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Wednesday, March 31, 2004
Classes this morning were nothing special to report on. Typical english and computer class. After those two classes I had a small break and I went back to my room to try and write an e-mail. I wanted to be able get it sent out before I had to go to class but it turns out I didn't quite get it finished in time so I had to save it until after work. I would normally go to lunch during that time but I decided to skip it and try to just get take out instead before I went to work today. So anyway I ended up staying and working on that and talking to Allie online until the very last minute and then I rushed off to class. I made it just in time too. In History today we just watched a movie and then he also talked for a little bit about our test we are having on thursday. He ended up going right up until the very last minutes of class today though. Normally he lets us out at least 10 minutes early. I was counting on that extra time to stop by and get some take out after class. I ended up still getting it but I was running a little late. I made it to work in enough time though. Today things went pretty well at work. We were a little on the slow side still today though. Andy was gone for the last half of the day today though. So Scott and I were there by ourselfs running the place. Being that it was pretty slow today we were able to handle everything pretty well. We were going to end up staying late tonight like our typical tuesday but since Andy was gone we didn't end up doing that. So I was able to come back to campus and work on things here instead (Which I needed to anyway). So first things first I finished that e-mail I was writting this afternoon and got that sent off. Then I sat and studied for my history test the rest of the evening pretty much. A friend of mine ended coming by my window who is a JR and asked me if I wanted to go to the JR/SR banquet with her. I really don't know anything about it and I don't know what my schedule looks like for the coming weeks but I told her I would let her know for sure soon if I find out more information about it. Anyway thats pretty much all I did today. So I think I'm going to start to get ready for bed. Have a great night everyone!
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Tuesday, March 30, 2004
This morning was pretty nice. My teacher was sick unfortuantly this morning.. but fortunatly for me that meant I didn't have to go to my morning classes. I ended up sleeping until around 9:20 this morning, it was great. After waking up I was able to lesurly get ready for the day and the first thing I had to do today was chapel at 10:00. Chapel wasn't really anything super spectacular today though.. it was just pretty much just a typical chapel. After chapel I ended up going back to my room for a short time and then headed to lunch. I also stopped by and picked up some tickets for the Newsboys concert that will be here this thrusday. I should be able to go to that with Britt, Allie, Pete & Julie and maybe a couple other people. It should be awsome. My sister and her friends went to the concert they just had up in Seattle in Feburary and they said it was very cool and If I go I have to sit near the front... I'll see what I can do about that. So anyway after lunch I headed back to my room and did some more studying until I needed to head to work. Things at work went ok today.. off and on business today. I ended up staying after for awhile to try and finish up work on Kat's Laptop as well. Unfortuantaly I think her HP laptop is pretty much toast. There is not much I can do for her without it costing more then I would recomend her spending. So that is sad. But once I basicly concluded its TOD (time of death) I closed up and headed out. Instead of going back to campus though I went over to Luis and Angela's house. I got there a little early though so I just sat in the car and studied some more until around 7:20 when they arrived. Luis was going to have choir practice over there tonight. There were 5 of us there tonight for choir. I was the only guy in the choir though. (thats how it looks like its going to stay too). Brittany was there tonight as one of the 5 too so that was pretty cool it was fun to be there with her. But anyway we could use a couple more people too. So if you want to sing in our easter choir call me and I'll hook ya up! (if your in town). And Allie! that means you too.. I think you should join. Its not too late! It seems like it will be fun. --- anyway --- Practice ended up going until 9:00 and most everybody left right after that. Dorothy and I hung out for awhile afterwards and talked for awhile though. That was fun. I ended up leaving his place around 9:45 and then I had to stop by and grab a bite to eat at late night in the cafeteria before heading back to my dorm because I was hungry since I didn't get a chance to eat dinner. I finally ended up getting back to my dorm at around 10:50. Allie had just been online and I just missed her when I got back and that made me sad. But oh well... I guess I'll just have to talk to her later. I ended up studying for history some more the rest of the evening and talking to my mom and Kat's Dad online. Tori and Johnathan came by my window to say hi for a bit too so that was nice. But other then that I pretty much just sat here studying. But now once again... I have reached my time to head to bed. I got to sleep in today but for some reason I'm still very tired. Its just a never endless cycle. I don't see why I need to sleep.. I slept last week. lol =). Ok anyway.. off to bed I go!
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Monday, March 29, 2004
Today was a good day.. good day indeed. I had to be at church this morning at 8:00 as usual for worship team practice. Brittany and Allie both had to be at church early this morning because they had things they had to do before the service too. So I ended up picking them up on the way over to church. Practice went pretty good today. I was able to get everything setup I needed to pretty quickly today so I just wandered around for a bit since I had extra time. I did have to que up two movie clips (on VHS on DVD) last minute though and we dont' have a small TV in the room to do it on so I had to do it on the big screen while people were starting to come in. I was able to find the spots ok though before too many people started to filter in. Pastor was talking about how christians are supposed to be aliens to this world so he had us watch a couple clips from "The Men in Black" The service itself went pretty well this morning too, I enjoyed it. After church today I went over to the Donneberg's for lunch, Tori ended up coming along too. That was pretty cool to have her there. We just talked for awhile over there and then ate lunch. After lunch we ended up going downstairs and we watched the movie "Count of Monte Cristo" I thought it was a great movie. I had never even heard of it before. It was a fun one to watch. Shortly after that Sarah came by and picked up Tori from thier house because she wanted to spend some time with Tori for the day. I guess Tori is in high demand these days =). Thats good though. Anyway Britt and Allie had to be at chruch tonight at 4:30 to practice for a skit they are doing for the Palm Sunday service. So I took them early, Since I was there already I decided to just stay and watch them practice and just be there until church started at 6:00. I was able to help with the kids and attempt to keep them out of the way while I was there so I didn't have to just sit there bored the whole time, I made myself useful. Once 6:00 rolled around, the evening service started. We watched the last installment of the "Gospel of John" tonight and then discussed it again. I thought the movie clip was very good tonight, but I liked the dissucssion last week a little better. Tonight was ok but nothing too exciting. I ended up hanging out after the service for quite awhile and I ended up being one of the last to leave. After returning to my dorm Allie ended up being online so I talked to her for a short time and then Britt was online so I talked to her for a little bit after that. While I talked to them I had a barrage of IM's coming at me from random people. So at one point I was talking to 8 people. I ended up just not talking to some of them because I had to get some homework done tonight too. Tori was online too though so I did talk to her for a bit. Meanwhile I was trying to study for a history test. After awhile I just stopped talking on IM and just put up my Homework away message and worked on my history work and english work the rest of the night. I think I"m going to just call it quits for the night now though. I keep dozing off while I'm trying to study and that doesn't work very well. I don't have to go to my 8:00 class tomorrow though becuase the teacher is sick and had to cancel class.. Its too bad he is sick though, but I'm glad to get a day off. So anyway.. I'm going to start heading for bed now. I may actually get to bed by 1 or 1:30 tonight. Adeus para agora.
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Sunday, March 28, 2004
Today I did something I haven't done for like 12 months... I wore jeans! Yep.. your not seeing things I'm not joking either. That actually happend. There was two reasons for it.. the main one is because Allie and Britt and Jo keep telling me I need to wear jeans so I decided I would give it a shot.. the second reason was because I really need to do laundry and the pants I normally wear are all needing a wash and I didn't want to have to break out my backups. I was planning on doing laundry today after work at the Donneberg's house but it turns out they were having some plumming issues today so that kind of fell through. I'll have to figure something out tomorrow as far as doing laundry is concerned. But anyway.. I'm gonna go ahead and change the subject now because I know you all really don't care about my laundry. So yeah.. Things at work today were pretty decent we started to get busy today so that was nice to actually have soemthing to do again. After work I headed on over to the Donneberg's to pick up the girls. I was either going to go skating with them or go see a movie. We ended up choosing to go to the movie (Lord of the Rings: Return of the King). The girls had made themselfs all extra beautiful today more then normal (and trust me I'm not kidding, they were so gorgeous - they did the hair curls thing!) and so they didn't want to get all sweaty by skating and everything. But that was ok... the movie was very good. It was like 3 1/2 hours long.. but it was still good it almost had me shed a tear (not quite but close) at multiple points through the movie. If you haven't seen it I would highly recomend it. They actually finally finish the story. I ended up meeting some friends at the movie too and we all sat together. It was fun. After it was over Allie, Britt and I went over to Blueridge for a "hangout" place. They are doing a thing every saturday night called Straight Street where the youth can just come and hangout. They had a discussion time too where the Youth leader brings up a subject for us all to talk about. Tonight we discussed the issue of Homosexual Marriages and the legalizing of it and what Presedent Bush is trying to accomplish with amending the constitution. After the disscussion time we hung out some more. We played pool some after that. We all were really bad at it... I ended up winning all three games but it was basicly out of pure luck. There was no skill at all invovled in those victories. But I'll take what I can get lol. After we got tired of pool we just went and sat on the couch and talked for awhile until they had to start closing up the church at 11:00. So we made a quick stop at the Waffle House on the way back home and the girls just got a small bite to eat while we played some songs on the Juke Box. After that I dropped the girls off for the evening and headed on over back to campus for the night. That pretty much brings my day to a close. I didn't really do much in my room after returning tonight besides look up classes for next year and work on some homework. So yeah.. I think I"m gonna hit the pillows now! Night!
