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Saturday, January 31, 2004
Well, it looks like I get the room to myself tonight. Both of my roomates are gone for the weekend doing whatever they're doing. So thats good for me because that means I can leave the heater on like full blast thats awsome. My other roomates usually have the air conditioner on during the day.. they are like wicked crazy or something.. I mean its already 20 degree's outside. I like coming into a building warmer then it is outside... I guess they are just loopy or something. They're great roomies though, I wouldn't give them up for the world. But anyway, now that I get to sit in my 80 degree room (which is great) I can tell you about my day! My first two classes were pretty normal. I kind of dozed off in my second one slightly but I made it through most of the class awake. But anyway after my classes were over I met up with Jessica and we went to Ministry chapel together today. It was pretty cool, they had a guy come in that does a ministry with a Bull Whip. It was kind of cool how it worked out.. he had one guy hold a foam pipe in his mouth and he whipped it into small chunks. The guys was all shaking from fear but he made it alive. It was crazy. But the service went well today. After that we went to lunch and hung out there for awhile. But after that I had to head over to work as usual. We did some re-arranging at work today though so it made things a little different then normal. We built a shelf and moved everything around in our back room so we could clean up our extra used computers and monitors and get them out of the way. We worked on that through most of the day. It woudl have been pretty slow otherwise if we didn't do that. It made the day seem to go by a little faster. After work I called up Luis to see what he was up to tonight and if He has returned from the hospital. But I just left a message because there was no answer. He hasn't called back yet or anything so I hope everything is ok. I was going to go help him out tongith with his computer if he was feeling up to it. But since that didn't work out I came back and went to dinner at the Rot. I sat with a guy who is from Mexico. He was telling me about his trip coming here with his family. He moved up here and didn't know a single word of english but he still went to a standard highschool. He failed all his classes the first semeseter (not surprisingly) but it was amazing because he said he learned our language just by being around the people. He never even went to a class or anything. He was pretty fluent too. I wish I could just learn another language all easy like. But anyway he was a pretty cool guy. After we finished eating though I came on back to my dorm and worked on my crazy english assignment. I have to find 40 sources for my research paper. I am up to 30 now and I feel like I exausted every possible avenue of information. I mean I'm researching a book. How much information can there be for another book? Oh well, I gave up for the night because I'm pretty tired. So with that said I'm going to sleep on it. So until next blog! Adios.
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Friday, January 30, 2004
Things are back to normal now after the monday snowfall. All of my classes were in session today. We had to play catch up in all three of them though. I have this really annoying research paper to write for my english class and the teacher wants me to get 40 notecards with resources and information. I don' t see how that is going ot help me write my paper any. They always try to give you useless busy work which I dislike with a burning passion. But anyway, my other comptuer class I had today was a typical day where I just sat there and pretty much worked on my own. After that I had a break to eat lunch so I took advantage of that and got a decent sized lunch. But it made me tired and I kind of dozed off here and there in my history class. I think I was awake long enough to get what I needed though. That class ended up goign all the way until 1:30 so I had to hurry over to work after that and on the way there the guys wanted me to pick them up some lunch so I did that and then got to work. After getting to work today I got reamed by the guys because I forgot to do something with a comptuer yesterday. It wasn't something that was that big of a deal in my opinion but its just something I keep forgeting to do everyonce in awhile so it must have built up I guess. But after they let me have it then I had to go do a service call at a funderal home today to work on some problems with thier network. It ended up being a pretty simple fix and I was there for less then an hour. After returning to work it was just a normal day the rest of the day. Busy on and off and a couple things to do here and there but not much over all. But then once 6:00 rolled around Scott and I headed out. He asked me if I wanted to go to dinner with him and his wife tonight so I said I could do that. We ended up going to Applebee's. It was pretty decent food there tonight. It took really long to get to us though after we ordered it. But it just made it taste better since we were so hungry I think. That was a lot of fun. ON the way out I left a card for my church with my Tip for the waitress. I wonder if she will read it and maybe come check us out that would be cool. But anyway after we left I came back to my dorm and watched the newest smallville episode that I just downloaded last night. (Good stuff if you haven't seen it yet). Then once that was over I got ready for my prayergroup that we had tonight at 10:00. I only had two guys show up tonight though so that was kind of disappointing. But we got to know each other better since there was so few of us. Once we finished up with prayer I then just worked on homework the rest of the evening on that horrible horrible english research that needed to be done. Still need about 30 more cards to do though. But for now I'm going to stop. I'm very tired and I don't know why. But sleep is near. Night!
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Thursday, January 29, 2004
I still had a cancelled class today because of the snow. It was my 8:00 class this morning. I didn't get to sleep in any though because I had to wake up and check my e-mail to see if it was cancelled or not. Then once I was awake and dressed I decided I might as well just work on somehthing else. But I still had my 9:00 computer class so I ended up going to that. Then after convo today I went to a prayerleader meeting. Since I don't have a class during that time slot anymore I can go to the meeting then and then I won't have to rush back from church on wednesdays to get to a 9:00 meeting. So I was able to get that out of the way early today. After that I hit up the dinning hall and then went off to work. Things are starting to build back up at work since the snow is starting to clear. We still have about 4-5 inches on the grass and back roads. But the main roads are all pretty much clear now. It was nice to at least have things to do today at work rather then sit there and try to find things to do. It made the day seem to go faster. But then after work I headed on over to the church. Normally it would have been small groups tonight but we decided to meet at the church because the back roads are still a little mucky with snow. It went pretty good tonigt though. Allie and Britt lead worship for the evening too. I think they did a great job (they could have sang a little louder though). But they were filling in for Luis because his is in the hospital tonight from having a pain in his side it may be something like apendix, gull bladder, ect. But keep him in your prayers. So anyway I was able to hang out for a little bit after the service because I didn't have to rush off and go to the meeting as I said earlier so that was fun. But once everyone did leave I headed back to campus and stopped at Latenight for dinner since I didn't get to eat dinner today and then came back to my dorm and did some studying. One of my old friends from High School found my website by some fluke and IMed me. His name is Nick Henes, he was one of the "popular" guys at school. We didn't really talk too much but it was nice to at least catch up a little. But anyway I think that just about covers the night for me. I am starting to doze off while sitting here so I better get to bed. Night!
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Wednesday, January 28, 2004
We did end up having classes today. My first two classes were nothing special to report about though. It was just class if you know what I mean. My History class did end up getting cancelled though because he couldn't make it out of his driveway. So he just e-mailed everyone and said that there was no class. That was good for me because then I could eat an early lunch and then head over to my car early so I could dig myself out of my parking spot and get to work in a reasonable time. I was able to get there right around 1:00 so it worked out well. We had hardly anything to do there today though, so we played quite a few games and things. That was fun. The guys wanted to stay late tonigth and play some more games and invite a couple friends to join them too. I couldn't stay though. I had to come back and work on english homework. I had to get 10 references for my research paper. It was pretty annoying finding sources for research on a novel. I don't know what some of these crazy teachers are thinking. But anyway Mission was accomplished. That took most of the night, after that I had to do a little bit of reading for another class but that was pretty much all my evening consisted of. I did talk to Jessica a bit about what to do for a broken window. One of the windows in her car broke today and she was stressin about it. I got her steered in the right direction I think though. Pray that it won't cost her too much because she doesn't have a job right now. Well, anyway thats it for the day today. I think I'm off to bed. Oh yeah.. just wanted to say praise God I survived the drive to work in the snow today. I didn't even have any close calls or anything woohoo!! Ok Night!
