system then just being low on Freeon. The plastic flap that changes chambers from hot to cold is broken and stuck on the Hot section. The only way they could really have fixed it was to take the whole dashboard apart. I decided to just leave it for now. The brakes checked out ok though and the oil got all cleaned. The bill would have normally been around $80 for everything they had done to it. (They also put in a can of Freeon before they realized that it wasn't going to work). But while I was there they ended up having a problem with thier computers so I offered to fix it for them and I ended up getting a $30 discount. So it was only about $50 by the time it was all said and done. That was sure a blessing. After I got my car back I headed back to campus to work on some homework. I got about half of it done but then I decided to take a break and go to dinner. After I got done eating Han called me and asked if I wanted to go see a movie tonight. I still had quite a bit of homework left to do though so I wasn't quite sure if I wanted to, but I decided I would anyway. We ended up picking up Brittany and Han's friend Irene (and her parents) as well to come along with us. First we got tickets to go see "around the world in 80 days" But once we got in there and found a seat Britt and I decided we didn't want to watch that movie again. We just got up and went to another one. We ended up decided to see "Irobot". I thought it was a great story, there was more swearing then I would have liked though. There were also a few scenes they could have taken out that were totally unessessary. But anyway.. once that movie was over we met up with Han again over at the Drowsy Poet. We just hung out there for a bit. We then decided we wanted to go to a play that they were having over at Liberty tonight. I again wasn't sure if I wanted to go because I had all that homework still waiting for me. I didn't really even want to go to the movie. But I figured I could just do it tomorrow afternoon or something and decided to just go ahead and go to the play. Brittany wanted to go anyway and I was her ride home so I needed to be there with her. I'm glad I went though. It was a really funny play. It was about all of shakesperes plays bundled into two hours. They turned all the tradgeties into comedys. It was rather entertaining =). Once it was over though I had to rush Brittany back home before curfew. So we left promplty as soon as they turned on the lights. I ended up making it back with time to spare though. Allie was online tonight when I got back. It was nice to be able to chat online with her for awhile tonight. It had been like six days since she's even had a chance to get online... but it had been 28 days since the last time I was able to chat with her. of course I've talked to her a lot since then in person.. but I always like chatting on the net. So anyway, that basicly covers my evening. It was actually rather busy and I didn't even get to finish my homework. Lets hope that I can get that done tomorrow. For now... I think I am being called to my pillow. Night!
posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 2:05 AM 

Saturday, August 28, 2004
Its the end of the first week of my classes. I made it through. I still have a little bit more adjusting to do though. I'm sure I'll get there next week though. I ended up dozing off in my class again today. I really am not trying to do that.. but I just all of a sudden catch myself waking up and not knowing how long I was out. Its actually kind of annoying. Other then that though my day was pretty good. I enjoyed my Biology class today too as I learned a few cool things. Over all the day was pretty normal though. Nothing new really happend at work either. After work things got a little exciting though. I was going to head over to Johnathan's house to hang out for the evening. But I wasn't going to go there until 7:00. So I just kind of stuck around at work after closing for about a half hour or so before driving over to his place. Once I got there Johnathan was actually out running some errands. So I just went in and talked with his dad some while I waited for him and his other friends to get there. Once everybody got there, it was a group of about 12 people. We sat around and talked for awhile and then watched a movie called "Hildago" Its the same movie we watched last saturday though. Its good enough to watch a few times so it wasn't a bad thing. It was new for almost everybody else and I think they all enjoyed it. Brittany was there tonight too so it was cool to have her around. Its just nice to be able to do that now that she is back from the summer camp. I just took it for granted before she left. So.. anyway we ended up being there until right around 11:00 or so. I took Brittany back home and also four of the other girls that were there tonight. Other then Britt, they all lived on campus so I just went from dorm to dorm and gave them door side service. They were all people I didn't know before so it was nice to get to know them. I'm sure I'll be seeing them around campus. After I got back to my dorm, I had a lot of things I had to get worked on. I had to work on some stuff with my bank, with homework, and work with about 14 e-mails. That was kind of time consuming unfortuantly. But now I think I got it all taken care of. I'm tired and need to get to bed. I have to be at work by 10 tomorrow. So with that.. adeus para agora
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Friday, August 27, 2004
Today was my other set of new classes. And I had my Aviation class today as well! They were all pretty good classes. I started to doze off in my Economics class though (8:00am). I am going to try really hard this semester not to fall asleep. But I don't know how well I'll be able to hold up with my current schedule as packed as it is. But anyway.. my classes Tue, Thur should be pretty good. My aviation class today which I've been looking forward too wasn't really anythign special today. He just kind of talked and intruduced himself and we introduced ourselfs and we left for the day. He did talk a little bit about what we would do in that class but not so much today. Oh well, I have all the rest of the semester to learn about it. I also ended up having time to eat lunch today at the dinning hall so that was nice. The lines weren't even that big today either so that was nice. The rest of the day was pretty standard though. After work I stopped by Kroger to pick up some food stuffs to share with my Prayergroup tonight for our first group of the semester. Then headed back to campus to work on some homework and things. I also met up with Aarron to pay for the last bit of rent I had to do for the summer. He ended up meeting me here on campus. Later we had hall meeting. Tonight it was a really long once since it was the first one of the year. They had to tell us all kinds of rules and things about Liberty. I've heard it all before but they still had to do it for the newcomers. But once it was finally over I was able to meet with my prayer group. I didn't really do an offical lesson tonight. We kind of just had a get to know each other party. I had all the stuff I bought from Kroger out and we munched on the snacks and everything. It went pretty well. I just shared with them my goals for us this semester and all that I would like us to accomplish as a group. We then just had a short time of prayer and I let them go. I think I'm getting back into the groove of things alright. We'll see how I hold up in a week from now. But anyway.. I need to get to bed I have Theology at 8:00 tomorrow morning. Good night!