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Saturday, March 27, 2004
Today was another pretty decent day. I had my first two classes as normal and then after them I went to ministry chapel today instead of convocation. That was pretty good. Then after chapel I had to stop by the finaical aid department and pay some leftover fees for school that the payment plan won't cover. After I got that taken care of I stopped by the post office. My box was jammed shut today though and that was pretty annoying. I had to walk around and find somebody that could go inside and get the mail from the back side. I don't know if they fixed the jam but I was at least able to get my mail. I got a thank you note from the person who's fish I watched over spring break. It was nice of her to send one.. but it wasn't a big deal.. all I had to do was toss in some food twice a day. It was cool though. I was then able to eat a leasurly lunch today.. I didn't really have to hurry too bad today. I ended up sitting with Crystal and Liz and Kristen and then three other girls I forgot their names though unfortunatly. But that was fun.. I actually got to sit and enjoy lunch for once without having to rush and finish eating and jet out. So anyway after lunch I headed back to my room and did some things before work. On my way to work I needed to make a stop at a Machining company for a service call to work on thier computers and then after that head back to the shop. It was one of those days today where it was pick on jeremy day. I did mess up a couple things but they got after me more then normal for it today. Oh well.. that happends sometimes.. at least I can learn from it. Anyway after work I headed over to the church to help out Luis with a recital he was doing. I ended up being there from 6:30 till around 9:30 tonight. He had some vocals that are still learning.. I don't mean to rag on them or anything because I know they are still learning.. but some of them sounded like those rejects that audition on American Idol. It was kind of funny sometimes. I know they can learn though. Luis does a good job. I just had to be there to run multimedia stuff during the show. Afterwards He ended up taking a couple of us out for Icecream at DairyQueen. We kind of just hung around there for about an hour or so. I didn't end up getting back to campus until just around 11:00. It was fun though. I could have gotten a lot done tonight that I needed to get done if I didn't go.. but I'm here to serve so I served. After getting back I started to go through some e-mail and then I responded to one (that took me like an hour and a half) I also chatted with my parents some tonight as well... But Ok I'm really tired and I still have to have work tomorrow. So I"m going to say Night!
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Friday, March 26, 2004
Today was just the same as any other thursday pretty much. After work I did go over to a house in downtown lynchburg where 6 girls live that come to liberty. I helped them setup thier computer to work wirelessly. I ended up being there for about two hours or so. One of the comptuers I couldn't get working though because the room it was in only had two pronged electrical outlets instead of three. She will need to get an adapter for that one before it will work in her room. I'll try and get that one setup over the phone if possible once she get that part. But anyway after I finished up there I came back towards campus and I stopped and picked up some Rollerblades for myself so Allie, Britt and I can now go skating sometime. Maybe we can do that Friday or Saturday or something. But anyway.. after that I came back to my room and worked on some things.. (including adding more pictures to my photo album). I also got ready for my prayer group meeting as well. The groups went ok tonight but I only had two guys so that was kind of sad. But anyway.. that pretty much covers it. I'm off to the dream land. And a quick note while I'm talking about "dream" land.. I actually had a dream last night for the first time in a long time that I remember. Wasn't a really happy dream or anything though.. I actually kind of woke up all distraught and had to figure out it was just a dream. Ok anyway.. just had to throw that in.. if you want to know about it just let me know I can tell you.. until then... Night!
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Thursday, March 25, 2004
I think I did very well on my test I had today. It was fully short answer and essay questions and usually thats pretty tough, but I was able to have an answer for every one (I'm pretty sure the right one too). So that was pretty nice. I also had my other networking class today but not much happend in that one. After classes I had to go to convocation. One thing today that happend in chapel was finding out that the present of Liberty University (Dr. Borek) is going to pursue other endevors after this year and will be leaving the University. It was a desision he had made over the weekend. Everybody was a little sad about that but everybody gave him a standing ovation for all the work he has done to make the University what it is now. After that announcement they called up the person that was going to speak. It turned out that the speaker for today was Ron Luce who is the presedent of the Teen Mania ministries. The message he spoke on was really good and it actually made me think about a lot of things. If he would have spoke any other time on the same message I probalby would have just brushed it off and went on my merry way without it affecting me. But I guess God had him come speak at just the right time and it hit me pretty hard. Its funny how God does that sometimes huh? After chapel I had to head on over to my Prayer Leader meeting with the campus pastor and that went pretty well too. Once that was over I was able to eat a quick lunch before heading over to work. Work was pretty slow still today but we managed to keep fairly busy. Kat came by the shop today because her computer was acting up for her. So I had to get some homework off of it for her that she needed by tomorrow and then she left her laptop for us to work on some more. Other then that, the day work day was fairly dull. After work I hurried on over to the D-berg's house tonight for our small group session. We had 12 people there for the group tonight and it was pretty cool.. it was hard to get a word in when there was that many people though, but thats ok it was still very good. We are all growing comfortable with each other enough lately to be more open and share things. That has made the group seem to be better and more productive. I'm enjoying small groups. After the group offically concluded I hung around for awhile and talked with the family until I had to head back to campus for yet another meeting. The meeting tonight wasn't too bad though we all just shared things on our heart as far as prayer requests and desisions we've made as well as how we are doing personally. It was pretty good, It helped with the team building process some. After the meeting the RA's got us all Little Cesars Pizza and so we chowed down on that aftewards and then I slowly migrated back to my room. I had to still meet up with Kat tonight so I could give her the disk with her homework on it that she needed. So I called her and she ended up coming by my room to pick it up. Other then that I just studied up for History class tommorrow and worked on some e-mail and a couple other things I needed to do... but I think I'm gonna call it quits for the night and head off to bed now.. I'm pretty sleepy. So Good night!
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Wednesday, March 24, 2004
Today was back into school full bore. I was ready for it though, I made it through the entire day without falling asleep in class (not counting dozing off I did that for like a couple minutes). In my English class I got my Research paper back today too. The teacher had graded it over the break. I ended up doing pretty well on it. I had a lot of little mistakes relating to the MLA format as far as the format for resource citing and things like that, but other then grammar and syntax it was good everywhere else. After that class I had my computer applications class. I worked on my other paper for my computer class for a little while after that class and then headed over to lunch. I then had my history class where we were going to have a quiz.. but it turns out he decided to post pone that till thursday. I actually wish he would have done it today though because I was all ready for it. But I guess I'll just have to study for it again tomorrow night. So anyway during my history class my work called me (my phone was on silent so it didn't matter) and they left me a message to call them when I got out of class. So as soon as that class was over I called them. It turns out that today they were dead all morning and they were basicly just sitting and staring at the wall the whole day. They asked me if I just wanted to take the day off rather then go in and stare at the wall with them. I didn't really have anythign specific I needed to do today but I just told them I might as well just take it off. I didn't waste the day off though, I ended up just sitting in my room the entire day and working on that paper I had to write. It has to be 8-12 pages with 5 or more sources. But from 1:00 until 5:00 I worked on it solid and I got really far on it. I ended up taking a break at 5:00 though and I went to dinner with Laurie and Jenny. Laurie had gone to Russia for a missions trip over spring break and I wanted to hear all about it. She was all excited about it too. It was great to hear all her stories and everything. After we finished up with dinner I just headed back to my room for the rest of the evening. I ended up working on my paper some more from 6:30 until around 11:00. I finally got it all finished. It's not due until April 24th or somethign like that but I was happy to get it out of the way. I'll just proof read it a couple more times and then print it off. I'll see if I can turn it in early or something and get it graded early. Anyway after I finished up with the paper I studyed for the test I have in that same class tomorrow. I think I'm good and ready for that. That is at 9:00 tomorrow so if you think about saying a prayer for that that would be great! But anyway.. I think I'm all homeworked out for the day. I did about 9 solid hours worth of homework today. I think I'm gonna turn it a little early tonight and get rested up for my long day tomorrow. Night everyone!
