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Tuesday, November 29, 2005
Back doing the school thing again... I guess it all went alright today I'm just already tired. Its extremely annoying. It was back to a typical day for me. One of my classes was cancelled because the teacher was sick though so an extra hour was useful. After work I met Allie for dinner and then we had a PL meeting followed by Allie and my meeting time going through John Piper's book. We then stopped in at wally world for a quick trip to grab some stuff. I need to go to bed now though so I can be ready to do another day of work. Night!
posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 1:18 AM 

Monday, November 28, 2005
Today I had a 600 Gallon tank of liquid nitrogen at my disposal. It was really cool. Allie and I headed up to see Scott and Stephanie for the afternoon up in Harrisonburg. It is about a two hour drive and we left right after church. Scott is a Chemistry professor at a University there so he showed us around and some of his fun toys. We made some dry ice and exploded some potassium. It was a lot of fun. They also have three dogs so while we were at thier house we played with the dogs also and of course I loved that. Allie and I didn't get back to our dorms until around 11:50 tonight though so we were a lot later then we had expected. I still had a good amount of stuff I needed to do tonight. I think I'm all ready for class in the morning now though.. at least physically we will see about mentally ready tomorrow. I am going to head to bed now though. Back to the routine.... blech
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Saturday, November 26, 2005
Today Allie and I left the house to go shopping around 10:30 or so this morning. Places weren't actually all that croweded considering the busy day it usually is today. We found presents for quite a few people and I even bought myself something today. That hardly ever happends. At about 12:30 we met up with the rest of her family and we went to the movie theater to watch "Yours Mine and Ours" it was a pretty cute movie, but quite a bit different then the other one. We all still had fun though. We ate about 2 gallons of popcorn among the four of us though. (We took her brothers and her parents went off to another movie). Afterwards we met up once more and gave the boys back to her parents and we did a little bit more shopping. We got back to the house again tonight around 6:00 and just relaxed the rest of the eveing. I played with Allie's little brother a lot and he liked to cuddle with me, that was fun. He does have moments where he is bothersome, but over all I really like the kid. He is fun! I tucked him in again tonight and layed by is side until he fell asleep. That was really cool and I can't wait to do that with my own kids. I just layed there and said a prayer for him and his family as he drifted off to sleep. Anyway now its my turn to go and drift off to sleep in my own bed. Jake is already there waiting for me and I'm pretty tired too. Tomorrow Allie and I drive back and we will probably get back home around 6-6:30. So anyway I'm gonna say good night for now. My next post should be when I'm back in Lynchburg.
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Friday, November 25, 2005
Today was a pretty nice day, a lot of Allie's family came over and we had good time with them. The meal for the day was very very good too. We also watched Christmas with the Kranks and Shall We Dance. Everybody is sports fanatics here though so they also watched a lot of football and stuff. Niether Allie or I are really into that stuff much so we got a little bored with that. I also called and talked to my parents for a little while today too, that was cool. I know a lot more happend then this short summary but I am really tired tonight. It probably has something to do with all that turkey. I'm the last one up right now anyway so I'm going to head to bed. Tomorrow Allie and I will try to wake up a little early and go shopping (if we don't get trampled). We'll see what happends. Night!
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Thursday, November 24, 2005
Today was so relaxing, it was great. I slept in until around 11:30. Then all I really had to do today was chill and relax. It has been so long since I have done that and it was pretty exciting. Allie's cousins and family came over today for a little while and I had the chance to meet them. That was cool, they seem like fun people. We then went out to dinner at a pizza place. It was really good too. After getting back to the house we mostly just watched movies. All through the day I played with Allie's brother Dan sometimes too. He really likes me. It was really cool tonight he asked me to tuck him in for the night. He just lost his tooth and as I was tucking him in we tried to figure out how the tooth fairy was going to get into his room. It was funny. He is pretty cute. Oh another thing happend today that I know you will all laugh at me for. So I of course have to include that in my post. While I was running the dogs down to the fenced area so we could leave them there for when we left I ran smack head first into the fence myself. It left a big welt and started to bleed. Allie had to clean it all up. (I did it on purpose so she could do that.. yeah). So anyway I had a great time today with Allie and her family. She is so great, I can't even describe. It boggles my mind how great she is. I better not think about it or my head will explode. I think I should just go to bed. Night!