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Thursday, August 26, 2004
Today was my first day of classes! They actually went very well. I kind of woke up later then I wanted to though. I had enough time to get ready for class and things but not enough time to do devotions. I ended up having to do them suratically through the day whenever I had 5-10 minutes to spare. I am using a blanket that I borrowed from Allie and it seems like ever since I've started to use that blanket I am totally obivious to the alarm clock or something. Usually I never had a problem waking up after like the 2nd-3rd time it goes off. But lately Its gone off almost 15 times before I realize it has gone off that much. I don't even realize I turn it off or something. Anyway, today wasn't just the first day of classes we also had our first convocation today as well. My classes might turn out to be alright. I had Theology, Philosophy, and Biology today. They might be a little bit of a tough class but I hope to pull through it alright. Once I got done with classes though I didn't have time to go to lunch so I ended up just sitting to have some more devotion catch up time before going to work. But Scott ended up walking by and meeting me so I ended up talking to him until I had to leave. Things at work were pretty busy today though so I didn't get much of a break there. Once we closed at work, I then had to head right over to church to get some things ready for tonight and then be there for the service. Dave Kipe spoke tonight on the book of ephesians and I think he did a pretty good job tonight. We went though Chapter 4. After the service was over I ended up sticking around to help out with the worship team to setup up powerpoint for sunday and work with the sound and things like that. But I had my part done fairly quickly so once I finished I ended up helping Allie clean the church such as vacume and empty garbages, ect. The worship team was still going with no end in sight by the time she finished cleaning. So I just went ahead and took her home really quick and went back to the church to finish up some duties and take Han and Brittany home whenever they got done. We ended up being there until around 10:30 tonight. It was pretty bad. But eventually I finally got back to my dorm and was able to start on my reading homework. I also hadn't eaten all day so I had to scrounge up some food to eat. I think I managed to have a fairly healthy meal tonight (at 11:00). So anyway.. that is a very short sum up of my day today. I cant really go into very much detail because it is really late right now. Staying out for worship team practice really cuts into the night. But its not too bad. I'm glad I can help out. I just have to get to sleep now though. I'm kind of halucinating. Night
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Wednesday, August 25, 2004
Today was kind of a lead in to classes day. I didn't actually have to go to class, but I did have like five prayer leader meetings I had to attend. In one of them we even had a test we had to take. They were at least things a little different today though so it was somewhat interesting. I ended up meeting up with Mindy who I hadn't seen all summer and I sat with her for all the meetings. After the meetings were over I headed to lunch. Jo Donneberg called me while I was at lunch and told me I had some packages waiting for me at her house. I was going to try and stop by there before going to work. But I ended up dragging behind and I didn't have enough time to stop by there first before going to work. I decided to just go there after work. WE were kind of planning on staying late after work tonight... but that ended up falling through so I didn't have to stay after all. The work day was fairly nice though with no major hitches. So anyway.. since I didn't have to stay longer after work, I just headed over to the Donneberg's house instead. They had a friend over there tonight. (Allie's old music teacher). We all had dinner together. I also opened up all my packages as well. I got one from my parents and then the rest were the books I ordered for school. Even though I knew what was in the packages its still nice to get packages. Once thier friend left and we cleaned up from dinner, Jo suggested we go hang out at Barnes and Noble for a bit and get some coffee and read for a bit. So we ended up heading out to do that. They needed to run a few errands before we got there though so I just went along with them for that. While at Barnes and Noble I found a few books I would like to get. Jo has one of them already though so she said I could just use her's. That is a lot better then having to buy one. But anyway, it was fun to just hang out with the family reading some books. As we were leaving and Allie, Britt, and Jo left the parking lot and I just stayed there for a little bit. Eventually Liberty started letting off a huge barrage of fireworks for the Block Party they were having up in the Dining hall parking lot. (They had a Tait Concert there). So I stayed and watched the whole show from my spot there. It was a pretty good show too. It lasted for about a half hour or so. Once it finally finished though, I ended up getting a call from Aaron and he was back in town. So I then headed over to his house to take care of some buisness and key trading, ect. It was good to see him again though. I couldn't stay too long though because I had to get back to campus to get some things ready for my first day of classes tomorrow. I also needed to interveiw one of the guys on my hall. So once I got back to campus first thing was finding a place to park. It all begins again though, I had to park in the Pit for the first time in four months. Let me tell you... I didn't miss it at all. but once I got back to my dorm I then went and talked to Josh (my intervew person) for roughtly 45 minutes and got all the information I think I needed from him. After I got that done I had to take care of some more house keeping items for my big day tomorrow. But I think I got it all accomplished and I'm ready to start classes! We'll see what happends. For now I need to get to bed though. Night!
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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Well, I started part time today at work. I had the morning to take care of quite a few errands I needed to do before school starts. I woke up and got ready for the day then I had my devotions and setup some stuff in my room. I then had to drive to the other side of town to drop off something from my cable internet that I deactivated in the apartment. While I was out I grabbed the last few boxes from the apartment and brought them back to my dorm. By this time it was close to lunch so I met up with my roomates and we all went to lunch together. The campus has gotten really crazy in the last few days. I think all the students that are coming for the semester are all here now the dinning hall had huge massive lines today and even around campus its hard to walk without weaving in and out of people. But anyway, once I finally got through all the lines and ate lunch I was off to work for the rest of the day. Things at work were pretty normal though. I don't really have anything specific to report on from there. After work I went back to campus and ate a quick dinner so I could get back to my dorm in time for RHLM. The meeting started at 7:00. It was just a beginner meeting where they talked about a lot of housekeeping things and how things will work this year. It wasn't too bad, it was only about an hour. Once we were free to leave from the meeting I came back to my room and added up all my recepts from the past year. I managed to get them all done tonight too. I'm going to go ahead and put down my results below:

Sophmore Year:
Sister Dorm ----------------$225.65
Brittany and Allie - ---------$326.18
Other People - --------------$259.10
Total Spent on Others - $768.93
Entertainment -------------$119.17
Me - -----------------------$278.56
Car - ---------------------- $2016.29
Sophmore Year Total - $3182.95

Summer 2004
Apartment ------------------$924.07
Car ------------------------- $221.59
Other ---------------------- $149.61
Me ------------------------- $553.99
($181 on stuff I didn't really need but bought anyway)
Summer 2004 Total -------$1849.26

Well, that pretty much covers it. Those are very rough estimates though. They only reflect the recepts I managed to keep. I'm sure there were quite a few things I did that didn't even have a recept. But anyway... thats what I have record of.

Checking E-mail and Organizing those was really all I did after the RHLM meeting. So I basicly covered everything I think. So with that... I think its time for me to head to bed. Night!