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Tuesday, March 23, 2004
Today was kind of nice. I was able to ease into school again from the week long break. My first class was cancelled today and my second class was only 20 minutes long. That made the transition pretty smooth this morning. The first class was cancelled because it was just a project work day today and my group is already caught up on our project so we didn't need to go. Then for the second class it was just a Q&A session to get ready for the test we have on Wednesday. We didn't really have that many questions though so we got out early. After that class was Convocation. They acutally had a fairly good speaker today. He was funny in some parts too. Anyway after chapel I went back to my room and worked on a research paper I have due (sometime in April) until it was time for lunch. They had chicken nuggets today at the dinning hall.. That is a very rare thing for them to have there. So I snatched some of those for lunch. I was lucky I went between class time because about 10 minutes after I got my food the classes all got out and a flood of people went for the chicken. It would have been about a 15 minute wait if I would have waited that much longer. So anyway I was able to get lunch and then head on over to work. I was at work just working as usual and then to my delight Allie and Jo stroll in. They just stopped by to say hi. I felt all special and stuff. Allie brought something for me to drink too. It was a Pinapple Passion Mango Fruit Juice. She knew I really liked Passion fruit and she saw that and wanted to get it for me. I think she discovered my new favorite juice blend. It was a delightful treat. Just having them visit me at work made the rest of my day vibrant... it was great! Well, anyhow after work I went back to campus and ate a quick dinner and then returned to my dormstead to continue work on my research paper. I also had to take a little time and study for history tomorrow as well. But I think I've reached that point where I need to quit for the night and get some sleep. I'm kind of in that stage where its useless for me to even try to work on it since I keep falling asleep in the middle of sentences and stuff. So with that... I'm off to the bunkbed!
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Monday, March 22, 2004
Ah sundays... good days. Started off again with me waking up at 6:30 and getting ready for church. I had to swing by and pick up BJ on the way though since everybody was still gone for spring break this morning and he had no other ride to church. So after picking him up I headed on over to church. Today I had to run the lights. I decided I don't really like running the lights all that much. I can do it if thats where they need me some weeks but I would much rather run either the sound or powerpoint. One thing that was nice about running the lights though was the fact they didn't really need me for practice the whole time this morning. So that left me available to join the pastor for prayertime before the service. A friend of mine, Aaron, ended up coming to church this morning too. He is another "Washintonian". He also brought a friend as well with him so that was pretty cool. I think he enjoyed the service. The service was pretty good today. The pastor finished up the series on principles to follow when it comes to dealing with disputable matters. I enjoyed learning about that subject. After the service this morning I ended up taking Luis and Angela (The worship leader & wife) out to lunch this afternoon. We ended up going to Red Lobster. I had only been there once before when I went with a group of like 30 people. I think I just ordered a salad last time. So this time I actually looked over the menu and I ordered the Shrimp Feduchini. I thought it was pretty good. There was sure a lot of it though, I was stuffed. So anyway that was pretty fun. After lunch I just went ahead and came back to my dorm and was going to work on my project some more. But it turns out I got really tired all of a sudden so I decided to take a nap. I ended up sleeping for about two hours. It was great! After I woke up I got back to work on my project. I was able to get it almost finished by the time I had to go to church. So I reached a stopping point on that and then headed to church again. I got there a little early so I just hung around and talked for a bit and helped setup a couple things. The video segment tonight was really good. The first two were ok, but I never really got into them much for some reason. Tonight we much better though. The disscussion after the movie was good too. There were a lot of great points brought up. After the service I ended up going over to Allie's house so I could help her setup her digital camera on her computer and so I could see some of the pictures she took of her family while she was at her dad's this weekend. (man that was one long runon sentence) lol. She had some good pictures too that was fun to see those. After that we had some salad with chicken for dinner. We ended up watching "Trading Spaces" and "While You Were Out" on TV while we ate. After that we decided to watch a movie so we ended up putting in "Sleepless in Seattle". We all just relaxed and watched that for the rest of the night. It got over just before midnight. After it was over we just cleaned up downstairs and then played with the Dog for a bit and then I was off and had to head back to campus. My Spring Break had now offically ended =(. It was sure fun though I was glad I could spend my last couple hours of spring break relaxing with "my family". So anyway, after getting back to campus it seemed as if all the students got back. The parking lots were all full once again and there were people all over. Since it was past curfew it wasn't as bad as it probalby was earlier though. I had to end up parking all the way at the other end of campus again tonight. It was sad, I liked being able to park 20 feet from my door all through the break since there were no cars around. I was just spoiled I guess. But after getting back to my room finally I finished up my project and e-mailed it to the rest of my team for revision and editing. And that pretty much covers it for my day today. It was a good one, and now I need to get to sleep and be ready to start School once again bright and early tomorrow. So I'm outie!!
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Sunday, March 21, 2004
Today was a pretty uneventful day for me. I ended up waking up around 8:30 and got ready for the day. Then on my way to work I stopped by my friends house and dropped off the computer for him that I was working on last night and got it all setup for him. Then I was off to work for the day. Andy took the day off today so it was just Scott and I there the whole time today. It started off pretty easy going and not too busy but then near the middle of the day we had some busy spurts. Then near the end of the day it leveled off again. We got a lot done and we even had some time to clean up the work room a little bit too.. It needed a good organizing. After work Scott needed to borrow my van so he could do some moving of some things over at his storage unit. So we traded up cars for the day. I ended up getting to drive his Mustang around while he had my van. Its always a fun drive to ride that. After we switched up cars I basicly just headed back to campus. I sat in my room and did some more homework again for pretty much the rest of the evening. I did stop and update my photo album again though. So there are now a couple more photos up there for you all to see. I added a section from Allie's Birthday party and also some webcam snapshots and a Miscelanious pictures section. So enjoy seeing those! After doing that I worked on a powerpoint project for a group thing we are doing in one of my computer classes. Then at around 11:00 I started talking to my mom and Allie online for awhile. But once I finished up chattin with them I decided I probalby shoudl get to bed too. I had to finish up one more slide for my Power point project and then decided I would make that a stopping point. So that just left bloggin and then sleeping for me.. So the bloggin is now finished.. I bet you can't guess whats next on my ajenda... Ok... I'll tell you.. I'm going to bed! I gotta be up at 6:30 tomorrow so I'm outie!
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Saturday, March 20, 2004
Today was a great day! I ended up taking the day off work and hanging out with Allie and Her mom and Grandma for most of the day. I woke up around 9:50 this morning and then at about 10:00 Allie called me and asked if I wanted to come over and spend the day with them. I was all still tired and just waking up but I said I would be over there in about 30 minutes. So I hurried and got myself all ready and went right over to her house. After getting there they decided we were going to just hang out and drive around to places today. So we all got in the car and headed to Bedford first. Our first stop was at an antique store where Allie picked up this really beautiful 50's style formal dress. Gorgeous cannot even begin to describe how she looked in it. It was amazing. After that stop our next stop was to try and find clothes for me. They wanted to get me some more outfits to wear I think. Unfortuanatly they seemed to have no luck.. but they were able to find a couple more things for themselfs so at least it wasn't a wasted trip. After being in Bedford for a couple hours or so we headed on back to Lynchburg to search out some lunch. By this time it was getting rather late and I was going to either have to go strait to work or be late. So I ended up calling in and asking for the whole day off. I mean, it was Allie's Birthday, why waste a day like that at work. I was excited they allowed me to just take the whole day off. That means I was able to just hang out the rest of the day. I was happy... so anyway after getting the ok from work we all decided to go out to lunch at Applebee's. Allie and I split an Oriental Chicken Salad. I had never had it before and I thought it was rather delicious. I ended up finishing up everybody's left overs though so I was a little on the stuffed side by the time the plates were cleaned. After lunch we headed back to the D-berg's house for awhile until it was time to make the trip to Danville to drop off Allie at her dad's house. We just sat around for awhile and then Allie wanted to go jump on the trampoline some. Unfortunalty I'm not allowed to jump on the trampoline because of a previous encounter. So that means I couldn't really join her. She said it was kind of boring doing that by herself though so we ended up just sitting on the trampoline and talking for awhile instead. (I'm allowed to sit in the trampoline I guess). After sitting there for awhile it got to be time to head over to Danville. So we loaded up the car and headed on out.. then after a quick stop at Sheetz we were on our way. I think it is about an hour and a half drive to Danville so that made a nice relaxing trip. I think thats the first time I've actually "rode" in a car for a long time for any extend period of time. I think I've always been the driver. It was rather nice. I was able to just sit and look at the senery and talk and listen to music all without having to worry about the road. It was great. We ended up getting there right on time to meet her dad. After dropping her off, Jo and Jugiee and I made some shopping stops on the way back to lynchburg. I kind of dozed off on one strech of the road though and when they stopped at one store they left me out in the car to sleep while they were in there. After that short nap I did feel better. I dont' know what came over me but I was out cold. After that stop we made one more at the Dollar store and then headed back to home. We did drive by thier old house on the way back though so I was able to see it. That was pretty cool. It was fun riding back with them. Once we got back home I stayed and we had some of the left over chicken and stuff from Allie's Party last night. It was kind of quiet with just the three of us though but it was still fun. I was able to get the dog to chase after the cat. Jugiee didn't like that too much but Jo and I thought it was funny. After eating I decided I should head out. Aaron had called me and he was back in town now. He was just sitting in his apartment all by himself and wanted some company. So I ended up going over there and we watched a movie. I couldn't stay too long after that though because I still needed to come back to campus and pick up a computer from another friend of mine so I could get it working for him. So after the movie with Aaron thats what I did. I stopped by his apartment and grabbed his computer and talked for a little bit then I came on back to my room. I had a couple things to do, one of the first things I did was unload some of the pictures I had taken on my camera. I had some pretty good snapshots on it from the Birthday party and things. I should be able to get those online tomorrow I hope. It is already 2:00am now though so I dont' think I should do it tonight. But after getting those pictures off I started working on some homework and started work on my friends comptuer as well. Later Allie got online for awhile and I had a chance to talk to her for a bit. My mom and sister got on for a bit too So I was able to talk to them too. So the rest of the night I just chatted and did some work. I just now finished up the comptuer so I should be able to return that tomorrow before I go to work. That was what I wanted to make sure I had done tonight so now that I finished with that I can head to bed. I'm pretty tired from my long day. I sure had an "exploded day" though. =). This is Jeeemy signing out!