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Tuesday, January 27, 2004
I got to sleep in until 11:00 today. That was a great feeling. But then I got ready and headed down to lunch and then I would have gone to work after that but while I was there they called me and told me I didn't need to come in because the buisness was really slow today. So that made me excited. I didn't have to go to work for once (that never happends lol). That enabled me to be able to relax most of the day. At 2:00 today though we had a snowball fight with the sister dorm in the feild outside thier dorm. They ambushed us and nailed like 8 of us guys on the way back from lunch so we of course needed to get revenge so we said we would just go get ready for it and then we would meet them there. It turned out being about 18-20 girls against 9 guys. It was totally unfair but of course the guys still won =). We kind of turned it into a football game after that for awhile. But by 3:00 everybody had slowly dispursed and it was down to about 7 people. Thats when I decided to just go back to my room. The rest of the day I worked on this survey. It was a redo of the one I did before with updated answers. It took me right up until 11:00ish before I finally finished it. I did have a dinner break in the middle for about an hour or so though. But mostly thats what I did the rest of the evening. Too bad I didn't stay at the Donneberg's last night I would have had more fun today with not having classes and not needing to go to work or anything. But oh well I guess that survey needed to be updated so I'm kind of glad that is out of the way now. I also used the time to put together a lesson for my prayergroup this thursday. I would have done homework too but I won't know what that is until we get to class. I did everything friday night last week. Currently the powers that be are still in limbo on wether to close classes tomorrow too. If I don't hear by 12:30 then I'm just going to go to bed and wake up normal time tomorrow and just check one more time before I go to class. But I think I'm going to start getting ready for bed right now. So have a good night!
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Monday, January 26, 2004
Today was great! It started out with me being able to sleep in until 10:30. Having chruch on Saturday night came in handy this morning. I really needed that extra sleep. After waking up I got my shower and just kind of chilled for a bit in my room while I waited for the Donneberg's to call and tell me when they wanted me to come over. When I got the call they said I could come over at about 12:30. So I worked on that 375 question survey that I filled out last year some (because I'm re-doing it) then I went to lunch. After lunch I went directly to the Donneberg's house for the rest of the day. It started snowing at about 12:00 so I had to drive in a little bit of snow on the way there. After just chatting for awhile once I got there we soon busted out the Scrabble game. The game started out like it was going to be an impossible game because of the small words we were using at the begining. It got more lively after we got into it some though. I had the lead most of the way through the game... but right at the end Jo took the lead when she was the first to get rid of all her letters. Allie and I were all upset that she just had to go and do that to us =). But oh well, I didn't expect to win anyway.. I thought I was going to lose miserably, it was pretty close the whole time though. Maybe it was all that extra sleep I got or something. Then after the game we watched Dante's Peak. It was a movie that has a story line based in Washington state. I think It might have been filmed there too. But we ended up stopping it in the middle so we could eat dinner. We resumed it later. I also worked on thier comptuer some while I was there too. I really hope what I did fixed the problem I can never see the problem happen when I'm there so its hard to diagnose. Anyway by the time I got done with that we had about 6 inches of snow outside. I was hoping they were going to cancel classes.. I kept looking and waiting. If they did cancel classes I was just going to stay the night at thier house that night so I didn't have to risk my life driving in all that deep snow. But then 10:00 rolled around and there was still no word on classes so I decided I would just have to drive back because they were going to have classes in the morning. But unfortunatly after the long slippery frighting drive back to campus I find out once I get there that classes were cancelled. I could have stayed there and not had to worry about anything. That stinks because I was having fun too. But since I was back on campus I just sat in my room and worked on the computer. I worked on that survey some more too as well as chatted with like 5 people. I got to talk to Jennifer too, I haven't talked to her in a long time that was kind of nice. But now its late and I think I"m going to head off to bed. I'm pretty tired. I don't know if I'll be goign to work tomorrow though, it depends on the roads. I still get to sleep in some though. Well, anyway.. NIght for now!
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Sunday, January 25, 2004
I got to sleep in like 2 hours late today rather then have to wake up at 6:30 I didn't have to wake up till 8:30. I was all ready for a good scrabble game after work today. But I turns out that kind of changed. Work was normal and everything but while I was there, church called me and confirmed that we were going to have church tonight at 6:00 because of the forecast of snow tomorrow. Luis called me last night about it and asked me if I thought it was a good idea. He didn't tell me for sure that they were having it though. But it ended up being confirmed this afternoon. So After work I still went to the Donneberg's but I didn't try to play Scrabble because I had to be at church at 4:30 for worship team practice. So instead we played a short game of Chinese Checkers and then Jo cooked us a quick dinner. It was pretty good, but I was running a little late so I couldn't finish all of it. But anyway I made it to church still in a decent time and they weren't waiting for me or anything. Practice went well considering the last minute throw together but the main service went even better and it was like we didn't have to throw it together. The attendence was a little on the small side but that was understandable considering the time change. The message was really good too. He talked about how to hear God when he speaks. After the service tonight we had a movie night too. We watched Cats and Dogs as the movie of choice. It was kind of cheesy but funny however. And you know how much I love cheese though so it wasn't all bad. Most of the people that were at the service stayed for the movie too so it was a decent turn out. After most everybody left I stayed and helped clean up a little. Then when we finished with that a couple of the people wanted to stay and play cards. So, Pete & Julie, Dennis, Pastor Larry and I stayed and played a card game of count down. Nobody had cards though when they mentioned playing, but luckily I had two packs of cards in my car so I got those and we were able to play. I lost pretty bad but it was still fun. We ended up being there until around 10:30. I was ready to come back to campus after that though, I was pretty tired (still am) from being gone all day. So I think I'm going to start getting ready for bed. This time since I don't have to wake up for church or work I will be able to sleep in a lot more I hope. Now I'll really be ready to take on Allie at Scrabble. I still don't think I have a shot at winning but perhaps a good nights sleep will spark some temporary intelligence. I guess we'll see! Night!
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Saturday, January 24, 2004
Today my first class (networking) was another fun day. I enjoy the way the teacher teaches. My second class however was cancelled once again. I got to class and he took attendance and then he was like "I'm sick go home". So I got that whole time off again. I used that time to come back to the room and sqeeze in watching an episode of smallville before convocation. Also today in convocation the speaker talked about spiritual gifts. I had just gone over those with my prayer group near the end of last semester. He presented it so close to the way I did, it was almost like he had a copy of the notes I used. It was weird how that worked out. But anyway, after convo I headed over to lunch and met up with Jessica there. We got into conversation of "finding Nemo" and her and her friends kept quoting from it... so the rest of the day at work I had "no eating here tonight... no eating here tonight" and "just keep swimming... just keep swimming" stuck in my head. Its all her fault!!!! lol j/k. Work was decent today too. Nothing too out of the ordinary happend. Right near closing though Luis from church stopped by with his computer and he wanted to get a memory upgrade. So I helped him best I could. I didn't have time to put it up and test it out after installing it though because it was so close to closing. So I hope it worked for him. Anyway after work I headed back to campus and rushed to dinner (I made it 2 minutes before it closed). But while I was there I met one of the guys in my Networking class (Clyde). He told me that he saw my website and had fun reading it. So if your reading this Clyde... whats up? =) But then I had to get going so I couldn't talk to long. I invited him to church though. I hope he comes and checks it out one sunday, that woudl be cool. So anyway, after dinner I was going to go around and fix some people's computers that needed to be worked on. But I tried to call all of them and nobody ever answered. So instead I just came back to my room and watched smallville and chatted online the rest of the night. (I threw in a little studying too). But thats pretty much it for the night. I think I'm going to turn in a little early (earlier then normal). I could use the extra sleep. I will be going over to the Donneberg's house tomorrow after work to play some Scrabble with Allie. That should be fun... I need to get some sleep to compete with her. So thats what I'm going to do! Night...