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Monday, August 23, 2004
This morning was an early morning for me. I had to wake up at about 6:00 in order to get ready for church practice and pick up Han and Brittany. It is kind of nice to be back on campus again. I only had to go down the hall to get Han. Once Han was ready to go, we swung by to pick up Brittany. Practice went fairly well today and I didn't do too bad getting the slides in order despite my crazy tiredness yesterday when I made it. Thats always a good thing. The service went just as planned too. The pastor spoke today about how to have good Godly relationships. He talked about one/two/& three dimensional relationships and what we need to do in order to reach God's standard. I thought it was pretty good. After chuch I hung around for a little while and talked with some people. Then I ended up taking Han and Allie and Brittany back home after the service. Han was going to go out with some friends of his though so I just took him to where he was going to meet them. Then I went over to the Donnebergs to do some laundry and have lunch and just hang our for the day. Its really nice to have a nice place to do laundry. Thankyou guys so much for taking care of me in that way. We had a pretty good lunch too. We had these weird white hamburger things I had never seen before. But they tasted good to me. I probably wouldn't have noticed a difference if I hadn't seen them. After lunch we went for a nice walk. I ended up taking Jake and he ran me around pretty good. I kind of got a cramp though.. it probably wasn't a good idea to run with jake and race Brittany on her bike after just eating. After our walk We went to go pick up Han from campus because he was done with his friends and wanted to hang out with us. He came back to the house and talked for a little bit but he ended up sleeping for about and hour and a half after that. Then brittany and Allie ended up going to do thier hair and change clothes and stuff and while they were doing that.. I ended up falling asleep too. It turned out to be a decent nap though. I was still very tired though (still am). After we woke up we all headed over to a concert with "The Barlow Girls". It was good we went pretty early too because if we didn't there wouldn't have been any seats left at all. They did have overflow rooms but what is the point of going to a concert if you have to sit in an overflow room. The group is usually pretty good, but tonight I didn't really enjoy them that much. The drums were way too loud tonight. If they would have been more balanced it may have been nicer.. but there was just something about them tonight that seemed to drown out everything else. To be honest I didn't really like it that much because of that. It was still nice to hang out with Britt, Allie and Han though. I also saw quite a few other people that I knew there as well. Once the concert was over we went and picked up Tori from campus so she could move some of her stuff back into her dorm that she left at the Donneberg's house. Once we all got back Allie helped her and I fill up my van with her stuff and take it back to her room. I got to go in her dorm and carry some stuff in for her too. Her dorm seemed to be pretty cool. Allie was pretty hungry after we finished up though. We both hadn't eaten since lunch. So Tori joined us and the three of us went out to Cracker Barrel for a late dinner. It was fun and relaxing... but it took kind of long. We ended up not leaving there until like 30minutes after they closed because they didn't get the food there very quickly tonight. Its all cool though. Anyway, after that I dropped Tori off at her dorm and then took Allie home and then came back to my room to settle in for the night. It felt like a pretty long day to me today, I'm ready to go to sleep. It was a fun and great day.. but just tiring. So with that.. I'm outa here! Night!
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Sunday, August 22, 2004
This morning I woke up at around 8:30 and got ready for my day, and then went on my way to work. I stopped by the Donneberg's house on the way to drop something off on the porch for Allie just incase she needed it today. Andy was gone today from the shop so Derek and I had to head up the store today. Things went pretty smoothly for us though, we didn't really have any problems. Right after work today I was planning on going to the Pound with Brittany and Allie to go see the little puppies. But after getting there it turns out the thier sister Stef was there today. I decided just to let them hang out and visit with her rather then go to the pound unless they decided to get up and want to go. I wasn't going to push it though. We ended up just hanging out there for the evening. Once Stef left... Britt and I went to go rent a movie from Hollywood Video (Hildago). Then we just went to the house and chilled out there for the rest of the night. Chuck and Jo had to go shopping this evening though it get a few things, so while they were out doing that Allie, Britt and I watched some televison downstairs. Allie and I tried to read some while we were "watching tv" too. But once mom and pop got back from the store we had some dinner and watched our movie. It ended up going till around 11ish. I left back to campus shortly after it was over though. I still had the powerpoint to make for tomorrow morning at church though. So I had to meet up with Han once I got back and get it all setup. I think I'm all ready now though, and tired too. So I better head to bed. I gotta be at church by 8:00 tomorrow and pick up Brittany on the way too. So night!
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Saturday, August 21, 2004
Well, last night was the first night staying in my dorm. I seemed to sleep really well. I think that may have been due to the fact Allie and I traded blankets though and I had a really nice soft comfy blanket to use. It was great. But anyway, I woke up sometime around 8:30 and got ready for the day. Everybody else had a convocation meeting to go to today but since I had to work I didn't have to go. I will be starting part time at work on monday though, so I'll have to go to the rest of them. But since I didn't have to go I just pepared to go to work instead. I did my devotions and then went to work. I have to re-adjust my schedule now though now that I'll be going to work from School. It takes about 8 minutes longer to get to work from here then it did my apartment. I didn't factor in that extra time this morning and ended up getting to work about a minute late. The work today was fairly good. We kept just busy enough so we didn't get bored. Its always nice when that happends. Andy ended up leaving early today though to head to the mountains to do some dirt biking this weekend. He will be gone until sunday so Derek and I get to run the shop on our own tomorrow. Once I got everything closed up at work I headed on over to the Donneberg's house. I was planning on going out to see a movie with Brittany and Vanessa tonight. Allie was originally planning on going to her dad's this weekend but that didn't end up working out. So Allie was able to join us also. I was pretty excited about that. Before heading to the theater we made a quick stop by wendy's to grab a small dinner. We all got to the theater and bought our tickets for "Around the World in 80 Days" Then we waited for Brittany's friend Johnathan to show up. I'm really glad Johnathan was able to make it, he is a pretty cool guy to hang out with. But he did show up a little late though and by the time he got there the movie was sold out. So we cashed in our 7:25 showing tickets and exchanged them for a 9:55 showing. Then while we waited for the next showing we just all hung around and chatted for a bit. The first place we went was to the Drowsy Poet and we were there for about an hour talking about all kinds of things. I also saw Rhonda there there too. After we left there we made a quick run by wal-mart. Allie had some things she needed to get. One thing she couldn't find and another she left in my car tonight. But it was a nice trip still. And it helped fill up some time while we waited for the movie to start. Then as our final stop before going to the movie we went to Taco Bell to grab another quick bite to eat, then we were off to the movie theater again. This time we all got in and found a seat without a problem. The movie was alright. I would say entertaining was a good word to use for it. It was pretty funny in some parts though. I think there could have been more to it though. Jakie Chan movies lately are usually all the same kind of thing. This one wasn't much different when it comes down to it. I still had fun hanging out with friends just relaxing. The movie ended up getting out fairly late though. Right around 12:00 actually. I was a little worried that I wouldn't be able to get Johnathan home and Britt and Allie home quick enough to make it back to campus by curfew (yes I'm back to the curfew routine again). Normally it takes at least 10 minutes to get from liberty to the Donnebergs and 10 to get back (the theater is right next to liberty). But this time I also had to go out of the way a little more to drop off Johnathan. So I would be pushing it really close tonight. But Johnathan said a quick prayer for me that I would be able to get back to campus on time and that traffic and lights would work in my favor so I could make the trip in time. The Lord sure did his stuff tonight on that request. It was amazing. Like I said normally that trip takes 10 minutes just to Britt and Allie's house but tonight even after taking Jonathan home first I made it to the Donneberg's in less then 5 mintues. I can't even fathom how that was possible but it completely worked out. It could have only been a God thing. But it was not over yet, I then made it back to campus by 12:15 and managed to get into my dorm by 12:20 after parking and walking back. So from the movie ending right around 12:00 and us all walking to the car then driving everybody home and back again. I somehow did it in about 1/3 of the time it should have taken. If I don't beleive God was in on that I would have to be crazy. Once returning back to my dorm I had some paper work I needed to clean up and organize tonight. A few people ended up talking to me online as well who are just now getting back on campus. I also taked to Jack Veggin who was an old friend/youth leader from seattle. I hadn't heard from him in awhile and it was great to catch up on some stuff. But I'm pretty sleepy now though I'm kind of dozing off here and there... so its probalby best if I go to sleep. Good idea huh? Ok night!