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Friday, March 19, 2004
Today was one of my funner days of spring break. Allie had her birthday party and it was a great time haning out at her house with a bunch of her friends. But before I get to that I'll bore you with the details of my morning. Woke up around 10:00... got ready for the day... sat around and did some homework for awhile until I had to go to work. I was waiting to see if I was going to get a phone call from Jo so I could go over and have some lunch with them before work. But I think she ended up being gone the whole afternoon so I ended up just staying in my room until work. I did have to stop by the Donneberg's to drop off a couple things before I went to work though. I was able to drop off one item but the rest of the things I was going to drop off I couldn't because Jo still wasn't home by the time I got there so I ended up just keeping the other stuff. After my quick pit stop there I was off to work for the day. There was one customer we had today that I felt kind of bad for. His computer was giving him problems and he needed it to be fixed. But about 3 months ago he had a stroke and lost a lot of his memory. He couldn't remember where he bought the comptuer from. So he and his son were driving all over lynchburg going from store to to store to find out if he had bought the computer from them. He said they were doing that for almost 3 hours by the time they finally got to our shop. He came in and was like "this may sound like a stupid questoin.. but did I buy this here?" It was kind of sad. But it was good too because his quest was over. He did buy it from us about 9 months ago. So we were able to take care of the problem for him quickly and efficently. Other then that slight blip in routine at work everyting else was pretty normal. Anyway.. after work I went right over to Allie's house for her birthday party. I was the first one there but others started showing up about 20-30 minutes after me. We ended up having fried chicken for dinner from a restaruaunt called "Bojangles" I don't know if I spelled it right but it sure was good. I have seen it multiple times driving by but I never knew what it was... but I do now and it was good stuff. After that a bunch of us sat around and read some questions off of card that are supposed to be conversation starters.. I don't think they really struck up any good conversation though.. they basicly just answer the question and were done with it. After they all decided they were done with that we stopped and Allie was able to open her presents. She got some great stuff! I we jealous... expecially about those cool earrings of hers. lol j/k. Afterwards some of us went downstairs and played a movie trivia game. It was kind of fun.. I barely knew any of the answers though. But I would probably attempt to play it again one of these days. After that a lot of the people decided they were going to have to head out. So once they left.. the party got a whole lot smaller and fizzled to an abrupt end. I was kind of sad because I wanted to hang out for a little longer but I guess that would be true wether it be 10:00 or 2:00. But anyway, everyone was tired so it was my time to head out. I said my "adioses" (if thats a word) and came on back to campus. I'm here by myself again tonight so I worked on homework and watched an episode of American Idol while I chatted with my sister and my mom online for a bit. Tori also called me on the phone and I was able to talk to her for a bit. But I ended up emensed in all my things I have to do for school and it got late pretty quick. Its now approaching 3:00am so I think I really should get on to bed shortly but first.. now that it is offically March 19th... I can say this:


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Thursday, March 18, 2004
I opened a drawer by pulling it towards me. I picked up the object I needed and removed it from the drawer. Having done so I pushed the drawer with my hand, thus closing it.
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Ok.. if you haven't noticed I didn't write a blog for last night. After leaving my room yesterday to go to work I didn't come back until tonight around 9:30. So I have a lot of catching up to do =o) here it goes! Ok things started out kind of on the boring side yesterday. I don't really get bored so I wasn't bored.. but it was just nothign really going on. I woke up around 10:00 and decided I was going to work on some homework. So I just got ahead on some homework in the morning until it was time for me to head to work. I did have to pack an overnight bag though because I was planning on being gone for the night over at somebodys house. So I got that all ready and packed up my car and headed off to work. Can't say anything too exciting happend at work. I did have a gentlmen from my church come in and drop off a computer for us to work on though. His name is Dave Kipe. It's always nice to see somebody I know come though. But other then that.. the day was a typical tuesday. After work I took my pastor and his wife out to dinner. We went to a really good restaruant called "the nieghbors place" It was a lot of fun getting to know the both of them better and I was able to share some things about myself with them as well. It was just a great time of fellowship. I ordered a steak for my meal and it was really really good. It was that kind of steak you can practically chew with your tounge.. ah it was perfection. But anyway we were there for just about 2 hours talking and eating. I think they had a great time. I wish I had a house so I could invite people over but going out to eat works just as well. It was a good way to show how much I appreciate them I think. So anyway once we left the restaruant I headed over to the Hartman's house for that eveing. I felt bad because I was getting there so late. It was just before 9:00 by the time I got there. But we still had some fun before the kids had to get to bed. I was able to read them my Finding Nemo book I got for my birthday. It was great. They all came and huddled around me on my bed as I read to them. Thats always so fun. After story time the kids and I got ready to head to bed. I didn't actually go to bed for awhile after that though. Once the kids all went to bed Big Dennis and I worked on the comptuers until around 11:30 or 12:00. We didn't really work on the comptuers the whole time though. We actually talked about a lot of things. I think he may have talked me into going Rock climbing with him one of these days. I think that might be a fun thing to learn how to do. But anyway after we finished up with the conversation I went and headed to my bed. Little Dennis was going to sleep with me in my bed that night so I got there and he was asleep.. but as I got in he woke up and saw me there. So Little Dennis (who is like 3 years old) and I had a pretty good conversation lying there in bed. Its amazing what this kid comes up with.. I'll tell ya =) He finally dozed off to sleep and once he was out cold I was out cold like a minute after that I think. I ended up waking up around 9:30 this morning to the sound of kiddies running around the house. It seems they were all awake for like an hour before I woke up. I can sleep through just about anything. I slept soundly for an hour while they were running around it was great. After waking up I got ready for the day and had some breakfast with them. Then while they all did thier homeschooling for awhile I was downstairs working on one of thier comptuers that desperatly needed a makeover. <-- (good term for comptuer work huh?) So I was able to get it working much better by the time they started getting things ready for lunch. Today they made some homemade pizza for lunch and salad. It sure was delicouse. While they all were working on lunch I decided to make a present for Allie's Birthday. It turned out to be pretty cool. Later today I lost it and I couldn't find it anywhere.. lucky for me I just found it like 20 minutes ago. So anyway once we finshed up eating lunch I had to head on over to work. It took a little longer then I expected to eat lunch so I was a tad late to work today, but I don't think they minded. Work today was just like any other day again.. nothing too exciting to report on so I'll just skip ahead to after work. We were having the Gathering tonight for church so I headed over to the main chruch building for those tonight. It was another good study and disscussion session tonight. The food was pretty good tonight too, Sara made a very good dish and I had a whole plate full. After the service I ended up haning around for quite awhile playing with the kids and talking to a bunch of people. But as soon as the last person left I had to go ahead and head out as well. Upon returning to campus I was stricken with the barenness of campus once again. I headed back to my room and sat down to work on some homework again. Brittany ended up being online at the time so I talked to her for a short time. Then as soon as she got off Allie was online for a bit so I had the chance to talk to her. It is very unusal for them to be on in the evening so I was happy to have the opportunity to chat for a bit. I didn't get to talk to them much at church tonight. But once they got off line I was once again by myself to work on some history homework. But the time came when I decided I would find a stopping point and write my blog. I know you all missed it and were anxiously awaiting it.. so here it is for you all! I hope you enjoyed it =). Bye for now!
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Tuesday, March 16, 2004
Today was kind of a lonely day. I ended up sleeping in until 10:00. That was nice because I never get to do that! lol. But after waking up I just got ready for the day and then worked on some homework that I"m trying to get ahead on until I had to go to work. Once I got to work it was basicly like a typical day. Working on computers and fixing stuff and helping customers and all that good stuff. After work I was going to take a couple out to dinner toinght but that ended up not working out. So instead I just came back to my room and got ahead on homework some more for the rest of the evening. I worked on homework for about 8 hours today I think. I'm pretty hungry right now though. All I've eaten today is some wheat thins while I was at work because Scott was munching on them. And then once I got back to my room tonight I had some chips and candy. Then I also found some of this wierd wheat bran stuff. I'm not sure exactly what it is, but it is like little brown strips of stuff. It would have been good with milk or something, but I did't have milk so I just ate it plain. Also around 11:00 tonight I ended up calling Jennifer. It is her birthday today so I had to make sure I wished her a happy one. She is like 3 hours behind though so it was like 8:00 her time. It was good to hear her voice again. Ok well that just about covers what happend today. I think I'm going to head off to bed now. I don't know if I'll be here tomorrow night to blog so if not I'll catch up with you all a little later after that. We'll see how it goes. Anyway night for now!
