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Sunday, October 31, 2004
Today seemed kind of like a long day but it was pretty good. I woke up around 7:30 this morning and got myself ready for the day. Then I started to head to work. I was out about an hour early this morning though so I could do some quick shopping before going to work. I ended up going to one store for about a half hour and then got to work about 20 minutes early this morning. Andy was gone again from work today though so Derek and I just had to open up and run the shop ourselfs today. Things went pretty good for us though. I ended up having to stay after for about 30 minutes though because a customer came in late. After I was finally able to get off I ended up doing some more shopping. I went to the mall this time though, I ended up being there for about three hours. I went into every single store that had any clothing in it. I actually was in a few stores I was never in before. But I think I managed to find what I was looking for. Its hard to say since I didn't really know exactly what I wanted, but what I did get I"m pretty sure was it. (yeah.. I know thats pretty crazy). So anyway after finishing up at the mall I went back to campus and ate a really quick dinner, then returned to my dorm to get some stuff done. Eventually Brittany called me and wanted to see what I was up to for the night. She and Allie wanted to get a few friends to come over and hang out. So I finished all the stuff I needed to do and then I headed to thier house. I ended up picking up Tori on the way there and was able to bring her along. It was pretty good to have a night to hang out with Tori for once. I don't get a chance to do that very often. After arriving at thier house turns out Steve was there already. So we just kind of sat around and talked for a bit then decided to go rent a movie. (after much debate on figuring out what to do) Tonight the movie of choice was "For Richer or Poorer" it was a good comedy movie. It turned out to be a nice relaxing night with the gang. Once the movie got over Tori was really hungry so we left about a half hour before curfew so we could make a quick stop at Wendys before going back.. but it turns out Wendy's was closed! So much for the "eat great even late" routine. We ended up trying to go to a McDonalds just across from liberty and the walk in part of it was closed. The Drive through was still open but there were about 14 cars in line waiting. Its amazing how late a McDonalds can be at 12:15am. We just ended up having to give up and come back to campus. After getting back I talked to my mom for a bit online and cleared out a few e-mails. Right now my roomate decided to put a movie on though. He decided he was going to watch "A day after tomorrow" that was one I wanted to see to so I don't know if I'll be able to get to sleep. I'm going to try though and not watch it but We'll see what happends. I guess its a good thing the time is moved back an hour tonight. Anyway.. I'm going to get ready for bed now and see what happends. Good night!
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Saturday, October 30, 2004
Well, today was friday and I'm glad for that. I am ready for a weekend. I got to sleep kind of late last night, but I was more awake then usual today. I managed to actually stay awake for the majority of my classes. I was even awake the entire time for my biology class. Then today instead of going to Convocation I decided to go to ministry chapel instead. We had a blue grass band play for us there. They did I'll Fly away and Blessed be your name with banjo's. It was different but cool. Anyway after classes I went to my room and did a few thing before going to work.

Turns out and is gone from work for the rest of the weekend. He is at and Intel convention so it was just Derek and I running the shop this time. Everything actually went pretty well for us. After closing I swung by libety and grabbed myself some to-go dinner and then decided to do some shopping. I'm still trying to find a good outfit to wear for my skit this sunday. I have a backup plan costume but if I can find this one thing I'm looking for I'll be all set. I might give it one more attempt tomorrow. Anyway I was out at the store until around 7:45 then I decided I was going to go over and watch Finding Nemo at the Donneberg's tonight. Brittany was out at scaremare with steve and she asked me if I wanted to go, but considering the line, I just really didn't want to go. Plus I had heard that it wasn't very good this year anyway. But it was fun just hanging out at her house watching a movie with Allie and Jo instead. I ended up being there until about 11:30. After getting back to campus I worked on a little bit of homework, church stuff, and some more e-mail stuff again. I also talked to my mom about some stuff I can do for voting this year. I might still have somehthing I can do (my absentee ballot never came). Then at around 1:00 tonight I was called by the Liberty University Police. The needed me to move my car out of the parking lot I was in tonight. It wasn't against the rules for me to park there or anything though, but they just needed that lot for other purposes tomorrow morning. So I'm glad I didn't try and get to bed before 1:00 tonight or I would have had to wake up and move my car. But anyway, now I think I am going to go to bed though. I need to be at work by 10 tomorrow to help run the store by ourselfs. So good night!
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Friday, October 29, 2004
I kind of had a weird day today. Unfortunatly I don't have time to talk about it... its just too late. I spend most of the night writing an e-mail. I had to take a break and do my prayer group though. Tonight I talked to the guys about Hearing God's voice. I think it went pretty well. But afterwards I went back to writing my e-mail again. So anyway.. I need to get to bed I"m glad it's friday tomorrow though.
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Thursday, October 28, 2004
Well, I got two more tests out of the way today. The one for Theology I think I did alright on, The one for Biology gave me a little bit of trouble I guess we'll have to see how that worked out.. I know I at least passed it though. The rest of the day was just a typical school day... had chapel and my final Philosophy class. Then after I went to grab some lunch Jo called me and asked if I could come over sometime and help them out with a computer situation. I figured I would just go over right then and help them out then eat my lunch over there. I did get the computer situation solved but it was late by the time I finished and I just had to take my lunch at eat it at work. I didn't want to risk being late today.. expecally after a day like yesterday. I still ended up getting there close to my time... and Andy was like.. "Well look who decided to show up". After getting there he had to go back out to the place I was at yesterday and get them all fixed up (this time we knew what we would need so he was able to bring the equipment). He ended up being gone most of the day today though, but when he was there he didn't fail to mention the whole situation. But anyway.. lesson learned on my part, I hope it doesn't surface again anytime soon. After I got off work I headed to church and since I got there pretty early, I decided to call Jonathan and see what he was up to tonight. I talked to him right up until most of the people showed up and we were about to start. We didn't really have a message tonight though. Instead we had a congreational meeting. We talked about buisness stuff and financial stuff with our church. It went a little long tonight, but it wasn't too big of a deal. After it was over I hung out there for a little bit, but I didn't for too long because I had a meeting I needed to be at by 9:00. So at around 8:30 I took Allie back home and went in for what was going to be a few minutes. I decided though I was just going to skip the meeting tonight. A lot of people skip them all the time and I haven't skipped one yet. I figured it couldn't hurt none to do it once. So instead I must took a breather and relaxed at thier house this evening. I decided to finish of the rest of that apple cider my parents sent me too. I ended up adding a littl orange juice and cinnimon and having it hot. Jo also had some Chili made so I had a good snack and we sat around and talked for a bit, then we decided to watch CSI after that. I ended up heading back to campus at 11:00 tonight. I had a few things to do once I got back since I hadn't been here all day. I needed to work on some computers. My parents were giving them some issues so I helped them get all taken care of.. then a guy down the hall had an issue I needed to take care of too. I also needed to work on the church website a little bit as well. I managed to get most of the stuff done I needed to though. I think I'm going to just head to bed now. I be tired. Night!
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Wednesday, October 27, 2004
Today started out alright, I went to all my classes and I only fell asleep in one of them. Don't really have anything to say about them though... it was school.. After that I came back to my room and finished fixing a guys computer I had been running something all night on it. It was doing much better and I was able to finish it up. After that I headed to work. I had to do three service calls today. Two of them went pretty smoothly but one of the other ones I did didn't go quite so well. I was supposed to string a cable they had from one room to another. The cable they had wasn't quite long enough however and I also didn't have any good tools to attach the cable to the wall. So I just had to do the best I could with what I had. I did get it all working but I had to move a few things to make it work. I told them what I did and that we could fix it later, the lady I talked to was like alright sounds good. It turns out though later after I got back to the shop somebody called Andy and was mad at us for the way I did it. They didn't like how I moved stuff and the way I had to string the wire. The way I did it was really the only way to do it with what I had though and the person I talked to didn't really mind so I just did it. But I guess it would have just been better if I just didn't do anything. Since Andy got yelled at by them.. I ended up getting yelled at by him. Now he will have to go back out and fix it later. So needless to say that didn't work out too well. I felt really bad the rest of the night. I hate it when I let him down like that. I just didn't know what else I was supposed to do. So I left work kind of down tonight.