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Wednesday, November 23, 2005
Hey everybody.. I know you've all missed me. The internet was down at Liberty for the last three days. I'm at Allie's Dad's house in NC now so I will try and update more often now. Just thought I would write a post to let you all know I was still alive. Sorry can't write anymore at the moment. I have Allie's brother wanting me to play with him. =) Write more tonight hopefully.
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Saturday, November 19, 2005
I am at church right now getting things setup for church tomorrow morning. I don't think my internet is working at the school though so I figured I would get my blog done while I'm here tonight. I had work this morning and that was pretty typical. Nothing too exciting happend there today. After work I ended up going to the church and spending a couple hours with my pastor just talking about stuff. That was pretty fun. I then ended up meeting Allie at Best Buy after that and we did some christmas shopping. Best Buy had her car because they were installing her CD player into it. So while we waited we wandered lynchburg looking for some goods. It was pretty fun. We then went to get her car after it was done and wandered lynchburg a little more. Eventually all the stores closed (at 9 its so stupid) So we had to head out after that. She went to her house and I came back to the church. I spend some time talking to John while I was here and then Jason also came by to see how we were all setup over here. I also am working on Katies computer some more while I am here. I am going to be leaving in about a half hour or so though, so I'm going to post this and pack up. If internet works when I get back that would be cool.. I kinda doubt it though.
posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 11:44 PM 

Today was a really great relaxing day for me. I ended up sleeping in until 9:45 this morning. It was awsome! I so needed to do that. Last night I stayed at the Donnebergs by myself so I could take care of Jake last night and this morning. It was nice to sleep in a real bed and have a puppy sleeping next to me. I miss that. Anyway after waking up I had a slow leasurley morning and played with jake a little and chilled for a bit. I then headed to campus for lunch and said hi to Allie for a few minutes. I then had to be at work by 1:15 as usual. It was a really nice day to have of slowness and relaxation. After work I then took Allie out for dinner and coffee. We had a fun night just talking and laughing with each other. How many coffee beans are there really packed into one "express-O-bean" The world may never know. Anyway I was up tonight doing things I never had time to do before. I had a pile of 6 computers to fix so now I finally have a chance to start on them. I got one finished already and other still working on. Should be able to do that by tomorrow, its just sooo slow its pretty bad. Ah-ehm, Katie! LoL. Anyway Its late and I should go to bed. Guys are hanging out in my room though so I might have to kick them out. Night!
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Thursday, November 17, 2005
Tomorrow is my last day before break for me. I have two tests and I have to write a 4-5 page in class paper. Its going to be a rough day, but its the last and final stretch. One thing I forgot to mention lately that I've missed because of all my other stuff going on was that my prized laptop bag/backpack that I've had since Freshman year of Highschool finally died completely. I had to lay it to rest. I almost thought of digging a hole and burying it for our final parting ceramony, but I though that was a little much. Anyway in replacement of it I found an awsome new bag that is actually a little bigger and can hold more stuff. It also has two shoulder straps instead of one so I can be more balanced now. It was perfect timing to find it because I've been looking for one for the last 4 months and I never could. I ended up telling chuck that I found the perfect one, and that amazing generous guy decided to buy it for me. That was so awsome. God provided in so many ways for that all to work out. It was cool. I am very happy with how it has worked out so far. Anyway, with that said I've loaded up my new bag with books and am ready to tackle tomorrow. So I'm off to bed now. Night everyone!
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Wednesday, November 16, 2005
I'm just about out of this horrible week. Next week is going to be soo much of a needed break. I managed to get my paper done finally with the help of Jo. I think part of the problem was just the fact that I've had to write 7 papers within a span of 5 days. I think I worked a cumulative of 32hours straight on all of them. Accounting class is a breeze compared to what I've had to go through this week in my english class. Keep praying for these last two days that they will finish smoothly. Thanks all you guys for caring. Night!
