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Tuesday, November 30, 2004
Well, School begins once more. I'm kind of anxious to just get it over with though. We only have like 8 more days left or something like that. Things went very well today over all. I kind of got back into the groove again without a problem. Work was good and we also had our new employee start today. His name is Jason and so far he looks like a good guy. His technical knowledge is not as good people we've had in the past but he seems to be pretty teachable. I think once we train him he will work out quite well. We were able to get a lot of stuff done today also so that was nice. Anyway after work I headed back to my room to work on a computer and also do a little bit of reading.. (its the first day back and I already had some reading homework). I managed to get everything done tonight I wanted to so I'm going to just head to bed now. Bye for now!
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Monday, November 29, 2004
Man.. I'm tired right now for some reason. I'm not sure why though, I actually slept in for like an hour extra this morning. I ended up setting my clock for PM instead of AM and I was late for worship team practice. I still made it to chuch though with enough time to get everythign setup. The sermon today was really good too. After the service Britt and I decided just to go back to her house for the remainder of the afternoon. Allie was sick today and yesterday though (Worse today), so before going back to thier house I wanted to swing by my dorm first and pick her up the get well present I got for her. After getting to her house and giving it to her, she did like it. We ended up just watching movies the rest of the day. We were all just too lazy to do anything else. Britt and I went to go pick up some movies from blockbuster. We got one movie called "Beyond the Son" and then we also watched "Terminal". The first one was a movie made in Brazil and it all had Portugues with English subtitles. That was kind of cool to watch. The rest of the evenign I basicly just relaxed the night away for my last night before classes start tomrrow. I'm ready to dive in for the week though and finish my last two weeks of school. I'm going to head to bed now and get a good nights sleep. Night!
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Sunday, November 28, 2004
I'm pretty tired right now... I guess it was just a fairly long day. Tomorrow will be my last day before classes start back up again in a way I'm looking forward to just getting this semester over with.. but I also wish I could have a few more days. Anyway today I had to run the store by myself again at work. It was busier then yesterday, but it could have been worse. I still had time to eat lunch. I didn't really get to sit down and relax to eat it.. but I at least had a chance to eat. I managed to get a lot of work done too amongst the customer flow and the phone calls. After work I went by the church and talked with Pastor for about an hour or so.. then I also had to make the Powerpoint slides for sunday. I think I ended up being there just under two hours. Once I left the church I went back by Scott's house and let the dog out again for the last time before Scott returned. I just hung out there for awhile and played with the dog some. After awhile Steve and I decided to go have dinner over at Vinny's tonight (Thats where Brittany works). So we met up there a little after 6:00 and chowed down. We ordered a pretty good sized appetizer and then we each ordered a Calzone. Steve couldn't quite finish his tonight.. But I decided to beat him, so I managed to eat all of mine. I was right on the virge of stuffed when I finished though...Anyway that was fun to just hang out there for awhile. We also had a full container of Garlic when we started... but by the time we finished about 1/4 of it was gone... (We were trying to finish all of it.. but we didn't make it) Once we left the restarant I decided to head back to my dorm.. but on the way there I made a quick stop in at Toys R Us to get something really cool. I found it! I had quite a few things I needed to work on back in my room though so I headed there afterwards and worked on stuff for a few hours. Eventually Britt and Steve and I decided to go see a movie tonight.. so I also called up Tori and invited her to come along. Allie was invited too but she wasn't feeling very well at all tonight.. She needed to stay home and get some sleep. We ended up going to see a movie called "Sky Captain" It was another one of those strange but entertaining movies. But it was alright for a dollar theater movie. The rest of the gang thought it was pretty good too. I kind of hurried back to my room after it was over though.. I still had to get some stuff done before bed tonight. I think I'm good and ready to go to sleep now though.. So with that I'm outie!
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Saturday, November 27, 2004
Well, I survived the day today. Buisness at work wasn't as hectic as I thought it would be today. It was actually more busy on Wednesday then it was today. It was nice though because I was able to get some other stuff done. I even had a chance to sit and eat lunch today. Brittany and Allie were very nice and brought me one of my favorite foods.. A subway sandwich with everything on it! It was delicious. I had started eating some lunch that I brought but it was stuff I've saved since school was still in session from the Marriot. It looked pretty bad, and it didn't really taste that great either... not to mention the fact that before I ate it I microwaved it for like 20 minutes. I just started the microwave for some random time and then the phone rang so I helped the customer and it just kept cooking. When I got it out it was all soupy and the plastic it was in had even melted. I ended up eating part of it but the Girls saved the day and brought me some real food. I was glad they could do that. When they first got there I had two customers I was helping and it seemed like they just stayed and stayed... but after they had left it was quiet for almost an hour or so. So the girls were able to hang out for a bit and keep me some company during lunch. That was cool. After they left I still had computer I needed to work on and stuff so I went back at it. It was fairly quiet the rest of the day.. I think I only had like 4 customers come in after lunch. I ended up staying after work though for like 30 minutes just to get some of the computers to a point where they could do something over night. After work I headed back to Scott's house to take care of the Dog again and clean up a few things over there. But I didn't stay there too long, I wanted to hurry up so I could meet Jo and Allie at the mall to do a little bit of Christmas shopping. I wasn't quite fast enough though. By the time I got to the mall they were just about done. We ended up just going back to their house and having some leftover thanksgiving dinner. We didn't really do much there tonight though. We mostly just sat in the kitchen and talked. It was still a fairly good evening. I was going to do something with Jonathan tonight but it turns out he got stuck with babysitting duties so that never worked out. But anyway, I didn't stay too late at the D-berg's tonight. I had a few things I needed to get done tonight.. but they also needed to wake up fairly early tomorrow and Allie was a little sick tonight, so I wanted to let them get to bed at a decent hour. I ended up leaving around 10:30. I then came back to my dormstead to get a few things worked out back there. I also talked with my mom for a bit while I was there. Eventually I finshed up with everything and started to head back to Scott's house for the night. I stopped by Steve's Dorm though and he followed me there. Steve and I were going to have a guys night. Too bad Jonathan couldn't join us. It was a little late when we got here though so we didn't really end up doing too much. Steve has to be at work by 8:30 tomorrow morning so he went to bed at around 12:30. I am going to wake up with him though and make sure he knows how to get to where he is going from here. I also have some more cleaning to do over here and I'll probably try and get some of that done before I have to go to work. So anyway.. since I have to wake up early too.. I'll just head to bed now. GOod night!