After leaving I decided to go shopping. I need to find an outfit to wear for my skit I"m doing on Sunday. I went to quite a few stores and still didn't find what I was looking for. I was out doing that until like 8:30. While I was shopping Brittany called me from her new cell phone. Both her and Allie went out and got one tonight. Its pretty cool that they will each have thier own now. Anyway after quitting shopping for tonight I just went back to my room and started to study for my two tests I have tomorrow (Theology and Biology). I hope I do alright on those. Pray for me if you think about it at 8:00 or 9:00 tomorrow. Anyway thats all I really have to say for now, still a little down from the thing at work. So I'll say good night.
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Tuesday, October 26, 2004
Oh man today turned out to be a pretty nice day. I managed to wake up on time..( Not even super tired either) and then gead on over to my Theology class for a supposed test. Turns out the copy machine broke though so he didn't get all the tests printed up. We are just going to have the test one wednesday instead. Even though I slept for a long time yestereday, I was still trying to fight and stay awake through my classes. I didn't really succeed in that too well. Then today we had a special speaker for Convocation. This week is missions emphasis week and we had a missionary come talk to us. This was a woman who went with her husband and some other friends to minister in Iraq (about a year ago) She told us of some stories of what God accomplished through them during thier time there. But then one day they were on a road traveling in a jeep and they were ambushed. A group of people opened fire at them from behind. Multiple rounds were fired through the jeep. The three of her friends were killed instantly and she was shot 23 times and her husband just about as many, but they were still alive (but barely). Her husband then managed to carry her to the nearest medical facility only to fall and go be with the Lord the moment he reached it. Meanwhile his wife was unconcious and the doctors had to put her in a medically induced coma for her to survive the massive injuries. She wasn't able to awake until 8 days later when she finally found out that her husband and the three of her other friends had died and that she had brutal injuries she now had to endure the pain of. She was broken not only physically but also emotionally at this horror that faced her. She then told us how despite all this pain she had in front of her, God seemed to put a Joy and Peace into her heart. She was given more of a desire to reach the evil ones there in Iraq. She also shared a verse that seemed to hit me pretty good. It was John 16:33 "I have told you these things so that in me you may have peace. In the world you have trouble and suffering, but take courage—I have conquered the world.” I just really enjoyed hearing her testamony today. That was really only the tip of the iceburg of all the stuff she said. It was really good.

So anyway, after Convo was over I headed over to my Philosophy class to finish out the day. Once that was out I had a quick meeting with the missions director of my trip I'm going on to Brazil. I had to find out my next steps for getting a visa on my passport. That was a fairly quick meeting though so I had a few minutes to spare before I needed to get to work. I used it to grab some lunch and then study for a few minutes. I then headed on over to work. Today was the last day Derek was gone, but it was still just Andy and me all day today. We were actually pretty busy though. In a way that was nice however because it made the day fly by quite fast. Once I left work I headed over to the Donneberg's to pick up Allie for drama practice tonight at chruch. I got there a lot earlier then I needed to though, so they ended up feeding me some dinner. I also let them try some of the homemade apple cider my parents sent me. That stuff is really good, too bad its almost gone now.

After getting to the church for practice the first thing we did was work on the skit I have to do on sunday. I think its going to turn out pretty good. I need to figure out some kind of outfit to wear now though. I might have a cool idea though if I can find the shirt I want. But it was pretty fun. After that we did a few impromtu exercises. We had to desribe some things that people should be familiar with and then others had to guess it. Then we did a game where we were in groups of two and we had to act out a scene pulled from a hat.. but it had a twist. For one group had to act out a scene where they were at a restaraunt and the food was horrible. Excpet they had to do it with a happy expression. That was kind of funny. It turns out the one that Allie and I ended up doing was where we were at the altar getting married and I had to go to the bathroom really bad. This time we both had to act bitter towards each other while playing that one out. So while we were getting married I acted all mad at her and said it was all her fault this was happening. Then I blamed it on her mom because she made the iced tea. So we argued back and forth about that. That was rather funny. There were actually quite a few good ones people did for that one. We also did one where we had to act out skits with somebody using somebody else's arms. That was pretty funny. I ended up being a puking flute player with Cindy being my arms. That one turned out kind of interesting I guess would be a good way to describe that one. So anyway after getting done with practice I took Allie back home and I stayed and hung out for about an hour or so after that. Her brother RJ was there tonight to so that was good she was able to see him (because she hardly ever gets to). He and Brittany were just playing songs on the guitar and stuff so we just chilled and watched/sung with them for a bit. RJ had to leave about 45 minutes after we got there though, he was just kind of stopping by to say hi. After that we stayed and watched the first half of CSI but decided I needed to get back to campus so I could have time to finish all the stuff I still had for tonight. I think I'm pretty much done with it all now though. But I had to work on a computer as well and then my roomate and a guy down the hall were also having comptuer problems I needed to check out. So anyway, I'm done playing super hero for now I've done my share of computer fixing for the night. I better get to bed before my geeky sense kicks in and I have the urge to fix somethign else. So with that... I"m out-ie here.
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Monday, October 25, 2004
Today I ended up sleeping in a little bit later then I wanted to. I ended up not having time for devotions and I got to church like 5 minutes late for practice. They hadn't started yet or anything but Britt decided she would make fun of me for being late. Anyway I had to setup a few slides for announcements this morning and get all the stuff configured and in order. But once I had it ready to go I put Heather in charge of powerpoint for today. Practice seemed to go pretty well and there weren't really any problems. But once the service actually started the praise team really screwed up on the first song. Pastor was just having a lot of trouble getting the right tempo. We tried to stop and start over three times.. after the third time and still not getting it right he was like. "Ok let just stop and pray, the devil just doesn't want us to worship God this morning." But after praying for the service the next attempt was a success and there were no more problems the rest of the service. It was kind of nice to see prayer at work. I bet God allowed those screw ups just so he could be glorified after the display of the power of prayer.
John talked about Dispointment and Psalm 73 for his message today and how we as christians can deal with it. I've read that verse quite a few times but I always just read through it and never actually got what was going on fully. It was pretty cool what it says. I've been in that same spot before and had the same questions. I really enjoyed the message today.
After the service was over we had a newcomers lunch at the church, but everybody was invited.. not just the new people. Pastor talked about things like what we believe, the goals for our church and a bunch of that kind of stuff new people would like to know. We had spagettii and salad and some really good desert stuff. I think probably about 80% of the people who were at church this morning stayed for it. I ended up sitting down and listening to it for about an hour or so, but I ended up getting up and having my personal devotions in another room instead after that. People were just asking questions and it got into deep conversations and stuff that I wasn't really interested in. I had to stick around to give BJ a ride home though so I just went to the office and hung out there until it was over.