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Friday, August 20, 2004
I'm writing this entry from my dorm room now. I managed to get all moved in. But before I did anything today, I had to send my parents off back to Atlanta. They ended up leaving just after 6am this morning. I woke up at around 5am to help them pack and to see them off. It was sad to see them drive away. I think that if they would have stayed another day we wouldn't have had much else to do though. I ended up getting them to see all the important stuff while they were here. I wouldn't have had much else to show them. It was still sad though. I'm really glad I had the opportunity to have them here. Once they left I was still awake so I was thinking about just moving some stuff in over at my dorm this morning. But I sat down and had devotions and ended up doing that until about an hour before I had to go to work. So I decided I wouldn't have had much time to get anything there. I just hung out and kind of dozed for a bit until I had to leave. The guys were pretty busy the last few days while I was gone at work and there was a pretty good sized pile of computers that needed to be worked on. We managed to make a good dent in those today though. There was nothing left in the waiting line by the time we closed tonight. All the benches were full with computers being worked on though.. but still that was a decent accomplishment. Right after work I went back to my apartment and packed up the remains of my stuff to take to the dorm. It took me roughly two hours to get my car loaded and have dinner while I was there. Then I was off to the dorms once again. It took me quite awhile to organize everything how I wanted it but I think I have it all set now. I was also hit with a few computer problems from other people that needed to be fixed tonight as well. So I'm back to that same routine once again =). I wouldn't trade it though. But now that I'm all setup I think I'm going to head to bed. I have to get up fairly early tomorrow to get a few errands accomplished before I get to work. So for now.. this is Jeremy Signing out!
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Thursday, August 19, 2004
Today was the last full day to spend with my parents. It was pretty nice though. We slept in for a little bit this morning and we didn't get out of the house until sometime around 11:00. I had a few things to take back to my dorm this morning too, so on our visit we brought a few things with us. After dropping some things off I met up with Calvin (A friend of Allie's Sister) and along with him I showed my parents some more of liberty. We ended up going to check out the new dorms today and davids place as well. They really liked the campus. After stopping by all the sights of Liberty I then took them to Wal-mart and we picked up a few things for the day. I also wanted to get some food to stock the shelves with here in the apartement so Aaron would have some stuff to eat when he got back. Once we left Wally World we then headed over to see Thomas Rd Baptist Church. Then Luis lives right across the street from the church so I ended up swinging by his house and introducing him to my parents as well. I was glad he could meet them. Once we finished visiting with him... I ended up taking them to downtown lynchburg to show them the city there. They liked the old buildings and churches and stuff. We had to head home after that though because it was time for lunch. So we just went back to my apartment and had some sandwiches and just chilled there for the rest of the afternoon until dinner time. Everybody kind of did thier own thing though. My grandparents kind of took a nap and my dad watched some olympics while my mom cleaned out some stuff. I ended up reading a few chapters out of a book I'm reading while we lounged around this afternoon. At around 5:00 we decided to head off to dinner to make sure we had time before church started. We ended up eating out at Fazoli's tonight. They really liked that restaraunt. The bread sticks were excellent as always there. The timing worked out pretty well too. We ended up eating dinner and getting back to the chruch just in time for me to show them around at my church before the service started. It was really cool to have everyone at church meet my parents. The service was pretty good too. It went a little longer then normal and was a different type of thing but it was still nice. I still learned some stuff. I also have to look at some of the notes again later. Normally after the service I would have to stick around and help out with the worship team. But multiple people told me to just forget about it and spend the rest of the evening with my parents. Jo told me she would just take over for giving rides to Han and the girls once they were finished. I will just have to do the computer part of it another night. It was good to spend the last bit of time with my parents though. We didn't really do that much however.. but it was still nice. We just watched the olympics. They will have to leave tomorrow morning really early like around 5:00am or so. It seems like we should probably get to bed now though considering the time we all need to wake up. Since my parents are sleeping in here I should let them get to bed. So... night!