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Monday, March 15, 2004
Ah Sundays.. Gotta Love em! I woke up early again today and headed over to church for worship team practice. I had to stop by and pick up BJ on the way over but I still made it there early enough. We were a little under staffed today though and we didn't have anybody to run the sound board. I've been in the process of teaching another person to do powerpoint so I kind of pushed him into running the service today on powerpoint even though he didn't really feel ready. That way I was able to run sound for the service. I would actually much rather run powerpoint then sound but I did what I had to do today since nobody else was available to do it. Depite the little switcharoo in technical today the service went rather smoothly. The new powerpoint guy did really good. The sermon was good today too. The pastor was talking about disputable matters that christans typically have such as drinking alcohol or smoking or watching R-rated movies.. things of that nature and seeing how to deal with situations like that. It was part one, next week he is going to cover some more. So anyway, after the service Britt and Allie wanted to go and hang out this afternoon. So we gathered up some folks and we decided to go out to lunch at Macadoos. It ended up being, BJ, Johnathan, Tori, John, Britt, Allie and I. Oh and speaking of John he hasn't been around much lately and it was good to see him. I'm glad he's back in town. So anyway I ordered the Macaroni and Cheese for lunch and it was really good. They made it all extra cheesy and everything.. it was great. Some people couldn't finish thier food though so I had the privledge of being the disposal. It was a lot of fun though just hangning out and being with friends. After lunch Allie and Britt and I went to the Spirlings house for the rest of the afternoon to just hang out. The rest of the people that ate lunch with us went their separate ways and didn't come along with us. But the three of us had a great time there of just relaxing. Sheena came out to join us for part of the time but unfortunatly she had lots of homework to do so she couldn't hang with us too much. We ended up watching "A man without a face" I had seen it before but it was still a good movie. Then once that got over we watched who wants to be a millionare for awhile. Shortly after that we decided to head out and go to the grocery store and pick up three pints of Ben and Jerry's Ice cream so we each could have our own pint in a separte container. And then we swung by the college and picked up some students who wanted to come to church tonight and we chowed on our ice cream during the trip. It was good fun. I was able to get Tina and Han to come to the service tonight so that was pretty cool. We watched part II of the Gospel of John tonight and then had some dissussion time after that. I ended up having to take Han over to a friends house in the middle of the service though because he thought it was going to get over at 7:00 instead of 7:30. He said he would meet his friend then. He was goign to go to his friends house and call his parents. So I stepped out quickly during the service and took him to his friends house then came right back and I hopefully didn't miss much. The rest of the disscusion time was pretty good and once it got out I was ready to play with the kids. So after the service I ended up doing that for about 45 minutes or so it was a lot of fun. I didn't get to say goodbye to some people though they left without giving me a hug or anything.. (you know who you are!) lol. =) So yeah.. anyway I left shortly after that and headed back to campus for the rest of the evening. I decided to just work on some homework and study for some tests I'll have coming up once spring break gets over. I also talked with a girl online for a little bit tonight that IMed me because her mom found me on the internet one day. She goes to liberty and when she went home for the break her mom told her about me so she decided she would write me. Her name is Karen. She may come to church sometime when she gets back. That woudl be cool. So once I got to where I wanted to on my homework and finished up chattin with her I decided I would start getting ready for bed. So thats where I am right now... all ready for bed. I had a wondeful day hanging out with the friends but now sadly, it is time for it to end. I am off to the land of the ZZ's
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Sunday, March 14, 2004
Well, today was a good relaxing saturday. I woke up and got ready for the day then headed over to work. It was a pretty relaxing day today there. Not too many things to worry about. It made the day seem to go by fairly fast. After work I headed over to the Donneberg's house but they weren't there so I decided to just go back to the empty campus where it seemed to be dead. I saw no cars (except parked one) and no people the whole time driving to my dorm. It was crazy. I didn't have any trouble finding a parking spot though so that was pretty nice. I just went to my room and burned a couple American Idol episodes to CD for Britt and Allie. Then I decided to work on some school work that I really didn't have to do.. but I would since there wasn't anythign else to do. After doing that for awhile the Donneberg's called because they were home now and asked if I wanted to come over for dinner tonight. I was excited to do that so I got up and left and went to thier hosue for dinner. After dinner Allie and Britt and I watched one of those American Idol episodes that I brought them. We watched the one that was with all the Untalented people that they put together on one show. It was halariously funny. Once that was over it was perfect timing to go back to campus and pick up all my friends that were coming to the Millers house this evening. So I went aroudn and picked up Tori and Han. I was going to bring two others from campus too but they ended up cancelling on me. That was kind of sad, I was looking forward to having them come along. But we all still had a great time over there tonight. The final people that ended up coming were Allie, Brittany, Han, Tori, Sara, Another Sara, and Sheena. We played Pictionary for awhile (Han and Sara won) and then we watched Mrs Congeniality. Vicki made some delicous Chocolate Chip Cookies for us to munch on too. I think everybody had a great time. We ended up heading out around 12:20 or so. I swung by and Dropped off Allie and Britt first then made the rounds at Liberty to drop off Tori and Han. As we pulled onto the campus tonight we were stopped by one of the Police officers. He just wanted to check our ID's and make sure we were actual Liberty students for security reasons. But other then that the campus was still pretty dead. I'm in my room again and everything is so quiet in the halls. It is just akward. But anyway.. I have to be at church in the morning at 8:00am for worship team practice so I'm going to head off to bed! Have a great night!
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Saturday, March 13, 2004
I had my test this morning. I woke up a little earlier then normal so I could have some time to sit in class before it started to look over some notes and things. It turns out the test was very easy for me. I mean I should have known because it is the networking class and I know most of that stuff already.. but this one I dind't even have to flinch at the answers I just went right down the line 1...2...3... pop pop pop... It was nice to get a test like that. I finished it in about 15 minutes I think it was. So since I got done early I just hung out in the computer lab until my next class. Then since it is spring break next week everybody likes to leave early and go home so my next class only had 5 people in it. He didn't really do any teaching today, we just talked about a couple things and then he let us go about a half hour early. So I was able to go back to my dorm and drop off my book bag and read a couple e-mails. Then after that we had chapel. Again since everybody seemed to leave early I woudl say only about 50% of the students were there in convo this morning. It was kind of a weird feeling with so few there. But convo was short today too and we got out early from that as well. So I had a lot of extra time on my hands today to do homework and stuff. It was kind of nice. I was able to take a little bit longer of a lunch today more then normal too, but of course since almost everybody was gone there wasn't too many people to say hi to.. but there were enough to keep me occupied for at least an hour. After lunch I headed on over to work. We were pretty slow again today. Its been pretty bad this week for some reason. Its starting to get hard to find things to do. But I did stop and go over to the chiropractor again today. It turns out I'm all fixed now. I won't need to go back again. He did have a couple more adjustments to make today but that was the last of them. There weren't any significat re-positionings or anything. So anyway the rest of work was pretty standard besides the slowness, but I managed to hold out. After work I came back to campus to find out that they closed the dinning hall today. I knew it was closed tomorrow but I thought I would at least have dinner tonight. I guess I was wrong. From here on out the Dinning hall will be closed until march 22nd. I don't know where I'm going to scrounge up food. There is only so much you can do with a microwave if you know what I mean. But tonight I managed to find some instant oatmeal that I ate for my dinner. Part of the evenign tonight I watched some American Idol episodes. I never had time to watch them before but I've been saving them so I finally was able to get a chance tonight. It was relaxing to be able to just sit back and chat with some people online while I watched those. Jessica and I even had a chance to talk tonight. Things between us have been kind of weird lately but I think that after talkign about it we are good to go again I hope. It was a good talk I think. By the way she is going to be going on a missions trip to Rhode Island over spring break, so pray for her and the group she is going with. Pray for a safe journey and opportunities to give God the glory. About 35 people were goign to go with her. So.... besides chatting and watchign American Idol, It was pretty quiet on the hall tonight.. right now there are only 5 guys on the hall. By tomorrow night it will be just Han and I for the rest of the week. The double duo... man we could do some redecorating or something =)... lol.. I don't think I have enough sticky notes. I'll find a way to keep busy though. Well anyway.. I think that pretty much covers it for the day. I'm going to head to bed. Bye for now!