After the meeting I took BJ home and then I just stayed there for the afternoon and did some Theology homework (study for a test). I got a decent amount of reading done while I was there, but eventually I just got really tired and had to close it up and take what was going to be a short nap. It ended up not being so short. I think I ended up going to sleep around 4:00 - I was out until about 9:30ish I think. Jo woke me up to see if I wanted to go with Britt to a youth church party thing but I was just too tired to even move. I can't remember if I even answered her. I might have even fallen back to sleep in mid question. I'm not sure what happend. Anyway I slept for like 5 hours. That more then I sleep in most nights. I was so out of it I actually even had a dream for once. I dreamt I was Moses leading the Isrealites to the promised land. Except it was a pretty twisted up story.. instead of parting the red sea I parted the Jordan (at least it was a river of some sort) and then instead of wilderness we were all hiking around in the woods. Also when I had to go to the top of a mountain to talk to God it wasn't just a normal moutain. It was like a big rock pillar looking thing I had to climb. So I was like cliff hanger climbing this flat rock face without ropes or anything. I can't remember quite what I looked like though but I do remember I had a long white beard. I also saw God's back but at that time I was looking at myself in third person from the front, so in my perspective of the dream I actually saw God's face. I'm still alive though so I guess it wasn't really it. But anyway.. there was a bunch of little things like that that went on. It was actually kind of fun to be Moses. Anyway, I was awakened from my wilderness journey by Jo tickling my feet at about 9:30. Allie was back from her dads and everybody was back at the house (except for Brittany). So it took me a few minutes to come back to reality but then I just sat and talked for a while with Allie to see how her time with her dad was. A little later we ended up just watching a movie that was on TV. It was really good, and sad too. I wish I could remember what it was called. Anyway that ended up going until 11:00 and I had to leave after it was over. Once I got back to campus one of the girls came by who's comptuer I was working on to pick it up. Then I had to finish reading one more chapter out of my Theology book to get done studying that. Now I'm trying to talk to my mom about getting plane tickets to come home for christmas. We're trying to find the cheapest way possible. So far we aren't having very much luck though it finding a good deal. So If you would all want to pray we can figure somethign out for that, that would be great! I would like to be home for christmas if at all possible. Anyway, I think I need to get to bed now though. Even though I took a really good nap today, I don't want to stay up too late. I hope I don't have a hard time falling asleep. Anyway, I'll say good night now!
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Sunday, October 24, 2004
Today was a very good day. I seemed to get a lot accomplished. This morning rather then getting to sleep in until 9:00 and go to work, I had to wake up at 7:30 so I could get to the Song of Solomon Conference this morning at 8:30. The last few sections he did today were on Romance, Conflict, and Commitement. He did Attraction, Dating, Courtship & Intamacy last night. Over all the conferene was great and well worth it. I had to take the morning off of work to be able to go though. There is a lot more material in the workbook that he didn't go over though, I think I may just have to watch the videos where he will cover more. I hope I can find some time to do that sometime. Anyway after the conferene was over I had to rush over to work. But there was a mass exodus of everybody leaving the campus. I got out side almost immidiatly after it was over to hurry out but it still took me a good 10 minutes just to get off campus. It was pretty bad. Anyway the partial day at work went pretty smoothly today, Derek is still gone, but things stayed a little slow today so we didn't get overwhelmed. That was nice. Once I was done at work I headed back to campus to get some work done. I ended up having three computers I needed to work on today so I got two of them up and worked on while I did some homework and made some more slides for church tomorrow. Those repairs were kind of long... but pretty routine so I didn't have much trouble with it. Also while I was working on the computer I broke down my weight set and loaded up my car with it. Chuck decided he wanted to have some so he could use them. I hardly ever used them while they were here so I thought I might as well at least put them to good use. So after I got done with everything I needed to get done here at campus. I grabbed some dirty laundry and the weights and spent the rest of the evening over at the D-berg's house. Britt ended up going shopping with RJ so I just hung out there with Chuck and Jo. The three of us talked for a good 30-45minutes or so. Once the conversation died down I went and checked on my laundry and then started to read some homework stuff. In the middle of that Jake was getting resless so I took a break and took him for a good sized walk. While I was out walking him Steve showed up at the house too so He and I hung out for a bit. Britt eventually came back around 10:00ish tonight and so Steve and Britt and I just chilled and talked and then decided to watch a movie. We started watching a movie called "Pete's Dragon" at a little after 11:00. It was an oldie but a goodie kind of movie. I thought it was cute and wouldn't mind seeing that one again sometime in the future. Steve and I ended up being there until just before 2:00. While the movie was playing I managed to get a little bit of reading done too, so I should only have two more chapters left that I'll need to do tomorrow. After leaving the house I got right back here and put my laundry away and am about to head to bed. I need to wake up early yet again tomorrow so I can get to worship team practice. Y'all have a good night!
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Saturday, October 23, 2004
Today was a pretty long but good day. I've been up since like 6:00 this morning. I ended up having breakfast with Tommy Nelson this morning. It was a pretty nice time. He is a cool guy. It was awsome to be able to sit with him for a little bit. I had an 8:00 class though so I had to leave just before 8 to get to that. My classes were pretty typical though. Nothing out of the ordinary o talk about there. Tommy Nelson ended up speaking in Convo today though. It was kind of a preliminary thing to the converence he was doing tonight. But it was a good intro there in chapel. Once classes were over I had to hurry over to work. Derek is gone for the weekend and so Andy was there by himself for the begining of the day. I tried to get there as fast I could to releive him some. The day went pretty good, but it seemed to go by kind of slow for some reason. We did get quite a bit accomplished though. Once it came time to close I headed back to campus to get ready for the Song of Solomon conference tonight. Before it started though I had to meet up with a girl and get a comptuer from her so I could fix it. After she dropped that off I went to stand in line for about 10 minutes to get my ticket. There was actually a lot of people there tonight. Quite bit more then they expected. I didn't have anybody to go with though. Jonathan, Britt, and Allie couldn't go tonight. Steve told me he probably wasn't going to.. (but I think he did and didn't tell me). But anyway.. I ended up just sitting by myself for the conference. It was really good though. Sorry I don't have time to talk about it more. I would love to be able to explain some of the stuff I learned tonight. Unfortunatly I have to wake up at 7:30 tomorrow to get to the conference again in the morning.. so I have to hurry. Once the conference was over I came back to my room to work on a guys computer that I had on Thursday to fix while I scanned over the notes from the conference and wrote a few more. Then I talked to a few people online tonight too. Allie and Britt were both online so I kind of chatted with them for a bit, my mom and dad were also online so I tried to talk to them too. During all this I had a call from another girl that wanted to come drop her comptuer off for me to work on as well. So she swung by my window and did that. Then later my grandpa wanted to talk to me because he was having trouble with his computer... So It took me until like 12:45 to finally finish going through my notes from the meeting tonight. I then had to get started on the powerpoint stuff for church on sunday. I ended up getting about half of that done. I also needed to get some study guide stuff so I can study for a few tests this weekend. But now I think I'm going to have to call it a night. I'm really tired again.
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Friday, October 22, 2004
I had my test this morning. I think I did fairly good on it. My cell phone ended up ringing while I was in taking the test though. Since I wear it on my belt I was able to silence it in about half a second but it was still not good. Thats like the first time I haven't had my phone silenced in class for a long time and it just happends to ring then. I had it for my backup alarm this morning just to make sure I woke up on time and I had to unsilence it for that reason. Oh well though, it wasn't so bad. I ended up getting out of class about 30 minutes early because I finished the test so I just came back to my room to do some studying. My Aviation class ended up being cancelled today though because of a big thing going on over at the airport this morning. So I had almost two hours between my next class. I ended up trying to study but fell asleep in my chair. I got lucky I woke up about 10 minutes before class though.. but I was out cold the whole almost two hours. I still don't think I got enough sleep though. Anyway, I was then off to my class where I got done what I needed to in like 10 minutes. So I was able to work on some other homework instead. After getting out of class I had to hurry back to my dorm because I was supposed to meet somebody who was dropping off a computer for me to work on. I ended up catching him just in time. I had a few other things I needed to do while I was at my dorm but once I got done there I headed over to work. I was having a hard time at work today though. I fell asleep standing up a few times. My parents had sent me some of thier homemade apple cider in the mail today though and I got that at work. So I drank some of that and it helped keep me awake. Andy and Derek both had some too. It was really good. I miss being able make it. The day seemed to just go by really slow for me though, I think it was mostly cause I was so tired. But finally the time came for us to close up and I was ready for it. Right after work I went over to Jonathans house and I had dinner with him and his family tonight. Then afterwards Jon and I went out for some icecream at Billy Joes. We ended up being there for about two hours just talking about a lot of things. It was really good. We ended up going back to his house for a little bit after that. I ended up needing to head back a little early tonight though because I wanted to try and get some work done before hall meeting and turn in early tonight. At first I was thinking about taking the guys in my group and a few of my friends to the Scaremare tonight instead of actually having hall meeting, but I decided I just couldn't handle doing that tonight. Once I got back to my room though instead of starting on work I just ended up taking a nap. I didn't have enough energy in me to even sit and read. So I came in my room and I don't know what happend.. but that was the last thing I remembered.. after that I woke up to my SLD telling me it was time for hall meeting. The group tonight was really small.. almost 80% of my hall was gone tonight at scaremare. I ended up only having one person in my prayer group tonight. It was kind of nice to just sit and talk one on one with him though. After we finished up I then decided to start on my homework. Since I took a nap before hand I was able to concetrate on it. I also figured I could finish it tonight and stay up a little late since I had napped already too. But now, I really do need to get to bed. So have a great night!