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Wednesday, August 18, 2004
Today was a pretty full and exciting day. We all woke up around 7:30 to get ready for the day. It was kind of a fight for the bathroom this morning though. We had to go in strides. But we made it through all the hulabaloo this morning and we managed to get out of the house about 9:00 after breakfast. Our first stop we made was the full tour of liberty. I took them around to the main campus classrooms. We also looked up my schedule and went around to find all my classes. I took them to eat in the Dining hall there too. They wanted to have the experience of the "rot". It was pretty good food this time though. It is usually pretty good at the begining of the year until they start to get lazy in the middle of the year and it starts to not be very good. But anyway, I think they enjoyed it there. After doing all the visiting at Liberty for today we headed by my work and I showed them the facillities there and introduced them to Andy and Jen. It worked out nice... it was a fairly non-busy part of the day when we showed up. Once we left there I took my grandparents and my dad back to my apartement so they could take a nap. Then my mom and I headed out to do some shopping. I wanted to swing by and pick up Britt and Allie and bring them along too to help me pick some clothes out for myself. We ended up getting like 4 pairs of pants and a new pair of sneakers. The timing worked out really well and once we were done shopping we swung by and picked up the rest of my family and then headed back to the Donneberg's house. I was kind of thinking of having my dad cook us all his salmon dish for us and we could eat and hang out at thier house. But they had a better idea that we could all head up to Smith Mountain Lake and hang out at the pier up there. It was about a 45 minute drive up there. Duing the drive Chuck tried to lose me and I tried to keep up. I think I probalby could have done it but I had to go really fast and my parents were getting rather uncomfortable about that so I had to just slow down and leave it at that. I ended up missing an exit because I ended up further behind but it didn't throw us off too bad we got back on track and made it their safely. Once we got there we fed the carp a bunch of bread. Britt, and Allie, and Jo were letting the fish suck the bread off of thier fingers. They tried to force me to do it. I did it once finally.. but I didn't want to. I don't think I'll ever live that one down. But thats ok, I don't mind it at all. After the bread was gone we shopped at some of the gift shops that were around and then watched a puppet show that was put on by a christan group that was there. Later we ate at a restaraunt right there on the pier. Allie, Britt, and I shared a huge plate of Nachos. It was really good. It was pretty filling though. We just barely finished it. We ended up being there until around 9:30 or so. I was a fun trip over all though. It was nice to have my families together to meet. I hope they all had a good time. On the trip back we stopped by to pick up some milk and then I dropped Allie off at the church so she could clean it. I didn't really want to leave her though, so since everybody else was up for it we just waited for her mom to get there before we left. (we went in separate cars and we got there first) By this time it was about 10:30 though so we just came right back to the apartement and most everyone went to sleep right away. I stayed up to do a few things though and my dad is watching some Television. But now I think I"m going to go to bed myself though. Night everyone!
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Tuesday, August 17, 2004
My parents arrived today! I'm really excited to have them here. Before they got here, at the begining of the day I went over to Liberty campus and took care of some buisness there. I went to get information on the Books I would need and helped out with some people moving in. I also ate lunch for the first time since last year in the Marriot on campus. While I was back on campus, I was also grabbed to fix a couple comptuer problems as well. I ended up meeting up with Brittany and Allie at Wal-mart around 3:15. By that time my parents were supposed to be here, but they were running pretty late. So I just hung out with them for a bit while we waited for my parents to call. They decided I needed to get some new pants to wear so we went shopping and stuff while we waited. While we were still in the store my parents finally called me and they were on thier way. I met up with them in the parking lot at the place we were at. I got the hugs from all around. I was able to have them meet the girls too! I hope they enjoyed my family today. After we met them we headed to my place to unload all of thier stuff and then we just hung out there for a short time. Around 6:00 we met up with Han and two of his friends at a mexican restaraunt. It was a great time to hang out and just talk with everyone. We were there for rougly two hours or so. After dinner I took my parents by Liberty and gave them a quick run down of the place. We will go more in depth there tomorrow. But after that I took them up to the bald spot on the mountain and then just kind of drove around town for a bit. It was getting pretty late by then though and it was dark so we just headed back home. I dropped off the girls and then we hung out at my apartment for the rest of the night and watched the Olympics. But now.. its really late and my parents are sleeping in this room so I need to get going so they can finally get to sleep. So with that.. I'm off to bed. Night!
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Monday, August 16, 2004
Today was a great day! The Donneberg's made it back! I was so happy to see them. They didn't get back until like 11:45 though. But anyway.. I'll get into all that later. Let me just start from the begining. Han and I tried to get to the church a lot earlier today. We had a few things we needed to do before practice even started. We managed to get there at around 7:45. It was just enough time though. Practice went pretty smoothly once everyone else got there and we were ready for the service. We had about three new family groups that were there today that was really cool. God has been bringing people in for us. The pastor did a great sermon on Prayer today as well. He usually always does a great job. After church Han and I went out to lunch with a friend of his from texas who just came in town to go to Liberty this year. We ended up going to Applebee's to eat. After lunch I took Han back to his Apartment and we took a load of stuff over to the Dorms for him. He was moving in all his stuff today. While were were doing that my new roomates got to campus too so I helped them move all thier stuff in and get settled. I think I'm going to like them as roomates. I think we managed to organize everything fairly well there in our room. Once they got everything unloaded I head over to hang out with Jugee for the rest of the evening. I wanted to be at thier house when the Donneberg's got back. I ended up just reading and playing with Jake, and even took a short nap tonight while I was there. They didn't get back until around 11:45 though, but it was great to see them again. I missed them a whole lot. I didn't talk to any of them the entire week. I forced myself not to call them at all. It was hard at some points.. but I made it the entire time. I hung out there until a little after 1:00 just catching up with them and talking. But they were heading to bed so I came on back to my place. I'm not very tired though.. I don't think it is because of my nap I had though. I think its just because of my excitement that my parents will be here tomorrow. I'm so happy =). I hope I can get to sleep. I'm going to go try though. Night for now!
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Sunday, August 15, 2004
Today things at work were a little on the slow side.. but it was still nice. We ended up just watching a movie today through part of the day. We decided to watch "Paycheck" I hadn't seen it before and thought it was a pretty cool idea for a movie. After work I had to get home and load my van up for another load to take over to Liberty. I needed to make the Powerpoint for the songs tomorrow today as well. I also tidyed up the house here a little bit, and did some dishes. After I finished everything up I headed to campus and unloaded everything at my dorm. I also picked up my key there today. While I was there I called my grandparents in Atlanta to make sure my paren't flight came in alright. It turns out everything went very smoothly for them. I'm glad they got there safely.. I'm excided for them to get here on monday. After I finshed everything up on campus, I headed over to hang out with BJ for the rest of the night at the D-berg's house. It was nice to just relax over there. We watched some television and stuff. I tried to read while I was there too. The movie that was on was too distracting though. I think I only read like 20 pages or so. I ended up leaving right around 11:00 to pick up Han and bring him back to my place. It was fairly late by the time we got here though so he didn't stay up long. He basicly went right to bed. But now it is my turn to get there. We are going to try and get to church even earlier tomorrow to make sure everything is nice and clean still. So I need to get to bed and get some of that sleeping in. Night!
