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Friday, April 29, 2005
Today was a pretty good day. I only had one class and it was only 10 minutes long. We had a project due today in that class and so we all went to turn it in, and the teacher was like "ok you've worked hard enough you can go" So that was pretty good. I then had lots of extra time to get some reading done and a little more homework. Once Allie's classes got out I ended up meeting her and we ate lunch together. Then She followed me to the mechanics shop and I dropped off my car for a complete tune up and then she drove me around to a few errands before she dropped me off at work. We had about a half hour of idle time after getting everything done before work though, so we went and sat at a park overlooking a small lake and just talked for awhile. Things at work were kind of slow so the day just seemed to creep along. It felt like I was there forever. But finally the end of the day came and I was able to close up. Allie came and hung out with me at work for the last 15minutes or so since she would be giving me a ride back to campus. (Isn't she the greatest!). Instead of going directly back to campus after work we ended up doing a little bit of shopping. We both had a few things we needed to pick up from Wally World, then I also needed to get some new shoes, and another pair of Kakhi pants (one of mine had a big stain on it so I can't wear it anymore). All of that ended up taking almost three hours so we missed dinner completely. I ended up just getting Little Cesars Pizza for us and then I also got two more larges and brought those to my prayer group tonight. By the time we got back to our dorms after parking and stuff it was about 9:30 and I still had to look over and prepare for my prayergroup lesson after hall meeting. It all worked out though and prayergroups went really well. They all loved the Pizza too. Robert ended up sitting in on my group tonight and it was nice to have him visit. After it was all over though I still had homework to do and I needed to pack for the weekend. Then I kept getting interupted from guys coming in my room who needed something. I think there was about 7 guys tonight that did that. It sure makes it hard to do homework. I wanted to get to bed a little earlier tonight but I guess thats not happening again. Now that its almost 2:00am I can finally get some sleep. Night.
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Thursday, April 28, 2005
late again.. I at least got all the homework done that I needed to tonight. This morning I decided to skip my first class. I needed to just sleep. It worked out best that I did though because I was then able to go to the early prayer leader meeting and get it out of the way so I wouldn't have to later. That opened up my timeslot after convo and I went to go look at a place to stay for the summer. It is a very good possibility but I think I'll look at one more spot first before I decide on anything. Its a little farther from work then I would have liked and I wouldn't be able to get highspeed internet there. But if it comes down to needing it.. I would take it. I've been kind of stressed all day today. I just had soooo many things I needed to get done and no time to do it in. Today would have been a good day to take off of work to get everything done, but Since i"m already taking Friday and Saturday off I didn't want to ask for today off too. Anyway.. I am still going to bed late, but I think I managed to get it all accomplished still. So anyway.. thats enough outa me. I need to get to bed. Good night.
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Wednesday, April 27, 2005
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Tuesday, April 26, 2005
OK.. well today was monday. You know how that works out. Also I was going to try and fly today but it was just very windy here today so that never happend. On the bright side, I did have the privledge of going to dinner with Allie tonight after work before we went to our dorms for the evening. So that was great! After getting to my dorm I tried to do some homework but it didn't work, so I just took a nap for two hours. I managed to wake up and get some actual work done somewhat after my nap though. I also helped my Sister out with a computer problem she was having. Anyway.. I'm going to go sleep some more now. NIght
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Sunday, April 24, 2005
Hey Today was awsome! I got to go on a date with someone special!! (Name starts with an "A" and ends with a "ie" and there is a "ll" somewhere in the middle of that)I had a great time. We went to an indian restaraunt in downtown roanoke and then went to see a movie. Then we just drove around the city for a little bit and stopped at a little coffee shop before heading back to Lynchburg. I did lots of other stuff today too but its really not worth talking about compared to that... so I'm just going to dedicate this blog to that and be done. It was great!!! Night!
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Saturday, April 23, 2005