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Friday, January 23, 2004
Today was rather uneventful. I had my first two classes as normal. One of my classes (history) was cancelled though so that was a nice break. After that though, I was off to work for the rest of the day. Once again.. not much to report on for the work day either. It was straight forward and routine. But you gotta have those most of the time (or it wouldn't be routine I guess). After work though I went over to Scott and Abbey's house for dinner. That was pretty fun. I hung out there until around 7:50ish. Scott and I threw around a football outside for a bit after dinner. It was like 20 degrees though so we didn't last long. We decided to play some Mario Cart on his Game cube instead so we could be in the warmth. So anyway, once I got back to campus I went through some things for my prayer meeting tonight so I could teach effectively. Then did some school work until hall meeting. My prayer group went well tonight too, we talked about how to effectively use the parts of our body to server God. Such as ears, eyes, mouth, feet, etc. So anyway... I just noticed the time. It says that I'm late for bed and need to go. I better listen to it. Night!
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Thursday, January 22, 2004
Today was a good relaxing day for me. It started off with my networking class which was pretty fun. After that I had another computer class but the teacher just came and took attendence and then said.. he didn't have time to put a lesson together and we were free to go. So I only ended up having one class today. That was pretty nice. I took the extra time to work on my english reasearch paper and take care of a couple other buisness things here around the campus. Then we had our normal Convocation after that and back to studying I went once it was over. I only had a short while to study so that way I could get a chance to go to lunch today. Then right after lunch I headed on over to work. So as you can see not much happend during the day that was too exciting.. but it got interesting after work. I headed over to church. A friend of mine (Jessica) was able to come to the bible study at church tonight. It was nice to have her there. She said she enjoyed it too. She couldn't stay too long after it was over though because she had to run some errands. But I ended up staying until around 9:00 and talking to Britt and Allie. They also had a friend come tonight who's name just so happends to be Jessica as well. So we all had fun talking afterwards while waiting for Jessica's ride to come get her. I was kind of sad when she got here though, because that would mean we had to leave. I was having fun too. I didn't have to go to a prayerleader meeting tonight or anything so I had lots of time after the service to hang out. I was glad I got to hang out for as much as I did though. I think I just have too much fun there. So anyway, upon arriving back to my dorm, I remembered I had a case study I had to do for one of my classes that will be due on Friday. So I went ahead and got that all done and out of the way. I also had to do some reading for English. I also decided I better look over what I'm going to do for prayergroups tomorrow night and get my thoughts in order for that. But now I think I'm done with everything I need to get done for the night. Now I get to go to sleep. It should be easy tonight because there is the wonderful aroma of charred popcorn from down the hall. I"m not talking the slightly singed smell either.. I'm talking the Charred and Blackend flaky popcorn smell.. Ahhhh gotta love it. Night!
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Wednesday, January 21, 2004
Once again it is past 1:00 by the time I can even start thinking about going to bed. I thought I might have gotten to bed earlier tonight... but they ended up throwing an hour and a half Prayerleader meeting at me. So that kind of put a hitch in the schedule.. but I'll get to that when the time comes. I better start from the begining. It was a hectic day today somewhat, I did get a chance to have lunch though which was good. It started out with my English class. She ended up telling us that we need to start doing research for out research paper. I still hadn't even picked out a Novel to read. So I decided I would just do the paper on "Of Mice and Men". It is a novel that I know I won't have trouble finding information on and I have read it before and thought it was decent so I now at least have my novel. But she assigned us things to do for it so right after that class was over I had an hour and a half break (which has now been changed, I"ll explain in a bit). But during that time I headed down to the Library and got some of that work done. I didn't finish all of it though before my next class, so I just kind of dropped it for the time being and I"ll continue on that later. My next class was a computer basics class that I really want to try and test out of. But for today at least I had to go to class. She gave us an assignment to do and I was done in like 15 minutes. So she let me go early and I was able to get a lunch break today. But before I did that I found an opening for that exact class during the previous hour. I changed my schedule to take that time slot instead. It works much better because I would have to eat lunch at 9:20 if I had kept my old schedule.. I wouldn't have been able to do that.. so now I get my lunch break at 11:00 which is much more tolerable, still kind of early for me but I can handle it. Once Lunch was over I had to head on over to my History class. I ended up falling asleep in that class. I was trying to fight it but it wasn't working. One time I dozed off and Bekah (who is in my class) tried to wake me up and I jumped like over to the next seat almost. It was really funny, some people aplauded. But anyway that class ends up going until 1:30 so once it gets out I have to rush to my car and head over to work. It was a decently relaxing day today at work nothing too much we had to deal with so it was nice. But we ended up staying until 9:00 tonight to catch up on some more work and play a couple games. I didn't really have the time to stay because I still have that english reasearch to do. But I did it anyway because they needed me. So I didn't get back to campus until around 9:15. Then, once I got here.. at 9:45 they called me into a prayerleader meeting. Normally they aren't too bad, about 40-45 minutes usually... well this one lasted until 11:30 tonight. I also didn't think it was a necissary meeting either. They didn't realy say anything important the entire time. They gave us a bible lesson for us do with our groups this coming thursday though. One peice of good news comes out of it though. We don't have to go to a meeting tomorrow night, that means I can probably hang out at church a little longer which is always very nice. So anyway, finally after the meeting was over I came back to my room and got a couple other things done, but I couldn't really do much with the english stuff because there wasn't enough time. So anyway, that leaves me with that to do tomorrow. I also talked to a friend of mine and I was able to get her to come to my church tomorrow for the bible study we're having... that will be fun having her there.. I hope she likes it. But anyway, enough out of me. I need to get to bed so I can wake in time for my 8am classes. Night!