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Tuesday, November 15, 2005
I've worked on this thing since 9:00 tonight. Its supposed to be four pages long and I've gotten a paragraph done. Thats it! Its completely and utterly hopeless! The only thing I learned tonight from this is the true meaning of vanity. All is vanity and I give up on this stupid crap. I'm going to bed.
posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 3:17 AM 

Monday, November 14, 2005
Today after church I went to the Donneberg's house and sat down and started working on my english papers as soon as I got there. I ended up starting at around 1:00 or so and I worked basicly non-stop until 11:00 tonight on them. I did have an hour break for dinner in the middle though. These papers ended up taking me forever and my brain is so fried tonight.. so yeah.. I"m done writing now. Night!
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Sunday, November 13, 2005
I am really behind in homework this weekend. Since I flew yesterday I wasn't able to do any catch up on sleep or work. Then since I was so tired because of flying, I was only able to stay awake till 1:30 and I just had to be done. Then today I had to work most of the day then I went to the church and talked to my pastor for about three hours. After leaving chruch I then went to the Donnebergs to do a little bit of computer work that was fairly quick. I ended up talking to Chuck for a good amount of time and didn't start homework until around 9:00. It was really good to sit and talk to Chuck though tonight. We had some good conversation. I actually managed to get two papers writting tonigth though so that was somewhat of a releif getting 2 out of 7 done. After leaving thier place I ended up getting back to campus around 12:15 and did a little bit more work stuff at my dorm. I really need to be done now for the night though. I have to wake up yet again early tomorrow. Good night world!
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Saturday, November 12, 2005
My flight went very well today. I'm not coherent enought to talk about it right now though. Too tired to do anything. Night
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Friday, November 11, 2005
Ok I'm off to bed. Gotta wake up early to get to the airport by 8am. I will fly to greensbouro then to smith mt lake then back to lynchburg. It should take roughly three hours. I got it all planned out tonight. I would talk more about the day too but I can't do that and sleep at the same time.. so sorry. Good night!
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Thursday, November 10, 2005
I'm a little better tonight then I was last night. I was just overwhelmed by how much stuff I had to do last night. I ended up going to bed at 3am and I had barely started what I needed to accomplish. Tonight I got a good bit of it done and I feel much better because of that. I hate having a huge list of stuff I need to do the night before. I had almost thought about skipping church to get it done, but I didn't after all. I think the Lord blessed my desision to go to church and allowed me to accomplish all I needed to for tomorrow. Thanks God for that! Nothing too special or exciting has gone on the past few days worth reporting on. Its just been so crazy with busy work I haven't been able to blog much. One thing worth noting I guess though is that bag I loved so much and have had for about 6 years now finally died on me. I've tried to fix the broken strap so many ways the last possible thing happend to it that makes it unable to be fixed now. I was pretty sad because that bag has served me so well. Its actually quite sad. Once I get a replacement bag for it I may have to give it a proper burial. =( The real exciting thing will be friday though when I make my long distance solo flight. I will be sure to let you all know how that goes. As for now, I think I am just going to go to bed. I am tired now.
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Wednesday, November 09, 2005
My head hurts!!!!!
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Monday, November 07, 2005
Hello. This is Jeremy's personal assistant who will be recording his daily happenings for him tonight. Ahem. Wake up. Attend meeting. Attend class. Attend convo. Attend class. Attend work. Attend extra credit. Attend girlfriend. Attend bed.
Since that was terribly unexciting, let's just say that instead, Jeremy tripped over a broken up piece of sidewalk in order to catch a baby that was falling from the cradle rockabying in the tree tops. After this herioc feat, he flexed. Enough said. Finally, he went to work where he rescued many a distressed damsal (or simply an old woman who didn't know her colors) from her computer woes. Upon returning to campus, a valiant steed awaited for him to come riding upon in his shining armor, in order to take his girlfriend to the place of the vines and laugh at all of her pitifully hilarious jokes.
The end.
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Sunday, November 06, 2005
Well, turns out I'm all signed up for classes for next semester. It should have me on track to graduate by May. I had to take an intensive over christmas break though to make it all work. For the one class it ended up costing $1400. They couldn't attach it to a payment plan or anything either so I just had to charge it to my credit card in order to sign up. I'm greatful that my parents were willing to help me with that though. They have been so great, I love my parents. I have been missing them a lot more lately. I think its starting to get to me some that I won't be going home for Christmas. It is sad but I still have a lot to be greatful for.