In my science class today we had a very fun and interesting class. We did a study on animal behavor. For this experiement the animal we were testing was a Beta Fish. They are really territorial and agreessive fish. We had to do certain things to them to see what kind of reaction we would get out of them. FOr some we held up a mirror to them, others we put random shaped objects infront of them. We also put two fish together in the same tank. They got pretty feisty. Those fish are pretty cool. You don't want to mess with those bad guys. After Chapel I went house hunting today to find a place for the summer. I have a few potentials, but Highspeed internet isn't available there yet so I am goign to try and look a few other places first. Then while I was out I did my devotions on top of Liberty Mountain in the bald spot.. there was a little fog over the city this morning too so that looked kind of cool. It was nice to have a little bit of change of scenery to meet with God in. I then headed back to campus for my last class then went to work as usual. While I was at work, my back started to wig out on me in some spots and I had some weird shoots of pain here and there. I decided to just run next door and get some adjustments done from the chiropractor.. it was really cool. He had mentioned how the way my spine was set it pressed up against the nerves and those nerves could be responsible for my sinues being clogged up. After he finished doing his thing.. about an hour or so later my siniuses started to clear up.. it was pretty cool. I never would have thought that. So once work got done for me I headed over to the church to help setup for the movie night. The movie they were playing was The Incredibles.. I had only seen it once before but I kinda fell asleep in vairus parts of the movie so I'm not sure if I can really say I saw it for the second time tonight. But anyway.. it was still pretty fun to just hang out with people. After leaving the church Allie and I hung out for awhile driving around listening to music and talking about stuff. It was pretty cool. My girlfriend is awesome! Sorry about bragging about her incredibleness again... I just can't keep quiet about it. You're just going to have to get used to it. *~Big Smile From Me~* :-D Night!
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Friday, April 22, 2005
Today I wasn't feeling very well. I"m not sure if I'm on the virge of getting sick or if it was just a weird day.. but I've had the sniffles a little and kind of a scratchy throat. I've also been really sore today from my pull up contest thing I did wednesday. Its possible that its all been related, but I"m not sure. I hope it doesn't get any worse. Anyway today was a pretty good day. I woke up early today and did my devotions so I could use my break after my first class to study for a test instead. I was really sleepy this morning though so it was hard to concentrate. But my studying went well I think because the test seemed fairly easy to me (for Aviation). After that class I then met up with Allie for lunch. We decided to get Sub sandwiches for takeout today and we had a nice little picnic out on the grass in the bright sun. It was really nice. Then after eating we talked some about the book we are both reading "Boundaries in Dating" and discussed some of our devotional times we had this week. It was really cool! I'll be looking forward to that every week. Anyway we then had to head over to work after that and the rest of the day was pretty normal for me at work. After work I grabbed takeout for dinner then came right back to my room for the rest of the evening. I had to work on a computer for someone so I managed to get that done tonight. I also had a little bit of homework to do but actually not that much so that was cool. Anyway then we had our regular hall meeting things. For prayer groups tonight I didn't actually lead my group tonight. Instead, one of the guys that is going to be a prayerleader on this hall next year took over tonight and did a "practice run". It actually kind of encouraged me because while I sat in on him leading my group he mentioned how he was in my prayer group last year and felt like it was one of the best groups he had been in so far. And then he said he was going to run the meeting tonight basicly the same way I ran mine when he was in it. That was really cool to see and I'm glad I'm doing things right. I hope all my guys feel the same way!! =oD After groups was over I ended up talking to my mom a little bit and I found out that a kind of indirect relative of mine died today. Thats pretty sad. Two people I was fairly close to has died in the last seven days. They were both on the older side of life and thier time was here, but its still sad. After talking to my mom I then ended up having some accountablity time with Robert tonight. The funny thing is.. I was actually going to try and make it to bed by midnight tonight. That just never seems to happen does it. Oh well.. maybe once summer gets here I'll actually have the chance to sleep a little. Ok anyway I am going to get to sleep now. Good night everybody!