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Saturday, August 14, 2004
I got tired last night and completely forgot to blog before I went to bed. Sorry about that. I'll just kind of lump sum today and yesterday up for you. First of all I want to say that my parents are probably on a plane to Atlanta right now. I'm sooo excited about that. They will be here in lynchburg on Monday. They are first meeting up with my Grandparent down in GA and then will drive up here for a few days. Its going to be great! So anyway... yesterday I went to work as normal and then after that I decided to move a few more things over to my dorm room. I think I"ve moved just over half of my stuff there now. It should be easy riding to finsih the move once my parents leave here and go back home. After I I unloaded my stuff over there I just came back home and took care of some stuff here. I also was able to finish typing up all the stuff I learned from the book I was reading. I think I ended up getting to bed around 2:00 yesterday. Today the work day again was pretty normal. Nothing much new and exciting happend there. After work I headed to the church and cleaned everythign there. I had to mop the floors and clean the bathrooms, vacume, organize all the rooms and arrange chairs, wash the windows, ect. It took me just under two hours or so to get all done. It wasn't too bad though. It looked pretty good when I was finished. After that I headed over to the Doneberg's house and hung out with Jugee for the rest of the evening. We ended up watching "What not to wear" I also wrote a letter and attempted to do a little bit of reading while I was there. I hung out there for about three hours before I headed back home. I needed to clean out a few e-mails I have been ignoring all week . So thats basicly what I did once I got back here. I still didn't quite get them all finished but I did manage to get rid of over half of them. I was starting to fall asleep though so I decided I couldn't continue anymore and needed to get to bed. And with that... thats where I"m going now. Night!
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Thursday, August 12, 2004
I ended up staying at the Doneberg's last night so I never had a chance to write a blog.. but it was a pretty busy day for me yesterday. I went to work as normal and I had to do a few service calls there. But after work I ended up going over to the D-bergs and did a few loads of laundry. While those were drying I ended up running back to my place to pack a few things and take some stuff over to Liberty Campus. I moved about 1/3 of my stuff into the Dorm last night. I have two of my compters setup over there now too so if you go to my webcams I will have those showing my dorm room. I was able to see my RA's again and the SLD's who are already on the hall this whole week. It was nice to say hi and see them once again. They helped me unload my van (that was so much faster then it took to have me load it on my own). But I ended up organizing my room just as it was setup last year and was out of there right before 10:00. I still had a few more loads of laundry to do at the D-bergs so I headed back over there once I finished up with that and ended up staying there for the night. I stayed up and watched some Television with BJ until around 11:00 when she needed to get to bed. After that I started reading another book. The Dryer ended up overheating on my second to last load too. I ended up having to wait about an hour before I could start it again. I was able to get quite a bit of reading done though while I waited. I finally got to bed around 1:45 last night after starting the last load in the dryer to go overnight. I sure was tired by then though.

Then today was another fairly busy day. Work was kind of on the slow side though so that was cool. After work I headed to church. I got there pretty early however so I ended up just sitting in the parking lot reading some more of that book I had started last night. The bible study for tonight was pretty amazing though. I actually took quite a few notes tonight. Maybe if I get a chance sometime I'll be able to orgainze them and post it for you guys. I was glad I went tonight though. Afterwards I had to stay and hang out so I could give Han ride home after worship team practice. During that time I ended up needing to fix the comptuer in the office though. It was messed up pretty back by some kind of spyware programs and everything would seem to freeze up. It was perfect timing though. I finished up with it just as Han was finishing up with practice. So I ran him home and then I was able to go home. I had a few things I needed to take care of here, but then I spent the rest of the evening reading some more. I think I read about 150 pages today. I stayed up kind of later then I should doing it though. Its almost 2:30 now. Oh well, its a good book. But thats it for me now.. I am off to the land of Z's
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Tuesday, August 10, 2004
Today ended up being a pretty busy day at work. Even with Derek back now it was pretty crazy and hard to keep up. We survived it in the end though. I was ready to head home when it was closing time. After getting back home I read some more. I was able to finish the book I started last night tonight too. It was a very good book. I have another writeup of the excerpts from it. Also tonight I got a call from my grandpa in Atlanta about a computer problem. He also talked about plans for coming up to see me next week. It was good to hear from him, that doesn't happen very often. I also had to do some more work on my computer tonight so I ran over to the shop for a bit to replace a fan and soder something. I ended up getting it all working again. I also got a call from my RA today from school. He said I could start moving my stuff into my room this week if I wanted to. I think I may end up starting to do that tomorrow. Well, anyway... It was a fairly long day it seems. I'm glad I got a book done though, now I can move onto the next one. Ok well, I'm off to bed!
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Monday, August 09, 2004
The attendance was down today at church unfortuantly. We had less then 40 people there today. There were like 4 families that were gone this week though on vacation. Despite the low attendace the service went really well. Han and I had to get there at 8:00 again this morning for practice, but it all paid off in the end. The pastor spoke on "Unlocking the secrets of the bible". After the service I hung out and played with the kids a little bit, Han and I headed out shortly after 12:30 today. I went ahead and dropped him off at his place and then just came back home for the rest of the day. BJ is still sick so she wasn't at church, I planned on going over there to say hi to her... but I ended up getting busy and never made it. =(. I did however read for most of the day. I ended up reading over 250 pages today. I also started a new book today called "When God Writes Your Love Story" I read just over 150 pages in that and am almost finished with that already. That is Allie's book though so I didn't want to highlight in it. I forgot to ask if I could or not before she left on her trip. So I am just documenting all the stuff I learn from it as I go.. it just takes a little longer to read. I worked on my computers some tonight as well. I had a fan go bad on one of them. Other then that I just relaxed and chilled here at home for my last week of relaxation before school starts. Even with all that relaxing though, I've gotten tired still. It may have been all the reading making me drowsy. But I think I'm going to head to bed... so I'm outa here! Night!
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Sunday, August 08, 2004
Today I woke up a little on the late side. I needed to rush out and get to work, so I missed my morning devotion this morning. I did find time to do them after work though. Things at work today went pretty smoothly though. Andy ended up being gone for the last half of the day though to take care of some personal matters. I had to run the shop by myself then because Derek is still out of town and won't be back until monday. Anyway after work I had to run by the church really quick to get a few things done over there, and then I headed over to the Donneberg's to hang out with Bj for a bit. She is still feeling pretty sick.. its been about a week now that she hasn't been feeling well. Pray she gets better soon. I ended up just hanging out there for about and hour and a half or so. I then headed home for the rest of the evening. I needed to get the Powerpoint all setup for church tomorrow and make myself some dinner. Once I finished with those two things I read my book for the rest of the night. I finally got it all finished. I tried to type up all the stuff on it tonight, but I got too tired. I decided to stop with that and just finish it tomorrow. Han is over here now though and he is going to watch a movie I think. I went and picked him up about an hour ago. I'm going to let him have the living room to himself so he can do whatever he wants.. but I'm going to bed. Night!