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Friday, November 26, 2004
Happy Thanksgiving!!! I had a great day today. First of all I was able to sleep in for once. I slept in for the first time in a long time. I ended up being the first kid up this morning still though. But I was awake and I wasn't tired. That is a good feeling. As the family started to mingle out in to the day light we kind of just gathered in the living room and we all talked for a bit, while most of us were still in our PJ's. Oh and by the way the Donneberg's loved my little gifts I left for them last night. So anyway, eventually we got ready for the day. I decided to wear my new shirt again today. (The one I work for that skit). I had a hard time getting my hair combed how I had it last time though.. Jo ended up fixing that for me. After getting ourselfs ready we all had to do some things to get the house ready and the food ready. I had to make a quick run over to Scott's house again though to let the dog out. He was couped up all last night. On my trip over there I was blocked by what looked like about 10-14 cop cars and news vehicles and even a few army trucks. I thought it was like a drug raid or something.. I didn't know at the time. Allie just called me tonight though and she was watching the news.. apparently it was a guy that refused to leave his house and they had to coax him out. It's a little strange why they needed that much man power to do that.. But oh well, it was some excitment in lynchburg.. that doesn't happen too often. Finally once the cars cleared I was able to pass and get to Scott's house to let Libby out and releave herself. But She didn't get much time though.. I had to get back to the D-berg's house to help them finish preparing for the day. We ended up taking some turkey and drippings to an older lady that goes to our church. She lives alone and none of her family was able to come visit her for the Holiday. SO Britt and I drove down to her house and dropped off some Turkey goodness for her. On the way back we stopped and picked up Han who would be joining us for thanksgiving meal. He then wanted to stop at the store so we could get something nice for Jo for all her hard work cooking and everything. We ended up getting her a big poinsetta and some sparkling cider stuff. (Which now that I remember we forgot to drink today). Finally all the preparations were made and Turkey was served. I ate a little bit of everything today. It was some good stuff. I sure was sleepy after eating though. There was a family that came and ate with us today too. This family had just had thier car's transmission blow out on them. It was too expensive to fix and they couldn't afford a new car. They were pretty much stuck. But through the lords grace and mercy he was able to provide them with a good working car today through the ministry of Chuck and Jo. Chuck had seen this car in the newspaper and he wanted to go check it out.. he had some support finacially and he was going to get it with the full intent of writing the owner a check for the best offer he could get. Well the Lord was good and provides for every need. The owner ended up donating this car to Chuck's ministry and he was able to get it for free. Not only did God provide the need of this family.. he also provided exactly what they wanted too. It was a car all one color and it was something that can use the parts if needed from thier old car too. It just showed Gods power through his amazing provision. On a day such as this God still gives us all the more reason to be thankful. There are so many things I am thankful for Its hard to know where to start. But just saying thanks for the great family I was a part of today is a good start. God always continues to bless me even though I don't always deserve it. After our great meal and three different kinds of pies. I was able to have my chance to go bless some other people today. As a church around 5:30 we all met together and went down to the bus stations in the 32 degree weather and handed out turkey sandwiches and drinks to the people who had to travel over the holiday and didn't have a home to go to. We had expected about 200 or so people and had 240 sandwiches to hand out just incase more showed up. But we only ended up handing out about 100 or so at the bus station. We had all kinds of left over lunches left though and we had to think of a place to take the remaining ones. Somebody had thought about taking it to the Local salvation army house so we piled back in the cars and headed over there. It turned out to be a great place to go. The workers there were very greatful for all we could give them. They had mentioned that they would probably have about 40 people there that night and possibly 40 the next night as well. I know those lunches will be used exactly where needed. It was just so great today how I had the opportunity to Bless others and also be Blessed. Its just all the more things to be thankful for. After getting done over at the bus station we headed back over to the Donneberg's house for the rest of the evening. I didn't mention that Jonathan had met up with us at church and came along to help pass out the sandwiches too... so anyway Jonathan came along and we all just watched a movie down in the basement tonight with the fire going. It was nice and cozy and relaxing. We watched a movie called "White Christmas" it was kind of a musical sort of movie, but I though it was very good. OH, before the movie started I also used the time to call my family back home and wish them all a Happy day today. They just sort of passed the phone around and I was able to talk to all of them. That was pretty nice to hear them all. (Only one more month and I get to see them again). So yeah... anyway after the movie was over Jonathan had to get going but I stayed for just a little while longer. I was kind of planning on leaving shortly after Jonathan did, but Steve was going to stop by thier house and I wanted to stay until he got there. So eventually we all just went up and hung out with Mom and Pop watching the last end of a movie until Steve came and went. But after that I just returned to Scott's house for the night and I"m just about to turn in and get some sleep. I have a full day tomorrow at work running the shop by myself on the busiest day of the year (Black Friday). I hope it doesn't turn out to be that bad. Well that pretty much covers it I think.. I probably missed quite a few details amongst all of these other details. It was just a very full day. I think thats the most of it though. So with that I bid thee good night!
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Thursday, November 25, 2004
Today was a pretty fun day. Jonathan and I woke up around 6:00 this morning and we prepared some stuff for after work. Jonathan had to be at work by 7:30 so we had a pretty early morning. After he left for work I ended up sleeping for another hour before I got up for good. I had to run the shop today at work all by myself all day. I ended up getting to the shop at 9:30 this mornign though just to make sure I got some stuff done before opening. It turns out that Andy and Jen were still there grabbing a few last minute things before they went on there trip. I talked to them for about 20 minutes before they headed out. The day started out kind of slow, but after the first hour it ended up being fairly busy. I didn't really get as much stuff done as I would have liked today. There were some points where I had two customers and two people on the phone on hold. That was pretty rough. But I was able to close down shop today at 2:30. That was nice, I had quite a few things I needed to do today before Thanksgiving tomorrow. Jonathan and I also had some plans to cook Brittany and Allie dinner tonight. After I got all my errands done I then met up with Jonathan and we went over to Scott's house and finished up preparations for dinner. We ended up cooking Roast Beef & Potatoes with cooked carrots. Then we also had corn as well. We had dinner rolls all setup and ready to go too but I ended up forgeting to warm those up. I was kind of upset about that.. it would have made it perfect. The girls really seemed to enjoy the evening though. We also ended up having fudgecicles for dessert. Both Jon and I had a great time serving them tonight. We ended up finishing eating earlier then I expected, so we just kind of hung out and relaxed and listend to some Evanesance there in the apartment for awhile. Then we all headed over to church for the evening service. Pastor John talked a little bit about some of his exeriences with serving and providing for needs of others. And then after the short study with that we all gathered together and made about 240 Turkey sandwiches which we plan to hand out to people at the bus stations tomorrow night around 5:00 as a way to provide for thier needs and share the love of christ to them. I helped make about half of them.. but then I needed to stop and go do some Drama practice with a few people. Over all it was a pretty good evening at church. Jonathan has only been a few times so far but I think he enjoyed himself too. After church I just headed over to the Donnebergs for the rest of the evening and thats where I am at right now actually. I did have to make a quick run to Scott's again to let the dog out one more time before tomorrow... but I came back here and I will stay the night. After everybody went to bed I snuck upstairs and put my thanksgiving gifts I made for all of them on the table so they would see them in the morning. Everybody has gone to bed about 45 minutes ago or so.. I had to come down and make sure I wrote down all the events of today though. It was a good day to remember. I actually was about to go to bed before midnight.. but I had to stay up just long enough so when I post this it would show up under tomorrows date (I have to keep it consistent). But that midnight has come so I am off to bed! Good night! And I hope you all have a great turkey Day!