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Friday, March 12, 2004
This morning started out with me being pretty sleepy. I was fighting the sleep the whole time through english. I even dozed off a couple times. But after that class I had more energy then normal the rest of the day for some reason. I even manged to stay awake in my history class today. After english I had my computer lab but I finished like 30 minutes early so I just left and went back to my room. While I was in my lab the Donneberg's called me and said that they were going to go to lunch at Olive Garden around 11:30. I was sad because I had my history class at 12:15 and I wouldn't have been able to make it. I really wished I could have gone though. I even debated skipping my class so I could go, but I just couldn't do it. I was able to call thier house and sing her happy birthday on thier answering machine. It was probalby more torture having to hear that then it was somethign she enjoyed though =)... Anyway during that time between my Lab and My history class I met with the guy who had me work on his computer. He ended up giving me $15 for what I did. I was going to just do it to be nice, but since he offered I decided I would take it =). Anyway once he picked it up from me, I went to the dinning hall and ate a quick lunch before my class. Then.. unfortunatly I was off to my history class instead of to Olive Garden. I did manage to stay awake the whole time during the class though so that was good. After that class was over I was off to work for the rest of the day. I had to do a service call to a machine shop today they needed help setting up thier wireless network and getting all the comptuers to communicate. Other then that, the rest of the work day was pretty standard nothing out of the ordinary to report on. After work I made a quick stop at the store to return the Skates I got Allie and exchange them for one size bigger. I hope these ones will do the trick for her. Once I got that mission accomplished I headed back to campus and had some dinner. I just kind of hung around and migrated from table to table just talking with random people tonight. After being there for about an hour I decided It was time to head back to my room. Once I arrived back here I engrossed my self in my homework load for the evening. I printed off my final draft for my research paper which I plan on turning in tomorrow.. then did some studying for my test tomorrow. But through most of the evening I actually worked on my churches website some www.tlcinfo.com. It looks much better now then it did before. It's still probalby not how we'll keep it but it's at least something usable at the moment. We also had Hall meeting tonight and I let my prayergroup. I tried to keep my group short tonight though because I wanted to get the webpage finished and I had to study for that test for tomorrow. But now I think I successfully finished those two goals so that means I get to go to sleep before 1:00 tonight. But before I do that I have one more thing to say...


Night everyone!

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Thursday, March 11, 2004
Today I woke up and rather then going to my first class today, we had a project workday. So we didn't actually have class or anything, instead I met with my group and we discussed what we wanted to do. It was kind of short though and we didn't really talk more then 20 minutes before we had everything settled. So after we finished up with that I just sat around and waited until the 9:00 class started. My 9:00 class was interesting. If you every want to know rabbit trails... the proffessor in this class is the ipidomy of rabbit trails. The class started out with just a general basic question and then from that question he talked about thing related and things not related to the question for the entire class period. He was so far off the topic it wasn't even funny. We didn't even cover any normal class material today. It was quite interesting I must say. Anyway once it got to be time for the class to almost be over he was like.. ok well lets go ahead and get started with class.. but it was almost time to go so he just let us go. After that class I had chapel and then I had to go to a prayer leader meeting. Once the prayer leader meeting was over I had a short time to go eat lunch. I ended up sitting with Laurie today at lunch but unfortuanly I wasn't able to stay long because I had to head on over to work. So I ate what I could and then was on my way. Things at work today were fairly slow but depite that we were still able to stay busy if that even makes sense. I also had my second session at the chiropractor today. Today he worked on my neck and man.. I didn't know I had that many vertebrae in my neck to crack into place. He twisted my head and neck in mulitple weird directions and it sounded like fireworks.. it was crazy. Once he finished with that he did the electrical stimulation in that area again for 15 minutes. I think what he has been doing is working though. Its starting to feel more normal lately. So... once 6:00 rolled around I went right over to the D-berg's house for small groups tonight. Small groups were sure small tonight.. it was only 6 of us there this time. The main leader of the group ended up getting sick tonight (so was Allie) and so Jo did her best in leading the group instead. I think she did ok as far as getting some kind of dissussion going. It was a lot shorter then normal though. But for only having 10 minutes to prepare for tonight I think she did a great job. Since we got out of the meeting early I just stayed and hung out for awhile. I looked at some books about Brazil with Allie for awhile and we just kind of talked. I had a meeting at 8:30 I was supposed to go after small groups, but Britt was also planning on having some kind of a party tonight for her birthday that is tomorrow. So I had informed Luis that I may not be able to make it to the 8:30 meeting tonight. But it turned out that Britt's party kind of fell apart tonight which was sad. So I decided to just go over to the meeting. I was a little late but I made it there in enough time before missing anything important. It was really only half an hour meeting though so around 9:00 I headed back to campus. I also had my other RHLM meeting tonight at 9:00 so I was just going to head back and go to that. But just as I got back to campus and back in my dorm, and just about to go into the RA's room where the meeting was being held (I was reaching for the door knob) my cell phone rang. So before going in I decided to answer it. It turned out to be Allie and she was wondering if i would want to just go get some coffee or somethign with britt tonight. Since Britt's party didn't work out it was nice to at least do something. So instead of going into the meeting I headed back to my car and went back to thier house and picked up the ladies to hang out for the eveing. It was a lot of fun just haning out. Unfortuanatly Allie was sick so we couldn't really do anything besides go somewhere to sit. But we just went to a small coffee shop (the drowsy poet) and hung out there for awhile. It was a good time just chatting for the evening. I had fun just being with the girls. After leaving the drowsy poet we just went back to thier house until I had to come back for curfew. Thats one bad thing about lynchburg is that everything closes at 9:00 so around 11:00 there is nothing open for us to go do. But going back to thier house worked out just as well. I decided to give Britt and Allie there B-day presents tonight too. I got them both a set of Rollerblades. Britt's fit her fine, but Allies were a little small. I'm going to have to take her's back and up the size one. But they did like the gifts. After they opened the presents we all worked on a puzzle until I had to leave (they probably continued even after I left) but I found all of three peices to add to the puzzle completion tonight and that was about 30 minutes worth of work. I was proud of myself lol. I was thinking about heading out about 20 minutes before curfew but I ended up sticking around about 6-7 minutes longer and when I got to campus there was no parking spot close by, so I had to park all the way at the other end of campus. I ended up being about 5 minutes late past curfew toinght. The RA even saw me walk in tonight too. I have a feeling he is going to let it slide though he didn't look like he cared. So anyway I think that is all for the day, I kind of feel like I'm missing an important detail but oh well I guess its no big deal. I'm too tired to care right now. I'm going to bed! night! =)
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Wednesday, March 10, 2004
Well.. today I had my english test. Fortunatly I have a feeling I did pretty well on it. I guess I'll be finding out soon enough. Anyway, I was able to get out of that class a little early today because I finished the test early so I just headed over to the computer lab and I got ahead in my computer applications class. After that class I went back to my room and worked on the guys computer for a little while and studied for my quiz I had next period. Then about 30 minutes before class I went to lunch and ate a quick bite (are you proud of me I ate today!!) History class was a little rough for me.. I had no hope of staying awake. I had trouble staying awake even through the quiz. It was pretty bad. We did get out a little early today though so I was able to head over to work and get there before 1:30. We had hardly any computers to work on today, but the phone calls and customers were plentiful so we still stayed pretty busy. After work I came back and ate some dinner then headed back to my room so I could finish up that comptuer I've been working on. I was finally able to succed in getting it working well and I packed it back up and called him to tell him it was ready. After that I read and wrote a couple e-mails then started working on my homework some more. Sometime around 9:30 I decided I would go move my car and park it in a "legal" spot for tonight. I wasn't able to park in a spot right after dinner today because they had a basketball game goign on and every single lot was completly packed. Just before goign to do that I talked to laurie online and asked if she wanted to come along. She decided she would love to take the nice brisk walk with me. So I met up with her and we went and parked my car. Rather then going straight back to the dorms though we stopped by latenight and had some coffee since we were already walking right by the dinning hall. That was a lot of fun I don't get a chance to hang out with her much lately so it was good to be able to do that tonight. After our pit stop we continued our journey back to the dorm. After returning I just continued on my homework, right up until this point, where I decided to stop and make a blog and then head to bed. So that looks like that is what has happend. Night!
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Tuesday, March 09, 2004
This morning was a typical monday.. don't really have much to comment on for classes. After classes today I did have a gentlemen come in and drop off his computer in my room so I can work on it when I get a chance. I've been working on it a lot this eveing. After meeting up with him I ate a quick lunch and then headed over to work. While I was at work, I went next door to the chiropractor to get my back looked at. It's been hurting for awhile now. It was my first time ever going so I didn't know how it worked or anything. He ended up finding out that my backbone is in a big S shape. That is probalby why it has been hurting. I took an impact to the head straight down when I fell off the trampoline about a week ago and it probalby compressed the back bone all out of proportion. He was able to adjust it pretty good today. He also saw that my right shoulder was about 3 inches lower then my left shoulder and by the time he got through with me it was more level. After he finished with the spine manipulation he then put on some of those electrical diodes and put electrical impulses at certain points on my back so the musles would contract in areas that needed to. It was a weird experience. After he was done the main part felt much better. My neck still kind of hurts but he said I needed to come back on wednesday for another look and I can tell him about my neck then. But anyway I think he worked out that S shape pretty well. My spine cracked about 40-50 times I think while he was working on it. The whole process took about 30 minutes or so and then I went back to work after that. It made standing a whole lot easier for the rest of the day. Once it was time to close I headed back to campus and ate a quick dinner and then I went to a literature show where students read thier poems and stories to the audience. I really went for the extra credit, but it turned out to be pretty cool. There was some really good liturature that they read. The whole meeting lasted for about an hour or so. After it was over I came back to my room and started on my homework and working on the gentlemen's computer. His computer is pretty old and it needed a lot of work. I didn't anticiapte having to take the whole thing apart and switching things with one of my other ones because his CD rom didn't work. And then finding out his network didn't either so I had to do all kinds of things to even start on what It needed to have fixed. It was actually pretty annoying because I have a quiz and a test tomorrow that I have to study for. But anyway, I at least had a chance to look over my notes and study for a little bit tonight. I hope that will do the trick. But anyway.. I think I'm going to start getting ready for bed so I can be good and awake for the tests tomorrow. Good night everybody!