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Thursday, October 21, 2004
Today was a massively busy day today. It was pretty good though. I woke up a little late so I didn't get a chance to have my morning devotions today. I just had to rush to get out the door to get to class. I ended up making it on time though. My theology and biology classes were alright today. I had trouble staying awake in both of them though. Chapel was decent as well. Jerry Falwell spoke today though, sometimes he can be a little mundane when he speaks every wednesday. I at least didn't fall asleep though. After chapel I ended up skipping my Philosophy class because I had to go do my devotion time for the day. Once I finished up with quiet time I called Jo to see if she wanted to go out to lunch today. That time worked well for her so I ended up meeting her at Country Cooking for lunch. I had just wanted some time to sit down with her and talk about a few things. It was nice being able to talk to her. We ended up being there for just over an hour. I think I got a few things worked out in my head that I"ve been thinking about a lot lately. Right after talking to her I still had some things I was wondering about, but as I thought more about it all during the rest of the day I think I figured most of it out. I had to end up going straight from the restaruant to work. Things at work were fairly normal today I can really say much about that. I did have to take off for about an hour today and go to another meeting for my Sao Paulo Missions trip. It looks like they are planning on having them every other week. Andy didn't seem to like that idea too much though, so I have to see if I can attend only once a month. I hope I can figure something out for that. This meeting today was a little shorter then it has been the last few meetings though so that was good. So anyway after my work day was over I went over to the church and hung out and scrounged up some dinner for myself. I ended up being there by myself for a long time before people started showing up. They all like to show up as close to the time as they can... some it seems even prefer to show up late (cough*donneberg*cough). Jonathan ended up coming to church tonight and it was great to see him again. I think its been like 4 days since I've hung out with him. We ended up watching a movie tonight talking about the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir and some of the testomonies of the singers that are in it. Its amazing how God works so miraculously in people's lives. He likes to show that to us day after day. We then talked about the movie for a bit after it was over. I kept dozing off though.. I had a really hard time staying awake, even after Allie kept hitting me. Oh also I ended up getting some mail over at the Donneberg's this week and they brought it to me tonight. They were thinking it was my voting ballot because i was having that sent to thier house. It was labeled as a government mail envelope and everythign so I just figured thats what it was. But I was surprised when I ended up pulling out my Passport from it. Its a pretty cool little booklet. Getting that kind of feels like when I got my drivers license. So anyway now I have to try and figure out getting my Visa for Brazil now. I might work on just getting a 10 year visa for it just in case I go back again in the future. Ok well anyway after church I hung around for a little bit and talked to some of the people. Sheena was back in town again so it was nice to see her too. But after the majority of the people left Allie and Jonathan and I just kind of stood around and talked for awhile. Britt and Steve and the rest of the gang were starting on worship team practice. Normally I like to stay and help them out and get the powerpoint and stuff all setup for them, but tonight I had a meeting I needed to be at by 9:00. So I had to leave church around 8:50. I dropped Allie off at her house and then returned to campus. The meeting started out pretty good, but thats about all I can tell you. I ended up falling asleep in that meeting again for the latter half of it. Harry tried to keep me awake but it was pretty much hopeless for him. Once the meeting was over I found out I had another meeting with the leadership guys on my hall. So I had back to back meetings tonight. I ended up having to go from that meeting in the main education building to the other end of campus in the prayer chapel to get to that one. I didn't end up getting to my room until just before 11:00 tonight and I still needed to study for my test tomorrow morning. I had another full chapter to read and some powerpoint slides to go over. I also needed to go round up my guys in my prayer group and talk to them about some stuff for tomorrow. So I finally got done with everything just a few minutes ago. So today was like a solid busy day for me. I looked back and realized I didn't think I had anything to drink all day. I had ordered a water at lunch with Jo but I don't recall ever even grabbing for it. Then the rest of my day I was just so on the move I never even had time to think about getting a drink. Ok well I went off the subject with that. (if you can even consider my entries as having a subject). Ok so anyway.. I really need prayer for my test tomorrow morning at 8:00. First of all because I know I'll be super tired since I had to be up so late tonight. And second of all.. this test might be a little hard with all the stuff I had to learn kind of last minute. (I've been trying to study for the past four days but I just was never able to get it done). Ok well... I think that just about covers everything. Have a great night everyone! Bye for now!
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Wednesday, October 20, 2004
Normal day today... nothing new under the sun.
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Tuesday, October 19, 2004
Well, I had that test today. I'm not really sure how I did. I didn't leave very confident but I'm pretty sure I at least did better then last time. (Last time I got a 44). I'll let you know how I did as soon as I find out. Today in chapel Phil Keggy ended up doing a few songs for us there. Everybody seemed to really like him. Then the speaker today was the guy who wrote the biography for President Bush. So that was kind of cool to hear what he had to say. My other classes were pretty normal though. Also while I was walking around today my backpack was so heavy the strap ended up breaking on me. It was a solid metal clip that just snapped. It was pretty crazy. I ended up just getting a really fast lunch and left for work early so I could stop at a thrift store on the way. I prayed that there would be a good replacement strap I could buy there. It turns out that there was. It even had more padding on the strap so in a way it is better. But it ended up only being $2 so that aint bad at all. Thank God for his provision there. Then I ended up having a service call to do at work today. I was only in the shop for about 45 minutes today. I ended going out to the buisness a little before 2:00 and then I was there until 7:00 (I needed to stay past our normal closing time to finish). I think I got everything taken care of there that needed to be done, but it kind of made for a long day. I didn't really have any plans after work though so I just returned to my dorm and checked up on a few things. Then I tried to call Jonathan to see if he wanted to do something tonight but I never got an answer. So I just decided to work my photo album some tonight instead. You can see it here. It took me a little longer to do then I was expecting though. I wanted to try and work on the church website a little tonight too, but that probalby won't happen. I'm also currently in the process of working on a girls computer that needed fixin. I'm just about to finish that up and go to bed. Its just really slow though. It takes like an hour to do something that should only take 15 minutes. Good thing I was able to work on other stuff while it did its thing tonight. Anyway, I think thats it for me.. I'm going to head off to bed now.. have a good night!
PS. I stopped shivering or whatever that was last night. I woke up this morning and didn't have any problems.
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Monday, October 18, 2004
Today was pretty good. I had church as normal and then went over to the pastors house for lunch today. I ended up hanging out with them until 4:00ish. After that I met up with Britt and Allie and then we decided to go see a concert and a movie tonight. So we also picked up Han and Jonathan and we went as a group to the concert. It was Phil Keaggy. He was a really good acoustic guitarist. I don't think I've seen anybody do what he did with a guitar before. It was good stuff. Anyway after it got out we went over to the theater and saw a movie called "cellular" I guess it was a pretty good movie. There was a lot of swearing in it though. After that I took the girls home and we hung out there for about a half hour or so but Han and I needed to get back so we didn't stay long. I had to study for a philosophy test I have tomorrow. I think I'm decently prepared for it now. I'm really tired now though. I have been shivering like all night too. I don't think its because I"m cold either cause I had like 4 layers on earlier and it didn't help. I'm just going to go to sleep and hope it goes away by morning. I'm glad I got my studying done. Ok good night.