I didn't get a chance to blog last night after my date night with my lovely girlfriend. We had a really good time. I took her to a Brazilian restaruant in Roanoke. It had really good food and the atmosphere was excellent. It was like a perfect date place. We ended up having to wait for awhile though because we didn't have a reservation. But it worked out well still. It was just a fun time with good conversation. It made us both miss Brazil =(. Then on the trip back a really amazing thing happend (or at least we found out about it on the trip back). Allie has been trying to witness to her cousin for a really long time and she has had a burden to get him saved for awhile. Well he had called her on the drive back and talked to Allie for over an hour about how to grow in the Lord. He had gotten saved recently and is just hungry for God. It was so cool to see how the Lord has worked in that area. Allie stayed on the phone talking to him for as long as she could, but her battery didn't hold out and died shortly before we got back to campus. I hope she gets a chance to talk to him more again later this weekend. So it was a great date over all that ended with great news. God is so amazing!
Today was fairly normal though, I woke up early and went to work for the day. After work I stopped in at church for a bit so I could get the powerpoint done and then I had to make a phone call to help someone with a computer question. That ended up taking like 40 minutes. It was kind of annoying, but at least we got it working for the most part. Then I headed to the Donnebergs for rest of the evening. Jo made us an amazingly delicious dinner and it had bacon in it so that was awsome cause I love bacon so much. Then we watched "Batman Begins", then "Because of Winn-Dixie." It was a fun and relaxing evening. I even got some laundry done as well. Now I am back in my room hoping to get to bed. I have to wake up early for church tomorrow, and I have a feeling it will be a long day of homework since I dind't do any at all tonight. Goodnight!
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Friday, November 04, 2005
Today was pretty good I had a test thingy in my first class and I got a 100 on it. It was computer stuff though so don't get too excited. Then later I had another computer class and I ended up being the only student that showed up today. It was kind of weird having class with me as the one student. The rest of the day at work was fairly typical. We did have one customer come in though claiming the comptuer they had dropped off for repair was a different color then the one they picked up. She was convinced we had given her back a different computer. I showed her all the serial numbers and how they all matched up but she still didn't really believe us. She used her computer for 5 years and she had to have forgotten what color it was because she didn't know what to do. She was a fairly older woman though so I wonder if she has a few brain issues. When it comes down to it though even if it was a different comptuer.. everything on it was exactly the same and the specs of it were exactly the same. So I don't even know where she got that idea. Funny stuff for sure though. After work I stopped in for some dinner with Allie at the dining hall tonight then I had to go to the lab to meet with a group for a group project. We seemed to get a decent amount of work done. I then had to coem back to do more personal other homework. Turns out I have two papers I'll need to work on this weekend. I hate it when that happends. I was going to be absolutely free this weekend too. So much for that. Oh well.. what I do know is that I"m going to have the great honor of taking the beautiful, the amazing, the gracious, and the lovely Allie Murray out on a date tomorrow night. I'm so excited I can't contain myself. I hope I can sleep ok. Night!
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Thursday, November 03, 2005
Hey I have some good news. I did my accoutning test today and I already got my score back for it. I ended up getting 145 out of 200. I thought that was pretty good considering I was basicly clueless on what these chapters were about this time. I was the least prepared for this exam compared to all the other. I was pleased with that score. I also took a Creation Studies test as well - I haven't gotten a score back for that but felt confident in this test today. Over all I think things went pretty well. I also went to church tonight and that was pretty good. It's always nice to see the church folk midweek. After that I came back to campus and met up with the most beautiful girl I know so we could go do some studying tonight at the computer Lab. Her name is Allie and she is an amazing person to be with. Anyway that pretty much covers my evening. Now that I'm back at my room I probalby should get heading to bed. Night!
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Wednesday, November 02, 2005
Test tomorrow, gotta sleep for it, can't blog tonight.
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Tuesday, November 01, 2005
I was able to get signed up for a few of my classes today. I still need to run around and get some others taken care of when I go talk to the teacher. Other then that today was a pretty normal day without too much to highlight. After work Allie and I hung out for awhile going to dinner and then going over the books we are reading together. I had a lot of homework tonight though and so did she, so we left more or less right after that to get it done. On the way back I saw a huge light in the sky, it looked like something exploded. On the news tonight they said it was space junk coming down and hitting the atomphere. It was pretty cool. But anyway.. I am going to bed now because I am done for tonight even though I'm not really done. Bye!
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