PS. I'm really excited about Saturday!!! Yay!!
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Wednesday, April 20, 2005
Hey.. I wanted to get to bed fairly early tonight, but that didn't work out as I had planned. I got back and ended up talking to Robert tonight (good that I did) and then I also stayed up and talk to my mom as well. So, yeah it got pretty late on me pretty quick. My day was pretty good though and it was beautiful weather too. My class got out pretty early today as well, so did Allie and Jonathan's. So we decided to just eat lunch outside today in the courtyard. Oh there was a Marines Challenge thing going on there too and if you did it you could win prizes for how many pull up you could do. If I would have made 20 I could have won the t-shirt but stupid weakling old me only made 19... (what a loser) lol. On the bright side everybody else that I saw do the challenge couldn't make over 15 so I guess I didn't do too bad. Anyway lunch was pretty good today being able to eat outside. Then of course I had to go to work as always but tonight we stayed late so I didn't end up leaving until a little after 8:00. After I was finally released I headed to the Donnebergs again because I needed to do another quick fix for Jo's computer. I also had some more of the amazing chili she made on sunday.. yummy yummy. Allie made cookies too so I munched on some of those. But after I got done eating and fixing computers we went downstairs and I attemtped to get some homework done.. You gotta at least give me credit for taking the books out of my backpack.. but thats about as far as I made it. The rest of the time I ended up falling asleep on Allie's shoulder. How long has it been since I last mentioned how awsome and cool and beautiful (and soft) my girlfriend is. Ok its been at least a few hours.. I think its time to do it again. My girlfriend is awsome and cool and beautiful and actually she makes an incredible pillow too. Ok that should hold me over at least for the night. Ok well it started to draw closer to curfew time so we had to get up and head back to campus. After getting here I decided to wait for awhile so I could call my mom and wish her a Happy Birthday.. but the phone was busy for a really long time so I just kept waiting. Meanwhile, as I mentioned above I had the opportunity to talk to Robert for a little bit tonight so I ended up doing that for awhile. After he headed to bed the phone was free finally back home so I was able to get ahold of Mommy and tell her how much I loved her (even though she is a little bit older) and then just talk some about things going on lately. It was a good chat... unfortunatly it is pretty late now though and I really need to get to bed (wanted to like an hour and a half ago) so I am just going to post this and crawl in bed. Night!
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Tuesday, April 19, 2005
Hey Today was Cool, unfortunatly its kinda late so I won't go into much detail in describing it. First of all I did have my test today.. and unfortunatly I don't think I did very well on it. We'll see what happends with it though. I also found out the score on my last accounting test. yeah I ended up getting a 69 on that one. But with the class average as a 70 I guess thats not too bad after all. On a lighter side I did end up going flying today after work. We flew right up until dark and I had to make a landing in the dark. that was kinda cool. Other then that I landed about 5 times total in practicing today. All but one was pretty much by myself.. (that one I screwed up pretty bad). Oh and I also didn't get woozie at all today... we even spun around and all kinds of stuff. All those who have been praying for that thankyou.. it looks like its working. After flying I went back to campus and ate some dinner at late night with Allie before retiring to my dorm for the night. But now I"m going to go to bed Good night to you all!