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Saturday, October 16, 2004
Well, it looks like I survived another day. Fell asleep in Theology, fell asleep in Biology, fell asleep in Philosophy. Stayed awake at work but I kept busy with service calls most of the time. After work I was planning on going to a concert with Brittany tonight. But her sister ended up coming into town so she cancelled on me. (Don't feel bad for me though I completely understood. She only gets to see her every few months). But anyway that left we with a completely free night. In a way it was probably a good thing because I had tons of things I needed to do. I had some homework to do, and then I had a girls comptuer to fix, then I had a bunch of e-mails to go through, I then spent probalby most of the night working on my church's website www.tlcinfo.com I'm not done just yet... but you can take a look if you want. It's starting to come along. I had a night pretty much just sitting in my room but I did get a lot accomplished. There were about 7 guys in here lifting weights in my room tonight too. So I decided to go ahead and do a few tonight. Its like the first time I've lifted this year I think. I ended up out-curling them all though (I didn't bench press tonight). So yeah that was fun. So anyway, I think its about time for me to get to bed. My roomate just started a movie though and the guys are starting to pile in here, I'll see how well that works out. I still have to wake up at 8 tomorrow for work. Night!
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Friday, October 15, 2004
Today was a pretty typical day. I did have my Aviation test and I think I did pretty good. But other then that nothing new really happend. We had a lot of computers we had to build today at work more then normal, so that kept us busy. But thats pretty much it. After work I just came back to my room and did homework the rest of the night till hall meeting and prayergroups. But tomorrow is Friday, that will be nice to have a weekend. But anyway, that all for tonight.. I"m going to bed. Night!
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Thursday, October 14, 2004
Today was a full day for me. I just have sooo much to do. I woke up and had my first two classes as normal. Then we had convocation. Normally I have a class after chapel but I had to skip it today. I needed to use that time slot so I could go to prayer leader meeting. None of the other times they had would have worked with my schedule (this one didn't really either) But considering I fall alseep most of the time in that class too, I figured I could skip it once and wouldn't even realize it. The meeting was alright but I don't know why this one was mandatory, It didn't seem like they really said anything important (sounds like my philosophy teacher). Oh well, I was glad to get this one over with. I then grabed a take out lunch and ate in my dorm while I finished my devotions for the day. I was also going to attempt to study a little bit for my test tomorrow in aviation but I ended up not having time for that. I just had to rush over to work. I ended up making it on time. We were waiting for a lot of things to come in by UPS today and it just didn't seem to come.. we had a lot of things we needed to do but coudln't without them. So over all we didn't really have much to do. Tomorrow is going to be crazy though once it all comes in, won't have much of a break tomorrow I don't think. Anyway once I got off work I went over to the church and got some stuff taken care of with Pastor about websites and computer work. Then the Hartmans ended up bringing some dinner for thier family, but they had some extra so they said I could finish it off. So I actually was able to eat dinner for once on a Wendesday night. The Bible study tonight was alright... but its just hard to pay attention to whats going on. Most of what we talk about is stuff I already know. I did kind of keep getting drowsy though and Jo had to keep hitting me to wake me up. But I made it through alright. Afterwards I stayed and helped with the worship team practice. I needed to get all the powerpoint slides setup for the songs and for the announcments. Allie ended up staying too even though she didn't really have any duties, so once I finished up my stuff I just talked to her until we all got done. We tried to work a little with her liberty stuff but ended up getting to a dead end where we couldn't realy get further. So we just gave up on that and worked on some other stuff. I've been trying to find some good background pictures for the powerpoints so Allie and I just sat down and looked through hundreds (maybe thousands) of pictures on the internet trying to find good ones. We did find some really cool pictures, some that worked for PPT others that were just cool but wouldn't work unfortunatly. It was fun though, we ended up looking at some pictures of Brazil too once we found the right picture for the background of the songs. Meanwhile the praise team seemed to be struggling pretty bad trying to learn new songs and such. I know God will make ti all work out, but in the mean time pray for them that they can practice up good and it will all be in tune. Once practice was over and we started to close up church Steve and I decided to go over to Britt and Allie's house for a little while and catch the last end of the presidential debate. We ended up only being able to see about a half hour of it though. From what I did see though, Bush did a great job! I heard his comment about faith and religion and that was good stuff. Kerry didn't seem to have a clue though. Anyway I had to leave shortly after it was over to come back and study for my test that I hadn't even looked at notes at. I read the book for it tonight and looked over the notes for awhile. I hope I can say I'm ready for it. Its tomorrow at 9am. I'm really tired though now and if I plan on staying awake while taking the test I better get to bed. So that where I will go. Night!
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Wednesday, October 13, 2004
Hey guys, Sorry I didn't have time to write a full blog for last night. I've just been so busy lately. I found out again that I'll have lots of tests next week again. (Only 4 this time though - Bio, Eco, Theo, Phil). I was up till 3 last night trying to get started on some of that stuff. I also had a test today I had to study for. I went to bed a lot later then I wanted to though because I got into a converstaion with someone that lasted a long time. In a way I'm glad I took time to have it though. It kind of made it hard to concentrate on studying though after it was over. I probalby have you all courious about it sorry. I'll just change the subject. I ended up skipping my first class today. I needed the extra time to pray and study this morning. I always fall asleep in that class though anyway so I don't think it would have mattered. Then in my Aviation class my teacher had lost his voice so that class was only 25 minutes long. That was nice. I then had my test in the next class (Computer Visual Basic). I think I did pretty good, I was hoping I would be able to get done early with it though, but unfortunatly I ended needed 5 minutes even after the class was over. I wanted to be able to go get lunch or something with Jo today. But since I didn't have the extra time I was hoping for I ended up just getting take out from here at school and just went and ate over at the Donneberg's house. I still got to sit and talk to Jo some, but I really wished we had more time.. I ended up needing to rush off and go to work. I don't even think I got to say all I wanted to. I think I'll just try and hang out with her another day. At work today I had a service call I needed to do. I ended up being over at the place for 2 1/2 hours. I was able to fix all thier problems except for one. I think they had a bad component. I did figure out another way to rig it up so they could do what they needed though. Back at the shop things were pretty normal though. I ended up having to cop out on staying late tonight. I needed to get back and do as much homework as I could while I could. I didn't even go in for dinner once I got back.. I just went to my room and started reading. I did get done with my main project (a six page report on a book). Then I also completed a research assignment as well as stuffing 50 envelopes and getting them ready for mailing. I think I accomplished a lot tonight. Its nice to get all that out of the way. I need to study hard for my Aviation test thursday though. I hope I will have some time tomorrow. Anyway, I've been working right up till 1:00. I think I probalby better head to bed now. You all have a good night!

PS. St Helens is starting to spurt out some lava now.. if you haven't heard.
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Tuesday, October 12, 2004
Too late to blog, need to catch up on sleep. I wish I could though, I had a lot I wanted to write about.