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Tuesday, January 20, 2004
Alright, now that I'm thinking about it, I think I'm going to write that entry that I didn't get a chance to write last night. So here was Yesterday: It all started on a dark cold winter morn. At the Plummer (crack) of dawn. Don't you just love mornings that start out like that? Anyway.. I groggilly pull myself out of bed and and proceed to get ready for the day. I then head on out to the computer lab where I have my only two classes for the day. The first class I think I'm going to enjoy. It is all on networking. I already know quite a bit about that subject so I could take an ICE test and pass it then I wouldn't need that class. But There are no other classes during that time slot available for me to take. So I think I"ll just stick with it and get an easy A and an easy 3 credits. As for the class right after that it is System Arcitecture, in the same room. Today we took apart a comptuer and looked at all the parts necissary to build a computer (I see this about 30 times a day as it is). But the funny thing is. When it came time to take it apart. The Prof didn't have a screwdriver. So I pulled the set out of my backpack. Everybody is like "who would have thought". But anyway.. I'm pretty sure both of those classes should turn out to be pretty easy. My Monday, Wednesday, & Friday Schedule will probalby be my relaxed day this semester. So anyway after those classes we have convocation as usual and then I have 2 hour after that to study or eat lunch. I took some of that time to write half an e-mail and also do some actual studying. I think I will be grateful for that time this semester. Two hours is a lot better then 20 minutes like last semester. But then after my break I then headed on over to work. This week things have started to die down at work and we've caught up pretty nicely now. But anyway after work I then headed back to campus and ate a quick dinner - then I was off to my dorm for the rest of the night with a massive load of homework (and an e-mail to write). Then in the middle of studying one of the guys in my prayer group stopped by my room and wanted to spend some time together. So I decided to just drop everything and hang out with him for about 30-45 minutes. We ended up going down to late night and having nachos while we chatted. But then once we got back here I had to continue on the HW. Once I finished with that I really wanted to finish writing the e-mail I started before lunch so I ended up staying up until about 1:30 to finally get that done. Then as you probably noticed from my blog late last night... That was it for me.. I was out cold shorly after.
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sorry... no time to blog tonight Its too late and I'm tired and I haven't even begun to start to get ready for bed. I had too much homework, I also was working on writing an e-mail that I hoped to finish tonight (which I finally did). So thats all for now.. I should get a chance to fill one in tomorrow. Night!
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Monday, January 19, 2004
Hey, Allie good work on the survey. It was a very entertaining/informative read. Thanks for filling it out. I got done before 2:00 too!
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Yesterday's blog says it was posted at 7:00. It is true that it was posted then, but thats not when I finished writing it. I finally got to bed last night around 1:45. I tried to post it last night but the server wasn't working right so I couldn't do it then. I just did it in the morning. So anyway, as you can probably figure out from what I just said.. I got to sleep at close to 2:00 then I had to wake up at 6:30. So I've been running off of little sleep again today. I had to be at church for practice again early this morning. But BJ needed a ride so I had to swing by his dorm and pick him up on the way to church. I got there about 10 minutes early so BJ and I just kind of waited outside until somebody showed up. As everybody started showing up we all got ready for practice. But Luis was about 20 minutes late this morning and we were all just sitting aroudn waiting for him. But he finally made it and we got started. After getting into practice a little ways it turns out he needed his keyboard from back at his house for special music. So while everybody else stayed and practiced, Dennis and I took my van and went to his place and picked it up. Because of that glitch in the practice time, I wasnt' able to go through and double check the announcement for this morning. So there were some typos and spacing issues on a couple of the slides. But other then that once the real service came around it went very smoothly. Pastor is doing a series and using clips from Bruce Almighty. Its pretty good I've enjoyed what he's put togther so far. Once the service was over I hung around the church until just about everybody left. The Donneberg's invited me over for lunch again today, but I sadly had to deny. I am back in the world of homework and I needed to come back and write two essays. So I just came by and ate a quick lunch at the Rot. Then I was going to go back to my dorm and work on the homework the rest of the afternoon. But instead I met up with Tori.. she really needed a time to talk to me so instead I took her to the mall and we just found a bench and sat and chatted for awhile. I can't really say much, but she needs prayer right now. So just pray for Tori's unspoken request. So anyway I was there with her till right around 2:00.. then I couldn't stay too much longer so I just brought her back and dropped her off then I went right to my room and started trying to write my essay. But it turns out I dozed off for part of the time and I was in and out of sleep for a couple hours. Needless to say I didn't get much of the essay done.. but I sure did feel better afterwards. I then worked on it a little more once I was awake and then I took a break for dinner. I made it a short dinner however and then came right back to work on the paper some more. I finally got it finished right around 8:30. Just in time too because I had a 9:00 prayer leader meeting over in the Demoss Hall for about an hour or so. It was Dr. Johnny Hunt that spoke to us tonight about having a passion, not just getting by. It was pretty good. Then afterwards when I got back to the dorm we were going to have a surprise party for our RA. It was his birthday today. So we all piled into the SLD's room and setup really quick then called him in. It was good fun. But after that was over I had some more things to work on here in my room and I think I've finished up with things for the night. Once I post this entry I am going to read Allies 375 question survey that she filled out. She filled it out before but she wanted to do it again now. I will be excited to read that I don't think I could go to sleep until I do. So I'm going to stop writing this now and go ahead and do that. I still need to try and get to bed at a reasonable time for classes tomorrow morning.
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Sunday, January 18, 2004
Oh man am I sleepy.. not sure why either.. I got to sleep in until 8:30 today. Oh well, I'll just go ahead and sumarize the day as long as I don't doze off =). This morning before work I dropped my Van off to get an oil change at Aid Tire. Then Scott swung by and picked me up on his way to work. We went to Burger King to get a quick breakfast and then we headed over to the shop. Today my sole purpose was to make network cables at work. I did help customers and answer phones here and there but most of the time I was making cables. My figers are so raw from doing that. But I was doing that to fill an order for cables for a church that is here in lynchburg. They ordered like 30 of them. It took the whole day to make them (still need 4 more to finish). But, granted I did help customers when they came in and I was the designated lunch picker upper today too. But I don't think fingers were made to do that many cables in one day. Thats 60 ends to cut wire and crimp. It was kind of rough. But once 3:00 rolled around Scott and I headed out. He dropped me off to pick up my van and then he was off. After getting my Van back I stopped by Big Lots to get some cards. It was Chuck's Birthday today so I wanted to get him a nice funny B-day card. I found a great one and then took it over to him. I was only there for about 30 minutes though because I was invited over to dinner to a faculty member's house from here at liberty. They wanted me to show up sometime around 4:30. I got to meet thier daughter and her husband while I was there too because they had stopped by for the evening as well as thier granddaughter. Dinner was delicous too, it was kind of a stir fry dish. After dinner I then worked on thier computer a bit because it needed a tune up. It was running pretty slowly. It was nice getting to know them. Jim just got back from a surgery removing a lump that was in his neck. They found out that he may have thyroid cancer. So Pray that the doctors will help him to clear it up before it gets too bad. So anyway it turns out they were neighbors to the Saunders (a family from my church) so I left thier house around 7:30ish and then walked next door to stop in and say hi to the Saunders. I kind of felt bad because I got there and they were having dinner - but they still welcomed me right in. The Donneberg's were over at thier house too because they were celebrating Chuck's birthday too. So that was fun. We also watched Finding Nemo (my 17th time watching it). But it was a pretty fun night. I ended up getting back to campus around 10:30. I had to catch up on some homework reading and some other assinments and things. I also chatted with Allie for a short time and read a huge e-mail that she sent me... it was great. But now as I mentioned earlier, I'm really tired and need to get to bed. I have to be at chruch tomorrow @ 8:00 for worship team practice. So I think I"m going to head off to bed pretty shortly. Have a great night!