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Wednesday, November 24, 2004
You know whats really annoying.. Dial up is Annoying! I just wrote and entire post talking about part of yesterday (which I didn't get a chance to post on last night) and all of today.. but dial up kicked me off in mid publish and the entire thing went off into oblivion. So much for me doing that again tonight. Jonathan is here with me right now and I don't want to spend all my time at the computer. I'm just going to have to make it quick... Today was pretty productive at work.. we cleaned out a bunch of stuff that needed to be done. Its good we got it done today because I will be running the shop by myself for the rest of the week and now I won't have to concentrate on all that.. I will be able to concentrate on all my other duties instead. But anyway.. after work I went over to Dane Emeric's house for dinner (One of the campus pastor's at Liberty). It was a great time of just talking and getting to know him and his family better. I fixed his computer while I was there as well. It was great. I was only able to stay till around 9:00 though. Jonathan and I had plans for tonight. So I after I left thier house a little after 9:00 I met up with Jonathan at my dorm back at liberty. We ended up decorating my room with Christmas lights while we were there and then just talking a bit with one of the other guys that were on the hall. After we left campus we headed over to Scott's house and hung out for the rest of the night. We did some cooking and planning some stuff. But we also just has some good guy talk stuff. But ok.. that all I can say for now.. I really shoudl get going.. We need to get to bed. (Kind of early for me but Jonathan needs to wake up early) So anyway I will say good night for now!
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Monday, November 22, 2004
Well, I had to wake up early again this morning to get to church in time for practice. I actually got there a little early and took care of a few things I needed to do there before we started. I also had quite a few revisions on songs and the sermon notes I needed to fix for the powerpoint. Pastor John let Dennis take over the sermon for this morning though. John led the worship but Dennis preached. He ended up doing his on "Grace" I think he did pretty good. I can't say I learned much new stuff.. it was all stuff I pretty much knew already. But its always nice for a refresh I guess. After the service I hung out at church and visted for a while and played with some of the kids. I relized after awhile that I had doughnut frosting all over my black shirt. I think one of the kids had it on their hands when I played with them and it blead off on me. But anyway... after church I went to the Donneberg's and finished the stuff I needed to do to finalize thier DSL setup. It took me most of the afternoon but I got them all finished now and secured. Then I sat and had some lunch with them. Jonathan ended up coming over after lunch too. Britt and I and Jonathan were going to head out and drive to Danville today to pick up Allie from her Dad's house. So after Jonathan arrived we hung out there for a little while then we got in the car an headed out. On the way there about 10 minutes out we realized there was something we forgot that we needed to bring. So we had to turn around and go get it again. We left kind of early as it was though so that didn't really make us run late. Anyway once we arrived Britt, Jon, and I waited in the parking lot for about 40 minutes for them to get there. That was kind of fun to just sit and relax and listen to some music. On the way back to Lynchburg Jonathan and I decided to take the Girls out to IHOP for some dinner. I ended up just getting some Onion Rings though because I wasn't too hungry. Jonathan ate the most I think. After we left the restaruant we stopped in to Hollywood Video and rented a Movie called "The Langoliers" I had seen it a long time ago and I just have had the urge to watch it again for some reason for like the past month. So I finally had my chance. I wasn't too sure if the girls would like it being that its kind of Sci-Fi-ish. But from what they told me at least.. they seemed to like it. Allie though it was really funny though (because of script writing and bad acting) But apparently it was a horror because that is where we found it at the Rental store. It was about a 4 hour movie though so it ended up going until almost midnight tonight. Since it got done kind of late I decided I would just stay the night here tonight. Jonathan needed to go though because he as work early in the morning. Everybody else is in bed now right here. I wanted to go and check my e-mail before I went to sleep and make sure I wrote my blog entry. But now I can go and get to sleep. I get to use my old blanket tonight.. thats going to be nice... Allie and I traded blankets awhile back because we each liked the other's better. It will be nice to get mine back for a night though.. I do kind of miss it here and there. You guys probably think I'm really strange though... But that OK... because I am! So there! Anyway.. Good night!
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Sunday, November 21, 2004
I was able to sleep in slightly today. I didn't have to be at work till 10. Thats was kind of nice. Today was Derek's last day at work too. It was pretty much a normal day though. We didn't really do anything special for him. He was only there for like 4 months I think. He will still be back in town a lot though from time to time so I will still see him around. After work I headed over to the Donneberg's for awhile and helped get them all setup on DSL. I'm glad they made the move to go that route I know they will enjoy it quite a bit. I wasn't able to fully finish everything for them though. Jonathans family was going to have me over for dinner tonight and I had to be at thier place around 7:00. I just got the Donneberg's up and running and configured a few things.. but kind of just had to leave it where it was to get to Jonathans in time. Turns out I kind of hurried more then I needed to though because once I got there we were still waiting to eat for about 45 minutes. It was no problem though. I just used that time to help Jonathan out with his computer and we talked for awhile. After we got done eating we stayed at his house for a little longer and then around 9:00 we decided to go over and surprise Brittany at work. Once we got there though we didn't see her car anywhere.. so we called and found out she was back home, she got off a little early. So we swung by and picked her up at her house and drug her along with us to go do something. We ended up going to Downtown lynchburg and walking around down there for awhile. That was pretty cool. While we were there we decided to climb all the steps to the top of the memorial, and then Jonathan and I decided to just yell really loud once we reached the top. There wasn't much of an echo like I expected though, it was still cool however. Brittany just looked at us funny. (hey she does what she's good at.. j/k) Anyway after walking around downtown for a bit we headed over to the Mustard Seed Christan Book store and ordered some Icecream and Coffee. Then just for kicks we went to the Daily Grind too and Britt ordered some more Coffee like beverage there. I decided to just head back after that though.. I still needed to get all the stuff setup and configured for church tomorrow morning. So I just dropped off Britt and Jonathan and returned to my Dorm room. I successfully acomplished all that I needed to now though, my next chore is to get some sleep. So I going to get that done. Night!
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Saturday, November 20, 2004
Today was the last day of classes. It was pretty easy though.. two of my classes were cancelled. The only class I needed to go to today was Biology. I was able to sleep in for an extra hour because of that. I also was able to actually eat in the dining hall today because my Philosophy class was cancelled. It was a pretty good relaxing day. Work was fairly normal today was well. After work I ended up just coming back to campus and staying in my dorm all night. I wanted to be able to work on a project I had to get done. I wanted to get it basicly finished so I could just play the rest of the week. I'm pretty sure I did that. I should be free the rest of the week. I'm looking forward to that. Well anyway thats pretty much it. I'm going to head to bed before 2:00 tonight.. and I even get to sleep in somewhat tomorrow! Night!