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Monday, October 11, 2004
I'm up late once again. I started a project I had to get finished and time seemed to just get away from me. You can see it here Brazil Trip Fund Raiser Let me know what you think about it. I'll take suggestions for a few days. I think I'll send it to the printers on Tuesday if nobody sends me anything that needs to be changed. Anyway, I don't think I should blog much tonight again since it is so late, and I'm very tired. FOr some reason I'm even a little dizzy right now. I"m not naucious or anything.. just dizzy. I don't like that feeling. So anyway, I had church this morning as normal with my regular routine of going early and helping out with practice. The service was alright this morning too. The message was more for seekers and people that were new, but we need those from time to time. I can't say I got too much out of it personally though. I did enjoy it however. Once the service was over Han and Britt and Steve and I went out to lunch at TGI Fridays. It was good food and everything. But I wasn't really all that impressed with the place. Nothing bad happend or anything, but I just don't think the experence is worth what they charge for thier meals. It would be alright everyonce in awhile maybe though. After we had lunch I came back to my dorm and worked on a little bit of homework and e-mails and stuff. Then Tori came by my window and I talked to her for awhile. But once she left I decided to take a short nap for about an hour. I would have slept longer but I was going to go help out at church with the youth group tonight. Dennis is out of town and Steve was put in charge of supervision. Britt and I were going to go help him out tonight. So around 5:30ish I picked up Britt and headed to the church. It was pretty fun tonight I though. We ended up mostly just playing games though. We played some Blob, then a game of Capture the Flag. (my team won!). Denis had one of the youth members try and get a lesson together for the night as well. I don't think he really did though. He kind of talked for like two minutes at the end about some stuff, but I wouldn't really consider it a lesson. We all at least had some fun tonight though. I ended up getting some massive grass stains though. I was a little upset about that. Anyway once the meeting was over I went and hung out over at the D-bergs for the rest of the evening until around 11:30. Allie was back from her Dads so I was able to talk to her some tonight as well. Jo and Jugee got back from thier trip also. It was just a nice quiet night at thier house tonight. So anyway that just about all I did tonight. Once I got back to campus I just worked on that project.. So I'm really tired and really going to be tired tomorrow too. Pray for me! Glad I got it all done though finally. Night!
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Sunday, October 10, 2004
Today was a really long day, I ended up waking up at 7:00 this morning to help out at the church for the Garage sale. I'm afraid I don't have time to go into much details today but I should be able to skim through what I did. First off I helped out at church for the garage sale then I needed to go to work at 10:00 until 3:00. By the time I got out of work they were done with the sale at church so I ended up just heading back to campus. On the way back though I got a call from Brittany who needed to be picked up from work. So I got her from there and brought her with me back to campus. We ended up stopping by and saying Hi to Han and then we went out to go shopping for a bit. We decided to see a movie later tonight though once we got done shopping. So I just dropped her off at home and while we waited for the movie at 7:30 I was able to work on a few things back at the dorm. Chuck ended up coming along with us so that was pretty cool. So I just met them at the theater about half an hour before the movie started. We ended up seeing "The Village" I thought it was a great movie. I really enjoyed it. So anyway once that was over I needed to get back to campus and finish up doing some reading for classes (Which I just finished finally). But while I was back here my sisters ended up calling and I talked to them for like 20 minutes or something. I also was able to talk to Allie and my Mom online for a bit. Once they left and I tried to start doing homework things kept coming up that woudl distract me. My roomates computer wouldn't work for him so I had to take a break and get him all up and running again, Then I had a few other phone calls from Steve and Charlie, then I ended up needing to make another one to see if someone was coming to church tomorrow. Later a girl from our sister dorm came by and stopped at my window to talk for awhile. So I had to keep stopping and going on my reading assignment. But I finally got it done so I can go to bed now. I gotta wake up at like 7 again tomorow. Anyway. Night.
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Saturday, October 09, 2004
Well, school was school today. I did finally get my score back for my Philosophy test now though.. it turns out I got 22/50 but Guess what. I still managed to get an 84% score and pull a B from it. The highest score from all three of his classes was 34/50. That would mean that the highest grade would have been a D. He ended up doing the grading on a curve because of it. This was the biggest curve I have ever seen before. He ended up adding 40% to whatever score we got. Pretty cool huh! So that means out of my week of 5 tests in a row. I managed a B out of all of them. I am greatful to God for that. I couldn't have done it without him. So anyway, as I was saying all my classes were just pretty normal today. Convocation was really good though, Brent ended up speaking again. He just has that way of making analogies you never would have thought of, but they fit so well! I really enjoyed him again. Normally on Fridays I would go to ministry chapel instead, but today I'm glad I didn't. It was a spirit day at school, so people were allowed to wear jeans to class today as long as they wore a red shirt with them. Everybody takes advantage of those whenever possible and today was no exception. It was cool to see everybody in chapel because the entire seating section was like solid red all the way around. Its good to know we have spirt (as long as we can wear jeans - I guess it helps to bribe em LOL). So anyway, after class I headed over to work for the rest of the day. I can't think of anything that happend there worth reporting on though. So I'm just going to move on... After work I went back to campus for a few hours to get dinner and take care of a few things. But then I ended up calling Brittany to see what she was up to tonight. I wanted to go and hang out at thier place for awhile if I could. Turns out they had no plans either so I headed over there for the night. Once I got there Britt and I decided to go to Bulah Baptist for a little while and watch the last end of a movie they were showing there. They were watching "Casa Balanca" on the big screen. We ended up catching the last 30 minutes or so before it finished. There were quite a few of my friends there too. But once it was over Britt and I just snagged Steve and brought him with us to hang out for the night. I decided to let Britt drive the stick and she was up for it tonight. Before going back to her house though we wanted to make a stop at the Blockbuster and grab a moive. Steve had his own car though so he followed us down there. Since Britt was driving he stayed like 4 car lenghts behind us the whole time.. it was so funny. She did really good though tonight. She ended up only killing it once! I was proud of her. So after getting to the rental store we had no idea what we wanted to see so we wandered around for awhile to try and figure it out. Finally we decided on getting "Timeline". Once we got back home the Presidential Debates were on TV so we sat down and watched that first. I don't know whats up with that Kerry Dude, but I think he's crazy. So just as Arnold would say, "Don't be a Girlie man, vote for Bush". Once they were over though we popped in the movie. It was going to end up going past curfew though, so I just signed out overnight to thier house. Steve had some trouble getting ahold of someone to sign out with though. He ended up just having to leave a message with his RA's. I hope he didn't get in trouble or anything. But the movie was great, I really liked it. Once it was over though both of us just hung out and talked for a really long time. We ended up being there until around 2:00am. It was nice to be able to do that. Since I didn't have any change of clothes or anything though, I figured I probably better come back to campus. I was so comfortable laying there with Jake (the dog) tonight though. I fell asleep a few times. He was in a super cuddly mood it was awsome. Its too bad I didn't have a camera with me tonight. So anyway I finally had to get up and let him lay there by himself and go back to campus. So anyway, now that I'm here I realized there were a few other things I needed to do before bed. But I think I just about have it all taken care of now. I have to wake up around 7:00 tomorrow too and its pretty late. I hope I can manage alright. We are having a Yard Sale at the church and I wanted to stop in for awhile before work to help out as much as I can. Pray that that goes well and we can raise lots of money. Anyway, I think I'm off to the bed. Night!
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Friday, October 08, 2004
This morning I was really tired for some reason. I had to fight to get out of bed, I even thought about just sleeping through my Economics class (Since I usually fall asleep in it anyway) but decided to suck it up and go anyway. Its a good thing I did today though. I'm not sure where everybody was this morning but there was only 11 people that showed up for that class, normally it is a class of 35. I actually managed to stay awake for most of the class this morning, it may have been due to the fact there was hardly anybody there and he seemed to talk more directly to us. But anyway thats the most I had ever been awake in that class. As for the rest of my classes, they were pretty normal. Once I finished my school day I grabbed some lunch and headed to work. Today was a very busy day, we seemed to have at least one person on the phone and one person in the building at any given moment. It was kind of challenging. We pulled through though. Today was one of those days we stood by the door and as soon as the clock changed to 6:00 we locked it and flipped the sign closed. After getting off work I swung by Jonathans house and I had dinner with him and his family tonight. That was pretty fun, that was the first time I had spent any significant time with them all together. Anyway after we finished eating, Jonathan and I came to campus for a meeting with about 350 other guys. There was a man named Brent that spoke to us tonight about faith, and other issues relating to guys. I thought it was really, really good. I liked some of the points he made and just how he explained a few things. I'm looking forward to hearing him speak in covocation again tomorrow morning. He ended up talking until around 9:00 before he closed, but it was worth staying that late. I hadn't really gone over my lesson tonight for my prayergroups though so I was a little nervous about leaving that late and still having to get Jonathan home and then get back and finding a parking space all before 10:00 hall meeting. It worked out really well for me though. I ended up getting back around 9:25 and started working on my lesson. For the past few weeks I had been talking to my guys about effective prayer and how to pray ect... but now I decided since we've been talking about how we can talk to God, I wanted to switch it up and now talk for a few weeks on how God talks to us. One of the major problems I've realized I have lately is my ability to hear God speak to me. So I have been researching that this last week and put together a lesson on "How to Hear God's Voice". I was a little worried about finalizing everything in only a half hour before the meeting but With God's help he got me through it all. I didn't have time to make little note sheets like normal but that worked out ok still. I think tonight was my best time of small group session since I've been a prayer leader. I had a lot of interaction from the guys and things seemed to just fit together with where the guys were at that moment. I know it wasn't me tonight - God sure did a work though. Once we closed in prayer though I still had a lot of other homework to work on so I dove into that for a few hours. But now that time has gone well past 1:00.. I am going to head to bed. So Goodnight, And Praise the Lord for all he has done and will do!