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Saturday, January 17, 2004
Today was a little more relaxing as far as classes go. I think I've decided on the history class I'm going to be taking. So I didn't have to go to any other ones and I was able to get lunch today. So my schedule for today started off with two computer classes, then convocation, then I was done for the day class wise. It will be nice to have a short break before work from now on if I keep this schedule. But anyway after lunch today I headed to work. Shortly after arriving there I found out I had to go do a service call at a guys house. Normally thats not such a bad thing.. but this time it wasn't something I looked forward to. This guy lived about an hour drive away, and he is one of those older men that doesn't care what you have to say. He threatend to sue the company a couple days ago (I think it was tuesday). So I had to go and meet him and take care of some issues. I don't know how I pulled it off but once I arrived it went rather smoothly. I was able to get done what needed to get done and we worked through the problems without him getting angry. I was there just over an hour. So today at work I was out for about 3 hours total. An hour drive each way and then at the house for an hour. So once I got back to the shop, there wasn't much I could before we closed. So today again I didn't have to really do much as far as working on computers was concerned. But after closing up I headed on back to campus for dinner at the Rot, then back to my room to start on some homework. It has started to pile up already. I worked on homework for most of the night (with a little chatting in between). But I think I"m going to take a break now and head to bed. I'm pretty tired. Night!
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Friday, January 16, 2004
Once again today I was going full boar and didn't get a chance to eat lunch. I woke up and my first class was english, Followed by my computer class. After that class I had a History class. During that class work called me, so as soon as it was over I rushed out and called them back to see what they wanted. He needed me to go over to a buisness and help them figure out a problem with thier computer network. So I had to go directly there after class. I ended up being there until about 3:30, then I finally got back to work sometime close to 4. By that time most of the day was over. I had a chore to test a bunch of used monitors that we had in stock. That job took me most of the rest of the day at work. I didn't even have to touch a computer to work on one while I was at the shop today. Testing those monitors took up the whole time. Anyway, once we closed up at work I headed on over to Aarons house to see how they've decorated now that they are moved back in. I couldn't stay too long though because I needed to hurry back before the dinning hall closed. That was the first meal of the day today and I was pretty hungry. But once dinner was over I headed back to my dorm. I actually had massive homework to do tonight. I've been taking 24 credits worth of class the last couple days while I'm trying to figure out my class schedule. I think I may have a handle on it now, but I have until Wednesday to test it out. I just finished most of the work I need to get done for the night. I still need to decide on a novel to read that I will be writing a research paper on. Any Ideas?? Well thats it for tonight. I think I'm going to head off to bed.
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Thursday, January 15, 2004
Today was the first day of classes for me.. My schedule is all wacked out right now though because I"m still trying to get certain classes. My first two classes are fine (Computer Classes). Then we had the first Convocation of the Spring Semester. It was great to get to see everybody again. Expecially some people from the sister dorm I was happy to see. But after that I went and sat in a History Class that I need. It wasn't packed full, so I thought he would have let me get signed in, but He wouldn't do it this class period. So I still stayed the whole class just incase I'm able to get it later. THen right after that I went to another history class to see if I could get signed in that one.. it was the same situation though.. I'm just going to have to go to both until I'm able to get in one so I won't miss any days of class. But anyway, that class didn't get over until 1:10 so I had to rush straight to work after that. I didn't get to have a lunch break today or anything. Work was pretty straight forward today though nothing really to report on there. But anyway right after work I went over to church, (it was actually small groups tonight so the Donneburg's house). But because of that I didn't get to have dinner either. They had some snacks though so I at least got to have somthing in my system. The group tonight was a lot smaller then normal, but we still had some good discussion. Afterwards the Hartman kids showed up there and we played for a short while.. I wanted to stay longer but I had to get back so I could make it to a prayer leader meeting at 9:00. So I ended up heading out around 8:30ish. Then the prayer leader meeting went until 10:30. It was really long and in my opinion unhelpful.. I was fighting the sleep the whole time. But finally it got over and I could go back to my dorm for the first time that day since I left at 7:30. Then I got a call from a girl in Dorm 26 who needed my help with her computer. So while I was still not settled in I decided I might as well go and fix that for her before I got all comfortable. I grabbed my tools and headed right over there. Fortunatley it was a pretty quick fix though so I could get back and get some things done I needed to. She was a pretty nice girl though, her name was Anna. I invited her to my church. Then once I was here in the room working on some things.. there was a guy here on the hall that needed my help with the computer too. So I was in and out for about 30 minutes working on that for him. So then finally around 12:00 I was able to start working on some work and schedule's and I even had some reading to do already for homework. But now, I can finally get to sleep. It has begun again.. that getting to sleep late. Maybe it won't be so bad once I get my schedule right. But anyway.. NIght for now.. --- The net isn't working right now so I'll just have to post this in the morning. I would try to wait it out.. but it is 1:45 so I think I'll just not worry about that.
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Wednesday, January 14, 2004
Today was my final day to relax before classes start up tomorrow. So I slept in until 9:00 and then I had to run a bunch of errands and things as well as buy my book to get ready for classes. I ended up getting about $280 worth for books. I can't beleive we have to buy those stupid things... but anyway. While I was at the book store I met up with Jessica and it was really good to see her, I also got to see Bekah. The whole day was just a lot of seeing people as they were returning from the break. Then I went to lunch with Jessica at around 12:00, we ended up sitting with Kat and Becky as well, it was nice to see them too. But Jes and I just ate kind of a speedy lunch and then we both walked together to the post office. I had massive amounts of mail since It hasn't been checked for about a month now. There wasn't anything really important though that absolutley needed to be read so that was good. Then after that Jessica and I had to part ways for the day. I needed to head off to work shortly after that. When I got to my dorm room to set my mail down though it turns out one of my roomates (tyler) was back for the day to pack up all of his things. He won't be coming back this semester. He decided to just go to a community college in his home town. I didn't have much time to chat though, but I was able to say good-bye at least to him and his mom, his girlfriend was even here so I was able to meet her. But I was going to be late for work if I stayed too long, so I had to make the good-bye's quick and then rush out to work. Work today was one of those days you wish you could skip, we had problem customer after problem cutomer today... those kind of people that want what they want and don't care what we tell them about our policy's and things. Its all about them or nothing kind of people. It makes the day a little hard because all of us get in a mood after dealing with people like that and it makes how we interact with each other a little tough. But we made it though the day without doing anything rash =). Once it finally got to be closing time we hurried and locked up before anything else bad could happen. Then I headed over to the Donneburg's house. I was going to take the girls to see "Brother Bear". It is a really cute movie. I would rent it when it comes out on video.. if you have a dollar theater, seeing in there is a good thing too.. I wouldn't quite recomend paying full price in a big theater for it though.. its not that worth it. So anyway the girls and I were at the theater until around 8:45 then I gave them a ride home and we all had a really late dinner while watching Pirates of the Carribian. During the movie Rachel called me and I talked to her and her roomates for a little while, but I didn't talk to long since I was visiting with the Donneburg's but it was just good to catch up on some things with them. But then back to the movie I went once we got off the phone. I was able to stay until it was over, but once it was over I had to rush out. I'm now back under the "liberty laws" and a curfew is back into effect. I ended up making it back in time with about 10 minutes to spare. So that pretty much covers my last day of break. Things are back into full bore starting tomorrow. Wish me luck! Night =)
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Tuesday, January 13, 2004
Sunday was a good day at church, I woke up and I put on my marroon shirt and my silver bow tie. (which I had many compliments about) I had to wake up all extra early for worship team practice so the donneburg's house was still very quite only BJ was awake at the time. Allie and Jo ended up coming out just as I was heading out the door. I had to get back into the groove at church with the powerpoint and everything, but after sitting there and using it for a bit.. it all came back to me. We also had two DVD's that the pastor wanted played during his sermon so that was a little challenging to get done as well. But in the end it all went very well when it came to the real service. Then that afternoon I went over to the Hartmans house with the Donneburgs for lunch. We had Chili and Salad. It sure was some great food! I ended up eating three bowls. I also learned something that I think you should try at least once. Make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and then dip it in chili and eat it that way. It is a lot better tasting then it sounds. I thought it was quite good. Then after lunch us kids went downstairs and played in the snow and then just kind of hung around and they also decided to terrorize Jeremy quite a bit too. We had a snowball fight outside and it was everybody against me.. I don't know how that happened, but I lost hard. If there was an opening in my clothes they found it and shoved snow in there. I was so wet and cold by the time they all went inside. But I made it though. After that The Donneburg's were going to head out, But I offered to give Allie and Britt a ride home later if they wanted so only Jo and Chuck headed out while we hung around until around 8:00. We ended up watching the Veggie Tales Jonah, and then the kids wanted to kereoke. The Kereoke didn't last long though and that kind of died off. Susan ended up making us all chocolate chip pancakes for dinner too. They were sure good, but I was kind of stuffed still from my huge lunch however. I ended up having to take the girls back home around 8:00 and then I turned around and went back to the Hartman's for the night. Dennis was already asleep when I got back though, so I just played with the other kids for awhile until their bed time. Once they were all asleep I helped Dennis Sr fix some things with thier computers, after a couple hours or so we had everything pretty much working. By then I was really tired after wresling with the kids most of the day. So I went right to sleep and I was out cold in no time.