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Friday, November 19, 2004
Its over! I'm done now at least for a week or so. I managed to get through all of my tests. I had my last one today at 8:00. I think I did alright on that one too. I would like to go back and tell you how things went the last few days.. but its just way too much to cover. I don't have the time to go back to it. I didn't have any time to spend on writing entrys for those days though.. I had to spend every spare moment studying. Sorry for the gap. After getting done with classes today though I was just so glad to be done I didn't want to do anything else. I decided to just get off campus and eat lunch over at the Donneberg's today. I was there for about a half hour or so before I headed to work. So anyway moving along then... I had a few errands I needed to take care of once I got off. They only took me about an hour or so and then I returned to campus. I ran into steve tonight and he was on his way out. He is making the 12 hour drive down to Florida this evening. I hope he is able to stay awake. But after talking to him for about 10 minutes I just went back to my room to work on a class project I need to work on over the break. Then at around 8:00 Jo & Allie called to see if I wanted to go with them to give Brittany some company at work tonight. I decided to go and do that for about an hour. Brittany is working over at Vinny's Italian Restarunt now, so we went and had some coffee and dessert there. That was pretty good, I hope it made Britt's night working a little better for her. After we left there I just came back to campus to continue working on my project until Hall meeting. I've been working on that pretty much the whole night. Its coming along pretty good I think. It got late on me again tonight though. I just realized that I didn't eat dinner or anything. The cheesecake at Britt's work was really all I had tonight. Its too late now though. I have to get to bed. NIght!
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Thursday, November 18, 2004
I'm too tired to finish studying... I gotta go to sleep...
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Wednesday, November 17, 2004
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Tuesday, November 16, 2004
Another Monday comes around today. I had to fight to get out of bed again this morning. After the wake up struggle I managed to get ready for class and head out. Today I just had review times in all of my classes because I have tests in all of the same classes coming up on wednesday. It was a pretty normal day of classes however. Convocation today was really really good though. A pastor that has survived 7 strokes told about all that he has gone through and how God has provided, and given him peace through all of it. The message was really good! After classes I then just went to work as usual. It was another routine time there though and nothing really exciting happend there. The day picked up pretty good after I got off work though. There was a lady at my church that was having a bunch of college kids over to teach us how to cook. So I got off pretty much right at 6 and swung by and picked up Allie from her house and then went to campus to pick up Tori and My roomate as well. I was really glad my roomate was able to come tonight. I barely get to spend much time with him outside of our room. But anyway the four of us headed over to her house and joined the rest of the group. There ended up being 12 people there total tonight. We learned how to make porkchops and a potato casserole and then we made a mint chocolate mousee for dessert. It all turned out to be pretty good considering that we were the ones that made it. The pork was a little dry but that was the worst it got.. so it wasn't too bad over all. I had a pretty good time. I had a meeting tonight at 9:30 though so I ended up needing to leave around 9:00 and drop everyone off then get back to the dorm for it. The meeting tonight was ok. It was more of a time to just laugh and build up the leadership team some more as a group. It was another one I probably could have gotten away with not going to. I did find out though tonight that three of the prayleaders on our hall will have to resign there position come next semester. Two of them decided they were just way too busy and couldn't handle doing it another semester and then another one of them will be joining the military. So that just brought up the subject tonight and they were telling us that we would need to let them know soon if we planned on quitting for next semester because they would be in the process of finding replacments starting as soon as we get back from thanksgiving break. It did actually make me seriously think about it. I know the two guys that were quitting because they were too busy to handle it next semester.. and really compared to my schedule they have a walk in the park. I would be completely justified for giving up my postion if I decided to do so. So anyway that was on my mind somewhat tonight.. But God truly had other plans instead. As I was reading and studying tonight two of the guys from my group stopped by at different times and were stuggling with some issues. I had the opportuntity to share some advice and scripture with them and (I think help them out somewhat) Then there was another guy that lives on my hall, but is not in my prayer group, that came to me for some advice because he felt like I really cared about people and would honestly work with him. So I had three amazing opportunties to connect and bond with some guys on my hall tonight. Just that time made it worth all the meetings and all the time spend organizing groups every week. There is no way I can give up that! Just when the devil tried to show up and get me to think about quitting, God stepped in and allowed his purpose to show though. It was just great how that all worked out. I get the chance to help out a guy here and there sometimes but I never had three in one night before. When they are just coming because its the thursday night thing to do is so much different then when they come to you on their own time because they actually want to hear what you have to say. Another great thing about all this was in helping out these guys tonight, some of the things I told them I needed to hear myself as well. I have some stuff work on.
Amongst all of this I still needed to study for my tests tomorrow. I was able to get done the most pressing studying I needed to do, I think I'm just going to have to hand the rest over to God and pray he will help me recal all I've read and heard. I have a pretty good feeling about these coming up tomorrow though. I'm still a little worried about the three I have on Wednesday however. So anyway keep me in your prayers during these next few days. God is the only thing keeping me running right now. Only 4 more days and I can have some time to relax. Bye for now.
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Monday, November 15, 2004
Sorry I haven't blogged the last few days.. I've been stuck studying hardcore. I have those six tests next week. Friday and saturday I got quite a bit done of it though. I wanted to try and finish as much as possible so I could have today mostly free. It worked out alright to do that. I was able to actually have some play time today. But first of all I wanted to say we had a really cool church service this morning. We had 5 people get baptized. The way our pastor does baptisms is a lot different then I had seen before. Rather then just stand in the pool and dunk them and bring them back up one after another.. we made it just a big celebration. We had cake and worship music going and everything. Then also another thing he said was that nowhere in the bible does it talk about the pastor being the only one who can baptize people. So today if you were the person who helped lead another person to the Lord, you could be the one that would baptize them if you wanted to. We had a few parents baptize thier own children today. It was very cool. After church today I went over to the D-berg's house for lunch with John and Charlie. It was a great afternoon. We had Spagetti and salad and I had lots of garlic. It was all delicious. We then attempted to play a game of scrabble but we never finished. Later we swung by Steve's work and hung out there for a short time. We weren't able to stay too long though because Britt, Allie, and I had drama practice at church tonight. I think the practice actually went very well. I really just need to find time to mostly memorize my lines though. After we finished with practice I just went back and hung out with Britt and Allie for the rest of the night. The three of us ended up eating an entire bag of potato chips and a bowl of Chip Dip... That was a pretty good healthy meal I would say. Steve ended up coming by a little later too and he brought a Monty Python movie. I ended up watching the first part of it, but then I realized how utterly stupid and a waste of time that it was. I just decided to go to sleep. I don't think there was a plot to the story... if it was even a story. I did laugh a few times while I was watching it.. but I think I accomplished more in my nap then I would have if I had finished the movie. I ended up just relaxing and napping until around 11:00 when I headed back to campus. I got back and finished doing my reading on another subject and started one more. I only have two more subject to do reading for now. I will still need to study notes and stuff though the day before the test for all of them. Ok well anyway, thats all I have for now, I need to get to bed now. I keep falling asleep. Night!