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Thursday, October 07, 2004
Well, even though I stayed up pretty late last night I actually wasn't too tired today. Maybe God decided to give me a little bit more sound sleep since I stayed up late working for Him. But anyway, that was good. I managed to stay more awake today in all my classes, I did doze a little, but not anywhere close to how bad it usually is. Anyway, I learned another cool fact in Biology today. I found out that the fluid that lubricates the joints in our bodies is the absolute best lubricant in the world. However nobody has ever been able to synthesize it, the only place it can ever be found is inside our body. What no human mind can make, our human body can produce without a problem. Thats just one more thing that shows how we were beautifully and wonderfully made. If we as humans can't even synthesize the stuff, I don't think any random explosion could make it either. But anyway just thought that was cool. Then today in Convocation we had a dedication service for the new school of government here at liberty. It seemed like it lasted a really long time, but it actually got out on time. So yeah... Once classes were over I had some lunch then headed to work. I was only there for two hours at first though because I needed to come back to campus at 3:00 for a missions trip meeting. It was mostly just informational and stuff like that. But that lasted for about an hour and then I returned to work. Work was fairly routine today and I don't really have anything new to say about that. After work was out I headed over to church. I had gotten there a little early so I was able to talk to the Pastor a little about the website. He seemed to like it a lot. Wasn't perfect and I'll have a few more adjustments, but with things like that you never get it right the first time so thats ok. Eventually people started to mosie on in and we started the service. I had invited Jonathan and he was going to come but after about 30minutes into the service I figured he wasn't going to make it. But it turns out that the car he was coming in had some transmission problems and it broke down on him on the side of the road. That wasn't cool at all. So if you want to pray for his vehicle trouble that would be cool. So anyway our service tonight was pretty different then normal. But over all it was still pretty good. We had a great time of prayer. After church I ended up taking Britt and Allie home but on the way we stopped at Hardee's to get some icecream. We were thinking about calling up a few other friends and just hanging out for a bit tonight, but I had a prayerleader meeting I needed to be at tonight. It was kind of bad though because nobody told me anything about having one tonight like they normally should. But I knew that we usually have them most wednesdays so I tried calling and calling and calling but nobody would ever answer. But I still ended up just dropping off Allie and Britt at thier house after getting icecream and head back on the road. I tried calling one more time to find out what I was supposed to do tonight and I finally got ahold of someone and they said I did have one tonight. So I guess its a good thing we all didn't hang out after church. So I just went back to campus and attended my meeting. Once it was over I made a quick pit stop at the Marriot to eat something and then return to my dorm for the rest of the night. I did have some homework I would have liked to get done tonight but my first priority was to get my Missions Trip Support Letter typed up and e-mailed to the leader for printer. That ended up taking me quite awhile to get all figured out. I also had two girls come to my window tonight and I talked to them for a bit so I had to kind of work off and on some because of that. But I finally managed to get my letter done. Once I get it mailed out to people, I'll probalby post it on here too for all of you guys that I know want to read it and support my Brazil trip. Ok so anyway, I think that covers just about everything. I'm going to head to bed now.
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Wednesday, October 06, 2004
Hey guys, I got busy working on the website for my chuch tonight and I wanted to finish what I was doing with it. But it got really late on me. So I"m not going to write much tonight. Don't worry though.. today was just routine anyway so you didn't miss anything. Ok.. I'm off to bed. Night!
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Tuesday, October 05, 2004
Well, today was good for being a monday. I managed to (for the most part) stay awake in all my classes. Chapel today was pretty good too! We had a missionary from India come and talk to us. He showed a video of the many orphans there in India and he talked about his ministry there. He then shared with us a short message. It was all very missions oriented today, and I really enjoyed it. Once classes were all over I grabbed some lunch and went to work. We were still pretty caught up today but the guys did say they were fairly busy on saturday. At one point they said they had 4 customers in at the same time. It kind of made me wish I was there saturday to help them out.. (but that only lasted for a micro second). Today while I was at work I had to do a service call in downtown lynchburg. It was actually a pretty quick and easy one. The hardest part was finding a parking spot there. I ended up just parking in some church parking lot. They had signs up that said I needed a permit to park there though, but since I was only going to be there for 10 minutes or so I decided to risk it. I think I got lucky though, because just as I finished up the service call and got back to my car I saw the little parking enforcement guy a block up the street coming my way. I was out of there before he even knew what hit him =). LOL. So anyway that was my excitement at work. Pretty exciting huh? Well once we closed up shop I headed over to the church right after work to get some things done on the computer in the crowsnest. When I got there Ben was actually outside waiting for the Pastor to show up. I ended up talking with him until he finally showed. They were there tonight taking out a part of the stage extentsion. Personally I actually liked the stage how it was and I'm not quite sure what all the reasons for them dismantling it were. I know they wanted to make more room for chairs, but I don't think that at the moment that was a big problem. Oh well, I will probalby adapt to it just fine in a week or so. After hanging out there for about an hour I then swung by the Donnebergs to pick up Allie to bring her back to the church. A few other people were also coming tonight to practice for a skit we are doing on Oct 31st. The practice actually went very fast. We were only there for like 30 minutes. I don't think we did all that bad considering it was our first try. Once that was over we just headed back home. But first we went to check out some wierd Dog show thing that was going on in the parking lot next to our church. I'm not sure what it was exactly but we walked over to it and a bunch of the dogs started barking at us. Then the people just kind of stared at us like we were crazy. I think they were the crazy ones just standing in a circle with a bunch of dogs in the middle of a parking lot. We had no idea what it was for, we just turned around and went back. So anyway I dropped Allie off back at home and then returned to campus. I was going to sit down and work on a little bit of homework but I decided to call Jonathan instead and talk to him for awhile. Once I got done talking to him I ended up getting a Call from Luis. He needed my help with something, but I had a meeting I needed to be at at 9:00. So I just had him meet me here around 10:00. My 9:00 meeting was fairly good tonight, but it was mostly just buisness stuff this time. Usually they are pretty good, but it was just so so tonight. Oh well, Thats just how it is sometimes. Once I got out of the meeting I came back to my room and Luis came by my window for a bit to get a few things from me and we talked for abit. But once he left I was kind of on the hungry side so I headed on down to the dinning had for a late night snack. There was hardly anybody there tonight though and I only knew one person, but she was sitting with a few of her other friends in the corner and I didn't want to bother them. I ended up just eating by myself instead. It worked out well though, I just used that time sitting there eating to work on some scripture memorization. I think I got two of them pretty good. So yeah... anyway after getting finished eating I returned to my dorm to really work on some homework. I ended up finishing a chapter of a book so that worked out pretty good. But I decided I would head to bed after that. So I'm here just blogging away getting that all out of the way. Next I'm going to head off to the land of the squish. Yep yep, watch out squish here I come.
