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Thursday, December 28, 2006
Today was a nice relaxing day. I was able to sleep in until about 10:30 and that was nice. Allie called me and woke me up, but it was well worth it to talk to her on the phone for awhile. I'm excited to see her again tomorrow. This morning after finally crawling out of bed my mom and I ran around and ran a few errands. It was nice to just do a few things with her. Later my Grandma came over and we sat and talked for a good while about some things. She stayed for dinner and then I said my goodbye's as it will be that last time I see her until I come back to Seattle again. This evening Danny came over and then we went over to Andy's house and played some old school computer games that we hadn't played in a long time. It was a lot of fun. But it got pretty late and I decided I should problably go so I can at least get some sleep before my flight tomorrow. This will be my last Blog from here in Seattle and Lord willing my next one will be back in Lynchburg. I am happy to go back and see the most beautiful girl on God's green earth.. Night!
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Tuesday, December 26, 2006
Its been another long break in between blogs and I kind of lost a day somewhere in the back of my memory. I really am not sure what I did on Friday except I remember my Grandma and my aunt and uncle coming over for dinner. That was nice to have them around. Really though.. blanked out from the rest of the day -- not sure what I did.

Saturday ended up being a pretty relaxing day. Becca wanted to go to frys so we swung by and picked up Danny and we made another adventure over to that side of town. We picked up some fun toys and I ended up fixing everybodys computer that day. We got some parts for Katie's computer and I got hers setup and fixed first. Next I worked on Becca's and upgraded her hard drive and cleaned it up a little. Then finally, the big project was my parents computer. I got them some more Ram a DVD Burner and another hard drive and got them setup with Windows XP. It is kind of hard to work with computers and things when your stuck with Dial-up internet service though. But I got it all figured out and by the end of the day everything was up and running very smoothly. I had to stay on the internet all night though so I could get some stuff downloaded for the final touches of the computers.

Sunday turned out to be a really nice Christmas Eve. We woke up and went to church. Danny and Andy joined us there. The christmas Service was kind of fun. They had a little christmas program thing. It was kind of sad though because I think everyone on the cast forgot thier line at least once. They really did need more practice in that area. But it was still fun to watch and they got the point across very well. My parents also sang some special music in multiple parts throughout the play. I had a good time seeing all the old friends from my church. It was expecially nice to see my old pastor again. He is retiring in May though so that is probably the last time I'll see him preaching at our church. That is kind of sad, but I am happy for him, He has done great service. My Grandma ended up coming to our church that morning also so I spent some time with her a little after church and went home and sat with her for lunch. But Becca, Katie, Danny and Andy were all going to watch a Seahawks Game so I hurried over to join them after I had lunch with Grandma. We Lost in the last minute of game play and it ended up being a waste of three hours seemingly for a devestating loss that it was. I had fun at least hanging out with the Gang some. After returning home from the game Becca and I decided we wanted to go to Grandmas for the night and stay there for christmas morning. So we packed ourselfs a night bag and headed back to Grandma's house. My parents were going to join us early the next morning. On the way back to her house we stopped in at my Uncle's house and stayed and chatted with them for awhile. It was nice to see thier place again as it's been a really long time since I've been there. The little small trees they had in their back yard last time I was there aren't so little and small anymore. It was kind of weird. Anyway, once we got back to Grandma's we stayed up for awhile talking and hanging out until I fell asleep. Then we all decided to just head to bed.

Christmas day ended up being a little different then normal. We had to wait until the whole family arrived before we could open gifts and things and that never happened until around 3:00 in the afternoon. I spent most of the morning watching cartoons though. That was great cause I haven't done that in a really long time. Once my parents arrived we were able to at least open our stockings and stuff and that was fun as usual. But we just had to sit around for a really long time waiting for everybody else to arrive. Dinner was being prepared in the meantime and I used that time to Call Allie and the Family back in in VA. They all seem to be doing well. Finally when the family got back we were all starving and ready to eat, so we gathered around the table and had the turkey and fixins. It was sure good stuff. After Dinner we went around with the Gift exchange and had a great time doing that. I got some of that on video. Just in case Allie reads this I thought I would throw in the fact that my mom Loved the gift she made for her. It was a little photo album of Allie and My travels around the VA area since I've been there. After gifts we just hung around with the family for awhile. I ended up taking a nap falling asleep in the chair and woke up a little over an hour later. It was a really good day though and I know we all enjoyed ourselfs. I just loved being around all my family again it was really nice. After we got home tonight Becca and I hooked up my parents new LCD screen we got them for Christmas and ended up attempting to teach my mom some things with the computer. Not sure how successful we were but we'll have to try again tomorrow and see if it stuck. I have a feeling we'll be starting from the begining again. We'll see what happens. Anyway I should get to bed. I'm growing tired again even after my nap today. I'm excited though because I'm going to the Musem of Flight tomorrow. It should be a lot of fun. Night!