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Friday, November 12, 2004
I think I'm almost as tired now as I was last night. I was very sleepy all day. I had to wake up early this morning so I could enroll in all my classes before they all filled up. I ended up getting pretty much what I wanted. I also now am offically signed up for a flying class next semester, I'm excited about that. Anyway after getting classes settled I then got ready for class. I ended up staying awake in all of my classes today though despite how tired I was. We played a game in my Economics class so that kept me participating. Then we did flight plans in my Aviation class so I had to use a map and navigate on that. Then in my Computer class I had a full Lab project to work on. So I had to activly participate in all of them which is good. After class though I had to meet up with a professor and return a computer to him that I was working on. Then after that I needed to stop by the church and talk about some stuff with the Pastor. I kind of ran out of time though and didn't quite get to finish, but I had to go to work. I ended up making in there like a minute before I had to be though so I was glad I wasn't late. While I was at work today though I almost passed out like 2 times because I was so tired. I was seeing double vision for part of the day and even had a hard time lifting computers and stuff. It got really bad. I also had a bruise on the bottom of my foot I think from running last night and that kept getting irritated from standing most of the day. Once work was over I was sooo glad I could leave. I really needed to sit down and chill for a bit. I was thinking about going over to the Donneberg's tonight, and Britt, Allie, and I could run some lines for our skit we are doing next month. But I just didn't have the energy for it let alone the time. I really had to get a lesson put together for my prayer groups tonight. I also had quite a bit of studying/projects/work/reading to do tonight. After getting my lesson done and doing a little reading and journaling, I decided I needed to go and talk to Steve some tonight. So I dropped everything and headed over to his dorm. On the walk over there I ended up calling my mom and talking to her for about 15 minutes or so. It was nice to talk to her for the short time I did. After getting to Steve's dorm I went up and tried to find his room (I hadn't been to his room before). I did manage to find it though and we ended up talking about some stuff. Eventually we decided to just take a quick trip and go to Sheetz for a slurpee. It was better that way though anyway because there were a bunch of College for a Weekenders all over the place. We had a good time talking and just spending time with each other. I ended up being there until just before 10:00 because I needed to get back for hallmeeting. So I wasn't really able to get done everythign I needed to tonight again but I think it was worth the sacrafice. After returning to my room I had to get everything ready for Prayer groups and then head to my pre-hallmeeting meeting. It turns out they wanted me to do a skit tonight during the meeting. It was fairly quick and simple but it was just kind of last minute. The meeting did go well however and our skit turned out alright. After that I went and rounded up the guys for prayergroups. It turns out that I did have 3 out of 4 of my guys come tonight.. but I also had 5 College for a weekenders sit in on my group. I was glad I had put together a lesson tonight. I did have to print out some extra note sheets for it though. I think it all went really well considering the amount of people I had crammed in my room. The meeting did go a little long though because of that. I wasn't able to finish until around 11:14ish because we had a time of sharing and prayer requests... that tends to take longer the more people you have. Plus my lesson was a little longer then normal as it was. But anyway, by the time everybody left my energy levels are probably somewhere in the negatives. I am going to head to bed rather early tonight. I need to finish out this week strong. This weekend is still going to be hard though. I am going to have to study pretty extensivly for next week. I have two tests on Tuesday.. and then Three on Wednesday. All I have to say is Thanksgiving break couldn't have come at a better time. Not sure how much of a break it will turn out being though because of what happend with Derek at work and I will end up needing to run the shop at work on my own most of the week. So anyway.. I'm going to take all this one step at a time.. I trust God will empower me those time when I need it. But for now.. the step for me is to go to sleep. Even with all the stuff I have to do, I just have to put it off till tomorrow. Have a wonderful night everyone!
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Thursday, November 11, 2004
Today was a really really long day for me. I wish I had the time and the energy to tell you all about it, but I don't at all. For my meeting tonight we just had a quick informational meeting and they told us to just dress warmly and put on stuff you don't mind sweating in and meet in an hour at the RA's room. Turns out for our meeting tonight we went and did a late night mile run. Then we ran back to the dorms after doing that. It wasn't that hard for me or anything... I didn't have any trouble doing it.. but I just got soooo tired after that. I didn't get a chance to eat anything besides lunch today so that might be why partly. I came back and tried to read some stuff but I am getting nowhere. I'm just going to go to bed.
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Wednesday, November 10, 2004
Today was a pretty good day for a tuesday. I ended up getting my test score back for my aviation test I had last week. I ended up getting a 90% On it. I figured that was pretty good. I wasn't real sure about that test when I took it though. It wasn't so bad afterall though. In my computer class I started working on my final project. There is a main connecting component I will need to figure out how to use before I can proceed further. The teacher had no idea how to do what I wanted to do so she wasn't much help. I'm going to have to figure this one out on my own. I've been kind of working on that here and there throughout the day. Right before going to work today once I finished with classes, I had to stop by the Religon hall and pick up one of the teacher's computers. He wanted me to help him fix it. So I stopped by and grabbed that on my way off campus. Things at work today were a little buiser again. That was good too because I was pretty tired today and if it would have been slow, I probalby would have fallen asleep. The day did seem to go by a little faster today, its always nice when that happends. But after 6:00 rolled around I still couldn't go home though. We were all going to end up staying late again tonight. I told them I would be able to, but I would have to leave as soon as Jonathan called me. Turns out Jonathan wasn't ready to meet until right around 9:00. That about when everybody was going to head out anyway. It was a pretty good evening there though. For dinner I went down and picked up tokyo's (fast food japanese) for everybody. When I got there it turns out there were about 7 of my friends there. The funny thing is though that it was 4 different groups of friends. Two people were there by themselfs and then there was one group of three and another group of two. It was pretty crazy there tonight. That is one popular place I guess. So anyway after we finished up at work and Jonathan had called me. He and I decided to go meet down at the Daily Grind. We ended up being there for about an hour until they closed. Steve and Josh were there too so we got to talk to them for awhile as well. After they closed the store though Jon and I ended up just going and sitting in the car and talking for about another hour or so. It was a great time just talking and hanging out. We had to get going just before 11:00 though - he has to work at 7:00 tomorrow and I needed to get some work done back here tonight. So we just headed back. I tried to work on my project again for a little while but, still didn't have too much luck. I'll have to try again another day... its getting kind of late now. So anyway.. thats pretty much it. Night!