PS. Happy birthday Mommy!!! I Love you! Don't worry... your not that old! =)
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Monday, April 18, 2005
I ended up doing a lot of fun stuff this weekend. The only homework I really needed to do this weekend was study for an exam I have coming up tomorrow. So Saturday I worked as usual, then afterwards I was able to take Jonathan, Allie, and Bekah all out to dinner and a movie. We went to see Phantom of the Opera. After that I ended up dropping Bekah off back on campus and I stopped in my dorm to gather my things together since I would spend the night over at the Donnebergs that night. I actually had to get Jo's computer all fixed up and ready to go for her because it pretty much needed a major overhaul. I got most of it finished except for one thing I need to wait on Pete for. Once everybody went to bed, I then had to get everything ready for Powerpoint at church this morning.. I still ended up getting to bed fairly early though.. sorry I didn't blog. It just slipped my mind not doing my regular routine since I was at thier house.

Then today I had a great time! First I woke up early and went to church as usual for worship team practice. Turns out he ended up changing some of the songs on me again this morning so I had to get those all re-worked up before the service. But the service did go well and the sermon was pretty good on Second Chances. Then things this afternoon were a lot of fun too. I went to the D-bergs for lunch and Han ended up coming too. Its always nice to have Han around since we hardly ever get to see him. So anyway Jo made some of the best chili I've had in awhile and I had like two helpings of it... then after lunch Allie and I attempted to get some homework done. I kind of dozed off though.. but thats pretty much normal now anyway. Later on Allie and I decided to go out and try witnessing. We got some flowers and took them to some of the old people's home then tried to talk to some of them. But unfortunatly we didn't really have any luck there. Most of them were either incoherant, or were pretty much already church goers. We would have possibly had an opportunity to witness to one of the nurses but by the time we at least had an opening one of the older ladies started bleeding so we had to let her go take care of that. We then drove around for awhile trying to figure out where to go next and I came up with going and walking around the james River for awhile to see if any opportunies arose to witness to the other people walking the trails around there. There were actually a lot of people around there but an opportunity still never opened up to start a conversation with any of those people. That wasn't a complete waste of time though by any means. It was awsome just taking a nice leasurley walk with a beautiful girl by my side enjoying Gods creation all around us. We had some good converstation and told stories of other times we had each gone hiking with friends and things. Allie had worn some pretty uncomfortable shoes though so her feet were hurting really bad for most of the walk back. I gave her a piggy back ride for part the walk back, but she said she felt stupid with me carrying her so she decided to just bare hurting feet instead. Anyway it was just a beautful day outside and I had a really really great time hanging out with my girlfriend trying to witness to people. Its unfortunate no opportunites arose the entire afternoon, but we still had fun. After returning home, we met up with Britt and Robert and we hung out on the trampoline for a little bit outside. Then we went inside and we had to finish our homework. Steve also ended up coming by because he was going to stay there for the night. So Allie and I talked to him for a good while before we became completely engrossed in our studies. I got most of mine done and then I slept the rest of the evening until we had to leave. Allie still had a lot to do but she fell asleep too. I think both of us needed the naps though because according to Jo we "looked like zombies". Anyway we managed to wake up (with much difficutly I might add) and get back to campus in time for curfew. So anyway, I thought today was a very very good day and now I"m good and tired and ready to sleep. So with that.. I'm going to do the Z thang! ZZZZZZzzzzz
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Saturday, April 16, 2005
Today was a pretty cool day. We had a special convocation that showed parts of all the missions trip Liberty did over Spring Break. I had to go sit in a group with my team. It felt great to be back in that "team" again. Too bad it had to be over... Then when it came time for them to talk about the Brazil trip they barely said anything. We had a short two minute video or something and then they just went on to the next country.. all the other countries had someone come up and speak about it, while they showed pictures and everything. I thought that was pretty crappy they didn't do much for ours... ours was just as cool! Anyway after all that was over Jonathan and I hung out for about an hour afterwards. We both ate lunch together and just sat and talked for awhile it was good times. I had to get going to a class though after that. Speaking of that, that class was all review and stuff because I am having a test in it on Monday.. I really need to get some studying done for that this weekend. Hopefully won't be too long. Ok after school I headed over to work as usual and we've kind of picked up buisness wise a little bit so things seem to go fast when that happends. After work I headed over to the Donnebergs house and I hung out with the family for awhile. Chuck and I even went out hunting in the woods behind thier house for awhile.. that was great! Then mom made a great dinner that I throughly enjoyed and we lounged in the basement for awhile until the "gang" came over. Rob, Jonathan, and Allie ended up showing up so we decided to go to the movies and see "National Treasure" I thought it was a great movie... and I even stayed awake the entire time! Thats gotta be some kind of record for me =). Ok so we ended up getting back on campus about 11:30ish and I gathered things together from the day. Now I'm all ready to go to bed! I'm excited for tomorrow though because I get to wake up and eat breakfast with my girlfriend before work. YAY!