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Monday, March 08, 2004
Ah Sundays are great. I always have a good sunday. I didn't ever eat any actual meal today though. I had some chips and a little pizza wrap thing but other then that.. I didn't have time to think about eating. So anyway.. I'll just start from the begining. I had to wake up a little earlier this morning so I could have time to make a stop by Scott and Abbey's place to let the dog out from being cooped up all night. I kind of felt bad for her because I was gone all night.. then I was only there for 15 minutes and then I had to put her back in the cage again so I could leave to go to church. I did what I had to do though... Today during practice and the service I was traing a guy on powerpoint so that he can maybe rotate with me sometime in the future. It would be nice to have somebody that can take over for me if I need a break, but I really like doing that and I'm not sure I would like being there on a sunday and not running powerpoint.. that would just feel weird. But, oh well, I'm doing the training now anyway at least. The service was great today as well, everything ended up going rather smoothly. I hung around after the service and a small group got together and we had a meeting after everybody left of just brainstorming and things. That meeting ended up lasting till around 1:30. I was going to just go to Scott's house again this afternoon and eat lunch and sit with the dog and do homework. But I ended up getting a call from someone and they needed me to try and fix there computer today if I could. So I just had to make it a quick stop to let the dog out again and then head back to campus. By the time I got to campus the dinning hall was closed for lunch so I ended up not getting lunch today. There were some chips and salsa at the meeting after church though so I at least had a little of something there. But anyway working on her computer took me all afternoon. I didn't have to sit and work on it every minute though.. there are times where I just tell it to do something and let it do it's thing so I was able to work on some homework while I was here too. I still wasn't done with it all the way by the time 5:00 rollled around so I wasn't able to go to dinner either because I had to get it done before I went back to church this evening. So I just had a small microwaveable thing a mabob. I got the computer back to the girl just time time as I was heading out the door to go to church.. I made it there in the nick of time right at 6:00. I wish I could have been there a little earlier but oh well things happen I guess. Tonight at church we watched "The Gospel of John" its the rest of the story that the Passion left out. If you have seen the passion and have questions -- that movie series would probably answer most of them. If you are in Lynchburg you can join us at The Lynchburg Church every sunday night in March and we will continue to watch 45 minute segments of it each evening and then have disscussion on it. It was pretty good tonight. After the service I went over to Pete and Julies house for the evening. The Donneberg family came along later too. It was a fun relaxing night. We watched "Secondhand Lions" I finally had a chance to watch it for the first time since I got it for my birthday. It was an excellent movie. They had four dogs there tonight too. They were watching two for some people this weekend and then they also have two of thier own. They sure were fun to watch. They really like to lick ya too! Anyway it was a wonderful evening just hanging out and getting our minds off of stuff. I ended up getting back about 5 minutes late past curfew though. I don't know if they did room checks tonight though so I may have gotten by that one. But anyway.. I'm pretty tired now and I didn't get a nap today or anything. Plus not eating much all day didn't really help my energy level. So I'll go rejuvinate for the rest of the night. Sweet Dreams everyone!
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Sunday, March 07, 2004
Last night was good. I slept like a baby on the queen sized bed with a nice warm breathing pillow. It made me wish I had happy =(. But Libby subsituded efficently. Once the sun came up everytime I moved in the bed Libby thought I was just about to get up so she would come over and lick my face.. then she would realize I was just turning over or something.. but she did that like 7 times until I finally got up. It was pretty fun though. She is cute. After waking up and getting the animals and the house taken care of I was off to work for the day. We weren't too busy today and that was good since Scott was gone it would have made things more difficult. Andy and I held up the fort today. We were able to get a lot done too surprisingly so that was nice. Once 3:00 rolled around I headed out over to Scotts house to let the dog out and things. Then I pulled out all my books and stuff and buried myself in homework paraphernalia and started on the endless quest. I had to read multiple short stories and find out the point of view, theme, irony, and symbolizm for each and then come up with a multiple choice question for each one. It was some of that useless stuff they have you do that will never help you in life. But anyway that took me from about 4:00 until around 9:00 to do. I also did some more laundry today while I was over there. Now all my clothes are so fresh and so clean clean. I even cooked myself dinner tonight since I had an oven I could use. I made some stuffed shells for dinner and french bread with garlic. It was very good even if I say so myself. Periodically through the night Allie and I talked and chatted and e-mailed each other. It was fun. That is one good thing about her at her dad's house. They have DSL so she can be online a lot more and then I get the pleasure of talking to her online through most of the night. I'm just an "internet Junkie" I guess you could say. Also through the evening The cat and the dog had some spurts where they would play with each other. It was halarious. They would run around the house and jump off furnature and then take turns pouncing on each other that was fun to watch. I decided that around 10:30 I would head back to campus though. I didn't have anythign I needed for church tomorrow so rather then coming back to my room to get it and then go all the way back to Scott's for the night I would just get the animals ready for the night and then leave and just stay here in my room until the morning. I am going to stop by there in the morning before church to let the dog out to do "his thing". So I have to get up a little earler tomorrow. Speaking of that i should probalby get to be a little earlier too. So I'm going to go to bed now. Have a wonderful great extraordinary magnificent outstanding exceptional night.. and the same tomorrow at church too! Bye!
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Saturday, March 06, 2004
Hey everybody! Glad you could take the time to read about my day... I'm glad you care =). I had unusual amounts of energy today. I woke up and I was actually awake! Then I went to class and I had the pleasure of sitting through an entire class period and not dozing off... That was a nice experience. I not only did that in one class.. I made it through both classes. It was amazing I tell you AMAZING!!! NOw that I've said that... I didn't learn anything though... It is all stuff I learned while taking my microsoft certification tests and through my own experience. Gotta love those useless computer classes huh? Anyway after that I headed over to Convocation. We had a woman come and teach today and her voice was just in that perfect frequency where the sound in the building didn't help any. I could barely hear a word she said because of that. Once she was done (I think she was done everybody started to get up) I headed to my room to drop off my backpack and then I went over to the Donneberg's so Jo could give me a hair cut. I think she did a great job for what she did.. I just needed a small trim because the back and sides were getting kind of scruffy. She left the top and front alone. It looks very good I think. They were very busy today though and had lots of things going on so I couldn't stay and hang out. I still had like an hour before I had to be at work though so I stayed outside and pet Jake for a bit and then I went to Kroger to get a quick bite to eat for lunch. I still ended up at work early but thats no big deal I had to figure out a problem with the server anyway. Things were kind of slow today too so it seemed like the day lasted forever.. I ended up getting a call from the Donnebergs while I was at work because they had a math question. I was able to help them too so I was happy I could do that. Near the end of the day it got even slower so us guys decided to just play some games for awhile. Then shortly after that it was time to close. I headed back to campus after that and had some dinner. Then Kat asked me if I want to go see a movie with her tonight. I was a little reluctant because I had bunches of homework but I decided to go anyway. We ended up seeing "Cheaper by the Dozen" It was so worth the time. I loved that movie. Its about a family that has 12 kids (my kind of family) lol. It was funny and entertaining.. I think that is going to be a buyer once it come out on DVD. It was great! But anyway after that movie was over I had to go back to my room to work on a couple things for homework. I also had to pack up so I could come over to Scott's house to Dog sit while they are away for the weekend. Thats where I am right now.. it has been nice and relaxing sitting here with just me and the dogs.. and the Instant Messenger. I've been talking to Allie online since about 11:00. I also was able to talk to my mom for a bit tonight too.. I kept forgetting to write her though and she had to keep waiting. I feel bad. But it was a fun evening of just chatting and relaxing. I also was able to do some laundry tonight while I was here.. thats always a good thing! But anyway.. I think thats it for tonight.. I'm going to be tired tomorrow If I don't head to bed soon. So Good night!
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Friday, March 05, 2004
I decided to take a short break from the tasks I was carrying out. I found a chair and sat idly for a few moments. When this time had elapsed I continued with my activities.