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Tuesday, November 09, 2004
Had to start back up school again today from an exciting weekend. Sometimes I just don't know mondays... I had my test today in Philosophy and I think I actually did pretty good on this one. Probably now that I said that though It will end up being really bad. But I did feel pretty good about it this time. The rest of the day today was just a normal monday morning of class. Things at work were fairly slow today. From a really hectic weekend there we just got caught up and things slowed down a bit. Also today I found out that Derek put in his two week notice at work today. Its just too hard for him to be up here in lynchburg when his wife is down in Rawley NC. They are only able to see each other on weekends. Something had to change.. and he decided it would be his end and he would just move back down with his wife until the timing works out better for her to move up here. So now it looks like we are going to be in the process of looking for someone to work there again. I hope we can get everyting figured out and settled before christmas when I go home for a week. Just kind of keep that in your prayers for now. Then after work I had practice over at the church. We did a few improv excercises and then we worked on our Dessert Theater sketch we are working on. This sketch should turn out nicely if I can find time to memorize my lines well enough. We ended up being at practice until right around 9:00ish. Afterwards I headed over to the Donnebergs to get a few pictures from them and then Jonathan also showed up over there so He and I could work on getting a CD for him. The CD didn't quite work out in making there though, so I ended up having to take it and work on that tonight once I got back. But while we were there we just kind of sat around and talked for a bit. We had some fun changing the answering message on Allie and Britt's cell phones. I also had to fix a problem with the computer while I was there too.. But Jon and I needed to leave around 10:30 to get some things done tonight. So we parted ways and I headed back to campus. I ended up having to park in the pit again tonight so I walked by the Dinning hall on the way back. I hadn't eaten since lunch so I figured I better make a pit stop there before going back to the dorm. After returning to my room I made sure I got that CD done for Jonathan and put that in my bag so I would have it for him tomorrow. Then I started working on publishing the pictures of my flight from yesterday. I managed to get them all up and ready for viewing. You can see them here: www.jerdill.com/photos/liberty Just find the link for "My first time flying a plane" I added a few other pictures to some of the other categories in the JR section too. So anyway have fun looking at all of those. Let me know what you think of them! So anyway now that I got those published I really need to get to bed. Its starting to get late. I hope I can get to sleep ok though. There are about 9 people in my room right now playing Nintendo. Halo2 came out today and my roomate was one of the guys that got it. There was a mad rush for everyone to get a chance to test it out. There is cheering and frustration and playful jest going on all over the place in here tonight. This will be the real test for the "sleep through anything" ability of mine. So with that.. I'm going to attempt to sleep. Night!!
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Monday, November 08, 2004
Today was soo exciting. I got to fly my first airplane today! Everything at church was pretty good, but I won't have time to really say much about that. I just want to tell you all about the flight though. I'll just start from the begining. I was supposed to go and pick up Allie today from Danville (driving). But Steve and I colaborated last night and decided it would just be so much better if we just flew down to pick her up. (Steve has his private pilots licence). So we got everything all organized as much as we could last night and were ready for the flight today. Steve had to leave chuch a little early to prep everything at the airport and get things checked out. Brittany was going to come along for the drive this afternoon.. but during all of this we managed to keep this whole plan a secret to her. So while steve was out doing his thing after church I just went and hung out with Britt for awhile at her house. Later steve finished all he needed to at the airport and he came by her house to just hang out until we had to leave. We still had to finalize our flight plan and get current wind speeds and direction and adjust accordingly so we just claimed that we had some quick homework we needed to do and we put that together at over at thier house. Once we got everything set we waited around and just watched some X-men 2 until 3:30. Then we hopped in the car and "headed to Danville" I was going a different direction then normal so Britt was kinda wondering what was going on. But we then arrived at the airport and then informed her of the details. It was pretty funny. During the whole time Steve and I had this inside joke we kept talking about. We kept saying things like "oh we'll just wing it" and "we'll just fly by the seat of our pants" then on the drive to the airport a song came on and part of they lyrics were "we'll crash and burn" Steve and I started laughing and Britt had no clue. It was awsome. So anyway we did the pre-flight checks and loaded up and headed out. The take off was smooth and we climbed to 4500ft. After we got to cruising altitude Steve let me take over and fly for awhile. It was a lot of fun. Those controls are pretty sensitive though. The plane we took this time (A warrior) didn't have very good insulation and the sound of the plane was pretty loud. It made it very difficult to talk to each other during the flight. That is one reason I'm glad the flight time was only about 30-40minutes. But still it was sure a lot of fun. We pulled some Negative G's while we were up there too just having some fun making things in the cockpit float. As we approached Danville, Steve took over the controls and made the approach. The landing was a bit rough, but I thought it was pretty well done. We ended up getting there about 20 minutes before 5:00 so we had some time to kill before Allie and her dad arrived. Once they got there her brother was really excited to be at the airport (He is 7) We let him see the plane and crawl inside to look around he had the biggest smile. It was soo cute. They ended up standing back and waiting for us to take off and watching us go... This time after taking off when we were only at around 3000ft Steve let me take control. I was able to finish the climb and then level us off at cruising altitude. By this time it was getting to be sundown though so steve just flew the rest of the way back mostly. I just took some pictures and the rest of us watched the sun set to the left side of us. It was pretty dark by the time we got back at 6:00 though (stupid Daylight savings). But I was able to see how to remotely turn on the runway lights on the approach and land on the runway amongst all the rest of the city lights. That was pretty cool. This time Steve did a really really good landing. We could have had a full cup of coffee on our laps and not spilled a single drop. I gotta give him props for that one. We landed on the Falwell airport and that airport has a pretty steep incline I would have thought that would have been more difficult.. but apparently not. So anyway that was pretty much what happend on my first flying. I sure had a great time and I learned quite a bit. After closing up at the airport we all piled back in my van and headed back to the house. Driving a car again was kind of weird after flying for a little over an hour. After getting to the house Steve had to rush over to the church to run part of the Youth Ministry there tonight. While he was doign that Britt, Allie, and I swung by Libety to pick up charlie and the four of us went out to get some icecream. But after that was got bored and decided to just sit in the parking lot at church and wait for steve to finish with the kids. After he emerged from the building we kidnapped him and went to rent a movie (A Knights Tale). Then we went back to the house and just chilled and watched that the rest of the evening. It was a good time to relax after a long day today of rushing (and flying) around all over the place. But after it was over we did kind of have to leave in a hurry so I could get back and do some last minute studying and make sure I had time to blog before I forgot details. So I hope I didn't leave anything out. I do have a few pictures that I took from the day that I will be publishing on my photos section soon but I won't get around to it for a few days probably... I want to get the pics Allie and Britt took too and get them all togetehr. So I'll just wait till then. But for now, I need to head to bed now. I have a test in Philosphy tomorrow. Pray for me if you think about it @ 11:20 Thanks! Have a great night just like I had a great and exciting day!
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Sunday, November 07, 2004
Well I ended up sleeping on the couch last night over at the D-berg's. Jake was all super cuddly with me.. that was really cool. I miss falling asleep with my dog. Anyway I ended up waking up around 9:00 and getting ready for work. By the time I was ready to head out Brittany was still asleep. I wasn't able to say good-bye or anything to her. BJ was in her room but she was talking on the phone with someone so I didn't want to interupt her either.. so I just let myself out and headed to work. It was a good day at work today. We really cleaned up our work load. When we open up on monday we'll only have like 5 computers to fix - thats always nice. After work I just came back to my room and worked on some homework and some girl's computer I'm trying to fix today. I had to do some studying for my Philosophy class. I got the computer working and I think I did alright with my studying.. but I had to take a break and go to dinner. I ended up going and eating dinner with Han tonight. Its been awhile since we just sat and talked and hung out. It was only like for a half hour though over dinner but it was still better then nothing. (like it's been lately...nothing). After dinner I just came back to my room for abit and did some more studying... Shortly after that Brittany called. She ended up getting off work earlier then I though she would so we were going to figure out something to do. We decided to just go see another movie tonight. Steve by this time was out doing his own thing so we called him and he decided to meet us a little later just before the movie started. So britt just came to Liberty and I hung out with her for awhile here on campus while we waited for Steve to get there. Once he arrived we all went to go see "Taxi" I thought it was a good entertaining movie. It was a good comedy/Action movie. Right after it was over though I said my quick good-byes to Steve and Britt and headed back to campus. On the drive back I called Allie at her dad's (she called me while I was in the movie) So I talked to her for a while and then came back to my room again. After getting here it turn out my ex-roomate needed work done on his computer.. so I figured I would help him out it was going to just be a quick fix. While I fixed that I talked to steve online for awhile and we made some plans for tomorrow. I don't know if they will work or not yet but if they do it will be very cool..I'll tell you all about it tomorrow night if it works out. Anyway.. now I got the computer all fixed and I think I'm done with my studies for the night. I'm just going to head to bed now. Hope you all have a good night!