PS.. didn't make it to bed quite before 1:00 tonight.. but look fairly close.. not too bad right?
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Friday, April 15, 2005
Hey everybody.. I think my group presentation went well today. I'm glad those are pretty much over, now I can get some sleep. So yeah.. thats all I'm going to say right now because yeah.. I'm going to get some sleep... check out the time.. (before 1:00 baby yeah!) Sleep for mezzzzz ZZZZZZZZ.....
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Thursday, April 14, 2005
Last couple days the homework loads have been killer. I've gone to sleep around 3:00ish every night. I even had to take off work early yesterday so I could come back and sleep some. I was basicly useless to them at work in that state. I managed to take about a three hour nap so that was really good. It held me over long enough to get studying done for the Accounting test I had today. I still ended up staying up late last night (3:30) to get all the studying done, but its good I had that nap because I actually wasn't all that tired today considering. On a postive note, I think I did a really good job on this accounting test today. I know not an A or anything, but maybe I pulled off a C or B possibly. After getting done with classes and about to head to work.. I couldn't remember where I had parked again yesterday. I got back home from work early in a zombie state... I never commited the parking spot to memory when I got out and walked to my room. So I ended up walking all across campus today until I found it.. that is always really annoying. At work today I was pretty alert and awake the whole time too. It was amazing how that worked out since I had gone to bed so late last night.. But after work I headed on over to church and I did end up getting sleepy there. We had a little bible study on the Holy Spirit. After church Allie and I came back to campus and checked out the Prayerleader fair. Allie needs to find out what hall she is staying in for next year so she can sign up for a prayer leader position. It was fun doing that though. I went around to booths of a lot of people I knew and said hi. I even jokingly signed up for prayer leader postions on some of the female dorms (don't worry I asked if I could first so they knew). Anyway after that little convention Allie and I headed on up to the computer Lab and she worked on some of her homework, and I had to meet up with a group for a pesentation we have due tomorrow. We ended up staying there kind of late and when I finally got back to my room, the team members from my group had finally e-mailed me thier parts (15 minutes before I got there) so I could get the powerpoint slides all setup with them. They are big procrastinators and they force me to have late nights to get things ready the night before something is due... Group work I am begining to dislike. I think that was our last main project for the semester though so it should be over now. Anyway while I waited for my slacker group to get everything ready to go I had an awsome time hanging out with my beautiful girlfriend of now one week. Ah yes, she is strikingly georgous and she has a personality to die for... She is the bestest Girlfriend a guy could have.. and I got her!!!! Hahahah. Ok anyway, I have the powerpoint all setup now so I better get to sleep in order be rested for the presentation at 8:00 tomorrow morning. Pray it all goes well! Boa Noite!!
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Tuesday, April 12, 2005
Ok guys.. I've been really behind lately when it comes to blogging. I have been way to busy and honestly..school and sleep has been more of a priority to me, I've gone to sleep the last few night past 2:00am and this night is no exception. I've had homework, I've been working on, then sunday I had to wake up super early to get things setup for that morning because I never had a chance to do it during the week like normal. Last night I went to sleep at 3:00am because I had to finalize my accounting homework for class today. Even though I went to bed so late.. surprisingly I wasn't as tired as one would think. Allie gave me some coffee before class and I think that might have helped me stay awake today. I was actually not very tired all day. I even went flying tonight and wasn't tired. I went flying on Saturday too, but I don't think I blogged about that. These last two times flying I never had a problem with feeling woozie. I did a lot of landings and takeoffs and we even did some circles and stuff. My stomach handled it all just fine. I've flown about 3.5hours these last couple days. Its been pretty good. Its been pretty expensive doing that too. Its costed about $320 to do all that flying. Gods been good and he always provides though. The money has always been there. Tonight has been another crazy night for me. I won't be getting any sleep again. I might have been able to sleep quite a bit earlier but I had a stupid useless meeting that lasted for like an hour tonight. Because of that my entire schedule got thrown off and I couldn't get anything done early. So yeah.. now I'm stuck going to bed at 3:30am again and will have a wake up call at 6:30am tomorrow morning. What I wouldn't give for just a day I can sleep until like 1:00pm or something. Anyway.. I wish I could go into detail about all the cool things that happend this weekend and the good times I had, but I'm not going to and I'm sure you can understand why. So I'm done blogging.

PS. I did need to throw this in however: There seems to have been a slight misconception about the status of the relationship between Allie and I. (see comments for yesterday) I need to clarify that the idea of being engaged is false. We are still just in the dating stages and we are following the Lords leading one step at a time. Currently we are just working on the first few steps... sorry for all those who were really excited.
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Saturday, April 09, 2005
Hey everybody! I'm actually awake tonight and I have the energy to write a good blog. I ended up sleeping really well last night, and also part of my energy now is residual left over from the awsome first "offical" date Allie and I went on tonight. Oh and just on a side note.. my girlfriend is amazing!! I'll speak more on that later but to start things off tonight, maybe I'll fill you all in with the great thing that has happend in my life. It all started on Wednesday (April 6th). The lord has been telling me clearly lately that the time to act and move forward has come. I knew I needed to act and not wait any longer. So on tuesday I had some counseling by a very wise great man that means a lot to me (Also Allie's Poppa) and the final cicumstance lined up and allowed me to proceed. So Tuesday night I went and did some shopping at a few places to gather a bunch of flowers (about 80 or so), some poster board, Candy, stuffed animals, balloons.... basicly all the ingredients for my recipe to ask out the girl that has captured my heart.