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Saturday, August 07, 2004
Well, the end of the week is drawing near. I'm glad it is friday. Things at work today were a little on the slow side but it gave us a chance to catch up. After work I ended up going to dinner at La Carreta with a few friends. I ended up ordering the Enchilada Suprima. It was pretty good. They rest of the people wanted to go watch a movie after we ate but I decided I couldn't go because I had a bunch of things I needed to do and I had a few books I needed to read. So they ended up going off and doing whatever they did and I ended up going by Wal-Mart to get a few things I needed. I ended up finding a shirt there that I can use for school that was only three dollars. It was a little long but that can be fixed. Anyway, after I got everything I needed from Wal-mart, I headed back home for the night. I have been reading quite a bit tonight. While I was reading I"ve been re-burning the music CD's I have in my car because they have gotten kind of scratched over the years. I only have one more left to do tonight then I'll be done. So yeah, tonight I"ve mostly just been reading and making CD's. I"m starting to get tired now though. I hope the CD goes quickly. Ok... well thats it for me. I'm going to post this and start to get ready for bed now. Have a great night one and all!
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Friday, August 06, 2004
Well, today we kind of caught up fairly well at work. We have been rather swamped there this week. Since Derek is out of town for the week we haven't been able to work as fast. But we managed to make a pretty big dent in the work load today. Also Allie called me while I was at work today. It turns out they didn't leave early this morning like they wanted to. I forgot to mention in yesterday's blog that they found out that someone came by and slashed the tires in the Church van. The Donneberg's were planning on taking it down to OK for thier Trip. That kind of put a damper on things for them. They were hoping to get it all changed by early this morning. Unfortunatly they didn't get out of town until after 2:00. That going to get them down there a lot later then they wanted to be. So, pray for thier trip and stuff and that the new tires will be good ones. Well, after work I went to Rhonda's house and helped her get a comptuer up and running. It hasn't worked for like a couple weeks now for her so I thought since I had an open night I would just go and get it done. She was really happy to get things up and running again. After I finished up at her place I came on back home and worked on a bunch of random stuff for a few hours. It got kind of late quick on me tonight though. I'm pretty sleepy. I think I'm going to head to bed now.
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Thursday, August 05, 2004
I forgot to make a blog last night. I was very tired though, so I don't know if it would have made any sense even if I did. But anyway I'll go ahead and write a quick one now to make up for it. The day was actually pretty normal. Things didn't get interesting until after work. Just like any typical Wednesday I headed to church afterwards. Rather then do any kind of bible lesson however, we ended up spending an hour in prayer. It was pretty cool. The pastor just gave us a bunch of things to pray about and we broke up into groups and prayed about the many things that were going on in people's lives. After the service I hung around and visited for a little while. Also I'm going to have to clean the church next saturday because Allie won't be here to do it so She had to go around and show me where everything was. They ended up leaving today to go back to Oaklahoma to pick up brittany and bring her back home. While they are down there they were also planning on helping out for a week. They won't end up coming back until like the 15th or so. I'm gonna miss them *sniff*. But they will be getting back the same time my parents are getting into town. I'm soooo very excited about that. Ok so anyway, where was I? Oh yes, After Allie showed me all the ins and outs of the cleaning buisness at church. We just hung out for a little longer and then I took her back home. I had to hang out for a little bit though because it was the last time (I thought) I would see them until they got back from the trip. They ended up needing to go to Wal-Mart though to pick up some things for the trip to OK... I wish I could have gone too, but I needed to head back to the church and finish with all the stuff for the worship team practice and then Take Han home. Worship practice went pretty good considering that it was the wednesday practice (usally thats pretty bad). But it was cool. I ended up leaving around 10:00 and dropped off Han at his house. On the way back home I realized I was going to give the Donneberg's my Cigarette lighter car spliter so they could charge up some stuff. So I dropped by thier house one more time. (I'm always glad I can find excuses to go there). It turns out they didn't need it though because they bought one while they were at Wal-Mart. But since I was there... I helped them take out all the garbages and get them ready to leave in the morning. After awhile though we kind of ended up just lounging in the Kitchen and hanging out. I'm glad I had that chance though before they left.. it was pretty cool. So anyway... that was pretty much all the excitement of my evening. It was a good time though. I ended up getting back to my place shortly after 11:30. Yep yep... thats it! Ok I'll write more tonight.. Bye
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Wednesday, August 04, 2004
Well, today was another fairly routine day at work. I don't have much to report on from there. After work I did end up going over and helping the pastor move to his new home. They were pretty far along by the time I got there though. I was still usefull though. They had one more trip left to take everything. I'm glad I had my van though.. We had that thing packed full so it was over flowing out the windows. We ended up finding just enough car space between everybody to make it all work in one last load. Their new house is pretty nice too. God has sure been providing for them. God has been taking care of his church and his people so much in the past few months its amazing. Anyway.. we ended up finishing with the unloading shortly after 9:00. I ended up getting back home around 9:30 or so. Once I got back I had some more reading to do and I also finished up writing a document on the last book I read. I've made a Document full of excerpts taken from each book I've read lately. Once I finish reading all my books.. (or I end up having to go back to school first) I'll see if I can put them on my site somewhere so you guys can read them if you want. But anyway.. I managed to get another book finished. Ok well, anyway. I'm going to attempt to turn in early tonight. I've kind of been sleepy at work the past couple days. Anyway.. Night for now!
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Tuesday, August 03, 2004
Hey all, you know what. Today I basically have no daily events to report on outside of the routine. It was a wakeup-work-come home kind of day. But in retrospect I wanted to share some other things about my day that I don't normally touch on. I hope a change of pace will grab some of your attention.