Then this morning little dennis was my own personal alarm clock. 7:30 in the morning I had a 4 year old boy sitting on my chest breathing in my face. I woudl say that was quite effective. I kind of layed there for awhile while dennis jumped around on the bed, but I had to get up after that and play with the boy, he was so anxious to do something.... so.... I gave in. Then I had to head out around 9:30 and go to work. It was just another typical day at work today for the most part. One of our good customers decided to bring us Pizza for lunch today though. That was sure nice of him. I still have some of the leftovers too. Other then that it was "work". Afterwards I headed over to Scott's house for dinner and to play some games for awhile. I ended up being there until around 7:00 because they had to go take the dogs back to Abbey's parents house because they were watching them for the weekend. So after I left Scott's house I decided it would be good to go over and work on the Donneburg's computer because it needed some fixing. But they weren't at home, instead they were at Barnes and Noble just haning out there. So I decided to drive over there and find em. We read some Jokes books and just kind of chatted for awhile. Then we headed back to their house. WHile they watched Finding Nemo I did some work the thier comptuers to try and get them working optimially. I hope what I did fixed it, but I won't know until they start to use it through the week. I got done with what needed to be done shortly after 11:00 and then I headed back to campus to sleep in my dorm once again for the first time since I left for the break. I had some unpaking I needed to do and things once I got here which I now have done. everything is all organized and back in it's appropriate spot. So that means I can finally go to sleep. I will have to get books tomorrow for all my classes that start on wednesday before work, So I will have to wake up a little early again. But anyway.. enough talk.. and more sleep for me. Night!
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Sunday, January 11, 2004
Well, the last couple days have been great. I'll start right where I left off on my last blog. Thursday was a pretty typical day at work. It did seem like all the customers were out to get us that day though, it seemed like every other customer had a complaint or tried to fight "Policy" or something of that sort. But we finally got through it without any real problems. That evening after work I headed back over to the Donneburg's House for dinner and to meet Allie's Friend. I hung out there with them for awhile until her friend had to head back home to Danville. She had to leave a little earlier then she wanted to though because it was starting to Ice up a little outside. So after she left, I only stayed for like another 15 minutes or so, and then I was off to the Hartman's house for the rest of the night. I sure had a lot of fun there. When I first got there the littlest boy, Dennis, was really excited to see me. Then the rest of them all came up and they terrorized me for a little bit. It sure was fun. After the short playtime I had to calm them all down because they all needed to get ready for bed. They all wanted me to read them a bedtime story. That sounded like a good idea to me, so I folded out the Hideabed and all 5 of the kids crawled up on the bed and a couple sat on my lap while the rest of them just snuggled up next to me. It turns out the book they pick is one of the longest they have. But I'm up for it anyway and so I read to them. It ended up being about a 45 minute to an hour read. (It was a pretty good story however and I was even interested in it). After I read they took turns showering and brushing teeth ect. While they did that I just read another small short story to Dennis and the kids just came and went as they were getting ready. Finally after they were all PJ'ed up we all got together with the parents and said our prayers for the night. Then off to bed they all went. Dennis wanted to sleep in my bed with me though, so I said he could. He sure is a snuggler though, he would get really close to me and touch my face and things before he finally fell asleep. He kept me nice and warm, thats for sure. Then the next morning it turns out there was 2 inches of snow on the ground, the kids were all excited about that. All the schools in town were closed. But they are all homeschooled and they were going to have to still "do classes" They just wanted to play in the snow though.. of course. But first things first, we all ate a hearty breakfast, (Bacon, Eggs, Biscuts w/homemade jam) it sure was good. I kind of had to hurry out shortly after breakfast though so I could get to work in the snow and still be on time. But I had a lot of fun at their house that night. I did get to work on time also so that was a plus. =). That day at work was much better then the day before and it was a relief. Andy even decided he wanted to close up 10 minutes early that day just becuase he felt like it. Of course none of us argued. I ended up hanging around for awhile afterwards though to watch a couple episodes of smallville. Then at around 7:30 I headed over to the Miller's house where I was going to stay the night for that evening. Thier dog loves me over there and he was as happy as ever to see me. I played with their dog for awhile once I got there and then once he calmed down, Vicky and I played a computer game against each other (one they got for christmas) while Mark made a phone call. IT seemed like a pretty good game too and it was pretty fun, I forget what it was called though. I never played or heard of it before. After Mark got off the phone we then watched "A walk to Remember" Its one of the gifts I got for christmas. The Miller's had never seen it before and I highly recommended it. So thats what we ended up watching. They got all teared up, and then "yelled" at me in the end for not warning them it was a sad movie. (insert sly laugh here). But once that was over it was pretty late so we all got ready for bed. I took the dog out for his before bed walk that night too. He sure liked playing in the snow. After getting back in he calmed down slowly and then we were all off to bed. There was a nice electric blanket on my bed that I slept in, it sure was great on a snowy night. (They're all about the heated blankets at thier house). Then once it hit 9:00 I was up and out of bed and ready for the day.. mostly because I was awaken by cold nose on the face from an excited dog. That is a great feeling though, I'm quite fond of it. As I came down stairs there was the aroma of breakfast cooking. While it cooked Mark asked me if I could help him move a couple boxes to the atic for him. So we made the trip with some of the boxes moving from the basement to the atic. It sure was tiring after 3 flights of steps for every single box. But anyway we ended up getting most of them up by the time breakfast was ready. We were running a little late though, so I kind of had to hurry through breakfast and the rush off to work. I made it only two minutes late, I don't think they noticed though. By now if you haven't noticed this has turned into a run on pharagraph. But sometimes you just gotta deal with it.. so DEAL WITH IT... moving on. Today at work was just another relaxing day, we've finally caught up from the after christmas rush, so we were able to slow down and take a couple break through the day. It was nice. Once we closed up at work I decided I would take the next couple hours and move some of my things back into the dorms at liberty. They opened them up for the new students on friday. I'm not a new student but I could at least move stuff in. So I just wanted to get that out of the way.. I can't sleep there until monday night though since I"m a returning student. So I loaded up my van with the goods I would take back to the dorm, then on the way to campus I stopped by the Donneburg's house to say a quick "hey" I missed them from not being there for two days.. I kind of got used to having them around. I only stayed for about 30 minutes though because I was had to still get to campuse and drop the stuff on and I was going to go to Scott's house for dinner tonight as welland have Lasagna. After getting to campus It had everything unloaded in a couple trips. Then I got a call from Scott saying that he was still in Roanoke (he made a trip out right after work) and It was already 5:30. So he just asked if they wanted to post pone until monday. I was fine with that so, instead of going there for dinner, I just decided to hang around the dorm for a bit longer and just organize