Once I had all my ingredients it was time to prepare.. I ended up staying awake until around 2:30 getting everything setup. I even wrote a poem all by myself! I put each verse of the poem on a different poster board using large print that I typed out on the computer. By the time I was done.. I was too excited to sleep. I did end up laying down and attempting to sleep but I think I only got about two hours of sleep that night. If you know me at all.. if I can't sleep over something its gotta be huge.. because I can sleep through anything.

So wednesday morning comes around. I was up at about 5:30 getting things finalized and ready to go. (I couldn't sleep anyway so it didn't matter how early it was). I soon got the call from Allie's Roomate Adrian telling me she was awake taking a shower so we had to act now. I ran up to her dorm bringing the first load of flowers. The first load was about 60 or so roses of different colors. I had Adrian lay out all the flowers on the stairwell path coming from her room all the way to the exit of the dorm. Allie is on the second floor so the path went all the way around the steps down and to the bottom. The next part was to set up the posterboards (with the parts of my poem) on different areas she would read on the way down to meet me at the bottom. I then had some balloons setup to decorate around these posters. After all that was done I went back for the final load of stuff. These last things would be items I would hold and give to her as soon as she got outside. These items included.. my own boquet of flowers I arranged myself. A stuffed Eyore that sang "Your are my sunshine" (she loves Eyore) and then a giant Hersheys Kiss and some of the Tolberone Triangle choclate candy. Once it was setup.. I just had to wait. My good buddy Jonathan came by early that morning to stand with me while I waited. Before I continue I should also let you know one of the reasons I picked this wednesday to do this was because it was assessment day here at Liberty. Every single student was required to go to the 8:00 assessment and most of us were in the same room doing that. I knew everybody would be awake and see this happening on thier way to class. While I waited down at the bottom of her dorm I was courious why hardly anybody came out of the dorm to go to the class.. I think they all found out what was happening and they all waited for Allie to leave first. So I was stuck outside just waiting.. the excitment was flowing through my viens.

Finally I see the door open up and out comes this georgious girl who would soon realize what she has just walked out into. She reads the first Poster... It says:
Allie Murray
Don't hold your breath
and don't turn blue
but check this out
Its all for you

I then see as she walks further out the girls of her dorm following her out, one of them with a video camera. Allie is so stunned she walks very slowly as she gracfully moves down the stairs to the next poster that reads:

Allie Murray
Open your eyes,
take a look around
I'll be waiting for you
when you reach the ground

Again.. very slowly she moves on. Now at this stage she goes out of my sight and around the bend of the steps. I wait in anticipation as I know she is back there reading this next poster:
Allie Murray
The time to wait has now parted.
The time to act has just started.
I know we'll fly, as our dreams unfold.
If I make the leap, will you grab hold.

It seems as if a minute passes before she come out again to where I can see her. Now she is at the bottom of the steps just about to exit the building. Then she sees on the glass door in front of her the final poster. While she was reading this I was standing just on the opposite side of the glass in plain view.. this last poster had written on it:

Allie Murray
Your Beauty and Grace astound me.
Your tender voice surrounds me
Beybond all doubt, I'm ready to sprout
Right here and now, I'm asking you out!

As she reads the last line of my poem she opens the door and comes walking towards me. During those few seconds from the door to my hand I see the biggest smile upon the most beautiful face looking at me with those sparkling green eyes.. I can barely say "So what do you say" when am greated with a huge hug and a comforting "YES!!" It takes me a second or so to remember that I still had gifts to hand to her. I place the boquet of flowers in her hand along with the stuffed Eyore. The Chocolate I had to keep still however because her hands were already full. At this moment I look up and see the Video camera is still rolling and waiting for the results. I direct up to them a big thumbs up along with a smile so big my lips begin to hurt. Over the next few hours I was still in a state of excitement and still trying to let everything sink in. Since we were going the same way after that we walked together to the Vines center where we would attempt to complete assessment day. I could barely write my name when I had to because my hands were shaking from adrenaline and excitement. Allie was having the same problem too. --- This was the morning that has kept me on an emotional high for the past few days. I will say again.. my Girlfriend is amazing!!!