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Monday, October 04, 2004
Well, The Donneberg's are back in town now and Jake survived the time with me. I'm back in my dorm tonight. This morning I woke up around 7:15 to get ready for church. And then I kind of cleaned up around thier house a bit and took Jake out for a walk. By that time it was time to head to church for worship team practice. I had completely forgotten about setting up the powerpoint for songs during the week so when I got there I had to quickly make all the slides. We sang a bunch of new songs today (at least new for our church). I though it all was really good today. Then Dennis Hartman spoke today. Pastor John was still there and everything, he just wanted to open the pulpit up today for Dennis to speak. He spoke on how everybody has thier own perspective on things and how we need to adapt and learn from those perspectives.
He also told the story of the man who was told by God to push on the rock.. This man did so every day but time went on and he was never able to move the rock. Soon he asked God why he could not move this Rock God told him to push on. He felt like he was a failure. Then God reminded him, he never told him to move the rock. Just to push on it. Because of his hard work he was now stronger and the goal was to improve himself, Not to move the rock. God then said because he was faithful in pushing on the rock day after day, God would move the rock for him. It is just a very practical parable for our lives. Sometimes we just need to do what God tells us to do even if it doesn't seem practical or if we never appear to be making progress. From our Perspective it may look like we are failing. But if we obey, from God's perspective we have accomplished much.
He also then talked about a little girl who worked really hard to get some nice (but fake) pealrs from the store. Finally one day she was able to get them and she loved her new pearls. But then her daddy every night asked if she would give him her pearls. She just could not give them up she loved them so much. But her daddy was persistent and still every night asked her for her pearls. She would tell him no daddy please don't take them. You can have my favorite stuffed animal though, just don't take my pearls. After this went on for awhile her daddy didn't ask for a few nights. And one of those nights this girl came up to her daddy and gave him a hug and said.. Daddy! you can have my pearls. As her daddy took her pearls from her he then pulled out a real authentic pearl necklace and gave it to her. He wanted her to willingly give him what she though was best so he could in turn give her something better. It shows that Only when we are willing to give up what we think is the best from our perspective, God will then pour out his better blessings for us. We only need to trust him and let him have our best.
His message was really good today, Both of those stories I had heard before but they still didn't lack making an impact in my mind today. Its just something about my "perspective" I guess. So anway, I really enjoyed the service this morning. After church was over I hung out for awhile and then ended up going over to the Crooks house for lunch with Steve. We had Chicken Gumbo. I think that was the first time I had ever had it. I can't say its a favorite or anything, but it wasn't too bad. It sure was better then anything you could find at the "Rot" here at school. Steve and I were there until around 4:00ish just visiting and stuff. We both had some homework we needed to do this afternoon though so thats why we left around 4. I ended up going back the Donneberg's to just hang out there the rest of the evening until they got back. It turns out that BJ was back in town now though so I spent the afternoon with her. We sat and watched "Chasing Liberty" and then I decided I needed to go and do my homework. I ended up getting a little bit of it done, but eventually I kept falling asleep. I just couldn't do it anymore so I went and laid on the couch and, Before I knew it I was totally asleep. I ended up waking up to Jo and Allie standing over me. From what BJ tells me I was asleep for about 45 minutes or so. But I was like really groggy for some reason. I didn't think I was that tired. I mean I had a day to sleep in for like the first time in a year yesterday. I don't know.. but once I came about to at least knowing what was going on I caught them up on how things went with me and Jake at the house (including his great escape). Then I talked to them a little about thier trip. But now that they were back I needed to get back to campus and let them have thier house back. So once I returned I stopped at Latenight for a quick bite to eat and got to my room to check out a few e-mails and do some reading. But yeah, thats how my day went about today. I think I finally got my weekend for once and I'm ready to lay the smack down on monday... so bring it on monday! Night =o)
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Sunday, October 03, 2004
Last night was pretty fun. It was cool to just hang out with Jonathan here. We didn't really do much, but just the hanging out is nice. I ended up going to bed before he did though. He wanted to do some e-mail stuff on the computer before he went to bed. I can't remember if I mentioned this in blog last night, but I decided that today I was going to take the day off of work. I just really needed a recoupe day to sleep and get some homework and other things done. So this morning was really nice I was able to sleep in for the first time since mid summer sometime. Jonathan had borrowed his parents car last night and he needed to have it back to them by 11:00 though. So he ended up getting up around 10:30 and heading back home. I got up to say goodbye but went back to sleep. I actually slept in until around 12:30. It was so great, I don't even think I slept in that late over the summer. I woke up refreshed for like the first time I can remember in awhile. But now it was time to start on my homework and stuff. I did my devotions first and then I dove into some reading. While I was reading I notice that the computer here at the Donnebergs was acting kind of strange. So I spent some time getting that fixed and back to normal for them. After getting quite a bit of reading done I decided I would take a break and head back to campus to drop off my laundry and have dinner. I stopped at the dinning hall first before getting to my dorm and ate really quick. Then I went to my room and put all my laundry away. I also washed all my sheets and blankets this weekend so I had to put my bed all back together too. While I was there I had to fix my moms computer for her remotely. (I had to be on my computer to do that). Turns out she had like 7 virues that needed to be cleaned up. So anyway, once I finished up with my things to do at campus I headed back to the D-bergs for the rest of the night. I got quite a bit of homework done today and it feels pretty good to be somewhat caught up. Its amazing how much I can accomplish on a day I don't have to go to work. Depending on what I do after church tomorrow I may even be able to get a lot more done. But anway, I feel like I accomplished a lot today. I didn't even lose the dog either =). OK well, I'm off to bed. I gotta be up for practice at church tomorrow. Night!
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Saturday, October 02, 2004
I've been over at the Donneberg's the last few nights watching thier dog for them. Last night didn't go to well though. I was taking Jake for his last walk before closing up for the night. I leashed him up and we started running down the street (it was about midnight at the time). I think I scared one of the nieghbors and he though I was a thief or something.. so he came at me with a flashlight telling me to stop. I was pretty scared at the thought of a guy with a flashlight coming after me he could have had a gun for all I knew.. so I stopped! But Jake was still running full bore after I stopped and he got to the end of his leash and pulled it taught.. then all of a sudden his collar slipped right off of him. I yelled after him but I still had the neighbor coming at me so there wasn't much else I could do. So Jake just keeps on running down the street. I talked to the nieghbor and he intergated me for a minute or so to figure out who I was.. after getting everything resolved with him We still had the problem of Jake somewhere in the neighborhood without a collar and at 12:30 in the morning. He tried to help me find him for a bit but we couldn't really do much since it was so Dark. He felt really bad because he felt like it was partly his fault. There wasn't much else he could do though so he pretty much just went back home. I did invite him to church before he left though. Once we parted ways I got in the car and drove around for about 10-15 minutes trying to spot Jake somewhere I had no luck though. I just returned to the house and waited and prayed for awhile.. but eventually it got to be around 3:00am and I couldn't wait for him any longer because I needed sleep, I still had classes this morning. So I ended up just getting some blankets and sleeping right next to the door waiting for him to come back. Finally after falling asleep I heard Jake scratching on the door at around 4:30. (I had left the main door open and just had the glass door shut). I was glad to see him there.. but He knew he was in trouble. Praise the Lord for answered prayer.. I didn't want to have to call the D-bergs and tell them I lost thier dog. That would not have been good. So anyway, thats how my first night watching the dog went. I had to survive the day today off of very little sleep, Its a good thing I had all my tests done now though, and today was a little bit of a relaxing class day because of that. I still had a full day of work after school though. After work I came back to the D-berg's and I've been here ever since just haning out. Jonathan came over tonight too and he will stay the night with me. Charlie and John came over for a bit as well but they left around 10. We watched "Cat in the Hat" and "50 first dates" I've also been doing tons of laundry while I am here. The last load is in right now. So anyway.. thats what I've been up to. I am pretty tired now though so I can't write anymore. Good night.
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