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Thursday, December 21, 2006
Well, I made it to Seattle. All is well at home. Tuesday morning I went out for breakfast with my pastor It was really good, we spent about two hours together just talking and hanging out. After breakfast I stopped by the Donnebergs to hang out with Chuck for a little bit before I headed out to come home. At around 11:30 Allie and Jo drove me up to Richmond where my plane was departing from. It was a pretty cool little airport too. They had the Virginia National Guard there and there were two fighter jets swarming around doing practice manuvers and things. It was pretty cool to watch. By the time I remembered I had my video camera they were already landed. So I was only able to video tape them taxing back to port. I had fun watching them though. The flight was pretty straight forward and there wasn't much to report on about that. My layover was in Detroit for about an hour and then picked up the next one and carried on. I got back to Seattle around 10:00 local time and on my time scale it felt like 1:00. So I was pretty tired. I didn't end up getting to sleep until about midnight local so it was like 3:00 to me. I was really tired. But it was sure good to be home.

On Wednesday I slept in for awhile. I woke up to an empty house though my dad had to work that day and my mom need to baby sit. I was able to have a nice slow morning and get my devotions done and things and check some e-mail it was nice. My mom ended up bringing the babies home with her though so I spend a lot of the afternoon playing with some five month olds. They are twins, but they don't look the same. They were actually able to see and understand what was going on around them though so they were fun to play with. I got them to laugh and stuff so that was fun. Once they got hungry they could sure cry though. I ended up feeding one a bottle and he fell asleep in my arms. After he went to sleep I started cleaning out my closet from all my old computer stuff and other random things from my room. I got rid of about 80% of all the stuff. In the middle of cleaning it all Danny ended up coming up and we all hung out for pretty much the rest of the night until midnight. Andy also came over after dinner and them Melissa and Sean came over about 10:30. We were all in my room piled on my bed reminissing about all our childhood memories. It was pretty fun. I was really tired by the time everybody left though, But I still had a great time with them all over here again.

Today I spent all day with just my parents. We went to downtown Seattle and just walked around to all the shops along the side of the road around 6 or so city blocks. We found some good extra little christmas presents for some people. At around 3:00 we headed to the Seattle Science Center and we went through the Dead Sea Scrool Exhibit that they have here until Jan 7th. They brought some of the real dead sea scrools here and we were able to look at the real original bible writings. Some of the exibits were of Genesis 1 Psalm 119 and A few parts of Isaiah and Ezekial. Plus there were quite a few other scrolls for things that aren't biblical but from the same era. The whole setup was about some of the culture of the people that made these scrolls and thier lifestyle and stuff. It ended up taking about two and a half hours to get through the whole setup. It wasn't quite what I had expected, but it was still cool. Over all I had a good time wandering Seattle but my legs got really tired. I am ready to just relax. So we are going to sit at home the rest of the night and watch movies and stuff. Sounds good to me! I'll write more later...
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Monday, December 18, 2006
This weekend was pretty cool. Saturday morning I woke up and went flying. It ended up being a really good lesson I think too. We did a bunch of new stuff and I also was able to do everything really well. So that was pretty good. After my flying lesson I ended up going over to the church to setup some final stuff for the project I've been doing for my pastor. It ended up taking a little longer then expected but I did get it all done so that was good. After that I went and spent some time with Allie. We ended up going to see the Nativity Story. It was done really well and it was just a cool visual picture from the story we've been reading all these years. The wisemen were the ones that provided some of the comic releif and that was kind of funny. Over all I really liked it. The rest of the evening We just sat around outside around a fire and drank some hot chocolate with her parents. It was a nice evening.