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Today was one of those days where the teachers throw everything at you at once. I found out that I have a test on tuesday in english that I'll need to study for and read lots of stuff for.. then I also need to revise my rough draft that I just turned in.. then I also had a huge assignment for my computer apps class and that one is horrible because it is so easy but super long and I know how to do it already but I have to do it anyway. I did get that one done but it took like 2 hours because I had to type in huge amounts of data and follow this stupid procedure in the book. It was pretty useless. Then I also have a project I need to get information together for in my networking class and figure out how to talk on the subject. I also have a test coming up in that class soon too and I'll need to study for that. Then all of that on top of my regular hectic schedule makes me wish spring break was tomorrow. Oh well.. I'm just going to have to press on. I also need to work on powerpoint for church on sunday as well as figure out some kind of site design for the church's website. If you see any other website that would be good for a church e-mail me the link so I can see if I can use it. So anyway... work was pretty busy today, but we got a lot done and that was nice. Then after work I headed back to campus to eat dinner. I saw Jessica there and went over to her and talked to her then she gave me a huge hug. Then I ended up sitting with her for dinner. It was great I missed hanging out with her I was glad I could do that tonight. After dinner I had to go back to my room and lock myself in my dorm so I could start on my load of homework.. I made a fairly good dent in it just as it was time for Hall Meeting and Prayer groups. Those both went pretty good tonight. After those were over I continued on my homework stash and then talked to my Mom online for a short time. Scott also called me multiple times because he needed help figuring out a networking issue he was having. I ended up being able to help him solve that. But anyway, now that it is all late I need to go to bed. So Good night!
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Thursday, March 04, 2004
Today was a pretty good day. I woke up a little late, but I was still able to make it to class on time. The day was pretty routine as far as classes go. Dr. Falwell spoke again in convo and he kind of did one of his trademark preaching on a soap box things again. It was still pretty good though. After that was over I found out I didn't have to go to a prayer leader meeting today because the campus pastor just got back from his India trip and didn't have anything for us. So I was able to use that time to go back to my room and work on a couple things I needed to do. I had to make a couple phone calls and things like that as well. But anyway, I decided not to go to lunch today because I was in the middle of working on some stuff and it was a little to late to go after I finished up with it. So instead on my way to work I stopped and picked up some take out and just brought it to work with me. Things at work went pretty well today, there was enough to work on to stay busy, I even had to go and do a service call for a short time today too. It made things seem to go faster and that was nice becuase I was anxious to leave and head on over to church. Church was very good tonight. We continued the series on "Secrets of the Vine". Then as usual after the service I hung around and chatted with everybody that I could and then I let the kids beat up on me for awhile too. It was a lot of fun. It was all around a good service tonight. I was the last one to leave the driveway tonight I was kind of stalling because I had to go back to campus and go to the Leadership Prayerleader meeting on my hall once I got back. They always seem to spend like 20 minutes of the meeting just doing useless stuff that is just a waste of time. I've decided its better if I just show up late so I can skip all that. It didn't quite work out like that tonight though. I was only 10 minutes late tonight and they were still just getting started and so I had to sit through it still. But oh well.. I guess its not too bad - everybody else had left church so I wasn't really missing anything. It is worse when its small group night and everybody is hanging out later and I end up having to leave early so I can get to the meeting. But oh well.. enough of that... I wasn't complaining or anything just stating what I thought. So anyway, after the meeting tonight I went over what I am going to talk to my prayer group tomorrow about and made some notes and stuff. But now, I think I'm going to go ahead and be on my way to bed. I'm rather tired (the tiredness never goes away). So I'll say bye for now!
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Wednesday, March 03, 2004
I'm really tired to go into much detail today.. but I did have to turn in my english rough draft paper today which i did get done! I also then had a test in Comp which I think I did good on as well. Other then that the rest of the day was pretty standard. I did have to do a service call at work and that took about two hours. But then again nothing out of the ordinary there either. I ended up staying late at work today with the guys. I couldn't stay till 9:00 like normal though.. I ended up leaving around 7:45 because I had to go do some shopping before everything closed at 9:00. I was able to get and find what I needed too. I even found Kat and Becky in the store too so I stopped and hung out with them for awhile. I ended up also seeing Brian while I was there and he needed a ride back home so I decided I would go ahead and do that for him after I got everything I needed. I hadn't seen brian for some time now.. it was nice to talk to him again. After returning from taking Brian back home I stopped at the dinning hall and ate some food. (First thing i've eaten all day). My body was proably happy to get some food. Then once I got done there I had to do a few things here in the dorm before bed. Which I have now finished with everything I need to do tonight.. so I'm going to shoot off to bed. Night for now!

*note for becca and katie: I wore the new shirt and tie you gave me for my birthday today.. they fit nicely and are comfortable Thanks!
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Tuesday, March 02, 2004
Today I woke up very tired once again and I had to push myself to get to class. I was able to pull it off though and I made it to the class room physically. (Mentaly is another story). I dozed off most of the way through my first two classes. I managed to stay awake in Convo today though. One of the guys on my hall had a Seizure during the message and so they had to bring the paramedics in and everything. That kind of caused a rucus in our section. He is alright now though. I saw him tonight and asked how he was doing. But anyway after convo I headed back to my room to write an e-mail and work on some homework and stuff. Then I headed over to lunch. I stopped by Mark Miller's office to talk to him about a couple things though first and then went to lunch. Shortly after that I ended up at work. We were fairly busy today and my feet got really tired from standing up almost the entire time. I was ready to head out once 6:00 rolled around. Tonight I had another great time spent with my "family". Brittany had a Piano recital tonight and she invited me to come and watch. So right after work I went to thier house for a short time and we all went together to the church were she was going to play. Britt did a great job! About 15 other people were there too though and so we all sat and watched them do thier thing. It did get kind of long and old after awhile. But we kind of entertained ourselfs while we watched (hopefully we weren't too distracting). Anyway then after the recitial I took Allie and Brittany out to Waffle House "Waffle use - the HO was burned out" We just ordered some coffee and some bacon and hasbrowns to munch on while we talked. I had a great time out with them tonight.. they are always a blast to hang out with. After we finished up I took them home and I went in and hung out over there for about another half hour or so and talked with thier Mom and Pet Jake some. But once 10:00 rolled around I headed out and made a quick stop at Wal-Mart before heading back to campus. I decided I would also stop at Late Night while I was driving by tonight. I found Christy there sitting by herself so I sat with her and talked to her for a bit - Its been awhile since I've been able to do that so it was nice. But anyway after I finished eating I came right back to my room because I had to do some quick reading for history class tomorrow. I just finished that up awhile ago and now I think I'm going to go ahead and turn in. I really need that rest! Bye for now.
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Monday, March 01, 2004
Happy Leap Day Everyone! Today was a great day! I always love sundays, but today was just better then normal because I got to go see the Passion of Christ. with the Donneberg's. If you haven't seen it yet, make sure that you do soon! But anyway, I'll get into that when the time comes.. I'll start off from the begining of today now. I woke up all early today so I could get ready to head to worship team practice. I got there right around 8 like normal but it took everybody else some time to get there. I think they were all running a little late today. Thats ok though because practice went pretty smoothly and we didn't have too many problems to deal with. There was a lot of media I had to work through today though. I had about 13 windows open that I had to task switch between during the service today to get everything working together. But it all worked out and the service was a success. The message today was on trying to define the true Holiness of God. Sometimes we forget that very important fact and brush it off as no important. We also had communion today and that setup very nicely for this afternoon when I went to go see the Passion of Christ. After the service I had to run around and pass out the TLC cards to the family units and then I had to go to Kroger really quick and get some Sour Cream for Mark & Vicky who were having a meeting after the service and needed it for part of a snack ingredient they were having during the meeting. Later in the afternoon I went over to the Donneberg's house for lunch and an afternoon to relax until the movie. Britt, Allie and I played on the trampoline some again today. I fell off like 5 times today but I didn't hurt myself too bad. It was a lot of fun. After the trampoline trip we all headed over to the Movie theater early so we could get a good batch of seats. There were still quite a few people there when we went and we ended up having to sit in the side seats instead of the middle ones. I guess it wasn't too bad though. The impact of the movie was not hindered in any way. Kat was there also, so she ended up coming and sitting next to me as well. But this was a very well done movie. like I said if you have not seen it I couldn't encourage you more to go and give it a chance. It is amazing what our Lord went through in order to enable us to be in a relationship with him. His love for us was strong enough to endure all that torture despite the overwhelming hate that he was surrounded by. This movie will put you in your place.. make you stop and think... It wasn't the Romans that torchered him - It wasn't the Jews that crucified him. That was Me.. that was Us.. we are the cause of that horrific event. How many of us only speak to God when its because we are asking him for something.. How can we ask for anything? He has already done so much for us. How many of us have thanked him lately for taking that punishment for us. Do you realize that through the entire movie Jesus says nothing as to complain about this order from his father. He is fully dedicated to do God's Will. How many times have we complained to do something as small as take out the trash or wash the dishes. This was truly a Holy Man - an inocent man that took our wrong doings and brought them upon himself so we wouldn't have to. Do you love anybody enough to go through that? God Did! (John 3:16)

After veiwing this intesely emotional movie Allie, Britt, and I met up with a group from a local church (Blue Ridge) and we had a time of reflection and discussion. Some intriguing questions and comments were said. I wish I could share them all. However I don't think I could do that. After the discussion time was over Allie, Brittany, and I stopped and had a late dinner at IHOP before I took them home for the evening. I did have a wonderful day, and I'm glad God provides all he does in order to make it that way. Now I need to go to sleep and prepare for another week. Good night everybody!
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