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Saturday, November 06, 2004
Well... it was friday today. That was nice. Fairly normal day though - Devotions were pretty good this morning which you can read about in the below post. But it was more or less a very normal day. Classes.. Ministry Chapel.. then Classes some more. After school I headed to work. We caught up pretty good compared to how bogged down and busy we were yesterday. It was nice to catch back up some. After work I went back to my dorm and did a little bit of homework. Then Steve came by and we hung out for about an hour while we waited to meet up with Brittany. She came to my window finally around 7:45 or so. We then decided to go see a 9:05 movie so we had like an hour to kill between times. So we just went to Barnes and Noble and chilled there for awhile. Once it got close to 9:00 we headed back to the movie theater.. We were going to watch some Napolean movie but it was sold out by the time we got there.. so we instead decided to see a 9:40 showing of Anaconda. We just killed a little time until then and then headed back to the theater. The movie was actually pretty decent for what it was.. its nothing I would rent or buy.. but it was alright for the dollar fifty. Besides the violence it was pretty clean too. After the movie Steve and Britt and I came back to her house and we were going to highlight Steve's Hair. They are still out there doing some last minute touch ups but they should be finishing up fairly shortly.. I am just going to stay the night here.. I'm kinda tired and don't really feel like driving back to campus.. I"m going to go help them clean up from the hair coloring and then most likely hit the couch.. So with that.. I'm outa here! Night!
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Friday, November 05, 2004
Read last nights post before you read this:

I woke up this morning and read "My Utmost for His Highest" It was very good how it related to what I had said last night. It talked about "If you are going to be used by God, He will take you through a multitude of experiences that are not meant for you at all".. the entire first paragraph was just really good. Take a look and read it here if you would like Nov 5th - My Utmost

"Rejoice, inasmuch as ye are partakers of Christ's sufferings." 1 Peter 4:13
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Everything was pretty normal today classwise. I did have that test in my Aviation class though - that was a little rought this time. We had to plot out specs with flight charts and make calculation according to windspeed and air pressure. There was just a lot of stuff we had to do for the test. I don't know how well I did... I'll have to let you know when I get it back. After all my classes were over I headed back to my room really quick before going to work to grab a jacket. It was pouring down rain pretty bad on my way to work and it was fairly cold outside. But I got to work a little early today and jumped right into fixing the computers. We were very very busy today. Every bench was full as far as computers to work on and we had about 7 waiting in line under the bench. I worked pretty hard to today to keep up, but it didn't even feel like we made that big of a dent today.. Oh well tomorrow should go a little better. After work I came back and grabbed some take out dinner and went to my room to study the rest of the night. I realized I need to read about three chapters each out of like four of my text books. I have tests in all of my classes next week. I finished reading two out of my philosophy book tonight. I also had to work on three people's computers tonight while I did that. Then I had to take a break for about an hour and go to hall meeting and do my prayergroup stuff. Instead of doing a lesson tonight I had a survey for the guys to do instead that reflected thier spiritual life. That took about 10 minutes or so, so I didn't teach. I just took requests and had prayer after they were done with that. Then once they all left I did a little more homework. But then I had a phonecall from a friend that was stuggling with a relationship and really needed someone to talk to and a little guidance. I gave a few encouraging words and was an ear to listen for them.. I hope I helped a little bit. I think we talked for about 15 minutes or so. Through the books I've read on dating and relationship and the first hand experiences I've gone through personally in that area - they have really been helpful in dealing with people going through the same thing. I've haven't really had to help people in that area in the past but lately its been all around me and God had really used those experiences and knowledge to counsel and help others in need. Everything truly does work together for good. Sometimes you just have to take time to sit and see the big picture. Othertimes no matter how hard you look you just can't see the big pictures yet... thats when you have to wait and let it be revealed to you in due time. But either way, just remember when God paints the picture it will always be beautful when fully uncovered.
So anyway, I think I've finished up all I can do for tonight. Its time for me to head to bed. I hope you all have a great night and a great Friday tomorrow. G'night!
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Thursday, November 04, 2004
Well.. the election is over. Kerry conceded victory to Bush around 11:00am this morning. Looks like America gets to have another great four years with Mr. Bush in office. When I woke up this morning and went to my first class people were still tetering between who will have won. By this time I knew it was pretty much over already though, but just was waiting for the confirm. So anyway after sitting through Theology and Biology I headed over to Chapel. Today was Military Emphasis day so they had a bunch of people represented from the military forces. We had a bunch of speakers talk today, all of them were people who had fought in Iraq. The main speaker though was the Chaplin who was over the first batalion to go into Iraq. He told of the many miracles that had happended during those battles in the desert. There was no other explaination for the safety of the men except for a squadrin of Angels that must have been right along side them the whole time. I wish I could tell some of his stories, but I couldn't do them justice.. nor do I have the time. Chapel was very good today. It ended up going over 10 minutes though so my Philosophy class was cut a little short. Of course that wasn't a problem for me at all. After class I grabbed some lunch and went back to my room to work on some stuff until I needed to go to work. Then today I had to go out and do a quick service call over at Werhouser. It was just going to be one where I can assess the situation and grab the equipment and fix it all back at the shop. They ended up wanting me to stick around for a little bit and make sure I knew exactly how everything worked. I ended up being there for just under an hour... while I was gone Chuck and Jo stopped by my work and wanted to look at a laptop, unfortunatly since I wasn't there I couldn't help them. So they just had to talk to Derek instead. I ended up getting back about 5 minutes after they left. I wasn't there for too long though again because I had a meeting I needed to attend back on campus for about an hour. It was another meeting for my missions trip I'm going on in March. At the meeting today they had some brazilian food samples we could try. It was pretty good stuff, I liked both dishes they had for us. It was a good meeting and after it was over I just headed back to work for the remainder of the day. Once we closed up I then went to church, I got there kind of early though so I just worked on some stuff in the office until people started coming. We had a prayer meeting tonight and then also a communinion service, That was nice. Afterwards I hung out for a little bit and talked with some people then I decided to go over to Allie's house and play a game of scrabble. After getting there I first went in and talked to Chuck a little bit about getting a new laptop. I showed him one we had at my work and then we also went through to look at some new computers as well. That ended up taking a little bit of time and Allie and I didn't get our scabble game started until like 9:15. It was not too big of a deal though, we ended up getting it done just in time. Apparently I ended up winning with the word "cin" with a winning margine of about 35 points. But I came home and looked it up and I don't think it was a real word. I saw it as an abreviation but that was about it. So technically since it wasn't a real word Allie would have won that possibly. So I don't really know.. Anyway right after getting done I had to hurry up and head out because I had some things I needed to do tonight. I didn't really get much of it done unfortuatly though.. One of the things I needed to do tonight just took up most of the time. I'm too tired now to finish it all now... I just have to go to sleep. I have a test tomorrow in my Aviation class so if you think about that tomorrow at 9:00 say a quick prayer for me.. Anyway have a good night!