On Sunday we had a pretty good church service. I was training another new person on using the computer for powerpoint and things, he actually did really well. After church I ended up having a meeting with Pastor John and his administrative assistant. I needed to show them how the new calendar system project I've been working on was going to work and what they each need to do. It was a little longer meeting then I expected but We got it figured out. I then went over to the Donnebergs for a light lunch and Allie and I went out and did some shopping after that. We were going to have a christmas dinner at the church at 5:30 that evening so we didn't really do too much. At the dinner there was a ton of food as always with our church. It was all really good stuff though. We then played a few games after that and those unfortuantly weren't that great. We ended up leaving kind of early. After the dinner Allie and I swung by my house to pickup a movie and watch back at her house. We ended up watching a movie called Serendipity. I thought it was a pretty fun movie. I ended up leaving after that to go home and get some sleep for work the next day.
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Thursday, December 14, 2006
Ok, I have a lot to catch up on with this thing. I also forgot to write about what I did last friday in my previous post. It really is worth going back to talk about, so I think I'm going to start with that.

It started out as a pretty typical friday. I was working on getting two weeks ahead at work and helping out a few other people with thier jobs as usual. But anyway once I got off work, Allie and I went out to dinner to a nice steak restauraunt. I don't even remember what it was called but it was a fun place to go, and the food was great. After dinner Allie decided to go back to her dorm for a few hours and take a nap because we had plans to go to Coffee house that night and that goes until about 2am. I ended up going back home and taking a nap as well. Coffee house opens the doors at about 11:00 so we decided we were going to try to get in line at about 10:00 so we could get some good seats. On the way there we stopped to get coffee from Sheetz and ran into Erin and Sam getting coffee as well. For some reason Sheetz was packed at that time. I had never seen so many people there at the same time. But we finally got our coffee (Allie didn't get what she wanted though because they ran out, so she just settled for something else). With Coffee in hand we were ready to go stand in line in the bitter cold for about an hour. Sam ended up having some freinds near the front of the line already though so we ended up getting some good seats anyway. Unfortuantly our good seats didn't really do much for the show because it was pretty bad this year. It was still entertaining, but nothing to write home about (to blog about though apparently) - After the show we still had some energy left from our coffee and our naps, so the four of us went over to Sam's house and watched a movie. I didn't end up getting back home until 4:00 or so but it was a fun day to hang out with my girl.
----Fast Foward to this week------>>>
Monday was pretty normal - after work I went to the church to work on a project for my pastor. Think I have that all figured out now, I might meet with him tonight to test it out.
Tuesday I stayed after at work for awhile to try to get a new project that was assigned to me completed. He authorized me as much overtime as I need to get it done. I ended up staying until 8:00 and I put a pretty big dent in it. I should be able to have it completed by the end of the week now.
Wednesday (Yesterday) I just continued working on that new project I was assigned. So far everything is going well - I ran out of laptops though and I need four more to get it completed. They are supposed to be here Friday morning so If that is true it will still work out. After work I picked up Allie and we went out for some fast food and then went to a coffee shop. At the coffee shop we sat and went through a book we are reading together, and then talked for awhile after that. We had some nice coversation. We were kind of planning on going to a movie after that, but we ended up talking to long and would have had to rush it to make the movie. So we decided to just do that later. It ended up being a good thing though probably because I needed to do some more studying for my Instrument Pilot Exam I had today. I stayed up until about 12:30 going over study questions. I'm glad I did too because today I took the exam and I got a 95% on it. That was pretty exciting, I'm glad that, that part is over with. Now I just have a lot more more flying lessons to do. So anyway, I think that sums up and brings me up to speed. Hope you all enjoyed it!
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Monday, December 11, 2006
Saturday I went flying and that was pretty fun.. while we were up in the air two of our instruments broke on us. It was cool to get some real practice for what to do if that happens. Over all I think I did really well for that lesson. It was good I didn't have to go to the airport until 1:00 though because We were out until around 4am the night before. I was able to sleep in until 11:00 and that was really nice. After that I ended up going to a christmas party some friends of mine were putting on. They had about 11 people show up for that and it was kinda fun. I wasn't able to stay the whole time though because I had some stuff I needed to get done at the church. I ended up being at the church until about 11:30 working on some stuff and I still didn't quite get finished. Sunday was a little different at our church. Pastor didn't speak this sunday but it was our district supervisor instead. He talked about what the Church Really should be like. It was pretty good, just different. I then ended up going to the Donnebergs for lunch and Jo made chili. She always makes really good chili. But after eating I got really sleepy and ended up taking a pretty long nap. Allie ended up waking me up to watch a movie and that was fun. We then just chilled the rest of the evening. Today ended up being a pretty typical day though. Just went to work and did the normal routine now I am home working on some stuff... but thats just about it for today. I might head up to the church to finish working on that project. Thats it for now!
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Friday, December 08, 2006
I was too tired last night to stay up and write a blog, but I had to come back this morning and write one because there was a lot of good stuff that happend yesterday and the day before.