Five months ago I started a devotional journal. In my journal I keep track of all the ways God speaks to me through my daily devotions as well as write out personal prayers/letters to God. Before I started this journal my personal time with God was intermittent and usually when I would have time with him I would never “hear God”. Each time I sat to read, my mind would always begin to wander or I would just sit and read like it was an assignment. It felt like a “process” to me. After I decided to really crack down and decide to really “try this out” things have progressed quite well. Still at first it was difficult for me. I could never get into the bible as well as I could any other book. However, I did not give up I persisted on, in what seemed to me, a mechanical process. I would just do it because “It had to be done”. I felt like a seed buried deep underground. I would keep persisting and pushing upward but I would just keep hitting more dirt. Time would go on and more dirt. I wasn’t ready to give up but I desperately wanted to see the “Son” So onward I continued. Well, as time progressed my opinion slowly started to change. Finally I reached a point of open air. My seed had become a sprout. Once I had reached that opening in the dirt I was free to grow at an amazingly fast pace. Eventually my times with God started to produce fruit in my life. It has been five months now of growing and, I can’t say when exactly this happened, but lately my morning devotions has moved from a “It has to be done” attitude to now where I look forward to reading and learning more about my Lord each morning.

Now I say all this for a purpose. During the last few weeks I've been realizing all the more that the Christian walk is all about spending time with God. That's what it all comes down to in the end. We spend money to go on the best retreats, with the best speakers, and the best praise teams, in an effort to jumpstart our hearts...and that's cool...but just keep in mind that it all comes back down to the basics, our personal time with God through devotion. That is where the real relationship is held. When you realize how holy and how powerful He is, it changes the way you approach him. I cherish every moment the King of kings allows me to share in His amazing presence. I come to Him first thing every morning and say “How can I serve you today?” We may be spending our lives just going through the things that come our way. We may be pushing through a schedule so full you barely have time to sit down. I realized a few months back that my schedule can be so full some days with serving God by serving others that I hardly leave any time to actually visit with God and relate to him. Our lives can be so filled up by doing things for God… but if the next day we don't even spend time with our God...what was the point of it all?? The point, my friends is this: we've got to read the Word and pray...we have to have intimate moments with God. That is the real reason for our existence. Devotionals are not things we do as rituals but things we do because we need it...because only through these times are we given the strength to walk the walk. In Luke 16, Jesus teaches that anyone faithful with little will be faithful with much. Can we be faithful to God, putting Him first before anything else we do in life? Can we be faithful to Him and fellowship with Him each day? We all have doors we are waiting to be opened...and opportunities we are waiting for God to release to us....but it all starts with seeking Him daily through His Word and prayer. When we're reliable to come before the Lord in full surrender, taking up our crosses each and every day in self denial...then the Lord will entrust greater things to us. Psalm 37 - Delight yourself also in the Lord, and He shall give you the desires of your heart”

Have you Praised the Lord today?
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Monday, August 02, 2004
Today was a great amazing fun day. Started out more or less as a typical sunday morning though with Han and I both rushing this morning to get to the church on time after staying up most of the light and trying to wake up on time. We made it on time once again though. The service today was excellent! The songs all flowed nicely and its just cool how God makes everything fit. The over all message for today was about God's attributes and he talked about how by studing God's attributes we can get to know him better and now what he wants. It was great also today because we had 11 visitors. It was so cool how God is already bringing people in to us. I might be able to tell you more about the service later on.. I'm too tired to go into detail so I'm just going to move on. Anyway, I was the last person to leave once again after hanging out and mingling for as long as possible. I ended up heading over to the D-berg's house afterwards to see what BJ was up to. (She didn't go to church today). After arriving I found out she was very very sick today. She was the one that was going to drive down with me this afternoon to pick up Allie. Because she was soo very sick I decided to not make her go. I attempted to find another person that would want to come with me. I ended up managing to get the new pastor's kids to come with me for the uneventful drive to Danville. So once that was settle I had a quick lunch at "home" while doing some reading and then at 3:00 I left to pick up the Williamsnon's kids and head on over to Danville. They are all kind of shy though so it made the trip a little hard to make conversation. It was pretty fun still though I think they had a good time doing that rather then staying at home by themselfs all afternoon. We ended up getting to the meeting place where I was supposed to meet Allie an hour early. So we just all went inside and I bought the Williamsons all icecream and we hung out there for a bit while we waited. After the "package was delvivered" (Allie) I decided I wanted to pick up a present for BJ just before heading back to lynchburg. So we all went down to the Danville local Harris Tetter SuperMarket and got her, her favorite muffins. I hope they make her feel better. Anyway once we picked those up we were off once more back to lynchburg. After arriving here... Allie and I went and got some bread and we took the kids to go feed all the ducks. They hadn't been to that place before to do it and I think they enjoyed thier time doing that. Anyway once we ran out of bread I just took the Williamsons back home and then I went and dropped Allie off at her place and I hung out there for awhile. We ended up just playing with Jake and the next thing I know (or I guess I didn't really know until after the fact)... I had fallen asleep. Allie tells me it was for at least an hour. I woke up still kind of tired but after getting back to the land of awakeness completely I felt much better. I guess I had needed that nap. After I finally woke up we went downstairs and Watched a movie, then once that was over we laughed a lot while watching "blue collar comedy" and then America's Funniest Home Videos. I think I saw a baby do the funniest "crawl/waddle" on that tonight. I don't think I'll forget it. Anyway... it was a great day. I had fun and learned a lot even. But for now.. I'm getting tired and almost to the point of halucinating so I am going to have to be done. So anyway.. Night!
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Sunday, August 01, 2004
Well, I woke up and went to work as normal today. The day went by pretty quickly though so that was very good. I hate those days that just seem to drag on and on. But anyway.. after we finished up at work I headed home for the rest of the night. I had to setup the powerpoint for church this sunday before I forgot so I just did that right away once I got home. After getting it all finished it was only 4:00 so I still had almost the entire day left. I decided I would pull out my book and start reading it. I read like a chapter but then I got side tracked and started looking at a website that was designed to compliment the book I was reading. Eventually I started reading some of the big documents that were freely available on that website written by the same author. These documents were relating to another book by his wife though. But I wanted to read them. I'm actually glad I did. I learned quite a bit from them. If you want to read them too you can by clicking. Here or Here or Here. Each document is a different one so you could read them all. But anyway. If you do read them I hope you can learn from them just as I did. They were a pretty good read. After reading all of those I ended up going back to my book again. I think all together I read for like 7 hours straight and just over 200 pages or so. (Maybe more). But anyway it was a good time of reading. I ended up going to pick up Han right around 11:00 to bring him back to my place for the night. It was good timing too because right as I got back with Han... Allie signed online, so.... I've been talking to her ever since. =) My mom is on now too so I am kind of talking to her at the same time. I think I really need to head to bed now though. I have to be at church all super early for worship practice. I'm going to be all tired in the morning. So anyway.. with that.. I'm off to bed. Asta Luigi!
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