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Wednesday, November 03, 2004
Looks like the only thing exciting to mention for me today is about the election. I just had classes and work like normal. I stayed after work for a few hours tonight and we played some games and caught up with work a little bit. Afterwards I just came back here and did some studying.. I also took about a 30 minute break and published pictures of the skit I did on sunday on the internet www.jerdill.com/photos/liberty. Right now I'm just kind of waiting out the results of the election. I think I better go to bed shortly though... I'll just have to see the final results in the morning. Thats it for me today! G'nite
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Monday, November 01, 2004
Today turned out to be a pretty good day. I went to all my classes like normal and also our chapel service. Nothign really exciting happend in those though. After classes I had to have a meeting with one of my professors. I ended up going to class late on a day I had a paper due so because of that he counted the paper late also. It would have affected my score if I didn't go talk to him. God really worked and saved the day on that though. The teacher decided to let it slide this time because I haven't been late to his class before.. and I've been to class every day. This is one of those classes that he doesn't take attendance in or anythign so I normally wouldn't even have to go.. but since I go anyway I think thats why he had compassion. Only about 25% of the class normaly shows up. So anyway God was good and helped me out in that situation. After the meeting I went and grabbed some lunch then went to work. Everything seemed to go pretty good at work today. Andy was back now so we were able to catch up a little more. After work, I just headed to my dorm to do some studying and work on a few things. Then at around 7:15 Jonathan and I met for accountablity. He ended up coming here and we just talked in my room for a little over an hour. My roomate was out playing soccer so it was nice and quiet here and it worked pretty good. He just got back from his trip to Texas this weekend so it was good to spend some time with him again. We didn't really do anything much afterwards though He had to go pick up his brother and I needed to get some homework done and then I had a meeting I had to be at at 9:00. So he just left around 8:45. My meeting was a little boring tonight though... they just talked about the election and all kinds of stuff I already knew so I was ready to leave by the time it was over. So after that I just came back to my room and worked on some more homework and looked at getting my schedule figured out for next semester. I also talked to my sister and my mom for a bit. But I think I'm going to try and turn in a little early tonight. I'm kind of tired.. but mostly my legs are hurting really bad tonight. I think I just need to lay down and get off of them for the night. I'm not sure what is causing it. Last night they were bothering me quite a bit too. But anyway.. yeah. I'm going to head to bed, I can't really even study that well like this, its hard to concentrate. So good night!
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Today was an amazing event filled day. This morning I ended up waking up like an hour earlier then normals (which turns out about the same considering the time change last night).. but I needed the extra time to get dressed up and do my hair extra special today. I was part of a skit at church and I needed a good outfit to go along with my character. (I shoped for like 3 hours trying to find it yesterday) But It turned out really good once I had it all done. It turns out that multiple people thought it looked good on me and it should just be my new look. We'll see. Anyway, I also had to get powerpoint all setup and stuff for worship this morning at church. Heather was able to run it though so I was able to sit down with the congreation and then be ready to do the skit as soon as we were ready. I'm really glad to have her help. From what I hear our skit was really good and everybody enjoyed it. It fit really well with the sermon too. It was called "McJesus" and we were in a fast food setting and we were able to order Jesus whatever way we wanted. Allie was the Cashier and Dorothy played one person that would want a Jesus who would answer all her prayers and not let anything bad happen to her. Jodi wanted a Jesus who would let her do certian things and get away with it. Then I played a guy who wanted just enough Jesus to make me comfortable.."not enough to make me a fanatic or have to become a missionary or anything" but I ordered it while preoccupied with "hitting" on the Cashier. I got quite a few laughs out of it. Then the final person wanted to order the Real Jesus but this "fast jesus" restaruant didn't have any of those. It went well with Pastor Johns Sermon called "Who is the Jesus of the Bible". Also during the church service today the pastor had me go up on stage and he told the church about my upcoming missions trip. He then prayed for me about it with the church. That was unexpected but it was pretty cool. After chuch was over I ended up going over to the Donneberg's house for lunch and Charlie came along with me too. We stayed there for a little bit and then after dropping off Charlie back at campus Allie and Britt and I headed over to a house blessing part at the Dobyns who had just movied into there house a little over a week ago. I would say about 80% of the regular attenders from church showed up for support there too. It was fun to see the house and just hang out there for a bit. After leaving there we kind of drove around for a bit trying to figure out something to do and call some friends to hang out somewhere. In the end we ended up going back to the Donneberg's and having a Bon Fire in the back yard with S'Mores. That was fun, and a very nice night weather wise to do that in. We stayed out there until the fire started to die down really low. I went inside one the first was dim and read a chapter of my Philosophy homework. While I did that everybody else decided to watch a movie called "Radio". I kind of watched it here and there, but I dont' really have an opinion on it since I just read most of the time it was on. Tori and Jonathan showed up a around 9:30 to join us. They weren't there very long though because we all left the house just after 11:00. Something really funny happend once I got back to campus though. I ended up having to park in the pit again tonight because there wasn't any open places near my dorm. So I had to make the 1/2 mile walk back to my dorm after parking. I ended up cutting through the Vines center before reaching my dorm. There were some people in the vines center jogging just doing some evening excercing I guess. Well there were two girls in there just running laps I guess.. but as I walked by both of them while they were running, one of the girls was looking at me the whole time and like turned her head like backwards almost while running. As I passed her about a few yards she ends up running into a cement divider because she wasn't looking where she was going. I heard her friend start laughing.. I just kind of kept walking and didn't really turn around again but man that was soooo funny. I guess she really liked my new shirt or something. So anyway after that little mishap I was safely back at my dorm. After getting back here I checked my e-mail and I found out that Washington State Voting Commitee had E-mailed me my absentee Balott. I guess there were some weird problems with my first request or something so they had to resort to that. But I was glad to see that. So I printed it out and filled out all the paperwork stuff and got it ready to mail tomorrow. I hope I got it all done right. It doesn't really have to get to the place by Nov 2nd though.. It just has to be postmarked by that date and they will still count it. But that was my first time voting so it was pretty cool. (Too bad I cant really go to the polls and try it). I also had to fix some girls comptuer tonight too while I was working on all this other stuff.. I"m finishing that up right now as I type this. But I think I'm done now with everythign I need to get done tonight.. so I'm going to get ready for bed and get this girl's computer ready so she can get it tomorrow. So for now I'll say Farwell my friends!
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