On Wednesday it was Allie and my 20th Month Anniversary it was really cool. I ended up meeting up with her for lunch and we went to Chik-fil-A. Unfortuantly I wasn't able to see her the rest of the day after that though because I went to someone's house for dinner that night and ended up staying really late. I did have fun at thier house though. They have a really cute dog named Elmo and I played with him a lot. It was fun.

Yesterday was another good day - I didn't have class like normal so I was able to just go to work at 8 like normal. But since I was able to go early I was able to get stuff done in time to meet Chuck for lunch. We went to Famous Anthonys and had a really good time just talking. I enjoyed my time with him. After work Allie and I went to an Equador party. It was so she could meet up with all her friends from the trip she took to Equador. I never went but they let me go anyway. It was still fun. Then after that I went and hung out at Allie's Dorm because Liberty was having open dorm night. So I sat in her room for like an hour with Sam and Erin and Allie's Mom and we just hung out and drank coffee and stuff. One thing that is really sad is Allie's Mom's Car. Apparently her power locks broke last night and she had to crawl out the back seat. Her car just keeps having intermitent problems and its just wrong. God cares about the little things so I think you guys should help pray that her car will stay working or that they will be able to sell it for a better one. Anyway it would be nice if their car would just work. I tried to help her with it after we left Allie's Dorm but I didn't have any luck. After Jo left, Allie and I went to the computer lab and I helped her study for her Biology exam that was today. It was nice to spend some time together. I didn't end up getting back home until about midnight so I was really tired. But it was a really nice day over all.
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Tuesday, December 05, 2006
I almost went to bed without blogging tonight.. but then I remembered a Few things today that I thought were worth blogging about. So to start with, I am pretty much done with my class that I've been auditing. I went this morning, but then ended up not staying for class because he was just going to go over practice questions. I am better off doing that on my own. So I had a few minutes I was able to spend with Allie before her class this morning. Then today at work was a fairly straight forward day except for one funny story I should probalby mention. I was working on the computer of the Vice-President of Genworth today. Everything was going pretty well. Then as I left to go get something my pants got caught on a nail on his wall and it ripped like a 3 inch hold in my pants. So that was a pretty cool thing to happen in a vice president's office. My roomate said that was bloggable.. so I did =). After work I ended up meeting with my pastor at church. We had a really good time tonight and were able to talk about a lot of cool things. I think we both learned from each other tonight. Other then that it was a pretty normal day. Night!
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Monday, December 04, 2006
Today started a new week at work. It was pretty much the same as any other work day though, but still fun. After work I met up with Allie for dinner and we went to Cici's for Dinner. We ended up getting a free meal if we filled out a survey thing. It was nice, after that we went to a coffee place and went through a book we are reading together. That was nice to spend some time together doing that. She had to go back to her room after that though because she had to study for exams this week. But it was a pretty fun night. Ok well I think I'm going to head to bed. Night!
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Sunday, December 03, 2006
Today was pretty cool. I was able to sleep in a little bit, then I woke up to go flying with my instructor. We are still doing local instrument practice and it gets kinda repetative. Today would have been a nice day for flying too, but I had to wear the little hood thing over my head so it wasn't as much fun.

After flying I ended up sitting up on top of a hill near the airport and watching all that was going on there while I spent some time with the Lord. I ended up doing that for about 2 1/2 hours. It was really good. After that I went home to find something to eat and then went to chill at the Donnebergs for a little bit. We ended up going out to run an errand then get some icecream though. After that we had a surprise party for someone in my church that just turned 50 so I headed over to that for a few hours this evening. It was pretty fun. Afterwards I went back to the Dbergs for the rest of the evening. We ended up watching "Little Women" since we just watched the play at Liberty on Thursday I was curious how the movie went down. It was quite a bit different, but the idea was still the same. After that I returned home and went to bed..
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