Being that this was a typical wednesday we still had all of our regular responsiblities to attend to. So we had to continue with class and then we both had to go to work. After work, we then had the normal wednesday night church. I was able to stay awake through the entire service for once too. We did get to spend a little time togetherr after the service when Allie rode with me to take Barbra (an older lady in my church) home for the night. We coudln't really do much else that evening though because both of us had major homework to do. We found a way to still be together and get homework done though.. its called late night sign out to the comptuer lab. We ended up being out until around 2:00 enjoying being just in the presence of each other while we studied for our classes. When we headed back that night the axillaration from the morning was still present even after I dropped her off at her dorm and returned to mine. It was a good thing I still had that energy though because upon my return I still needed to finish up with the group research paper that was due the next day. My group is pretty bad though and they procrastinate the worst I have ever seen. I didn't get the final information from them all until around 3:00ish that night. Then I still had to compile it all together and proof read everything. I didn't end up getting to sleep until around 4:00 that night, then I had to wakeup at 6:00 to get ready for class and be there early to get the rest of my groups aproval on the paper. I was so out of it Thursday because of the massive sleep deprivation I endured over those days. I will tell you it was well worth the cost!

Anyway then today was over all a fairly normal day until after work. I was excited to get off work because I would have the privledge of eating dinner with the most georgious girl on campus when I got there. But thats not all, I then was able to take her out to see a play put on by Libety Univeristy Fine Arts called "AIDA". Britt, Jo and Jugee came along to watch it with us also. The play was really really good and I enjoyed it a lot. Once it was over though Britt, Jo and Jugee headed home for the evening while Allie and I went out and had some icecream and french fries followed by a nice brisk walk under the stars. For our first offical Date I would say it was a blazing success. I returned my lovely date to her dorm and we turned in for the night. The End!
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Friday, April 08, 2005
Ok these last few days have been so exciting, lack of sleep hasn't bothered me. I've only slept 4 hours in the last two days however. Even though I am still excited and over come with joy... lack of sleep has caught up to me. I could barely comprehend things people were trying to say to me all day. I even had two tests today so I hope those went ok. (Fortunatly they were mulitiple choice). Anyway after classes and work I came directly back to my room... skipping dinner and went straight to sleep. I had to get a good nap in before I started to do something stupid. I was able to sleep for a little while but realized my last chance to say goodbye to Steve before he left to Boot camp was tonight. SO I ended up going out for an hour or so to spend some time with him. Britt, Robert, and Allie had come along too. I was pretty tired though so I hope I was still good company... I was planning on sleeping until Hall meeting though if it wasn't for that. I still had a great time and I think it was worth it.. as long as I sleep enough tonight to make up for it. I was a little worried about my prayer groups going well tonight though, because all day today my mind seemed to be broken. People would ask me something and I would hear something completely different and answer all weird. (Work was interesting today because of that). But when time came for prayer groups God opened my mind and I was able to concentrait clearly. Groups ended up being very good and I had the opportunity to share with my guys the joys I have had this week as well as share some wisdom about Gods will and how to follow it. I thought it went really well. God is just so amazing and I'm glad he is the one in control. Anyway... again I had to cut this post short and leave out a lot of stuff... maybe I'll be able to do more this weekend finally. But anyway I have to sleep before something in my body explodes.
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Thursday, April 07, 2005
Ok everybody.. I would have to say that today was the finest day in my college career so far. But if you'll look at the time (3:40) it would be rather difficult to do a day such as this justice if I told the story tonight. I barely slept last night from anticipation, and I might have trouble sleeping tonight from exilaration. Sleep is good.. but today was better. I'm not sure how long it will take me to catch up.. but right now that doesn't matter.

My sister just gave me a quick summary to put up for tonight:
I Got a girl
What a thrill
Man its late
For goodness sake
Time for bed
To rest my head

PS. Those group research projects will get you.. I hate it when people procrastinate until like 6 hours before its due.. grr. Ok I"m over it.. I hope I can manage to sleep tonight.
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Wednesday, April 06, 2005
Today has been absolutely wonderful.. and its only 9:30 in the morning. I'm just overcome with happiness. =o)!!