everything that I brought in. I also hooked up my computers again so now my webcams are working once again. After everything was organized to my satisfaction, I just went ahead and went over to the Donneburg's house for my last night with them (so sad). After arriving, I just had some left overs from thier dinner they had since I didn't end up going over to Scott's house that night. Then after supper, I helped the girls get some firewood from the back yard and bring it up to the porch. Then the rest of the night we just chilled in the basement and watch a couple movies. I also did laundry here and there between breaks. The first movie we watched was "The Wedding Planner" and then after that we watched "Somewhere in Time" It ended up being around 11:30 and the second movie wasn't over yet, thier mom wanted us to just head to bed and watch the rest of it later. But, Britt was waiting to curl her hair and I was still finishing up laundry, so we ended up staying up until around 1:00 watching the movie while Britt finished her hair. It was fun though, just hanging with the girls for the evening. I sure am tired now though. Its 2:00 now and I have to wake up early for church in the morning. I have to be their at 8:00am. It was worth staying up late though, it was fun. Well, that pretty much covers it.. I know that was probably a long and boring read.. but it looks like you endured it all! Congratulations. Now tomorrow I won't be able to blog again because I'll be at the Harmans, but come monday I'll be back on campus I think so I should be able to fill you in then. Until them have a wonderful Night!
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Thursday, January 08, 2004
I keep missing times to write my blog lately.. I just don't have a chance or forget lately. Its been kind of weird being at a different place each night. I don't have a chance to get a routine in like I did in the dorm. But its well worth it, I'm having a blast here at the Donneburg's house. Tomorrow I'll be with the Hartman's and then the next day I'll be with the Millers. Tomorrow should be fun, all the kids are going to bombard me and wear me out.. (Just as it should be) I'm looking forward to that. They are lots of fun. The last couple days, tuesday and today (wednesday) I've just had a pretty normal days. I wake up at around 8:45 and then get ready to go to work. But right before I go to work I sit and chat with the girls for awhile until they start school. Work has been pretty hectic lately too, this is our busiest time of the year. Tuesday we all stayed late (until around 9:00). It was ok, but It would have been more fun to go see a movie with the donneburg's when they went to see "Radio" at 7:00. Instead I just came back after they returned and we watched a movie at thier house. Then today was almost the same ... woke up at 8:45, chatted with the girls a bit, then headed off to work. After work today I went to church. We are doing the series on Bruce Wilkinson's book "Secrets of the Vine" We started a video series tonight, and we'll work on the workbook studies in small groups every other wednesday. It looks like its going to be a good series. SO anyway, after the service I just hung around and talked with some of the people and then played with the Kids for awhile. Then after everybody left, I headed back over here to the Donnenburg's house (starting to feel like home here) =). Then the girls and I watched "A Walk to Remember" I didn't cry this time like I did the first time I watched it, but my eyes still got a little watery when the guy makes up with his dad. Its an excellent movie! So anyway, the rest of the family has already gone to bed, so I need to go there now too. Have a wonderful night!
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Tuesday, January 06, 2004
Sorry I didn't get a chance to write an entry last night, we got back from my sister's house pretty late and I still had to pack and get ready to leave bright and early this morning. So if your mad deal with it! =) j/k. Anyway, I'll start off from yesterday morning. My friends hijacked my blog last time I tried it but they were pretty accurate with the events of the day so I will just be leaving that. Nice work guys! Sunday morning started up with Danny and I crawling out of bed last minute (just as it should be) and then we all hussled to get ready to church and get there on time. It was a little rough getting there in the snow, but we made it without a hitch. I thought Becca's church was really great. I think I still like TLC (my church) best though. I met a couple of her friends while I was there too, but shortly after the service was over Melissa had to leave so Danny and Katie and I went with her. Danny was axious to watch the Seahawks game since they actually made playoffs this year. We ended up losing to GreenBay in overtime though. They said it was pretty exciting. I wouldn't know though, I was in the other room watching 7th Heaven & Full House. Later that afternoon we took some family pictures and then went off to Wal-mart to get them developed. Some of them turned out really well too. I have some of them up on my website in the photos section We ended up leaving there to come back home pretty late. Upon arrival back at the Dillinger Domicile I packed my bags and got ready to head out the next morning. I also had to lay with Happy for quite some time since that would be the last time until I come back again. My Grandma also called me and we talked for awhile and said our good-byes over the phone. She wanted to come out and be able to see me again but it just didn't work out with the snow and everything. Once I finished with the packing and got everything it order.. I went right to bed.

This morning I woke early so I could see my mom before she went to work. She was kind of upset that she couldn't stay and take me to the airport, but thats the way things are sometimes. My dad ended up taking me by himself in the new truck. There was some construction going on, on the enterance to the airport so there was quite a bit of traffic buildup there. Normally there is 4 lanes but because of the work there was only two. But anyway after some pushing through we made it to my drop off gate, I said my last good-byes and I was off. Security this morning there was rather slow, but I made it through without having to be checked twice. Thats always nice. Once I was through I got to my gate and read some of my stored up Sunday comics. I got through two weeks worth just as they started to board the plane. The first flight was long (7 hours) but I slept through most of it. They also served Breakfast on that flight that consited of cheerios and a bagle w/creamcheese, as well as a bannana. It did its job of quenching the hunger just fine. So, roughly 7 hours later we made it into Detriot with was my layover again just like last time. I had to walk across the airport again too so I got to go down into that tunnel and use that long moving floor to walk across. I love that thing, it's a lot of fun. My flight was delayed though once I got to my gate. I sat at one gate for about half an hour and then they said that it was moved to another gate. So I had to walk over to the new one. Then they also said that some of the crew members hadn't arrived yet from previous flights so the flight was further delayed while we waited for them. Finally they boarded about a half hour late. That was better then an hour or so though, I'm glad it was only 30minutes. We arrived in Roanoke only 30 minutes late so the Donnenburg's didn't have to wait there for too long. Allie, Jo, Brit, and BJ all came along to pick me up. It was sure great to see them. I gave them all a big hug and then we headed down to baggage claim to collect my things. Then after everythign was collected off to the car we go. We made a short stop at Sheetz for food and gas on the way home (after I missed the exit and we had gone about 10 minutes out of the way). Then after that it was smooth sailing all they way back to lynchburg. After arriving we watched the last end of Cast away that was on tv. The girls hadn't seen it though so I think they were kind of lost. I also made a turkey sandwich for a snack and I put Ketchup, Mustard, and Mayonase on it. What is wrong with that? Allie said that was gross. I do that all the time, it's actually very good. But anyway, the girls have school in the morning (they started today) so they headed to bed right around 11:00. To me it still feels like 9:00 so I'm not even that tired - But I'll just head to bed anyway as soon as I finish writing this. Which is pretty much now.. so yeah looks like I'm off to bed. Night!