- For everything there is an appointed time... There is a time to wait, and a time to act... I have concluded that there is nothing better for people than to be happy and enjoy themselves as long as they live. (Ecclesiastes 3)

- Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart...Be still before the LORD and wait patiently for him. (Psalm 37)
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Woop dee doo
Blog for you
Sleep for me
Woop dee dee
Here I go
Work so slow
I'm so tired
Allie's wired
Happy times
Hey this rhymes!
Go to sleep
Good night peeps

P.S. I like shapes
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Tuesday, April 05, 2005
If Jeremy was available to blog, this is what he would say:

Today was a fairly good day. I stayed up really late last night doing homework and finishing up some other things that needed to get done. As you can see by my last post, I haven't gotten any sleep lately. The speaker in convo today was pretty good but I kept nodding off so it was hard to pay attention. After convo I went back to my room to work on my devotions.
It was pretty weird because I even started falling asleep at work today. I hope we weren't too busy...
After work I came back and ate dinner with Allie and Robert, and we were able to take out time and just talk, so that was fun. I then went back to my room, but I didn't get as much homework done as I wanted to. After MUCH deliberation, Allie and I decided to go to latenight. Even though we weren't very hungry, we had fun, and I ate french fries. Then we talked for a while and I went back to my room to do some more homework.
I realized I forgot to go to drama practice today. I'm sorry Cathy!
Over the weekend I got to watch all three Karate Kid movies. I was very deprived as a child since I had never seen them before. Allie and Brittany gave me the privilage of partaking in these everlasting classic epics that were by far some of the best karate movies I have ever seen.
I also can't remember if I mentioned that I flew again on Wed. It was really fun, and I wasn't really nauseous until the end so I was able to do some cool stuff.
Now I am working on homework and I probably will be for quite awhile. I let Allie write my blog even though she can't come up with anything funny to say. However, I think you should all go to her website www.xanga.com/ezekialgirl and make xanga accounts so you can comment. And speaking of that I want lots of comments on mine too!
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Monday, April 04, 2005
It was a pretty good weekend this weekend. Sorry I've been too exausted to update this with anything. The same kind of thing goes for today too, I'm pretty sleepy to sucessfully write much tonight. I was able to call Brazil this weekend and talk to Felipe and the Missionarys, that was pretty fun. Other then that I basicly hung out at the Donnebergs and relaxed and did homework all weekend. Today I ended up going over the the Kipes house from church for a little while after church to have lunch and work on the computers. But I also was able to hold the little baby and feed her lunch. That was cool. Ok anyway.. I can't even sit up anymore. I'm going to bed. Night!
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Sunday, April 03, 2005
Hey.. I was going to blog tonight.. but now its too late so I can't. Sorry. Night!
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Friday, April 01, 2005
Today my first class got out a little bit early so I was able to use that time to schedule my classes for next year. I ended up getting everything I needed except for one class, that I might just take over the summer.. if not I still have 16 credits worth so that should be ok too. Anyway after that I had a good time of devotions then by that time I was ready to go to my next class. My Aviation class went very short again this time so I ended up getting to lunch early to sit and read some more and just have a nice relaxing lunch time before work. Things at work today though were soooooo very slow. It was hard to find things to do. Thats never any fun. Anyway after work I just came back to campus and worked on homework and studying stuff. I also tried to prepare a quick lesson for my prayer group that I didn't actually end up talking about tonight. For Hall meeting tonight we had a really long meeting, like an hour worth, of the RD talking about rules and authority stuff. I was ready to get going but the meeting just went on and on. I think it was somewhat beneficial for the guys on the hall though. Anyway since the meeting went so long I had to kind of cut prayer groups down short and I didn't get a chance to share my lesson. In a way I wanted to have more time to sit and think about it anyway though, so it was probably good I had another week to figure stuff out. But after that I ended up just hanign out with the guys for a bit tonight. I had to talk to Robert for a little bit and then I also have three guys staying here in my room tonight that are visiting. So I talked to them a lot tonight. I also switched windows with a room down the hall so now we can actually see out the window.. that was good for us and for them how it worked out. Anyway after that Allie called and I talked to her for probably 30-45minutes or so. After all of this I still had homework to do though so I managed to stay awake and at least get my Stats homework out of the way tonight. I will have to try and get the rest finished tomorrow. Ok anyway.. I need to get to sleep. The three visitors and my roomate all beat me to bed tonight so I'm the last one going.. I have to actually turn off the lamp tonight.. that doesn't happen very often. Ok Good night!
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