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Sunday, January 04, 2004
***Danny's Hi-Jacking***
Hi, today we went to Bellingham to visit Jeremy's sister and Katie. It was a pretty long drive but I fell asleep so it went by in no time, as for Jeremy, i'm not sure, he probably sat through 2 hours of silence. We left at about 10:30 which meant I had to get up early, about 8:30 to be exact. When we got there we watched TV a lot because there was like a marathon of movies on or something and we also ate some food. The food was pretty good it was steak, rolls, corn, salad and pop.....just incase you dont know what "pop" is it's exactly like "soda" in every way posible. After dinner we played a game called mexican train with dominoes. Yeah basically I suck at Mexican train. We played 3 rounds and I had 74. Just for perspective the everyone else had an average of 20. There are cool door stoppers in their apartment. You touch them and they wobble for like 30 seconds and make a vibrating sound. Just incase you're wondering who is writing this it's Danny. I personally dont know how he conned me into doing this, but hey it happens right? Yeah so it was a pretty uneventful day but it was still good times. Good night EVERYONE! Oh yeah it's schrilla fridgid...it's like 10 degrees but -3 with the wind. Dust off

***Katie's Perspective***
Hello all you Jeremy fans. Tonight you don't get Jeremy...you get me! Jeremy is currently being tied to a toilet and struck with a palm tree in Angela's room for reasons I'm not allowed to discuss. If I told you...I might have to kill you!! haha So what did I do today...good question. Well, I woke up. Then I had to pee. So I peed. I felt so much better after that. Then I went out into the snow and bought some food from Freddy's. Then I ate some cereal. That was pretty good. Then Jeremy and Danny and the Dilly's came to my house and we sat around and watched movies all day. Lemme tell ya..."Toy Soldiers" is the DUMBEST movie I have ever seen. EVER!!! Then we had some Mad Cow and then played some mexicans...I mean mexican train. Good times. Then...I forget...wait...oh yeah...then I changed into my pj's and watched some tv until Jeremy came into my room and then we watched some more tv. Now I'm writing this blog. Now I think I'm finished. Yes...I'm spent. Seven!

***Becca's Curd's N' Way***
Today I woke up, and went out hoppin in the snow. It was wicked cold and wicked icy. I bombed through a stop sign and almost hit a motor! Man that wicked ice bites! I came home, then my peeps came up to my homestead. We chilled and gorged on some grindy. I talked to my boy, then watched that wicked glowin box. Then played the train and I thumped em all. Now I'm writin this here blog while the "J" mans slackin. Off to my crib I now head. PEACE OUT DOG!!
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Saturday, January 03, 2004
Well, today I got to drive my dad's brand new truck. It sure has a lot of power.. you barely have to press the gas pedal down to shoot forward. That wasn't very good to have in the snow though but it was still fun to drive. It sure would take some getting used to though. It shifts easily but the gears are so close to gether you miss a lot and put it in 5th when you want 3rd or put it in 2nd when you want 4th. But other then that I really enjoyed the drive. While I was out driving it with my dad we stopped by my dad's work and saw his place. It looked a lot like his old job just a lot bigger. But I met some of his co-workers and whatnot. That was nice to be able to see. After we got back from there I went down to danny's for awhile. We didn't have that snowball fight like I thought we would though, instead we played Xbox games. (I would rather play computer games personally) but there were 4 guys there that out numbered me 4 to 1 on playing Xbox.. so It looked like I was stuck. Then they all wanted to go over to one of the other guy's house and play some more nintendo over there. I decided to just stay here and not go. So they left me =). Oh well... I can figure out what to do, I came back here and downloaded some more episodes of smallville since I watched all 15 that I brought already. It took a good 3 hours to download 2 episodes though, but that was alright with me, while they downloaded I watched a movie with my dad and we had dinner. By the time we were done with that the movies were pretty much done too. So I just chatted for a bit online until they finished compleatly. Then of course I watched those right after that. Once they were finished it was approaching bed time so I got ready for bed. Today was the last full day I had here at home. The rest of the weekend (we leave tomorrow at 9) we will be up at my sisters house in Bellingham until late sunday evening, then I leave back to VA bright and early Mon mornin. But We'll have fun up in B-ham with the girls until then. So I'm off to bed for now since I will have to wake up earlier then I have been lately tomorrow. So Good night!
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Friday, January 02, 2004
I didn't sleep in quite as long today. I ended up waking up around 10:00. Then even before I got dressed I started working on the FAFSA (Finacial Aid Application). So my dad and I got that out of the way as soon as we could this year. After we finished up with that, my dad and I just hung out in the living room and we watched some movies on TV. Just kind of chillin being with my family.. you know how it is. Then my Grandma showed up and I spent some time with her. We read some of my Comic collection that I have. (Sunday Comics that is). She kind of reads slow though so I got done quite a bit earlier then she did =). So while Grammy was finishing up her comic reading I chatted online to a couple people... Tori, Allie, and Hannah. Then I helped make dinner and we had some big juicy steaks for dinner tonight. They said "Mad Cow" all over them j/k. haha. My Grandma had to leave pretty shortly after dinner though because it was starting to snow again and we wanted to make sure she got home safely. So after she left I talked to Allie some more online then my mom wanted to show me some pictures of what happend this year while I was away.. That took a good two hours (You know moms & Photos) But that was ok with me I liked to see what went on. Then after that I taught my mom how to do some things with her digital camera and how to put them on the computer and e-mail them.. and a couple other things you can do with digial photos. After she "figured it out" I did some more photo editing of my own and added a couple more pictures to the "Christmas in Seattle" section of my online photo album Then I pet happy and lounged around with her until now, when I decided to take a break and write my blog and then head to bed. So that is it! Tomorrow all my friends are back from TLC so we might end up doing something tomorrow. Until next time!
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Thursday, January 01, 2004
HAPPY NEW YEAR!! - I wish I had something else better to report on today.. but I don't. I was inside the entire day. We did end up getting about 5 inches of snow but I never even went outside to touch it. I also am proud of myself.. I slept in until 1:30pm today. If I didn't know any better, I would say I was lazy. Now guess what.. I'm going to go sleep some more! Night!
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